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20 March 2017
Issue Four
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Principal's Report


What a wonderful night it was. There were over 40 stallholders as well as a BBQ and KPS Cake Stall. The cakes were delicious according to the happy customers that puchased the mint slice and banana muffins. Thankyou to all those wonderful people who have offered to help on the night and also to the Fundraising Committee who once again has worked so hard at organising it. 


Outdoor Learning Area

Come and have a look at our nearly completed Outdoor Area.  The decking and steps look outstanding and gives the playground another area for our students to shine. In Term 2 we it will be completed at a Working Bee. Details to follow.


School Council

Votes were counted. I am pleased to announce that Amy Davis and Tammy Bryson have been elected as our new parent representatives and Blair Blackburn elected as our DET employee member to School  Council.

The first meeting of our new school council will be held next Thursday 23rd March at 4.00pm. 

I would like to appreciate, KAREN BLACK who has been on School Council for over 10 years. Thanks Karen for all of your contributions to our school and  commitment to council.

Head Lice

We have had a number of cases of head lice reported in classes, and request that you check your child’s hair this evening, or as soon as possible.  It is a good idea to check brothers and sisters, too.  We do recommend that students tie long hair back tightly to help reduce head lice infestation.

Once you have treated your child’s hair, please fill out the “Head Lice form”, which can be obtained from the School Office.

It is necessary for everyone to be very careful in checking their child/children’s hair for us, as a school, to successfully deal with this problem.  It only takes one child to have head lice untreated, for the problem to continue.

Getting to school and home again ...       ...  SAFELY!

So many of our students do a fantastic job at safely getting to and from school each day.  

Thank you to those who arrive between 8.45am and 8.55am.  You are here ready to learn when classes start promptly at 9am.  Great job! 

I know that many of our students walk to and from school each day.  It is such great exercise to walk if you can, and the safest way to do that is to walk on the footpaths and cross at the supervised crossings.

Kilsyth Primary School - Issue Three

There have been a few incidents over recent weeks when students have crossed the road at inappropriate and unsafe places.  This has caused some serious concern for drivers and other members of our community who are very worried about the safety of our students. I encourage all parents to remind your children about road safety rules.


Sometimes students arrive at our school well before 8.45am, or remain at school after 3.45pm.  Our staff are on duty, supervising the yard, only between these times.  Students are not supervised before 8.45am or after 3.45pm as staff are often involved in meetings or other activities at these times. Students should not be at school at these times unless they are with a parent or guardian, or participating in before or after school care with Camp Australia.  I understand that from time to time situations arise and parents are unable to drop off or pick up their children within these times.  If a student is unsupervised in the yard before 8.45am or after 3.45pm, they will be escorted to Camp Australia and will join the program for the day.  Camp Australia will then contact parents to arrange payment for the supervision provided.


Just a reminder that before and after school the area behind between the Main building, the Senior building and the Hall will be supervised.  All other areas of the school will be out of bounds and students should remain in the supervised area unless under the care of a parent or guardian.

Our Deepest Condolences

On behalf of all students and staff at Kilsyth Primary School, I wish to extend our deepest sympathies to Oscar and Aiden whose mum passed away recently.  Genie was a wonderful person who touched the lives of many. Our heartfelt sympathies goes out to all the family and friends who knew her.

Enjoy the sunshine

I cant believe that there is only one newsletter left for this term. It has gone so quickly.

Have a lovely week!!


What's Happening @ KPS

Calendar of Events




17th          Interschool Sport-Away vs Lilydale

                   Market Night 5pm-8.30pm

20th          Division Lawn Bowls event

23th          School Photos

                    School Council -4pm

24th          Interschool Sport-Home vs Chirnside Park

                    KPS Jump Disco

30th           Girls Division AFL gala Day

                    Whole School Athletics - 9am-3pm

                                                Yarra Ranges Athletics Track

31st            Interschool Sport-Bye

                     Last day Term 1- 2.30pm dismissal



17th           Easter Monday

18th           First Day Term 2

19th           Grandparents Afternoon- 2.30-3.30pm

20th           Year 5-Yarra Hills SC-Exploration Day

21st            First aid workshops-Foun-Yr 6

                     Shrine of Remembrance-SRC reps

25th            Anzac Day-Public holiday

26th-28th   Middle School Camp

26th-30th          Book Fair

27th             Year 5-Lilydale Heights SC Discovery-9am-12pm



2nd             Whole School Cross Country

3rd              Twilight Open Day

5th              Interschool Sport-Away vs Lilydale West

12th            Interschool Sport-Home vs Manchester

15th-19th    Senior Camp



Notices sent home this fortnight


Click on the link below to download copies of the notices:


Market night- Cake stall instuctions and label

ICAS registration letter

Easter raffle

Fundraising- Hot Cross Buns

School Captains & SRC students-Shrine of Remembrance





From the Office

Direct Deposit details:

Payments can be made via internet banking directly into the schools Bank account.


Acc Name:  Kilsyth Primary School Council

             BSB: 313 140 
             Account Number: 23183981
             Reference: (Family Surname)

Please also send an email to the school  notifying us that you have made the payment, and to which program/event it should be allocated. The email confirms your payment and states:



Child’s name, 

Amount paid

What the payment is for eg: Level 3 camp


Monday- Friday:  8.30am -4.00pm

Absences -Tiqbiz:

Please notify the office of your child's absence using the Tiqbiz app.



Download the app:

  • Apple App Store (iOS - iPhone or iPad)
  • Google Play (android phone or tablet
  • Windows (Phone or Tablet)
  • Mac or PC

Second Hand Uniform

Second hand uniform will be available for purchase from the office on Thursday afternoons from 3-3.45pm.

We welcome any donations of uniform that are in good condition to add to our dwindling supply of second hand uniform.


Please note that if you have ordered Subway and your child is absent on Friday, please organise to come and collect it from the office at 12.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order.

The office is unable to provide change, and please hand orders into the class at 9am.

Student Accident Insurance


Foundation News

The Zoo!

What a magnificent day spent at the Melbourne Zoo! A huge thank you to our parent helpers, Lisa and Tammy.  Thank you to Kylie who came along and supported.  Our day started with a quick look at the giant tortoise, Herman.  He was 111 years old and weighed about 190 kilos! Needless to say he was moving around slowly. The students experienced the similarities with turtles and tortoises and by the end of the day were able to explain that one spends more time in the water and the other spends more time on land.  They can tell this by looking at their feet.  Our 'Wild Explorers' education session allowed students to experience hand on activities where they created a habitat for animals, they looked at different skins, felt different fur and feathers, looked at eggs and saw different animal poo!  Then the fun part where we got to pat and touch a turtle and a non-venomous snake.  As you would expect a few students shied away while others were eager to feel the skin and shell.  Students learnt that the snake actually has bones but they are bendy - so not like ours!

We trekked through  the Gorilla and Lemur Village and were lucky to be able to listen to a talk about the ape family.  Did you know that female apes are generally hairier than males? This is because it allows them to care for their young.  Another interesting fact is that apes generally die from a heart attack!  

Our last section that we visited was the Reptiles enclosure.  Students saw a big similarity with some of our class blue tongue lizard.  It was great to hear them sharing ideas on what reptiles need to survive in their habitats and how they differ to other animals. 


Important Dates

23rd March- School Photos

24th March- Jump Disco

30th March- Whole School Athletics



23rd March- School Photos

24th March- Jump Disco

30th March- Whole School Athletics

31st March- Last day of term 1

18th April- Term 2 starts

Fun with Phonics

The last couple of weeks we have dived even further into our phonics sessions!  Students are becoming more confident with identifying the correct phoneme (sound) for the letters we are learning - s, m, c, t, g, p, a, o.  These form the most common sounds in words such as cat, sat, mat, pot, pat, mat, cot, pot, top, cop, mop, gap etc.  As students all learn at a different pace to one another, some are ready to blend these sounds together and read words while others are identifying the sounds and consolidating their knowledge of that sound.  We have a little jingle that we say "there are two types of phonemes, consonants and vowels!"  We say this each day before we begin reading and spelling.  We have been playing regular games of hangman to show students where the vowel belongs in basic 3 letter words.  This is certainly a great game to play at home and discuss the sounds of words and where the vowel goes. Eg: Map is made up of a consonant then a vowel and another consonant.  We have also been playing Bingo and Snap.  If you are keen for some games at home, please come and see me and I can provide games for you!


Zero Hero!

We've been learning lots about our numbers to 10 - including 0!  Students have heard a song about zero being our hero and how important zero is in our number system.  When counting with your child, it's always great to ask them where zero belongs.  We've focused lots on the language of 'what number comes after' and 'what is one more than'.  Our focus until the end of this term in numbers to 10.  I encourage you to allow your child to play with toys or stones that encourages counting forwards and backwards and showing you how many a particular number is eg: Show me 6 stones.  What is one more than 6? Can you show me 6 fingers? Any exposure to numbers at home reinforces concepts taught at school and the importance of numbers in our world.


House Colours and House Sports

Don't forget that our House Athletics Sports Day is on Thursday 30th March.  Each student has been allocated a house colour.  Students took notices home with their house colour on it.  Students are able to dress in their house colour for the sport day.  Our house colours are named after Victorian Rivers.

Green - Goulburn

Red - Ovens

Tambo - Blue

Snowy - Yellow


Play Dates!

As we approach the school holidays I strongly recommend that you initiate play dates with other students for the benefit of your child.  Students are beginning to form new friendships which have the potential to be strengthened with a special holiday date.  Social confidence is such a big thing that can be the difference to your child's overall development.  A phone list will be sent home this week with names and numbers for you to refer to.


Junior School News

What's been happening in Junior!

We have been very busy in Junior these last two weeks! Students have been doing a wonderful job in all their learning.


In writing we have finished recounts and have started persuasive writing. Everyone has really enjoyed arguing their different point of views and explaining why they believe that. Students especially liked writing about whether they should have lollies for breakfast or not.


Students have started to learn how to use their Schema when reading. They can make text to self-connections and are making good progress with it.

In Maths we have started addition and continued working with our measurement unit. Miss May’s class loved going outside to discover different containers capacity filling them with water.


In History students had the opportunity to play some old time games such as knuckles, pick up sticks and quoits. It was a new experience for many of our students and they had a ball figuring out how to play these different games. 


In Junior sport we have been working on throwing and catching and it is wonderful to see the different sporting skills our students have. They were given different challenges when catching the tennis balls when they had to throw, clap and catch. It was very entertaining to watch student struggle to figure out how to do this. 


Important Dates

23rd March- School Photos

24th March- Jump Disco

30th March- Whole School Athletics

31st March- Last day of term 1

18th April- Term 2 starts


Homework and Diaries

Please remember that homework is due Mondays and given out on Wednesdays. 

Please try and read nightly and write the book down in the diary. 

Middle School News


Here in Middle School we have continued to work hard in all of our learning subjects.


In Maths we have been learning the varied methods we can use to add numbers together. As your child how to bridge to ten or how to add nine to add ten! Next week we are moving into learning about 2D shapes and 3D objects. This is a very hands on topic and always a lot of fun!


In English we have started to wrap up learning about Narratives. The teachers have been super impressed with the stories that have been written! There has been a load of inspired original ideas and the end products will be very polished we are sure. Stay tuned for an example or two in the next newsletter. J


Genius Hour is humming along nicely with all students progressing onto the research phase of their projects. Your children may start to make some requests for some materials from you in the near future.


Recently a note went home to let you know about ICAS testing. This is an independent skills based assessment program. Students are able to participate in one or more subjects across the curriculum areas. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to see how their educational growth is progressing! The details of subjects and the associated dates and costs are included on the note. All notes must be returned by Wednesday, 22nd March 2017.


Lastly, we would like to remind everyone that the Athletics Carnival is on soon. If you haven’t already, please ensure that the permission note for this event is returned to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

Senior School News

Lilydale Sports Day

Last Tuesday the 14th of March, the year 6 students went to visit Lilydale High School. Without further ado, I will let you hear from some of the Year 6s themselves and their recounts of the day:


It was Tuesday morning. First thing I knew was...SPORTS DAY! I got ready and so did my sisters. When we arrived at school I was really excited and so were my friends. Our grade 6s were the only people going to Lilydale High School to do sports. We were representing our school. Mrs Meilaks class was called Kilsyth 1 with a couple of Senior C students. Our first sport was Newcomb. It was like Volleyball but instead you had to pass it three times or you could throw it up to a team mate and they could spike it in the opponents square. The only way you could get points was if it went out of bounds or if the opponents didn't catch it. The final scores were Kilsyth 14 - Lilydale 9. Our first victory!


On the 14/3/17 the grade 6 students, Miss Donnelly and Mrs Meilak went to Lilydale High for sports day. Around 9:30 we got on a bus and on our way to Lilydale High we picked up Rollings Hills year 6s. When we arrived our leaders from high school took us to our first game. It was Island Football and we lost. I think it wasn't fair because the team we played (which was the high school students) had about 15 more players than us. Then we played dodgeball, T-ball, number soccer and matt ball. The school was HUGE. At the end we got zooper doopers and at presentation time our school got the trophy for 2 champions. I saw some familiar faces. At the end we got on the bus and went back to our school. I was so TIRED! I had an awesome day!


Yesterday the 14th of March we had a sports day at Lilydale High. It was all the grade 6s that went and the grade 5s stayed behind. Our sports were number soccer, footy, matt ball, cricket dodge ball, T-ball and probably more sports that i havent mentioned. My team was Josh P, Rachel, Riley P, Jordan, Ally, Lacey, Connor, Sam, Azalia, Cooper, Amos and myself. My favourite sport was matt ball so I'll tell you guys about it. Matt Ball was a fun sport. You pretty much kick the ball and if they catch it you're out, but if they don't, you then run to the first base. There's only 4 people allowed at a hula hoop. If there's more than 4 someone has to run - not by choice though! Once you run to all three hula hoops, the last base was a jump matt. I got 3 home runs. I was pretty proud because I didn't think I would even get one. At the end Kilsyth came 2nd and 1st. We all got ribbons. We all got zooper doopers at the end. It was a fun day and I think I would re-live it. Thanks Lilydale. 


Broom broom goes the bus as we left Kilsyth. On the 14th of March 2017, all the grade 6s went to Lilydale High for a sports day with the year 7s. We all had a big gathering with a heap of other schools from around the area. After the meeting, Kilsyth group 2 (which was my group), played Island Footy. It was OK but not my type of game. I only participated in a few of the sports because I had a sore leg. The only other sport I played was an obstacle course on the playground. We got around 29 people all the way through the course in 10 minutes. It was hard to get through, but the wall part was a hardest to get through. We played dodgeball, T-ball and Matt Ball. They looked fun but I didn't participate in them because my leg hurt too much. In the ending ceremony, we all sat there eating zooper doopers while all the trophies were handed out. My group came first in Dodgeball and Second overall. On the other side, Kilsyth group 1 came first in Newcomb and Continuous Cricket, and they came First overall. In a nutshell, we all had fun and even if we didn't win anything we would have had fun. I think Miss Donnelly made the day even better! 


Science Awards 

Congratulations to the following students on receiving an award for a positive mind set, team skills, thinking green and being a super scientist. Hannah, Aiden, Patrick, Courtney, Brodie and Jacob.


Junior School Science goals 

Junior school have been such busy bees working not only on the life cycle of butterflies but also of people. I was so impressed with the hard work they all demonstrated this week. Just as with Middle school and Senior school, Junior school will focus on on goals for the year. As a level we are focusing on improving our inquiry skills. Our first focus is on the I can statement:  I can show and draw my observations and ideas in a variety of ways by talking, writing and creating labelled diagrams. Inquiry skills are focused on within the Victorian Curriculum and I will be supporting students to strengthen these skills. 


Middle school have been hard at work putting animals into groups just like real scientists. We have learnt that it can become really complicated. They have produced great posters that showcase their thinking.  


Should we wash our hands?

This i s a question Senior school are focusing on during our unit on Micro-organisms and if clean hands are really important or not. I think the photo speaks for it self. 




If you are available on the Thursday 30th March we need your help for our Whole School Athletics Day.  Please leave you name with your classroom teacher or the office.   

Foundation and Junior PE sessions

Our Junior PE sessions have involved many different skills from running, throwing and jumping.  We have practised our long jump making sure we take off from one foot and landing on two into the sand pit. When throwing a foxtail make sure you that you step forward with the opposite foot to throwing arm, you swing your arm back and forth to gain momentum and then let go after three swings.  Lots of fun seeing the colours flying through the air.  

Middle and Senior PE sessions.

We have been learning to hop, skip and jump hoping to get our triple jump correct.  We have practised our high jump, hurdles, shot put and discus preparing for our Whole School Athletics day.  

Soccer Clinic

It has been great to see the students from Foundation to year 2, learning new skills during our Afterschool Soccer Clinic.  Students have learnt to squish the ball, kick to a partner and played in several games using these skills. With two more sessions hopefully the weather will allow us to be outside. 


Student Wellbeing 

Chaplain’s Chat
 “Everyday Superheros”

One of the privileges of my job is the many different people I meet and the opportunity they give me to share their personal journey; it is in these encounters that I regularly meet with The Everyday Superheros.

Their super powers may not be the power of flight or super strength, invisibility or night-vision, but none the less these powers are very important superpowers, in fact far more important than being able to walk through fire unharmed. 

These superheros are disguised as mild-mannered parents, who pack healthy lunches after being up all night with a sick child, friendly neighbours who put aside their need to catch up with a backlog of cleaning to give coffee and encouragement to a distressed friend.

Their super strengths include forbearance, patience, cheerfulness, resilience and optimism and they bring these skills to an unending range of challenging situations that life throws at them.  These challenges include caring for children with special needs (all children have special needs), illness, isolation, unemployment, grief, challenging relationships, competing demands, feeling misunderstood and so many more that you could add to this list.

In a world where celebrities and sporting heroes are held up in the public domain as “heroes” we can become blind to those real heroes in our midst, those who have learned to make lemonade out of the lemons life springs on them and who continue to look for hope in the midst of disappointment.

Take time this week to reflect on your own super strengths, (if you have difficulty come and talk to me and I will be able to help you see them) and acknowledge those in the people you encounter in the course of your comings and goings.

Up, up and away.........


Gill Van Der Ende



Student Awards

Friday 3rd March

Foundation      Kruze

You are concentrating so hard with your reading! We are so proud of you for trying to blend your phonemes together and read words. Keep up the terrific reading, Kruze!


Junior A           Andrea

We love the way you try your best with your writing. You are spelling your frequently used words correctly. Keep writing!


Junior B           Angelina

What a wonderful week you have had Angelina. The recount you wrote was very well written and you should be proud of the work you are producing. Keep up the great effort!


Junior C                 Matthew T

For making a great start to the school year! You have been working so hard during class time. You are a great role model to your fellow classmates.


For working so hard on your recount writing this week. You have been so focused on doing your very best writing. Keep up the great work Catherine!!


Middle A                Ruby D

Ruby, I have been so impressed by your creative writing. You have a fabulous way of expressing your ideas and really focusing in your story. You are making interesting choices with your words to really bring power to what you want to say! Your starts are really sizzling and I look forward to seeing an entire story from you! Well done!


Well done with all of your efforts in reading Brock. You are really using lots of great strategies to help you understand your books. Its fantastic to see you enjoying the experience so much. Congratulations.


Middle C                   Kaylee

For writing the most amazing sizzling starts! Your writing is so exciting to read and I love how much effort you put into each piece. Well done!!

Senior A                   Holly

Holly, your consistent, quiet calm is very much appreciated in our learning space. You know when it's appropriate to work independently and when to work with others. This is a fantastic skill to have, keep up the amazing focus!


Senior B                 Megan

Megan, your work on decimals has been wonderful. You have shown an ability to read questions carefully and really think about what you are being asked to do. Well Done!


Senior C               Sam

Sam you have shown amazing effort with your maths and reading. Keep up the good work!


Mia, you have shown great commitment towards your work in all learning areas! Keep up the good work!


Science         Erinn V

 For using some great describing words during our Science lesson on senses.


Visual Arts              Luke C

You always work well in Visual Arts and follow the TRIBES agreement. You are a great role model and an absolute pleasure to teach


Friday 10th March

Foundation     Dane

What excellent information you shared with us when talking about your family. Thanks for your effort, Dane. We enjoy listening to you speak and the funny things you tell us. Well done!


Junior A        Ruby D

Ruby you are doing a terrific job with your reading. You are trying hard to hear and say all the phonemes in the words you are reading. Keep up the great work!


Junior B        Tiyler

Well done on a great week Tiyler. You should be proud of how hard you are working. Keep up the super work!


Junior C          Tara

For doing amazing work in maths the past couple of weeks. You have been working hard every single maths lesson and have developed a good understanding of place value. Keep up the great work, Tara!


Middle A           Sarah

Sarah, I have been so impressed with all of your great work and fantastic efforts in your learning. You have a real strength in reading, which is to be commended. Your expression and phrasing is wonderful and have fantastic comprehension of what you read. Well done!


Middle C              Jack

For always putting 100% into everything you do. The quality of your work always blows me away. You're a fantastic friend and we love having you in our class. Well done, Jack!


Senior B               Emma

Emma, you are such a delight to have in our class. Always working hard and giving your best. We appreciate your thoughtful and kind nature.


Physical Education               Mitchell H

Mitchell you have used your persistance and determination during our high jump session. Congratulations, looking forward to you achieving your best.


Science          Matthew T

I am so impressed with the positive, hardworking approach you are putting into all of your science work. Keep up the fabulous effort.


For great scientific thinking about his senses and describing popcorn.                           


Visual Arts          Jack C

You are always such a wonderful help in Visual Arts. You always work well and have a fantastic imagination. Well done!



Community Notices

Local events:


Kilsyth Primary School
Wk 04 - cake stall instructions MARKET.pdf
WK 04 - cake stall label 2017.pdf
WK 06-Hot Cross Buns.pdf
Wk 06-Shrine ANZAC DAY Ceremony 2017.pdf
Wk-05 ICAS registration letter.pdf
Wk-05-EASTER RAFFLE 2017 handout.pdf
Wk-05 ICAS registration letter.pdf
Wk-05-EASTER RAFFLE 2017 handout.pdf
WK 06-Hot Cross Buns.pdf
Wk 06-Shrine ANZAC DAY Ceremony 2017.pdf
Wk 01- Student Accident Insuarance.pdf