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28 June 2019
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Principal Team News

Dear Parents and Community members,


It has been a spectacular term at Box Hill High school with many exciting events and wonderful achievements. I would like to acknowledge the work of all staff (teaching and Education Support) for their amazing efforts this term. Each week was jam packed full of wonderful opportunities for students to engage either academically or socially in a range of high quality events and programs both in and out of school.

A Culture of Excellence - Premier’s VCE Awards 2019

On Monday 3rd June I was delighted to accompany Theresa Iacopino (Assistant Principal) and five teaching staff, into the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for the annual presentation of the VCAA’s Premier’s VCE Awards.  In 2018 more than 50,000 students completed their VCE across the state. Of these, approximately 300 were classified as top performing students (students who achieve a study score of 46+). 


This year we had four students receive Premier’s VCE Awards.  They were Lucas Nicoll (Further Maths - Ms Willshire), Michael Zhao (Specialist Maths - Mr Roizman), Angus Malone (Media - Ms Muston) and Harry Dowling (Drama - Ms Trollope). All students received Study Scores of 50 in their exams. It is worth noting that Michael Zhao has received three of these awards in total (over the last three years).

I wish to acknowledge the Leadership Team, all teaching and administrative staff and BHHS families who have supported these students over their time at Box Hill High School, and in particular their class peers who contributed to the ‘culture of excellence’ that we are very proud of as a school community.

Open Night

On Thursday 2nd May, we hosted  our annual Open Night for prospective Grade 6 students and their parents. There was so much on display in the various areas and our visitors were treated to some wonderful examples of learning activities and experiences as they made their way from building to building with our tour leaders and student ambassadors. Many of the families commented on the passion and enthusiasm of our students and staff in every Learning and Program Area. Our culture of excellence certainly resonated throughout.

The formal presentations held at the start of the tours included addresses by our School Captains, Tom Yakubowski and Ananya Seghal, who reflected on their own experiences  during their time at Box Hill High School. They  spoke passionately about what the school has meant to them and about  the vast array of opportunities and programs that have shaped their high school journey. Our Year 7 students, Meg Kestle, Sujayani Sinha and Aidan Cseh, spoke about their transition to high school and their initial misplaced fears as well as the excitement of making new friends and finding their place at Box Hill High School.


We thank the many staff and students who organised and led the Learning Area displays and our wonderful student ambassadors who helped on the night.

Year 12 Formal

I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the Year 12 Formal with our Year 12 students on Friday 31st May at the Trak Centre in Toorak. The theme this year was “Enchanted Garden” and this was represented in many of the students’ outfits as well as décor at the venue. This highly inclusive, fun and respectful event is always one of the year’s highlights for our VCE students and we were thrilled again with the way in which the evening unfolded. Congratulations to all attendees and thank you to Siegrid Fischer and Julio Acebron as well as the Formal committee for their organisation and attention to detail which made for a perfect night.

Accessing Semester One Reports

It is important that all parents access their child's Semester 1 Report which will be available through Compass from today, Friday 28 June. The school has a comprehensive, multi-stage student feedback and reporting process, including two Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences (Terms 1 and 3), individual consultations that may occur throughout the year, two progress reports (Terms 1 and 3) and a semester report for all Year levels at the end of Term 2.

Year 10 and Unit 1 Examinations

All Year 10 and 11 students are to be congratulated on the organised and responsible manner in which they presented to their examinations.


Examinations are a unique assessment tool as they are able to measure not only the skills and knowledge gained over the semester but also the ability of students to effectively revise, recall and reproduce skills gained over a longer period of time. The ability to do this effectively becomes an important skill as students move through their senior school years. 


Examinations can also be stressful and can cause some anxiety in students. For some students the ability to manage stress is a learned skill and our internal examinations give students the opportunity to recognise the impact of stress and to begin developing the resilience needed for successful performance.


It is an important part of the feedback loop that students carefully examine and reflect upon their performance. Students should take note of the types of mistakes they made and identify areas in which they can improve their study programs. Of course, it is also a process of celebration. Students and families are encouraged to take note of areas of success and to feel proud of their achievements.

The General Achievement Test

All students studying any Unit 3 subject completed the General Achievement Test (GAT) on Wednesday 12 June. The GAT is a three-hour examination, with 15 minutes of reading time.


Although GAT results do not count directly towards a student’s VCE results, they play an important role in checking that school-based assessments and examinations have been accurately assessed, and in calculating Derived Examination Scores.

University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand (UCAT ANZ)

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an admissions test used by the UCAT ANZ Consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand for their medical, dental and clinical science degree programs. The UCAT ANZ test replaces the UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) from 2019, for university entry in 2020.  The test helps universities to select applicants with the most appropriate abilities and professional behaviours required for new doctors and dentists to be successful in their clinical careers. It is used in collaboration with other admissions processes such as interviews and academic qualifications.


In previous years our alumni at Box Hill has kindly provided interested Year 12 students with some information regarding what to expect and how to approach the UMAT.  As the UCAT is a new test, we were unable to use our alumni to do this, so the school used a commercial provider who offered students a free introductory session. There is no obligation for parents and students to use any commercial providers. Commercial organisations are not affiliated with UCAT and the school does not endorse any of these organisations. We advise all students to prepare for the UCAT by using the free OFFICIAL practice materials available on the UCAT ANZ website.

Year 9 Careers Advisory Assessment

This Term all Year 9 students participated in a free Careers Advisory Assessment, part of the Department of Education and Training support for all secondary schools in an effort to provide comprehensive career education from Year 7. Students who have completed the assessment will now have access to a comprehensive, personal report outlining their strengths, interests and suggestions for future courses and careers. Early in Term 3, students will be provided with a one-on-one consultation with a careers counsellor to discuss their report.


We wish all students and families a safe and happy term break and look forward to seeing you all again in Term 3.


- Ms Losh Pillay


Student Use of Mobile Phones at School

At a recent staff meeting, we spent time discussing student use of digital devices at school and in particular, mobile phones. The Royal Children’s Hospital National Health Poll on Screen Time in 2017, found that young people aged 13 to 18 spend on average, 43.6 hours a week on screen-based activity at home (6.2 hours a day). As a school, we’re also concerned about the amount of time students spend on their mobile phones during the day. At recess and lunch time, a brief walk around the school makes you quickly aware of how many students are constantly looking at their phones.

Some of the concerns raised by staff were that:

  • Phones are a distraction from learning.
  • They can inhibit social development.
  • Mobile phones are used by some students to bully others.
  • Many students are addicted to using their phones.

We believe that as educators, that we have a responsibility to assist our students to effectively use and manage their digital devices, and to help them understand their benefits and drawbacks.


We began exploring some ideas on how we as a school could address some of our concerns. Should we ban phones completely at school, should they be in lockers all day? Should we collect all phones at the start of each lesson so they won’t distract from learning?


Recent scientific studies have suggested that smartphones can reduce cognitive capacity simply by being within reach or in the same room, even if turned off. Its mere presence can reduce someone’s working memory and problem solving skills.


The Principal team recently attended a conference where we were privileged to hear Baroness Susan Greenfield speak. She is a British scientist, writer and broadcaster whose work has focused on the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease as well as the impact of technology on the brain. Her talk focused on the impact of technology on young minds and learning.


Some of the ways that she said young people’s minds are changing due to use of technology are shorter attention spans, reduced interpersonal skills and poorer critical thinking skills. To counteract the negative impact of technology, she said young people need to spend more time in activities that involve sequencing. Some examples of sequencing in action are: playing musical instruments, playing sport, cooking, gardening and reading.


We are going to continue our investigation and discussions next term. We then hope to develop guidelines around the use of mobile phones by students at Box Hill High School.



On Wednesday 26 June, Victorian Minister for Education James Merlino announced that "mobile phones will be banned for all students at Victorian state primary and secondary schools from Term 1 2020, to help reduce distraction, tackle cyber bullying and improve learning outcomes for students.


Students will be required to switch off their phones and store them securely in lockers from the start of the school day until the final bell. When emergencies occur, parents or guardians can reach their child by calling the school.


The only exceptions to the ban will be where students use phones to monitor health conditions, or where teachers instruct students to bring their phone for a particular classroom activity. At all other times phones must be in lockers.


In Term 3 2019, the Department of Education and Training will work with principals to develop detailed advice and resources as schools prepare to introduce this policy next year. A review will be conducted at the end of 2020."


Early in Term 3, we will consult with our school community via focus groups, and decide on how we will implement this new departmental policy here at Box Hill High School. We will be well placed to do this, given the consultation and thought that we've put into this issue to date.


- Ms Theresa Iacopino, Assistant Principal

New Wellbeing Centre begins development

We are very excited that next semester we will see the development of the new Student Wellbeing Centre at the school. This building project involves converting the old gym in the '300s Corridor' into a space that will accommodate Learning Support staff, Wellbeing Coordinators and School Counselors in addition to designated areas where students can meet, relax and seek support.


We want to provide the opportunity for all students to flourish, and we see our role at Box Hill High School as supporting all our students develop effective strategies for managing individual challenges and seeking help when encountering difficulties with friends, family, confidence, learning or when experiencing mental health problems.


This dedicated space is designed to make students feel welcome and provides another space in the school where they belong, through building an engaging and peaceful multi-use space. There will be the inclusion of a ‘green area’ for students to spend time in, as plants and greenery have a positive effect on mental health. We also look forward to asking students for their input into the centre.


Students are welcome to seek the Wellbeing team out in their current temporary office at the back of the Junior Team office, and can also contact the team at wellbeing@boxhillhs.vic.gov.au.


This building project is self-funded by the school and all donations are welcome. Below are some of the architectural plans showing the floor plan and some wonderful design ideas for the space.



- Ms Kellie Ind, Assistant Principal

Photo: Our School Captains - Ananya Sehgal and Tom Yakubowski

School Captains' Report

Photo: Our School Captains - Ananya Sehgal and Tom Yakubowski

Dear Box Hill High School Community,


It is an absolute honour to serve as your 2019 School Captains. We take great pride in our school and this semester has given us a host of opportunities to deepen our engagement within this great institution, as well as representing our school in the broader community.


The first two terms of 2019 have been extremely productive as we settled into our roles. Like all VCE students, we’ve been busy with assessment tasks. Thankfully our teachers have been incredibly supportive of us. Our roles in the school community have helped form our greater sense of purpose during what are quite literally 'testing times'.


Within the Year 12 Prefect team, we have been busy organising events that strengthen bonds across our cohort, including Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day events. Not only that, but we’ve also extended this philosophy to the broader school community through Prefect-led initiatives including our fabulous Talent Show!


In our role as Captains, we’ve been able to engage in a range of whole-school events. Whether it’s the Swimming Carnival or School Athletics day, incredible theme weeks (shout out to the amazing Year 11 Leaders and Wellbeing Team!), Open Night or fantastic music events, we’ve been able to engage more than we have ever before. Once our time here is over we’ll certainly miss the sense of belonging that these events create.


In the wider community, we’ve been humbled to represent Box Hill High School across a range of events. On a more local level, we have engaged with both the Lions and Rotary Clubs in the Whitehorse area. At the Rotary Club in particular we have volunteered during Model United Nations events and presented to the group as keynote speakers. Additionally, we have been able to contribute articles in The Leader, which you can read here:  

We also attended the 2019 Youth Summit focusing on the future world of employment, which gave us insight into the policy making process, and brought together leaders from government, business, academia and across our community.


Moving forward, we can’t wait for an action packed Semester Two. Together, we hope to make the most of our final months at Box Hill High and continue to deepen our engagement and contribution, and keep on striving for higher things.


With appreciation and gratitude,


- Tom and Ananya

2019 School Captains, Year 12



Tom Yakubowski and Ananya Sehgal serve as 2019 School Captain and Vice-Captain, respectively. Furthermore, both Tom and Ananya are members of the School Council, the 2019 Prefect Team and Year 12 Debating Team. As close friends, Tom and Ananya share many interests, including passions for human rights, international relations and politics. These pursuits are shaped heavily by both of their experiences growing up overseas. In their free time, both Tom and Ananya enjoy extending their knowledge around contemporary social justice issues, travelling and cooking.

Dates to Remember

June 2019

Friday 28 June - last day of Term 2

July 2019

Monday 15 July - first day of Term 3

Wednesday 24 July - VCE Expo

Tuesday 30 July - Year 10 Vaccinations

August 2019

Wednesday 14 August - School Council meeting

Tuesday 20 August - Curriculum Day

19-23 August - Book Week

Friday 30 August - Book Week free dress day

September 2019

2 - 6 September - Welbeing Week

Wednesday 11 September - Parent Teacher Interviews

Tuesday 17 September - Senior Music Concert

Wednesday 18 September - School Council meeting

Friday 20 September - last day of Term 3

School Production
- The 39 Steps

A Note from the Creative Team

It was an incredible journey to find our way through all 39 Steps, a drama riddled with adventure, charm and surprises. The cast surpassed our expectations and once again strengthened the drama culture we aim to cultivate within our walls – one developed from hard work, autonomy, risk, curiosity and the inherent drive to work together as a collaborative theatre community.


The level of leadership, creativity and ownership from our student cast was a joy to experience, with a special mention to the diligent and generous work of our assistant director, Alanna Baxter.  


The original play has just four actors taking on over 100 parts – our beautiful and delightful clowns worked hard to capture the robust spirit and transformation of character inherent in these roles. Alongside our versatile and cohesive ensemble, they played with the art of complicité, drawn from the work of French theatre practitioner Jacques Le Coq and aimed at the spirit of openness between the performer and the audience.


The play itself marvelled at the layers of magic to be found on the stage, and within the theatre itself. The script is full of hidden references, intrigue and homage, and those who are Hitchcock fans were hopefully able to enjoy the nod to his film adaption of the novel. 


Highlighting the work of the actors, and bringing their own form of theatre magic, our diligent crew rose to the challenge of an artistically traditional and complex production design and took on their vast responsibilities with talent and ease. 


Overwhelming gratitude to the third member of our drama team, Toby Wilkins. Your dynamic and caring support, guidance and general awesomeness was invaluable.  


While watching the show, amongst all of the drama and chases and villains and thrills of the play, we hope the audience were able to take in the heart of the narrative, as it is also very much a love story. Brought to life by two of our extremely talented senior students, it is worth taking in a message imperative to our world today. As quoted by Patrick Barlow in the introduction to the script of the play, "there is a reason to live and to love. And above all a reason… to look after each other and look after the world."


Thank you to all members of our school community that supported this show, whether in additional volunteer roles, or by purchasing tickets – for without an audience there can be no show!  


Until next year, 

- Ms Cally Robinson (Director) and Ms Kaitlyn Trollope (Producer)

‘A Step in the Right Direction’ – as told by Alanna Baxter 

Production, to me, has always been an opportunity to push myself and step outside of my comfort zone. From Year 7 to Year 12 it has been a highlight of my year, a break from ordinary routine which allowed a creative outlet and the birth of so many beautiful friendships.  


The 2019 creation of ‘The 39 Steps’ was no different, allowing me the amazing opportunity to work with a range of students and teachers all sharing a common creative goal. Every single person involved, I believe, may point to particular moments in the show and be fulfilled with the knowledge that they helped shape that exact part. In no other space have I felt so respected and valued for my own ideas and input, as we all work towards something larger than each individual person involved. We only work together for a few short months, yet in this time a small family is created, and smiles in hallways and interactions throughout my entire high school life serve as a reminder of all these beautiful connections.  


I know it will be a sorely missed experience now that I am moving on from secondary school, but one that I will cherish forever. 


- Alanna Baxter , 12X

New Staff - Part 2

This term we welcome Ms Anna Langley, who is new on our team at Box Hill High School this year, along with the new staff we featured in our Term 1 newsletter.

Ms Anna Langley


Anna has a Bachelor of Arts (English & Sociology) from La Trobe University and a Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) from the University of Melbourne. She has nine years’ experience teaching English, EAL, Humanities, VCE and VCAL. She comes to BHHS from The University of Melbourne’s Foundation School, Trinity College, where she has been teaching international students about Australian culture. She enjoys travel and has so far visited sixteen countries across Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. On the weekends, you can find her enjoying time in nature with her Chihuahua, Taco. She is enjoying the academic and friendly culture at BHHS.

Photo: Year 8 Camp

Junior Team Report

Photo: Year 8 Camp

With the end of semester fast approaching, we reflect on the events and goings on so far this year. Ten weeks has flown by so quickly and as the weather got colder, the students got a bit more tired so we’re sure everyone will enjoy a well-earned rest during the holidays.


The Year 7s are half way through their first year of high school, they have adapted to high school life easily and are demonstrating their ability to be independent, responsible learners in their new environment as well as focusing on positive relationships.


Year 8 students have had a busy term with camp at The Summit, which although was cold and wet was also awesome! Students had a great time and came back with an increased sense of gratitude, resilience and self-belief in their abilities to face challenges.


Students in Year 9 have shown great maturity and self-development throughout the term and have started to embrace their impending transition into the Senior School next year. We can rely on them to help and mentor our younger students, knowing that they are responsible, resilient leaders of the Junior School.


Student Focus Groups were held this term; the purpose of these groups is to allow the staff to get to know the students better and to improve the support available to students. Some of the questions asked of the students included: What have been some positives about your transition from Primary School into High School? What are the subjects you enjoy the most and why are they enjoyable? What are some of the skills that you would like to learn that will help you do better at school?

All of these questions, and more were answered with maturity and honesty from the students and their time and feedback was greatly appreciated.


As students receive their end of semester reports, we encourage all Junior school students to reflect on what they have achieved, their strengths and weaknesses and to also set themselves some challenges and goals to strive toward for next semester. Everyone can improve in some way, whether it’s in their organisation, preparing for tests, completing extra revision or reading books to improve English.


Next semester, Junior school students will undertake new electives. This is a great opportunity for students to keep an open mind, try new things, face new challenges, meet new class mates and solidify their interests ready for choosing electives for 2020.

My First Athletics Carnival

Tuesday 28th of May was Box Hill High School’s Athletics Carnival. I didn’t know what to expect. However, I knew it would be amazing! My hopes were fulfilled.

For Year 7s, it was our first athletics Carnival at high school and it was one of the colder days too. Luckily the rain held off long enough for us to get through the events.

We got off to a bit of a slow start but it was helped by Mr Carr’s awesome singing and Miss Trollope’s motivational pep talks. Thanks!! I would also like to mention Mr Aisbett, thank you for making the day run smoothly.

Everyone was supportive and encouraging, cheering everyone over the finish line. Adding to the occasion was the atmosphere created by students and teachers along with the outstanding sea of colour that was visible from all parts of the oval. There was tremendous House spirit by all, which was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.


The novelty events were fun and the turnout was great. It was really good to be a part of it, they were entertaining and anyone could do them.

I especially loved the Teachers vs Students Relay, and we celebrated success and even failures, especially those in the three-legged race which was hilarious!

Right in the middle of all the action were our amazing SRCs (Student Representative Council members) who were running a sausage sizzle, with a queue the whole way to the gate! Also the House Captains offered fantastic support. Thanks!

The Athletics Carnival was outstanding, I can't wait until the next one!

- Evie Klopfer 7D

Rotary Club of Forest Hill Youth Citizenship Award

On Monday 3rd June, Suhani Bedi of 8C was recognised for her contributions to the Box Hill High School community. Congratulations Suhani!

In her short time at Box Hill High School, Suhani Bedi has already made a significant contribution to the school community and has become a role model for so many junior and senior students at the school. In her very first Year at Box Hill she joined the SRC and was voted by her peers to be the Junior Vice President. She has continued to be a part of the SRC as well as a class captain. Her confidence, drive and need to see the world around her improved makes her an outstanding candidate to be recognised by the Rotary Club.

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp was such an awesome experience! Although it was only three days, we learnt so much during the short period of time.

The people at The Summit were very encouraging and supportive of all the students. We were challenged out of our comfort zones through activities such as the Monster Course and the Summit Window. The Monster Course was a great team building experience as we had to try a variety of different challenges that needed teamwork in order for them to be completed.


Some of the challenges included a mud run, charades, linking arms while holding car tyres and plenty more. For me the Summit Window was a big challenge to see if I could push myself to stand at the top which was 21m high. Before having a go, I definitely would never have thought that I could do it.


There were also many other activities we did each day such as the rock wall, a snowy river challenge, walking on a bed of nails, abseiling, laser skirmish, flying fox and many more. I learnt many values and skills about myself on this camp, while doing things I never thought I was capable of doing. It has definitely been a highlight of the year so far!


- Audrey Lau 8A

Year 9 Citizenship Project Night

On Monday 27th of May, all the Year 9 Geography students attended the Citizenship Project Night. The project is about students researching a specific social, environmental and justice issue.

In groups, we found lots of information and created a change campaign on how we can make a difference. We then presented our campaign and our information to our parents, siblings and teachers.


Our group’s focus was on Youth Homelessness, our group who consisted of Reilly, Oscar, Yvonne and us spent lots of time researching on how to prevent youth homelessness and the factors around it.


On the night we presented last, our group was a bit nervous but our group did really well and so did all the other groups in our class. We got to watch the other group’s presentations and learn about all sorts of issues from human trafficking to climate change.


Overall the project was a great way to learn about issues in our society and how we can prevent them from occurring or how we can help people involved. 


- Daisy Richardson 9A and Jamie Piperkos 9A



- Ms Gemma Anderson and Ms Emily Wilkinson

Junior School Engagement Leaders

Photo: Ellen Costara and Rose Hensher at the Plain English Speaking Competition

Senior Team Report

Photo: Ellen Costara and Rose Hensher at the Plain English Speaking Competition

Year 10 Update

It seems incredible, but we have already finished the first semester. Year 10 students have had a busy term with the school production, Open Night, the athletics carnival, career planning and, of course, exams. The exam period was a great experience for students and while many students may have found the experience challenging, it serves as valuable experience for future years.


Year 10 students have been major contributors to several school programs over this term including Peer Support, World Challenge, the school’s production of The 39 Steps, Voice Night and the Talent Show. Alongside this, 82 Peer Support Leaders welcomed Year 7 students to BHHS through six sessions run during the first two terms.


Thank you to all these leaders for their time and effort in getting to know junior students. Twenty-two students have been supporting their World Challenge teams in preparation for their trip at the end of the year. These students have completed a practice camp and run fundraising events so far this term. There have also been several sensational performances by Year 10 students in events hosted by the school. Students have taken on lead roles in the school production, performed in the Music Department’s Vocal Night and Winter Concert as well as showcased their skills in the school’s Talent Show. Thank you to all performers for taking the initiative to participate in these events as well as managing to keep up with your studies! 


To round the term off, we are excited to have most Year 10 students complete their Work Experience. Students will be volunteering their time with an employer to learn about a specific job role or industry. We have students heading to some exciting locations including: The Royal Children’s Hospital, the Bureau of Meteorology, veterinary clinics and a number of trades. We look forward to students returning to school in Term 3 with a renewed sense of direction and possibly some career aspirations.


Finally, we would like to thank all students for their cooperation in this busy term. They have done a fantastic job navigating a new set of academic challenges, and we've also enjoyed seeing some of our new Learner drivers, driving themselves to school for the first time! We hope everyone has a great break and look forward to what comes in second semester.


- Mr Paul Rogers

Year 10 Coordinator

Year 11 Update

It has been a big term for the Year 11 students.


Last week they completed their mid-year exams. The exam period can be a stressful time but was a great experience for students and will increase their exam skills. Students have received productive feedback and will hopefully take this on board to improve in their end of year exams.


Our Year 11 leaders were busy planning and running the Year 11 Wellbeing Week, titled THANOS Week which stood for ‘The week of Humanity, Appreciation, Nurture, Organised sport and Sense of humour.’ Our leaders did a fantastic job running different activities such as creating a mural and setting up a friendship photo booth. Despite the poor weather, all activities ran very smoothly and the students had excellent feedback from both staff and students. Thank you to all the Year 11 leaders who worked very hard to run all these activities and to Mrs Shiel-Jones and Mr Hamley for helping them.


Our Year 11 students have also been busy participating in different events. Rose Hensher and Ellen Costaras participated in the VCAA Plain English Speaking Award, speaking about racism in Australia and perfectionism respectively. Both students did an absolutely sensational job. 


At the end of the term we have 40 students and five staff members off on the Central Australia camp. This is a 10 day camp where the students will get to explore central Australia, visit iconic sights and experience the Indigenous culture. It is always a highlight for the students and they are all looking forward to this wonderful experience.


Well done to all Unit 1 and 2 Drama students on their excellent ensemble performances! Their hard work and dedication towards the subject really shone through in their professional and polished performances.


- Ms Emma Natoli

Year 11 Coordinator

Year 12 Update

Year 12 students are almost finished their first semester of Year 12 and are onto their final semester of school.


As I write this, the prefects are in the middle of hosting a well-produced talent show full of exceptional acts drawn from every year level in the school. We look forward to the final coming up on Friday 21st of June.


Alongside enthusiastic participation and starring roles in events such as the school production of The 39 Steps, Vocal Night and the Athletics Carnival, the Year 12s have been studying furiously for their Unit 3 SACs. They have also recently completed the GAT and are starting to think about revision for their November exams.


At their most recent assembly, Ms Fischer, Mr Roizman and myself all spoke about the importance of our Year 12 students really supporting and looking out for each other as they enter their last full term of high school. We have been pleased to see the Year 12s take this on board.


Of course, the big event of Term 2 for Year 12 students is the Year 12 Formal and on Friday 31st May the Year 12 cohort of 2019 and their teachers gathered at the Trak Reception Centre in Toorak to celebrate.  This year’s theme was ‘Enchanted Forest’ and the tasteful glimpses of flowers, foliage and wreaths scattered around the room and tables, certainly gave the night a magical enchantment. Staff and students mingled throughout the evening and the dinner courses were sound-tracked by the resident DJ who gave the 12s a tasteful mix of modern anthems and soulful sing-a-longs.  It seemed like almost everyone got up for a dance at some point of the night.   


Special thanks and mention must be given to the Year 12 formal committee - led by Lexi Cairns, Philina Alles and Diego Machillanda-Flechas – who worked closely in conjunction with Ms Fischer throughout the first two terms.  They organised the smooth presentation of menus, ticket purchases, table allocations, last minute alterations and a specially ‘forested’ photo area used for group shots and impromptu selfies.   


The evening’s prizes included Tex Craven and Maya Garba for best dressed, as well as awards for ‘Australia’s next Prime Minister,’ (Thomas Yakubowski) ‘Mostly Like Millionaire,’ (Michael Zhao) and ‘Australia’s Next Professional Gamer’ (Chris Lewis).


It was a fantastic and dazzling event that showed students and staff in a new and glamorous light.  We thank all students and staff for their respectful participation and look forward to next year’s Year 12 Formal. 


- Mr Julio Acebron

Year 12 Coordinator

VCE Expo - Save the Date

The VCE Expo is happening on 24th July 2019 5-7pm (week 2 of term 3). This is the only opportunity for students and parents to meet our Year 10, 11 and 12 teachers about subject selection and to gather information on various subjects offered at the school. This will also be the only chance to receive information on the process of applying for VET subjects and to talk to Ms Kamvissis with regards to VET subjects for students in Years 10, 11 and 12.


Subject selection (course advising) for 2020 subjects will be occurring in Week 3 of Term 3 for Year 9 and 10 students and Week 4 for Year 11 students.


Please see Ms Sporri if you have any questions with regards to the VCE Expo or subject selection.


- Ms Erica Sporri, Senior Engagement Leader


Staff vs Year 12 Volleyball

Last week our Year 12 students played a smashing game of volleyball at lunch time in the Staff v Students match, as part of the Inter-house Sport program. The Year 12 team warned ahead of time that they were very good and were confident of beating the Staff team. Indeed they won in the final set by two points, after a very competitive match. Thanks to those who came to watch!

Our Principal, Losh Pillay, enjoyed the entertaining match, thanking all involved for their organisation and participation in the match -  "Your youthful energy was inspiring to watch. It was a spirited match and the students certainly fought hard to win. A great morale booster for Year 12 students."


- Ms Kimberley Evans,

Physical Education

Student Achievements

Box Hill's Black Belt Twins

Twin sisters, Fatemeh and Hanieh Shokri (Year 11D), started Karate when they were seven years old and this marks their tenth year refining their impressive skills and participating in competitions. They achieved Black Belt level when they were only eleven years old, were National Champions three times while living in Iran, and now they are Victorian State and Australian National squad members. They recently received an invitation to attend the invitation-only National Karate Training Camp at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).


Fatemeh and Hanieh are proud to be ranked second and third in Australia. They will be attending international competitions this year, including Youth Leagues, World Championships Oceania and Karate 1 which is run by the World Karate Federation.


"We have worked really hard our whole lives to get to where we are now and hopefully with even working harder we can reach our goals - to compete at the World Championships and the Olympics."


Congratulations Fatemeh and Hanieh! We wish you well for your upcoming camp and competitions, and we look forward to seeing you achieve your dreams.

Scouting Students Achieve Top Award

This week we received a letter from the Chief Commissioner of Scouts Victoria, to let us know that two of our students have recently achieved the Australian Scout Medallion.

Jennifer Ong (10Y), 9th Box Hill Venturer Unit

Luke Marcollo (8B), Box Hill North Venturer Unit


"To attain the top award in each of the five sections in Scouting, reflects initiative in tackling challenges, sustained effort over many months and years, plus self-discipline, teamwork and leadership. Only a small percentage reach this level. These are the top achievers among Scouting's 47 million members globally. Youth Scout members are well supported by volunteer leaders, their families and often their teachers, but ultimately the decision to strive to be among the few who reach this level in Scouting is a personal choice, and often an indicator of future success."

Brendan J Watson, OAM, Chief Commissioner, Scouts Victoria


Congratulations Jennifer and Luke - a very impressive effort from each of you to achieve this award!


The Wellbeing Team has been working extremely positively throughout first semester on supporting our students and parents.


We are also working collaboratively with a number of outside agencies to support our students' wellbeing. Organisations such as Headspace, Anglicare, CYMHS and School Focused Youth Service have been regularly used to provide programs, individual counselling, and financial support to many students in the school. Our team also works with several external psychologists who come into the school on various days during the week. They are fantastic support for our students and we are extremely fortunate that our schools leadership team places such a high emphasis on the mental health of our school community.


I am  very pleased to report that plans for a brand new Wellbeing Centre are well advanced and hopefully we will be operating out of that during second semester. See the Principal Team News article for more information.

Recognising Anxiety

Anxiety disorders amongst young people have become an issue that many families are dealing with and we have noticed that the prevalence is becoming greater in adolescents. Early diagnosis and treatment are particularly important to help deal with these worries and fears. If you suspect your child is displaying signs of high and unwarranted anxiety, seek assistance as soon as possible.


Social anxiety is the most common of the anxiety disorders with about 14% of girls and 8% of boys reportedly suffering this disorder. Quite often, around 50%, will show symptoms of anxiety before the age of 11. This can often lead to poor attendance at school and can interfere with the young person's relationships with peers.


There are four main ways that anxiety disorders are tackled among school aged children.

  1. Ensuring the young person sleeps well, eats well and is getting regular exercise.
  2. Learning how to relax by doing things such as meditation, yoga or Tai Chi.
  3. Talking to a counselor or psychologist and not allowing problems to be bottled up.
  4. In some instances, medication can help, but usually only after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Organisations such as Beyond Blue and Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria (ADVIC) publish a lot of information about this particular disorder and thankfully young people are becoming much better at accessing this information. Parents should not hesitate to have conversations with their children if they are worried, followed by a visit to your GP.


- Mr Neil Hamley

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Photo: Some of our Year 12 International students enjoying the School Formal

International Program News

Photo: Some of our Year 12 International students enjoying the School Formal

An Introduction to our International Program

International education is Australia’s third largest export, with Victoria having the second highest number of international students behind New South Wales.


At Box Hill High School we have decades of experience in providing an exceptional experience for our International students coming to study in Victoria. We have enrolled students from China, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and many more countries. Currently, Box Hill High School has 47 international students enrolled in Years 10, 11 and 12.



Many of our International students come to Australia by themselves at only 15 years of age. These students live in home-stay accommodation provided by local Australian families who live near the school. For many of the International students, this is the first time they have lived apart from their parents. Home-stay families are arranged by the school and provide support for the students, including their own bedroom and study area, meals, guidance for getting around Melbourne and a safe, caring environment.


Our usual intake date for International students is at the start of Term 1 each year. Most students need to be enrolled in an Intensive Language Course for 20 weeks prior to the start of mainstream classes, so they arrive in Melbourne in July the year prior to starting with us here at Box Hill High School and spend two terms at Blackburn English Language School. This requirement can be waived if the student has previously been educated mainly in English or has achieved a reasonable band level in the IELTS test. 


We enjoy the cultural diversity that the International students bring to our school where both local and international students introduce their cultures and lifestyles to each other, and this also occurs among the International students hailing from different countries. This promotes understanding and respect for different cultures and customs.


Term 2 was an exciting time at our school, with the Athletics Carnival and the Year 12 Formal being held recently. For the International students who just started with us in Year 10 this year, the Athletics Carnival was a new and wonderful experience, albeit a bit cold!


On the other hand, the Year 12 International students celebrated their third year here at our school, at the Year 12 Formal. The Year 12 international students were very excited about the Formal and they had a fantastic night (as you can see from the photos)!


For more information on international students enrolment in Victoria, please visit www.study.vic.gov.au


- Mr Darren Yap

International Program Coordinator

Careers Update


Monash University – Clayton Campus, invited our Year 12 students to an on campus tour and presentation on June 11. Thirty interested students, arrived at Robert Blackwood Hall, to be welcomed by student ambassadors who led them to the amazing Learning and Teaching Building. A member of the student recruitment team and four undergraduate students, offered BHHS students an overview of the many courses available and other opportunities offered at Monash University. The presentation was followed by ambassador-led campus tours, which were well received by all.

Congratulations to our Year 12s, who arrived punctually and gave up their spare time to embrace this opportunity. Wonderful BHHS ambassadors!

Year 12

OPEN DAYS To assist with the application process, Year 12 students are strongly encouraged to attend as many Open Days as possible. The dates are listed below. Open days are a great opportunity to attend information sessions, tour campuses and directly ask questions of faculty personnel.


Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) applications for 2020 courses, will open on August 5th. ALL Year 12 students will be allocated a 25 min one-on-one interview with Careers to complete their VTAC application, discussing options and pathways. Interviews will be allocated at the beginning of Term 3. More information to come.


Years 10 and 11

MIPS-Managed Individual Pathway Interviews

In May students in year 10 and 11 had an opportunity to discuss their progress to date with staff while planning for the subject selection process that will take place in Term 3. Parents are reminded to diarise the Senior School Expo -July 24th, as this is a great opportunity to find out more about the subjects on offer at BHHS, a very important part of pathways planning.


Year 10 and 11 students are strongly encouraged to attend as many Open Days as possible, as part of their pathway planning. The dates are listed below. Open days are a great opportunity to attend information sessions/ tour campuses and directly ask questions of faculty personnel.


VET Students

A reminder to VET students, only two absences without approval are permitted per semester. Please notify Careers of any parent approved absences as these need to be communicated to the trainer.

Interim reports have been distributed to VET students, so parents should ask to see this report if they haven't already.


Students who wish to continue with their VET study in 2020, will be asked to re-enrol in Term 3, as enrolment is not automatically rolled over. Reminders will be published on Compass.

Open Days for 2019


Holiday Programs

DeakInspire 2019

Aimed at Year 10, 11 and 12 students, this 1-day conference is designed to empower you to reach your potential and inspire you with exciting ideas of how your future could look.

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus                              Melbourne Campus
9am-3pm                                                                          9am-3pm
Tuesday 2 July 2019                                                    Thursday 4 July 2019

For more information and to register, visit DeakInspire 2019


ACU University Experience Days 2019
University Experience is a free program that gives students the opportunity to sample two degrees of their choice.

Melbourne - Tuesday 2 July 2019
Ballarat - Friday 5 July 2019

Register for either of these events at University Experience Days


Experience Day at Photographic Studies College
This free event is an opportunity for Year 10 – 12 students to experience Photography Studies College (PSC).

Date:                       Wednesday 3 July 2019

Time:                       11.00am – 3.00pm

Venue:                    Photography Studies College, 65 City Road in Southbank

Registrations are open at 2019 Experience Day at PSC



Experience Clever at La Trobe University
Experience Clever gives Year 10, 11 and 12 students the chance to experience La Trobe Uni for a day. 

Date:                       Friday 5 July 2019                  

Time:                       9.00am – 4.30pm

Venue:                     La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus, Union Building

Register at Experience Clever at La Trobe



Monash University Holiday Programs


Science Precinct Tours
Year 12 students considering studying science at Monash next year, are encouraged to register for a free Monash Science Precinct tour these holidays. 
For dates and times, and to register, visit Monash Science Precinct Tour


Year 10 Discovery Day

Come along to our Year 10 Discovery Day and get a taste of what it’s like to study at Monash University. 

Date:                       Thursday 4 July 2019                             

Time:                       8.50am – 2.00pm

Venue:                     South One Lecture Theatre, 43 Rainforest Walk, Clayton campus
Register at Monash Year 10 Discovery Day



Snapshot of University of Melbourne in 2019



Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne (UoM) makes distinctive contributions to society in research, learning and teaching and engagement.

UoM is consistently ranked among the leading universities in the world, with international rankings of world universities, placing it as # 1 in Australia and # 32 in the world, and # 6 in graduate employability worldwide (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019/QS Graduate Employability 2019) - rankings

There are seven campuses across Melbourne and rural Victoria, but the UoM’s main campus is the Parkville campus, and it is situated only a few minutes from the very centre of Melbourne - Campuses and Facilities

UoM offers 12 undergraduate degrees and 270 graduate courses -  Courses at UoM

Currently 50% of students study undergraduate courses, and the other 50% are in graduate programs

2019 saw the introduction of the Graduate Degree Packages whereby students can apply to bundle an undergraduate degree offer with an offer for a place in one of the specialised, professionally accredited graduate school programs.

In 2017, UoM launched the Bachelor of Design offering 12 majors, including Architecture, Construction, Computing, Civil Systems, Digital Technologies, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Systems, Property, Spatial Systems, Urban Planning, Performance Design, and Graphic Design.

The University has over 200 clubs and societies, which play an integral part of many students’ university experience - UoM Clubs

The University encourages students to make practical learning a part of their Melbourne experience, and these include internships and cadetships, leadership opportunities, and volunteering.

Overseas study programs are offered to students, and they are encouraged to study part of their degree in an international setting - Melbourne Mobility

The University of Melbourne offers numerous and generous undergraduate scholarships to high-achieving students, as well as numerous equity scholarships too.  New in 2019 is the Melbourne Principals' Scholarship and Hansen Scholarship

UoM also has the Access Melbourne program aimed at students who have found high school a challenge, and their circumstances have prevented them from achieving their best - Access Melbourne

Students have access to a wide range of Student Services, which include - Student Services including an Careers Centre - Careers Centre

UoM offers a Guaranteed Entry to Graduate Degrees - Guaranteed Entry to Graduate Degrees

UoM has numerous residential colleges for its undergraduate students - Residential Colleges

Snapshot of Monash University in 2019

Named after engineer, military leader and public administrator Sir John Monash, Monash University was established in 1958.

Monash University became a founding member of the Group of Eight universities in 1999.

Monash ranks in the top 1% of world university rankings - Ranking

Monash has over 77,000 students, with campuses in Malaysia, South Africa, China, India, Italy, besides its five campuses in Australia - locations

Monash University is the only Victorian university to offer a Direct Entry medical program for students completing year 12 as well as a Graduate Entry program leading to the same degree – Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD)

There are ten Monash Faculties offering hundreds of Monash Courses, be they single or double undergraduate degrees, or graduate qualifications up to a PhD.

Monash has a number of student-run clubs and associations - a great way to get involved and meet people - Monash Clubs and Associations

Career Connect is the Career Centre available to all Monash students.  Students can access the many services offered – be it for volunteering, part-time jobs, assistance with applying for work on graduation, etc.

The Monash Study Abroad program assists students in studying overseas as part of their course. Monash has exchange agreements with more than 160 universities across 35 countries

Monash offers more than 200 different scholarships for new and current students, from course fee subsidies to travel allowances, and payments for accommodation costs - Scholarships

The Monash Guarantee is an alternative entry scheme for students to get into a Monash course even they do not reach the course’s clearly-in ATAR. Students may be eligible for the Monash Guarantee if they:

Monash Residential Services assists students in finding accommodation on-campus, and off-campus

New in 2020 is the introduction of bachelor degrees in Applied Data Science, Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), and the Pharmaceutical Science Advanced Scholars Program.


- Ms Janine Frank and Ms Thea Kamvissis,

Careers department

Photo: Rose Hensher (left) and Thomas White (right) with a MUNA representative

DOMAINS - English

Photo: Rose Hensher (left) and Thomas White (right) with a MUNA representative


Semester 1 has been a productive and energising start to the year for the English Domain, with Junior students participating in the Scholastic Literacy Pro Reading Program as well as undertaking NAPLAN, and Senior students competing in The Rotary Club’s Model United Nations and the VCAA Plain English Speaking competition. This has all taken place on top of their normal scheduled English classes, with some students also participating in Inter-school Debating! Students have also been working through a reinvigorated English curriculum, with their teachers focusing on ensuring that there is visibility in the curriculum that is being taught to students. This visibility encompasses explicit teaching of skills in alignment with the Victorian Curriculum, ensuring that students have an understanding of how each lesson in a unit acts as a building block to develop their English capabilities. 

Model United Nations Assembly

Last month, we (Rose and Thomas) had the absolute privilege to attend MUNA, or the Model United Nations Assembly. Our experience at District MUNA was an enriching and educational moment in both our lives. Representing the Russian Federation, we debated on complex global issues such as working rights, the South China Sea, and nuclear weapons in the Middle East.  


The general point of Model United Nations competitions is to foster an understanding of global politics and international diplomacy. It asks participants to step into the shoes of diplomats from their allocated countries, create relationships with other nations in debate, and ultimately achieve the best outcomes for their country through diplomacy.


We were incredibly lucky to have the support of Box Hill High School, specifically Ms Metcalfe, as well as Year 12 students Thomas Yakubowski and Aashna Shah who were last year’s winners of the competition. We were also very fortunate to have the support of the Rotary Club of Forest Hill and the encouragement of Paul Hamer MP. We’d like to express our immense gratitude towards these people for their unwavering support and encouragement.


We attended MUNA in May, debating in the State Parliament with 39 other nations, each comprised of two talented, passionate, and inspiring students from a range of schools. On the day we were lucky enough to have two amendments passed. More than anything, we’re so happy to have met all of the amazing, intelligent, friendly individuals that we spent the two days with. We were also very lucky to meet committed, friendly Rotarians from all around Melbourne. We’d like to specifically thank Glenys Grant of the Rotary Club of Forest Hill, and Sarah Byrne, who chaired the organising committee.  


Our hard work paid off, and we were delighted to receive the Judges’ Prize for Best Team, and the student-voted prize for Best Team. Everyone else was incredible and it’s such a privilege to represent our district at National MUNA in Canberra, in the Old Parliament house no less. We cannot wait to make BHHS Proud! 


We’re so grateful to have had this experience, and we’ll be sure to help next year’s MUNA debaters! 


- Rose Hensher 11B and Thomas White 11Z

DOMAINS - Science

Science - a world of possibilities!

While they study Science, students at Box Hill High School explore the very nature of the world that we live in. They make predictions, undertake practical investigations, and explain their findings using scientific models. Here is a small taste of what students experience at each year level.

Year 7 Science

“Can we use Bunsen burners today?”

“When do we get to mix chemicals?”

“Awww, why can’t we do pracs everyday?”

The excitement of Year 7 students in the Science classroom is infectious. With the prospect of using new shiny scientific equipment and learning how the world works, every Science lesson opens a world of possibilities!


Science students in Year 7 begin with the development of their scientific inquiry skills, where they learn how to make predictions, record results, analyse their findings and present them. Their first taste of this is through the Water Bomb Poster practical task. Students use newly developed scientific inquiry skills to determine the height at which a water bomb will break, a great mid-summer experiment!

Other topics that have been covered in year 7 are Properties of Substances & Mixtures, Forces, and some students completed the Spaghetti Bridges design project.

Year 8 Science

Year 8 students further develop and test their scientific inquiry skills through topics such as Cells and Microscopes, Chemical and Physical Change, and Body Systems.

Their Common Assessment Task for Cells and Microscopes sees students put their scientific skills to the test, where they are required to use a microscope to view plant stomata cells and draw what they see. They are also required to make calculations to determine how big plant stomata cells are, using their knowledge of microscopes and magnification.

Year 9 Science

What’s the different between a metal and a non-metal?

How is energy transferred through space without contact?

How do enzymes help digestion?


These are just some of the questions students begin to find answers for in Year 9 Science. They begin by diving into the depths of the atomic world, so that they can describe which fundamental particles make up the atom. They go on to use this knowledge to describe the difference between metals and non-metals, and test their hypotheses through experimental practical work.

They go on investigate how energy transfers from one medium to another, through units of Heat, Light, and Sound. They begin to describe energy transfers through wave models, such as waves in the ocean or sound waves produced by speakers.

Year 10 Science

Students in Year 10 Science get a taste for VCE Science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology. They also learn the basic skills required to successfully transition in the VCE subjects. They are exposed to DNA and Genetics in Biology, Motion & Forces in Physics, and Chemical Reactions in Chemistry.

An important aspect of Science is being able to develop and describe scientific models. Scientific models allow students to develop a deeper understanding of scientific findings, by representing complex ideas and process through simplified representations.

VCE Science News

Students are offered a selection of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology as Science subjects that they can complete for VCE Units 1&2 and 3&4. These subjects offer students pathways into many university courses such as Science, Engineering, Dentistry, Medicine, and Architecture just to name a few.


The VCE Science results at Box Hill High School for 2018 saw the highest median study scores for Chemistry and Physics over the last five years, whilst Biology and Psychology maintained their excellent results. These results reflect the hard work and effort of both teachers and students.


It is not uncommon to see Science teachers open the doors to their classrooms at lunch and after school, where students can come in and do their homework or get assistance with their VCE Science studies in a quiet and supportive environment.

Upcoming Events & Competitions

Girls in Physics day at The University of Melbourne – 19th July 2019

The University of Melbourne's School of Physics is presenting a day program for female secondary school students, encouraging them to study physics and be involved in the physics community. Unlike careers events, this day places more emphasis on fostering girls' passion for science.

ASI Science Olympiads - Mid August 2019

The Australian Science Olympiad is a national program for top performing secondary science students that culminates in the International Science Olympiad.


The program is a rewarding opportunity for Year 10 and 11 students to extend themselves way beyond school science through challenging exams, stimulating residential programs and international competitions.


- Mr Lachlan Tantau

Science Domain Leader

Photo: VCE Phillip Island Geography Camp

DOMAINS - Humanities

Photo: VCE Phillip Island Geography Camp

It’s been a fantastic and busy Semester in Humanities with students and teachers enjoying the events and activities with enthusiasm. There has been plenty to get involved with in 2019 so far!  

What’s new in Humanities for 2019? 

Students and teachers are excited to be exploring four new/reimaged Junior elective subjects for 2019. These cover the Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship strands of the Victorian Curriculum and are available for student’s to select from this year.  

Year 8 Law and Order 

In this unit, students study the Australian Constitution and how its features, principles and values shape Australia’s democracy. They explore the responsibilities and freedoms of citizens and how citizens can participate in Australia’s democracy. They look at how the rights of individuals are protected through the justice system, how laws are made and the types of laws used in Australia. 

Year 8 Money Wise 

Year 8 Money Wise focuses on developing personal financial literacy skills and understanding the importance of being an educated and informed consumer in modern economy. The first part of the course involves developing understanding on different aspects of money, investment and markets. Students also undertake the Australian Sharemarket simulation and apply their knowledge and understanding around investing. The second part of the course explores consumerism and consumer rights. 

Year 9 Global Economies and Justice 

Global Economies and Justice enables students to become active and informed citizens who participate in and sustain Australia’s democracy. Students also reflect on Australia’s position, obligations and the role of the citizen today within an interconnected global world. 

In this unit, students work to understand the process of economic decision-making at the personal, local, national and regional with an emphasis on global levels and the effects of these decisions on themselves and others, now and in the future. 

Year 9 Business Start-up 

In this unit, students identify the ways enterprising behaviours and capabilities can be developed to improve businesses and business environments. They explore the nature of innovation and discuss how businesses seek to create and maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Students analyse the intended and unintended effects of economic and business decisions and the potential consequences of alternative actions. 

Geography Fieldwork

Fieldwork is an essential component of the Geography curriculum and Year 8 – 12 Geographers have undertaken a number of trips and experiences this semester.


The Geography team has worked hard this year to go above and beyond the requirements of the curriculum to provide enriching and practical experiences for our Geographers!  


Year 7 students will explore the Box Hill High School facilities and water storage on site. 


Year 8  

The Year 8 Geography Fieldwork Excursion took students to the beach (Brighton or Sandringham) so that they can investigate the geophysical processes that affect the coastal landscape. Students also explored the impact that human population growth and activities have on the coastal environment. As most Australians live within 50km of a beach, it's important that students understand how to protect, preserve, and enjoy this special habitat! 


- Ms Sarah Weyenberg (Year 8 Geography) 


Year 9  

As part of their unit on Tourism and Interconnections, Year 9 Geography made a trip out to Belgrave, seeking to understand how the area has changed over the past 100 years. Battling conditions that were far from ideal, students started at Grant’s Picnic Ground to feed the birds, which is something that will be discontinued in October.

After a brief visit to Trees Adventure, we caught the arrival of Puffing Billy, and got to experience first-hand just how popular it is with tourists, even in inclement weather. While students were keen to hop aboard Puffing Billy, instead they made their way to Belgrave Main Street (‘the Gateway to the Hills’) and shopping strip, where students were able to experience one of Belgrave’s many cafés for lunch.


The day concluded with a walk around the station to investigate how the proposed re-development will boost the region’s accessibility. It was a great opportunity for students to be involved first-hand with Belgrave’s tourism, and an invaluable experience as students develop their understanding of how Australia interconnects with the rest of the world. 


- Mr Thomas Harley (Year 9 Geography)  


Year 11 and 12 Geography 

It has been a busy start to the year with the VCE Geography classes heading out on multiple excursions.  Year 12  Geography students have ventured to two locations to collect information relating to land use change. This included a trip to a housing development site at the Old Eastern Golf Course and a two day camp at Phillip Island.  

Year 11 students have been examining the impact of hazards and disasters in Victoria with a visit to the local SES, exploring the retarding basins designed to prevent flooding in Whitehorse, and a day trip to Kinglake to view changes to the community since the 2009 bushfires.  


Next up for our VCE cohort is a fieldwork camp to the Mornington Peninsula to participate in and research tourist experiences in the area.  


- Mr Paul Rogers (VCE Geography) 

Getting entrepreneurial in Business at BHHS 

There have been many opportunities for students to develop their financial flair in Humanities this Semester. Year 8 Money Wise students have played the Sharemarket Game and enjoyed receiving  capital gains and dividend payouts (theoretical of course!) and developing their understanding of consumer law by playing and exploring real product recalls and return situations.  

Year 9 Business Start-up: The Invention Competition 

This semester, our enterprising Year 9 Business Start-up students undertook an innovation project. Through team work, they applied problem solving skills to develop a product that could be sent to market. Their brief was to overcome an everyday problem that many people may face. The teams produced a working prototype along with a business plan where they considered the marketability of their invention based on financial estimates and competitive advantage. 


Sixteen teams came up with creative ideas and these were presented to the school community during our ‘Business Start-up Trade Fair’ held on Tuesday, 4 June. 


Box Hill High School students proved once again their team spirit by enthusiastically supporting our budding entrepreneurs. During lunch-time, the library gallery was teaming with curious onlookers. Demonstrations were explained, questions were asked and answered. Over 450 students participated in the online voting for their favourite invention.  


Our ‘People’s Choice’ winners were 

The Rule-R – A handy ruler addition that gives a “Straight line every time!” 

Created by, Jackson Daws, Joshua Broeksteeg, Advait Malhotra, Benjamin Low and Charein Gunatillake. 

Wax Off – drip free birthday candle holders. 

Created by, Jason Chew, Thomas Masters and Sian Zahid. 

‘Protect-a-finger’- a cutting guard to save fingers while chopping vegetables. 

Created by, Udayan Mishra, Ben Thomas, Amanda Tran and Ashlee Tran. 

The inventions were also judged by an expert panel, on their ability to solve a problem, usability and creativity. Thank you to Mr. Steve Perry, Ms. Donna Nevard and Ms. Lisa Pearson for undertaking the difficult task of selecting an overall winner. 


Our inaugural ‘Judge’s Award’ winners of the ‘Invention Competition’ semester one, 2019 went to Oskar Cen, Lionel Liu and Niro Menikdiwala for their outstanding idea of the ‘Ergo Stand’ - a collapsible, ergonomic laptop stand that students can easily keep in a pencil case. 


Congratulations to our winners and all Year 9 Business Start Up students for their enterprising ideas. We look forward to the next round of creative innovations in Semester 2. 


- Ms Cleo Michael and Ms Paige Buenemann (Year 9 Business Start-up) 

Year 11 Business Management: Mother’s Day Market 

On Friday 10th May, students from Unit 1 & 2 Business Management participated and ran a very successful ‘Mother’s Day Market’ for staff and students.  This formed part of their assessment as they were required to develop a comprehensive business plan for a product or service which appeals to mothers of Box Hill High School students.    

Despite the poor weather, across the 10 businesses, students made a collective $369.80 profit, which has been donated to support students undertaking the World Challenge immersion trip at the end of the year.  

We were very impressed with the creativity, hard-work and effort that went into each product created and sold.  Products created included: cards, terrariums, candles, body and lip scrubs, earrings, slices, cookie jars, mug and flower gift sets and coasters.   


- Ms Chloe Steele (VCE Business Management) 

Year 12 Business Management – Carlton Brewery Excursion

 On Wednesday 8th of May, Unit 3 Business Management students spent the morning immersing themselves into Carlton United Brewery’s operations system.  We completed a factory tour, saw their production line in action and learnt about the strategies that the company undertakes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their production.    


Students then visited the University of Melbourne’s first social enterprise café, ‘Home Two’.  We were lucky to hear about how this business is trying to disrupt the already saturated café market by tapping into customers desire to give back to the community and do good.  Home Two aims to integrate ethical practices throughout their business model from using environmentally friendly inputs, hiring from their traineeship program for disadvantaged youths, and investing their profits to support young people experiencing homelessness.   


-  Ms Chloe Steele (VCE Business Management) 

Coming up in History

There are several competitions available for our budding historians:  

  • National History Challenge 

  • Premiers Spirit of ANZAC Prize 

  • HTAV Historical Fiction Competition 

Ask Ms Wilkinson or your History teacher if you’d like to get involved!  


- Ms Jessica Nicholson

Humanities Domain Leader

DOMAINS - The Arts

News from The Arts Domain

As another big term in the life of Box Hill High school comes to a close, we can look back at some of the highlights. First up, in week three, we had the highly professional school production of ‘The 39 Steps’. It was a true collaboration of on and off-stage performances, supported by a cast and crew under the guidance and direction of Ms Cally Robinson, Ms Kaitlyn Trollope, Ms Grace De Blasio and Mr Toby Wilkins. For those who had the privilege of attending, you know what I am talking about. See our School Production article for lots more info and photos.

Next came Band Camp during the first three days of week five. Our gifted music students had the opportunity to improve their ability to play as a band. Having played in bands while I was in school, I know just how valuable it is to have expended time to rehearse. My thanks to Mr Troy Rogers, Ms Grace De Blasio and their team of instrumental teachers. The benefit of such camps can be seen in the many awards our school has already achieved this year alone. 

In Visual Arts news, we took delivery of a shiny new laser cutter in week seven. This is a truly exciting acquisition, one that will transform the curriculums of our Studio Art, VCD and FET classes. I am looking forward to being able to have my Year 10 VCD students design, cut and construct flat packable furniture concepts. This is something we would not have been able to do previously. My thanks to Mr James Chew, and Mr Steve Perry and his team for making this happen.


At the time of writing this article there is still the Vocal Night and two Winter Concerts to come in Term 2. In past years, these have both been highlights of the music program. See Music article for more info and photos.

Arts Week

Speaking of things to come, we are busy preparing our school’s first Arts Week, to be held in the first week of term three. The plan is to celebrate the diverse range of creative expressions across Art, VCD, Media, Music and Drama. There will be a performance or Media film screening each day of the week. Also, an exhibition of Art and VCD work will be on display from Tuesday to Friday.


I mentioned recently to our Year 12 teachers that, with the Arts, it is less about managing content and more about managing time. While observing Mr Toby Wilkins’s Year 8 Drama class, I was super impressed with what his students we able to come up with when given twenty seconds or less. See photos. Just as impressive is watching Ms Neverd, Ms Pearson, Ms Muston and Mr Chew help their students navigate their Year 12 Studio Arts, Media and VCD folios over two or more terms. Maintaining focus and momentum over such a large time span can be a challenge.


I cannot speak for other subjects but, for a practical subject, fifty minutes often feels like a very short time. Establishing a class, getting something meaningful done and then packing up is a major achievement, even for our most organised teachers - just ask Ms Jeanni Lockhart.


Having taught in a number of other schools, let me say how dedicated the Box Hill High School Arts teachers are. Both in and out of the classroom, I see their commitment to their subjects and their students. Much of what they do is unseen. I see the Arts teachers getting to school when it is still dark and they are often still here well after the students have left for the day.


When selecting subjects, at times students hope to get a particular teacher. I can say with confidence that any of the Arts teachers would provide their students with amazing experiences and seek to help each student develop their skill and creative expression. In many ways, it would be ideal to have a different teacher each year. That way, students would get the benefit of each teacher’s differing knowledge, skill, style and passion.


- Mr James Taylor

Arts Domain Leader

Victorian Young Leaders
to China

For the fourth consecutive year, BHHS was selected to represent the Department of Education and the State of Victoria on the Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) Program. From the countless students who applied last year whilst in Year 8, ten were chosen to embark part way through Term 1 of Year 9, on a six week language and cultural immersion experience. The students who made up the Box Hill VYLC 2019 cohort were; Taylor Ignatiadis, Zoe Jones,  Marsha Lenin, Ashley Newnham, Isabelle Nguyen, Trinh Nguyen, Ari Rego, Jack Richardson, Shalese Teo and Danil Yahnov. Each student not only upheld the values of the school, but demonstrated outstanding capabilities to embrace new cultures, challenge themselves and form new friendships, all whilst representing the school in an exceptional manner.


I know the accompanying teachers (Lisa Pearson and myself, Penny Danks) were extremely proud of how they conducted themselves, but more so, of the maturity they have developed and the new-found skills they have returned with. They are already demonstrating wonderful leadership within the community and I can see that this is only the beginning of what these students will achieve in the years ahead. Following are a few excerpts from some of the students’ reflections on their experience.


- Ms Penny Danks



The VYLC program was a very fruitful experience. We visited many tourist attractions, bought many cute souvenirs and also learnt about its history in the process. While the trip was fun and enjoyable, there were also many things that I learnt from it.


When we visited the various attractions, the teachers would first show us around the place, then give us a few hours of ‘free time’, where we went out exploring the places on our own in small groups. By leaving us to fend for ourselves in these unknown places, I gained a lot of independence and self-confidence, as we often had to ask for help from the Chinese locals in order to find a certain place. During this trip, we also had various challenges that we had to do in 'Dragon Groups'. These groups included students from other schools as well. Some of the challenges involved taking pictures with the university students in Beijing. While I was really nervous when talking to strangers at first, I soon got the hang of it and my social anxiety slowly dissipated.


In Shanghai, we went to Shanghai Foreign Language School, a prestigious high school where we stayed for three weeks. The school had children from all around the world, such as Thailand and Japan. We had loads of fun interacting with the students and made a lot of lifelong friends in the process.


Overall, this trip gave me insight on how and why China is the way it is today. I learnt more about the people in China, eradicating all of my stereotypes about them as a result. I also learnt to not take anything for granted, such as warm showers and comfortable beds!


- Marsha Lenin, 9Z



We were very lucky to begin our experience at Beijing’s Language and Culture University. It didn’t take us long to merge into the routine and feel right at home. Although we were a nervous, unsure group of teenagers taking in a new environment, we managed to overcome our fear and were ready to make the most of what we were about to experience. We were ready to conquer anything that would stand in our way!


But the first day… we had a test! And ALL the nerves kicked back in – I’m pretty sure you could see my heart pumping out of my chest! I don’t think I was ready to conquer that. So we walked into the room, took our seats, pumped ourselves up – you know that little pep talk you give yourself, yeah, well I did that one! We saw students from the university guiding us to our seats, trying to give us pep talks. All our friendships began in that moment… these volunteers would never let us down! And we all made amazing friendships that will forever and give us the opportunity to connect back to China. This will motivate us to make a change. Change in the way we communicate. Change in the way we understand other cultures. Change in the way we connect with the world.


The staff members at this school motivated us to become a better version of ourselves. They pumped us up and got us ready for the next six weeks we would have in China. There’s no denying that all of our VYLC students made incredible progress within themselves. Things such as their intercultural understanding, their ability to work in a team, their leadership skills and much more, and for that we are grateful. They gave us an opportunity to learn and experience a day in the life of a Chinese student, the opportunity to make new friends and definitely helped us push ourselves to achieve our full potential.


- Taylor Ignatiadis, 9C



During the China trip we visited many cultural and historical sites in Beijing and Shanghai. Some of our favourites were the Summer Palace, the Yu Garden, Shanghai Tower, The Bund and obviously the Great Wall of China. Going to these places, we had a tour guide with us who took us around and told us about historical and cultural significance of the architecture, the trees and objects inside and around the places. We were able to ask locals about their views on their history and what is important to their culture. By seeing the history, we could see how the government and people changed and the impact that important figures of the past had on their modern society. What we used to see as strange, simply became just another perspective, we now understand and know the differences between cultures and can change to work with them.


From these experiences we've gained a deeper knowledge of the Chinese history and the cultural significance of often overlooked concepts. Because of our gained knowledge we have been able to impart information unto our families and friends which helps to spread awareness and understanding of different global perspectives. Finally from these experiences we have made many amazing memories that I know will stick with me and the others in my group forever.


- Ash Newnham, 9Y



Immersing ourselves in their culture and history in China, has helped us to be better global citizens. Food can tell you a lot about someone’s history and traditions. Things that may be strange to other people of different ethnicities, became normal for us. Given an opportunity like ours, we were forced to accept the culture as we were exposed to this every day. In return we were able to learn a lot about not only the culture but also gain an intercultural understanding.


Sitting around a family table making dumplings with your buddy's grandma gave people a chance to bond with the students from Shanghai and create meaningful relationships with them. Activities such as this, as well as going to famous areas such as “tian zoi fang or Line friends”. We were not only able to spend time with students’ families for a day but we were also able to go into their classes to see how they work for a day. By having this understanding of the practices, positions in society and traditions of different cultures, we have become more flexible and considerate of others with difference in appearance, culture, language or personality.


Although we have learnt a lot from this trip, our interactions with other students has been one of the biggest things. Global citizens seek not only to improve themselves but also those around them, even across cultures and languages. The Chinese people and students have taught us about their culture and how to speak their language while being so understanding and open about our customs and different characteristics. Furthermore, on this trip, we were not only able to interact with Chinese people, but also people from Russia, America, Korea, Japan and Thailand.


This was an amazing opportunity, as it allowed us to make new friends, and allowed us to experience other cultures. We have realised the similarities and differences and opened up to them.


- Shalese Teo, 9Y

World Challenge

World Challenge Preparation

In December and January, thirty-two Year 10 and Year 11 students, alongside Ms Goodwin, Mr Rogers, Mr Hamley & Ms Steele will be travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia on a World Challenge trip. Within this, we will be undertaking a trek, immersing ourselves into the local culture, seeing some of the sights and completing a volunteer project. 


As preparation for our World Challenge trip, we went on a practice camp to Gembrook National Park on 26-27th of May.  The purpose of this was to prepare us so we have an idea as to what to expect on our actual trip at the end of the year. We walked for 11km to the campsite that we would spend the night at. During the camp, we participated in many role play and scenario activities that relate to safety and how to obtain necessary materials while we are ‘in country’. An example is when we had to barter for tents and pegs. When we got to the campsite, we set up our tents and started setting up a space where we could eat and hang out. Overall the World Challenge practice camp was very fun and an amazing experience, which allowed us to get to know each other much better and has gotten us very excited for our trip at the end of the year! 



We have had such a great experience with World Challenge so far on the practise camp and are really looking forward to continuing our journey with them. We hope that we can continue to build amazing friendships among our groups and with the communities of Cambodia and Vietnam. We are especially looking forward to experiencing the cultural and societal differences from Australia and we hope that we can learn some valuable lessons from this trip. We are also really excited about some of the awesome activities we will be doing in country - such as visiting temples, hiking in the mountains of Cambodia and exploring the markets and urban areas of Vietnam and Cambodia. 


What can you do to help us? 

As part of this experience, we will be fundraising money to go towards our community projects in Vietnam. We will be helping communities in rural and remote villages, like the Mekong Delta region of Southern Vietnam, to help build facilities that they don’t currently have and to improve any that are damaged. In order to accomplish this, we are aiming to raise money to support us in doing this. We would appreciate the school community’s continued support at events coming up next Term, at the VCE Expo (24th of July) and Parent Teacher Interviews (11th of September). We will be selling baked goods and the proceeds will go toward our projects. 


- Jy Sandford (Year 11), Harry Christie (Year 10), Darius Winata (Year 10) and Scott Hanson (Year 10)  


Photo: Duke of Edinburgh students at the Kokoda Trail, 1000 Steps

Duke of Edinburgh & ACE Programs

Photo: Duke of Edinburgh students at the Kokoda Trail, 1000 Steps

Having an ACE time in Term 2!


The Year 10 ACE program provides an opportunity for students to move outside the traditional school curriculum through a variety of activities that allow the students to ‘Achieve, Challenge and Experience’. These experiences are specifically designed to challenge students mentally and physically, while developing initiative, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills. These are skills that all employers rate highly and which lead to increased self esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence.


Term 2 in ACE has been focused on career planning and preparing students for work experience. Students have been fortunate enough to undertake several skill development sessions that have focused on developing their exam study habits and resume writing abilities. Students have fully engaged in these sessions and as a result, have learnt new life-long skills that will assist them in their future study/career endeavours. Students have also been exposed to career planning sessions run by Ms Kamvissis, our Careers Coordinator and now have a better idea of what different career pathways are available to them.



To finish off the term, students participated in a tour of Box Hill Institute and Swinburne University, exposing students to courses they have to offer and allowing the students to participate in various workshops to get a taste of tertiary life.


The other focus for ACE this term has been the weekly Respectful Relationships sessions. We have explored topics covering a broad range of issues including; sexual harassment, gender identity and relationship qualities. Students have fully engaged in these topics which is evident through the sharing of their opinions during class discussions. In order to reflect on these sessions, students have been keeping a weekly Respectful Relationships journal. After each session students have been writing a paragraph that reflects on what they have learnt for the session. Upon reading these journals, it is clear to see students are taking a genuine interest in the topics.


During Term 3 we will focus on collaborative activities outside of the classroom. This will allow the students to explore Mental and Physical Health and Community with their peers in various settings.


- Ms Samantha Woollard

ACE Program Coordinator

Going for Silver - Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award. It equips young people for life regardless of their background, culture, physical ability, skills and interests. Doing the Award is a personal challenge which pushes young people to their personal limits and recognises their achievements. 


This term, Year 10 students have been making progress with their Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards. Students have decided on activities, set goals, confirmed assessors for their chosen activities and started logging their hours.


In classes we have been building knowledge in areas of: Minimal Impact and Sustainability, Nutrition, Camp Cooking Safety, Respectful Relationships and Camp Skills. Students were able to practice meal planning and cooking on trangias for the first time. We had some great meals cooked which passing teachers able to enjoy taste testing!

Our Careers Coordinator, Ms Kamvissis, ran some career planning sessions for students. This allowed them to gain a better idea of different career pathways they have on offer. Students also finalised documents for work experience they will be completing in the last week of term.


We didn't have ideal weather for our whole day activities this term, however, we were still able to get all groups out. We had groups practicing their navigation skills, leadership, teamwork and bush walking at the Kokoda Memorial Trail (1000 steps) and Lysterfield Lake. Another group challenged themselves with high rope activities at Tree Top Adventures in Belgrave.

We look forward to seeing students continue progressing with their Silver award and build on the skills learnt so far as we move into the second half of the year!


- Ms Eleanor Smith

Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

GAPP Program

Testing for Year 7 GAPP classes in 2020

On Saturday 18th May, we successfully held our Grade 6 testing for next year’s GAPP class in Year 7.


Our GAPP program provides educational opportunities for academically gifted students through a specifically designed program known as GAPP (Gifted Academic Potential Program), which runs from Year 7 to Year 12.


We had 28 wonderful Year 9 helpers come into the school on Saturday 18th May to help support over 115 local primary school students. This highlights the strong and supportive culture created at Box Hill High and shows how prepared our students are to support our continuing GAPP program.


Year 9 students were responsible for reassuring students on entry, helping them to find their places, maintaining the testing protocol and most importantly, talking to and helping the Grade 6 students throughout the day.


I would like to thank the following students for their help and support:


Jacob Allison 9X

Michael Arrysandi 9Z


Oskar Cen 9Z

Cynthia Chan 9Z

Jasmine Chapman 9X

Kylie Choi 9Z

Megan Choo 9Y

Joe Foley 9Z

Charein Gunatillake 9X

Hita Keshav 9Y

Ashton Kok 9Z

Hannah Lee 9Y

Lionel Liu 9Z

Niro Menikdiwala 9Z

Jemott Mohan 9Y

Leyna Nguyen 9Z

Aidan Rochford-Win 9X

Arabella Steele 9Y

Michael Su 9X

Kowshikaa Suresh 9Z

Aurelia Thian-De Wind 9X

Chloe Tran 9Z

Jessica Tran 9Y

Rupert Troedel 9X

Michael Wang 9X

Abbey Wijaya 9X

Danil Yahnov 9Z

Halle Yong 9Y

GAPP Parent Evening

We will be holding our Term 2 GAPP Parent Evening on Thursday 20th June in the Satern building. The focus of the upcoming meeting will be on the pathways offered for GAPP students in VCE. There will be a range of leaders from the school presenting the information and answering questions.

Testing for Vacancies in the 2020 Year 9 GAPP program

Towards the end of Term 3 we will be providing information via Compass about testing for any vacant spots in the 2020 Year 9 GAPP classes. This will be open to current Year 8 mainstream students (as GAPP students automatically maintain their spot in the program). The testing will occur at the beginning of Term 4.


- Ms Jessica Goodwin

GAPP Coordinator

Photo: Ms Kylie Pearson with junior students, enjoying our library

Library News

Photo: Ms Kylie Pearson with junior students, enjoying our library

Student Forum

The library at Box Hill High School provides a vast array of resources to assist staff and students in the daily teaching and learning in the classroom and at home. During Term 2 the Library team invited students from a range of year levels to take part in a forum to help us to identify ways that we could market these resources more effectively so that they are accessed at the point of need. One suggestion that was made was to up-skill the newly elected class captains so that they can support their peers in the classroom. Another was to visit classrooms during research projects and another, was to present at year level assemblies.  All of this has been taken on board but we thought perhaps we could also highlight some of the newly acquired resources in 2019, in the school newsletter.



From the beginning of 2019, all teachers and students in Victorian Government secondary schools and P-12 schools were able to access ClickView. ClickView is the world’s leading producer of education videos, as well as providing access to the TV recordings for Australian free to air channels. Since Term 1, the library has been issuing students with their unique user name and passwords so that they have access to the vast array of resources available.


Students have access to over 3000 videos in the ClickView library that are created by ClickView educators and matched to the curriculum. Organized into 38 different subject areas, students can search through these resources to find content to support their areas of study. Additionally, students can access folders that have been set up specifically by the library staff to support the specific curriculum demands here at Box Hill High School. For example, the folders set up for English include; Year 7: Goodnight Mister Tom, Coraline and City of Ember; Year 8: The Blind Side and War of Waste; Year 9: Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Animal Farm and Year 11: 12 Angry Men. This means that if students are absent for a class or need to analyze a particular scene in detail or they simple want to refresh their understanding of a text, they can do so using their ClickView account.


If any student is unsure how to access ClickView – there is a direct link on the library Resources webpage or they can come and ask at the Library desk. If they do not have their user name and passwords set up, they need to come to the library where we can do this very easily.


- Ms Dee McQueen and Ms Kylie Pearson

Photo: Band Camp 2019


Photo: Band Camp 2019

A Great Term of Music Making

Congratulations to all students who participated in the many musical activities this term. I am always impressed at the level of commitment and musicianship at the school and how lucky we are as music teachers, to work with such wonderful students.


The Stage Band had its debut for the year at our Open Night. The Band played three pieces at both presentations, entertaining the audience before the night began. The Senior Strings also took part in Open Night by conducting an open rehearsal for tour groups as they passed by.


The Band Camp was next as 91 students made their way to Camp Oasis in Mt. Evelyn for a three day camp. Members of the Wind Symphony, Intermediate and Junior Concert Band students participated in rehearsals, tutorials and other non-music activities such as flying fox, candle-making and the eco centre where some students were able to get up close to reptiles, including snakes. Guest conductors and tutors made their way to camp, giving the students a different perspective. Students also took on the Camp theme 'Royalty', where students competed for prizes by dressing up at the Royalty dinner on the second evening. A great time was had by all.


Thankyou to our wonderful music teachers, Mr. Corcoran, Mr. Watson, Ms. Deblasio, Ms Van Oosten, Mr. Easton and Mr. Marinucci for the time and effort on camp. Also thanks to Mr. Acebron for attending and performing for us at the Royalty Dinner.


Next on the calendar was the Victorian School Music Festival for both string groups. It was a fantastic opportunity for both ensembles to play at the grand Hawthorn Arts Centre and have an onstage tutorial from American ensemble clinician Soo Han. The Senior Strings gained a Gold Award and the Intermediate Strings achieved a Silver Award. A very worthwhile experience for all.


Ms. De Blasio presented the 5th Annual Vocal Night next. The Night showcased the amazing vocal talent at the school with choirs, duets and soloists wowing the audience. Congratulations to Ms. De Blasio and her students for a fantastic concert.


The term ended with the Annual Winter Concert. This was the first year it has been split into a Junior Night and a Senior Night. It was a wonderful way to end the term with all school-based ensembles performing across the two nights.


Well done to all students and the parents who are supporting their child’s musical journey. We look forward to term 3 with great anticipation.


- Mr Troy Rogers

Instrumental Music Coordinator

Band Camp

On a cloudy, grey morning of May 20th, 91 students from three bands, spanning through Years 7 to 12, gathered outside the hall, ready for three days of practise and camp activities. Band Camp was hosted at Mt Evelyn Oasis Camp, a 45 minute drive from school by the bush lands near Lilydale. This year’s theme was 'Royalty'.


Through three days of hard work and practise, all three bands improved in quality, added and worked on pieces. A memorable moment was the combined rehearsal between the Wind Symphony and the Intermediate Concert Band. In addition, each section worked on pieces with a teacher, improving the overall quality of each section. At the end of the three day camp, we had a small concert, showcasing the hard work each band had put in over the course of camp.


But it wasn’t just all work either, as everyone participated in a few camp activities. These included crate climbing, flying fox, candle making, eco-centre, initiative games and the games room. We also had recreational time where many people played in the gym, the games room and the game ‘Ed’s Alley’. In addition, on the second day, we took a hike through the bush lands behind the camp.


In the evening, we had more activities. The first night was a trivia night, hosted by a few students. The second night we had our Royalty dinner. The theme, Royalty, was interpreted in many different ways as some dressed up as monarchs, whilst others dressed up as music, acting or sporting royalty. Congratulations to the people with the best dress ups! After the judging, we watched a classic movie, The Princess Bride.

Overall, Band Camp 2019, has been one of the highlights of Music so far this year. Thank you to the teachers who organised and came with us, and thank you to the staff at the camp who were very hospitable.


- Cynthia Chan  9Z


Thankyou to our wonderful music teachers, Mr. Corcoran, Mr. Watson, Ms. Deblasio, Ms Van Oosten, Mr. Easton and Mr. Marinucci for the time and effort on camp. Also thanks to Mr. Acebron for attending and performing for us at the "Royalty Dinner".

Vocal Workshop

On Wednesday 13th of April, both the Senior Vocal Ensemble and Junior Choir attended a vocal workshop run by Stephanie Marko from My Voice Gym to teach us about the Estill Vocal Training.

In this workshop we learnt about the science behind how the voice works. Then we learnt how altering some of the physical mechanics of the voice can change the sound that is produced. Stephanie taught us about healthy vocal practices to try and ensure good technique is used and how to try and prevent vocal damage from using the voice inefficiently. Finally, we learnt the basics of the vocal technique of belting. Stephanie ran the choirs through some exercises to practise belting. Overall, the workshop was amazing as it gave us an insight into the biology of the voice, some techniques to maintaining a healthy voice and learning the basics of belting.


- Jasmine Pengelly

Senior Vocal Ensemble Leader

Vocal Night

Box Hill High School’s annual Vocal Night was held on Thursday the 13th of June. This night of performances showcased the hard work and progression of the vocal students throughout the year. The night featured performances from both the Senior Vocal Ensemble and Junior Choir lead by Ms. De Blasio, group performances from each voice class and featured various solos by senior students. Students sung songs from many genres, including jazz, pop and musical theatre. The students performing were from years 7-12 and the night demonstrated the progression students make throughout their time in the vocal program at school. Additionally, there were great student accompanists that made the night possible by playing for the choirs, group songs and solo acts. It was a truly wonderful night with some astonishing performances from people making their debut and experienced singers.


- Jasmine Pengelly

Senior Vocal Ensemble Leader

Regional Concert 'Destinations' at Hamer Hall

Congratulations to all 35 students from Box Hill High School who performed at Hamer Hall as a part of this year’s Regional on Tuesday, 28th May. Students from schools all around the North Eastern Victoria Region came together and formed new ensembles, rehearsing twice before performing in one of Australia’s premier performing spaces, Hamer Hall.


Students from our school joined six different ensembles ranging from Choirs to Concert Bands to String Orchestras. The night also include some solo performances from some of the most talented young musicians in the region including our very own Liam Broekteeg. Liam, a most respected musician in his local community, showed to a much larger audience what he is truly capable of. Liam is doing Unit 3 and 4 Music Performance and played the clarinet on this night.

What a wonderful opportunity for him to experience something such as this. Well done Liam and others for a wonderful night.

New Piano

The school has acquired a new piano, thanks to the parents and friends who have attended concerts over the past year. Money raised from the concerts has meant we can buy instruments so our wonderful music students are better off. We have also bought a new viola and guitar amplifier. 

Term3 Music Dates



Performance/Activity - Ensemble



29th July

VSMF Concert Band – Intermediate Concert Band     2pm – 4.30pm

Hawthorn Arts Centre



31st July

VSMF Concert Band – Junior Concert Band


Hawthorn Arts Centre



7th August

VSMF Choir Section – Choir


The One Centre, Blackburn



8th August

VSMF Choir Section – Senior Vocal Ensemble  4.15pm – 6.45pm

The One Centre, Blackburn



Thurs. 15th August

Strings Laburnum Primary School performance/workshop

Laburnum Primary School



12th August

VSMF Jazz Ensemble section  Stage Band


Hawthorn Arts Centre



19th August

VSMF Wind Symphony

1.45pm – 4.45pm

Hawthorn Arts Centre



Monday, 2nd September

Royal South Street Ballarat – Intermediate Concert Band  

Regent Theatre Ballarat



Tuesday, 3rd September

Royal South Street Ballarat – Wind Symphony

Regent Theatre Ballarat



Thursday. 12th September

Year 12 Solo Performance Evening VCE  6pm





Thursday. 19th September

Senior Concert – All Senior Ensembles 7pm

The Besen Centre, Burwood

Box Hill's Got Talent

The BHHS 2019 Talent Show was a fantastic and hotly contested competition. Over 20 acts from Years 7 to 12 performed in four heats and one final, across a one week time span.  


There were modern and classical dancers,  instrumental soloists, duos and a variety of different genre bands who each gave their all in front of a packed hall for every performance. The quality of performances was exceptionally high and this made the judges decisions difficult at times. 



Audiences across all performances were so supportive and respectful of the performers - they cheered on their friends and favourites and really made the atmosphere a true concert. The Tech Crew, led by Grace De Blasio, were organised and cool under pressure, making the transition from acts smooth and problem-free. 


A big thank you to the Year 12 Prefect team and teachers who assisted with judging and organisation on the day. 


In the end, the Year 10 band Breadwinners came out on top with a great version of  Dont Stop Believing.  Second place went to modern dancers Chery Wang & Lily Zhang and third place was taken out by a duo version of Hallelujah from Zahra and Brynn ODea. 


Honourable mentions go to the Year 11 band Epiphoria and Pearl Southgate from Year 7 who also took out prizes in the final.  


Congratulations to all and see you at Talent Show 2020!


- Mr Julio Acebron

Year 12 Coordinator

Photo: BHHS Cross Country


Photo: BHHS Cross Country

SSV State Swimming – Wed 24 April 

We had a great showing at MSAC on 24 April, which produced some fantastic results. Congratulations to the following swimmers who all did an amazing job representing themselves and Box Hill High School.

  • Anthony Lin 
    17yr Boys 50m Freestyle: State Champion 
    17yr Boys 50m Butterfly: State Runner Up 
    16-20 yr Boys 200m Freestyle: 3rd in State 
    17yr Boys 100m Freestyle: 5th in State 

  • Calvin Reed 
    18-20yr Boys 50m Breaststroke: State Runner Up 
    18-20yr Boys  50m Butterfly: State Runner Up 
    18-20yr Boys  50m Freestyle: 5th in State 

  • Blake Crichton 
    14yr Boys 50m Butterfly: State Runner Up 

  • Alyssa Rodopoulos 
    14yr Girls 50m Breaststroke: 5th in State 

  • Evie Klopfer 
    12-13yr Girls 50m Breaststroke: 5th in State 

Congratulations again to all! 

Division Cross Country Results – Friday 26 April 

Well done to the amazing 56 students who braved the chilly weather to take on the cross country course at Ruffey Lake Park on 26 April. A huge effort was made by all, but an especially big congratulations goes to the four students who came first in their age categories; 

Tanasha Santosh in 13 yr Girls 
Oli Lavale in 14 yr Boys 
Lily Hart in 15 yr Girls 
Jessica Ng in 20 yr Girls 
These students will be joined by several other Box Hill students who have qualified for the region competition later this year. Final names and numbers to be confirmed following results from other divisions. Congratulations to all for a very successful day! 

State Diving Championship – Friday 26 April 

Lucy Kelly and Ethan Newnham represented Box Hill High School with pride at the SSV State Diving Final at MSAC. They both produced outstanding results with Ethan being crowned the 17-20 Year Boys State Champion and Lucy 3rd in the State for 13-14 Year Girls. Congratulations to you both! 

Senior Boys AFL – Friday 10 May 

Last Friday the Senior Boys AFL team competed in the Whitehorse Division tournament, playing in four quality wet-weather games. The boys played hard, and proved too good for the first three teams, winning comfortably. 

The final game came against Box Hill Senior Secondary College in torrential rain, where scoring proved extremely difficult for both sides. With about 1min to go in the final half, our boys looked to have the game in the bag, and be progressing through to the next round. Unfortunately, with 28 seconds to go in the game, Box Hill Senior somehow snapped a lucky goal and ended up defeating us by four points. 

Although the boys were shattered with the loss, they played their hearts out and should be very proud of their efforts. Well done fellas!! 

Intermediate Girls AFL through to Regionals – Friday 17 May 

Congratulations to the all the girls who represented our school by winning the Division in emphatic fashion! We defeated Blackburn in the only game of the day, with excellent defence and counter attacking very strongly. Erin Woodford played an excellent midfield game whilst kicking four goals, but the highlight of the day was Jamie Piperkos shrugging two tackles and kicking truly on a tight angle. More stats can be found below: 

Box Hill High School 13.13.91  
Blackburn 2.4.16 

Goal Kickers: E. Woodford 4, B. Fielding 3, J. Piperkos 3, L. Hart, A. Tran, J. Lumsden 
Best Players: E. Woodford, B. Fielding, J. Piperkos 
Sustained Genuine Effort: G. Simpson, C. Zhang, L. Hart

BHHS Whole School Athletics Carnival –Tuesday 28 May 

On Tuesday 28th of May, Box Hill High School took over Hagenauer’s Reserve for our annual Athletics Carnival. Despite the bitter cold, all students who attended portrayed a great display of house spirit and athletic competition. 


Forrest took home the House Cup with total of 3100 points, ahead of Deakin in second with 3050, Batman in third with 2908 and Mawson in fourth with 2594. Congratulations to the age champions below who scored the most points for their age group: 


13Yr Female: Anais Moothoo 

13Yr Male: Kaya Madhalzi 

14Yr Female: Vanessa Tan & Shalese Teo 

14Yr Male: Luke Nicholson 

15Yr Female: Ana Helena Pereira 

15Yr Male: Jacob Alison 

16Yr Female: Sylvia Dang 

16Yr Male: Jeremy Shum 

17Yr Female: Hayley Collings 

17Yr Male: Angus Reddy & Harrison Broadbent 

20Yr Female: Jessica Ng 

20Yr Male: Sean Cormick 


The District Athletics Carnival will be coming up in Term 3, good luck to all competitors! 


- Mr Brenton Aisbett


Inter-house Sports

This semester on Thursdays at lunchtime we have been running an Inter-House Sports Competition. Two houses compete each week to be the better team and walk away with the winners house points. House points are also awarded for every student who participates.


Students played Netball in Term 1 and Volleyball in Term 2. These sports were chosen as students have shown keen interest for them in inter-school competitions and they allow both girls and boys to safely play alongside each other in a non-contact sport. For Netball, we held both a Junior (Year 7-9) and Senior (Year 10-12) game. In Volleyball, we have played an open age competition. It has been especially great to see so many of the younger students getting involved in lunchtime sport and given them an opportunity to interact with students from different year levels.  


In Term 1, after some very close and competitive matches, Deakin was the overall winner, having won all three of their games. They were followed closely by Forrest. This term Deakin is once again in the lead, with the final match between Deakin and Forrest to decide which house will be champion. 


The Inter-House competition has provided students with an opportunity to play in a competitive lunchtime sport and interact with students from outside their normal class and year level. Some students who participated had never played that sport before and walked away with a greater skill set and knowledge of the game. Thank you to all the students who came to play, volunteer to umpire and help score. 


Competition has not been as strong as we initially had hoped but every week we seem to scrounge up two teams and the spirit to put on a great show.

There has been some great volleyball played both from seniors and juniors all round, and some very exciting matches.

The highlight personally was the close win of students against teachers in the last week, won in overtime after the bell as neither student nor teacher was willing to leave without a clear winner.

We may be few, but we are a happy few. Come along next term and join the fun!

Sean Cormick, 12X
Mawson House Captain



Next term we will continuing Thursday lunch sport, but in a slightly different format. Keep your eyes peeled for further information on Compass in the coming weeks. 


- Miss Kimberley Evans 

Photo: findmyschool.vic.gov.au


Photo: findmyschool.vic.gov.au

Enrolment at Box Hill High School

Box Hill High School has been allocated a designated neighbourhood boundary by the Regional Director.  For 2019 enrolments, please refer to the BHHS Designated Neighbourhood Boundary Map. Enrolment at the school is consistent with government legislation and departmental policy. 


The demand for enrolment at Box Hill High School often exceeds the number of places available.  The Regional Director has restricted our enrolment and we now have an enrolment ceiling of 1200 students.

Our School Zone - from 2020

Findmyschool.vic.gov.au hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones from 2020 onwards. Information on this site is updated in Term 1 each year, ready for the Year 6 to 7 transition period.

Year 7 Students

Box Hill High School is currently engaged in the Department of Education and Training (DET) process of considering Year 7 2020 Applications. Parents of Grade 6 students who attend a Victorian Government school can refer any further questions to the Transition Coordinator at their primary school. The primary school will inform parents of the application outcome on Wednesday 7th August 2019.


Parents of Grade 6 students who attend a Victorian Independent or Catholic school, can find the Application for Year 7 Placement 2020 form, under  ‘Moving from a private primary school to a government secondary school’ on the DET website. Box Hill High School will contact parents of students who receive an offer, during August.


As Year 7 2020 applications are being considered now, it is important that all outstanding forms are lodged without delay.


Parents of students who do not currently live in Victoria, can make an application in 2019 at their child’s new Victorian primary school or in 2020 when they are living permanently in the neighbourhood.

Year 8-12 Students

Students applying for enrolment in Years 8-12 should complete an Enrolment Enquiry Form and return it to the Enrolment Officer, along with the documentation required to demonstrate permanent place of residential address as well as a photocopy of the student's most recent school report. 

Permanent Residential Address

Please note that all offers of a place at Box Hill High School are subject to providing the required documentation regarding permanent residential address.  Residential address is the address at which the student permanently resides with parents or legal guardians. 


Each enrolment application must demonstrate that the student lives within the designated neighbourhood boundary by providing the evidence requested on the Enrolment section of our website.

Permanent Residency in Designated Neighbourhood Boundary

It is an expectation that a family will remain permanent residents within the designated neighbourhood boundary for the duration of their child’s education at Box Hill High School.


The requirement of permanent residency within the boundary will be monitored and enforced. As such, where a family moves out of the designated neighbourhood boundary, the school may request that at the end of the school year, the parent/guardian enrol their child in the neighbourhood school closest to their new residential address or any other school where places are available.

School Information

Box Hill High School

Address: 1180 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128

Phone: 03 9877 1177

Email: box.hill.hs@edumail.vic.gov.au

Website: http://www.boxhillhs.vic.edu.au/

Compass link: https://boxhillhs-vic.compass.education/

Staff Contacts

Principal Team

Ms Losh Pillay  - Principal 


Ms Theresa Iacopino - Assistant Principal


Ms Kellie Ind - Acting Assistant Principal


Mr Neil Davis - Assistant Principal (currently on leave)




Junior Engagement Leaders

Ms Emily Wilkinson – wilkinson.emily.e@edumail.vic.gov.au

Ms Gemma Anderson – anderson.gemma.l@edumail.vic.gov.au


Year Level Coordinators

Year 7 Coordinator – Mr Ryan McGlade – mcglade.ryan.r@edumail.vic.gov.au

Year 8 Coordinator – Mr Nicholas Rees - rees.nicholas.j@edumail.vic.gov.au

Year 9 Coordinator – Ms Anna Muston – muston.anna.m@edumail.vic.gov.au


Junior School Support and Attendance - Fiona Fuller


9877 9114



Senior Engagement Leaders
Erica Sporri – sporri.erica.f@edumail.vic.gov.au
Siegrid Fischer -  fischer.siegrid.e@edumail.vic.gov.au

Year Level Coordinators  

Year 10 Coordinator – Paul Rogers - rogers.paul.p@edumail.vic.gov.au
Year 11 Coordinator – Emma Natoli - natoli.emma.l@edumail.vic.gov.au
Year 12 Coordinator – Julio Acebron – acebron.julio.m@edumail.vic.gov.au


Senior School Support and Attendance - Sonia Francis


9877 9139


GAPP/SEAL Coordinator - Ms Jessica Goodwin



Student Welfare Coordinators - Student Engagement

Mr Neil Hamley - hamley.neil.s@edumail.vic.gov.au

Ms Lisa Smith - smith.lisa.f@edumail.vic.gov.au

Mr Colin Osborn - osborn.colin.w@edumail.vic.gov.au


Enrolment Administration Support - Ms Dianne Trengove - trengove.dianne.r@edumail.vic.gov.au

9875 9154 

School Uniforms

Our uniforms are supplied by PSW in Kew East, and they can be purchased either online or in-store. The most recent price list and other information is available on our website under the Parents/Uniforms tabs.

Community Notices

Diamond Valley Singers

The Diamond Valley Singers, along with the Eltham Orchestra, present 'Annie Get Your Gun', 5-13 July at the Warrandyte High School theatre. Book tickets.

'The Diamond Valley Singers (DVS) was established in 1985 to provide a medium for community members in the Diamond Valley and surrounding areas to exercise their talents, and at the same time to raise money for charity. Since our inception, we have donated over $150,000 to charities, including World Vision, International Needs Australia, Open House, and the Elizabeth Nursery School in Malawi.'


Indoor Volleyball

Are you interested in getting a team together to join a local Indoor Volleyball competition for secondary school students?

Games are held in Camberwell High School’s gymnasium on Wednesday evenings and there are vacancies for individuals or teams from 14-17 years of age. The competition promotes a fun and healthy indoor team sport and the opportunity to get to know others in the local area.

Beginners are welcomed - free professional group coaching is available most alternate weeks and there is a free, no obligation introduction.

Contact Michael on 0491 612 117 or email him at edvolleyballemail@gmail.com



Out of the Box
Lucas Nicoll receiving his Premiers VCE Award
Michael Zhao receiving his Premiers VCE Award
Ms Anna Langley
Monash University
University of Melbourne
Suhani Bedi receiving her Rotary Club Award
Year 9 Citizenship Project
Staff vs Yr 12 Students Volleyball match
Aashna Shah 12Z (left), Rose Heshner and Thomas White with Tom Yakubowski 12E (right), with a MUNA representative
ACE Students enjoying Term 2 activities
Ms Kylie Pearson, with students studying in the library
Diamond Valley Singers present Annie Get Your Gun
Aashna Shah 12Z (left), Rose Heshner and Thomas White with Tom Yakubowski 12E (right), with a MUNA representative
Testing for acids and bases using homemade red-cabbage indicator
Plant Stomata cells magnified 200X times
Students investigate the relationship between concentration and diffusion
Student develop a scientific model to describe DNA using Jelly Babies
Testing for acids and bases using homemade red-cabbage indicator
Plant Stomata cells magnified 200X times
Students investigate the relationship between concentration and diffusion
Student develop a scientific model to describe DNA using Jelly Babies
Winning Year 9 RuleR Team
Year 12 CUB Excursion
Testing for acids and bases using homemade red-cabbage indicator
Plant Stomata cells magnified 200X times
Students investigate the relationship between concentration and diffusion
Student develop a scientific model to describe DNA using Jelly Babies
Winning Year 9 RuleR Team
Year 12 CUB Excursion
Our School Production - The 39 Steps
Band Camp
Vocal Workshop
Liam Broekteeg with his clarinet at Hamer Hall
Leader Article Future Leaders.pdf