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13 May 2019
Issue Four
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Key Dates


Monday 13th May

Years 7-10 Berthe Mouchette French Poetry Competition

ELC Swimming Lessons 1:30pm – 3:30pm


Tuesday 14th May

Senior Interschool Sport

Year 12 Legal Studies Law Talks Excursion


Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th May

NAPLAN for Years 7 & 9


Wednesday 15th May

Year 10 Cinema & Theatre Studies Excursion 11:56am – 3pm

ELC Swimming Lessons 1:30pm

2020 STEAM Frontiers & Applications Tour Second Information Evening 6:30pm


Thursday 16th May

Year 12 VCE Success Strategies Incursion 9:09am – 10:45am


Friday 17th May

Beachside Cross Country

SEAL Test – Year 7 2020 1pm – 4pm


Monday 20th – Tuesday 21st May

Year 10 Careers Fast Track Interviews


Wednesday 22nd May

GEC Athletics Carnival

College Council 7pm – 8:30pm


Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th May

Year 10 Careers Fast Track Interviews


Thursday 23rd May

Radio Club Excursion 7am – 10:45am


Friday 24th May

School Tour 9:15am


Monday 27th May

Intermediate Interschool Sport


Wednesday 29th May

Susan McLean Parent Information Night - Growing Up Online

Year 9 & 10 Wellbeing Incursion - “Lets Get Real”


Thursday 30th May

Year 11 History Fieldwork Excursion


Thursday 30th – Friday 31st May

School Production Rehearsal Camp (non-residential)


Monday 3rd June

Year 10 Careers Fast Track Interviews

ELC Curriculum Day (student free for ELC only, Years 7-12 have normal classes)


Wednesday 5th June

Year 8 Australian History Competition


Thursday 6th June

Year 8 Interschool Sport

Radio Club Excursion 7am – 10:45am


Friday 7th June

Year 12 Business Management Excursion 12pm - 2:45pm


Monday 10th June

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday (School Closed)


Tuesday 11th June

Year 10 SWOT VAC


Wednesday 12th June

GAT for Unit 3/4 Students 10am – 1:15pm

Year 9 Program: United Nations Conference (Library Closed)

Year 10 Exams


Thursday 13th June

Year 7 Interschool Sport

Year 9 Program: United Nations Conference (Library Closed)

Year 10 & 12 Exams


Friday 14th June

Radio Club Excursion 7am – 10:45am

Year 11 SWOT VAC

Year 10 & 12 Exams


Monday 17th June

Year 10, 11 & 12 Exams


Tuesday 18th June

Year 12 TIS - Tertiary Institute Service Excursion

Year 11 Exams


Wednesday 19th June

Year 11 Exams

College Council 7pm - 8:30pm


Thursday 20th June

Year 11 Exams


Friday 21st June

School Tour 9:15am


Friday 28th June

Last Day Term 2

From the Principal

On Monday 29th April we were very pleased to have the Minister for Education, James Merlino, the federal candidate for McNamara, Josh Burns, and the federal candidate for Scullin, Andrew Giles, commit to providing $100,000 to finish the landscaping at the back of the school, adjacent to the car park. Our school captains took them on a tour of the school and they were very impressed with our student body and the appearance of the college.



Open Day / Night

We were again delighted with our Open Days and Night. The contribution by our students in every single area of the college was outstanding.  It will come as no surprise to you that the feedback from our visitors in regards to our students was glowing. It was a wonderful team effort - our staff, students and parents were passionate and committed in showing the community what a wonderful school we have here at Glen Eira College. 


Our Languages tour the day before allowed parents particularly interested in our Language programs an opportunity to see these classes in action. 


On Open Day we ran three very well attended tours during the day and had a packed PAC in the evening.  Special thanks to Year 7 students Jasmine Terceiro and Rocco Casamento and school captains Sean Kelly and Sierra Danon who spoke so beautifully at the formal presentation. 


Subject areas really were on show with lots of opportunities for our visitors to participate in a wide range of learning activities. Our staff worked incredibly hard to ensure parents were well informed and that there were plenty of activities for the primary students to get involved in.  I am very proud of the vast number of students who participated in the evening, talking to prospective parents and students – fantastic ambassadors each and every one.  Our parents were on hand all over the college to share their experiences with prospective families.



The day before we held our annual ‘Share Our Success’ event, where Year 7 students invited a teacher from their primary school to show them around the college and to share in their success. The Year 7 students presenting spoke eloquently about their experiences at the college. Thank you to our Junior School Leader, Ry Mathieson, and our Year 7 Coordinators, Sue Rio and Daniel Lake, for organising this event.


On Monday 6th May we held our SEAL and Language Immersion information evening. This was also very well attended by prospective families. We had a range of students from different classes represented who were able to provide relevant information to parents and give some insights into life as a SEAL or Immersion student. Thank you to Cedric Chamontin, Head of Languages, and Aaron Petersen, Assistant Principal, for organising the evening.


Thank you to all staff, students and parents for being a part of these events – greatly appreciated.

New Attendance Requirements from the Department of Education & Training

If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school as soon as possible on the day of absence, by calling the student absence line on 9571 4178, calling the college on 9571 7838 or emailing


Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on the day that they will be away, helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfil your legal responsibility.


It is a requirement that all Victorian government schools contact parents/carers as soon as practicable on the same day of an unexplained student absence. If your child is absent on a particular day and you have not contacted the school to explain why, the absence will be marked as unexplained.


Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education, they learn new things every day – missing school puts them behind.


The Glen Eira College Attendance Policy which outlines the school’s processes and procedures for monitoring, recording and following-up of student absences is available on the college website:         


The ANZAC Day Commemorations at Glen Eira College were truly fitting. Thank you to John Tserkezidis and Aaron Petersen for coordinating the assembly. Our two speakers were wonderful. Mr Phillip Spence was deployed in service as a member of the federal police and served in a number of countries around the world. He was a student at our college in the 1970s when it was Caulfield High School. He travelled from Canberra for the day especially to speak to our students. Colonel Jason Cooke also served abroad and at home in the infantry. Both men were able to impart some of their experiences and wisdom to our students on this memorable occasion.



Rehearsals are well underway for this year’s production, The Wizard of Oz.  Over 100 students are involved on stage and back stage / off stage, ensuring there is a role for everyone who wants to take part.  Make sure you save the dates – performances are on the 30th and 31st July and the 1st August 2019.      


Nick Hamer-Smith

Acting Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Safe travelling to school

Do you walk, ride or scoot to and from school?

I have been contacted by a member of our local community who was concerned by the behaviour of some of our students as they were commuting to school.  This resident was sharing the footpath with our students but became anxious that they would be knocked over.  The Glen Eira 5 outlines that students are expected to be respectful and to act responsibly – this includes whilst travelling to and from school. 


To receive a phone call such as this is unusual, however highly concerning and very saddening. 

I expect all of our students to  ensure their behaviour is appropriate, all of the time and particularly in the wider community.   This includes sharing the footpath safely, travelling at a safe speed and being courteous to others whilst walking, riding or scooting. 

Alpine School

It is my pleasure to announce that six students from Year 9 have been selected to attend the Alpine School (School for Student Leadership) during term 3 2019.  This intensive residential experience will be full of many challenges for these young people, but also many rewards.  The Alpine School accepts students from metropolitan and country regions each term. This will enable students from different backgrounds to share the experience and opportunities provided through the program. The school offers a fully residential program for one school term with accommodation for up to 45 students in a purpose-built facility.


After a rigorous selection process, the selected students from Glen Eira College are:



Jett Wheildon

George Lamb

Daniel Fluxman



Jasmyn Roberts

Kate Stamp

Leila Newby


There are a number of unique lessons students get to experience at the Alpine School. In designing the local curriculum, they have aimed to select classes that are relevant, enjoyable, engaging and integrated with learning from the core School for Student Leadership educational program.


The unique program at the Alpine School focuses on engaging the students in activities which allow them to explore and learn about the local environment and cultures; both indigenous and non-indigenous. Gaining a sense of belonging in local places through knowledge and experience is a key learning outcome.


Providing safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences which facilitate the practical application of knowledge gained from Thinking and Learning, Peer Skills, Leadership and Teamwork classes is another primary objective of the localised program. 


As part of their time at the Alpine School, our students will develop a Community Learning Project (CLP). The CLP is the curriculum thread that runs in an adjoining and continuous manner through the program. It provides the purpose for attendance and the motivation for departure. Students symbolically are wedded to their projects, which aim to deliver an action outcome of their learning into their home communities.


We look forward to hearing more from our successful applicants before they depart at the start of term 3. 

House Cross Country and Swimming

At our recent whole school assembly, the results of the house swimming and cross-country competition were announced.  Both of these events were completed in great spirits and saw students from Years 7-12 attempting to qualify for the Beachside Division interschool competitions. 


Within Beachside swimming, Felix Dressel-De Bruyn of 7E successfully qualified for the Southern Metropolitan Regional Final and competed with distinction in the 12-13 Boys Breaststroke, finishing 4th in a personal best time. 



The Beachside Division cross-country competition will be held at Karkarook Park on Friday 17th May.


The results of the House Swimming Competition were:












The results of the House Cross Country Competition were:











Aaron Petersen

Assistant Principal


Junior School Highlights

Year 7 Highlights

On Tuesday 30th April, we had our Share Our Success afternoon. This is where primary school teachers come to see how their former students have transitioned into Year 7. The Share Our Success afternoon was rewarding for both the teachers involved as well as the students. Primary School Teachers and Principals were delighted to see how their students have grown in both abilities and confidence.



The students listed below were asked to write their own speeches for the day to showcase their experiences at Glen Eira College to date. We were so proud of the quality of these speeches including the organisational skills involved to develop them and the delightful sense of humour displayed. We also had performances including singing from the vocal classes and a solo on the saxophone from a student who had not picked up an instrument before starting at Glen Eira College.


I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank these students for getting out of their comfort zones and doing such an excellent job.


Lauren Gilfedder 7E

Poppy Dry 7E

Lambros Argiriou 7D

Eve Gascoigne 7B

Chris Lew 7B

Elly Berhang 7C

Natalie Duieb 7A

Jackson Colless 7E

Kristiana Vasilakopoulos 7D

Lily Skinner 7G

Bennie Howell 7B

Lila Hamilton 7C

Nathan De Blanpre 7F

Aleksandar Galloway 7E

Hanako Gunton 7E

Harshitha Meenakshisundaram 7B

Oliver Sallay 7B

Liam Mischel 7E


We are proud of our Year 7 accomplishments in all the different aspects of the curriculum. In 7A, Seif El Shorbagy had an outstanding accomplishment with his sporting prowess. Seif competed against other students from around Australia in the Australian Championships in Sydney and managed to achieve a placing of 

9th in Shotput, 9th in Javelin and 5th in Hammer.

Well done Seif and good luck in your future sporting endeavours. 


Sue Rio & Daniel Lake

Year 7 Coordinators

Year 8 Highlights

The Year 8 students have been very busy getting involved during the past month. We would like to congratulate our Year 8 boys lawn bowls team for competing at the state championship: Eli McNamara, Khang Nguyen, Rudi Hudson, Oliver Gill and Ed MacLeod-Smith.  


Well done to all the Year 8 students who joined our team for this year’s Active April. An honourable mention to Olivia Colletta and Amiya Panwar for finishing in the top 20 people on our team board for the most amount of hours logged. We encourage all Year 8 students to continue making time to keep active, particularly as the cooler months approach!


Finally, we would like to thank the Year 8 students involved in many aspects of making this year’s Open Night a success: Anaelle Micciche, Harriet Rowsell, Anjana Sivaraman, Charlee Lowe, Alexandra Wood-Freeman, Sophie Kiss, William Wong, Jim Short, Harry Chen, Bhrugu Patel, Kayla Fox, Candice Roxas, Freya Matthews, Ines Gotmaker, Rusha Shah and Jay Trickey. We are so proud of your initiative and very grateful for your involvement in the evening.


Charlee Cowley & Laura Baker-Goldsmith

Year 8 Coordinators

Year 9 Highlights

As usual the Year 9s have attended the Year 9 Program with aplomb. They have kicked off the term by learning about the faults and the positives of Australia’s political system. Additionally, the Year 9s also cordially welcomed guest speakers from ANTaR who spoke about the rights and reconciliation issues concerning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


A special mention to Jett Wheildon, who was recently given permission to paint Prahran Skate Park. The work is stunning and I look forward to seeing your next piece.  Another special mention goes to Jasmine Korkou who, during the holidays, was given the lead role in a play at Nuwo Theatre.


Brenton Hale

Year 9 Coordinator

Indigenous Land Rights

On 1st May the 9A, 9B and 9C classes were greeted by two guest speakers from ANTaR, Sam and Bridget. They were here to give a compelling presentation about Indigenous Land Rights. They started the talk by acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land, the Kulin nations: the aboriginal people of Melbourne. They gave us interesting facts straight away without wasting time and showed us a video about the Bunurong land council in today's age and how they still continue their old traditions.


Then we learned about the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country and their culture. They told us about Bunjil and Waa, the creators of the earth and land in the eyes of aboriginal people of Victoria. We learnt some interesting facts like Melbourne used to be called Naan, we live in the Woiworung nation. There were 700 tribes in Australia and the people up north in Queensland and the Northern Territory, communicated with the people in Indonesia and some aboriginal languages have similarities to Indonesian languages due to the fact that they communicated and traded supplies and resources with these people.


Sam then took the stage and said some facts about Traditional Land Rights and the Victorian Settlement Acts. The Victorian Settlement Act listed traditional practice and went to court many times before a law came into effect allowing Indigenous peoples to do their practises and claim national and indigenous land if it has not been used or populated without the lengthy and expensive court process. Not soon after, we were informed about the Victorian Treaty Process that came into place in 2016. This is not something that is largely not know because it's not in mainstream media due to the complexity of the Treaty.


Bridget then explained the Principles of the Victorian Treaty. In Victoria alone there are 38 language groups and 300 clans. The Treaty then created the Aboriginal Representative Group. The remaining clan Elders gathered to support the Treaty process. Aboriginal Victorians called for a structure of Aboriginal people for the 38 nations of Victoria. The First Nation Assembly has helped the Treaty with 27 elected seats and 11 seat reserved for formally recognised traditional owner groups which will also include six voting regions to ensure every part of Victoria is represented equally. All aboriginal people aged 16 and over are eligible to vote, but what surprised most people was that the Treaty has not been underlined and what it will do to affect everyday life.


Then at the end, we had a pop quiz which we got various prizes like stickers, mini-maps of Aboriginal Australia, wristbands and for two lucky students, t-shirts.


Kobe James

Year 9


Senior School News

It has been a busy beginning to term 2 for our senior students. The Year 11 students started the term with a study skills seminar presented by Success Integrated. The 90 minute session provided a variety of ideas and strategies to help them through the VCE.


The VCE & Careers expo on Friday 3rd May helped provide guidance and direction for our Year 11 and 12 students as they progress through the year.


Many students have had SACs already this term, but the SAC calendar is getting busier.

Some upcoming dates for Senior Students

14th May – Senior interschool sport

16th May – Success Integrated study skills session (Year 12)

20th-24th May – Careers Fast Track (Year 10)

27th May – Intermediate interschool sport



Yr 10 exams 12th-17th June

Yr 11 exams 17th-20th June

Yr 12 exams 13th June-17th June


GAT 12th June – all students studying a Unit 3 & 4 subject will sit the GAT on 12th June.


18th June –TIS -Tertiary Information Service (Yr 12)


Jeff Micallef

Senior School Leader

Year 12 News

This is a timely reminder that as the school term is getting busier with SACs, the GAT and end of unit 3 exams, all students should be preparing themselves for these events.  Part of the preparation is about looking after their physical and mental health.  If students are finding that they are struggling in any way, I encourage them to come to me or the wellbeing staff to access the appropriate support.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 9571 7838 with any concerns that you may have.


Laura Brancatella

Year 12 Coordinator

Library Corner

Term 2 has begun with a flourish. ANZAC Day was commemorated during a school assembly on Wednesday 24th April and was supported by a display of books, posters and militaria in the Library. Students had the opportunity to try on an army greatcoat and to explore gear which was on loan through the generosity of staff member Mr John Tserkezidis.



The Book Club has held its first meeting this term and students enjoyed a book buying excursion to Readings (State Library Victoria store) in Week 3. Club members chose one or two books each for the library collection. This is a marvellous way to encourage and thank the students who explore the world of literature, and are willing to share critiques and other insights with their peers during our fortnightly meetings. Aimee (10A), Chhavi (10A) and Freya (8C) no longer attend the Club and their contributions will be sorely missed. There is plenty of room for new members - all welcome.


The Library Monitors enjoyed a morning tea just before the holidays during which we presented  awards to Anjana (8G) and Charlee (8G). Congratulations and a very big thank you to these students and to all members of this year’s Library Monitors group for their efforts in helping to prepare events, keeping the space neat and tidy, and assisting other students in the library.


The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge was launched last month and many students are participating. An added bonus for 2019 is a new and exciting opportunity for secondary students. Enter the PRC Readers’ Review Competition to win a prize pack of free books and a visit to Penguin Publishing House in Melbourne. Entries opened Wednesday 24th April and close on Saturday 6th July. A link is available on the Library’s Online catalogue (Web OPAC) at


We hope everyone has an enjoyable term 2 and look forward to continued student patronage of the Library and Homework Help.


Library Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

The library is open at Recess to Year 12 students and Library Monitors only

Lunchtime opening from 1:00pm onwards (Closed to general access during the fortnightly Book Club meetings)


Homework Help:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school, 3:15pm to 4:30pm


Sherri Michael

College Librarian

GEC Has Got Talent

At the end of term 1 on a sunny day on the outside stage, GEC students and teachers enjoyed our first ever, and very successful, talent show. After a tough audition process (we really wanted to choose everyone for the final), we whittled down the entrants to five student and one teacher ensemble acts. There was singing, dancing and drumming and the turnout to watch these talented performances was huge. The energy level was high and the judges were making some tough assessments but a winner was finally decided upon; Freya Matthews from Year 8 took out first place with an acoustic guitar and vocal performance. Congratulations Freya! 


A big thank you to all those who performed, the amazing judges (headed by Mr Hamer-Smith and the Senior School Captains), the SRC, Junior School Captains, the instrumental music staff, the backstage crew and Ms Baker-Goldsmith for all their time and hard work in organising and being a part of this inaugural event. We hope to see you back on the outside stage again next year. 


Emma Schmidtke, Student Voice Coordinator , & the SRC



Science News

In2Science Mentor

We are very privileged to have another In2Science mentor working with our students again this year. Rachel Jiao who is completing a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design at RMIT has been mentoring our 8C science class this semester. Rachel has engaged with the class by sharing her experiences as a university student. She has talked about her STEM interests, subject choices and even her own experiences as a high-school student. She has been discussing individual student interests and has been relating these back to STEM skills needed for careers.  


Rachel led a very fun “bridge-building” activity with the class, where students were given the same amount of spaghetti pasta and marshmallows and were asked to design and build a bridge which could withstand weight. Students were very creative with their designs and used the properties of the marshmallows and pasta to their advantage to create strong bridges.


We look forward to many more fun experiences with Rachel in this class.


Haroula Loucaides

Head of Science



Intermediate Girls Footy

Glen Eira College had its inaugural girls football team go out on Thursday 2nd May. The girls had three matches against Elwood College, Mentone Girls Secondary College and Mac. Robertson’s Girls High School.


After having two byes to kick the day off Glen Eira’s first match was against Elwood College. We started strong with Georgia Wood-Freeman dominating the ruck and Gabi Voges and Lilli Soultanakis busy on the wings. Devanshi Vyas was getting plenty of the ball up forward but we just couldn’t put the score on the board. The second half was much the same with Elwood using the ball much better to win by a couple of goals.


The second game Glen Eira came up against a well-drilled Mentone Girls team. The Mentone girls got repeat forward entries and defenders Steffi Delimitrou, Bella Campbell, Cherry Teddu and Mekkhala Kongsawang did their best to keep us in it. The second half we changed it up a bit and fresh midfielders Morgane Morin, Jasmyn Roberts, Noah Degen and Ysabelle Panaligan tackled hard and started winning plenty of the ball. Unfortunately we still lost by 3 or 4 goals.


The last game was against Mac. Robertson’s Girls High School and the game was close throughout. Mandeiya Green led from the front after being moved into the middle of the ground. Jenna Casamento was strong in defence as she had been all day and Tess Keogh moved to Centre Half Forward and provided a great target, plenty of forward pressure and our first goal for the day. Sofia Micmacher did her best in the backline to repel any forward entries but a quick kick on the siren went through for a goal to Mac. Rob for them to win by 3 points.


All in all it was a great effort from the girls, most of whom had never played football before. A special thanks to Zoe Markopoulos who coached the girls brilliantly and the three captains Jenna Casemento, Tess Keogh and Lilli Soultanakis who led from the front all day and did Glen Eira proud.


Bernie Coghlan

Teaching and Learning Leader

Languages Corner

Glen Eira College French Program on International French TV Channel TV5 Monde

Glen Eira College featured on the French program “Destination Francophonie” which showcases French Language Teaching and Learning around the world. Every week, a city around the world is introduced and the journalist, Ivan Kabacoff, does a wonderful job showing how the French language is present in those cities. We were very honoured to be on “Destination Melbourne”-  We are very proud of students in 8C French Immersion, students in Year 8A/B in the French 1st language program and Luisa David, Year 10 and Estelle Lipovetsky, Year 11 who participated in the program.  


You can view the video on Destination Melbourne on this link



And you can also watch a bonus video on this link where you can see four past students of GEC who speak proudly of how learning a language has benefited them. It is very heart warming to see our past students talk about their school with so much pride. Thank you to Berenice Mickelburough, Greta Sandow, Alice Hornby and Phoebe Foldvari (Year 12 currently) who have taken the time to participate in this experience.



Loveena Narayanen

Learning Specialist - Staff Development



Careers Corner

New Careers Resource

Please visit the website

 for information on a variety of careers, VCE, VTAC and university and other tertiary information.

Students can also create their own account and complete a Careers Action Plan, do some career quizzes, watch videos on different careers etc.

There is also a parents tab that has useful links, information on VET and how to have career conversations with teens!

Years 11 and 12

VCE Expo Visit

The Year 11s and 12s visited the VCE Expo on Friday May 3rd. Students attended seminars and collected information and spoke to the exhibitors present.



University Information

Scholarships at Bond University

Bond University offers an extensive scholarship program to both domestic and international students, with values ranging from 25% scholarships to 100%.   It is important to note that applications for the 2019 Scholarship Program for Australian Year 12 students opened on 23 April 2019.  Students applying for the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship must submit their application by 1 August 2019.  The closing date for all other scholarships is 6 September 2019

Scholarship applications should be submitted online; students should note that only one application needs to be made, and students can apply for as many scholarships they are eligible for.
Bond University Scholarships  for a comprehensive list of scholarships, including other sport scholarships, and/or to apply! 
Also visit Bond Application Tips to read through useful tips on applying effectively.  For further queries, email or phone 1800 074 074 toll-free (within Australia).



ACU Community Achiever Program (CAP)

As a Year 12 student, do you demonstrate leadership in your school or workplace, coordinate a community initiative, volunteer in a local cultural, sporting or religious group or provide care to someone in need?  ACU's Community Achiever Program is designed to acknowledge commitment to our local communities.
The Community Achiever Program (CAP) recognises a students’ potential to achieve great things.  A successful CAP application means a student could receive a provisional university offer as early as August to study at ACU.  Being part of this CAP group also offers successful students unique opportunities to enhance their leadership and volunteering skills, while they study at ACU.  Should an application be successful, the required ATARs in Victoria would be as follows:




  • Law and dual Law degrees


  • Physiotherapy*


  • Occupational Therapy*


  • Paramedicine in Victoria*


  • Speech Pathology*


  • Teaching*

65.00 (raw)

ALL OTHER degrees


* Limited CAP places available


CAP applications to study in 2020

    • Open – Wednesday 1 May 2019
    • Close – Wednesday 14 August 2019 (Melbourne courses)
                    Wednesday 28 August 2019 (Ballarat courses)
    • Offers released within two weeks of applications closing

Students are encouraged to start gathering their required documentation now to submit with along their application.  Failure to meet all the requirements for the CAP will result in not being considered for the program.  Students are encouraged to browse how the CAP is assessed and offered so they can make sure their submission is well-written.
Find out more at Community Achiever Program (CAP)


News from the University of Melbourne

My Melbourne Future’ Series

Senior students should note that during the month of June, the University of Melbourne will be hosting a series of free My Melbourne Future’ Information Sessions at the Parkville Campus in the early evening from 6.00pm – 8.30pm, aimed at informing prospective students about the courses on offer; hear from current students, academic staff and recent graduates about what it is like to study that degree or course at Melbourne, and the career and personal development opportunities available to graduates.  These events will include a Careers of the Future presentation, a sample lecture, student experience insights with Q&A and a courses expo.
Registrations are open and students can register for one or more at My Melbourne Future Events


Diploma Courses at Monash University

Expand your studies by adding on.  Monash University offers a couple of diplomas as additional courses of study a student can take alongside their bachelor degree.  These include –


The Diploma of Languages allows domestic students the opportunity to complete a major in one of the languages offered by the University, while completing a single or double bachelor's degree.   Students may study their chosen language starting from a number of different entry points - whether they are an absolute beginner or have studied the language in VCE or overseas.  Students will also gain an understanding of the culture and society, history and media required to effectively communicate in a language.  Languages on offer are Chinese studies, French studies, German studies,

Indonesian studies, Italian studies, Japanese studies, Korean studies, and Spanish and Latin American studies.


The Diploma of Liberal Arts allows domestic students the opportunity to pursue in-depth study in one of the humanities or social sciences while completing a bachelor's single or double degree in other fields.  So, this diploma is usually completed by students studying in faculties other than arts, however, arts students may apply to add this course after successfully completing one year. 

Deakin University

2019 DeakInspire, an event specially designed to inspire, motivate and engage students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

DeakInspire is a FREE event. Lunch and entertainment will be provided.
Registration for DeakInspire is essential.
DeakInspire will provide your students with a head-start on their study and personal career goals – please encourage them to register and attend this event at



Portfolio preparation short courses are conducted by experienced RMIT practitioners with the express aim of enabling participants to document the ideas generation process and develop a folio for entrance into tertiary courses. Students will be provided with a supportive environment to explore design, practice concept development and schematic design, in areas such as fashion, 3D product design, architecture, interior design and graphic design. Courses are run during the school holidays. Students who enrol before 31 May 2019 are eligible for a 15% discount using code RMITFOLIOS15. For enrolments and inquiries visit


RMIT is now offering a new Bachelor of Youth Work and Youth Studies, a recently updated three-year full-time course. The new program prepares students for a range of challenging, but very rewarding roles, exploring complex social issues affecting at-risk youths, such as homelessness, radicalisation, poverty and mental health. "RMIT has a long and proud history of offering youth work studies. It has been offering youth work longer than any other university and it is the most highly esteemed program in Australia." says RMIT University’s Associate Professor for the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, Debra Bateman. This new degree aims to examine and foster the environments in which all young people can thrive and feel confident, connected and safe.


Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is the trusted voice of the engineering profession, which is committed to creating solutions to make the world a better place.  When students are doing their research about studying engineering at university, it is useful to pay attention to which courses are accredited by Engineers Australia.  Completing an accredited course means that graduates of that course are eligible for to become members of Engineers Australia.


Career as an Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists assess and treat people who, due to illness, injury or circumstance, are limited in their ability to undertake everyday activities. They assist people to regain lost functions, develop their abilities and social skills, as well as maintain and promote independence in their everyday lives to enhance health and wellbeing - Good Universities Guide - Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy is offered at the following Victorian Universities –


Career as a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists assess, treat and prevent disorders in human movement caused by injury and disease - Good Universities Guide - Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is currently offered at the following Victorian Universities –


Biomedicine/Biomedical Science Degrees in Victoria
A Biomedicine or Biomedical Science degree is offered at a number of universities and is often regarded as an excellent pathway degree to graduate medicine.  Visit VTAC for more information on these and other courses – including double-degrees.


Year 10

Work Experience

Work experience is in September this year, 16th to 20th. It is the same week as Year 10 Surf Camp.

If you are not going on Camp then you will need to find a placement and have all your paperwork into me by the end of term 2 for processing. Some students are doing both and completing a work experience placement in the school holidays.

Year 10s that are new this year to the school need to see me with completing their safe@work certificates in preparation for their work experience placement.


Two Year 10s completed work experience in the school holidays. Below is an article from Jacinta on her experience.



"On the first day of my work experience at the Peter MacCallum Cancer centre, I had the opportunity to work in the Translational Research Lab, that houses collaboration between the clinical and research areas of Peter Mac. I was able to speak to one of the Senior Scientists and some of the Research Assistants about their role at Peter Mac while also having the chance to look around their laboratory.



On the second day, I went to the Ricky Johnstone Lab that focuses mainly on immunology and the prevention and treatment of blood disease like leukaemia. I observed and assisted in making a drug to be tested on mice, and once the drug was made, I had the chance to visit the Animal Hold, where all the mice were kept. I then was taken on a tour of almost the entire building, through all the research levels, the pathology level, the core facilities and flow cytometry level and through some of the clinical areas.


For the remaining days, I worked in the Bowtell and Sherene Loi Labs, which focus on genetics, genomics and breast cancer. I learnt about using pipettes, processing blood, growing cells, microscopes and got to visit some of the high tech facilities.


My experience at Peter MacCallum Cancer centre was not only an amazing opportunity but also helped me explore possible future career options and gave me an insight into scientific research.”

Jacinta Ide

Year 10



"I’m currently doing a VET course in Allied Health at Holmesglen, Moorabbin. As part of that VET course, I was required to do a work placement, which is similar to work experience students undertake in Year 10. I did my work placement at a podiatrists clinic in Brighton during the holidays over 5 days. When I was there I got to experience different roles in the workplace. One of them was working as a receptionist where I was taught how to file, answer phones, book appointments and fax documents, which is actually quite fun. I was also taught how to sterilize and clean equipment used by the podiatrists and how to use a sterilization machine.


One of the most interesting parts of my placement was having the opportunity to watch the wound nurses, who specialized in wound care. During my time at the clinic, I was able to learn from and watch a cosmetic doctor and see how cosmetic injectables and Laser works. This was a fantastic opportunity for me as I am interested in the cosmetic field and wouldn’t have been able to get this experience if it wasn’t for my VET course. Overall gained some really good skills and contacts for the future. I can’t wait to do another work placement next year."

Jemma Newman

Year 11



Careers Fast Track Program

Stage 3 of the program is on May 20 to May 24, with the exception of Wednesday which is the whole school athletics day. Every student in Year 10 will have will have a 30 minute interview face to face with a Careers Fast Track counsellor. Appointment times will come out the week prior. If there is any student who hasn’t completed their Career Quizzes, please come and see me in the Senior School Office.

From the Office

Update Your Information

Have you recently changed, or are about to change, address, home, mobile or work phone number or email address? Please remember to ring the College on 9571 7838 or update your details on Xuno to keep us informed.

Student Absences

Student absences should be reported to the school on the day of the absence. Parents are reminded that the College has a designated telephone line for notification of student absence – 9571 4178.


There is also an absence proforma in the student planner that parents can complete for the student to return to the General Office on their return to school.

Early Leavers

If your child needs to leave school early you are required to provide a signed note for them to show their year level coordinator and bring down to the General Office when they sign out. Students are not permitted to leave the school early without signing out at the General Office.


This newsletter is emailed home to all families three times per term. If you have any items of interest to the college community or would like to advertise your business, please contact Penny Marks on 9571 7838.

Centrepay for Payments

We now support the use of Centrepay. Centrepay is a free voluntary bill paying service. Deductions come directly from your Centrelink payments and can be used to pay many types of bills, such as child care, educations expenses, electricity bills or rent. Please download the form that is available on the school website or contact the General Office and the form will be emailed to you.

XUNO Events and Payments 

Please find below our user guide for XUNO Events and Payments: 


If you have any questions  please contact me or on  9571 7838.

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)

CSEF is provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.


If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. A special consideration category also exists for asylum seeker and refugee families. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.


The annual CSEF amount per student is $225 for secondary school students.


Please find attached the CSEF application form.  


If you applied for the CSEF here at GEC in 2018, you do not need to complete an application form in 2019 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances (such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2019).


You only need to complete an application form if you are new to GEC in 2019 or you did not apply in 2018.


Please contact the General Office on 9571 7838 if you have any questions.


Gabrielle Darvell

Business Manager


GEC Parents Association (GECPA) – Join Us!

All GEC parents and guardians are welcome to attend our meetings – a great chance to meet some school families and help the school.  Our meetings are friendly and informal, and your level of involvement is up to you.   If you are interested in being involved, want to come to any of our meetings or are not already receiving our emails, please send an email to

Election Day sausage sizzle, biscuit, muffin and craft stall – Saturday May 18, 8am -3pm

Glen Eira College will be a polling place for the Federal Election. The Parents Association stall will sell traditional “democracy sausages” and other treats and welcome the local community to our school and raise some funds. Helpers needed for an hour or so each to set up in the morning till pack up in the early afternoon. Donations of bread, sausages, vegie burgers, onions, sauce, biscuits, muffins, slices, craft, jams, lemons, fresh herbs, flower posies, etc. very much appreciated. If you can help please send an email to

Next meeting Saturday 25th May 10am Workshop Café Glen Huntly Road

GECPA will meet  at 10am at Workshop Glenhuntly Café, 1146 Glenhuntly Road – hope to see you there. We will plan a winter uniform stall, supper for the school production and welcome any new ideas and school families. 

We Need a New Co-Convenor and Secretary, Event Planner(S), Public Relation Officer

One of the Co-Convenor of the Glen Eira College Parents Association (GECPA) is working now full time and is unfortunately less available for this amazing role.

Please consider taking this role.
The Co-convenor role mainly involves being the main contact point for GECPA and making sure that things happen as and when they should. Most work is shared with other committee members. We urge you to please consider whether you can take on this crucial role.

Here are some great reasons to consider taking on the role:

  • You will have a wonderful team behind you. You will benefit from our experience. GECPA was started 5 years ago, and since then we have learnt what works well, and how to get the most out of our events without wasted time or effort.
  • Experienced committee members will be there to help you, and the previous convenor Juliet Brianton has written guidelines and checklists available for our regular events. We will also make ourselves available to provide training and assistance.
  • We keep things simple. We are much less demanding than most parents associations at primary schools.
  • You will have a greater connection to your child's school. In this role, you will build relationships with other school families and school staff. You will sometimes be informed earlier and in more detail of issues and developments at the college, with opportunities to contribute your views.
  • You will show your children that their school is important.
  • Our meetings are always friendly and fun and provide a great way to get to know other school families.
  • This role is vital to keep GECPA going. GECPA has been invaluable in enabling school families to get to know each other and in supporting the college, including raising thousands of dollars to improve facilities and equipment.


Our committee needs the help of a Secretary to organise the meetings and take care of the GECPA documentation.

We also need an Event Planner or 2 for events organised by GECPA during the year (2nd hand uniform stall, Movie Night, Trivia Night, Sausage sizzle)

We need also  a Public Relation Officer for communications.


If you are interested or would like to find out more, please email us at
Consider also how great it is to put one of these roles on your CV !!!!

Weekly walk and talk  

We have a social walking group which meets once a week to walk and chat for about an hour.  We meet on Tuesday evenings (weather permitting) at 7:45pm at the corner of Crosbie and Murrumbeena Roads at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve.

So that we can keep in contact, we have set up a messaging group on Whatsapp. To join the group, just email us your name and phone number.  (If you don't already have Whatsapp installed on your smartphone, you will need to do that first -it's very easy to install and to use).

Supermarket stickers

Our school is collecting Woolworths Earn & Learn for 2019 stickers, which we will be able to swap for new school equipment like art and craft supplies, sports gear, teaching aids, and more. If you shop at Woolworths, between 1st May and the 25th June please collect the stickers and drop them in to our collection box at the General Office or Woolworths Glen Huntly. Thanks for helping out!


Entertainment Book

Please help our fundraising efforts by buying an Entertainment Membership from us. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do - helping our fundraising at the same time!


With the newer Digital Membership (having a copy on your phone), you'll use it even more – especially with the brilliant ‘Near Me’ feature.  You simply hit the 'Near Me' tab to see what deals are around you anywhere, anytime! AND you can download it onto your child/s phones for them to take advantage of the offers too! Many families save from $550 - $1000+ per year with their membership. It really is brilliant value for just $70.



Safer Bike lanes for students near Glen Eira College

Glen Eira Council is planning to upgrade Inkerman St bike lanes to link the new Djerring trail under the skyrail at Caulfield to the proposed new St Kilda Road safer bike lanes and serving over 17,000 Monash Uni Students. Safer bike lanes with more separation from traffic are also needed along Glen Eira, Booran and Neerim roads for students to ride more safely to Glen Eira College, libraries, shopping centres and the Bay – some 9000 students attend schools this route.  Glen Eira Council is inviting feedback on safer bike lanes so please send your suggestions for safer routes for students and families on these and other local bike routes to

Djerring trail bike ride Sunday 26 May

Djerring trail bike ride Sunday 26 May 10am sharp-12pm from Dudley St Caulfield East Reserve at start of skyrail trail near Monash Uni 17kms to Yarraman Station and return by train – or you may choose to return sooner by bike or train. Carnegie café option at end of ride. Bicycle Network members especially welcome. RSVP Catherine 0412 119 807

Caulfield Station Precinct and Racecourse Planning

Glen Eira Council and the Victorian Planning Authority have been working on plans for the redevelopment of the station and racecourse precinct including Glen Eira College. The consultation included students from Glen Eira College and identified six principles for the future development

  1. Become an activated 24/7 destination for Melbourne's South-East
  2. Caulfield Station as the heart and gateway to the precinct
  3. The University is well integrated into the precinct and brings life and activity
  4. Improvement of the streetscape amenity and places to meet and socialise
  5. Re-define pedestrian-friendly spaces, cycle and vehicle movement
  6. The racecourse reserve is opened up for recreation and civic uses, in addition to world-class horse racing events.

Queries to Jessica Leane, Senior Strategic Planner Victorian Planning Authority
(03) 8644 8805

The Caulfield Racecourse Trust will hold a community information session on Monday, 13 May 2019. For further information and to register to attend, visit


Cathy McNaughton


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