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02 May 2019
Issue Five
Key Dates & Info
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Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School
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Key Dates & Info

Term Dates

Term 2  Tuesday April 23 - Friday June 28, 1.40pm

Term 3  Monday July  15 - Friday September 20, 1.40pm

Term 4  Monday October 7 - Tuesday 17, 1.40pm

Term 2 Dates


Wed 1 - Eucharist Year 4 Faith Night 6pm

Fri 3 - Galilee Cross Country

Mon 6 - Winter Uniform to be worn from today

Fri 10 - Mother's Day Morning Tea/Mass/Lunch

Tue 14-Fri 24 -  NAPLAN

Fri 17 - Year 3-6 Dendy Cross Country

Thur 23 - Parents Battle of the Bands

Fri 24 - Eucharist Reflection Day

            - P-2 Disco 5-6pm & Year 3-6 Disco 6.45-8pm

Thur 30 - Community Conversation with Parents 9am




Sat 1 - OLMC Sacrament of Eucharist 6pm

Tue 4 - SEB Meeting

Mon 10 - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Wed 12 - Soirée-drums, vocals, keyboard, violin, guitar 5-8pm

Thur 20 - Sustainability Market 3.25-4.30pm

Sun 23 - Sacrament of Eucharist - SPP 10am

Mon 24 - Student Led Conferences 2-7pm

Wed 26 - Student Led Conferences 2-5pm

Fri 28 - End of Term 2, 1.40pm

School Closure Days

May 31

November 4

November 29

Sacrament Dates

June 1 - OLMC Sacrament of Eucharist, 6pm

June 23 - Sacrament of Eucharist - SPP 10am

November 23 - Confirmation OLMC, 6pm

November 24 - Confirmation SPP, 10am

Assembly Presentation

Wednesdays 2.40pm

May 8 - Year 4

May 15 - Year 5

May 22 - Prep E

May 29 - Year 3

June 5 - 2C

June 12 - Year 1

June 19 - Physical Education

June 26 - Performing Arts

2019 Camp Calendar

November 7-8, Year 3 Zoo Camp

November 14-15, Year 3 Zoo Camp

Lunch Orders

Available to order Mondays and Fridays only


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics/eye drops/ventolin/creams or lotions etc.).


School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must only be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).

The wind breaker should ONLY be worn with the Sport Uniform OR over the jumper if extra warmth is required.

Boys should not be currently wearing the striped navy blue sock (they are for Winter).

Galilee Uniform Policy:


PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee

Open: Friday morning 8.50-9.10am

Located in Prep Building

Donations of clean/well cared for uniform happily accepted.

Principal's Report

2020 Preps

Dear Families,

It has been an exciting week meeting with potential Prep enrollments for 2020. Siblings were interviewed last term and all offered places. Siblings with 2020 Preps who are yet to pay the deposit and confirm attendance are at risk of losing their place/s. Offers will be sent out to non-sibling families next week. We have had about 100 applications for Prep 2020 and this week have met with approximately 54 families. 

The 4-5 year olds have been very impressive in their conduct and manners. During the meeting, myself and the Deputies talk to the families about: 

  • why they are interested in Galilee;
  • what do they know about Galilee;
  • a preparedness to connect and contribute to our community;
  • their child's interests and needs and
  • our detailed transition process.

At the same time, we communicate with the student and make observations of their development to be viewed by the Prep teachers, if they attend Galilee.

While students develop at different rates to each other, it can be enhanced by parents/guardians empowering their children to speak and act for themselves which leads to increased independence, resilience and confidence. Among four year olds, children whose parents empower them generally show more developed academic and social skills even at such a young age.


Mrs Burns has been away on Maternity Leave following the birth of her son, Archie, last year.

She was intending returning in Semester Two of 2019 but recently received the exciting news of another pregnancy. Amy and her husband AJ are expecting another boy on September 25 with a sixteen month difference in age between their two children. She will not be returning to work in 2019 and we wish them good health during this time.


We have recently employed two new staff: Tanya Borg (Occupational Therapist) and a Speech Therapist (soon to be announced). This is exciting news for our students as visits to these specialists will be free. Ordinarily is it difficult and expensive to see both. Very few (if any) Victorian primary schools have these two specialists employed on site. It is a major achievement for our school and will greatly benefit our students.

Mother's Day

With the celebration of Mother’s Day next Sunday, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the role of mothers in our families in raising our children. Children treasure their families and feel they are special and irreplaceable. Families, including immediate and extended, provide children with a sense of belonging and identity. They are a source of emotional support and comfort, warmth and nurturing, protection and security.  There is among families a sense of reciprocity—a giving and taking of love and empathy by every family member. Sunday May 12 is a very important and special day for all mothers throughout the world. It is a time to acknowledge the great job that our mothers do in looking after us and guiding us through our lives.

At Galilee we will be celebrating our mothers and significant females with a morning tea,  Mass and luncheon. I know that the students of Galilee will be making sure they recognise their mothers and significant females.

On Friday May 10th in the morning we are hosting a Mother's Day Morning Tea in the Hall from 8-9:15am with a performance from the Preps at 9am. 

This will be followed by Mass at 9:30am hosted by Year One at St Peter and Paul's and all are welcome.

The Mother's Day Luncheon will be at the Railway Club Hotel from 12pm. I have eaten at the Railway Club Hotel and they are famous for their steaks. Thank you to Annalaise and John for their generosity.

First Eucharist Faith Night

On Wednesday we had an amazing participation in our Eucharist Faith Night, attended by Year Four students and their families. The purpose of the evening was to begin the conversation as we prepare for the Sacrament of the First Eucharist. Thank you to Mrs Rochecouste for organising the evening, supported by Mr Coaley, Miss Giles and Miss Hall (4C Student Teacher). A big thank you to the families who attended and for Father Dean for his contribution to the evening. 

Morning Assemblies

We strive to begin each school day in a calm and mindful manner to ensure that all students are happy and ready to learn. We also value our school community and endeavour to maintain family engagement.


After consulting with staff and the school community, we have come to realise that we have an opportunity to develop our morning routines. The Staff Consultative Committee has reviewed feedback  from parents, students and teachers and found that:

  • 25% of parents wished to stay with the current model, 25% did not not mind how mornings started and 50% of parents were hoping to see a change to how we start the day here at Galilee.

  • 76% of students surveyed (by Mrs Latto) were in favour of one morning assembly a week and walking to class independently for the rest of the week.


In light if this, we will be trialing a new morning routine from Monday of  Week 4 through to the end of the term.


Please see the changes below:


Monday - students will line up on the basketball court in their class lines as usual and we will have a morning assembly; sharing news for the upcoming week.  


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - a ‘first bell’ will ring at 8:45am and classrooms will open, students may choose to go directly to their classroom or stay on the yard. At 8:50am a ‘second bell’ will ring indicating the start of lessons. Attendance will be taken at 8:50am and any student arriving after that time will be considered late and must be signed in via the Office. Music will play just before the second bell to remind students to start moving to their classes. Parents are permitted to walk their child into the classroom.


Friday: Open Morning as usual; families and students are welcome to enter the classroom at 8:35am. At 8:50am a bell will ring signifying the end of Open Morning and the start of lessons.

Building Update

Next week the Building Committee will be meeting to discuss our future plans. Last year we received a generous $5 million pledge from the Liberal & Labor Parties for our building project. With Labor winning the state election, we look forward to finding out news about the timing of us receiving the money. We thank our local member, Martin Foley for his significant efforts in looking after Galilee. Catholic Education has informed me that our $5 million pledge is the highest EVER given to a Victorian Catholic Primary School. This is a significant achievement and one that will benefit generations of students attending Galilee. Congratulations to the Building Committee for their dedication over the last three years. We will provide news shortly over the future commencement of our building program. We plan to consult with our current school community once an architect has been appointed. 

Achievements and Stories Of Students

On the holidays, Jaxson in Year 6 went to Adelaide to compete in a basketball tournament. He arrived at his first game and played with a team he had never played with before. It was a tough game and Jaxson’s team tried their best but sadly lost by 5 points. They dominated their 2nd game and that was the end of the first night. They had an early game the next day and even though it was a very hard game they won. Then, they had the rest of the day to rest up for the semi-finals the next day. Jaxson woke up nervous as he knew that this would be a tough game. During the game, his team was losing but near the end of the game, they pulled back and ended up winning by 10. Jaxson said, “ I thought I played well and I was happy that we won.” The next morning would be the grand final, where he would play the game in the Adelaide basketball team’s stadium (Adelaide 36ers). “ The stadium was massive!” he said. He started the game anxiously however by the 1st quarter, they were winning by 12. His team played well and just before the end of the 2nd quarter, one of his teammates made a half-court shot. This made them pumped up and they ended up winning the tournament! Jaxson said, “It was a great experience and I would love to do it next year!”


On the 26th of April Dylan L and Ayrton P went to the SSV trials.


Ayrton: As soon as I had put my boots on and had stepped onto the pitch it was pretty clear that some people had already been selected. Then the whistle blew for the first time, the head coach had ordered us to go for warm up run around the pitch twice, during the first lap around I started to gain my confidence, most of the other contenders played in my team and of course I had one of my best friends trialing with me. Then after the two laps were done we got split into 3 groups blue, orange and green I was in the blue team and Dylan was in the orange. Something didn’t seem right, I knew no one but the Goalkeeper. When the three teams were chosen they said they were going to assess us on Ball Control, Attacking and Defending transition, Passing, Small sided games and a full pitch game. My team was first assigned to the ball control assessment and Dylan's team was assigned to attacking and defending. The first drills were finished with the pain of the cold winds and few drops of rain. Then for the second drill I was sent to Attacking and Defending and Dylan was sent to Passing. This was the stage where Dylan caught the coaches eye and now it was my turn to shine. The second assessment was complete with the energy of the infinity gauntlet. I was so excited to go onto the next drill. I was sent to passing and Dylan was sent to ball control, Then before we knew it it was time for the small sided matches. They assessed us on two games of 5 vs 5, this time we were drained by the thick drops of rain and the icy wind. Before the game, they had told us that 8 people have already been chosen and I was positive that Dylan had already been selected...we were waiting for about 45 minutes, then they called all of us in, they reminded us that only 12 can get in out of 31 players.

Dylan and I were called up and were given a sheet and then sent home with a  big smile on our faces.


Dylan: From the moment I woke and had my breakfast I was determined to play my best at the trials. I was very nervous but when I arrived I realized that I knew most of the people their which made things a lot easier. When the coach called everyone in he explained what we would be doing for the next 3 hours. There was 3 different teams: orange,blue and green I was on the orange team.

First we did a warm up which was 2 laps around the pitch. Then we had drills Ball Control, Attacking and Defending transition, Passing, Small-sided games. After that we did a big match. Throughout the drills I thought I did alright. Next we had a 20 minute break where we had lunch and talked to each other. Then the coaches brought us in to tell us what was next, which was the big match. Out of the 3 teams my team had to sit out first and watch the blue and green team play. Ayrton was in the blue team and played really well. Suddenly it just got a whole lot colder either because we weren’t moving or the sun moved behind the clouds. At the end of the first game it ended up 0-0 but, by the way Ayrton played you could tell he was in. I played really well but I wasn’t sure if I it was enough. After waiting for 40 minutes for the coaches to select the team, I was relieved by the selections, Ayrton and I had been selected and we're going home with a form telling us everything we need for the next round. Thank You.

By Ayrton, Dylan, Jaxson, Ali and Alex


What is NAPLAN? The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual national assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All students in these year levels are expected to participate in tests in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. All government, and non-government education authorities have contributed to the development of NAPLAN materials. Why do students do NAPLAN tests? NAPLAN tests are one aspect of the school’s assessment and reporting process, however they do not replace the extensive, ongoing assessments made by teachers about each student’s performance. If you do not wish your child to participate in the testing please speak to their teacher. We consider NAPLAN to be a useful tracking tool alongside the many other forms of assessment conducted weekly by teachers. Please read comments from the Geelong Advertiser below: “But it is imperative that schools, students and parents do not see it as the be-all and end-all measurement of success. Education is made up of so many components and performance in one test will not decide the future of any of these young children and the testing will not be the final say of just how good a school is. Education is so much more than just answers on an exam paper” (Geelong Advertiser, May 12, 2015). See below for the timetable for NAPLAN testing for Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 in 2019. All testing is online except Year 3 Writing. All students are required to have headphones for NAPLAN Online which has already been communicated to parents. 


Pre-Service Teachers

This term we have a number of Pre-Service teachers from various universities completing teaching rounds.  Dorothy Hall (4C) and Jake Ambrosic (6F) continue their final placement.  Gemma Rowland from Swinburne began in Prep E last week and Annmaree Pinner from La Trobe Uni commenced in 2B last Friday.  Next week we welcome from ACU, Charlotte working in 3L and Tayla working in Prep S, both completing 40 days.  In June, Scarlett Dunnell from ACU will work in 1F for two weeks.  We thank Mr Coaley, Mrs Ferguson, Miss Burke, Miss Evans, Mrs Latto, Miss Smith and Miss Fahy for guiding and supporting them throughout their practical experience.

Uniform Review

Over the last three years we have conducted a review of the quality of our school uniform. This has led to a number of subtle changes and improvements such as: new hat (that doesn't fade), tracksuit pants that are made from better material with zips, rugby jumpers, improved quality of the windbreakers, winter socks and pants that are more slim-lined. This process has brought about a number of contacts with our supplier, P.S.W. During this time, we have had conversations about the suitability and presentation of our whole school uniform. Parents are being sought to join a Uniform Committee to provide ideas/feedback on our current uniform. There will be a limit (two parents required) to how many can join the committee with myself, Mr Martello/Mrs Gerecke with Irene Wilson (SEB). Among the parent reps there needs to be male and female students at Galilee below Year 4 (P-3) and available to meet during school hours. If you are interested, please contact Wendy by this Monday May 6th.


Simon Millar

(Principal of Galilee)

Education in Faith

Term Two

Project Compassion update

Last term Galilee partook in fundraising for Caritas Project Compassion. We raised $156. Funds collected will help empower people to build a just future for themselves, their families and their communities. Thank you!


Year Level Masses

On Friday the 26th of April, the students from Years 3-6 attended the Parish Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel at 9am. The message of the service was of the resurrection of Jesus and that He is alive! His holy name can be called upon at any time by anyone, in times of trouble, sadness and great joy.


Mother's Day Mass

We invite all families to our Mother's Day Mass next Friday the 10th at 9.30am in St. Peter & Paul's Church. Thank you to the Year 1 teachers and students who have prepared this Mass. We look forward to seeing you all there.


Sacrament of First Eucharist

The Eucharist Faith night for parents and students was held last Wednesday evening in the Galilee school hall. It was a very well attended event with the students and their parents engaged in the learning. Special thanks to the staff at Galilee (Colleen Gilles, Joss Coaley and Dorothy Hall) as well as Father Dean for their input and planning. The Year Four students will begin preparing for this Sacrament at OLMC or StsPP. Please keep these students in your prayers.


A prayer for our First Eucharist candidates

"May your First Communion celebrate your friendship with Jesus.

As you grow in this friendship may your words be gentle and your touch be kind.

May you hear whispers of Love in your heart each day.

May you have fun in discovering God hidden everywhere!

And, may you remember to thank God often for the gift of life." 


Please note the following details for Eucharist preparation at Sts PP:

Sunday June 23rd-10:00am-Sacrament of First Eucharist


Please note the following details for Eucharist preparation at OLMC:

Dates: Saturdays- 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th (includes rehearsal) at 4.30pm Preparation Sessions in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms followed by 6.00pm Mass in Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church.

Saturday June 1st-6:00pm-Sacrament of First Eucharist


Please note the following details for Eucharist preparation at Galilee:

Friday 24 May 2019 (8.50am to 3.25pm in the school hall)-Reflection Day for Eucharist candidates.


Caring for our Common Home

Within STEM (Science, Technology, Economics and Mathematics) all students are exploring the concept of Sustainability, which links wonderfully with the Catholic Social Teaching of ’Caring for our Common Home’ previously known as ‘Stewardship of God’s Creation.’ This teaching allows us to acknowledge that we are all interconnected and that our actions impact on others around the world – particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised – meaning we need to take responsibility for our actions and decisions. How can we truly ‘be green’ – it is more than just recycling, reducing and reusing. It goes straight to the heart of what we buy and use each day, so that we consume and waste less – and so that what we do consume is as ethical and responsible as possible.


“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the world is in considerable chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.”

- Source Unknown-





Learning and Teaching


The following outlines the NAPLAN schedule for Year 3 and 5 students this year:


Tuesday 14 May - Writing

Wednesday 15 May - Reading & Conventions of Language

Thursday 16 May - Numeracy


There will be catch up test sessions from Friday 17 May to Friday 24 May for any student absent on testing days.  

Can families please notify the class teacher if you know your child will be absent on any of the testing dates.  All students are required to have headphones for NAPLAN Online.  

Maths at Galilee

App of the Week:  Little Monkey Apps (find them at


The Little Monkey Apps include a wide range of apps, some of which are:

  • Dominoes Addition
  • Friends of Ten
  • Times Tables
  • Number Lines
  • Subitising Flash Cards
  • Missing Numbers
  • Fraction Wall
  • Coordinates
  • Teaching Money
  • Reading Numbers

These apps provide exciting games and activities that help children learn about and practice the skills and knowledge needed to develop their sense of number and other areas of Maths.  As an example, the Friends of Ten app is used in the early years of schooling to introduce an early understanding of numbers to ten, counting objects to ten, subitising – recognising a collection of objects without counting the, counting on from a higher number, partitioning of objects and the combinations that make ten, and so on. These skills underpin mental addition and subtraction and are taught in the early years at Galilee through our Learning Framework in Number.


You can find links to the Australian Curriculum to each of the Apps at


Parent Number Intervention at Galilee


Last term, we held training sessions for a wonderful and dedicated group of parents who are volunteering their time to assist our junior children in developing skills and knowledge in early Number. Beginning in Week 2 of this term, these trained parents will be working with selected children in Years Prep to 2. The Parent Number Intervention programme is an easy to follow, structured system of lessons, wherein parent helpers follow a checklist to ensure a systematic coverage of early concepts of Number.  We have had enormous success in the past with this programme, with parent intervention ensuring that each of our Prep children attained the expected standard in Maths in 2017 and 2018. We look forward to continued growth in our students in Maths with the support of these wonderful volunteers.


Several parents were unable to attend our sessions last term, so we will hold another session on Friday, May 10, at 2.15pm. Contact me at [email protected] or our parent coordinator for the Parent Number Intervention Programme, Mrs Anastasia Kritikos, at  [email protected] or phone 0417380170 for further details. Hope to see you there!

What's been happening in Year One 

In Year One we have been learning about God's Creation. God created the world in six days and he rested on the seventh day. We worked in small groups to design a paper plate for each day of Creation. Check out our photos below.


We have also been learning about Addition this week in Maths. We have used materials like counters to add numbers together. We also play a game called Roll and Add. It's lots of fun. Some of us have been working on adding three numbers together. 



This term our big idea is Sustainability. Each year level will focus on this concept through either Science, Design and Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, History or Geography in preparation for our whole school Sustainability Market on June 20.  Detailed information about the Sustainability unit will be available in the Term 2 Overviews in next week's Bulletin.

News From Performing Arts Leaders

In Performing Arts this term, we are focusing on dance. This week in 6B’s Performing Arts lesson, they were learning about the importance of warming up and cooling down. Why is it so important you ask? Stretching your muscles is super important to do before any sport (such as dancing) because without it, you might injure yourself and as you know, injuring yourself isn’t so good. Stretching also prepares your muscles before all that movement that you are going to be doing.

Some different types of warm up stretches are:

Arm Circles

Ankle rolls

Butterfly stretches

Side bends

Toe touches


Near the end of the lesson, 6B was taken through some cool downs to cool off and relax their muscles/bodies.

Some different types of cool downs are:

Slowly touching toes

Stretching out arms



Breathing is also  a crucial part of a cool down. It relaxes your body and relieves stress all through your body.


In conclusion, 6B had a great lesson and can’t wait for their next one!


By Abby and Aloysia 6B

     Wellbeing &

Occupational Therapy at Galilee

It is with great pleasure that we welcome to the school Ms Tanya Borg. Tanya is a qualified Occupational Therapist and Primary School Teacher. She will join the staff team on Thursdays and Fridays in the role of Occupational Therapist, assisting in the following areas:

  • Promote independence in activities of daily living.
  • Improve visual motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • Develop balance, movement and coordination.
  • Improve handwriting
  • Support sensory processing and regulation for attention and concentration.
  • Improve planning and organisation skills.
  • Recommend adaptations or specialised equipment for home and/or school to improve participation.
  • Provide specialised seating or wheelchair.

If you have concerns about your child with which you believe Tanya could assist, please contact Jane Ferris at [email protected].  Teachers will also refer children to Tanya for assistance with fine motor skills, organisation, concentration and behavioural concerns. Parents will be informed of initial consultations regarding your child.

Speech Therapy

We are also happy to announce that we have employed a Speech Therapist from Speech Therapy for Schools to work in the school for two days each week.  We are expecting the therapist to begin next week.  Teachers are nominating children for assessment by the speech therapist, based on the following criteria:

  • Are there speech sounds students are not saying correctly?

  • Do they have difficulty following simple instructions?

  • Do they have grammar errors or find it difficult to structure a sentence?

  • Are they below bench marks with their reading?

  • Do they have difficulty with social skills with peers?

If you have concerns about your child with which you believe a Speech Therapist could assist, please contact Jane Ferris at [email protected] and Laura Cox at

Working Together

Parents have a particularly important part to play in the educating community, since it is to them that primary and natural responsibility for their children’s education belongs (Congregation for Catholic Education 1997).


At Galilee, staff work together with parents in educating your children. The partnership between you and the school, especially your child’s teachers, is crucial to ensuring that your child has the best opportunities to enjoy the school experience and to learn effectively. There are many ways in which parents can work together with the school to improve educational experiences and outcomes for our children. You can help your child in many areas of school life, as suggested in the list below:



  • Encourage your child to take increasing responsibility for his/her learning and organisational skills.
  • Establish regular contact with your child’s teachers to discuss his/her learning and progress.
  • Encourage reading by setting an example of reading yourself.
  • Ask whether homework has been set and ensure your child keeps a homework diary.
  • Acknowledge your child’s success and ask how his/her learning and class work are progressing.
  • Help your child to plan and organise a time and space for completing work at home.
  • Assist your child to complete work at home by discussing key questions and directing him/her to resources.
  • A pictorial organisational chart can be very useful for children of various ages. Add your own pictures or photos to this schedule to create a personalised flow chart of home activities: (Copy and paste this link into your browser)


  • Encourage a balanced diet, sufficient sleep and regular physical activity.
  • Encourage positive attitudes, values and behaviours such as courtesy, confidence, persistence and ‘doing your best’.
  • Celebrate your child’s efforts, resilience and successes.
  • Help your child balance the amount of time spent on school work and in recreational pursuits.

School News & Information

Thank You!

We thank David Wood from Hocking Stuart in Albert Park who kindly donated $500 towards the purchase of a defibrillator. 


Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the leading causes of death in Australia; having a defibrillator at hand can make the difference between life and death.  St John’s Ambulance advocate strongly for defibrillators, claiming that they are easy to use, maintain, and can save a life prior to the ambulance arriving.


The defibrillator to be purchased will be registered with Ambulance Victoria and will therefore be available for emergency use in the event of cardiac arrest by any student, parent, staff, visitor or member of the wider community or public.  In addition to the Ambulance Victoria registration process, we intend to increase awareness of the defibrillator through signage at our school, and to notify local community groups, nearby businesses and schools.


Galilee Parents Association News

Mother’s Day - Friday 10 May

There will be a morning tea in the hall and you are welcome to arrive any time after 8am.  At 9am there will be a special song sung to the mums by the Prep students.  Morning Tea will be followed by Mother’s Day mass in the church at 9:30am.  See the Caremonkey for all the details and to reply if you or another special person is able to attend.  A huge thank you to our Year 6 parents who are hosting this special event this year.


The Mother’s Day Luncheon has sold out in record time with all tickets purchased in 48 hours!  A couple more tickets have become available and are being offered to those in order on the waitlist.  


Disco - Friday 24th May

The students annual disco will be held in the Church Hall.  

Year Prep-2 from 5-6pm

Year 3-6 from 6:45-8pm

This year so there is no handling of money on the evening and adequate supervision by knowing the numbers attending, tickets are to be booked online at


Easter Raffle Success!

The Easter Raffle was an amazing success with over $3600 being raised for the school.  There were many excited children going home on the last day of school with over 45 prizes drawn!

A huge thank you to Chelsea M (Mum to Drew in Year 6 and Phoebe in Year 3) for organising, running and managing the raffle.  It would not have happened or being the success without Chelsea.



Trivia Night - Saturday 27 July

Save the Date!  Plans are well under way and families will soon be receiving information about how they can help make the evening an amazing success.  

We are firstly seeking major sponsors for the event so if you have a business or know someone who may be interested please let us know.  More details to come.



Stay in Touch 

Follow the Committee Events on Facebook at

Email ideas and questions to the committee at [email protected] 

Parents Battle of the Bands

The D.O.G.S Parents’ Band is participating in a ‘Battle Of The Bands’ with 6 other local primary schools including St. Kilda Primary, St. Kilda Park Primary, Elwood Primary, East Bentleigh Primary, Gardenvale Primary & Ripponlea Primary.


The Parents Battle of the Bands will be staged at the Prince Bandroom (29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda) on the 23rd May, 2019. This is an all parent event with the funds raised used to expand the musical education programs and improve facilities for participating schools & help further our children's musical education.  It is also a great opportunity to connect with the different school communities and have a lot of fun.  All proceeds will be redistributed pro-rata of parents’ attendance/number of tickets sold by each school.


Tickets are only $17.85 online (or $20 at the door on the night) so please support our wonderful school by purchasing tickets and sharing the event with your family, friends and neighbours – the more tickets our school sells, the more money we will raise for our school.

It promises to be a fun night.


Tickets on sale at: & make sure you purchase your tix via the Galilee Primary – D.O.G.S ticket tab!!

Tickets are also now available from the school reception for $15.00 (exact change would be appreciated). 


Also Visit Us at:  & Follow Us on Facebook :  & Instagram : @parents_battle_of_the_bands


DOGS Golf Trip

Just an update of the DOGS Golf Trip.

Confirmed for May Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th at RACV Cape Schanck Golf Course.   

We are playing RACV Cape Schanck Golf Course both days:

Saturday with a 12:15pm first tee time; and  

Sunday with a first tee time of 9:30am.  


At this stage we have 13 DOGS attending. 


Golf is $75.00 for 18 holes on weekends. 


This weekend (Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th) Woolworths is doing double stickers for Earn and Learn. For every $10 you spend you will get not one, but TWO Earn and Learn stickers. Please collect these stickers on sticker sheets and place into the box which will be located in the school foyer. This promotion ends June 25th 2019. 

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