31 October 2019
Issue Seventeen

Inspired by the Spirit, we are a strong community supporting and leading learners in a safe and inclusive environment. 

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Learning Diversity
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Principal's Message

From the Principal

Staff are often asked about how they can best support their child/children in the digital world. This is a tricky one for us because it is certainly a challenge for us all. On November 14th we have our Cyber Safety Parent Information Night. This is a free information session for our parents and we would certainly encourage all our parents to take up this opportunity. The information presented will be suitable to parents across all year levels. Further information regarding the Cyber safety Night is presented in this week's newsletter.


Yesterday we took part in Socktober which was an initiative of the 3/4 Level and one way which our school can fundraise and engage in advocacy and formation activities for Catholic Mission during World Mission Month this October.

Thank you to the 3/4 Level for coordinating this term's  social justice event. As a school we raised $318.40.

Class Groupings 2020

Teachers have now commenced the process of organising classes for 2020. This is a lengthy process, taking the form of a number of staff meetings and much discussion. Teachers take a broad and balanced view when considering the needs of all students. It is our intention, as always, to provide well-balanced class groupings. To achieve this we take into consideration the academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs of all students. Teachers will draw on their collective knowledge of the students and expertise to arrange the classes.

Individual parent requests compromise this process and inevitably inhibit our capacity to deliver balanced classes. I ask parents to consider how difficult the task of arranging balanced classes would be if we were to act on all parent preferences. Therefore I ask parents to refrain from sending requests about student placement to classroom teachers.

To best support students in their learning and provide optimal social interaction we will be looping some students (students have the same teacher for two years) while others will change classes. Requests by parents to have their child/children placed with certain teachers is certainly not something we consider based on personal preference.

If you still feel there is a need to have an issue discussed, please make a time to see me before Friday 15th November.

Once finalized it will be extremely difficult to make changes to these groupings.


Last week we received news that Georgina Torrisi's dad passed away suddenly. This has been a great shock to the family. We pass on our thoughts and prayers to Georgina and her family during this very sad time.

Secondary School Experience

Salesian College have invited our Year 3 and 4 students (boys and girls) to a morning at their college to experience what a secondary school might look and feel like. This activity will take place next Wednesday 6th November. Students will be involved in a number of activities, including a media, science and physical education class.

Coffee and Catch-up

The coffee cart will be operating again in the morning after assembly and all parents are welcome to come along for a coffee and catch-up after assembly.  Hot drinks will be on sale for $2.

School Closure Day

A reminder that next Monday 4th November is a school closure day and Tuesday is a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup.


We would like to thank students and families for their generous contributions for the footy fundraiser in Term 3. Your generosity and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated, and will mean a lot to the John Moriarty Foundation. The school raised a total of $1,400. This money will help improve the lives and opportunities of disadvantaged Indigenous Youth. 

We are incredibly proud of this effort.


If any families have a chess set at home that they are not using, the children of Grade 1/2G would love to have some in their class to use. If you can assist, please contact the office. Thank you.


Learning Diversity

Learning Diversity

Learning Diversity : Meeting students diverse needs


Over the past year at Christ Our Holy Redeemer we have expanded our support services for students with additional needs. We have a Speech Pathologist, Maria Morais who joins us each Wednesday to provide program advice and assessments for students with language needs and we have a Psychologist, Rochel Baker who works here on Tuesdays and Thursdays for counselling as well as assessments when needed. 


We are now looking at the best way to support students with Occupational Therapy needs. This will be a parent initiated service in which the school will provide a workable space for private therapy to occur. Costs will vary depending on Medicare, private health funds rebates and NDIS funding where applicable. We have researched a number of companies and at present are following up with Inspiring Possibilities mobile service. We are looking for expressions of interest from parents if you would be interested in using this service in 2020. More details about costs will follow when we have more of an idea of the number of interested families.

Please let the office know or respond by email. 


With thanks


Suzanne Neil  - Learning Diversity Leader


Occupational Therapy: Inspiring Possibilities


If your child is having difficulties in the following developmental areas, then we can help! 

  • Sensory processing

  • Self regulation

  • Fine, gross and visual motor skills                                

  • Motor planning and coordination

  • Social and emotional development

  • Self-care

  • Visual perceptual skills

  • School readiness skills

  • Attention and concentration                   


Showcasing Student Work

Congratulations to Vinay

An enormous congratulations and recognition to our 5/6C student Vinay Raghavan for competing in the Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympaid in September. Just recently Vinay received the results and came second in Australia with a Gold Medal. On behalf of Christ our Holy Redeemer Community, we congratulate Vinay for his outstanding efforts.


Congratulations to Ava

Ava in Year 6 has recently been competing in the school athletics in discus, making her way through district, divisional, regional and most recently at a state level. In the state competition Ava came 6th. This is  a wonderful achievement for Ava and we congratulate her on her achievement.

Poems written by students in 5/6C



A Snowy Day In The Mountains! Written by Poppy

What an exotic day, pouring down with snow!

The waving winds are really starting to blow.

How about I go for a ski? 

Yes, that would make me feel very free.

I’m throwing my ski gear on,

Making me feel like an ugly swan.

Riding down the very steep hill, 

Making me feel slightly ill.

Falling, falling as the day goes on,

Feeling like a swimming fish in

an extra, extra large pond.

My mum soon calls me, it’s time for dinner. 

This ski day has made me feel like a winner!

I soon tuck my sheets 

In time for bed,

Knowing this is a day, I’ll never forget.


My brain was squared, As I was scared, Trying to deal, With the ceiling high waves. As big as a lion, As horrifying as a shark, Pouncing towards me, Not as small as a bee, While it swishes towards me, I panic, while this gigantic wave whooshes close to me. Whoosh,crash,bash, The wave is tilting over me, I feel like I ́m melting away, My head is spinning, While the water is hitting me. I feel like I ́m splitting into pieces, slowly fading away from my family, I will fight against you, You will fight back, No matter how hard I try, You are more than a ripple. Why did you come? No one invited you, I hope your not long, Why be so strong? When you leave, Be gone forever.  Written by Sofia


Volcano. The Volcano smokes like a chimney. Slow like a sloth, The lava falls. Anger in the clouds, Lightning strikes. Bang! Boom! Crash! Lighting up the sky, The volcano erupts with rage. Violent crashes like thunder in my ear. Written by Ruby


Lighthouse.  Lighthouse, How long have you been Standing so tall? Everything has stopped for you, You're frozen in time Still as a statue from standing so tall Lighthouse, you're frosty like crushed ice It's antic how when you're touched you're freezing Everything is peaceful while you're there, icy You're frozen like a sunken ship that's why your so chilly.  Written by Breanna


The wave is raging, crashing, slashing, It sounds like hailing, flashing, dashing. Tense voices, Coming into my ears, I've got a few choices, here comes the tears. The salty water hits my eyes, I close them, It's getting bigger in size. Grabbing everything on land, Hand in Hand, Swirling, Sweeping. Written by Bonnie


Hungry, Hungry for disaster The wave The big terrifying wave It stares down Sharp and bold The frantic thing Shines in the suns ray It ascends It ascends high in the never ending sky It freezes Still Still, Still, Still in disaster.  Written by Ben


I turn around, all I see is sapphire blue. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my gut. The waves sound like I am trapped in isolation I suddenly notice it's a giant wave. I'm so scared. My head feels like its in flames. It hits me. I'm totally flushed out, HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE THIS? I'm full of fear and doubt –Written by Charlie


Waves do not save, But they are brave

The wave, Crashes and slashes 

A wave is like a building, It is killing

Always spilling, At 20 meters high

It has almost touched the sky

And everyone is, Saying good-bye 

Everyone is screaming and eyes are beaming 

As the wave, Has gone clashing   

The waves are strong, Like a brick wall

The waves are bold and cold, But as hard as gold 

It is huge and Fierce just like fire 

I wonder how Gigantic, tall, big or huge?

And you better run as soon as I come

Written by Jordan


A gigantic upsurge like a mountain of waters, The waves are turquoise, cloud foamed monsters. The boat is speeding, The people are scrambling, Their faces, terrified as those trapped in The Titanic. I look at the wave, but I do not panic, It makes me wonder why you chase the seas, And also, where your thousands of ripples lead? The ripples move as fast as a lightning bolt, maybe faster, shall they ever come to a halt? The boat, as tall as the Eureka Tower, To everything, it has all the power. Written by Mackenzie


Lava flows against the ice, Nothing escapes, standing on the side of fear Lightning strikes, thunder claps. I feel the whole world collapse. Why do you erupt? Why cause disaster? I run and run, can't go much faster. The world around me begins to shake. Even my body begins to quake Ash rises and soars in the sky, While many creatures run, afraid to die. Magma flows and fire spits, As you watch, the adrenaline hits. –Written by Jack


The harsh whispering of the wind, Stuck inside my ear. Drowning out my cries, For help that I send out. Crunching of my footsteps, As I tread on the ice. My voice is weak, And no longer soars through the sky. Darkness consumes me, My hope fades away. The rope holding me to you breaks, As if it was my fate. Why did this terror come, As sudden as lightning? Is that a ray of faith? Or something much more frightening. Written by Sophie



In the year of twenty-ten, A volcano erupted in Iceland.

As a plume of blazing ash rises, Locals leave and flee and hide.

Volcano! Volcano! Oh, why did you flash with fury?

Run away! Run away! No one escapes when a volcano has got ‘em.

To the lightning, Why are you flashing?!

A streak through the sky, It illuminates the night.

A volcano and some lightning Are a death-dealing mix.

One of them as black as tar, One of them as bright as the stars.

To be a witness of an eruption, Must be a horrifying experience.

To see the ash spiral and rise, It is an event that sparks terror.

As it erupts, There’s a sonic BOOM!

Running water flows From near its smoking caldera.

There’s a crackle And there’s thunder.

The falling rocks Contribute a raucous sound.

When a volcano awakes from its slumber, The effects are felt on the yonder side.

When you add a bolt of lightning, The wrath of the mountain is felt more deeply.


Every time you roar Everybody is terror-stricken You make children hide As parents stay frightened. You twist and turn Taking everything in your path Peoples hearts being broken Like shattered glass. Do you want my family? Do you want this town? I'm begging you stop! People shrieking as you circle round A crash of lightning strikes a tree Everything's on fire No way to escape free Written by Mikayla


The people you have killed The hearts no longer filled You hear the cries as the sand flies It pierces my skin I stand glued to my spot listening to the wind " I've come" it whispers Adrenaline pumping through my veins The yelp of fear is all I can hear until... All is still Written by Christina


 Volcano Poem Written by Christian

Dark crater rumbling,

Clouds of smoke rising,

Crackling magma dripping down the edge,

Red hot fireworks bursting out on the ledge,

Its raining rocks as the eruptions  slows down,a thick layer of magma covers your town


The Adventurous Waves Written by Heidi

The surfer was as fearless as a cheetah

Her daughter looked in disbelief

As her mum surfed the biggest wave she had ever seen

The waves were as white as snow

The water was as cold as ice

Splash, I hear the waves crashing

I hear people laughing

Water as clear as glass,drifting towards the shore

I see people swimming.  Who will that wave engulf next?


Thunder Storm Written by Isabella

As the lightning flickered with bright power,

it was like a cheetah striking at its prey.

The thunder raging as the grey clouds turn jet black.

I see lightning dancing around,

like the flashing colours at the northern lights.

I look up to the dull clouds,

to see the lightning proliferating from the blanket like clouds.

in the distance, I hear the thunder roaring as if it was a dragon

bang,crash,boom, the deafening thunder,

as the lightning fractures through the sky.



Why are you attacking,

Where did you come from,

And how did you happen,


You’re carrying people,

And they’re all running away, 

maybe your colossal wave, 

is making all the people afraid,


Buildings are getting smashed, 

And people are getting thrashed,

Half the population has been wiped out,

But the tsunami has just started to breakout.


Tornado Written by William

It is Tornado Joe coming every Sunday Waging from side to side Houses and you... food! Yum! Crunch! Chew! That how we do it. I destroyed your country l destroy your home we all die alone There is no species on earth thanks to humans, in that case you can live This is a warning We are coming Run fast l will win Drive l will win Do anything l am coming!!!


Poem about a volcano I see a tornado erupting its louder than a rugby tuff. the volcano will wreck some newland hand in hand. 20 volcanoes every day some of them are hard to say. A volcanoes just open like a card, one might be in your yard. Written by Luca


The ships driving to the docks, To load the box, With engine blocks. Driving through the seas, Past all the different countries. To a different set of docks, Where the ships unload the box. Finally, our work is done, It’s time for just me, No more ships here in my living room, No more driving through the sea. Written by Ashton

Prep News

Q and U Wedding



On Friday 25th October, the Prep students celebrated the wedding of Q and U.

We have learnt that Q and U stick like glue.  You will find that Q is always followed by U in words.  


It was a lovely ceremony.  Mrs Palermo was the celebrant and our guests included Vicky, Miss O’Halloran and Mrs Paduano.


We all walked down the aisle to our seats while wedding music played.

Mila and Ari held the letters Q and U and walked them down the aisle.  

Mrs Palermo made a speech and recited the vows for Q and U. 

Together, they became QU and we can find the married couple in words like queen, question, quilt, quick, and quiet. 


After the ceremony, we took photos and celebrated with a delicious wedding cupcake!

It was a lovely wedding and a fun way to learn about the sounds that letters combine to  make.



Student Wellbeing

School Wide Expectations

In 2017, we developed our School Wide Expectations. These expectation encompass all the values that we as a school think should be shown to/by all individuals.

These values are: Show Respect, Be Safe, Try Your Best, Be A Team and Follow Christ.


Each week at our Friday Assembly, Mr. Welsford selects an expectation that the school will focus on. Teachers will choose one student in their class who have shown that expectation to receive acknowledgment and the SEL award.

Parents are encouraged to use these expectations at home with the children, as this will help them develop the language and behaviours that accompany the school expectations. 


Some behaviours that students may show which demonstrate the  school expectations are:

Show Respect: Taking turns, being patient, listening to adults  and one another

Be Safe: Holding mum or dads hand when crossing the road, wearing helmets when riding bikes or scooters, being aware of their surroundings

Try Your Best: Completing their reading and homework to the best of their ability, showing persistence with jobs/chores at home

Be A Team: Playing nicely with siblings and/or family members, showing sportsmanship and positive attitudes at after school activities

Follow Christ: Showing kindness to family and friends, sharing toys with their siblings, using manners when speaking to others. 


Emily Faella - Wellbeing Leader


Cyber Safety


Thursday 14th November 7pm @ Sacred Heart Primary School

COHR & SH Primary School invite ALL parents. 

  • Why have we booked Inform & Empower for our schools?
  • They are the only parent cyber safety seminar co-presented by an educator and psychologist
  • Access to evidenced based, practical tips and strategies that parents can implement immediately
  • To ensure a collaborative relationship with our most important stakeholders - parents.
  • They provide all of their resources, slides and links freely available to our parents and broader school community after the session.
  • Cyber safety tips A4 poster to take home.

Have you visited the Updated Government Cybersafety website?

Introducing our new national online safety hub
We are very excited to share with you the new and refreshed website, a comprehensive, dynamic and interactive online safety hub for Australians. 
There really is no other place online quite like it!
We’ve spent the last 18 months working alongside various experts to create, refresh and streamline eSafety’s content, so it’s right for you. Every page on our site has been updated with tailored advice, resources and support to ensure your experience online is an empowering and positive one. 



Message from our Environment Leaders


Bread Tags for Wheelchairs is a community program where individuals and organisations collect bread tags to be sold to plastics recycling companies (Australia’s company of choice is Transmutation, located in South Australia). There, the bread tags are repurposed into a range of products such as seedling trays, picture frames, door knobs, coat hangers and more. That’s not all though – the money earned from selling the tags is used to buy wheelchairs for people who can’t afford them. We would like to ask if all families that use bread tags to bring them into school. There will be a box located in the office for all of the bread tags. 




Just like the bread tags bottle tops can help as well. This is a simple matter of collecting the plastic bottle tops from milk, juice and cream bottles and sending them to school. These tops are sent to a company in Seaford called Envision. They break down the plastic into filament and with a 3D printer and create prosthetic limbs for children who have lost limbs due to injury, war or accidents.

The company make the prosthetics free of charge and they are then distributed to Rotary who give prosthetics to people in need. Next to the bread tags box located in the office a box will be there for bottle caps. We would love families to bring them in to help save the environment. 

Parents Association News

Bunnings BBQ

Thank you to the Parents who assisted with the Bunnings BBQ last weekend. We raised $1,800.00.

This money, along with the money raised at the previous Bunnings BBQ will be used to purchase new take-home readers for our junior classes.


Movie Night on the school oval

The COHR Christmas Party will take place on the school oval on Thursday 28th November. Food and drinks will be on offer as well as an outdoor movie night. It's sure to be a wonderful community event.

Businesses interested in sponsoring the movie night are invited to contact the school office to discuss the opportunity of advertising their business on the big screen before the movie commences.




Monday 4th              School Closure Day

Tuesday 5th              Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Tuesday 12th          Parents Association Meeting at 7.30pm

Thursday 14th         Prep (2020) Orientation Session 1

Monday 18th            Grade 6 Graduation Photo

Wednesday 20th    Prep (2020) Orientation Session 2

Thursday 21st          Grade 4 Camp

Friday 22nd               Grade 4 Camp

Wednesday 27th    Prep (2020) Orientation Session 3

Thursday 28th         COHR  Movie Night on school oval

Friday 29th               School Closure Day



Thursday 12th        Graduation Dinner & Mass

Tuesday 17th           End of Year Mass 9.00am

Tuesday 17th          End of Term 4 School Concludes at 3.30pm

Community News

Oakleigh Cricket Club


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