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16 September 2019
Term 3 Week 10
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September Dates:

Thu 19th

  • SRC Fundraiser - Footy Day Dress Up
  • Family Night - 6:30pm Start
  • School Council

Fri 20th

  • Aussie of the Month Award
  • Last Day of Term Three 2:30pm Finish

Term 4 - October Dates:

Mon 7th

  • First day back of Term 4

Wed 9th

  • Division Athletics 

Mon 14th - Fri 18th

  • 5/6 Camp to Coonawarra

Wed 16th -  Fri 18th

  • 3/4 Camp to Portsea

Thu 17th

  • Kindergarten 2020 Parent Information night 6:30pm

Principal's Report

Junior Production

The Junior Production Marvellous Inventions which included amazing songs performed by the Junior School and Kindergarten, to a packed theatre on Wednesday evening also had HMAS Streitberger sailing through Nelson Bay! A big thank you and appreciation to Claire Andrews for writing the show. How she brings it all together I do not know. Thank you also to Tegan Kitteringham  and Seona Cosgriff for all their work with students on dances and songs.


Thanks also to Mel Seadon for props, Jo Smaller for the time machine and Nick Dix for all his great photography. Thank you to all Junior and Kinder Staff for rehearsals and costumes and Senior Staff who came along to support us on the night.


Staff would also like to take this opportunity to thank our families for their emails, morning tea treats and positive comments for both the Junior and Senior Productions. These mean a lot and when you're feeling a little tired, they can be very uplifting. So thank you to those people who take the time out of their busy schedules to thank staff it is very much appreciated.

Hoop Time

Our annual Hoop time was held last week at Mullum Mullum stadium. Students from 5/6 compete at different levels against local schools depending on their basketball playing experience. Our teams represented themselves and the school with excellent sportsmanship and comitmant. Thank you to Cassie Brisbane for making sure so many students could take part.

Band Performance

We were treated to a moving performance by the band accompanied by Griffin on vocals. I thank Mr Andrew Shaw and Mr Chris Rodgers for all their work with the band over the year.

Family Night 

Mount Pleasant Road is celebrating Literacy and Numeracy week this week, due to our Productions. There are lots of events planned which culminates in our Family Night on Thursday night where parents and students take part in a range of classroom games and learning tasks that are used to teach and reinforce literacy and numeracy concepts. The passport returns so do not forget to collect your stamps to be in the draw for prizes on Friday at assembly.

Important Information

Lost Property 

We have a collection of lost property displayed in the foyer. It includes lunch boxes and drink bottles. If items are named they are usually returned to the classroom in the tote. I encourage families to name all items so they can be returned to owners. The display will be packed up and items donated to charity.



Big W is giving away Free Books again! If you are interested in getting some new books at home for your child to read – for FREE! – then head on down to your local Big W with your child to claim your book. For more information head to this link

8 books to collect - selected for your little readers.

These books have been selected for kids aged between 5 - 8 years who are learning to read and looking for that first chapter book experience.

We've chosen 8 titles by Australian Authors to appeal to Aussie kids. They all talk to an Australian experience; covering indigenous, city and country kids. The books are written and illustrated by Australian authors and artists.

Emma McCoy

English Leader

Senior and Junior Production Video Links

The Senior Production of Beauty and the Beast Jr video is ready to be purchased online.  Relive the performance and enjoy watching the show in your homes.  We have used a new company this year and the video will be of the whole stage. There is a video of Thursday and Friday night so make sure you choose which night you would like.  


Our Junior Production 'Marvellous Creations' is ready to be purchased online as well. 

If you would like to relive the night in the comfort of your own home follow the link below to purchase your own DVD of the night.

Footy Day Fundraiser

This Thursday 19th September is our Footy Day dress up fundraiser. We invite all students to come dressed in the colours of their favourite sport team for a gold coin donation. All proceeds will go towards buying new sports equipment for students to use during recess and lunchtimes.

Breakfast Club 

To celebrate the end of the term we will be have a celebration at Breakfast Club on Friday from 8:20am. We will have fruit, toast, pancakes and Sipahh straws for students to enjoy, please bring a gold coin donation. 

A big thank you to Sarah Kirby for donating the bread and Sipahh straws.

Community Notice

Over the holidays we will have construction work being done around the Junior Netball courts. This work will be the removal of underground tanks that are no longer in use. It will be important to follow all safety messages displayed but also be aware that the area will not be able to be used over the holidays.

Leadership Centre


Term 3 is quickly coming to a close but the adventures continue as we prepare for a fantastic week with our Family Night and a range of engaging Literacy and Numeracy activities. Students enjoyed celebrating the success of the production and quickly bounced back after a few late nights performing. 


Overall, it has been an outstanding and action-packed term as we realised when completing our Term Reflections. Students had the opportunity to reflect on the progress made in their learning goals, identify highlights from the last 9 weeks and recognise the character strengths that they have used in the classroom. A common highlight for many students was our class novel, Nevermoor, which has swept students up into a fantasy world so engaging that we have already planned to read the sequel next term.


For Literacy and Numeracy Week, 5/6 students have been busy preparing a lesson for the 3/4 students to teach them a maths skill and give them a taste of what it is like to learn in the Leadership Centre. It has been impressive to see students incorporate the lesson structure and language that we use in classrooms as it highlights their deep understanding. We look forward to getting to deliver our lessons to the Independence Centre this week and know that the students teaching and listening will find it a valuable learning experience. 


Hooptime was a highlight for many students this week as they learnt

new skills from the umpires and had the opportunity to play short basketball games against other schools. Thank you to Mrs. Brisbane, Mrs. Sonsie, Mrs. Naismith, Miss Kirkwood and Karen for their fantastic coaching skills and making it such a fabulous day!

Student Voice

It was great to get to play so many basketball games with my friends and work on my skills! - Tarek

I'm excited to teach different things in our 3/4 Maths lessons because we all learn new things more by teaching others. -Anais


Looking forward to seeing you all at Family Night on Thursday!

Pupil of the Week

5/6B: Aidan S -

For demonstrating leadership and teamwork as you lead others through a discussion on the Stolen Generation. You offered deep insight whilst also allowing others to have their say. Well done. 


5/6G: Auray H - 

Well done on demonstrating determination and sportsmanship throughout Hoop Time last week. It was great to see your teamwork as you consistently passed the ball.


5/6S: Juliet O -

Well done Juliet for writing an engaging and well-structured response about your opinion on The Stolen Generation and the ongoing effect it has had on the Indigenous people.


5/6W: Jay T - 

For demonstrating leadership, fairness and inclusion during 5/6 Sport. Your words of encouragement allowed others to have a go and get involved. Fantastic, Jay!

Independence Centre


Wow! It’s hard to believe that we are in the last week of Term 3! Where has the time gone? Last week, we had a busy week beginning with our planning day on Monday. We were lucky enough to have some 3/4 students come into our planning day to share some ideas / topics that they would like to focus on - we can’t wait to implement some of the amazing ideas!


In Writing, we focused on writing book reviews, on our favourite ‘Just Right Books’. It was impressive to see the amount of detail that were put into these! This week, we will be writing our term reflection and reflecting on our goals. 


In Reading, we analysed advertisements and looked at how the media sometimes use gender stereotypes to influence us. In addition, we discussed traditional gender roles and looked at a range of fairy tales that depict these. This week, we will continue to analyse advertisements and complete a portfolio task - keep a look out for these on Seesaw!

Chance and probability was a continued focus in Maths, and we looked at chance outcomes whilst making tree diagrams, which show every possible outcome. This week, we begin to look at number patterns. These will include whole numbers, fractions and decimals.


Last week was R U OK? Day, and all classes watched videos and completed an activity, looking at why it is important to be aware of the people around us and ask the simple question ‘are you okay?’. 


This Thursday night, we have our literacy and numeracy family night from 6:30-7:30pm, and everyone is invited along to participate in a range of fun activities! We hope to see you there!


- Footy Day is this Thursday

- Please return all camp notices

- Family night on Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

- All students must be wearing their hats during recess and lunch

- Early finish on Friday (2:30pm)


Pupil of the Week

3/4 D: Shaun F -

Well done on using the strength of persistence. You eagerly completed your writing task whilst typing with one hand. It is great to see you back at school!


3/4G: Tara Jacobs -

For being a supportive and caring classmate to those around you. You can always be relied upon to cheer up your friends using your strengths of love and humour. Keep it up, Tara!


3/4K: Chaitanya J - 

For approaching each day at school with zest and enthusiasm. You're always so motivated to take on board feedback and implement it into your learning! Well done, Chaitanya!


3/4R: Jay V -

For showing Love of Learning and Persistence by completing his work quickly and to a high quality throughout the term. Your work has been a great example to your classmates, Jay!

Inquiry Centre


“Reach for the stars!”. What an incredible production we were lucky enough to see on Wednesday night at Crossway theatre. All students in the Junior School should be very proud of the way they performed on stage, I know all the teachers are! Last week was mostly focused around production, from rehearsing at school to taking a bus to the theatre and rehearsing on their stage. Thank you to all the parents who came to support the show. The students are already talking about their next production!


In Mathematics sessions across the week, the students began investigating fractions using food as our tool. Some of the best foods are round - pizza, cookies, cake. So the students created their own round food and demonstrated how they could show fractions ranging from halves all the way to sixteenths. 


Writing sessions across the week consisted of reflecting on the term we have had. From production, the school Disco and the Book Week parade, the students all reflected on what they have enjoyed over the term, what they want to work on next term and what they are looking forward to the most. It seems like most students are looking forward to the Year One Late Stay and the Year Two Sleepover! Students also chose new goals for Term 4 in Reading, Writing, Maths and a Personal Skill. 


We look forward to this week on Thursday when we have our Celebrating Differences lunch. If you’re able to join us, we will see you at 1pm on the Junior basketball courts. In Week 2 next term, the Inquiry centre has the opportunity to run assembly while the 5/6 and 3/4 students are on camp. We would love to see you there!


Student Voice

“I loved going to the production and using the pompoms in our dance!” ~Sean 1/2M 

“The Junior Production was my favourite because it was only the second production I have been in and I had a solo line!” ~Sophie 1/2M


  • Celebrating Differences lunch at 1pm on Thursday on the junior basketball courts. 

  • Students need to be wearing hats at recess and lunch from now until the rest of the year

  • Portfolios will be coming home on Friday and they will need to be returned on the first day back in Term Four

  • Footy Day is this Thursday. Students can come to school wearing footy colours/clothes of their favourite team and bring a cold coin donation!

Pupil of the Week

1/2C: Michelle E -

For demonstrating a love of learning when creating a fraction pizza! Well done on challenging yourself to find equivalent fractions. Amazing effort Michelle!


1/2E:  Sophie C -

For using creativity and love of learning during our pizza fraction task, you worked hard to challenge yourself! Great work Sophie!


1/2H: Wendy W -

For demonstrating a love of learning during our Pizza Fraction activity. You challenged yourself to show eighths and used lots of creativity when adding your toppings. Fantastic work Wendy!


1/2K: Dinayne -

For demonstrating bravery and leadership in your performance as a Sailor in our Junior School Production. You remembered the steps to the performance and encouraged others on the night. Well done Dinayne!


1/2M: Alya K -

For demonstrating leadership and kindness when performing her role as ‘Time Traveler’ in the Junior Production. Thank you for always looking out for your classmates and helping them during rehearsals. Keep it up, Alya!


1/2O: Ava M -

For demonstrating leadership and kindness during our Junior School Production rehearsal. While under pressure to perform yourself, you took the time to support a classmate so they could be included in rehearsal. Thank you Ava!

1/2S: Ann Maria B -

Congratulations for your performance as a ‘Time Traveller’ in the Junior School Production. You demonstrated bravery and performed with enthusiasm. Well done Ann!

Discovery Centre


What a HUGE week we have had in the Discovery Centre. We are so proud of our singers, dancers and actors who performed in the Junior Production! On Tuesday students got changed into their costumes and did a dress rehearsal to a keen audience of 3/4 students. On Wednesday we had a very exciting adventure, travelling via bus to Crossways to do a run through on the big stage. It was a very fun but long day in preparation for the big night. That night, the time had finally come - after weeks and weeks of practise, the students were ready to perform in front of their adoring fans (their families!). Foundation students did a FANTASTIC job performing as time travellers, beach goers and postmen. We hope you enjoyed the show! 


In Literacy this week we focused on recalling information from events that have happened by writing recounts about the weekend and and the production. We have challenged students to include 'wow' words to make their writing more interesting. In Maths we practised counting forwards and backwards from different starting points with some songs and games to help. 



Student Voice


'My favourite thing was Surfin' USA' Tommy FD

'I liked dancing on the stage at production' Ryan FD

'I Iiked that I got to use the microphone' Ava FD

'I liked my speaking part because I got to say surf's up man' Leo FD


All classes start the day at 8.50: Thank you for your understanding on how important this is to both students and teachers.

Swimming: Please return your swimming notices, it is a fantastic program that we encourage all students to participate in

Sunsmart: Students are required to wear their hats during recess, lunchtime and all other outdoor activities.  

End of term: School finishes at 2:30pm on Friday

Pupil of the Week

FC: Taj F -

For making your writing more interesting by providing detail in your recount about the Junior Production. Keep up the great work Taj! 

FD:  Christian K -

For showing a love of learning in writing. You always try your best and you make your writing so interesting by using your author's voice. Amazing work Christian! 


FJ: Molly B - 

For demonstrating a love of learning during writing by adding wow words to make your writing more interesting. Fantastic work Molly!


FT: Eva D -

For independently using the ‘wow word’ board to find vocabulary that would make your Junior Production recount more descriptive. Keep it up, Eva!

Specialist News

Physical Education and Sport

Congratulations to our Senior students who competed in the District Hoop time day last Wednesday. Special thanks to Karen for coaching one of our Future Star teams. Our students always represent our school with great pride and it is a pleasure to take them to these sporting days.

The Whitehorse Division Athletics carnival is on Wednesday October 9th at Bill Sewart Athletics track in East Burwood. Permission forms for this event will be sent home today and need to be returned by Friday. We have 28 students competing and wish them all the very best!


Performing Arts

Well done to all the Kinder, Foundation and Year 1/2 students who performed in Junior Production ‘Marvellous Inventions’ last Wednesday night.  The students shone bright on the night wowing the audience with the beautiful singing and dazzling dance moves.  A big thank-you to all the staff for their continued support which helped make the performance run as smoothly as it did.  Another thank-you to the family and friends who came to watch the performance, the atmosphere was electric giving the students an amazing on stage experience for them to build on in the future.

Please see our Important Information page for the link to purchase your copy of the Junior Production. 

Pupil of the Week

Performing Arts: Blake L (1/2H)

For demonstrating confidence and enthusiasm when performing in the Junior Production. He was a star! Great work!


Indonesian: Hayley (3/4D)

For creating a fantastic poster showing all the body parts of a character in Indonesian. You showed creativity and a love of learning to label with all new vocabulary. Hebat!


Visual Arts: Jayden N (FT)

For showing amazing drawing and blending techniques when using oil pastels. You display a love of learning in the art room and it shines through on your work. Well done Jayden!


Physical Education: Freddie B (FC) 

For demonstrating zest and perseverence in PE classes. Great job Freddie!

Kindergarten News

Dickins Room

What a tremendous week we had at kinder! There was such a buzz, with the children eager to participate in the production preparation in the school. Both our classes practised in the hall and we spent some time watching the other classes as they practised. With so many of our children having siblings, it was an incredible opportunity to create a strong sense of community and connection to our school. The production night itself was fantastic, with the children being able to use their strong sense of identity and confidence to showcase in front of a huge audience. This was a huge step for our children and they did a fantastic job.


Our three year olds spent time this week discussing the changes around spring- some of their concepts were that 'leave are stuck on branches with sticky tape', and that flowers' came from the shops'. We discussed the changes that happened in spring and then represented this through an art experience, asking the children to drop some black paint onto paper, blow this with a straw and then using cue tips, create dots to represent the blossoms. The children really enjoyed the process and sat and focused for extended periods.


Our Marram class have been experimenting with smell, using their curiosity to drive their interests we have visited the garden, picked aromatic plants, fruits and water and with a mortar and pestle, the children have created 'potions' and 'perfumes'. This has been an incredible learning experience where we have been able to observe peer to peer scaffolding as well as independence and autonomy. 

We are looking forward to the last week of term and we also say goodbye to Treesje our intern on Friday.


Al, Mardi and Jo

Moore Room

What an amazing performance from our Bob the Builder’s for production night. All of the rehearsals paid off as we came together and delivered a great show. We were so proud of the way the children behaved in the ‘green room’, waiting patiently and then navigating the backstage area before taking the stage under the lights in their moment to shine – well done Kinder’s.


We also had a busy week whereby the children helped to make some lanterns, watched a video about the meaning of the Autumn moon festival and then tried some moon cake. The children also made some rum balls (without the rum of course) to celebrate Anastasia’s successful placement with us. We had some great outdoor moments; visiting the school gardens, water painting, picnics, dramatic play in the sandpit, travellers and lots of searching for treasure.


We still have a big week for our last week of Term Three. On Wednesday the 18th September we will have a footy day – come dressed in your favourite footy team colours or any other favourite sports team colours. We will have a parade, kick some balls and have a party pie to celebrate and we have taken into consideration dietary requirements. We also have our Family literacy and numeracy night on Thursday 19th September with the school 6.30 – 7.30pm.


We hope you all have a fabulous holiday with lots of rest and hopefully lots of sunshine.

Kelly-Anne, Jen, Julie and Mardi



Parents & Friends

Parents and Friends Update

Congratulations to all our kindergarten and junior school students for a wonderful production last Wednesday evening. The show was full of energy and fun, and it was clear that everyone involved had a great time throughout. Thank you to Mrs Andrews and all the staff involved, it was obvious that a lot of hard work had gone into preparing for the show. 


Thank you to the Sayadsufdus Family for supplying Friday’s cake raffle and the Taubert family for harvesting produce from the garden. We raised $37.80 from ticket sales. Raffle tickets are available for purchase in the courtyard each Friday before assembly.


A huge thank you goes to all our sensational P&F volunteers. Term 3 has been very busy and it’s been fantastic to have your involvement. I look forward to working with you during Term 4.


Don’t forget that we are collecting chocolate blocks and soft drinks for the Pleasant Bazaar. If you are able to contribute please leave your donations in the basket in the school foyer. Thank you.


Make sure you check out this week’s Pleasant Bazaar news – we have lots in store!


Ways you can get involved this week:

  • Bakers Delight Brentford Square are proud supporters of our school and kinder. When purchasing from their store if you mention MPRPS&K before you pay a percentage of your sale will be donated back to our school and kindergarten. Thanks to Greg and his team for their ongoing support.
  • Jess Sterritt Walker is our Community Support Representative. If you need a little extra support please don’t hesitate to contact Jess. And if you are able to offer support (perhaps you can cook some meals or do some grocery shopping for a family in need) Jess will add you to her database of volunteers – email
  • Several wonderful organisations with the Whitehorse area offer free or low-cost community meals. A couple of options in our local area are;
  • Stairway Church, Wednesdays 5.4pm, 171 Rooks Rd Vermont.
  • Mitcham Community Meal, Sundays 6pm, 18 Edward St Mitcham.
  • Don’t forget to join our Parents & Friends Facebook group

or our kinder Facebook group


Ebony Balaz

Parents & Friends Coordinator


Pleasant Bazaar News


Thank you to everyone who has donated preloved goods for our Trash & Treasure stall. The Pleasant Bazaar storage container is filling up fast. Jess, Louise and Amy have sorted through all donations and started to arrange things in anticipation of the big day. More details on future donation call outs will be communicated in Term 4.



We are asking our families to donate blocks of chocolate and bottles of soft drink or juice for the ever popular ‘Chocolate Toss’ and ‘Soft Drink Toss’ games. Any brand, flavour, variety is fine, whatever is on sale when you are doing the shopping! There is a basket in the school foyer for donations. Thank you.



We are very grateful for the support of Viking Rentals who have helped us out with a generous discount on hire of amenities for the day of the Pleasant Bazaar. Please support them by checking out their website for all your hire needs.



We would love to showcase the fabulous array of businesses within our own community. For a donation of just $150 towards the running of the 2019 Pleasant Bazaar your business can become a ‘School Supporter’ giving you a mention on social media, a mention in the weekly newsletter report, a sponsorship digital badge and a certificate of appreciation. To register your interest or to receive a copy of the full sponsorship prospectus please contact .



Thank you to those who have purchased ride wristbands early – we love a bit of pre-planning! The school oval is going to be a filled with fun rides and games on the day of the 2019 Pleasant Bazaar. Ride wristbands can be purchased here  Individual rides will be $7 each on the day of the Pleasant Bazaar. Rides will be open to the general public so your friends, family and neighbours are all welcome to purchase a wristband and join the fun!



Do you have a special skill or talent to share on the day of the Pleasant Bazaar? Or do you know a fabulous performer who can entertain a crowd? We are looking to fill our entertainment schedule with an array of performers. Would you be willing to donate half an hour to perform? Think singers, dancers, magicians, children’s entertainers… Let us know if you have an idea or contact.


Please like, follow and share via social media      &


Pleasant Bazaar website:


From the 2019 Pleasant Bazaar Organising Committee

OSHClub News

Parent Information

OSHClub Program Phone: 0427-144-945

Program Coordinator: Ben

Program Assistants: Annette

OSHClub Head Office: 1300 395 735


All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is free!! Please create an account online at 

All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account.

For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.


Mount Pleasant Road Primary School does not endorse the products or services of any private advertiser. No responsibility is accepted by the School for accuracy of information contained in advertisement or claims made by them.


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