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19 September 2019
Issue Twenty-nine
A lot with a Little
What's been happening?
Nine Types of Students: #9- The Peacemaker
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A lot with a Little

By Andy Callow (Principal) 

I count it a rare privilege to have had a number of opportunities to chat with Tim Costello.

Much of that has come about because I have piggy-backed on the long-standing friendship that Lyn and Darryl Thompson (BHCS pioneers extraordinaire) and Glenn Campbell (Business Manager at BHCS) have enjoyed with Tim since their time together as students at Monash University.


Tim has been called Australia’s favourite social justice activist and man of the people.

He has served as a Baptist minister, a lawyer, mayor of St Kilda, and as the CEO of World Vision Australia.  Not only has he received the Victorian of the Year award (2004) in recognition of his public and community service, he was also the Victorian nominee for the Australian of the Year in 2006. He is listed by the National Trust as a "National Living Treasure"

I have been greatly enjoying reading his recently released autobiography “A Lot with a Little”.

The setting (Blackburn, Clayton and Belgrave Heights) is so familiar, and his reflections on the Australian zeitgeist of the last few decades are fascinating. Even the book’s preface (which I often skip over) contained succinct comments and quotes that challenge and encourage.

Consider this:

“My faith is grounded in the story of Jesus and the impact it has had on the world. This story has personal, spiritual, social, moral, ethical and, yes, even political implications”

Which then leads Tim to amplify as:

“Faith creates meaning. It is faith that releases me to recognise that my primary desire is for my life to mean something. This is much more primal than even the pursuit of happiness.

I write this memoir because I believe we all need to commit ourselves to something bigger, beyond self-absorption.


I hope it stirs you to think of what grounds you, and gives your life purpose”

The staff at BHCS all share a common desire to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. It’s very much part of their desire for their lives to mean something. It is grounded in their belief of being daily invited by God to work with Him in this “small corner” of His world.
And that is what we deeply desire for our students – that they find their own personal story and
fulfillment in committing to something bigger than themselves, that gives their lives purpose.

What's been happening?

Prep & 1/2 Stay Late (Junior Team) 

Last Friday, our Prep to Year 2 students enjoyed an extra long school day thanks to Stay Late.

It was an action packed afternoon and evening filled with activities, fun and friendship building, while catching a glimpse of the school and each other in a different light than can be gleaned on a regular day.


Fruit, cheese, crackers, pizza and icy poles were among the culinary delights on offer, providing fuel for what ensued. Students rotated through 3 ball soccer, drama games, beading and story time with Super Read. Mysteriously during these moments, Mr Read disappeared, only to return with no explanation for his whereabouts. Our very own Clark Kent, some suspect.


After the Prep and Year 1’s left, the Year 2 students enjoyed the remainder of the night with a movie accompanied by some special treats of popcorn & lollies before bunking down in sleeping bags in the classrooms for a sleepover. We're not too sure if there was much sleep though!



Middle School - Grandparents Day 

Last week we held our first ever Middle School Grandparents and Special Persons Day!
It was such a pleasure to have so many visit - thank you, as it means so much to our students that you took the time to be here! Highlights included: yummy morning tea, the choir, the 'Grandparents Poem', Mr Callow's presentation, stunning picnic lunches and seeing visitors join in classes. We had Grandparents joining in boxing, painting, science experiments, drama games, music, robotics, board games and more! We LOVED seeing you give it a go, and watching our students host you so well.
A big thank you to all involved in this special day!



CSEN Eastern Region Athletics Carnival : Year 3-6 
By Shaun Doherty ( Primary Sports Coordinator)

On Wednesday 11 September, 54 students across Years 3 to 6 travelled to Doncaster Athletics Track to compete in the CSEN Eastern Region Athletics Carnival. We were treated to a day of blue skies and glorious sunshine and there was such an energetic vibe from all of the schools competing.

The day kicked off with the 1500m event, the most gruelling of all events - especially for a nine year old! Countless field events such as the long, high and triple jumps, the discus and shot put, and the track events: 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m, before concluding with the 4 x 100m relays, which are always a lot of fun.


Our BHCS team were amazing and I can't praise them enough. Students were willing to step in and fill events, where injury or absence had left that event empty, even if it was something they weren't particularly strong in.

All students who came along and had a go should be extremely proud of their efforts. Some outstanding results are as follows:


Archer D: 1st place 1500m

Sophia G:  1st place 1500m, 1st place 800m (new record), 1st place shot put, 1st place high jump

Claire G: 1st place 100m (new record), 1st place 400m (new record), 1st place long jump (new record)

Lily H: 1st place 100m (new record), 200m 1st place

Bailey P: 1st place long jump (new record)

Byron M: 1st place shot put (new record)

Adam M: 1st place discus (new record)

Ahliya W: 1st place 800m (new record)


We also had three age-group champions, meaning they scored the most points out of every student in their age group, which is a phenomenal achievement. They were:


Under 9 Female Champion: Claire G

Under 10 Female Champion: Lily H

Under 11 Female Champion: Sophia G


Congratulations to all students and a big thank you to Mr Wanders, Ms Rule, Mr Kelly, Ms Douglass and Mr Cavalot for your help on the day.



Nine Types of Students:
#9- The Peacemaker

By Emma Hughes (Writer in Residence) 

Welcome to the final instalment in our series on the nine different types of learners that lies at the heart of Story-Based Learning. Every learner is different and needs tailored conditions if they are to learn and grow to their full potential. All articles are now available at The Parent Sphere.   


Meet Peter and Polly. 


Calm, peaceful, agreeable, mediators. 


The Peacemaker is so in tune with what others around them are thinking that sometimes they forget to check in with themselves. They go with the flow (but don’t like being controlled), drawing comfort from familiar habits and routines. 


Learning Style


Structure is important to Peter and Polly. The known processes and procedures help them to move forward as they can often struggle to prioritise. The brain of a Peacemaker can reduce copious amounts of information into a workable system. 


Immersive learning, movement and physical experience will help these students anchor information into their minds. Repetition isn’t boring for a Peacemaker. There is comfort in the familiar. 


Decision-making and just getting started can be difficult for Peacemakers, as they can often delay by gathering inessential information. However, when a deadline approaches, they can surge into action and become unstoppable.




A harmonious learning environment is very important to a Peacemaker. This is because they absorb the energy of those around them (often without even realising it). 


Where the group is cohesive, Peter and Polly will thrive and be enthusiastic participants. They are more than happy to participate in activities but it is not recommended to push them to go first. 


A classroom with familiar routines and a stable authority structure allows Peacemakers to feel safe and to act as the glue in the group. However, If Peter or Polly feel as if they are being overly directed or controlled, they will passively resist and become stubborn. 




If you have a Peter or a Polly in your life, you can help them in the following ways:


  1. Peacemakers can often get overlooked because they blend in with others in order to keep harmony. Try and notice what they do and affirm their importance to you and the family. Positive affirmation is so powerful for these students and they will be enabled to believe in themselves when they hear that you believe in them too. 

  2. Work with them to set goals and reward their progress. Peacemakers struggle to come up with priorities and structures on their own, so help them to figure it out and enable them to get started. 

  3. Encourage time out to help them figure out their true needs and opinions and don’t try to force them to share their views in the moment (or they will just echo what you think). Affirm that their views are valued and important too. 

  4. When they get into a space where everything stalls and they have tuned out from life, help them to find and articulate what originally frustrated or angered them so that they can use the expression of this emotion to move forward. 

  5. Reinforce to them that it is not their responsibility to make sure everyone in the family is okay, but that the family will work together to achieve peace.


Peacemakers can be an exceptional grounding force in our tumultuous world. With strengths such as the ability to adapt, bringing people together, ensuring everything is fair, being patient and great listeners - these students influence our families and classrooms far more than we even realise. When they are empowered to really see themselves and channel their energy towards greater goals, they transform into harmonious forces for connection and enable us all to see life from multiple points of view. What a priceless gift!


This category of learner has been based upon Type 9 of the Enneagram (or ‘The Peacemaker’). If you wish to delve more deeply into the psychology of the Enneagram, follow the links above. 


As the journey of self discovery is one best enjoyed by each individual, we suggest that you use this as an internal guide for yourself, rather than telling your children which type you think they might be. We do understand that each person is utterly unique and there will be variations within each type, but we have found this typology the most helpful for getting a basic understanding of human behaviour and motivation. 


Missed out on any of our previous articles? Check them out here:


General Information 

End of Term 3 Reminders (Tomorrow)

Date:  Friday,  20 September, 2019

Kinder Finish Time: 1.00pm

Prep to Year 6 Finish Time: 1.15pm 

Year 7 to Year 12 Finish Time: 1.30pm

Bus departure: 1.40pm



If you are not intending to use the bus tomorrow, please ensure you advise in advance.



The canteen will be closed after recess service on Friday, 20 September.  There will be no lunch orders on this day.

Treetops Cafe will stop food service at 11.00am. They will be open for   drinks until 1.00pm.



We would like to inform families that the office/reception will close this Friday, 20 September at 4.00pm and re-open Monday, 7 October (Curriculum Day) with phones open from 9.00am-1.00pm.


Full office hours will re-commence on Tuesday, 8 October, 8.30am-4.30pm.

Summer Uniform Changeover 

From the beginning of Term 4, all students will be required to wear the full summer uniform including a hat when outdoors at recess and lunchtime.

Please see below for Alinta Uniform Shop hours.

Alinta Uniform Shop


Monday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Tuesday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Thursday: 2:00pm - 4:00pm 


Alinta Uniform Shop will also be open on the following dates:

Monday 7 October 8.00am-12.00pm ( Curriculum Day)

Saturday 9 November 9.00am-12.00pm


Students Withdrawing in 2020  

Parents are reminded that should your circumstances have changed and your child is not returning to BHCS in 2020, the school requires one term’s notice in writing.  Failure to provide this notice will result in one term’s fees being charged in lieu of this notice. 

2019 Term Dates

Please find below the dates for Term 4 2019


Term 4:

Tuesday, 8 October -  in Term 4 year levels finish at varying times.  Please see the below:

  • Yr 8-11 last day of classes - Friday, December 6
  • Yr 5-7 last day of classes - Monday, December 9
  • Prep-Yr 4 last day of classes - Tuesday, December 10

Lost Property 

Lost Property items can be found in Junior School and Reception. 


To enable items to be returned to you, we ask that you clearly mark all items coming to school.  Iron on labels together with hand written names on labels are very helpful.


Please note, at the end of the term all uncollected items are discarded or given to charity. 

Bus Applications for 2020

Future Bus Users: Families wishing to apply for bus use for 2020 are asked to do so by submitting a Bus application form by Friday, 20 September.  Please find the application form below.


Current Bus Users: Current bus families are asked to please indicate their intentions for 2020 bus use by completing the e-form has been sent via CareMonkey by Friday, 20 September.


If you have any questions in relation to bus travel please email


Camp Australia - Holiday Programs

If you are registered with Camp Australia you are able to book your children at any one of the Camp Australia holiday programs on offer in many locations throughout Melbourne, via their website.


The closest holiday programs to BHCS, are being held at:

-          St Joseph’s Primary School, Boronia

-          Knox Park Primary School, Knoxfield ; and

-          Thomas Mitchell Primary School, Endeavour Hills


Please go to the Camp Australia website for more details via this link



Watch for bikes in the Carpark  

Thank you to everyone who continues to do the right thing in our carpark. We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone to please watch for students who travel to and from school by bike. We want to continue to see students get the opportunity for physical activity, but do not want to see them get injured. We would ask everyone to be mindful of them, particularly in the afternoon as they leave the school.

Eggs for Sale

The junior school students are selling eggs on Mondays at 3.00pm outside the Burrow for $5.00 a dozen, continuing next term.

These eggs are from the school chickens and profits will go towards a charity chosen by the students.

VCE Studio Arts Exhibition - Postponed 

The VCE Studio Arts Exhibition has been postponed until next term. Stay tuned for the new dates that will be out soon!

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child boxes due first week back of Term 4!


Thank you to all who are participating in the OCC project by filling a box with gifts for children in developing countries.


We will be finalising collection on Wednesday, 9 October in Week 1 of Term 4 so you still have the holidays to go shopping and put together a box of goodies.


We have given out all the 'fold your own' boxes, but don't let that stop you from being involved as a regular shoe box is just as acceptable!


Please remember to include $10 with your box to cover postage and handling and to indicate whether the box is for a girl or a boy - aged between 5-9.


Click here to go to OCC website for details of what to pack.


Thank you so much for getting involved - and don't forget to bring in your boxes by Wednesday, 9 October.


Mrs Nicholas and Mrs Roberts

Upcoming School Events

- Friday 18th October

Ping Pong-A-Thon is a fundraising & advocacy movement, combating human trafficking and exploitation of young people in South East Asia through a series of table tennis events held in Schools, Churches and Communities across Australia every year. 


This is an event we host annually school wide, with each class having the opportunity to play Ping Pong throughout the day or as part of the afternoon/ evening program.


Content is age appropriate and for most the focus is all about ‘kids helping kids’. For younger year levels there is no formal coverage of the issues other than some discussion about there being young people in the world who don’t have the opportunities and freedom that young people in Australia have on a daily basis.


There's so many ways to get involved throughout the day - check out the program below to see when you'd like to play!  Here are a few further details on ways you can support our fundraising efforts:

  • Buy a Pong T-shirt - All students will be permitted to wear their Ping-Pong-A-Thon T-Shirt with their regular uniform the entire second week of term 4. T-shirts are now available to order via Reception.  They are $20.00 each with $10.00 going directly towards the Pong-A-Thon fundraiser.   Click here  to download an order form. Copies and Sample sizes are available at reception for a limited time.  Orders will be taken up until Friday September 20.  Best to order early, so you don't miss out! 
  • Buy a ticket to our High Tea - tickets are over a 1/2 sold! It's going to be a wonderful event, but get in quick to make sure you don't miss out!
  • Participate in our Silent Auction - all the latest news and silent auction items/sponsors at: 





CSEN Sports Results

Year 7/8 CSEN Results 


BHCS Calendar


Friday, 20 September

- End of Term 3 - 

1.00pm finish:  Kinder

1:15pm finish: P-6

1:30pm finish: Yr 7-12



Monday, 7 October

Week 1

- Curriculum Day ( No Students )


Tuesday,  8 October

- Term 4 begins 


Wednesday,  9 October

- VCE French Oral Exam


Friday, 11 October

- 9/10 OES Mountain Bike Riding- Lysterfield

- VCE VET Music Performance Exam


Monday, 14 October 

Week 2

-Middle & Senior School Choir 


Tuesday, 15 October 

-Kinder Incursion- Rhythm Fun


Wednesday, 16 October 


- Kinder Information Night

- Prep Transition 9.15am to 10.30am

- Science Club

- 9/10 Drama Performance - The Complication of Simplicity


Thursday, 17 October 

- Yr 3/4 Poverty Experience Day

- Year 7 Immunisations


Friday, 18 October 

- Ping Pong-a-thon

- Ping Pong-a-thon High Tea

- Ping Pong-a-thon Family Frenzy Evening

Community Announcements



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