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20 June 2019
Issue Fifteen
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Feathers, Fur or Leaves
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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Week 9 Term 2

Welcome to our penultimate newsletter for this term.


Thank you for my warm welcome back from parents, students and staff this week. I had a wonderful trip visiting England, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam. I was able to catch up with some old friends from university to celebrate our 30th anniversary of graduating!

I was also able to visit Vatican City and view St Peter's Basilica, where the altar marks the grave of St Peter. 

Thank you to Ms K for her leadership during my leave, supported by Iris Devisser and Kim Davies and all staff. I knew I was leaving the school in very safe hands!

First Communion

I would like to congratulate our students in Year 3 who are receiving the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time on Sunday. Please see the article from Ms Devisser on page 4 for the details around this important event in the faith journey of these students. Thank you to the parents for their teaching and guidance, to our Year 3 teachers- Alysha Crawford, Louise Donnelly, Daniel Giovannini and Mary Stiglich- for their thorough preparation and Iris Devisser and Father Andrew for their support and input in ensuring this will be a memorable day.


Semester 1 reports will be sent home tomorrow. I would like to reiterate the information provided in last week's newsletter about the content and purpose of the reports. Teaching staff have spent a lot of time writing these reports to reflect the achievements of each student. Please read the following article from Michael Grose with some helpful tips to ensure that this is a positive time for you and your child as you celebrate the successes of this semester. 


Parent/teacher discussions

Parent / Teacher Interviews: Thanks to those who have already booked a time for the upcoming  Parent / Teacher Discussions. This is a valuable opportunity for teachers and parents to celebrate the achievements of the first 2 terms of school, but also look forward and set goals for future learning. It is important that this communication occurs so there is consistency between home and school. We value our partnership with you, the parents, as the primary educators of your children. If we are all working together, then the growth and progress of the children will be greater.

If you haven't booked for next Wednesday, 26 June, please log into  and enter the code 'harag'. Interviews are available between 2pm-7:30pm.

Save the dates

Some advance notice: please put the following dates in your diaries:

Cyber safety presentation for parents Thursday 8 August commencing at 7pm. This is must do event for all parents!

School closure day Friday 23 August


I hope everyone manages to stay warm and dry as winter seems to have hit!

Sharon Daujat


Important Dates & Reminders

Term 2 

Please note Wednesday 26th June Parent/Teacher discussions


Thursday 20th JUNE  MUSIC ASSEMBLY in the Hall at 2.45pm

Monday 17th - Friday 21st ~ Migrant and Refugee Week

Sunday 23rd ~ First Communion Mass 9:30am

Wednesday 26th ~ Parent/Teacher discussions appointments from 2pm

students will finish at 1pm- Camp Australia open

Friday 28th ~ Saint Peter's Feast Day Celebrations (in school) 10am in the Hall - everyone welcome!

                            ~ END OF TERM 2 (The last day of school is normal hours)

                              * Camp Australia Holiday Programme Available * Remember to book *




Monday 15th ~ Term 3 BEGINS; school returns (Normal school hours)

Tuesday 23rd ~ Fr. Hayes visit to Confirmation students

Wednesday 24th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall

                                        ~ Sacrament of Confirmation 7pm



Thursday 8th ~ 9am Mass Mary MacKillop

Wednesday 7th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Thursday 8th  ~ Cyber Safety Evening in the Hall at 7pm

Thursday 15th ~ 9am Mass Feast of the Assumption

Sunday 18th ~ F/1 C and F/1 S Parish Mass / Morning Tea

Mon 19th - Fri 23rd ~ National Book Week

Wednesday 21st ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Friday 23rd ~ School Closure Day (no school today)

Monday 26th ~ Oakleigh District Athletics (Knox Athletic Track)

Friday 30th ~ Father's Day breakfast



Monday 2nd ~ Responsible Pet Ownership

Wednesday 4th ~  'Meet a lifeguard' program (at school) 

~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Thursday 12th   ~ Art Show 3:30pm- 7:30pm

Friday 13th ~ Art Show 9-11am

Sunday 15th ~1/2 F and 1/2 D Parish Mass / Morning Tea

Wednesday 18th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Friday 20th ~ Footy Colours Day and Last day of Term 3




Sunday 6th ~ Daylight Savings Starts (move your clock forward 1 hour at 2am)

Monday 7th ~ Term 4 BEGINS; school returns (normal school hours)

Sunday 13th ~ Yr 3/4 Parish Mass / Morning Tea 9:30am - 11am

Wednesday 16th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Saturday 26th ~ Parish Gala Dinner Dance

Wednesday 30th ~  Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)



Friday 1st ~ Years 3/4 Kanga Cricket

Monday 4th ~ School Closure Day (no school)

Tuesday 5th ~ Melbourne Cup Public Holiday (no school)

Monday 11th ~ Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day Liturgy 10:30am - 11am

Monday 11th - Friday 22nd ~ Swimming Program for the whole school (details to follow)

Wednesday 13th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Wednesday 27th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Thursday 28th & Friday 29thSchool Closure Days (no school)



Wednesday 11th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Tuesday 17th ~ Year 6 Graduation Evening 6:00pm

Wednesday 18th ~ Last day of school for the year - all students finish school today (normal school hours)




Thank you to those families who have paid their Term 2 School Fees.

For those families who are yet to pay, please contact the office to speak to Margaret as soon as possible. Ph. 9544 3032


Victorian School Term Dates 2019

Term 3 15 July  20 September 
Term 4 7 October  20 December 

Religious Education

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity,
Cycle C
Sunday, June 16, 2019

Gospel Reading
John 16:12-15

Whatever the Father has is mine. The Spirit of truth will guide us.



Family Connection

Think of the last time you witnessed an act of selfless love in your family. Parents and caregivers of all kinds are called upon to act selflessly every day. Family life calls us to share selfless love with one another.

God is the model for us of selfless love. There was no need for God to create our planet or the creatures that inhabit it; it was an act of selfless love. There was also no need for God to send his only Son to save us. That too was an act of selfless love.

As we draw closer to God and the mystery of the Trinity, we learn about God's love. God has lavished us with love in the persons of the Son and the Spirit, who in turn nurture in us the desire to do the same. When we open ourselves to be filled with an awareness of the divine life within us, we participate in the endless spiral of love that leads to eternal life. Whenever we share selfless love in the family, we are sharing in the life of the Trinity.                    


Making the Connection 

The mystery of the Trinity is the central mystery of the Christian faith. God made it known to us by revealing himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As the mystery of God in himself it is the source of all other mysteries of faith.                                     


Prayer to the Holy Trinity


Glory be to the Father,
Who by His almighty power and love created me,
making me in the image and likeness of God.
Glory be to the Son,
Who by His Precious Blood delivered me from hell,
and opened for me the gates of heaven.
Glory be to the Holy Spirit,
Who has sanctified me in the sacrament of Baptism,
and continues to sanctify me
by the graces I receive daily from His bounty.
Glory be to the Three adorable Persons of the Holy Trinity,
now and forever.

Please  continue to support our Non-perishable Food Drive by taking up the Gift Voucher offer and giving your children an opportunity to be proactive citizens

The last date for this Non-perishable Food Drive   will be the  28th of June, 2019.


First Communion Announcement

On Sunday, 23rd June, our students  from Grade 3 /4 will be  receiving the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist  for the very first time.  


The students are:

Gabriel Alexander, Cameron Decouto, Cristiano Dos Santos, Ronit D'Silva, Stefan Gunasekara, Rae Koduvalli, Natasha Angeline Lukmandjaja, Natalie Ma, Dreyanne Marquez, Elijah Meyepa, Tayden Phan, Charmine Cariazo, Chantelle Cariazo and Adalai Felysse. 


Celebrating St Peter's Day

St Peter's Day is celebrated on Saturday June 29th.  We will be celebrating our school feast day on the last day of term 2

- Friday 28th June at 10am in the School Hall.

"The feast day of St. Peter celebrates the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ who is best known for spreading Christianity throughout the world.  Peter took on a leadership role before Christ's death and resurrection.  Roman Catholics consider him to be the first bishop and Pope."


On Friday 28th June, we invite all families and extended family and friends in our community to join us in the School Hall at 10am. The students have been preparing different creative ways to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of St Peter's Day.

Grades 5 and 6 students will deliver information about the history of St Peter's School and present an interesting persuasive message using information technology.

Grades 3 and 4 students will creatively present their research on the story of St Peter and use key understandings from persuasive texts to deliver their message.

Grades 1 and 2 students will recognise and highlight 'the family' of St Peter through poetry and persuasion.

This special event will take approximately 30-40 minutes. Please come along to be part of our feast day.

Feathers, Fur or Leaves

Broad Bean Garden Planting

As part of the Inquiry Topic on 'Feathers, Fur or Leaves' the Year 3/4 students have enjoyed spending time planting broad beans and observing their growth.

We have looked at the different elements that enable plants to successfully grow and with the 'hands on' experiences have been better able to understand that plants require soil, sunshine and water to flourish. Planting seeds gently in the soil and being responsible for watering them over time has allowed students to initially observe this process within the classroom. After the seeds began to sprout, they have enjoyed the next stage of planting them out into our school garden bed.

We have all enjoyed participating in conversations and learning as the children engage with these real life experiences. Some of our learning focus areas have included:

  • life cycles
  • the impact of low and high temperatures on how plants grow
  • the impact that different levels of light  shade the sun has on a plants ability to grow
  • how to plant small plants into soil

Exploring these concepts in an active way has broadened students understanding and provided rich learning in line with our Inquiry Unit this term - not to mention we have had lots of fun in the process!


We encourage families to nurture their child's emerging interest in the plant life cycle by encouraging their child to grow plants at home. If you have a small garden area at home or some old pot plants you can encourage your child to take the responsibility of planting, watering and caring for some herbs or vegetables. Gardening is a wonderful social activity. As they care for their plant(s) they will feel a sense of pride, they will gain self-confidence, explore language, develop a love of nature, able to consider cause and effect (for example, plants die without water, weeds compete with plants) and discover the nutritional value if what they plant is also something they can add to their food. 

Learning and Teaching

2019 ~ Premier's Reading Challenge

Dear Families,

I have had a number of questions about the Premier's Reading Challenge

Everyone at St. Peter's already registered. Your child's classroom teacher has the log in details. 

It is not too late to join. So far 69 students out of 175 students have started. Let's make it 175 students !!!

The Premier's Reading Challenge continues until 6 September. 


Where to get books for the Challenge

You should be able to find many suitable books in your school or local library. You may have books at home that you can add to your children’s reading lists. Remember too that you can add books that are not listed on the challenge book list - these can be added as personal choice books.

2019 book lists

Challenge checklist

Keeping a record is an important part of the challenge as it shows that you have read all the books you need to.


If you need any help please feel free to email me or come and talk to me

Miss Kim

Literacy Leader

Learning and Teaching Leader

Coding Club ~ Coding is thinking, reading and talking

Coding is also known as visual programming. There can be parallels between the design and development of solutions in Digital Technologies with the English curriculum.


When students encounter visual programming activities through creating their own digital stories, they need to be able to plan and design their key scenes and events, the characters and the activities that happen in each scene. They need to organise these logically and determine what code they need for each of their scenes. 


Being able to plan ahead and consider designs carefully means that when students go to code, they have clear goals. 


In thee photos the students have integrated the creation of digital narratives with Reading and Writing. What it positive about this approach is that the students are blending the two learning areas together. 


Within English, students are learning about narrative structures, and students spend time planning and developing their ideas for their narrative before they start to create their digital story. Within the Digital Technologies curriculum, students are learning about the fundamentals of using Block coding. From this, they can combine their planning and their new knowledge together to create a digital animation.  


Kim Davis

Literacy Leader

Learning and Teaching Leader

Coding Club is every Tuesday at lunchtime.
All students, teachers and parents are welcome! 



Dear families and friends of St Peter's

Refugee and Migrant Week 2019

Pope Francis said "Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity,"

In our world today there is an unprecedented 68.5 million people who have been forced from their home – among them, nearly 25.4 million refugees,

We have been reflecting and praying for refugees and migrants in our school this week.

The Junior children have shared a beautiful picture story book called 'No room on our Rock' , it tells the tale of a group of seals who fear the approach of a strange pair of seals, one a child, whose rock is being overwhelmed by the sea. The group of rock-dwellers refuse to allow the desperate and terrified pair to take refuge with them, stating that there is clearly no room. If you start reading at the back of the book, and read all the pages in reverse order, it becomes an uplifting tale of acceptance, encouragement, and hope. In the mirror-story, the seals on the rock welcome the struggling refugees, assuring them that there is plenty of room for them all, and encouraging them to leave the small beleaguered rock and to come share the much larger and safer one.  Refugees and migrants may be broken-hearted, but most are not hopeless. They want to build better, freer, more prosperous lives for themselves and their families, just like we all do.

St Peter's Playgroup

Next term we are starting a community playgroup here at St Peter's. All preschoolers are welcome. We will meet once a week so that the children can have an opportunity to play together and parents and caregivers can meet and have a chat. There will be a St Peter's staff member present to assist and help supervise. We would like to have expressions of interest of what day and what time would suit you, our families. Would 9 am in the morning be a good option after you have dropped off their brother or sister  or possibly 2.30pm before the afternoon pick up?

Please come and see me (Ms K ) and tell me what would be convenient for you. We welcome any suggestion you have regarding our new playgroup.

School Psychologist

Kelleynne is available for students who may be experiencing difficulty emotionally.  She is a  qualified Psychologist with experience working with children and their families.  This service is completely covered by Medicare. To access this service please speak to your child’s teacher or you can email or speak to Nerissa Kinnaird ~ Deputy Principal who will provide you with details on how to refer your child.



It's important to stay warm during these colder months.

Please ensure your child comes to school with the correct layers of clothing on. Outside is chilly, and if it is not raining we will still venture outside for some well deserved running and exploring time.  Please note, we have now sold all our scarves and beanies which we had advertised in the previous newsletter.


Warm regards

Nerissa Kinnaird ( Ms K )


Deputy Principal and Wellbeing leader


NCCD Information 


School Initiatives

Farahana is running a school holiday programme in the next school holidays

To make this a viable proposition for ourselves and Camp Australia, we need to have 18 children at each session.

Please sign up in advance to sessions so we can ensure we have adequate numbers. Please let others know in the community by telling family / friends as we can welcome other children from outside of St. Peter's.



Introduce your family to world-class theatre for only $5 A TICKET!
With help from the Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundations, Melbourne Theatre Company is excited to offer $5 tickets to introduce the next generation of theatre lovers from City of Casey and City of Greater Dandenong to one of the hottest shows in 2019!


11-year-old Storm Boy lives a simple and secluded life combing the beaches with his reclusive father along the wild and remote coast of the South Australian Coorong.

One summer he discovers new friendships that will shepherd him from childhood into adulthood: a local Ngarrindjeri man and an orphaned pelican prepare Storm Boy for the wider world with poignant lessons about love, loss and letting go.

Much loved actors Tony Briggs (Cleverman) and John Batchelor (Red Dog) star alongside a menagerie of captivating creatures by Dead Puppet Society in a landmark new production of a favourite Australian story. Storm Boy is not to be missed!




Thanks to Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundations, City of Casey and City of Greater Dandenong residents can access $5 tickets to introduce the next generation of theatre lovers to one of the hottest shows in 2019!

You can read more about Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundations' Sharing the Light initiative here.


Book your $5 tickets here

  1. Use the link above, or enter the promo code FAMILY
  2. Select a performance (17 June-13 July)
  3. Choose up to four A-Reserve or B-Reserve seats
  4. In the drop-down list, select FULL PRICE tickets
  5. The discount will be applied to your cart before final payment

Or call our friendly box office on 8688 0800

  • Limit of four $5 tickets per eligible purchaser
  • Offer valid for performances of Storm Boy between 17 June – 13 July, subject to availability
  • Offer available to residents of City of Casey and City of Greater Dandenong only
  • Once purchased, tickets are not transferable and photo ID may be required when collecting tickets

St. Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal

St Peter's School lives its faith through action. The St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal is just one way we offer our support in our local community to people who experience hardship and are at risk. We ask families to donate canned food (of good quality) which will then be collected by a representative from St. Vincent De Paul. These cans will be added to food parcels that are handed out to families in need during these cold winter months. A collection box has been left in the administration office at the school for you to drop off your donations. Please get behind this appeal - if every family donated just one can of food, imagine the impact we will make. Thank you.

Camp Australia

Fun without the sun!


Board Games, Craft, drawing and writing - Camp Australia's week of fun!


Look at our Holiday Club Info!



Extra Community Information

All questions regarding secondary school enrolment, please refer to the school you wish your child to go to.


Remaining School Tours: 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am on Tues 21st July, Tues 15th Oct

Enrolment Applications for 2021 close: Friday 23rd August

Ph: (03) 9560 0911 


St James College

Term 3 ~ Open Mornings and Application Information


Sacred Heart Girls' College

Enrolments for Year 7 2021

Closing date: Friday, August 23

The Year 7 enrolment process for Catholic secondary schools now takes place in the second half of the year for students currently in Grade 5.  Please see our College website for full details on enrolments and to download an Application for Enrolment form.  Alternatively, parents may obtain a complete Prospectus Pack from the College Reception or, are most welcome to attend one of our Open Mornings.

The College will hold five Open Mornings prior to the Year 7 2021 closing date.  Open Mornings commence at 9:30am with an address by the Principal, Mr. Christopher Dalton.  Family groups are then taken on a tour of the College and return for morning tea where further questions may be asked of staff members.  The session concludes at approximately 11.00am. Dates for all 2019 Open Mornings are listed for your reference.


Sacred Heart Open Morning Dates for 2019

  • Thursday 1 August
  • Tuesday 29 October

Bookings for these dates can be made through the College Reception on 9568 5488.

For further information please contact the College Registrar, Ms Anne Wilks on 9568 5488 or via email:

Attached is the Enrolment Application Form for Sacred Heart Girls College if required.


Great Savings for your family - FREE registration for your children to play!


Free Sporting Opportunity for Students at St. Peter's School


Goodstart Early Learning Kindergarten, Clayton


Murray Street Early Learning Centre, Clayton


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