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20 November 2015
Issue Nineteen
Upcoming Events & Principal's Report 
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Upcoming Events & Principal's Report 

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 18th    School Council Meeting

Friday 20th         Yr 5 Camp Returns

                     2016 Prep Transition 2-3:15pm

Sunday 22nd      Working Bee 8-11am

Wedensday 25th   Casual Clothes Day

Friday 27th    2016 Prep Transition 2-3:15pm

Saturday 28th  P&F Mexican Fiesta TBC

Monday 30th   Prep - Yr 2 Swimming


Tuesday 1st   Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Thursday 3rd  Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Friday 4th   Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Monday 7th  Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Tuesday 8th  Whole School Transition

                 2016 Prep Transition 11:15am-1pm

Wednesday 9th Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Wednesday 16th  Year 6 Graduation Evening 

2015 Term Dates

Term 1  -  29th January to 27th March

Term 2  -  13th April to 26th June

Term 3  -  13th July to 18th September

Term 4  -  5th October to 19th December

2016 Term Dates

Term 1  -  28th January to 24th March

Term 2  -  11th April to 24th June

Term 3  -  11th July to 16th September

Term 4  -  3rd October to 20th December

* 2016 Curriculum Days are not yet confirmed.


Level 1  -  Prep

Level 2  -  Year 1 & 2

Level 3  -  Year 3 & 4

Level 4  -  Year 5 & 6

Principal's Report

Community Award Winners

Congratulations to our community Captains Elleni Macris and Peta Woodburn who each received a Community Award at this Monday morning’s assembly. The awards were presented by Nick Staikos, the Member of Parliament for Bentleigh. Peta and Elleni jointly convene the Junior School Council which is focussed on developing activities in support of the broader community. This year the many activities conducted by the JSC, under the leadership of Peta and Elleni, have supported those in need in our Victorian community as well as a school in Vanuatu.

Working Bee

A Working Bee is scheduled for Sunday, 22nd of November from 8:30 – 11:00 am. I encourage all families to join me with their barrows, shovels and brooms. The focus will be on tidying the grounds and to clear the courts in preperation for the Mexican Fiesta to be held on the following Saturday.


Each year I provide an opportunity for parents to email or write to me regarding social and educational issues relating to their children which I would need to consider in the creation of class groups for 2016. Please email me on [email protected] if you would like to raise relevant issues.Do not request certain teachers as this is beyond the purpose of the opportunity. Parents are also advised not to assume that teachers will be teaching the same year level in 2016. I routinely move teachers so they can have varied teaching responsibilities in order to continuously build their professional capacities and experiences. The correspondence period starts now and closes on Friday, 27th of November.

Uniform Sales

Over many years we have relied on parent volunteers to run the school-based uniform shop. Due to the growing lack of available space and the school’s financial liability the School Council has approved the transfer of the Uniform Shop to PSW Pty. Ltd.  PSW Pty Ltd is the current supplier of our school uniform and has recently opened a shop at 1/596 North Road in Ormond.

School uniform will no longer be able to be purchased at the school from Wednesday 4th November.  A stocktake will then be undertaken and all stock at the school will be collected by PSW Pty Ltd. 

There will be a transition period of 4 weeks which will enable PSW to fully stock the North Road Store.  A full range of our uniform including school bags will be available for purchase from the PSW store and online from Tuesday 1st December.  You will also be able to have uniforms delivered to your home but this will incur an extra fee. The Summer Trading Hours are:

  • Monday – Friday     8.30am – 5.00pm
  • Saturday                 9.00am – 5.00pm

Ormond Primary School parents will receive a 5% discount off the ticketed prices when they pay for their uniforms. 

The 2nd hand uniform stall will continue to be run once a term.

School Council Membership

I encourage all Ormond parents to consider nominating to join School Council in March next year. All appointments to School Council are for two years and provide an opportunity for interested parents to be involved in planning and achieving improvements in many aspects at Ormond. The School Council Meetings take place on the third Wednesday of every month with the meeting beginning at 7 pm and concluding by 8:30 pm. The Sub-committees include:

  • Finance and Trading Operations
  • Parents and Friends
  • Education and Policy
  • Facilities and Environment
Students not returning to Ormond in 2016
Any students in Year 5-Prep that will not be returning to Ormond Primary School in 2016 are asked to notify the school office in writing by Friday 20th November so the organisation of the 2016 classes can be finalised. Please include the school you will be attending in 2016 in the letter so appropriate transfer information can be sent. 

School Crossings and Road Safety

A reminder to the community that when the flags are out on display at the school crossings they are legally active and that is the safest place to cross the road. Even if you have to walk/ride a little further we encourage you to do so. 

All pedestrians, including children on bikes or scooters must stop, look and give way to vehicles at all times before crossing the road. Please reinforce these safety tips with your children when you are crossing roads at other places other than an active school crossing.

  • Walk straight across the road – do not jay-walk.
  • Keep checking in both directions to make sure the way is clear.
  • Try not to cross the road from between parked cars or near trees and bushes as drivers may not see you.
  • Avoid crossing near a bend or crest in the road. Give yourself a good chance to see vehicles coming from both directions.
  • Avoid crossing on roundabouts, particularly multi-lane roundabouts as they are very busy and complex and cars are not required to give way to you, unless there is a pedestrian crossing. Find somewhere further away from the roundabout to safely cross the road.

Pedestrian Counters in Ruby Street

Some parents may have noticed small camera like devices located on the nature strip outside the school in Ruby Street. These cameras have been installed by a Nationwide Survey company who are undertaking a pedestrian survey commissioned by the Glen Eira City Council.

Glenn Butler


Pupil of The Fortnight


  • Clea C  -  For her wonderful descriptive recount about our Prep excursion to the Zoo. Great work Clea!
  • Morgan N  -  For confidently recognising, writing and counting numbers  well beyond 100 What a star!
  • Edie H  -  For writing a fantastic recount on the Prep excursion to the Zoo. Well done Edie!
  • Hamish M  -  For writing a fantastic recount on the Prep excursion to the Zoo. Well done Hamish!

Year 1

  • Dylan C  -  For working hard to produce his best work. He has shown a huge improvement in the neatness of his handwriting. Fantastic work!
  • Victoria P  -  For using an expressive voice and actions when performing reader’s theatre. She tries to make her reading interesting for the audience. Well done!
  • Angus W  -  For Confidently demonstrating o'clock and half past times on both digital and analogue clocks. Well done!
  • Clara L  -  For working hard to plan, revise and publish an information report on Computers. Well done!
  • Bessie M  -  For working with focus on fraction tasks and demonstrating a good understanding of halves and quarters
  • Steven M  -  For working independently to solving addition sums using concrete materials

Year 2

  • Olivia N  -  For her excellent performance during ‘Reader’s Theatre.’
  • Charlotte VA  -  For writing a very creative narrative with an interesting ending. 
  • Isla K  -  Isla has continued to work diligently all year. She is positive, happy and resilient. Well done Isla, you are amazing!
  • Thomas W  -  Thomas has an excellent understanding of forces, as he demonstrated in his evaluation of the unit. Clever thinking Thomas
  • Thomas H  -  For his amazing knowledge and understanding when it comes to discussing the forces.
  • Asha D  -  For demonstrating resilience and persistence when undertaking tasks with a broken dominant wrist.

Year 3

  • Ted B  -  For his highly developed interpersonal skills which make him a good friend to all his peers and a wonderful role model to younger students.
  • Joo J  -  For the improvements she has  made in Speaking and Listening. Joo is now audible and expressive in class performances and presentations.
  • Will E  -  For always putting in his best effort and continuously asking questions about how he can improve his work. Keep it up Will.
  • Isabella O’B  -  For her ability to write interesting narratives that include some character description and dialogue. Well done Isabella.

Year 4

  • Maia J  -  For being a thoughtful, encouraging and caring camper when team mates encountered challenging activities.
  • Maddox S  -  For  his excellent work presentation and creativity on his camp, activity-ranking, reflection task.
  • Abrielle D  -  For showing resilience and an adventurous spirit at grade 4 camp.
  • Zach Mc  -  For taking on all of camp’s challenges and being a rock star at ‘GA-GA Ball.’

Year 5

  • Thomas T  -  For his continuing improvement and success in all learning areas; especially and most recently  in the problem solving Maths competition
  • Mia V  -  For her willingness to share her knowledge and assist others who needed help.
  • Jennifer H  -  For your sensational persuasive piece about Social Media being banned at school. Great effort
  • Noah H  -  For your hard work and persistence during maths lessons. You are gaining confidence and this is reflected in your work. Great job.
  • Chloe M  -  A belated but well deserved award for her oral presentation about her dog, Mia. Well done!
  • Jasmine T  -  For settling into 5C so quickly. You are already an integral part of our class.

Year 6

  • Ben M  -  For displaying his ability to think deeply about his reading.
  • Elle B  -  For completing all tasks on time and to the best of her ability.
  • Thomas A  -  For demonstrating excellent determination during our Maths sessions, always looking to further his learning and never give up on a challenge.
  • Terence B  -  For working diligently on our Mathematics topic, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, always striving to do his best and help others to improve.

Good Choice Awards

  • Claire P  -  For constantly giving everything a go and showing excellent resilience during Maths sessions.
  • Joshua L  -  For having the confidence to be the only student going to regional athletics.
  • Nikia T  -  For showing resilience when in pain from a sore shoulder.
  • Alexandra K  -  For outstanding teamwork.
  • Samuel M  -  For showing confidence in computing skills.
  • Max M  -  For confidently going to all Year 1 and 2 classes to make an announcement.
  • Emily F  -  For concentrating very hard on her writing recount of the Zoo excursion.

School News

2016 Book lists and Essential Education Contributions

Book lists and Essential Education Contributions for 2016 went home last week. If you have not received one for your child please contact the office as soon as possible. 

Payment for booklists are due no later than Monday 14th December 2015. If you wish to take advantage of the early bird discount on the Essential Education Contribution, please make payment for these also by Monday 14th December 2015. 

Payments can be made by cash or cheque and sent via your child's classroom cash bag in an envelope clearly labelled with your child's Name, Class and name of payment. If paying in cash please send correct amount as limited change is available.

Alternatively, payments of cash, cheque or EFTPOS can be made in person at the office between the hours of 8:15am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Phone payments or manual credit card payments will not be accepted. Limited change is available if making cash payments.

Did you know we have a Building Fund?

Thank you to those families who have already made donations to the Ormond Primary School Building Fund as a part of the 2015 and 2016 Contributions. 

We are aiming to raise $35,000 through donations to the Building Fund which will be put towards the painting of the Junior School building, the Hall and the Portable Classroom wing. 

Tax deductible donations for any families wishing to make a donation are still welcome.

Please note that any Building Fund Donations must be paid in cash or a Cheque made out to 'Ormond Primary School Building Fund'. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jan or Brodie in the office on 9578 1327.

Notices sent home this week

Prep - Wild Action Incursion

Year 1 - Mad About Science (Light)

Year 6 - Graduation

Year 6 Help the Environment Challenge

Blue Team – Collecting Plastic Bags

Year 6 students are completing an environment challenge and we need your help. 

Ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? That used to be filled with clean and clear water. Now it's polluted with human waste. It's now affecting the wildlife. We are the blue group and we have teamed up with Red Cycle to help try and save the rest of our one and only Earth by collecting plastic bags. There will be an orange box outside the office and orange boxes all around the community for you to put any plastic bags in. Used or new. This will help the environment and our community.

Donate so we can Recreate.

Thank you,

Blue Team

Green Team – Collecting Coffee Capsules

This is the Green team, and we are collecting Nespresso and Nescafe coffee pods to help the environment. That means for every pod you leave at the office will be properly recycled, without harming the environment.

You can donate your Nespresso and Nescafe coffee pods in the office, where you will find a box that says 'Coffee Pods'.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact any of the Green team.

Thank you,

Green Team

Orange Team – Collecting Batteries

Our team, the Orange team, is collecting batteries. We are collecting batteries because there are harmful chemicals that are in the batteries that take a long time to break down and destroying our environment.  The Orange Team will have a box in the office where you can and should put batteries. We Accept all batteries except car batteries; please make sure your batteries are empty. It's important donate your old batteries, as we will dispose them properly by giving them to Sustainability Victoria who remove all the harmful chemicals that are in them. The year level that brings in the most batteries gets a prize, so do make sure you put your batteries in your year levels section of the box.

Thank you,

Orange Team

Pink Team – Collecting Ink Cartridges

Are you tired of seeing the environment being harmed? If so help us save the environment. We are collecting empty ink cartridges. When you give them to us we will dispose of them appropriately to Officeworks who will then give them to Planet Ark. They will then give the empty ink cartridges to Close the Loop who will recycle and reuse the ink cartridges. We will have boxes outside hall and the front office for you to place the cartridges in.

We thank you for your support.

Thank you,

Pink Team

Year Halloween Story Telling

It was the Friday before Halloween and both Year 3 classes got together to share their spooky narratives. The scene was set with a hallowed out pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern, lights dimmed and curtains closed. There were stories set in haunted houses and graveyards. The characters ranged from skeletons and ghosts to witches and zombies. There were terrified children running from beasts and cackling witches casting spells. It was the perfect start to Halloween and we thank the talented Year 3 authors for their creativity and imaginations.

Year 3 Earth and Beyond Expo

Our incredibly talented and scientific Year 3 students, opened their classroom doors to parents and fellow students to show their models and Power Point presentations about the Sun, Earth, Day and Night, the seasons, Earth's rotation and revolution. They designed, constructed and manipulated 3D models as well as shared information orally and digitally about what causes day and night. Visitors were invited to ask questions and provide feedback. Feedback included: "Interesting and great team work", "Loved the model, it was cleverly created", "I liked how well you were able to explain everything", "You answered the questions very well" and "Beautiful PowerPoint and useful information about the sun and the moon". 

Year 3 Scienceworks

On Monday the 16th of November, Year 3 students visited Scienceworks. Our first exhibit was Alice in Wonderland. In one part you could look through keyholes and see interesting things. We saw a game that had a golf ball and someone had to spin a spinner which released the golf ball. We were aiming to get it in the hole like the Queen of Hearts playing croquet. 

Near the end, we were playing a game and you could press different buttons to make bubbles rise in different liquids. We really enjoyed it. After that, we went to Sportsworks where we raced Cathy Freeman. We also had to fill in our personal statistics including weight, eye co-ordination and upper body strength. We typed them into a computer where the computer analysed the information and told us which sport we would be best suited to. 

Next, we visited the Think Ahead exhibit and there was an extremely creative activity that was very popular where you could design your own futuristic car. There was an eco rating for each car. The maximum score was 25. The car then appeared on a huge screen above so everyone could see their design. 

In the afternoon we visited the Planetarium and watched a short video and looked at the night sky. The video was about the tilt of the Earth that creates the seasons. When the sun is high in the sky, like in summer your shadow is shorter, if it is lower in the sky like in winter your shadow is longer. The planetarium has a dome-shaped roof made out of lots of small panels and the seats lean back so you can view above comfortably.

Written by Arcadia, Kieran, Sassi, Lani, Harry, Morgan, Gali, Alex, Curtis, Alice, Jason, Rowen and Jasper

Year 4 Camp

Year 4 students recently returned from three days at Camp Lady Northcote. The students were fully immersed in experiences to build confidence and self-esteem, resilience, risk taking, organisation, social skills, and team building. Some of the students have shared their experiences…

“I liked Archery because everyone said I was really good at it.” Harley

"I liked canoeing because we worked together to push the canoe across the dam. I felt like a dolphin gliding across the water." Ella

"I loved playing tennis because I could run to the ball as fast as a peregrine falcon can fly." Liam

"This activity is 1st on my list because it helped me overcome a fear.” Kate, regarding the Giant Swing

“I liked Raft-Building because I loved the thrill when we won against the girls.” Arthur

"I loved the Giant Swing because everyone was doing something when other people were on the swing. After I pulled the rope I felt like I was flying like a bird." Sarah

”Although we did Raft-Building at the coldest point of the coldest day, it was my favourite activity. Our raft won by heaps. The boys’ raft broke as soon as it got in the water and we got there and back before they started.” Jasmine

"I enjoyed the Team Toon Challenge because it was planned out, big, and I felt like I was a help to the group." Thomas S

“I enjoyed canoeing because we played lots and lots of fun games.” Arden

"I enjoyed the Low Ropes because I could trust others to hold on to me; it was also hard because it was hard to balance." Zareef

PE & Sports News

Year 5/6 T20 Cricket Blast Competition

The All Star Boys team will compete in the Regional T20 Blast finals on Thursday 26th November.  Good luck!

Racquetz Tennis Coaching 2016

Racquetz tennis coaching will be returning to Ormond P.S. in 2016.  Please see attached lesson forms.  These need to be returned to Mr. Pannam as soon as possible and before December 4th, to assure your child’s lesson time for 2016.  Positions are limited. 2016 Preps will be allowed to take lessons in term 3, once they have settled into school life.

Year 5/6 Inter-school Sport 2016

The year 5/6 inter-school competition will be structured differently in 2016. 

Coaches will conduct selection trials for their teams. Students who are not selected into their chosen sport may have an opportunity to trial for another sport depending on numbers in that team. This system is already in operation within the Moorabbin District.

If students don’t get selected in an inter-school sport team they will take part in an intra-school skills/sports at school. This group will be a structured and focussed towards our Summer sports and have an emphasis on skills of these sports. They will play intra-school games each week.

Coaches can only take a maximum of 20 students to any sport with no exceptions.  We are very conscious of students’ participation in the inter-school sport round robin competition. Currently teams have far too many students selected therefore some students end up having a very low participation rate. We want students to have maximum participation each week so by lowering numbers in each sport ensures children are not sitting around in a non-participant capacity.  This system ensures all children have greater involvement each week in a sport.  

Out of School Hours Care

January School Holiday Program

The January School Holiday Program will operated on the following dates: Monday 11th January to Monday 25th January

The School Program Schedule will be available from Monday 30th November. Bookings will be accepted from Monday 30th November to Wednesday 16th December.

Before & After School Care Enrolments 2016

Enrolment forms for 2016 will be available from Monday 23rd November. All families requiring care in 2016 must submit an enrolment form by Friday 6th December.

After School Care Activities

Thursday 19th        Marbling

Friday 20th             Safety Pin Bracelets

Monday 23rd          Paper Plate Art

Tuesday 24th         Cooking

Wednesday 25th    Magnetic Butterfly

Thursday 26th        Key Rings

Friday 27th             Hook Rug

Monday 30th          Xmas Activities

Tuesday 1st           Xmas Activities

Wednesday 2nd     Xmas Activities


We are in need of small boxes and glossy magazines for xmas tree making.

Thankyou to the parents who have donated materials, fabric, wool and boxes

April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Coordinator

Parents & Friends Update

Crafternoon for Mexican Fiesta

We had a great turnout for Crafternoon last Saturday and there were many enthusiastic crafters just busting to get their hands on the paint rollers and tissue paper. Most of the school will have seen our fantastic piñata (brainchild of Darrell Mason and Amber Currie).

It’s sitting quietly and safely outside Glenn’s office waiting for the big event. Don’t forget we have a naming competition for the piñata. Is it a boy or a girl? Write your name on a piece of paper and post in the box outside the office. We will draw the name out at the assembly before the Mexican Fiesta.

We also made many other colourful decorations but we won’t spoil your surprise by describing them in detail here. Thanks so much to Amber, Darrell, Anouk for organising the event. It was so productive and there was a really pleasing amount of enthusiasm. Thank you to all the children and parents who came and participated. We hope you enjoyed the afternoon tea, too!

Mexican Fiesta

The Mexican Fiesta is on Saturday 28th November 5:00pm to 8:30pm. This will be P&F’s end-of-year celebration for the whole school community. Every family is warmly invited to come and participate.

Buy your dinner from one of the food vans or bring your own picnic. Please see attached menu

The Terry Cole Band will be playing Mexican music and calling the moves to Mexican dances so kids and parents can have a dance together.

Our favourite DJ, Squishy Pig, will be back again with lots of disco tunes for all the kids.High-striker, sombrero toss and other fun activities.

Dress-up in Mexican-themed costumes. Prizes for best-dressed family, adult and child.

Tickets on sale now from www.trybooking.com/JCZV

Community News & Adverts

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