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05 February 2016
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Upcoming Events

Mon. 8 - Wed. 10 Feb

Year 9 Laptop Rollout - Library

Tues. 9 Feb

All School Photos

Wed. 10 Feb

7.00 - 8.00 pm - Year 7, 2016 Parent Evening in College Hall

Wed. 10 - Thurs. 11 Feb

2016 Senior Production 'Anything Goes' Auditions

Fri. 12 Feb

2016 Senior Production 'Anything Goes' Dance Call


RSC Swimming Carnival - Aquanation

9.20 am Drop students off at the pool

Mon. 15 Feb

School Photos Catch Up day

Wed. 17 Feb

Yr 7 & 8 Ambassador Training

Thurs. 18 Feb

2.00 pm Prefect Induction


2016 Senior Production 'Anything Goes' Call Back Auditions - by request only

Fri. 19 Feb

Departs at 8.50 am - Year 7 Adventure Park

Mon. 22 Feb

7.00 pm Year 7 Music Recruitment Night

Wed. 24 Feb

RSC Music Photos


2016 Senior Production 'Anything Goes' Cast Announced

Principal's Post

From Mr Phillips


Welcome back to 2016

Welcome back to all in our College community and the 2016 school year. I would particularly like to welcome our Year 7 students as they begin their Ringwood journey and of course all the other new students at other Year levels. Classes commenced last week and it has been a busy and productive start of the year for all year levels.


Our College assembly today highlighted our student leaders and the major events and activities for Term 1.


We have already had the announcement of this year’s college production which will be ‘Anything Goes'.


Our World Tour group leaves for the USA on February 25th  and the excitement is building. The world premiere performance of “Made in Melbourne” will be staged on February 23rd and tickets may be booked at


Several new Teaching and Educational Support staff have joined us again this year and I would like to extend a warm welcome to them. We also welcome back those returning from extended leave.


Mr Paul Taylor             Mathematics and ICT

Ms Kristina Friedl       Mathematics  and 


Ms Emma Ford            English and Humanities

Ms Lisa Wajngarten    Mathematics and


Mr Peter Vlahos          Physical Education and


Ms Michelle Lai           Accounting & Business

Mrs Sarah Ritchie        Art

Ms Melissa Bennett- Monteiro   Science

Mrs Zoe Flavre            EAL, Media and VCAL

Mrs Mel Alder             English and Humanities

Mrs Anna Russell        English Language and

                                           Literacy Support

Ms Jessikah Wintle     English and Drama  

Mrs Victoria White     Music and Inter9reat  

Mr Aidan Kent-Brown  Sports Trainee

Mr Ery Primaskara       Indonesian Language



We are really excited to be participating in Maroondah City Council’s Youth Wellbeing and Consultation Project being rolled out in Term 1 this year. Every Primary and Secondary School in Maroondah has been invited to have their students complete an online Wellbeing Survey during February, developed by The University of Melbourne, which will provide us with solid data regarding the wellbeing of young people in our school, as well as the broader Maroondah community. We look forward to utilising this data to increase the wellbeing of our whole school community with the support of Maroondah City Council’s Youth Services team.


More information can be found later in this newsletter but if you have any questions please contact Mrs Allison at Ringwood Secondary College 98702002 or Sarah Cullen, a member of the Maroondah Youth Services team on 9294 5701.


Once again our Year 12 students performed extremely well with a range of outstanding results.Included in this newsletter is an overall achievement flyer that highlights the outcomes and pathways for the Class of 2015.

All government schools have a legally constituted council, which sets key directions of the school within statewide guidelines. The Ringwood Secondary College Council plays an important role in influencing the direction of the college and in ensuring the quality of educational provision.


Parent membership is important in encouraging a diversity of viewpoints and skills that contribute to this direction. Nominations are now open for council and I would invite anyone interested in standing to contact Karen Carden in the the college office for further details.


It is our expectation that students wear the correct school uniform when travelling to and from school. We have been generally pleased with the overall efforts made at the start of the year, but there is still some room for improvement in some aspects. For example the girls summer uniform does not include a winter skirt and the boys summer uniform is the white shirt with the college logo.


In addition, we ask that all students ensure respectful and appropriate behaviour especially when travelling on public transport.


We are always concerned about student safety and ask students to cross busy roads at appropriate locations like pedestrian crossings or safety islands. In addition, travelling in small groups is often a good idea and areas like Ringwood Lake are best avoided when travelling alone. In addition, students riding to school should wear their safety helmets.


Parents who drive students should be aware of the speed and parking restrictions near the school, as these are regularly enforced. Often it is easier to drop children nearby and allow them to walk a few hundred metres. The car park at the front of the library should not be used as a drop off point just before or after school. Parents dropping off students in Rosewarne Lane, please don't pull up on the left hand side of the road, but drive down and turn around to drop students off.


Michael Phillips





Assistant Principals

From Mrs Hughes

A very warm welcome to all students and families for the 2016 school year. I trust you all had a relaxing, happy and safe time during the January break.  In particular, welcome to our new cohort of Year 7 students and new students at other year levels.  We are delighted to have you and your family join our community and trust you will enjoy your secondary education at the College.


It has been very pleasing to see students settle into classes, being focused on their work and adjusting to the new daily routine. Year 7 students in particular have been very keen to use their iPads, meet teachers and students and commence their new subjects and routines.


Second Hand Uniform Sale

Families who have not yet collected unsold items and/or cash payments from the sale held last December may collect money and items from the general office during the week Monday, 8 February to Friday, 12 February. The College will retain any items or money uncollected by this date.


School Uniform

It has been wonderful to see our Year 7 students proudly wearing their new uniform. Overall students have been wearing the correct uniform but there are some students wearing old uniform items.  There was a two-year phasing in period, ending in 2015, to recognise families that had made recent purchases of items that were being discontinued.  We ask that families support the College and ensure their child/ren wear the correct items each day. We expect students will bring a signed note from their parent/guardian to their Community Coordinator if they are out of uniform.  Uniform detentions will be held on a regular basis to encourage adherence to the requirements.  A copy of the Student Dress Code is attached for your information.


We apologise for the delay in the availability of the wide brimmed sunhat. PSW advise there have been production problems and we are hoping these hats will be in stock very soon.



Visitors to the College

Throughout the year there may be times when parents/guardians need to visit the college to discuss a matter with a member of staff.  If this is the case, please contact the College to arrange an appointment prior to attending – due to teaching commitments, teachers are often not available during the day. As outlined in our Visitors Policy, all parents/visitors attending the College must report to the Administration Office to sign-in prior to entering other sections of the school.  Thank you for your support.

From Mr Barut

Senior School

We welcome all our VCE students to the start of the school year


It is with great pleasure and high expectations that we welcome all our VCE students and their families to the 2016 academic school year.


As per our traditional opening assemblies, the VCE cohort were invited to reflect on their final years of secondary schooling. For the 12s, approximately 32 weeks of classes and extended school life awaits them before their first examination. For the year 11s, their last exam will occur in 2017, but the focus for success, and achieving one’s personal best is the constant message.


The senior school students will always be the spiritual leaders of a school and they will always be role models for the other year levels.


As such, classes have started very well and students have settled into their new subjects and most have mapped out a workable study routine.


The Senior School team is always available to assist all our students on their educational journey.


 This year’s team is:

Mr James Barut – Assistant Principal

Mr Matthew Porter – Head of Senior School


Mrs Cathy Menz – Year 12 Community


Ms Natalie Kosnar – Year 12 Community


Mr Matthew Saunders – Year 11

Community Co-ordinator

Ms Anna Urbano – Year 11 Community


Ms Fiona Sawyer – Year 11 Community



 We look forward to a sensational 2016.


From Mrs Stathatos

Middle School

Welcome to all our students and their families to Middle School. We have begun the year smoothly and students have familiarised themselves with their new subjects and teachers, while the expectations about working and behaviour as a student of the Middle School has been clearly outlined by each of the co-ordination teams.


Ms Watson’s report sums up the very energetic and positive start to 2016.


Welcome to 2016!

Hello and welcome to the start of what we know will be an exciting and busy year for Middle School students. It certainly appears that our staff and students have all enjoyed a restful break and are motivated to achieve great things in 2016.

There have been a few changes to the Middle School team this year. We would like to introduce ourselves and look forward to supporting you and your child in their endeavours:


Middle School Assistant Principal:

Eleni Stathatos


Year 9 Coordinators (allocated by form group)

  • Alyce Bailey – 9A, 9B & 9C
  • Shane Asbury – 9D, 9E & 9F
  • Kim Watson – 9G, 9H, 9I & 9J

Year 10 Coordinators (allocated by surname)

  • Michael Kent – A-Ga
  • Benn Jamieson – Ge-Me
  • Jonathon Rogers (Sub-school Leader) – Mi-Z


As it is the beginning of a new year we felt that it was worth reminding parents of the expectations surrounding uniform for RSC students. Girls should be wearing either the college dress or tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with college logo. Boys are to wear tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with the college logo. Please note that polo shirts are no longer acceptable. All students must be wearing white ankle socks and black, leather lace-up or buckled shoes that can be polished. 

We have noticed a tendency for students to wear socks with branding such as the Nike tick or Globe written on them. The uniform policy clearly states ‘plain white socks’ so these branded socks are not considered uniform. We ask that parents please try to provide only plain white socks for their child. Thanks so much to parents for their continued support with our uniform policy and also to the many students who continue to respect our college rules.


Year 9 InterGREAT

On Tuesday 2nd February we launched our 2016 interGREAT program. The program is being directed by Year 9 coordinators, Alyce Bailey and Kim Watson, who are supported by an amazing staff team as follows:


9A Peter Vlahos

9B Jacqui Godfrey

9C Alyce Bailey

9D Emma Lim

9E Anna Urbano

9F Miss Jessikah Wintle

9G Victoria White

9H Jonathon Rogers

9I Jess Lundie

9J Kim Watson


Our very first guest speaker was Hugh Van Cuylenburg who spoke to the students about gratitude and mindfulness. Hugh shared his experiences in India and talked about how this inspired him to start his company, ‘The Resilience Project’. Feedback from the students about his talk was exceptionally positive and we encourage you to ask your Year 9 student about it if you have not already been told all about it.  Hugh will return later this year to talk to our Year 9s about empathy.


Year 9 Camp

All year 9 students will be heading off to the Phillip Island Adventure Resort on Monday 7th March for a three-day adventure camp. Notices were sent home on Wednesday of this week with forms for medical and dietary requirements and information about what to pack. Please make sure that the medical forms are returned to the First Aid room by Friday 19th of February. If your child is unable to attend for some reason please inform the relevant community coordinator. We do not need to hear from parents of students who will be attending World Tour at this time.


Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 classes have started well and students are working hard to ensure that they achieve their very best. We ask that students, who have not yet arranged their placement for work experience later in the year, please do so as soon as possible. If you have any questions be sure to contact Karen Hallam in the careers department via email: [email protected]


Student Leaders

During our fortnightly Common assembly on Tuesday we presented our Year 9 leaders with their badges. Congratulations to the following students:


Year 9 leaders:  Alice D’Arcy, Kayla Jenkins and Josh Joyce

Sports Captains: Harry Norman and Imogen Hansen

Dance Captains: Emily Standfield and Taylor Blakemore

Music Captains: Ashlee Huynh and Patrick Cottin


From Mrs Allison

Junior School

Welcome back to school for 2016!

2016 is set to be an exciting, life-changing year for your son/daughter full of new experiences, achievements, challenges and positive learning. The Junior School has been buzzing with excitement throughout the past week. Students have settled well into their classes and together with their teachers are looking forward to having a very positive year. The uniform looks sensational!

The College is a rich tapestry of opportunities for enriched learning and involvement in leadership, performing arts, sport or debating to name a few programs. All students and their families are encouraged to become actively involved, meet new people and fully embrace what the Ringwood Secondary College community has on offer.


The next few weeks will be very busy for Year 7 students with upcoming events:

Photos Tuesday, Feb 9th, Information Evening Feb 10th, Wellbeing Transition week commencing Feb 15th (7A-7E) 16th (7F-7J), Swimming Sports Feb 12th, Prefects Induction Feb 18th (Period 4 only), Music Recruitment Evening Feb 22nd, Ambassador training Feb 17th and Adventure Park, Feb 19th. The Year 8 students are not as busy but will be involved in College photos on Tuesday (9th) and the Swimming sports (12th). Tryouts for the 2016 Musical production, ‘Anything Goes’ will be held during the next few weeks and students are encouraged to audition or apply for backstage positions.


Students in year 7 experienced their first Common session last Tuesday that will held each fortnight and alternate with a Bounce class. This week in Common, the year 7 Students were introduced to important points to remember.


Hats are available for purchase from PSW and both students and parents are encouraged to download the Australian UV Alert app onto their iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It provides the UV rating and weather forecast for the day. The app lets you know when you do and don't need sun protection, making it easier than ever to be smart about your sun exposure all year.


The Year 7 students will receive their diaries next week and are now encouraged to record their homework and any upcoming events to assist with time management and organisation. The diary contains many worthwhile resources and parents are encouraged to check it weekly and discuss ‘What went well’ for the week.


Congratulations to all students who have applied for leadership positions for 2016. Positions including portfolios and responsibilities are very diverse and will be announced shortly. The ambassadors will be involved in the College tours for prospective 2017 students throughout the next few months.


The Junior School team for 2016:

Elizabeth Keenan (Junior Sub School Leader and Year 7 C, D and H Community Head)

Samantha Asbury (Year 7 A, G, H, and J Community Head)

Andrew Scott (Year 7B, E, and F Community Head)

Annie Van Eeden (Year 8A, F and G Community Head).

Faith Stepniewski (Year 8C, D, H and J Community Head).

Peter Anderson (Year 8B, E, and I Community Head).

Staff are always very approachable and will aim to support your son/daughter throughout the year.

 From the Office

CSEF Application 2016 (Camp Sports, Excursion Fund)

Attached is the 2016 application form for the CSEF (Camps, Sports & Excursion Fund).


If you are an eligible Heath Care Card Holder, please complete the attached form, and a copy of your Health Care Card and return it to the Administration Office, or alternatively email your form to Linda Wheeler

[email protected]

This fund will provided $225 per student for Camps,Sports and excursions for your child.


Please ensure your application is returned no later than 26th February 2016 for processing.


Linda Wheeler  

Administration Office


Attendance Matters








This is particularly important for VCE students who have an 80% attendance requirement across all subjects


NB: VCE students who are absent for two or more consecutive days will normally need a medical certificate.  Please contact the student’s Coordinator if you are unsure about this requirement.


Late to School

If a student will be late for any reason:

  • Notify the school via the attendance line where possible in the morning or send a note with your child
  • In both instances the students will need to sign in at the office on arrival.

To ensure that we can manage the welfare and safety of the student community it is important that you respond to any SMS messages you receive in relation to morning absence notifications in a timely manner.

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact the school.


Kay Priestly

Attendance Officer

First Aid

Welcome back from holidays and welcome to the new families that have joined our school community.  We hope that you have enjoyed the break and are fit and healthy to start the new school year.  


Now a bit of business:

If your child is sick and needs to come home they need to come to Sick Bay, and we will contact you. This is so we can account for each and every child and sometimes a rest is enough and your child can continue for the rest of the day but if your child is too unwell to stay we will contact you.

If your child has a headache or stomach pains and needs Panadol we require a permission slip to be signed from you to allow us to give them this medication.



In accordance with Department of Health guideline, Maroondah City Council’s Immunisation team will be visiting the school to provide immunisations to students in year 7.

Recently there have been changes made to the Secondary School Immunisation Program that you may not be aware of, so we thought we would notify you of these changes.


All students in Year 7 in 2016 will be receiving

3 doses of Human Papillomavirus vaccine (HPV)

A single dose of Chickenpox vaccine

A single dose of Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis vaccine (Boostrix)


The PROPOSED schedule :


First Visit:          

27 April 2016               

Yr 7 - Girls & Boys HPV (1) & Chicken Pox


Second Visit:    

21st June 2016           

  Yr 7 - Girls & Boys HPV (2) & Boostrix (DTP)                


Third visit:                  

18th October 2016     

Yr 7 - Girls & Boys HPV (3)                   


For more information and fact sheets see:


By the time you are reading this Immunisation cards should have been distributed to all year 7 students.

ALL  cards must be returned to the college whether your child is being immunised or not, we MUST a card registering your preference as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Head lice, yes the subject that we all do not like to discuss but is a common problem that needs to be dealt with. 

We’re only a week  into the school year but we have had several cases of head lice already so it is very important to  PLEASE check your child’s hair TONIGHT!!!    Please then check your child’s hair on a regular basis and if head lice or eggs are found, treat appropriately.  Health regulations require that where a child has head lice that the child should not return to school until the day after appropriate treatment has started.


Finding head lice:

Step 1: Comb any type of hair conditioner on to dry, brushed hair.


Step 2: Now comb sections of hair with a fine tooth head lice comb


Step 3: Wipe the conditioner from the comb onto a paper towel or tissue.


Step 4: Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs.


Step 5: Repeat combing for every part of the head at least 4 or 5 times.


If lice or eggs are found the child’s hair should be treated.  Purchase head lice treatment products from your local chemist and the product must be applied to all parts of the hair and scalp.


No treatment kills all of the eggs so treatment must involve two applications, seven days apart. The purpose of the first treatment is to kill all lice, the second treatment is to kill young lice hatched over the next six days.

There is no product available to prevent head lice but tying back long hair can help prevent the spread.

For further information see website:


Finally there is lots of hot weather at the moment and it is essential for the students to remember to be sun smart.  It is important to put sunscreen on and remember to wear hats when out in the sun especially at recess and lunchtime. It is also very important to drink lots of water!!


Heather Eisermann

First Aid

Facilities report

Feb 2016

The Facilities team has achieved some great things over the school holidays as detailed below.  I have also listed some possible works for 2016 that will make for a very exciting year.


Parents-you are needed! Would you like to have play a role in the development of Ringwood Secondary?  

Why not join our exciting Facilities Committee which prioritises works and oversees improvements at the College. Meetings are scheduled once per term with an emphasis on getting things done!


First meeting: Thursday 25th Feb 7.30pm Conference Room-all welcome.


Twilight Working Bee: The first Working Bee for the year will be held on Friday March 11 from 5.30pm-7.00pm. Please come along and help beautiful the College.


Recent Works

  • New poems on poetry boards
  • Hall and Pac floors re-varnished
  • Worst table tops replaced in most areas/table and chair caps replaced
  • Lockers all serviced and repainted
  • Decking and seating recoated
  • Oval works-fertilizing, verti drilling, etc-looking beautiful

OH & S report

  • Trees trimmed around the College
  • Yellow lines on steps repainted
  • Workplace inspections-rooms will be allocated in near future

Planned Building Projects for 2016 (TBC):

  • A new Mod 5 double classroom will be installed during February
  • Staffroom improvements-At this stage $65000 of improvements are planned
  • Wellbeing improvements- $15000 of improvements
  • Major Junior School capital works due for commencement in April this year
  • Major Solar installation
  • LED replacements

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager



From the Chaplain

I was reading this recently and it seemed to apply to a few situations I have found myself in or that others have been sharing with me. Though it refers to dating and marriage I think can apply to all relationships. I hope you find it helpful also.

 "Apologising is hard work. Apologising and changing your behaviours is even harder, and what makes it so hard is pride. Dating and marriage always to some degree involve each person’s struggling for control. When your behaviors are driven by pride, you want to win every argument, always be right, see difficulties as your partner’s fault, bring up your partner’s admitted failures of the past, and explain away or deny your own problems and weaknesses.

You need other people’s input and critique to know how you sound, how you look, how your actions affect other people. In humility realize that you aren’t quite as brilliant and infallible as you think you are: “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment."

 A humbling challenge for all of us at times.

 P.S To all the new parents at the school welcome!  We have a chaplaincy committee that meets once a term to support my role and if you would like to be a part of it or find out more info please contact the front office.
 Adam Bryant

Performing Arts

Another Great Start to the Year

Well, the dizzying highs of last year are gently slipping into the realm of memory and we have a blank canvas in front of us for 2016. As always, there is an enticing array of opportunities for student involvement in our performing arts program, as well as great value entertainment options for the wider school community in our audiences throughout the year.


Please take note of Janine Pero’s comprehensive outline of the upcoming instrumental and ensemble music opportunities. I encourage all Year 7 students to approach their instrumental music tryouts over the coming weeks with great gusto. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Recruitment Night on Monday February 22, as well as at our impressive array of concerts during the year.


2016 College Production – Anything Goes

Auditions for this year’s production come up very quickly. In fact, they are next week.


Any student at the school may audition for a place in the cast. There is a comprehensive Production Handbook that can be downloaded from our production website ( which answers any question you could possibly have about how to book an audition and what you need to prepare.

General auditions will take place after school on Wednesday February 10 and Thursday February 11, with a Dance Call after school on Friday February 12. The signup process is online and easy to complete once you have the necessary information from the handbook.


Students who wish to be involved in areas other than cast will be able to make an application from Wednesday February 24.


Please feel free to join our extended community on Facebook by liking and keep up with all of our news as the year unfolds.


2016 Performing Arts World Tour

This year is a World Tour year and 42 students will be jetting of for a 38-day global adventure on Thursday February 25. This will be the sixth such tour that the school has undertaken and promises to be a life-changing five weeks for those involved. Our itinerary this year includes a number of exciting destinations, where we are generously hosted by partner schools. These schools provide homestay accommodation for each of our students and generate audiences for whom we perform our self-devised musical, “Made in Melbourne”.


  • Willamette High School – Eugene, Oregon (USA)
  • Trafalgar Castle School – Whitby, Ontario (Canada)
  • Adams Grammar School – Newport, Shropshire (UK)
  • Fallibroome Academy – Macclesfield, Cheshire (UK)
  • Christian College Nassau-Veluwe - Harderwijk (The Netherlands)
  • Private college Bobée - Yvetot (France)
  • Gymnazium Usti nad Orlici - Usti nad Orlici (Czech Republic)
  • Chongqing No.8 Secondary School – Chongqing (China)

There will be a farewell, World Premiere performance of “Made in Melbourne” on the evening of Tuesday February 23.

Tickets are $10 and to book tickets please visit -

To find out more about the tour and to follow it as it progresses, please head to our webpage at  where you can also pick up our Facebook feed:


Other events for the year


We can also look forward to a range of other offerings throughout the year:

  • Junior Dance Club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes – see Miss Borlase for details
  • Junior Production will once again run in December for students in Years 7 to 9.
  • A musical group from Adams’ Grammar in the UK will be visiting us in late October/Early November. We will be looking for families to host these visiting students, who will once again participate in our College Band Tour.
  • Many students will have the opportunity to participate in the Victorian State Schools’ Spectacular later in the year.


I look forward to keeping you posted as the year unfolds and welcome your enquiries at any time.


Ben Moody

Director of Performing Arts

Music Department

Great Beginning to the Year

Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful skill for any child but did you know that research shows how learning music can help your child in SO MANY



. Improved reasoning capacity and problem solving skills


. Improved maths and language performance


. Better memory


. Greater social and team skills


A series of research in Hungary found that learning and playing music improved not only academic performance, but also memory, reasoning, working as part of a group, time management and the ability to think in the abstract.


In Switzerland, a massive two-year study of 1200 students in 50 classes scientifically showed how playing music improved students’ reading and verbal skills through improving concentration, memory and self-expression.


Other effects revealed by the study showed that students learned to like each other more, enjoyed school more and were less stressed during various tests, indicating they were better able to handle performance anxiety.


Ongoing research at the University of California demonstrates that learning and playing music builds and modifies neural pathways related to spatial reasoning tasks, which are crucial for higher brain functions such as complex maths, chess and science.

Research shows that playing a musical instrument can make significant differences to students’ abilities related to learning, memory and social interactions.


In recent research in the U.S.A. has shown academic performance is higher in those students who continue with learning a musical instrument throughout their senior years and university than those who do not learn an instrument and those students who chose to drop out of music past year 10.


 Learning music can make a difference for your child.


With this in mind all year 7 students and parents are invited to RSC Music’s Recruitment Night, Monday 22 February, 7.00pm n the College Hall proceeding to the 500’s for tryouts at 7.30pm. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to join our vibrant and exciting music program here at Ringwood.

Any year 8 students who missed out joining last year are also most welcome to attend this evening. Any student year 9 and above who wish to join the program please come and see us in the PAC office as soon as possible. It’s never too late to start learning a musical instrument or join one of our many ensembles.


Welcome back to all RSC musicians and thank you to Training, Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands plus Senior Choir and Senior Vocal Ensemble for starting the year off with their day camps last weekend and this coming weekend. All these groups are busily preparing for Generations in Jazz held at Mt Gambier early next term.


All rehearsals commenced this week and there has been some very impressive sounds are swirling out of rehearsal rooms already!


Some exciting news regarding Music Photos. John Travers Photography, photographer for Victorian Schools Music Festival, will be doing our music photos this year.  All junior (except choir), intermediate and senior ensembles will have their photos on Wednesday 24th February, just prior to World Tour departing and our newly formed Training Band, Training Strings and Junior Choir will be on Wednesday 16th March. This will enable our beginner ensembles to have their instruments and performance uniform ready for their photos.


We will have two photographers working  - one doing the group photos while

The second photographer takes the individual portraits with their instrument.


All the images will be posted to a password protected folder on the John

Travers web site for parents to view the images and order prints as required


John Travers Photography will charge $15 for a 13x19cm portrait of the individual and $20 for a 20x30cm print of the group.


Details regarding Music photos will be out on Compass soon.


Our Music Association needs your help!


The RSC Music Association would love to hear from you.


The Music Association is a parent group, which actively supports the Music Program by assisting front of house at concerts; serving suppers, and fundraising to purchase much needed instruments (the ones that are too expensive for families to buy) and equipment.  They have a longstanding place in the history of the college and want to ensure that they remain viable long into the future. The committee meets approximately twice per term on a Monday evening. Their final “meeting” for the year is a social dinner in late November or early December.


The next meeting is on Monday, March 7 at 7.30pm in the Library and you are cordially invited to come along, meet the “gang” and find out a bit more about what they do and how they do it. A light supper will be provided.


The Music Association is looking for new members in 2016.  It really is a great way to become part of your child’s journey through the music program, to meet other parents and to find out a little more about what happens behind the scenes at the college. 


Please feel free to call the Music Association’s Vice President Bernadette Holt on 0447 243 678 or send an email to [email protected] if you would like to find out more about the RSC Music Association.


Upcoming Dates:

Sun 7 February      

SC & SVE Day Camps


Sat 20 February     

RSC Symphony Orchestra – “Symphonie Fantastique  Saturday”


Mon 22 February  

Recruitment Night


Wed 24 February  

Music Photos (JCB, ICB, SB, TSB, JSB, ISB, SSB, IS, SS, SC, SVE & JS


Thurs 25 February 

World Tour Departs


Wed 16 March        

Training Band, Training Strings & Junior Choir Photos


Janine Pero

Director of Music

Around the School

Welcome to Languages 2016

On behalf of the Languages team I hope that you all had a safe and happy holidays.  Welcome back to the 2016 school year! There are many exciting things in store for Languages this year and we hope that all of our students make the most of these wonderful opportunities.

The Languages team this year consists of the following staff:


French –

Julie Gleeson

Rosemary Devereux

Mink Schapper

Annie Van Eeden

Caitlin May


Indonesian –

Jessica Lundie

Virginia Martin


We are also welcoming Pak Ery Primaskara to the Indonesian team. Pak Ery is our Indonesian language assistant in 2016 and will be working in classes across years 7-9. He will work predominantly with students on oral competencies but will also work with students on Indonesian cultural activities.

On February 9th Ringwood SC will become host to 5 year 8 Indonesian students and the school principal from Sekolah Tunas Unggul in Bandung West Java.  These students will be at Ringwood for two weeks. We are excited about the experiences that this opportunity will bring for both schools and we thank the five RSC families that are hosting our Indonesian visitors.


In January I was lucky enough to visit Sekolah Tunas Unggul and meet with our visitors (see photo above). The school is a very impressive global interactive school. They are also a bilingual school meaning they teach many of their subjects in English. I feel very blessed to be in partnership with this wonderful school and I hope one day that some of our RSC Indonesian students will be able to visit and participate in the immersion program that they offer.




Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages


RSC Nepal Excursion April 2017 

Trip of a Lifetime


The trip is open to students, siblings, past students, parents and staff.

The trip will include the following activities:

  • We will be sightseeing in the Kathmandu Valley, seeing medieval buildings and other interesting and historical sites.
  • Trekking the Tamang Heritage Trail, getting up close to some of the mountains of the Himalaya.

The 'Tamang Heritage Trail' is an exciting new trekking route, located between Langtang and the Ganesh Himal. A culturally rich region steeped in Tibetan tradition, the local Tamang people are some of the warmest and most welcoming people in Nepal. Within easy access of Kathmandu we ascend the road north towards the Tibetan borderlands, and enjoy a relatively gentle circuit trek through picturesque villages, terraced fields and peaceful valleys, where only the most discerning trekkers go. Enroute, we enjoy panoramic mountain views of the nearby peaks and see the natural hot springs at Tatopani. Continuing north towards Tibet, we soak up the heritage and appreciate a local fort, monastery, and the exquisite local architecture of the Tamang homes. As we near the end of the trek we enjoy a homestay experience in Briddim, and have a full day to relax and discover more about the local traditions of this wonderful region.

  • Spending 2 days helping at a remote underprivileged school that was destroyed by the earthquake.
  • Shopping in the suburb of Thamel in Kathmandu.
  • Flying with Thai Airlines.

An information night for anyone interested in this trip will be held, Tuesday 16 th February in Ringwood Secondary College Library at 7.30pm.


For further information please email

Mrs C. Ross

[email protected]

Mr D. Godfrey[email protected]

Mrs S. Miriklis: [email protected]


Sub Schools

Senior School News

How parents can help
students in the senior years
of school


Junior School News
February 2016

Year 7, Day One

The Junior School Coordinators warmly welcome all our 2016, Year 7 students (263 in total) to Junior School.

Day one was very busy. Students were introduced to their “Bounce” tutors and spent the morning involved in a variety of activities.

The first session was spent learning how to use their locks. Quite challenging, but with the very kind assistance of our 2015 Junior Ambassadors  all students managed to successfully achieve this task.

In session two, students worked through the booklet “Getting Started at RSC”. In this session one of the tasks was to t learn how to read a timetable.  The codes were a little challenging.

In session three, students completed a tour of the school including a visit to the General Office to familiarize themselves with the correct process of obtaining any necessary passes, e.g. late or early leavers passes.


We congratulate all Year 7, 2016 on a great start to the year and thank the huge team of staff who made this morning a great success. So much so we had no questions at the assembly just before they were dismissed at the end of the morning.

Welcome to the Team

I would like to welcome three new Community Coordinators to the Junior Team this year.

Miss Sam Asbury has joined the Year 7’s and Miss Annie Van Eeden and Miss Faith Stepneiwski join the Year 8 team.

The team will be looking after the following forms:


Year 7 Community Coordinators

- Mrs Elizabeth Keenan 7C, 7D and 7I

- Miss Sam Asbury 7A, 7H, 7G and 7J

- Mr Andrew Scott 7B, 7E and 7F


Year 8 Community Coordinators

Miss Annie Van Eeden 8A, 8F and 8G

- Miss Faith  Stepneiwski 8C, 8D, 8H and 8J

- Mr Peter Anderson 8B, 8E and 8I


Parents /Guardians are most welcome to email their child’s Coordinator. However, we do ask that if you would like to meet with a Coordinator personally, that you make an appointment first. With over 500 students in Junior School the office gets very busy at certain times throughout the day. We endeavour to make appointments around these busy times.


Year 8 Students.

The Year 8 students have had a very positive start to the Year. Mr Phillips (College Principal) and Mrs Maria Allison (Assistant Principal) welcomed the students into year 8 and encouraged them all to work towards many goals throughout the year.


We would like to welcome the following new students into  Year 8:

Eliza Bentley, Skylar Browne, Lucein Clubb, Jacob Cranmar, Cody-Lea Currie-Cane, Makaelah-Lea Currie-Cane, Chelsea May , Niamh Mebalds and Parsa Sadeghidahe to Junior School.


Transition for Year 7

Our Transition program begins with a very busy February.


Wednesday 10th February:

New parents Evening, in the College Hall, 7.00 – 8.00 p.m.


Monday 15th February: 

7A, B, C, D and E will be attending “Well Being Day”.  Students will be transported by bus to the Heathmont Baptist Church. They will be required to be in full school uniform, bring a packed lunch and pen and paper for the sessional activities.


Tuesday 16th February:

7F, 7G, 7H, 7I and 7J will be attending “Well Being Day”.  Students will be transported by bus to the Heathmont Baptist Church. They will be required to be in full school uniform, bring a packed lunch and pen and paper for the sessional activities.


Wednesday 17th February

Ambassador Training at Realm, Eastland 8.50 a.m.– 11.30


Friday 19th February

Students will be attending Adventure Park for a fun packed day. Departing at 8.50 am and returning at 4.00 p.m.


Please note: this date has been brought forward by one week due to the alteration in opening times at Adventure Park and also, the late return to school at 4.00 p.m.


Mrs Elizabeth Keenan

Junior School Leader




Sports Report

Welcome to 2016

A big welcome to all new and returning students, to what promises to be another busy year in Ringwood sport. Our team sports commence with the Senior Summer sport round robin on Friday the 19th of February, when VCE students will compete in Cricket, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball and Tennis. Term 1 also includes Summer round robins for Year 7, Year 8, Intermediate Students.


The sporting carnivals kick off with the annual Ringwood Secondary College Swimming Sports, to be held at the new Aquanation complex, on Friday the 12th of February. Term one also features the school cross-country on the last day of term, the 24th of March.



Preparations are well underway for the annual Ringwood Secondary College Swimming Sports, which will be held on Friday the 12th of February at the Aquanation Complex. (Reilly St & Greenwood Ave, Ringwood)


All students from Years 7-10 are expected to attend and are to arrive at the pool by 9.20am, where an attendance check will take place. Normal school uniform is not required and students are encouraged to come dressed in their house colours. (Students can check their house on Compass: Jackman Yellow, Frazer Red, Freeman Blue or Mabo Green) Stay tuned to Compass for further details and to give permission for your child to attend, in the coming weeks.


From this carnival, a team will be selected to compete at the Maroondah Division Swimming Competition, to be held on Friday the 11th of March, again at Aquanation. Ringwood Secondary College has a proud history of success at the Division swimming championships, having claimed the title for the previous 23 years. We encourage all students to participate and act responsibly on this day. As is the case with a normal school day students will not be permi



As is the case with a normal school day students will not be permitted to be dismissed prior to the conclusion of the day from the swimming carnival. If any student needs to leave to attend a medical appointment etc. they must obtain an early leavers pass from school before travelling to the swimming day.  Under no circumstances will notes from students be accepted on the day by staff manning the gates. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.



Interschool competition in Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, Softball and Volleyball will take place during this term with all year levels competing with the other Maroondah Division schools.


The relevant dates are: 

Senior (VCE) – Tuesday 19th February

Intermediate (9&10) – Monday 3rd March

Year 8 – Friday 18th March

Year 7 – Tuesday 21th March


Year 7 and 8 students will receive an email later this term, which will include details of how they can express an interest in competing in the round robin days. Details about trainings will be posted on Compass or communicated via email.



This year Aidan Kent-Brown joins us as part of the AFL Sports Ready traineeship program. Aidan has recently completed Year 12 and has a sporting background in a number of sports, including Tennis, rugby, soccer and cricket. We look forward to having Aidan work with us this year.


Kyle Simkin

Sports Coordinator


Welcome Back

Welcome back to Ringwood Secondary College in 2016. The careers team would firstly like to extend our best wishes to all of our year 12 students and those in their final year of VCAL.


Ms Helen Doherty - Careers Coordinator


Ms Anna Benson - Student Services Leader


Ms Stacey Miriklis  - VET Coordinator /Careers Practitioner


Ms Debbie Mock - Careers Administrative



Ms Karen Hallam - Careers Practitioner


We wish you much success for your final year at the college, and look forward to supporting you as you work toward crossing the ‘finish line’. Parents with students in year 12 should note that a careers bulletin is published approx. 3 times per term. This bulletin contains crucial information about Universities, TAFE’s, work options and career advice; in a manageable and accessible format. Parents can access this bulletin from the RSC careers website (through the portal), by clicking on careers newsletter in the ‘important info’ drop down menu.


Currently the careers team is beginning the process of managing the individual pathways (MIPs) of all students from years 10 – 12 through conducting 1:1 interviews. The careers team has begun interviewing students from years 10 and 12 (year 12 students will be interviewed twice). Interviews for year 11 students will commence in the second half of term 1. In these MIPs interviews, students discuss their intended pathways and have the opportunity to ask questions in regards to their pathway options. It is suggested that students who are unsure of their pathways undertake some interests test prior to these interviews. Information on undertaking interest tests can be found in the careers room.


Tertiary Studies here we come!

What an exciting time it’s been over the past couple of weeks with the release of tertiary placements.  95.96% of our Year 12 students have gained positions at University or TAFE Colleges. The diversity of courses is staggering including such things as Sports Management, Education, Disability Studies, Engineering, Hospitality, Physiotherapy and Science. Most popular course areas include Commerce, Arts and Law; 27 of our students will be heading off to Deakin University and 26 to Monash University. The College wishes all of our past students the very best of luck in their tertiary studies and we welcome any students who would like advice to visit us throughout the year.  Coping with the transition from secondary to tertiary can be daunting so don’t hesitate to seek help.


We hope that 2016 is a successful year for all of our students, and look forward to working with many of them in planning their future pathways.  


The Careers Team


FREEZA Information Night

We are currently recruiting for our 2016 Freeza program.


Freeza is a free personal development program for young people aged between 15-21 years and is a wonderful opportunity for young people who are interested in gaining more experience or developing skills in the following areas:

  • Event management experience - learn to run a cultural event, stage manage, book performers & budget
  • Learn to be a leader, make strong decisions and be organised
  • Build confidence and people skills
  • Learn promotion, marketing and design skills
  • Learn about the music industry and develop business skills
  • Develop technical skills - PA, lighting & sound desk
  • Explore educational and employment pathways into the music/event/marketing industry
  • Meet other young people who share the same interests

The program is only available to 12 young people who have connections to Maroondah and can provide fantastic pathways into the event and music industry. Freeza also provides great networking opportunities with industry professionals and gives young people the skills and confidence to work in a team and connect with their peers and the wider community.Once the Freeza group is established participants meet weekly to plan, develop and deliver safe, accessible and affordable events for their community.Quote from one of last years participants 'It was legit the best learning experience and so much fun. You can apply what you learn to the outside world and to jobs as well. I had the best year and I made some great new friends!'Applications close on Friday 19th February. We will also be holding a Freeza information night Tuesday 16th February 6 - 7pm at EV's Youth Centre (212 Mt Dandenong Rd, Croydon) and invite teachers, parents and students who are interested in Freeza and would like to to know more about the program, meet some Freeza graduates and the Youth Workers who run the program.


Introducing Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson attends Ringwood Secondary College weekly on Tuesdays during school terms. Jessica is new to the role of Youth Settlement Worker with the Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) [MIC], offering case management support and programs to young people aged 12 to 25 years and from a refugee background (living in Australia less than 5 years). MIC Youth Settlement caseworkers like Jessica can assist refugee youth with anything relating to settlement, including navigating education pathways, health issues, accessing social and recreational activities and driving to name a few. Jessica is available and keen to talk with teachers and support staff about any refugee student wellbeing needs. If you are a refugee student and need some support, you can speak to Jessica.


You will find Jessica sitting with the Wellbeing Team at Ringwood SC on Tuesdays completing school outreach as well as in the school yard during recess or lunch engaging with young refugee youth. When not at school, Jessica can be contacted by email [email protected] or at The MIC office on 9285 4888 or work mobile 0457 597 043.


Young people from refugee and family stream migrant backgrounds face challenges when they settle in Australia including low English language proficiency and for many refugee youth disrupted schooling and years of displacement prior to their arrival in Australia. The presence of a MIC Youth Settlement Worker at Ringwood Secondary College is one way of supporting the successful settlement and wider inclusion of refugee youth in Ringwood and surrounding areas.

Breakthrough Lilydale

Turning Point, SHARC and Bouverie Family Therapy Centre, are pleased to offer BreakThrough, Ice education for families. This program is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services as part of the Victorian Ice Action Plan. Facilitators from Turning Point and SHARC will be delivering four hour education sessions (over one or two days) to families who are concerned about ICE use by a loved one.



Community News 

Personal Training

Give yourself a good start to 2016


Kilsyth Junior Football Club

Players Wanted - Register Today!



My Dental Bulk Billing Dental Care


Aquinas Junior Football Club




9 am to 11am


At Aquinas Old Collegians Clubrooms

Aquinas College, Great Ryrie St.  Ringwood

UNDER 13s  and  UNDER 14s





For Information  CONTACT :              

BARRY JESS          0418 314849

GAVAN HARKIN    0419 117652


OR BY EMAIL :      

[email protected]


East Ringwood Junior Football Club


We have a Registration Day on Sunday the 7th of February at our home ground at Ainslie Park and want to attract children to join our fantastic club.  


Growing confidence, developing basic footy skills, rules of the game and encouraging good sportsmanship are all a part of our football program. We encourage both boys and girls to play in all age groups.



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