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17 December 2015
Issue Fourteen
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Upcoming Events

2016 Start of Year 

The College program commences for staff on Wednesday January 27, 2016.

Commencement dates and arrival times for each Year Level are:

Thursday January 28, 2016

·         Year 7
8:50 am start at the Hall.  Dismissal at 1:05pm

·         Year 11 - 12
9:30 am start with extended assemblies followed by normal VCE classes periods 2 to 4.

Friday  January 29, 2016

·         Year 7

10:05 am start period 2

·         Year 8 - 12

8:50 am start with extended Year Level Assemblies for Years 8, 9 & 10, followed by normal classes.

These arrangements will once again ensure a smooth start for all year levels and all students.

2016 Term Dates

Term 1 : 27 January - 24 March

Term 2 : 11 April - 24 June

Term 3 : 11 July - 16 September

Term 4 : 3 October  to 20 December

Principal's Post


Another productive and successful year is drawing to a close at Ringwood Secondary College and there is much in the planning for 2016, including our new strategic plan for the period 2016-2019. I am also delighted to announce that our capital works project has received approval to proceed to tender documentation and we will look forward to commencing construction in the by Term 2 next year.

This week, we are farewelling two long serving staff members in Ms Sandy Keown and Mrs Margaret Polkinghorn who are retiring after many years of contribution to our college. Best wishes to you both for a healthy and happy retirement. The College would also like to wish Mrs Sandy Kokoszka, Mr Matthew Tucker and Mrs Suzanne Toniolo all the best for their new teaching appointments in 2016.

Presentation evening this week certainly captured many of the highlights and successes of the year. We are delighted with the achievements of the Class of 2015 and indeed students from all levels across so many areas of endeavour and leadership. This edition of the newsletter contains full details of all the awards.

Our VCE results were again worthy of celebration, with 31 students gaining an ATAR score over 90 and 9.1% obtaining study scores over 40. This places these students in the top groups in the State. In addition, many other students achieved results that will allow them to gain places in preferred higher education courses.

I am particularly delighted to announce that the College Dux for 2015 is Jiao Mei He with an ATAR of 99.9. This places her amongst the top 80 students in the State. Cory Zu and Alan Gao with ATAR scores of 99.8 are in the top 200 in the State. 14 students scored above 95 and 4 students 99 or higher.

In further good news, we have been informed that three of our students have been selected by the VCAA to exhibit their work in the Top Designs Exhibition in 2016. Congratulations to Chelsea King and Kathryn Bell in Media and Zac Folan in Design and Technology – Foods. We look forward to joining with thousands of others in viewing your work at the Melbourne Museum.

Special congratulations to three students who obtained perfect study scores of 50: Maddy Wright for History Revolutions (Teacher Ms Lucy Moore), Elena Boyd for Health and Human Development (Teacher Ms Nicole Solomon ) and Zhi Bin Foo for English as an Additional Language (Teacher Ms Lucy Moore)

I hope many of you had the chance to enjoy the outstanding production of Lion King Junior during the past week. It was delightful to see so many of our Year 7 to 9 students performing with such enthusiasm, flair and polish in this recently released young performers edition of a classic musical. Thanks to the large team of staff and parents, led by Ms Samantha Asbury, Mrs Kate Tanner and Mr Ben Moody, who created this wonderful opportunity for our students.

In more exciting news, our acclaimed production of Oliver has won the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria’s Award for BEST Junior Production of 2015. A fantastic team effort by everyone involved and we are very proud of this achievement. Well done to Mrs Kate Tanner and Ms Gaynor Borlase for their award- Best Choreography in a Junior Production. They also collected a Lyrebird Award in the same category and our student Stage Manager Kaitlyn Walker received the inaugural Lyrebird Rising Star Technical Award. This fantastic prize will see her receive ten sessions of professional tuition in theatre tech on-site at the Karralyka Theatre.

Finally, I would like to wish all members of our College community best wishes for the holiday season and I trust that you have a safe and restful break. I look forward to working with you all in 2016.

Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Hughes

The end of the year comes around so quickly!!  Once again, the school calendar for 2015 has been rich and busy. As we draw to a close for the year, I extend my thanks to our teachers and support staff for all their efforts with classes, students and participation/assistance in the many extra curricula programs that make RSC the great school it is.  I also send best wishes to all students and parents for a safe and happy Christmas and a relaxing break in January.

Second Hand Uniform and Book Sale

Sincere thanks to the small group of parents who assisted in running the second hand uniform and book sale last week. All support was greatly valued and the sale is a wonderful service for the College community.  Please note that any money not collected by 12 February 2016 will be transferred to the College account.

Continuous Reporting in 2016

Following our trial on introducing continuous reporting this semester, the Curriculum Committee has reviewed the process and made recommendations for 2016.  Accordingly, we will now stage the implementation with all Year 7 and 8 classes participating in continuous reporting next year, as well as the subjects in Years 9-11 that participated this year.

Uniform in 2016

A final reminder about uniform.  Next year will be two years since the introduction of the new uniform items. At the time of the change a phasing in period of two years was given in recognition of families who had made recent purchases. In 2016 all students will be expected to wear the new uniform items.  The following items will no longer be accepted:  the green polo shirt, the boys grey shirt and the lighter grey jumper, and the girls green jumper. 

From Mr Barut


Our Year 12 students received their results earlier in the week and there were some excellent outcomes amongst this year’s class of 2015. In the rawness of data and statistics, 16% of our students received an ATAR of 90 or above. 32% of students received an ATAR of 80 or above. Moreover, study scores over 40 sat at over 9% - great news for all involved!

Sprinkled amongst these results were three perfect study scores of 50 - Madeline Wright (History – Revolutions) Ellena Boyd (Health and Human Development) and Zhi-Bin (Arthur) Foo (EAL).

Congratulations to Jiao Mei He, who was the College dux with a score of 99.90! Other fantastic news includes the 99.8 that was attained by both Alan Gao and Cory Zhu and Madeline Wright’s 99. In total, 31 students scored 90 or above.

The College would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all the students who put in their personal best. Pathways and a new horizons will open up for all of them. For all our students it was always about the journey. The class of 2015 will be remembered fondly for their warmth, good humour and service to others.

We would also like to thank and acknowledge the hard work of all our teachers for their input in guiding our Year 12s over their secondary schooling.

To our Year 12 cohort of 2016, the journey awaits……

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

James Barut

Assistant Principal - Senior School

From Mrs Stathatos

‘Know thy Mindset ‘ has been explored with students and staff this year in order for us all to become more productive in our learning and in our lives. We are realising that throughout the pressure points of the year our attitudes and our outlook on life matter. Programs such as Bounce have really made in roads into strengthening the understanding of how we interact with class mates, teachers, colleagues and have raised the emotional intelligence of the college as an organisation. Knowing that there is potential to grow in whatever we do is powerful.

It is on this positive note that we farewell 2015 for the amazing journey we have had. We should never underestimate the power of learning and reflection to transform our lives. The celebration of our high achievers this week is one area worthy of pause, and so everyone of us should take the time to consider the goals we have met and the milestones we have reached. Students have been well positioned to take their learning around mindsets into 2016 and begin the new year on a high note.

Congratulations to all in the Middle School for your achievements. We look forward to another great year.

Walkathon Winners

Staff PD at the Apple Store in Doncaster

Year 10 Formal

Year 8 Parent Information for Year 9

Merry Christmas from the Middle School Team

Eleni Stathatos 

Assistant Principal - Middle School

From Mrs Allison

As the academic year comes to an end, I reflect on many wonderful experiences and challenges that have created so many fond memories, from Adventure Park earlier in the year to the recent Orientation Day for our incoming Year 7 2016 students. Both events were full of energetic and enthusiastic students very keen to enjoy new friendships and experiences.

I would like to thank all students, staff and parents for making 2015 a positive, productive, energetic and exciting time for our Junior School students.  As this year draws to a close I would like to congratulate them for their continuous effort and hard work. However, it is important for all students to reflect upon their academic performance, taking note of suggestions by teachers and subsequently working towards future improvement. They are encouraged to build upon their strengths, develop strategies to embrace their studies and participate in community work and/or other extra curricular activities.

A special thank you to the wonderful, generous, hardworking Junior School coordination team expertly led by Mrs Elizabeth Keenan. The Community Coordinators; Ms Anna Urbano, Mr Andrew Scott, Mr Kyle Simkin, Mr Peter Anderson, Miss Melody O’Meara, Mr Lachlan Mackay and Miss Annie Vaneeden. Working together with parents, wellbeing and classroom staff, their enthusiastic, compassionate and personal support has enabled students’ individual growth and provided them with a solid educational foundation for the future.

I wish you a safe, enjoyable festive season and restful holiday break and look forward to seeing you again in 2016. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal - Junior School

Celebrating Student Success in 2015

A Great Night

Once again, the College community gathered to celebrate student achievement in 2015. The excitement generated by our student body as they received academic, sporting, the arts, both performing and visual, music, special awards and scholarships was awe inspiring.

Thank you to our outgoing 2015 Head Prefects, especially Madeleine Wright and Jesse Baker who hosted the night with warmth and energy.

It was a memorable night and Ringwood Secondary College continues to grow and inspire. We have much to look forward to in 2016. 

Sporting Awards

Year 7:     

Tarni Cavanagh, Caitlin Dellow, Tayla de Montignie, Jasmin Hass, Rhian Lumsden, William McHardy, Benjamin Wheeler

Year 8:     

Georgi Clarke, Imogen Hansen, Madison Mauchline, Harry Norman, Tess Patterson, Pyper Ross, Amber Shearn

Year 9:     

Benjamin Akaruru, Joel Burleigh, Lee Fletcher, Charlie Guillou, Ciara Lumsden,

Jonathan Murphy, Samanthan Olsen, Sarah Snary

Year 10:   

Jessica Bone, Sophie Caldwell, Joel Gosbell, Maddison Lacy, Sara Patrick

Year 11:   

Georgia Copeland, Stephen Dang, Bianca Hansen, Taylor Mainard, Julian Malander

State Finalists

State Medal winners:  

Jayden Cairns, Sophie Caldwell, Stephen Dang, Mitchell Dielemans, Kyle Edwards, Gai Wal Gai, Bianca Hansen, Ciara Lumsden, Tayla Mainard, Connor McGrath,  Samantha Olsen, Sarah Snary, Jesse Thi Hlum

State Equestrian Interschool Championships:  

Chloe Tan Sing

SSV Academic and Sporting Medal:  

Joel Gosbell

Pierre de Coubertin Award

Nathan Percy, Year 12

Hazel Hirons Memorial Prize

Abby Couper, Year 12

Sporting Blue Awards

Nathan Percy – Cross Country, Bianca Hansen – Athletics, Sophie Caldwell – Swimming

Arts Awards Years 7-11

Year 7:     Elise Bergmann, Sahana Dana, Jamie Garcia, Jackson Mangold, Flynn Stelfox, Sara Tabikh,       Charlotte Tolliday

Year 8:     Jessica Allsop, Xuan (Natasha) Chen, Nathan Mckenzie, Coleman Shook, Akanksha Singh, Emily                  Standfield, Michael Syme, Ianthe Volbrecht

Year 9:     Cayla Colston, Jonathan Egan, Si Yu Hong, Chloe Horrabin, Eve Maartensz, Priya Manders,      Isabella Mayne, Susan Rash

Year 10:   Cotijah Abubakar, Dania Al-Shawaf, Zaynab El Emary, Kirsten Manuel, Sarah Monteau, Leah      Nichol, Finn O'shaughnessy, Kelly Swindells, Kaitlyn Walker, Grace Wilson

Year 11:   Aisling Beale, Angus Cooke, Phoebe Higgins, Caleb Lindner, Ellysha Livic, Matthew Nichol,         Maddison Riley

The Potten Family Scholarships

Johnathon Foo Year 10 & Cotijah Abubakar Year 10

The Lyrebird Awards

Rising Star Technical Award

Kaitlyn Walker

The Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Awards


Best Male performer in a leading role:   Matthew Nichol

Best Female performer in a leading role:     Natalie Leitner

Science Award of Excellence

Year 7 :           Jasmine Lacy  

Year 8 :           Amelia Phillips

Year 9 :           Dean Stevens

Year 10:          Bradley Keats

Trajan Scientific & Medical Awards for Science & Technology

Trajan Scientific & Medical

Zoe Mullenger, Year 10 & Henry Heather, Year 10

Australian Mathematics Competition 2015

Year 7 :           Grace Veenman

Year 8 :           Alice D’Arcy

Year 9 :           Ben Holland

Year 10:          Zoe Mullenger

Year 11 :         Ke Fan Tang

Year 12:          Charlotte North-Coombes

Caltex Allrounder Award

Isaac Delaney Year 12

PCTA Award

Ellena Boyd Year 12

Fiddes Family Award

Ashleigh Hudson Year 12

RADAR  Award

Jesse Baker Year 12

ADF Long Tan Leadership Award

Madeline Wright Year 12

Community Co-ordinator Awards Year 7-11

Year 7: 

Scarlett Gooding, Shan Wang, Larissa Wrigley          

Year 8:             

Stella Parkinson, Paige Phillips, Lal Din Thar Ram Lawt

Year 9:             

Chloe Horrabin, Georgia Read, Tyler-Rose Shattock

Year 10:           

Zaynab El Emary, Sarah Monteau, Van Tha Thluai Zaathang

Year 11:           

Rebecca Cen Hrang, Alex Mott, Taylah Piel

The R.S.L. Scholarships

Jamiee Campbell Year 8 & Kate Wadley Year 10

Heritage & Alumi Scholarship

Dania Al Shawaf Year 10

Mazda Student Leadership Award

Georgia Copeland Year 11

Australian Defence Force Award

Jasmine Arthur Year 10

The Hocking Family Award

Chris Young Year 11

The Deakin Shield Award

Jemimah Chacko Year 12

The Deakin Shield Award

Caleb Lindner Year 11 &  Rebecca Hall  Year 10

Academic Awards 7-11

Year 7

Nikki  Anderson, Tahlia  Antrobus, Kiarna  Aronleigh, Elise Bergmann, Billie Blythe, Iokia  Bongers, Tarni  Cavanagh,  Adara  Cervi, Anna Charquero, Tara Clare, Alana Couper, Sian Cribb, Cameron Davis, Caitlin  Dellow, Jack Downard, Taylor Egan, Tahlia Fraser, Nicholas Freeman, Jamie Garcia, Scarlett Gooding, Madison  Groves-Berry, Mia Heinen, Kate Hine, Peri Hine, Eh Doh Doh Htoo, Angela Infanti, Jasmine Lacy, Rhian  Lumsden, Jackson Mangold, Charlie Martin, Lily Moroney, Abigail Ngo, Ellie Preston, Alana Purcell, Sara Tabikh, Emily Vains, Grace Veenman, Shan (Wendy) Wang, Felicity Watts, Matilda Wilson, Ryley Young

Year 8:  

Abby Allen, Jessica Allsop, Melanie Arthur, Ashleigh Barber, Taylor Blakemore, Jaimee Campbell, Xuan  Chen, Georgi Clarke, Alice D'arcy, Moksh Dave, Ally Delden, Amy Ditchfield, Jasmine Djumadi, Jasmine Eales, Nanda Gopakumar, Nicholas Graham, Skye Hagland, Melanie Hall, Imogen Hansen, Astrid Hickey, Kayla  Jenkins, Fraya Jordan, Dylan Kane, Paige Kelly, Tayah Kelly, Portia King-Smith, Lana Lee, Ryan Lexa, Willow  Lindner, Lorenzo Louw, Jia Luo, Amelia Manders, Laura Marmion, Catherine Materia, Campbell McNamara, Christopher Mullenger, Harry Norman, Kaylee Ogden, Olivia Owen, Stella Parkinson, Amelia Phillips, Samuel (Sam) Philp, Mark Reynolds, Jamie Seeber, Amber Shearn, Akanksha Singh, Olivia Smart, Lara Stretton, Angie  Symon, Georgia Tan, Holly Thatcher, Hannah Turnbull, Amy Van Vegten, Ianthe Volbrecht, Charlie Wakeham, Lachlan Watson, Abbey Williamson, Yu Xia

Year 9:  

Rebecca Battersby, Caitlin Beckett, Emily Cain, Lauren Clements, Lesley Convery, Keeara Downs, Kasy Fennell, Keely Finnerty, Caitlin Grimmett, Charlie Guillou, Tia Hagland, Renee Haw, Rebecca Hine, Ben Holland, Si Yu Hong, Kayla Horton, Ciara Lumsden, Eve Maartensz, Jamie Maartensz, Bridget Macfarlane, Priya Manders, Isabella Mayne, Georgia McPherson, Samantha Olsen, Susan Rash, Madeleine Rathbone, Tyler-Rose Shattock, Jasmine Smith, Hannah Smyth, Christy Tsui, Swetha Vasudevan, Chelsea Weatherill

Year 10:  

Cotijah Abubakar, Jasmine Arthur, Zoe Barnard, Annabelle Barton, Jessica Bone, Ben Brearley, Holly Brearley, Melissa Brooks, Nathan Callinan, Jennifer Chan, Amy Cook, Isobel Egan, Zaynab El Emary, Natalie Eve, Taija Evers, Dylan Feltham, Lauren Flanagan, Zhi Foo, Madeline Gough, Rebecca Hall, Molly Hastings, Henry Heather, Jake Herring, Holly Hey, Finnigan Hine, Didier Iriarte Fattel, Connor Jackson, Whitnie Jeeves, Amy Jones, Kate Jones, Bradley Keats, Jacqueline Kennedy, Meaghan Kooy, Maddison Lacy, Kefei Li, Jiayu Li, Lily Liu, Emily Lodge, Ashley McSherry, Samantha Middlemast, Zoe Mullenger, Leah Nichol, Courtney North, Ariel Parker, Isaac Parlas, Hannah Prescott, Alexandra Richards, Aiden Richardson, Rachael Sheridan, Kunwar Singh, Kelsey Smith, Rory Tattersall, Janette Tyssen, Zoe Van Vegten, Kieran Volbrecht, Kaitlyn Wadley, Ally Whitby, Grace Wilson, Joshua Zahau

Year 11:  

Rebecca Allsop, Lachlan Blain, Trevor Bryden, Victoria Buultjens, Jayden Cairns, Samuel Clarke, Kira Coghlan, Mitchell Crozier, Meagan Crozier, Molly D'arcy, Shannah Doig, Harold Egan, Olivia Groves, Phoebe Higgins, Jiayue Huang, Benjamin James, Jack Jones, Jaskiran Kaur, Callum MacDonald, Ryan Mangold, Jamie McDonald, Oliver McNamara, Adrienne Murphy, Lisa Reynolds, Maddison Riley, Stephanie Roberts, Patrick Scampton, Claudia Spencer, Renee Sytema, Kefan Tang, Jesse Bawi Thawng Thi Hlum, Megan Trushell, Holly Watson, Katrina Zuk

VCAL Award of ExcellenceKaylah Tobias

Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program

Jasmine Arthur Year 10          

Dux of Year Level 7—11

Year 7

Grace Veenman

Year 8

Amy Ditchfield

Year 9

Keely Finnerty

Year 10

Rebecca Hall

Year 11

Meagan Crozier

Year 12

Jiao Mei He

Year 11 — VCE Units 3 & 4 Subject Awards

Patrick Scampton - Accounting

Jaskiran Kaur - Economics

Harold Egan - Geography

Jesse Bawi Thawng Thi Hlum - IT: Software 


Katrina Zuk -  Legal Studies

Meagan Crozier - Physical Education

The Joan Mentz Award

Victoria Freeman Year 12 & Alexander Russi Year 12

VCE Baccalaureate

Lefang Chen, Bianca Collier, Weilun (Alan) Gao, Sophie Green, Jiao Mei He, Guanfeng Huang, Zijie Li, Huiyao Liu, Rachel McIsaac, Charlotte North-Coombes, Claudia Sheers, Hsien-Ting (Cheryl) Wu, Weijing Zeng, Weiwei Zeng, Cory Yunzhe Zhu, Wenxiao Zhu

High Achievers VCE 2015

Darcy Amos, Sunchit Bahuguna, Andrew Bialecki, Ellena Boyd, Marnie Boyle, Alexandra Brooks, Meagan Brooks, Jemimah Chacko, Zach Folan, Zhi-Bin Foo, Victoria Freeman, Weilun  (Alan) Gao, Jiao Mei He, Guanfeng Huang, Rahul Kwatra, Brandon Lexa, Zijie Li, Wei-Jian  (Jason) Liew, Huiyao Liu, Charlotte North-Coombes, Isabella  Pavlovic, Louise Platts, Nicholas Schroeder, Sophie Sipus, Jasmijn Van Houten, Madeline Wright, Hsien-Ting  (Cheryl) Wu, Weijing Zeng, Weiwei Zeng, Cory Zhu, Wenxiao Zhu


Presentation Night at Camberwell

Student Success

A wonderful evening celebrating each students accomplishments throughout 2015.

 Around the College

College Council Report – Thursday 10th December 2015

• The Principal provided an update on the development of the College’s new Strategic Plan for 2016-2019. The Plan includes Goals and Key improvement strategies. The next step is to identify actions directed at achieving the Key improvement strategies. Recent recommendations from the School Review provide important input to the development of the Plan.

• The Council meeting dates for 2016 were tabled for information including notification of pupil free days on January 27th; April 11th; June 14th; and August 5th.

• Preliminary investigations have commenced into costing and options for a solar installation as part of the College’s new capital works program. 

• The Principal’s Report to Council covered: staffing appointments for 2016; the upcoming awards ceremonies for music productions; tendering for the capital works is anticipated to be undertaken in February 2016; the College is looking forward to the VCE results.

• Report form Resources Committee - good financial result for the College as at the end of November 2015. Tracking well for the year-end financial position. Business associated with school governance (audit; financial policies; and school budget) have all been satisfactorily acquitted for 2015.

• Report from Policy and Education Committee - three policies were endorsed by the College Council: ACE (Year 7 High Achievers) Program Policy; Audio-Visual Educational Material Selection Policy; Alcohol and Drug Management Policy.

• Report from the Facilities Committee – quotes re: solar options; installation of LED lights; review of security system; planning is proceeding on the new Junior School.

• Report from RTTF – exciting programs continue to run at the facility; planning underway for 2016 enrolments; transitioning to a new name and new logo in 2016 “Ringwood Training”.

• OH&S Report – roof safety equipment recently re-certified.

• Report from Heritage and Alumni Group – the Heritage Perpetual Scholarship has been launched and the first scholarship has been awarded for 2016.

News for Nepal

Thankyou to all of the people from the Ringwood Secondary College community who helped raise the $6,700.00 that has just been sent to the World Expeditions Foundation for Shree Lokil Primary School in Nepal.

There were many generous donations from parents and students including the donated student profits from the Business Studies Market Day, Trivia Night and the sale of ice-creams, spiders and a sausage sizzle.

This money will help to rebuild their classrooms, which were severely damaged in the 2015 earthquake.

We are currently planning a trip to Nepal in 2017. The trip will be during the first term holidays.

The trip is open to students, parents, older siblings, past students and staff.

The itinerary includes two days sight seeing and shopping in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur.

The trek runs for 7 days - a bus to Syabru Besi to trek the Tamang Heritage Trail. We walk through rhododendron forests, mountain villages and see snow capped mountains.

The 'Tamang Heritage Trail' is an exciting new trekking route, located between Langtang and the Ganesh Himal. A culturally rich region steeped in Tibetan tradition. The local Tamang people are some of the warmest and most welcoming people in Nepal.

Enroute, we enjoy panoramic mountain views of the nearby peaks and could soak in the natural hot springs at Tatopani.

Continuing north towards Tibet, we soak up the heritage and culture; appreciate  the exquisite local architecture of the Tamang homes, a local fort and a monastery.

We then head south by bus and visit Shree Lokil School where we will spend 2 days helping with their rebuilding process. Many of the trek porters come from this poor region of Nepal and will be proud to take you to their village, welcoming your support for their school.

Project work will involve physical work that may include plastering the classroom walls, painting the school and levelling the land for the playground.

There will be an information night early February for anyone interested in participating in this excursion.

If you have any questions please email.

Mrs Christine Ross    [email protected]

Mrs Stacey Miriklis    [email protected]

Attendance Matters

It was great to be able to speak with so many parents this year and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and relaxing holiday season.

Just a couple of things to remember for next year.

·  Please call before 10.00am if your child will not be attending school that day

·  If you receive an SMS absence notification please respond as it is important part of the College’s Duty of Care obligations and we need to ensure that a student is legitimately absent

·  Year 10 students who are doing a VCE subject next year will require a Medical Certificate if they are absent on the day of that class.

Calls to the attendance line 9845 7519 can be made at any time night or day if you need to inform the school of an absence.

Kay Priestly



Well it’s ‘bonnes vacances, joyeux noël and au revoir’ from French and ‘Selamat hari libur, Selamat hari natal and Selamat tinggal’  from Indonesian for 2015!

We have had a terrific year in LOTE this year and I hope that all students have enjoyed the year as much as the staff has. I would like to thank the LOTE team for their effort this year. It has been a great support to me to have such an enthusiastic and capable team of staff. My thanks go to:


Annie van Eeden

Caitlin May

Julie Gleeson

Mink Schapper


Virginia Martin

Jessica Lundie

I would like to take this opportunity to wish students, staff and the wider community a safe and happy holiday period and I look forward to seeing everyone, fresh faced and ready to embark on a new year in 2016.

Bonne vacances!

Selamat hari libur!

Rosemary Devereux

LOTE convener, 2015

From the Chaplain

Happy Christmas I hope you and the family have a good one.

It is the season of giving.  I felt particularly blessed just recently when I was celebrating my sons birthday out for dinner.  As we sat down with 5 of his friends a group of 4 elderly people nearby noticed the mass of little children just about to invade their quiet meal. As one man got up we took a deep breath ready to apologise. The gentleman asked us what all the fuss was about and we explained that it was my sons birthday.  He was not cranky at all in fact he was quick to go for his wallet and before we had a chance to say "don't be silly" my son was given a $10 note. The look on our 7 year olds face was priceless.  For me this offered a small glance of Christmas and the spirit and intent behind the event. Christians celebrate the gift of Jesus to the earth  2000 years ago, a gift that was given to offer joy and peace in a politically challenging time and a gift that keeps on giving, still available to all.

Regardless of what or how you will be celebrating, may your Christmas be one of giving.  Not giving for the sake of fulfilling a kris kringle requirement or buying something for someone else because they bought something for you, but giving yourself to others in acts of kindness and patience offering them love and joy.  I hope that we can shift our focus from ourselves to others so we may experience the true essence of Christmas this year.  Have a safe and wonderful break, look forward to journeying again together in 2016!



Adam Bryant

College Chaplain

Facilities report

The last few weeks of the year are always incredibly busy in preparation for the next year. Much planning is occurring around the new Junior School building and we are currently investigating potential solar installations at the College and the replacement of all old lighting with LED lights. A new double portable is due to arrive over the holiday break and Room 400, which is well past its used by date, will be demolished. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Facilities team and staff and parents for their ongoing support throughout 2015. A more comprehensive summary of all major works can be found in the recently published annual College magazine. Recent activity at the College includes:

  • Servicing of all lockers
  • Maintenance of the new plants on Hill St
  • New storage area beneath portables

OH & S

  • Roof safety equipment recently re-certified

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager 

Sub Schools

Year 12 2016 Prefect Camp

On the days Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd of December I was lucky enough to participate in the first ever Prefect Camp, as a prefect for 2016. 




It was a jam-packed couple of days with activities ranging from guest speakers, team challenges, leadership discussions and workshops, self defence and even an amazing race around the city. This experience enabled us to get to know the Prefect team we will be working with next year, along with a few of the teachers. Although most people were tired from the formal held the night before it was a wonderful camp that helped prepare us for the year ahead whilst also having fun! 


Meagan Crozier


2016 Year 12 Prefects

Congratulations to Head Prefects Rebecca Allsop and Caleb Lindner and Deputy Prefects Megan Crozier and Jesse Bawi Thawng Thi Hlum.

Performing Arts

What a Week!

It’s been a very exciting weekend for the school, and our production company in particular. Many of you may have caught up with the news on the Facebook, but for those of you who don’t see that medium, here is a summary of the last 48 hours:

Junior Production – The Lion King Jr

Audiences enjoyed the performances of our latest production. Over 1800 people will have watched the show across six performances. This is an astonishing effort and I cannot praise highly enough everyone’s energy and commitment to making The Lion King so successful and polished.

The Lyrebird Youth Awards

Congratulations once again to all the nominees who were acknowledged on Sunday afternoon at the Karralyka. I am delighted to report that we were successful in winning the award for Best Choreography in a Musical Production (Kate Tanner and Gaynor Borlase), and that Stage Manager Kaitlyn Walker received the inaugural Rising Star Technical Award. This fantastic prize will see her receive ten sessions of professional tuition in theatre tech on-site at the Karralyka Theatre.

The Music Theatre Guild Awards

On Saturday night about 30 of us headed down to Geelong for the annual night-of nights for non-professional theatre companies across Victoria. There were many highlights, but the performance of our seller’s quartet was outstanding. The official reviewer of the evening for Stage Whispers, Coral Drouyn, had this to say:

"The same can be said of Ringwood Secondary College’s production of Oliver! The voices in “Who Will Buy” were worthy of any stage in the world."

You can (nay, must!) read the full text of the review here:

However, we were also thrilled to receive our first ever perspex bricks (Guild Awards). Congratulations once again to Kate Tanner and Gaynor Borlase, whose choreography was judged to be the best in the state.

And the biggest congratulations is to EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE COMPANY OF 'OLIVER' for doing your part to ensure that "OLIVER" was recognised by the Guild as:

2015 Production of the Year

To say that we were all a little bit excited, proud, gushing, stunned, and everything else is a bit of an understatement. Nathan McKenzie accepted the award on our behalf and did a few laps around the somewhat bemused Guild President.

Sunday morning the magnitude of this achievement began to sink in. The “winning" in and of itself is completely immaterial. We don’t do this to win awards and we will never change what we do and how we operate to fit any external criteria. However, the peer recognition from the industry is an acknowledgement that the program that you have all played a role in creating is among the best in the state. We can all be proud of that. We can all be proud that we dared to commit and share our time, energy and passion for delighting audiences to create opportunities for so many individuals and teams to excel – both onstage and off. Everyone, from the producer to the parent who supports a child’s involvement, is a contributor. 

Congratulations to you all and thank you for entrusting your belief in us. The 2016 Production of 'ANYTHING GOES" was announced on Monday night and we will continue to throw ourselves into the challenge of facilitating the most authentic learning experiences and creative thrills that money doesn’t have to buy!

If I don’t see you before, have a wonderful Christmas and outstanding summer.

Junior Production 2014Wizard of Oz DVD's for Sale

The DVD's for 2014's Junior Production of Wizard of Oz are now ready to purchase.

To purchase yours, please see Mrs. Carden in the office with $10 cash.

Benjamin Moody

Director of Performing Arts

Junior Production

The Lion King Backstage

Backstage is always a busy place to be! An hour before the show, the kids are busy getting makeup, microphones and costumes on - a hive of activity!


Bringing together a show involves many cast, crew and students!









The Lion King Meet 'N' Greet

A chance to meet the kids after Sunday's performance was great!

Lots of hugs and laughs, but a few scary encounters with Scar and Simba!

The Lion King Performance

Special thanks to Peter King for taking a great selection of shots of the kids in action in the African grasslands.

Award Presentations

Music Theatre Guild Awards

The photos speak for themselves - the Production Team were so excited on the night!

A very proud Director of Performing Arts accepts the award with one of our "Olivers."

Lyrebird Awards

An afternoon at Karralyka again feeling excited about another 2 awards - Tab Killick lit up the stage once more.

Sports Report

Another Successful Year

As we reach the end of another year, 2015 has, once again, been a very successful year in sport for Ringwood Secondary College. It was great to see so many students representing the school, with 157 teams competing at the Division level. Out of the 81 teams who competed in the top tier of competition, 49 progressed to Region finals and three teams qualified for state finals. Congratulations to the Year 8 Girls Basketball team and the Intermediate Boys Cricket team who both competed in State finals and a special mention to the Senior Boys Basketball Team who won silver at the State final.

There were also some fantastic performances within the Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics teams. The Athletics team won the Division title for the 24th time from the past 27 years, the Cross Country team won for the 26th time out of 27 years and Swimming claimed the Division crown for the 23rd consecutive year. The Athletics team won the Eastern Region championship and performed exceptionally well at State, collecting 8 medals from 10 events.

We hope to see many students involved again in 2016, with the key dates for Term 1 shown below.


Friday 12th - RSC Swimming

Friday 19th - Senior Round Robin; Summer


Thursday 3rd – Intermediate Round Robin; Summer

Friday 11th – Maroondah Division Swimming

Friday 18th – Year 8 Round Robin; Summer

Monday 21st – Year 7 Round Robin; Summer

Wednesday 23rd – Eastern Region Swimming

Thursday 24th – RSC Cross Country


On Wednesday the 2nd of December, Year 7 students were involved in the inaugural house sports afternoon. All students participated in either Volleyball, Netball, T Ball or Soccer. In what was a highly competitive afternoon of sports, Jackman (20.5 points) won the overall day, narrowly beating Freeman (17.5 points), with Mabo and Frazer equal 3rd (16 points).

The full results are shown below. Congratulations to all students, for contributing to what was a fantastic afternoon. A big thankyou to the Year 8 and Year 9 students who assisted with umpiring and scoring and for the staff that gave up their time to assist with running the sports.

GIRLS SOCCER: Jackman 1st, Frazer 2nd

BOYS SOCCER: Jackman  equal 1st, Frazer equal 1st

GIRLS NETBALL: Jackman 1st, Freeman 2nd

BOYS NETBALL: Jackman 1st, Freeman equal 2nd, Mabo equal 2nd

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL: Mabo 1st, Jackman 2nd

BOYS VOLLEYBALL: Mabo 1st, Freeman 2nd

T BALL: Freeman equal 1st, Frazer equal 1st


This year three Ringwood Secondary students were nominated for a Sporting Blue award. The Sporting Blues are based in the history of English sport, when in 1936 during a boat race between Cambridge and Oxford Universities, a light blue ribbon and dark blue ribbon were affixed to their respective boats.

Subsequently, a Sporting Blue became identified around the world as an accolade of sporting excellence by young people, and is distinguished by a two-coloured blue ribbon attached to a traditional bronze medallion.

In Victoria Sporting Blues are awarded in 18 sports and only one student in the state can win in any given sport. This year all three Ringwood nominees won their respective categories with Nathan Percy winning for Cross Country, Bianca Hansen for Athletics and Sophie Caldwell for Swimming. Congratulations to all three students on their outstanding achievements in their chosen sports.

Kyle Simkin

Director of Sports

Duke of Ed Hike

On the Duke of Ed hike we had a fantastic time. It was very challenging and was an amazing experience. 

There were some fantastic views, beautiful tracks and pretty creeks. Everyone really enjoyed it, even thought it was hard. 

All of us had a great time with our friends.

When we reached the summit of Bogong we had reached our goal. The view was insane! It was just so picturesque with all the surrounding mountains. Whilst walking, we had to climb up a steep mountain but when we arrived at the top of the it was all worth it. The rush of pride and achievement we felt at the top was indescribable. Then we walked down the mountain and when we saw the road we cried with happiness. It was so mentally challenging but it was worth it when we got to the top.

Duke Class ‘15



Careers Information

Year 9 students get ready for Work Experience

All Year 9 students have recently been provided with a Work Experience Introduction booklet that details next year’s program and procedures. Work Experience will be in the last week of Term 2 . Quality jobs are hard to come by and we encourage all of our students to act now before the best jobs are gone. Decide on a type of job and then contact relevant employers. Databases of the last few years’ employers for students to obtain phone numbers are available in the Careers Office.


Exiting students

Students exiting the college in 2015 for other destinations are required to complete the relevant paperwork from the General Office, and if not leaving to another school, a compulsory exit interview is required. Contact Ms Carden with regards to the exit procedures.

UMAT 2016 Registrations Open Soon

Registrations for UMAT 2016 open early December 2015 and close Fri 3rd June 2016.

The test takes place nationally on Wed 27th July 2016.

UMAT is a test that is used specifically to assist with the selection of students into the medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs at undergraduate level at the universities listed on this website.


TAFE & Apprenticeships

1300 Apprentice: Interview Preparation and Research

This blog helps to explain the interview preparation and research stage of finding an apprenticeship/traineeship.

RSC Careers Website

Have a look at the RSC website, accessible from the portal, for range of information including writing a resume, cover letters, interest tests, jobs vacancies. 

Casual and Part time jobs

There are still retailers looking for casual and part time jobs.  Many retailers and fast food chains accept online applications and expressions of interest.





It has been a busy year for many VET students and they should be congratulated on managing their time and completing the modules required. Many students have successfully qualified for their level 2 or 3 certificates, while others are well on their way.

This year there was an increase in the number of students who undertook a school-based traineeship or apprenticeships. This is a course that allows students to combine work and training within the school program.  Most students who began their courses were successful and we would like to acknowledge their hard work. It is not easy juggling school, a workplace and training.

The VET courses and traineeships offer fantastic opportunities for students to begin making career decisions and experiencing life in the workforce. Congratulations to all students on another successful year.


A final reminder that students who are studying a VET subject in 2016 should have paid their deposits to the office to confirm their position.  If you have not yet paid, please notify Mr Stranger in the Careers Office.


It has been another busy year and we, in the Careers Office, hope everyone enjoys the Christmas break and have a safe, happy New Year . We look forward to working with you in 2016.


Ms Hallam, Ms Castles, Mr Stranger and Ms H Doherty


Community Announcements

Jump Deck - Have a go!

$10 any session any day - these school holidays!



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