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04 September 2014
Issue Fourteen
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Year 7/2016 Enrolment Information Evening
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Year 12 News
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What's on for the fortnight

September 2014

04 Sept - Early Student Dismissal 1pm

               - Note Day 9

               - Parent Teacher Student Interviews

8 Sept  - Yr 7, 2016 (Grade 5 Information                                      Evening 7.30pm

                - Yr 9 Learn to Dance 

10 Sept - Parent Teacher Interviews 4-9pm

               - SCSA Netball

               - Year 10 Monty Prior P4

11 Sept - Year 9 Bridges to City 9/54 Part 2

               - Note Day 4

15 Sept - Whole School Assembly

               - Charles Duke Visit 12.00pm

               - Year 9 Learn to Dance

16 Sept - Year 11 & 12 Solo and Ensemble                                     Performance

               - Year 9 Social

               - Year 7 High Resolves

17 Sept - Year 7 High Resolves

18 Sept - Early Student Dismissal 1pm 

                 - Brigidine Day Staff Lunch

19 Sept - End of Term 3

                - BRIGIDINE DAY

                - Unveiling of new sculpture 

Principal's Message

Holocaust Museum Excursion

I had the privilege of travelling with two Year 9 classes to the Holocaust Museum last week. The girls are reading the novel ‘The Wrong Boy’. The students were given an overview of the Holocaust, and then toured through the Museum. I joined a group led by a survivor. The gentleman was from the Netherlands and told the girls he knew the home of Anne Frank as it was near where he had lived. He vividly recalled the day members of his family were removed from their homes and herded off to wait for transportation. After our tour, the group was spoken to be Lushia. Lushia was 8 when the war began, her little brother was three, the family were in the Warsaw Ghetto and Lushia told the girls how they hid in the drain during the uprising. Her father and brother were both killed in the first camp.

When we were leaving, the student gathered their bags and hurried for the train. Two girls delayed and were continuing the conversation with Lushia. When they realised it was time to go, they simply gave her a hug, thanked her and wished her well. It was great to see their sincerity and their ability to bring a smile to the face of someone who had been treated so cruelly in life. Lushia told the girls to value life, not to be racist and how grateful she was for the welcome she and her mother were given in Australia after waiting in a refugee camp after the liberation of Auschwitz. 

By contrast, throughout the week we have reflected upon the plight of refugees and asylum seekers in the world today

Loving God, no one is a stranger to you 

and no one is ever far from your loving care.

In your kindness,

watch over those separated 

from their loved ones,

young people who are lost, 

and those who have left home

or who have run away from home.

Bring them back safely 

to the place where they long to be

and help us always to show your kindness

to strangers and to all in need.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Brigadier General (Ret)           Charles M Duke Junior

We are looking forward to greeting Brigadier General (Ret) Charles M Duke Jr and his wife, Dorothy, to Kilbreda on 15 September. Charles Duke was the 10th man to walk on the moon. He was the CabCom for the Apollo II landing. So where Neil Armstrong said “The Eagle has landed,” it was Charles who said “Roger that!” The web link below is to a 9 minute documentary about Charles Duke. I’m not sure about the students but the staff will be lining up for selfies on the day.

Unit 3/4 Holiday Exams

The students completing Unit 3/4 studies will have trial exams in Week 2 of the September holidays. This is a good opportunity to test their readiness for their final exams.

Year 8 

The Year 8’s are safely home from Ovens near Myrtleford. It was great to see how well supported the Information Night was on Tuesday 26 August. The presentation by Indigo from the Duke of Edinburgh foundation gave the students an opportunity to consider taking on this special challenge.

Building 2015

The architects, Scott and Crossier, have lodged an application with the Kingston Council for a building that Kilbreda hopes to undertake and complete in 2015. I’ve attached the current plans for you to have a look at. The building will be a Year 9 Centre.

School Leadership 2015 

The following students applied for the first round of leadership positions; Andrea Banaag, Lucy Jones, Ashleigh Greig, Elizabeth Lewis-Williams, Taylor Young, Samantha Hargreaves, Eleni Green, Tess Campion, Taylor Leeson, Peta Simao, Molly Campbell, Giorgia Cahoon, Olivia Norman and Amy Marshall. In turn each girl spoke to their year level. The students have completed two workshops to prepare for this stage. It was quite inspiring to hear each candidate. Her maturity, appreciation of the College and aspiration to make a difference were commendable.

Spirituality in the Pub

Rose Marie Prosser spoke at the ‘The Sandy’ on Wednesday on “The Francis Effect Taking Responsibility for our Christian Living”. Rose Marie is one of the Kildare Ministries Trustees. She spoke about the document put out by Pope Francis last year (‘Evangeli Gaudium’) “The joy of the Gospel filled the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.” Pope Francis’ reflections ask us to take responsibility for telling the Good News and to live a life that reflects the Good News which was given to all. He speaks of a Joy ever new, A Joy which is shared

3D Printing

The images below are from a Year 9 elective 'The Shape of Things to Come'. I must admit I am amazed at the work the girls have undertaken. They have started with problem solving through their Bridge Building activity. Stephen Brick was explaining to me that you can build you own 3D printer and then you can print your next printer. I met Professor David Shallcross, the Director of the Engineering Learning unit at Melbourne University. His favourite quote comes from Theodore Von Kármán, “Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that never has been.” There is no doubt the future belongs to these girls. 

Year 7/2016 Enrolment Information Evening

Enrolment Information Evening

KILBREDA COLLEGE will conduct an

Enrolment Information Evening for

 Year 7, 2016

Monday 8 September 2014, commencing

 at 7.30pm

The Mary Dalton Hall will be open for registration from 7.00pm.

Attendance is a prerequisite for enrolment into Year 7, 2016.

For more information visit our website

From the Archives

Faces on the planner: Tamara Prins & Bridie Kean

Tamara was a student at Kilbreda from 1998-2003. Prior to graduating she had set her mind on the services and joined the Australian Navy in 2009. This followed some years working overseas in Mexico, Alaska, New York and Washington State for an organisation called the National Outdoor Leadership School, following two years at Summer Camps in upstate New York. As part of the 220 strong crew of the HMAS Melbourne, she travelled to the Middle East on maritime security operations. She was part of the ship’s armed boarding party and was involved in the Communications and Information Systems on board ship. This involved sending and receiving information via computer to other ships and to land bases. The armed boarding party would board suspected pirate vessels and deal with any threats such vessels posed. Tamara has since served on board the HMAS Sydney and Ballarat, visiting more than twenty countries in the process. She was promoted to Leading Seaman and is working her way through the ranks. Tamara now teaches Communications at Cerberus Navy Base near Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula. Her achievements were part of a recent Herald Sun feature on women in the armed forces. Tamara is pictured above in my homeroom with Bridie Kean who is also on the planner cover.

Bridie Kean attended Kilbreda College from 1999 to 2004. She was offered a scholarship to university in the US and completed her undergradute Arts degree there. Since her return to Australia she has gone on to complete a Masters in Public Health and is currently working towards a PhD.

However, it is in the sporting arena that Bridie has shown her mettle. As a 2 year old, Bridie’s feet were partially amputated as a result of meningoccocal. Although she played able-bodied basketball for many years, Bridie took up wheelchair basketball as a teenager, after seeing it played at the Sydney Paralympics in 2000. She was a member of the Australian team at the Beijing Paralympics (2008), winning a bronze medal. This effort was eclipsed when in 2012 she was captain of the Australian Wheelchair basketball team that won a silver medal.

Bridie’s involvement with wheelchair basketball has taken her to many parts of the world; Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany, England and USA to name a few. She continues to train with the Australian squad and hopes to be a member of the team that will represent Australia in Rio at the 2016 Paralympics, hunting down that elusive gold medal.

Bridie also featured in Scar Stories

Damian Smith & Bernadette Kean

Archives & Library

New College Uniform

New College Uniform

The following extract has been taken from the 2015 Student Planner.

During the transition phase to the new uniform, students are to wear either a complete set of old or new uniform. There is to be no mixing and matching.

There is one exception with respect to footwear. New socks (white) and new shoes (black leather lace up) may be worn with either the old or new summer uniform. New socks (black) or new tights (black) and new shoes (black leather lace ups) may be worn with either the old or new winter uniform.

Year 8 News

Year 8 Camp

Monday 18 to Faiday 22 August.

Once again Year 8 made their way up to Valley Homestead located in Ovens (near Myrtleford) for their annual camp. This is a challenging camp that offers a variety of experiences for the girls.

Activities included:

  • Duel Flying Fox, a 200m zip across the valley
  • Power Pole, girls scaled to the top and launched themselves to a trapeze
  • Free Fall Slide, a six metre vertical slide
  • Vertical challenge, a number of climbs increasing in difficulty
  • Aerial Obstacle, an obstacle course with the aim of getting around without touching the ground
  • Abseiling
  • Survival lunch. Girls were taught to light a fire. They were then given a box of supplies and sent out into the bush to prepare and cook their own lunch.

We had amazing weather the entire week and the girls were enthusiastic at all the activities. No doubt there was something on offer to challenge each and everyone of them. To finish with, cabin groups were responsible for coming up with an act for the final night’s concert which was entertaining to say the least!

Well done to all the girls on participating  and co-operating so well with each other. Thank you to the staff who attended and helped out on this very successful camp.

Trish Moloney

Year 8 Coordinator

Year 9 News


On 26 July 2014 six eager girls (Alex, Jess, Emma, Bronte, Emily and Olivia) met the equally excited Mr Dalton and Sr Lia at Melbourne Tullamarine airport and hopped on a flight to Alice Springs. At Alice we got lunch and picked up our food for the week to come.

Then we set off down the last of the bitumen road all the way to Tilmouth Well, which was our home for the night.

After a 5am wakeup call we all slugged to the troopie and couldn’t wait for the day ahead. 3 typical outback toilet stops and 1 flat tyre later we arrived at Balgo.

And 30 minutes later we were running around playing footy on the dirt oval with kids from all ages.

Over the days we were involved in many activities such as:

Working in the Classrooms

We were privileged with the experience of teaching literacy and numeracy to children all the way from Kinder to 15 year olds. It was a huge culture shock to see the students doing work we would have done many years before they are doing it. Most of the senior class didn’t know their alphabet off by heart. But what we learnt was that they are a lot more knowledgeable than we are, depending how you define smart. They knew so much about culture, nature, and the importance of family and community.

Art Centres

We visited a canvas art centre and a silk screen painting centre. It was amazing to see the time and effort that went into creating these pieces. But what was even more interesting to learn was that each artwork had a story, whether it be travelling, hunting or about family. Each piece taught us so much about the culture and we are grateful we had the chance to witness these first hand.

Sunset at the pound and the Jesus cave

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sceneries any of us have ever seen. We sat on the rock face and looked forward into the untouched land underneath us. Just before the sun set, we were taken to a little cave which we had to climb into through a ladder. Inside we saw the left over belongings of a nun who used to come down there to pray and feel at one with God. Then we returned to see the breathtaking sun set right before our eyes.

Rock Art

Here we were surrounded by 4 metre high rocks and even taller trees that was challenging yet fun to walk through. We couldn’t believe the rock art we saw was painted over 25,000 years ago but when we saw how it had almost faded away it made sense. There was a little waterhole and some of us tried to climb our way out but were unsuccessful. Once we were done we made our way back out. Unfortunately, one of the girls had an accident and left Balgo that night but the trip went on.

Bush Excursion

On the Thursday we went on the year 3/4 excursion to the bush. It was a 2 hour drive but we stopped off to see an elder and the children dig a hole to find water. It was a place where they used to stop for the night when they used to walk between Balgo and the next community. Once we got to the bush we played in the river with the kids and had the once in a life time opportunity to try kangaroo tail. It was so rewarding to bond with the kids in this environment and we will never forget it.

Aths Carnival

On Thursday Luurnpa hosted the athletics carnival. Senior students from the schools at Mullan and Bililuna came to participate. We were in charge of marking marathons, demonstrating events and making sure everyone kept to the rules. It was good to see how the kids interact with each other in a different environment.

Final Night Sunset

We finished our last night watching the sun go down, at a different spot this time. It was a lovely way to end our trip.

Every one of us think about the kids we met every day and would go back in a heartbeat. We feel like Balgo is a part of us and we hope we have left a mark on Balgo as well as it has on us. We are also grateful for the lifelong friendships we have formed as a group and that is something we will never forget.

Year 11 News

Class Captains Semester 2

Congratulations to the following students in carrying out their roles as class captains. 

Room 15: Emma Blair & Sara Crowley

Room 16: Rebecca Bracciale & Ashleigh Greig

Room 17: Mary Sarailis & Meagan Webb

Room 18: Tess Campion & Rebecca Rawlings

Room 22: Ieshia Power & Samantha                                   Hargreaves

Room 23: Madeline Morrison & Indiarna Baker

Room 29: Andrea Banaag & Jacqueline                             Summers

Room 30: Hannah Walker & Peta Simao

Room 39: Caitlin Healey & Phoebe Lucas

The students attended a student leadership workshop and are now in the process of applying for positions as school leaders for 2015. We wish them well in this endeavour. 

Year 12 News

Presentation by Damien Thomlinson

On Wednesday 6 August, five Year 12 students attended an evening at the Mentone RSL to listen to a presentation by Damien Thomlinson. Damien is a former Member of the Elite 2nd Commando Regiment and served in Timor Leste and Afganistan.  While in Afganistan, he lost both his legs when the jeep he was travelling in drove over a bomb. Damien’s awe inspiring story of his triumphs, spirit and determination was truly magnificent and the girls who attended were deeply moved.  Special thanks to the Mentone RSL for inviting us and to Niamh, Daniela, Abbie, Jayde and Chloe who took time out of their busy study schedules to attend. 

Trial exams

In the second week of the school holidays, the Year 12s will be sitting trial examinations.  These exams are a great opportunity for the girls to hone their examination skills, to revise their courses and to receive valuable feedback. These exams will occur between Monday 29 September and Wednesday 1 October. 

During the second week of the holidays the Library will be open from 9.00 to 3.00.  Many students take up the opportunity to use the Library to study, away from the many distractions that occur at home.  

Guys & Dolls

St Bede's/Kilbreda and Mentone Girls' Grammar presents:


Get Tickets Here:


Thursday 4 Sep -7:30pm

Friday 5 Sep - 7:30pm

Saturday 6 - 2:00pm (matinee) and 7:30pm

Venue: St Bede’s Performing Arts Centre

Story: In New York, gambler Sky Masterson is challenged to take copious missionary, Sarah Brown, to Havana on a $1000 bet.  Meanwhile, fellow gambler Nathan Detroit is having problems with his fiancée, nightclub singer, Miss Adelaide. Includes songs “Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat” and “Luck be a Lady”

Principal Cast:

Sky Masterson - Max Unwin          

Nathan Detroit - Matthew Slater

Sarah Brown     - Samantha Hargreaves/

                                 Amanda Hargreaves (matinee)       Miss Adelaide   - Katherine Gale/

                                   Erin Dunstan (matinee)

4 Shows only!!!

Don’t miss out

Social Justice News

Petition to close Manus Island and Nauru Detention Centres

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me…” Mt 25:35-40

The debate about Refugees and Asylum seekers is ongoing in Australia. A growing number of Church and community organisations are concerned over the failure of the Government to ensure even the most basic standard of care for people in the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres. Please consider supporting the following petition calling on Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to put an end to this policy, which is fast-becoming our nation's greatest shame.

The petition to close down the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres is a collaboration between GetUp, the Refugee Action Coalition, Doctors for Refugees, the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, and numerous groups and individuals fighting for compassionate and humane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

You can sign the petition here:  Please consider adding the petition to your facebook page or twitter account and distributing the link to the petition to your own email list.

Bicycles for Asylum Seekers

Do you have a bike that you no longer need or want?

The Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project (BASP) is looking for donations of bicycles to give to refugees and asylum seekers as a means of cost effective transport. Did you know that a person on a bridging visa survives on less than $6 a day for food and other necessities after they have paid their bills? If you have a new, used or repairable ADULT bicycle that you would like to donate to BASP, please email to make arrangements.

As you spring clean your garage keep an eye out for an unwanted bicycle that might change an asylum seeker's life.

With many thanks for your support.

Cate Jacka

Kilbreda students and staff protesting for refugee rights in Canberra 2013.

Photos courtesy of Christine Hammett

Arts News

Creative Arts

Last Wednesday the VCE Art students headed to The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) for a full day of experiencing varying artistic styles, viewing works from the Renaissance era (500 years ago) to Contemporary works from Australia and elsewhere. The aim was to broaden the students’ general knowledge of art and learn more of the techniques and mediums used so that they may apply the knowledge in their practical folios and theory work.

The Year 11 and 12 Art class started at NGV Australia (Federation Square) to view the work and be guided through Inge King’s “Constellation” exhibition with an NGV Education Officer. They gained a great understanding of King’s semi-abstract sculptures, some of which are artistic icons in our landscape, such as ‘Forward Surge’ that sits between the Arts Centre and the NGV in Melbourne. After a quick lunch in the glorious winter sun we headed to NGV International to view the Italian Masters, an extraordinary exhibition of famous Italian artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Tintoretto, Tiepolo and many more. The works are on loan from the Prado Gallery in Madrid, Spain. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the exquisite works, we then moved upstairs to see the Contemporary works that ranged from video installations to 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional works usually making a societal or political statement.

The Year 12 Art students finish their practical folios in less than two weeks. We wish them the best of luck.

Ms Riordan 

VCE Art Teacher

PE News

VNA Netball Finals

Next week the Junior A Netball team will represent Kilbreda at the VNA Netball Championships Final Day at the State Netball Centre.

We wish them Good Luck. The team members are: Lillie, Alesina, Maggie ,Jamie, Lexi, Rachel, Eliza, Tayla, Dayna, Isabella, Imogen

Maree Clark

PE Co-ordinator 


The Junior team played against OLSH last week and had some great success. All 3 Netball teams won.

Badminton teams B & D also won 2 sets to 0.

The Netball & Badminton competition finishes this week. Thank you to all the girls who participated each week or who were able to fill in at the last minute.

We have started trials already for the SESG sports for next term. The sports are Tennis & Softball.

Encourage you girls to try out.

Maree Clark

SESG Sport Coordinator

Holiday Tennis Clinic

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th September

@ Beaumaris Lawn Tennis Club (0407 322 298) or 9589 3039

Australian Sports Camps

Spring Programs 2014

Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, AFL Football, Basketball, Tennis.

Lots of Australian sports camps on offer. Please ring 1300 914 368. Also check the PE/SPORT noticeboard for more details.

Careers News

Dates to remember:


Monday Dec 15     VCE results and ATARs                                   released

Monday Dec 22     Change of Preference                                     closes

Applying For Courses For 2015

Hopefully Year 12’s have been searching the VTAC website for courses, and making a start on applications. Remember that once you have applied, you can change your application at no extra cost. Application fees rise from $28 to $93 after 5pm on 30 September.  Remember to consider the ACU Early Achievers and the La Trobe Aspire and Using these schemes, both universities look at contributions made (in addition to your ATAR) when making offers for their courses. Also check out SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) on pages 30-43 of VTAC Guide. If you have been disadvantaged in some way, you may be able to access your desired course on a lower ATAR. All applicants are advised to apply for Category 1, Personal Information and Location. Applications close on 7 October.

Having trouble choosing a university course?

There is a lot of information to sort through when choosing a university program. Try the following two websites to narrow down your options:

  • Course Camel: This site allows you to search for courses at university, TAFE and private providers across Victoria. You can search by job title, career interest, subject prerequisites, ATAR range, qualification type, location, and education provider,
  • Good Universities Guide 2015: compare courses between universities using independent student ratings. Ratings measure student perspectives of teaching quality, generic skills and overall satisfaction. You will also be able to ascertain the starting salary of graduates compared to other universities for your desired course, 

New guaranteed ATAR scheme at Deakin University:

Deakin has just announced the new Assured Offer Program, which provides guaranteed ATARs for 30 courses. Students will need to apply for their desired course through VTAC and fill out an online application form to apply for the program. For information, go to


Decisions about higher education are some of the biggest you will make. Where Grads Go is dedicated to helping you make informed choices by providing the latest information. Figures here are from the 2013 Australian Graduate Survey, conducted by Graduate Careers Australia. In 2013, the average bachelor graduate earned a full-time salary of $55,000. Examples: engineering - $65,000; medicine - $60,000; education - $57,000; nursing - $52,000; social work and welfare - $55,000; visual and performing arts - $40,000. Getting a job after graduation can be a different matter. In 2013, full time employment of graduates was as follows (four months after graduating): in engineering: 82.6%; medicine: 96.9%; education: 70.8%; banking/finance: 75.4%; psychology/behavioural sciences: 56%; law/justice: 75.4%; visual/performing arts: 48.3%. In some fields (eg engineering, nursing), most graduates work in the field they trained for. Graduates of other fields often find work in a wide variety of jobsPostgraduate study can lead to a higher salary and more likely employment. See:,

Are you in years 7 – 12? Do you want to work with animals? 

Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo present a day of activities where you get to work alongside their Zoo Keepers and Vets. You will be able to:

  • Help with food preparation
  • Assist with animal enrichment

  • Help with enclosure maintenance

  • Listen to Keeper talks

  • Do animal health checks
  • Handle animals safely

Zoo Keeper for a Day, Healesville Sanctuary: 23, 24 & 30 September and 1 October

Vet for a Day, Healesville Sanctuary: 24 & 25 September and 1 & 2 October

Zoo Keeper for a Day, Werribee Open Range Zoo: 23, 25 & 29 September and 1 October,

Monash Art, Design and Architecture (MADA) Workshops:

Monash University is hosting three days of workshops for Year 11 and 12 students interested in studying creative disciplines. You will be able to build your portfolio in one or more of the following areas:

  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Architecture
  • Fine Art

The workshops will be held 24 - 26 September at the MADA studios, Caulfield campus. For more details and to register, go to visit

Which course will suit you at Australia Catholic University?

Completing ACU’s My Career Match survey will match your personality style with occupations and ACU courses. You will receive an 11-page report, which outlines your strengths, how you make a difference in the world, ideal job environment, and your learning style. You can take the free test here-

News from Deakin University:

  • TAFE to University pathways: Deakin has partnered with 15 TAFE Institutes across Victoria, NSW and South Australia to provide guaranteed pathways between selected TAFE courses and Deakin University courses,
  • Discover Deakin: is a school holiday program where school students can participate in information sessions and interactive workshops, exploring their desired course and career areas. Dates for September are Geelong Waurn Ponds- 22 and Burwood- 23,

  Heather Champion              9581 7824

Youth Rep Laura John update

Special Edition Mid Year Report

Thanks to your generous support, I have now traveled through every state and territory in the country and directly engaged with 7,722 young Australians. On Friday, I will be joining the Australian Mission to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

This special edition of my newsletter outlines the key findings of my consultation tour including the top ten issues raised by young people. These are the issues I will be taking to our world leaders in New York. You can download a complete copy of my mid-year report on my website.

Parenting Ideas from Michael Grose

Being a great dad

Seven ideas to help men build better relationships with their children. An ideal Father’s Day article! 

Reaching out to youth homeless

Youth homelessness is a growing problem, yet it’s an issue few parents feel comfortable discussing at home. Parentingideas writer Sarah Wyland’s thought-provoking article equips parents to tackle this issue with their young people.

Building deep relationships

Building relationships with children is every parent’s dream. This article has some simple, timely tips based around one-on-one time. 

Kilbreda College News
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