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07 March 2016
Issue three
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College Principal's Report

Mr Paul van Breugel College Principal


Schools are a part of the community in which they are located and also form a community within themselves. This is one of the really positive aspects of being a school leader but also means we share times of sadness and grief with our community. 

One of our recent students Eden Renfrew was tragically killed as a result of a car accident just over a week ago with the funeral being held today (Monday 7/3). The condolences, sympathy and sense of shared grief from the whole school community are extended to Eden's family and close friends who have been deeply affected by his loss. All those who taught and worked with Eden directly as well as those who knew him less closely are saddened by the untimely loss of one of our own. Thanks to all those who have reached out and supported Eden's family and friends over the past week or more and will continue to do so into the future.


Further in this newsletter you will find information re important dates including Senior Campus parent / teacher / student interviews, camps and excursions information sessions etc. Please take the time to look at the campus pages to check out information relevant to you.


Please remember that this Friday is the first of our College Closure Days for 2016. All staff will be involved in professional development and both campuses will be closed including the offices and phones.


Over the past few weeks we have been seeking nominations for parent representatives for our College Council where we have four vacancies. We have had three nominations for these vacancies so those parents are elected to council without the need for an election, Ricky Howard and Maria Harrison have renominated and will continue as council members for the next two years. Simone Louwhoff will join us as a new councillor for the coming two years. Thanks to these parents for their interest and willingness to give their time. With one vacancy remaining we are still looking for a further nomination. if you are interested in considering this please contact my PA Anita Both via the Senior Campus office.


Please remember the newsletter is now available via our Traralgon College facebook page so you can friend the page to get updates re newsletters, announcements etc. Just search for Traralgon College to find our page.

Junior Campus News

Mr Michael Shone
Campus Princpal

As we pass the mid-point of Term 1, I reflect with a strong sense of satisfaction on the positive start Year 7, 8 and 9 students have made to the academic year. This week Year 7 students returned from their 3-day adventure camp at Licola and Year 7. The camp is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop positive relationships with teachers and classmates and Year 7 teachers are reporting that their students appear more settled and comfortable since returning from camp. Year 8 students have begun the year well and were recently informed of an exciting opportunity. In Term 4 2016 all Year 8 students will be able to attend a 5-day camp to Canberra and Sydney, taking in some of the cities’ most historic sights and gaining some practical experiences of the places they have studies in Humanities and English this year. This camp is currently open for parents to provide consent and payment of a deposit and at the time of writing, there were 29 out of 80 places left for this camp. The Year 9 cohort have continued a strong and positive start to the year with many Year 9 teachers commenting to me that their students are consistently demonstrating high levels of confidence, resilience and independence in their learning.


Swimming Sports

On February 18th over 300 students made their way across to the Moe Outdoor Pool to participate in the annual Traralgon College Swimming Carnival. Once the drizzle cleared the students got into the school spirit and participated in a number of events including freestyle, backstroke, diving, novelty events, a class versus class Volleyball competition and a number of relays (including a year 9 versus teacher’s race). While not all students competed in the swimming events, they all cheered loudly for other students competing for their house. It was also fantastic to see many students (and staff) dressed up in their house colours for the day which made the day a greater spectacle. While there were a lot of great efforts by students contributing to their team points throughout the day there were a number of stand-out swimmers. Below are the final results from the day:


Year Level Champions

Year 7 Boys: Harley Jones (Bulga House)         Year 7 Girls: Teiah Hahn (Tarra House)

Year 8 Boys: Lincoln Pead (Tarra House)

Year 8 Girls: Elyse Boulton (Tarra House)

Year 9 Boys: Chase Wilkerson (Wirilda House)

Year 9 Girls: Olivia Taylor (Wirilda House)


Final House Positions

1st Place: Tarra House (582 points)

2nd place: Bulga House (372 points)

3rd place: Wirilda House (335 points)



Year 7 Camp

The 2016 Year 7 camp was held from Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th of February at the Licola Wilderness Village. The focus of the camp was for students to develop relationships and build connections with the students they will spend the next 6 years with at school. The camp is also intended to challenge students and put them ‘out of their comfort zone’ through activities designed to build confidence, initiative, teamwork and self-esteem. The activities students participated in included Canoeing, Abseiling, Archery, a Low Ropes course, the Giant Swing, an Obstacle Course, the Flying Fox and a walk along a nearby ridge line. In the evenings, students participated in a range of physical, creative arts and intellectual challenges that encouraged them to solve problems through working as a team. Overall it was a fantastic camp with reports back from teachers suggested that this year’s group were not only the largest and most enthusiastic camp group for many years.



2016 Junior Campus Student Leaders

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a very important body that acts as a voice of the student population and provides input into a number of school committees. On Monday 29th February elections were held for the 2016 Year 7 SRC representatives. Year 7 students giving speeches were trained and prepared by the 2016 Year 8 and 9 SRC representatives and Campus Captains, and these students also coordinated and ran all aspects of the elections. Final results were announced and communicated to students during Period 4 on this day, meaning we now have a complete 2016 Student Leadership team. Congratulations to the following students:


Campus Captains

Reece Watson

Tiarna Meers


Campus Vice Captains

Jake Manger

Tatiana Taofinuu


Year 9 SRC Representatives

Danielle Pattison 

Sky Eddy

Connor Mackintosh

Jared McNamara




Year 8 SRC Representatives

Louise Fabris

Emmerson Reid

Baileigh Carlson

Nathan Walsh-Cachia


Year 7 SRC Representatives

Hannah Bognar

Charli Lia

Niam Whelan

Jacob Dickinson


Year 9 School for Student Leadership 2016

The School for Student Leadership is a 9-week residential program for Year 9 students from government Secondary Colleges. In the middle of last year, Traralgon College was successful in gaining five places for this the program in Term 4 2016. Since 2012 the School for Student Leadership has been working with the International Education Division (IED) to develop an international leadership program. During 2015, funding was approved to send a group of 44 School for Student Leadership students on a specially designed program that includes 6 weeks in China. Funding for this program was tied to supporting regional and rural schools/students and our school was successful in obtaining places in this program. The five students successful in applying for a position will spend 3 weeks at Gnurad Gundidj leadership school in Glenormiston and six weeks in China. On Tuesday 8th of March, Assistant Year Level Leader Mr Ludowyk will outline the program and application process to all Year 9 students at a Year Level Assembly. On Wednesday 16th March there is a parent information evening and all students and families interested in applying are encouraged to attend.


Shakespeare Street Road Crossing

Over the past two weeks I have had a number of concerned parents and community members contact me regarding the way some of our students cross Shakespeare Street. People have reported that a small number of students regularly cross without using the pedestrian crossing and sometimes walk or run very close to moving cars. I would like to remind students and parents that this is a very busy and potentially dangerous road and that all students are expected to cross using the school crossing. I ask that parents remind their sons and daughters of this expectation and reinforce the importance of being safe around the road.

Senior Campus News

Mrs Sue Coffey Campus Principal


Congratulations to Gabrielle Segond. Gabby has been invited to attend the UBS Young Women’s Leadership Academy which will be held at Sydney University from Monday, 11 April until Friday, 15 April this year. Gabby’s resume, written application, together with her academic results and her Progress Scores from 2015  resulted in her successful selection to the academy. The objective of the Academy is to:

  • introduce year 11 students to a diverse group of contemporary women leaders
  • demonstrate the possibilities and satisfaction of a career in business
  • encourage leadership aspirations in young women
  • provide leadership skills development

The program is a residential at The Women’s College, Sydney University and the course is designed  to be a creative mix of practical and theory with industry exposure, field visits and syndicate work. Students will be given a chance to develop their leadership skills and develop new relationships with students from other schools.


All students are encouraged to put themselves out there and to try and access as many programs/opportunities as possible. We will post information on Compass and on the notice boards outside the staffroom as well as promote at assemblies when opportunities arise, please follow up with your year level leader or a Principal if you have any questions.


A VCAL Expo will be held in the hall foyer on the 10th of March between 2:00pm and 8:00pm. This will be a show case of the work students are doing in their Business Groups. Please allow some time to view the students work and to place orders should you require something repaired or constructed. The VCAL Catering Group  and the Event Management Group are a highly skilled group of students who can help you put together that special event.

Parent Teacher Student Conferences


Thursday 10th of March

Students finish at lunch time on this day.


Parent Teacher Interviews will be conducted on Thursday the 10th of March in the Senior Campus Hall for all students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Interview times will be between 2:00pm and 8:00pm. Bookings are made via Compass.


To make a booking over the phone please call the Senior Campus and speak to Student Services - 5176 2240.

Positive Behaviour Support


We are working hard to implement PBS which seeks to acknowledge and reward students who choose to demonstrate the expected behaviours contained within the Traralgon College Expected Behaviours Matrix. The Matrix covers all aspects of school life such as the classroom, assemblies, in the school yard, bus travel, participation in College Events, etc.

Having just completed the Week 4 Progress Scores, the PBS team would like to congratulate the following students for the outstanding Learning Behaviours they have demonstrated.


Student                 Level             Progress score

Lacey Male                      10                          100

Riley Henke                    10                           96

Bonnie Callander         11                           97

Jeanette McKee            12                         100

Sophie-Mae Barber     12                           99

Alex Jenkins                    VCAL                     94


Their achievement is acknowledged by publicising their achievement in the College Newsletter and they were rewarded with a ticket to the Circus Royale.


The good thing about Progress Reports is that they focus on Learning Behaviours. This means that ALL students are able to achieve high progress scores (regardless of how hard or easy they find learning).


Punch Cards

Each level 10 to 12 student has been given a punch card which is similar to the tick system used with levels 7 to 9. Staff acknowledge desired student behaviour by punching one of the twenty numbers on the card using a STAR punch.


The primary objective of the punch cards is to dramatically increase the number of positive Staff/Student conversations and interactions so that students are acknowledged and encouraged for their positive behaviour. The secondary objective is that students can subsequently submit their fully punched card in a draw so they are eligible for various prizes.


The first prize draw will occur during the next General assembly. Five punch cards will be drawn for year 10, VCE and VCAL students and the winners will select either a Canteen Voucher or a mystery prize. Cards will then be returned to the boxes so the winning students are eligible for the end of term draw.

Senior Campus Safety and Security


During the Term 1 school holidays, the security fence will be extended so it surrounds the Campus.


The security fence aims to protect the safety and security of students by preventing:

  • Students from leaving the school grounds without the permission of Parents / Guardians
  • Unauthorised visitors from entering the grounds

Students who travel to school by Bus or who walk or cycle to school will be able to access the school grounds via pedestrian gates either at the front to rear of the school. Parents who drive their child to school are requested to drop them off at the Grey Street entrance (A reminder to Parents that for safety reasons, the Bus exchange at the rear of the College is NOT to be used as a vehicle drop off point).


From the beginning of period one through until the end of fourth period, the perimeter fence will be secured, the only access being via the main entrance in Grey Street.

Students who have passes to go home for lunch will be permitted to leave and re-enter the grounds via the Grey Street Entrance (Students who use their pass to access the local shops rather than going home for lunch or those who repeatedly return after the resumption of class will have their pass withdrawn).

College News

Need help paying for Camps, Sports and Excursions?


Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund


The Victorian Government has unveiled a new $148 million initiative to ensure all Victorian students can take part in school trips and sporting activities, this includes Outdoor Education elective fees.


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) commenced in 2015 for four years and will provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions.


Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. $125 per year is paid for eligible primary school students, with $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school students. A special consideration eligibility category also exists. Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student.


CSEF applications open from term one 2016 until June 2016.


Download form here and return to school or see the Office.

Jurassic Creatures Show

This amazing show will be held from 12 March to 17 April at Harbour Town in Melbourne.


Jurassic Creatures, featuring Prehistoric Creatures of the Ice is an interactive walk through event that will captivate young and old alike. Explore an ancient world full of moving dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures of the ice. Get ready to be amazed and thrilled as the greatest creatures ever to walk the earth return and come alive before your eyes. 


A family ticket is $105 for 2 adults and 2 children and tickets are available from Ticketmaster


See the following for more details:

Check out next newsletter for your chance to WIN a family pass to Jurassic Creatures


Cowwarr Football Club Seeking Under 18s

If you are interested in playing for Cowwarr this year please read the following invitation from the Club:


Host a French Exchange Student

As Abraham Lincoln once wrote: “ the best way to predict  the future is to create it.” Volunteer to host an international high school student from France arriving into Australia in May 2016 through Southern Cross Cultural Exchange and prepare to be amazed at the way this unique and rewarding opportunity helps your family to become closer, to understand themselves better and see the world in a new light.You’ll have fun learning about cultural differences and language.

Carefully selected students from France will arrive in mid May for one term.  With excellent English language skills, they will attend a local Secondary High School, arrive, with their own spending money and comprehensive health insurance cover – all arranged by Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. To enquire about becoming a volunteer host family visit us at

email [email protected] or call us toll free on 1800 500 501 for more information.

College Calendar

March 2016

1 - Lake Narracan Excursion Year 10 Outdoor       Adventure Challenge 

3 - Year 9 Outdoor Education Surf Excursion

7 - International restaurant Periods 1-3 Year          10  Food Tech students

10 - 11 - Year 11 Outdoor Education Surf Trip

10 - Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences Senior Campus - Book on Compass

10 - VCAL Expo Senior Campus Hall 

10 - Senior Campus students dismissed at     lunchtime

11 - Student Free Day

14 - Labour Day - College closed

16 - Year 9 CLiC Excursion Raymond Island

21 - Mountain Bike Journey Excursion - Year        10 Outdoor Adventure Challenge students

22 - Victorian Police Museum Excursion year       9 Forensic Science students

24 - Last day of Term 1

April 2016

11 - First day Term 2

11 - Courtroom Drama Excursion VCE      Legal Studies students

25 - Anzac Day Public Holiday - College    closed

26 - Thomspson River Excursion - Year 10 Outdoor Adventure Challenge

May 2016

No events as yet

June 2016

7 - General Achievement Test - VCE Students

10 - Deadline for all VCE Unit 1 & 3 work       submissions

13 - Queens Birthday Public Holiday

24 -  Last day Term 2

July 2016

11 - First day Term 3

August 2016

No events as yet

September 2016

16 - Last day Term 3

October 2016

3 - First day Term 4

21 -  Last day for Year 12

26 -  Year 12 exams commence

November 2016

1 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

18 - Year 12 exams conclude

December 2016

20 -  Last day Term 4

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