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09 February 2018
Issue One
Principal Message Rod Whelan
New Assistant Principal Christie Scoble
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year of youth
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Late VET News
Year 7 Community Day At Borambola
Year 12 Biology Excursion
Year 7 & 8 Police Presentations
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Principal Message
Rod Whelan

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the 2018 school year. 925 students and 122 staff are on site, with an even greater number of parents, carers and well-wishers completing the Kildare community.


I particularly welcome new students and staff including 198 Year 7 students, 30 students across the other Year groups and 15 new staff. We took a large number of Year 7 students this year and increased by two classes, but this is a one-off and we will have to limit Year 7 to 150 students for 2019. Here are the student numbers in Year Groups:

High Achiever Assembly

At an assembly on Friday we recognised our High Achievers from 2016. This group included students who received Band 6 results which placed them on the Distinguished Achiever List, those who received an ATAR greater than 90 and our Dux, the individual with the highest academic performance in the HSC as measured by ATAR calculation.

School performance is measured in Band 6 s per 100 students, so the measure is independent of school size. We haven’t advertised these school rankings beyond the College but you should hear them as a member of the school community. Last year’s 65 Band 6 results placed Kildare 138 out of 600 schools in the State, 38th of the 130 Catholic Schools and 3rd in The Country Dioceses. Newcastle and Wollongong aren’t classified as Country Dioceses but we placed higher than all their schools as well. It is the best College and Wagga Diocese performance in the current-format HSC, in terms of total Band 6 results and Band 6 results per 100 students, going back to 2001.

10 students achieved an ATAR above 90:

10 students, Alison Dean, Elise Drum, Abbey O’Connell, Olivia Madden, Georgia O’Connell, Amelia Preuss, Emma Moss, Patrick Heffernan, Patrick Davies and Kelsey Hogan achieved an ATAR over 90.

Alison Dean was awarded Dux with an ATAR of: 97.65

Alison Dean and Georgia O’Connell reached the All Rounder List which recognises students who achieve Band 6 results in all subjects.


See details of award recipients HERE.


All students were reminded:

  • Your ability is not fixed. Acknowledge that learning is sequential and developmental and expect to get better at it!

  • Get aboard the push to improve writing, reading, vocabulary and numeracy. We have indisputable evidence that our intensive focus on improving teacher capability to assist each student in these areas and on initiating specialist intervention for those seeking extra support is working. Don’t miss out!

  • Never interrupt the learning of others or the work of a teacher, and join and contribute to the team that is each of your classes.

  • You will be given every opportunity and all the support needed to go as far as you possibly can with your learning in 2018 and beyond. The best way to respond to this offer is to say ‘Yes’.

From back left: Daniel Honeysett, Kris Wheeler,  Callum Potts and Ben Holt

Front left: Christie Scoble, Dannyelle Gaiter, Felicity Davis, Kira Lough, Kylie Campbell and Jenny Stephens.

From left to right: Alex Holbrook, Clementine Patterson and Tess Lyons


Welcome to new staff:

  • Christie Scoble is Assistant Principal for 2018. She was AP at Marian Catholic College for 3 and a half years before returning to work at the Catholic Schools Office in the second part of 2017. Christie is a learning and teaching specialist with a particular interest in literacy, which will immediately be put to good use supporting literacy learning in the College.

  • Clementine Patterson joins the English KLA. She is an ex-student of Kildare who has moved back to the College from Albury High School.

  • Dannyelle Gaiter did some casual and block work for Kildare and Mater Dei last year after moving to Wagga Wagga from Queensland. She is teaching Maths and Science, including Stage 6 Chemistry.

  • Tess Lyons is a St Francis College Leeton ex-student who has recently been working in Canberra. Tess is teaching Maths.

  • Felicity Davis, also an ex-student of Kildare, is employed as a Music and RE teacher on a 12 month contract. Felicity works part of her time in the Learning Support team.

  • Daniel Honeysett joins the Learning Support Team for 12 months. Daniel worked on a casual basis for us last year.

  • Ben Holt replaces Natalie Adams in the HSIE team, who is on maternity leave from Week 3.

  • Penny Mackay joins us as a VET Hospitality teacher, with a Year 11 and a Year 12 class. Penny has previously completed university practicum here and has worked blocks and casually.

  • Kira Lough has been employed fulltime as a middle-school specialist, teaching across several KLAs.

  • Alex Holbrook completed his university practicum at Kildare last year and rejoins us on a 12 month contract covering Peter Hunt’s secondment to CSO. Alex is teaching PDHPE and RE.

  • Kris Wheeler joins us as Leader of Boarding. Please see Kris’ ‘Boarders’ Buzz’ article in today’s newsletter.

  • Harry Toole completed Year 12 at Kildare last year and starts a 12 month Sport and Recreation Traineeship with a focus on assisting Creative Arts and PDHPE KLAs and on supporting excursions and sporting events.

  • Nathan Leese completed Year 12 at Kooringal High School last and starts a 2 year Information Technology Traineeship, supporting technology devices and infrastructure in the College.

  • Kylie Campbell is our new School Psychologist. Please see the article introducing Kylie in this newsletter.


New Assistant Principal
Christie Scoble

Hello parents, carers, friends and students of the Kildare Catholic College community. I am so excited to be back at Kildare this year and it has been wonderful to be reunited with former colleagues and to see the familiar, yet grown up, faces of some students I taught when they were in Year 7 back in 2013.


My particular educational passion is improving student literacy outcomes and last year my work at the Catholic Schools Office involved the initiation of a system wide Middle Years Literacy Network. The purpose of this network, which will continue its work this year, is to mobilise targeted literacy intervention for students from Years 5 to 8 across the Wagga Wagga Diocese.


I am filled with anticipation about the work of the year ahead and feel grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and motivated group of educational professionals.  Our work has already begun and I am looking forward to continuing to collaborate with KCC staff to improve student achievement at the College.


Welcome to College
​Psychologist Kylie Campbell

Welcome to Kylie Campbell, our new College Psychologist. Kylie is a Registered Psychologist with extensive experience working with children, young people and their families. She is skilled in providing a range of evidence-based interventions, including counselling, consultation, support, and implementation of psycho-educational programs.


Kylie’s role at the College is to support and complement the work done in teams to improve student learning and wellbeing, and to provide psychological expertise and intervention as required. She will work closely with teams of teachers including our Homegroup Coaches, Academic Care & Wellbeing Coordinators and wider College staff. She will liaise with outside agencies as required and generally work to improve our care and support for students and families.


On Wednesday mornings, a team of data, numeracy, literacy and coaching specialists meet to plan interventions for individuals and groups of students. This includes support for the highly proficient, those seeking literacy/numeracy support, those not learning and/or those not working. Kylie attends these meetings and contributes greatly to the expertise of the team and its collective capacity to plan effective support for individuals and groups.


In line with the the Australian Psychological Society professional and ethical guidelines, students will be able to self-refer to the School Psychologist.  Whilst parental consent is not necessary for an initial session, parental involvement will be encouraged. Referral suggestions can also be made by parents, and teaching staff. Alternatively, you can contact the appropriate Academic Care & Wellbeing Coordinator to discuss a referral. More information regarding the Psychology service offered at the College can be found here.


We are deeply appreciative of the CSO support for Kylie’s appointment and look forward to shaping the role into the best form to support our students and families.

Data & Intervention Team

Last year we established a data and intervention team that works to collect data on student learning progress and to plan next steps in learning and learning support for individual students and groups of students. The team meets on Wednesday morning before school to plan interventions and next steps, always seeking to use available data to validate decisions.


Improved use of data in schools allows us to:

  1. Better understand where individuals and groups of similar individuals are with their learning.

  2. Plan next steps in learning, based on evidence rather than a ‘hunch’.

  3. Quickly provide expert support and high-impact teaching and learning strategies for individual students who require support and/or extension.

  4. Promote a collective responsibility for student learning.

  5. Plan targeted professional learning that focuses on improved teaching practice and on high impact strategies for those requiring literacy, numeracy and other support.

Data and Intervention Team Members

Alison Sutton, Tom Pulver and Clinton Lough collect, process and publish student learning and wellbeing data to make it visible, accessible and easily interpreted. This includes the use of multiple technologies to measure and track achievement and growth, and Data Walls to display individual student data.

Colleen Rainbird (maths), Vicki Kenny (maths), Jacqui Galvin (literacy), Kylie Campbell (psychologist), Tara McCarthy (reading), Karen Murray (careers), Kira Lough (middle school) and Michelle Shaw (learning support) provide expert input to the meeting and are the key leaders of interventions and supports for students.

Leadership team members Christie Scoble, Alison Sutton, Shane Fuller and Caitlin Fahey are collectively charged with driving and improving the informed use of data to improve instruction, and devote much of their work time to this purpose. This focus is strongly supported by evidence from leading educational researchers (See Lyn Sharratt & Michael Fullan article here): the next step in education is recognition of teachers’ major responsibility being to work collaboratively with other educators and students to collectively maximise student learning, using data and expert input to plan improved instruction, one student at a time.

year of youth

Official Description
Christ Our Joy

Artist: Amunda Gorey, Alice Springs.

“Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection: for the sake of the joy which lay ahead of him”


Hebrews 12:2


This image was commissioned for the Australian Catholic Bishops Year of Youth to inspire new horizons for spreading joy.


The central figure of Jesus, risen and glorified, has an arm pointing to God the Father. His other arm reaches toward Mary His Mother, and to the Church, drawing us to Him.

The central pink circle represents the Heart of God. Storylines of different lengths and shapes lead to and from the central Heart of God, representing our differing journeys and pathways to God.


The many dots and circles represent young people and the Church. The size, shapes and colours of the dots are as many and varied as young people, their backgrounds and stories.


Some young people (dots) are sustained around communities through sacrament and the Holy Spirit (water, fire and light). Others may be isolated or distant, closer or further away from the central figures. All are integral to creating one vibrant image of Church.

The Cross extends to the borders of the painting. At its centre is the Heart of God, Jesus and Mary. It reaches all young people, those in communities and those in-between. The Cross breaches the edge of the painting, calling us into the peripheries, to New Horizons.


Everyone will see, feel and sense the image differently. Each interpretation is valued as our stories and experiences are different. Reflect upon and spend time in prayer with the image to develop your own thoughts and inspirations to open new horizons for spreading joy in the Year of Youth.


Prayer for Youth

Come Holy Spirit of this Great Southland

Inspire our entire faith community, as we prayerfully discern new horizons for spreading joy in the lives and communities of the People of God.


Come Holy Spirit of Youth

Fill the hearts of young people with the hope and love of Jesus Christ; enliven our community with the creativity, energy and joy of youth; guide us together, as we strive to offer God’s mercy to those who feel abandoned or outcast.


Come Holy Spirit of Faith

Empower our community to be courageous;

unite your people as witnesses of love.

Walk with us, as we blaze new trails of discipleship; accompanying young people as we renew the Church together.


Come Holy Spirit of Vocation

Stir within young people an awareness of God’s call; reveal to us the graces of young people; guide us all, in finding our place and raising our voices

To build a civilisation of love.



Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Help of Christians, pray for us. St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, friend of the young, pray for us.

Dates For Your Diary

Monday 12 February - Deanery Mass @ 5.30 pm at St Michael’s Church, Coolamon

Tuesday 13 February - Opening College Mass @ 10.00 am in the College Hall - All Welcome

Wednesday 14 February - Ash Wednesday - Liturgies will take place in House groups


Christine Savage | Leader of Mission

Curriculum Matters

Well done to our students for the positive way they have started the school year. The staff at the College have spoken of the importance of team and that being part of a team is key to everyone moving learning forward. One other essential ingredient is engaging in learning conversations, whether that be in the classroom or in coaching. Being proactive about learning means that students can be well supported.

In terms of students with Elective subjects, there is a window of opportunity from this point on until the end of Week 5 to consider alternative courses if their current pattern of study is not working. Changes are by negotiation and may be impacted upon by subject lines, class sizes and NESA requirements. For a change, of course, students must come and see me, engage in a discussion around options and then complete the necessary paperwork fully. At that point, a new timetable will be issued.


Best wishes for the year ahead.

Shane Fuller | Leader of Curriculum

Careers News

Keep up to date with all things Careers


Careers Landing Page

On the Student Landing Page, go to the bottom left hand corner and click on this icon. It will take you to the Careers Landing Page.

This is where you will find

  • Booking appointments

  • Careers Notices (upcoming events, excursions etc)

  • Positions Vacant

  • And much more (Work Experience, Resumes etc)

Make sure you check at least twice a week

Careers on Socials


Facebook - Like

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Youtube - Subscribe to

Twitter - Follow @KildareCareers

Senior Careers Newsletter (If parents want to be included on the distribution list for the Year 12 Careers emails, email me [email protected] with CareersNews 2018 in the subject line.)

Summary of updates - open Newsletter to read details

Week 2

  • The Tuckwell Scholarship High Achievers TAKE NOTE. This is a VERY lucrative Scholarship. Click on the link for more information.
  • ATAR Explained
  • NIDA HSC Drama Performance Course
  • Video Game and Animation Work Experience at AIE 
  • Introduction to Tertiary Education
  • Macquarie uni - Several updates

Week 1

  • Prospective medical & dental students need to sit UMAT 
  • UAC - Investigating Uni Course NSW

●UAC - How is the ATAR Cut Off determined for a course●UAC - How are university offers made

  • TAFE NSW Credit Transfer Pathways to University
  • ATAR Notes - HSC

Click here for the folder which contains previous Newsletters

Year 12 Careers Folder.

There are heaps of resources in here. A reminder that documents will be updated as the new information becomes available. Although they will not be updated until Term 2 for your year group, it is still useful for you to have a look through the information that was provided for the HSC Class of 2017.


Karen Murray | Careers Advisor

02 6925 3388

0428 861732

To book an appointment, click here

Music News

Ensemble Rehearsals:

Instrumental music lessons and ensemble rehearsals have recommenced for 2018. The timetable for ensemble lessons is as follows:


Crash! - Lunchtime Tuesdays

Groove - Lunchtime Wednesdays

Scratch - After school Tuesdays, Lunchtime Thursdays

Chamber Ensemble - Lunchtime Tuesdays, Lunchtime Fridays

Wind Ensemble - Lunchtime Wednesdays

Percussion Ensemble - Lunchtime Fridays

Open Choir - Lunchtime Thursdays

Senior Choir - Lunchtime Wednesdays  


This year, we have introduced a new percussion ensemble which will be lead by Ms Davis and Mr Thompson. This ensemble is open to all students and will focus on performance techniques on percussion instruments and reading rhythmic notation. All students having drum lessons are strongly encouraged to participate in this ensemble.


Learn a Musical Instrument at KCC

Have you ever considered learning a musical instrument? Playing an instrument is great fun, and the more you do it, the better you get! Many respected studies have indicated that playing an instrument builds brain function, while developing key social skills and values.


At KCC, we offer lessons on many instruments including woodwind, brass, violin, cello, guitar, drums and singing. If you are interested in having lessons on an instrument or becoming involved in one of our ensembles, please enquire with a member of the music staff.

Robert Thompson | Music Teacher

Late VET News

Vocational Education & Training (VET)

In term three week 3 in 2017 Kildare had an opportunity to enter students in a VET Regional World Skills competition for Construction and Hospitality Food and Beverage. The competition involves a stringent criteria for the students to follow with specified task that are marked by a panel of judges. With dedication and commitment Kildare students Abbey Lyon placed 1st, Georgie McKelvie 2nd Food & Beverage and Riley Corbett 3rd Construction. Student commitment is essential however, the expert skills and knowledge and coaching from the VET trainers Penny Mackay (Hospitality) and Tom Pulver (Construction) makes all the difference.


By winning the Regional World Skills Food and Beverage competition, Abby Lyon moved to the next stage of the competition NSW team selection week 9 term 4. This involved more coaching from Penny Mackay Hospitality trainer and some expert coaching from Jim Creed Head Teacher Hospitality TAFE Riverina. The NSW team selection competition mirrored regionals with all competitors highly skilled and extremely well trained. At the end of the competition Abby was awarded second place, and is to be praised for her commitment to the competition whilst keeping up with all other areas of her study in the HSC.  

A big thank you to Penny Mackay and Tom Pulver Kildare VET Trainers for the additional  time and effort put in with each student in preparation for World Skills. Your training and coaching makes all the difference. Also a special thank you to Jim Creed, Head Teacher Hospitality TAFE Riverina. His willingness to work collaboratively by sharing his exceptional expert knowledge and time for Abbey and Penny throughout the World Skills Competition is greatly appreciated.


Christopher Wendt | VET Coordinator

Year 7 Community Day
At Borambola

200 Year 7 students excitedly boarded four buses to Borambola for their first Community Day at KCC. Thirteen staff shared their day as students focused on teamwork and activities to enhance their role as a member of our community.


Borambola staff led the action in pool and kayaking activities, as well as ones requiring initiative and problem-solving. Strategy and team building, using a ball game scenario, was led by Jodi Siegwalt, while Matthew Conn focused on initiation into Year 7 and problem solving. Year 7 questions about their transition into high school will be used to help the integration of future students.

Students rose to each of the day’s challenges, offering ideas and working as individuals, pairs and then in small and larger groups. They enjoyed the food and surrounds of Borambola and interacting beyond their immediate friendship group. We are optimistic that the impact of the Community Day will resonate through the year and beyond.


Matthew Conn | Academic Care & Wellbeing Coordinator

Year 12 Biology Excursion

The Year 12 Biology classes attended the Australian Native section of the Botanic Gardens. We were able to see the adaptations that were observable on a variety of plants to see how they have evolved to cope in dry environments. We observed the vertically hanging and thick waxy leaves of eucalypti. 

We saw curled leaves, leaf hairs and sunken stomates that help create a humid microclimate. 

And reduced leaves, phyllodes and phyloclades that are typical of acacia/wattle. These reduce the surface area of the leaf decreasing sites for evaporation/transpiration.

It was amazing to realise that Native Australian Plants which are often thought of as quite bland to look at, are in fact some of the most extraordinary in terms of resilience to the harsh, dry climates that have been our landscapes for millions of years.


Jennifer Stephens | Assistant Science Coordinator 


Year 7 & 8 Police Presentations

On Wednesday morning, Years 7 to 8 students attended Cyber Safety sessions, presented by Senior Constable Troy Fisher - Schools Liaison Officer from Wagga Wagga Local Area Command. The sessions involved educating students about the current laws relating to bullying and to threatening and harassing online or electronic communication, often referred to as cyber-bullying. Students were also informed about the illegalities relating to the  production, transmission and possession of  sexually explicit material through the use of technology, often referred to as sexting, which for our students constitutes child pornography offences. Troy also shared some real case examples with the students, demonstrating the devastating impact that bullying, sexting and cyber-bullying can have on the lives of the victim.


The sessions also included other topics related to cyber safety, including how students can protect their personal details, as well as how to protect themselves from falling victim to online predators. 


Thank you to Troy for the informative presentations and the Local Area Command for taking a proactive approach to protecting the young people in our community. If parents would like more information on cyber  safety, I would encourage you to look at the resources available from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner at


Christie ScobleAssistant Principal


Resource Centre NEWS

The Resource Centre has been a hive of activity with senior students taking advantage of the space for self-directed learning, participating in tutorials and one to one mentoring provided by College Staff. We have welcomed the Year 7 students who have started borrowing books and enjoying the space at recess and lunch to play chess, build Lego, utilise technology and relax while reading a great range of books and some wonderful magazines.

During the summer break a new Library Database System (Oliver 5) was installed which will provide a wide range of digital delivery to both students and staff.

We have a great range of newly purchased books on display, so drop by the Resource Centre to check out some great resources.
I would also like to flag the 100th Anniversary of the publication of ‘Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie’ by May Gibbs. This coincides with the naming of a Sydney Harbour ferry May Gibbs, after this wonderful author. There will be more about this later.

Welcome back to everyone and we hope to see you in the Resource Centre very soon.


Dr Cox-Townend | Teacher Librarian

Whats Happening

Important Message

Any student leaving Kildare Catholic College during the year to attend another school, TAFE or commence full time employment needs to collect a “Leavers Form” from the front office and have it signed by the Resource Centre, Canteen, House Coordinator, and the Principal. The student must then have this form signed by their parent/guardian and returned to the front office.

Application for Leave

If students need to be absent from school for five or more days they now need to obtain approval from the Principal and complete an Application For Leave Form. This has been put in place by the government and we need to commit to this procedure. Forms are available at the front office or downloaded below. If approval is not given or sought from the Principal, students will be marked as an unexplained absence.

Please download leave applications: HERE

Medical Plans

NSW Department of Education advises that:

"When students need help with health issues at school, parents may need to consult with their medical practitioner about the implications of the child's health condition for their schooling and any actions that need to occur during the school day. Parents need to convey relevant information from the medical practitioner to the Principal in writing."


If your child has a medical plan please insure that the College has a copy. If you need more information please contact Natalie O'Reilly on (02) 6925 3388 or [email protected] 





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