02 February 2018
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The Principal's Voice by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM
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The Principal's Voice
by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM



First Week - a Busy One

The first week back saw the commencement of training, rehearsals and trials for some of our extensive co-curricular programmes. We welcomed hundreds of new families and students to the College and new students into boarding as well as into John Paul International College.


We wish our teams all the very best for their first rounds of competition this weekend against West Moreton Anglican College.


Our students in Years 11 and 12 commenced their senior studies with a genuine focus and determination. This, together with a revised and thorough QCS programme, will see them work for all round improved academic outcomes.


Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 commenced their NAPLAN preparation programme with the introduction of Daily Writing for Stamina; which sees them write for ten minutes daily about one of the lessons they have attended or on another topic as designated by their teacher. Additional staff in every classroom, assist the classroom teacher to ensure that every students’ work is reviewed with advice provided on spelling, sentence structure and vocabulary choice.


We are currently reviewing a number of College wide policies including our Code of Conduct, Risk Management and Home Learning Policy. Further details about these will be provided in due course.

RACQ International Women's Day Fun Run 2018

On Sunday 4 March 2018, John Paul College will be lacing up to support women with breast cancer and their families. To support us, please join us by registering and participating in this event. Please click here for more information.

Positive and Negative Emotions

Have you ever wondered why negative comments and conversations seem to stick with us so much longer than positive ones? As an educator, I know that students receive many positive comments; however, it can be so frustrating when the one so-called ‘negative comment’ is taken to heart. Parents will identify with this as well. One disagreement or criticism can undo all the good work you may have done with positive conversations and praise.


Therefore, it is with great interest that I read an article which outlines the role chemistry plays in this phenomenon.


I will quote from the article below to describe why negative comments or disappointments are more likely be remembered and internalised. This “chemical reaction” illustrates why we need to be very careful with all our interactions with others, as the effects can be long lasting.


‘When we face criticism, rejection or fear, when we feel marginalised or minimised, our bodies produce higher levels of cortisol, a hormone that shuts down the thinking centre of our brains and activates conflict aversion and protection behaviours. We become more reactive and sensitive. We often perceive even greater judgement and negativity than actually exists. And these effects can last for 26 hours or more, imprinting the interaction on our memories and magnifying the impact it has on our future behaviour. Cortisol functions like a sustained-release tablet – the more we ruminate about our fear, the longer the impact.


Positive comments and conversations produce a chemical reaction too. They spur the production of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that elevates our ability to communicate, collaborate and trust others by activating networks in our prefrontal cortex. But oxytocin metabolizes more quickly than cortisol, so its effects are less dramatic and long-lasting.’


This does not mean that we should not be afraid to deliver difficult feedback, but we all need to ensure that our conversations are supportive, focused on growth, and full of care for the mental health of all in our community – students, teachers and parents.


Glaser, JE ‘Why do negative comments and conversations stick with us so much longer than positive ones? Source: Creating We Institute/Qualtrics

Retrieved 28.8.2015

Staff News

While this week saw us recognise and thank a number of staff for their long service to the College, it also saw Mr Will Wallace conclude his time with us. Mr Wallace has been a long serving member of College staff in a variety of capacities within the School of Performing Arts.  His roles have ranged from percussion teaching to facilities co-ordination and Acting Director.  Mr Wallace’s contribution during his time at the College is acknowledged and we thank him for his service and wish him all the best for the future.


Thank you to all students, staff and members of the Board who prepared such an honourable and enjoyable inauguration and welcome to the College family this week. In particular, thanks to Board Chair, Mrs Weissenberger, Director of Marketing, Mrs Dowding, Director of SOPA, Mr Gallo and the Principal’s Executive Assistant, Mrs Foster, for their efforts. I am honoured to be Principal of our fine College and I look forward to working with our dedicated staff, our supportive parents and families and most wonderful students, for the benefit of all in our College.


I am delighted to share that Sean Wheeler and his wife Adrianna welcomed a baby boy Nathaniel.   The College family has also added a baby girl Esther Pearl  to Amber Le Petit and husband Dean.   Congratulations and well done!  May the years ahead be filled with joy.


Mrs Karen Spiller OAM

Deputy Principal's News

From the Deputy Principal's Desk

Our College community is broad and diverse, and we affectionately refer to it as a College Family. One of the main traits held dear is ‘mutual respect’. That is, respect for each other, no matter our role within the family.


In fact, upon enrolment, families – students and parents and guardians – sign up for all aspects of College life outlined in the ‘Guidelines for Mutual Respect’.


A slightly stronger and clear representation of the values, expectations and responsibilities of community members – including those not necessarily party to the enrolment agreement – is the recently prepared ‘College Community Code of Conduct’.  This has been published online for your information. It provides an explanation of numerous standards and guidelines, and those groups and individuals party to them.

In essence, it is summed up as follows:


John Paul College has a strong sense of community because we are committed to holding ourselves to a higher standard than is expected by the general public. This Code of Conduct that we adopt and for which we hold ourselves accountable, sets an example for our students and our community.


I commend it to you and trust that the content, much of which is familiar, is valuable in terms of supporting the manner in which our College thrives.


Mr Norm Kerley

Deputy Principal

Student Protection Officers

Feeling safe and secure is every child’s right.  At John Paul College, protecting children and ensuring they feel safe is extremely important to us.  At the College we have Student Protection Officers in each School, who you can speak to if any student feels unsafe or is concerned about a friend feeling unsafe.

If you are concerned about something that may have happened to yourself or your friend you can contact the following people:


JPC Announcements

Safer Internet Day - Safe the Date!


On 6 February 2018 we’re celebrating Safer Internet Day!


Safer Internet Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the safe and positive use of digital technology, and to explore the role we can all play in creating a better and safer online community. 


Coordinated by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner nationally, and celebrated in 130 countries, this year’s theme is: ‘Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you.’


John Paul College is supporting Safer Internet Day and the members of our Student Technologies Committee will be sharing simple strategies for our students to show respect online.

The date unites millions of people to inspire positive change and raise awareness of online safety issues and aims to create a safer AND better internet where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. 


The eSafety Commissioner provides a host of resources online at iParent which may provide a starting point for at home conversations in the lead up to the Safer Internet Day on February 6.


Student Well-being Webinars for Parents

Semester 1 Series


The Parent Webinar Programme continues in 2018 with a Semester 1 series of three webinars. The webinars are free for parents, involve no registrations and are presented by high profile practitioners and academics. Parents just access the supplied address (URL) at the date and start time advertised (usually 7.30 pm to 8.15 pm) on a week night. 

The Semester 1 programme:

Parent Webinar – 13
It's Time we Talked AGAIN: Pornography, Young People and Sexuality Today
01/03/2018 <detail here>

Parent Webinar 14
Adolescent Sleep and Well Being
17/05/2018 <detail here>

Parent Webinar 15
Mental Fitness for Families
06/06/2018 <detail here>


Please find attached an overview of the programme, description and links of the three upcoming webinars and the recording links of past sessions <here>. 



Volunteer to be an Exchange Host Family in 2018!!

The John Paul College Exchange and Culture Tour Programme needs loving, caring people willing to accommodate student visitors from our sister schools in Japan and Germany and we hope you will consider offering your assistance this year.


We are currently seeking host families for three boys from Shizuoka in Japan for 12 - 29 March.  These students will need to have a host families arranged within next two weeks of term, so if you can help, we would love to hear from you!


In Term 3, we require hosts for three Japanese girls (four weeks, July - August), 11 German girls (27 July – 9 August) as well as three female German exchange students, who will be with us for the full term (27 July – 28 September).


If you are interested in hosting, or you are planning to send your son/daughter on an exchange / tour in the future, please contact me for more information and assistance with Blue Card applications.


Give a visitor the JPC Family experience.  Apply to host today!

Helena Abraham

Overseas Student Exchange Co-ordinator

Tel +61 7 3826 3465
Email [email protected]


Please note that exchange / tour hosting is not part of the homestay programme and not paid.

Senior School

A Message from the Head of Senior School

It has been an incredibly busy week for our students and staff.

Classes and curriculum are well under way, we inaugurated our new Principal, Mrs Karen Spiller in a moving ceremony on Wednesday and individual and class photos have been taken. All these activities have occurred but the thing I would like to most commend is the wonderful beginning Years 10, 11 and 12 students have made. They have been committed to their learning and teachers have mentioned that students are focused in class.


The Gorman Learning Centre

After a term and a half of students and staff working together we have reinvented the top floor of the building by replacing the old furniture with new furniture that encourages learning. We have spots dedicated to quiet individual learning, areas where students can share share in a collegial manner and also places where group discussion and activities can take place. The brief of the committees has been met and we now have furniture that promotes and enhances these activities. A reminder that the Gorman Learning Commons opens at 7:30 am and students are allowed to use it until 5:30 pm.



Our Careers Adviser, Mr Steve Cuthbert spends time with Year 10 students on a regular basis. He is sharing careers information during study sessions and encouraging them to think about their goals, and future subjects and pathways.


Mr Cuthbert has also met with a significant number of Year 12 students to discuss their academic progress and OP predictions. As a result, he has had some great conversations with Year 12 students about their plans for 2018, 2019 and their future aspirations.


Meet and Greet and Parent Information Evening – Thursday 1 February


Upcoming Events

  •  Senior School Leadership Induction Evening Monday 5 February 

This is compulsory for all students in Years 7 -12. Live streaming is available via JPConnect or on the John Paul College website at http://www.johnpaulcollege.com.au. I look forward to seeing our student leaders of 2018 take up their responsibilities with dignity and poise. We wish them a year filled with experiences and growth and know they will uphold the values and Ecumenical nature of our College in a worthy manner.

  • Year 11 Biology Camp – Hastings Point 8 and 9 February


Kind Regards

Mr Allan Dennis

Head of Senior School

Middle School

A Message from the Head of Middle School

Meet and Greet/ Meet the Mentors

Last Thursday night parents/guardians of secondary students had the opportunity to meet their son’s/daughter’s classroom teachers in a relaxed atmosphere in the Coleman Centre. Mr Kerley introduced the evening and parents were welcomed by Principal, Mrs Spiller. After the Meet and Greet component of the evening, parents had the opportunity to meet with the Head of Year and Pastoral Care teachers to learn more about the PC Programme and key events coming up this term. Hopefully, parents are able to put a face to the name of their son’s/daughters teachers and begin the process of building a positive academic relationship.


Homework Club – Year 7

Earlier this week a new initiative in Middle School began to support our Year 7 students with their homework and assessment. Homework Club is available to all Year 7 students on a Thursday afternoon in Wesley 4 during this term. Day One had good attendance and it was pleasing to have the support of numerous Year 12 students on hand to assist the Year 7s with their studies. For more information about Homework Club please email Ms Stacey Lang [email protected].

Senior School Leadership Induction Evening

Next  Monday, 5 February, from 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm, secondary students and staff celebrate the Senior School Leadership Induction Evening in the Coleman Centre. This is a special occasion for John Paul College as we come together to witness our Year 12 cohort’s entry into the final year of school and acknowledge them as leaders within the College. Students who will assume special positions of responsibility will also be presented at this assembly.


A reminder of the following points:

  • It is compulsory for all Year 7 - 11 students to attend
  • Students unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances may only be excused by applying to the Principal
  • All student must wear their formal uniform including blazers. Girls must wear the school dress and Year 10 and 11 girls are to wear stockings. Boys must wear the school tie and Year 10 and 11 boys must wear long trousers
  • Students who remain at school before the evening starts must stay on the College grounds and will not be permitted to leave the campus
  • The tuckshop will be open after school until 5.30 pm for any students who need to purchase dinner
  • Years 7 – 11 students are to report to their PC teacher at 6.00 pm in the Coleman Centre for roll call

Parents are most welcome to join with us for this major event in the College calendar. We look forward to sharing this exciting time with you. Doors open at 6.00 pm.


Mr Mark Zietsch

Head of Middle School

Primary School

From the Head of Primary School

In the lead up to our Parent Curriculum Information Evening on Wednesday, 7 February, which I encourage all parents to attend, I commend the following article by our PYP Coordinator and Primary Curriculum Leader, Ms Lindsay McQuattie:


Approaches to Learning: A Focus on How Students Best Learn – Lindsay McQuattie

During our staff Professional Learning week, Primary School teachers were involved in a series of engaging and thought-provoking discussions that centred on ‘how students best learn.’ The foundation of these conversations focused on research-based, high yield strategies that have the greatest impact on student achievement.


Of particular interest, is John Hattie’s recently updated list of factors that impact on student learning, along with how much impact (effect size) that each factor has on student learning. When this data is analysed, it is evident that excellence in teaching is the single most powerful influence on student achievement. Factors at the top of Hattie’s list which are directly related to teaching include strategies that emphasise learning intentions, feedback, instructional strategies and teaching students the strategies for self-regulated learning. Further information related to Hattie’s updated list can be found at the Visible Learning Plus website: http://visiblelearningplus.com/


Our goal as a Primary School is to make a difference in the lives of our students and to support them in achieving the best results possible.  It is our commitment to students and parents that as highly effective educators, we will focus on academic welfare and ensure quality outcomes for all students. To achieve this, we will focus on:

  • how students best learn
  • clear learning intentions and a clarity of purpose for all learning experiences
  • clear expectations for learning through the development of success criteria
  • effective feedback
  • assessment and analysis of data
  • setting students up for success- academic, well-being, social and emotional
  • explicitly teaching the Approaches to Learning- developing skills for self-regulated, life-long learners
  • developing effective learning communities.

Our pedagogical approach to learning and teaching is inquiry-based. To take any ambiguity away from what this means it is an approach that holds the students at the centre of all learning and teaching. Teachers employ strategies to identify students’ prior knowledge and support students in constructing meaning and conceptual understandings.


We focus on students learning how to learn. Teachers explicitly teach the skills and dispositions that support students to grow and develop as independent learners. Students learn how to communicate, research, think critically, socialise and manage themselves. We refer to these at the ‘Approaches to Learning.’ These skills are explicitly taught and can be transferred across the curriculum, in school and beyond.


Learning Environments are organised so that students can find their own resources and begin to regulate and manage their learning. This is achieved through teachers developing routines, articulating high expectations and sharing learning intentions and success criteria. Students’ thinking is visible in the classroom and actively involve students in:



​1. Observing closely and describing what is there
2. Building explanations and interpretations
3. Reasoning with evidence
4. Making connections
5. Considering different viewpoints and perspectives 
6. Capturing the heart and forming conclusions
7. Wondering and asking questions
8. Uncovering complexity and going below the surface of things


To ensure the PYP remains relevant, challenging, engaging and significant to all students, eight guiding principle will underpin the framework.


Learning is:

  1. Developed in meaningful contexts
  2. Based on inquiry
  3. Conceptually focused
  4. Focused on challenge and high expectations
  5. Sustained by relationships and collaboration
  6. Fostered in supportive environments
  7. Inclusive and values diversity
  8. Informed by assessment

During the first week of school, teachers have focused on developing learning communities that support and encourage self-regulated learners. This has been achieved through clear articulation of expectations, providing experiences for students to practise social and self-management skills and advocating agency through student voice, choice and ownership of learning.


Over the coming weeks, teachers will continue to build relationships with each student. They will inquire into students’ interests, passions and talents. Most importantly of all, teachers will come to understand how each student best learns.


We encourage your involvement in the many parent groups at the College, such as the Friends of Primary who are holding a pancake stall for breakfast on Shrove Tuesday, 13 February at the eating area in front of the Primary Office; process school banking on Wednesday mornings at the NMLC and support our Class Rep programme. If you are interested in becoming a Class Rep for your child’s class, please contact Deonie Cameron by email: [email protected] If you are available to support the pancake stall, please contact Romina Vecchio by email: [email protected]


Bookings are filling fast for our ‘Success Through School’ evening with special guest speaker and one of Australia’s leading parenting, relationships and wellbeing experts, Dr Justin Coulson. This session, being held in the Gorman Lecture Theatre on Tuesday, 20 February, will look at the topic, “9 Ways to a Resilient Child” as the first of three sessions planned for this year. To book your place, go to JPConnect or follow the link: Bookings


Mr Andy Gordon

Head of Primary

From the Friends of Primary School

Welcome to a new year at John Paul College!


‘Friends of Primary’ is a group of parents and friends of the children in our Primary School. Our aim is to help create the best possible place for our children to learn and thrive. We do this through providing community school events to bring families together and to raise money to provide extra resources and equipment for our children.


Over the years, the Friends of Primary have been able to provide funding assistance for the Years 1 and 2 playground refurbishment; a shade for the Years 3 and 4 playground; bench seating outside the Enright, Doulin, Burke and Ray Richards buildings and to build an entire new playground for Years 5 and 6.


Some of our fundraising activities include the school banking programme, Movie Night, Mother’s Day stall, stalls at the annual Mayfair School Fete, Father’s Day stall, Barefoot in the Park coffee shop and the Primary Disco, among others.


All of our fundraising activities need help and support from our school families. There are many opportunities to be involved: attending events, volunteering your time or resources or attending our monthly meetings where we plan and organise events. Some of us have been part of the Friends of Primary for a few years and we welcome new members with fresh ideas and suggestions. We need your help!


We will kick off the year with ‘Shrove Tuesday – pancake breakfast’ on the Tuesday, 13 February, when we will be selling delicious pancakes with syrup, together with chocolate milk and tea or coffee for parents. Come along and enjoy an energetic start to the day with us. Pancakes cost just $1.00. The stall will be located at the Primary School Lawns in front of the Primary Office, from 7.30 am till 9.00 am.


The second event planned for Term 1 is Movie Night on Friday, 16 March. Please be sure to mark the date on your calendar! We are still collecting votes to decide which movie will be showing. Please visit our Friends of Primary Facebook page and participate on the poll. The choices this year are Moana, Despicable Me 3, Cars 3 and Trolls.


As you can imagine, we will be very busy this year and we would love to have as many helping hands as possible. All parents of JPC children are very welcome to join us and we would love to have you involved. We have short meetings once a month, on the last Tuesday of the month. Our next meeting will be Tuesday 27 February after drop-off in the Cadet’s Room in Markwell car park, next to Techphere. Please come along!


We are looking forward to the new year ahead. If you have any suggestions and/or questions please email Caroline Clitheroe at [email protected]  or Romina Vecchi at [email protected].


Thank you everyone for your constant support.


Romina Vecchi

Friends of Primary

Chaplain and Community

Community Care Co-curricular Sign Up!

On Tuesday students from Years 7-12 had the opportunity to sign up for Community Care. It provides many different opportunities for service of others.


As it says in the Proverbs 3:27,

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.”


About 30 JPC students committed their time to making a difference this year.


They will be involved in a range of activities including;

  • The Intergenerational Programme held at ‘Freedom Retirement Village’
  • The Homework Club at the Logan Central library
  • The Rosies street van serving the underprivileged in the area
  • Various projects to raise funds for charities

Students commit to doing at least 30 hours of service over the entire year in which they have the opportunity to show leadership, as well as compassion for others.


Any parents reading this are encouraged to speak with their child about signing up – we’re still accepting people.


Mr Stephen Ward


St Edward the Confessor - Sacramental Programme

We are once again pleased to announce that St Edward’s Parish, Daisy Hill is currently accepting applications from candidates who would like to take part in our Sacramental Programme.  Significant changes to the Christian Initiation for Children within the Archdiocese of Brisbane were implemented last year.  (Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation).


Application forms are available from our Parish Office upon request (Tel: 3299 2000) or from our Website www.stedwardsdaisyhill.org.au


Applications for this year’s Confirmation close on Friday 23 February 2018 with Confirmation being held in the Church at St Edward’s on Thursday 15 March at 6pm.


Monday 12 March - 6pm:  Spiritual conference and rehearsal in the Church

Children confirmed are generally in Grade 3 or 8 years of age.


Fr Marce Singson - Parish Priest

Parish of St Edward the Confessor

104 Chatswood Road

Daisy Hill  QLD 4127

Telephone: 3299 2000

Email: [email protected]    

Library Learning

Learning in NMLC 

Expectantly carrying their new laptops, L plates signalling their willingness to learn, Year 4 students relished their first visit to Noelene Munns Learning Centre. Mrs Fry demonstrated the online information systems students will be exploring and using, firstly with support and then independently.


The Library Catalogue and Library Databases hold collections of information that are current, reliable, safe to use and targeted at differing levels of ability and study topics. It is vital that students think critically about where the information they use comes from, and learn how to gather and sort the data they find. Research Skills, Thinking Skills, Self-Management Skills, Social Skills and Communication Skills are a core element of the PYP programme but also integral to the work students do with the teacher librarians in the Learning Centre.


I look forward to supporting the Year 4 students' digital journey at JPC using their own device and the many other forms of technology available through the Learning Centre.


Mrs Marilyn Fry 

Looking Towards the Lunar New Year 

Indulge yourself in a trip to China, in your imagination at least, with the latest display in Gorman Learning Centre, as we usher in the Chinese or Lunar New Year. We have a range of books available to cater to every taste.


There are biographies such as the award-winning Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China, works of non-fiction to describe China through the ages, fascinating fiction inspired by the Chinese culture such as Son of Heaven and historical fiction such as the amazing Genghis: Birth of an Empire. Even Matthew Reilly gets a look in with his Jurassic Park-inspired Great Zoo of China for those wanting a light read.


The Noelene Munns Learning Centre is also gearing up for the Year of the Dog with their Chinese New Year display. Next week DIY Clubbers will be making some Chinese New Year craft. In the mean time, they enjoyed making origami bookmarks during their break time this week. 

Our Pick of the Week 

Deadline by Chris Crutcher


‘Planet Earth is a tough town.’ So thinks pint-sized eighteen-year-old Ben Wolf.


Mind you it turns out he has good reason to think so. Ben planned to spend his last year of high school absorbing as much information as possible in preparation for college and the rest of his life. Then he found out he had just one year to live – he probably wouldn’t even see the end of his senior year.


What would YOU do?


Ben decides to refuse treatment and live life to the utmost. ‘I'm not going bald and puking.’ That means not telling ANYONE about his diagnosis, ditching cross country to become the best 127-pound football player in the history of Trout High, driving his narrow-minded civics teacher to distraction in daily intellectual sparring sessions, saving the town drunk and setting his sights on the very beautiful and very unattainable Suzuki Dallas. He’s definitely going out in a blaze of glory.


He thinks he’s doing the right thing. It feels like the right thing – until it doesn’t anymore. As Ben uncovers the secrets around him, he finds that his own secret might be hurting the very people he is trying to save.


NFL fans will love the football plays (after all, life can be likened to a game of football), and girls and guys alike will feel for the teen who finds himself dealing with the unthinkable.

Co-curricular Performing Arts

Message from the Director of Performing Arts

Many of our students performed at the Principal’s Inauguration Ceremony held on Wednesday 31 January.  Students in Wind Orchestra, Sinfonia, Concert Choir and Eclipse and Stellar Dance performed during the inauguration.  The audience also enjoyed a surprise performance for Mrs Spiller by students from Exit 24, William Wallace, Rory Fleming, Zoe Middleton, Casper Gregson and vocalist, Olivia George of “You’re the Voice” by John Farnham with our special guest bagpiper, Mr Barry Gray.  Mr Gray is the original bagpiper who performed alongside John Farnham.

Congratulations to all students on their wonderful performances.



Saturday 14 April to Monday 16 April - Years 7 to 12 Musical Camp

Friday 27 July to Sunday 29 July - “We Will Rock You Musical”, Chandler Theatre


Please Note: 

The date for Withdrawal at the end of Term 2, 2018 is April 17, 2018.  Withdrawal forms are available online via jpconnect.net or from the Performing Arts Office.



Mr Bobby Gallo

Director of Performing Arts


Co-curricular Sport

Sporting Highlights - Senior School Sports and Activities

Queensland State Swimming Championships

Our swimmers continue to excel with a number claiming Queensland medals and qualifying for the Australian Championships. There was a massive interstate and international presence at the meet including swimmers from China, Switzerland, Hong Kong, France and USA.


Our swimmers were exceptional, recording the following results: 



Mia Marks, Chloe Mack and Charly Kuhnemann



Jack Dugandzic - silver in 200m breaststroke and bronze in 100m breaststroke

Jade Niesler - bronze in 200m backstroke

Caio Gallo - bronze in 200m butterfly and bronze in medley relay

Lucas Humeniuk - bronze in 400m individual medley

Seamus Kelly, Daniel Holdway, Matthew Holdway and Liam Manson - silver in the relay

Kyle Niesler - Kyle had an outstanding championship winning two gold medals in the 400m and 200m backstroke and silver in the relay.

Cricket State QLD Championships

Congratulations to Year 9 student, Ethan Sandall who represented the South East Queensland team in the State Queensland Championships.


Australian Badminton Team

Congratulations to Year 10 student, Angela Yu and Year 9 student, Jack Yu who will represent Australia at the Oceania U17 Badminton Championships to be held in New Zealand in April. We wish Angela and Jack all the best for the upcoming Oceania Championships.

Open Water Championships

Congratulations to Year 10 student, Harrison Back and Year 9 student, Tina Gallo who recently competed at the Australian Open Water Championships in Adelaide. Harrison put in a strong performance to finish in the top 15 in the 5 km event while Tina took out the bronze medal in the National Junior Excellence 2.5 km event.

Australian Schoolgirls Indigenous Netball Team

Congratulations to Year 10 student, Ella Blackman who has been selected in the Australian Indigenous Schoolgirls Netball Team to compete at the International Schoolgirls Netball Championships in May, held on the Gold Coast. Congratulations Ella for also being awarded the Local Sporting Champions Grant.

Australian Track and Field Championships

Congratulations to Year 12 students, D'Artagnan Koeun and Jessica Smith, Year 11 students, Brian Foster and Danica Martin and Year 10 student, Zion Jenner  for qualifying to compete at the Australian Athletics Championships in March. Jessica and Danica will contest the 400m and 800m. D'Artagnan and Brian will both contest the 400m while Zion will contest the 200m and 400m  events. 



Congratulations to Year 10 student, Abbey-Rose Toms for her selection into the U16 Australian Cook Island team for the World Cup Oztag Championships to be held in Coffs Harbour in October.


Congratulations also to Year 8 student, Joshua Blackman who competed at the Queensland Oztag Championships on the Sunshine Coast.


Mrs Karen Graham

Director of Sports and Activities

John Paul International Life

From the Director of John Paul International

John Paul International College welcomed forty new students in Term 1. I extend a warm welcome to our new students and families joining us for the first time.  We value our diversity with new students from China, South Korea and Vietnam.


We have received positive feedback from students, homestays and teachers about how well the students are settling in and we hope that they now feel part of JPC family.


We also welcome back returning students and families and wish you all a productive, fruitful and successful year.  I thank our homestay families and staff, in advance, for your ongoing support of our students.


Hijiyama Girls High School

John Paul International College warmly welcomes 33 girls and two teachers from Hijiyama Girls High School, Hiroshima. Since 1997, the International College has had the privilege of hosting Hijiyama girls twenty-one times.

During their Study Tour in Australia, the girls experience the best Brisbane and the surrounding areas have to offer, such as trips to Stradbroke Island, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and of course Brisbane CBD for some shopping.


The Hijiyama girls have arrived in good spirits in 2018 and are proud representatives of their school and culture.


Mr Russell Welch

Director of John Paul International

Our Boarding Life

From the Director of Boarding

Welcome to our new staff for 2018:

Tim Christie - Assistant Director of Boarding

Leila Dawson - Gap Staff

Rachel Van Der Merwe - Gap Staff


Prior to John Paul College, Tim worked in boarding for five years at Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) and Clongowes Wood College (Ireland).


Tim says, "I am very excited for the opportunity to work with every boarder to help them become the best they can be. As a boarding community, we will continually work towards providing each student the opportunities and necessary skills to guide them on the pathway to success."


Leila says, "I chose to do the (GAP) programme because I saw it as an opportunity to further discover my passions in life and hopefully choose what path I should begin in 2019. My interests include netball, athletics, biology, chemistry and physics. I’m most excited to be involved in these activities with the students at JPC, as I hope to make even the slightest positive impact on them by helping, coaching and supporting them."


Rachel says, "The reason that I decided to apply for a GAP student position was due to my passion for helping children. I know that I will be able to relate to many of the boarders and that this will help me to take care of them in the best way possible. can truly say that I am looking forward to learning more about them, helping them, making sure that they feel safe and comfortable, and making a lasting positive impact on their lives."


We look forward to a great year with our new boarding staff.


Mr Sean Cox

Director of Boarding

Dates to Remember


3 February - JTAS Term 1 Round 1

3 February - TAS Trimester 1 Round 2, JPC Vs West Moreton Anglican College, John Paul College

3 February - TAS Netball Trials, Coleman Centre

4 February - Years 1 to 12 Cheer Camp

5 February - Year 6 Leadership Day

5 - 10 February - Week of Inspirational Maths

5 February - Senior School Leadership Induction, Coleman Centre

6 February - Friends of Cricket Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

6 February - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

7 February - Primary Parents Curriculum Evening, Primary School Classrooms

8 - 9 February - Year 11 Biology Camp

8 February - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

9 February - Year 9 Retreat, St Edwards's Hall

9 February - Primary Parade

9 February - Year 3 Notebook Distribution

10 February - JTAS Term 1 Round 2

10 February - TAS Trimester 1 Round 3, JPC vs Cannon Hill Anglican College, John Paul College

12 - 14 February - Year 7 Camp, Tallebudgera 

13 - 16 February - Year 6 Canberra Tour

13 February - Friends of Primary Pancake Breakfast, Primary Playground in front of Office

13  February - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

14 - 16 February - Year 5 Camp, Mapleton

15 February - Academic Honours Assembly, Coleman Centre

16 February - Senior School Inter House Swimming Carnival, Chandler

16 February - Beginner Strings and Junior Concert Band Workshop (Years 3 - 4), Stephen Bean Theatre

17 February - JTAS Term 1 Round 3

17 February - TAS Trimester 1 Round 4 - JPC vs St Paul's, St Paul's College

20 February - Secondary School 2019 Block Interviews, Gorman Centre

20 February, Prep to Year 2 Bravehearts Presentation, Stephen Bean Theatre

20 February - Success Through School Evening (Years 3 to 6 Parent Event, Gorman Lecture Theatre

21 February - Teddy Bear's Picnic, Prep Playground and Classrooms

22 February - TAS Ecumenical Service, Cannon Hill Anglican College

23 February - Primary Leaders Induction, Coleman Centre

23 February - Live at the Piazza

24 February - JTAS Term 1 Round 4

24 February - TAS Trimester 1 Round 5, JPC vs St Columban's, John Paul College

24 February - Open Day


1 March - Years 3 to 6 Swimming Carnival, Stephen Paul Aquatic Centre

1- 2 March - Prep Hearing Screening

1 March - Years 7 to 12 Parent/Teacher/Student Reviews, Coleman Centre

2 - 4 March - Years 7 to 12 Instumental Camp, SOPA Precinct

2 March - Year Young Leaders Day (Year 6 Leaders), BCEC

2 March - Assembly Years 7 to 12), Coleman Centre

3 March - JTAS Term 1 Round 5

3 March - TAS Trimester 1 Round 5, JPC vs St John's, St John's Anglican College

4 March - International Women's Day Fun Run/Walk, Southbank

5 March - Year 1 Inside Out Provocation for UOI Incursion, Gorman Lecture Theatre

5 March - Prep to Year 6 Parent/Teacher Interviews

6 March - Prep and Year 1 Safety Talk, Stephen Bean Theatre

6 March - Years 7 to 12 Parent/Teacher/Student Reviews, Coleman Centre

6 March - Friends of Cricket Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

7 March - Year 7 and 10 Immunisations

7 March - Prep to Year 6 Parent/Teacher Interviews

7 March - PYP Parent Workshops, Primary Classrooms

8 March - Year 6 Retreat, Stephen Bean Theatre

8 March - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

10 March - JTAS Term 1 Round 6

10 March - TAS Trimester 1 Round 7, JPC vs Ormiston, Ormiston College

13 & 15 March - Kindergarten Individual, Group and Sibling Photos, Kindergarten

13 March - JTAS Swimming Carnival, Chandler

13 March - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

14 March - Year 4 Middle School Engagement Meeting, Wesley 11 and 12

14 March - Parent Cybersafety Presentation by Rebecca Sparrow, Gorman Lecture Theatre

15 March - TAS Swimming Carnival, Chandler

16 March - Assembly (Years 7 to 12), Coleman Centre

16 March - Primary Movie Night, Primary Lawns, Playground and ARC

17 March - JTAS Term 1 Round 7

17 March - TAS Trimester 1 Round 8, JPC vs Canterbury, John Paul College

18 March - Boarding Luna New Year Dinner

19 March - Discover Middle School (Year 6 Parents), Drake Building

19 - 23 March - Years 11 and 12 Exams

19 March - Harmony Day, Primary Precinct

19 March - Years 3 to 12 Strings Recital, Stephen Bean Theatre

20 March - Kindergarten to Year 2 Easter Bonnet Parade, ARC

21 - 23 March - Year 4 Camp

21 March - Harmony Day

21 March - Year 10 Subject Selection Evening for Semester 2, Gorman Lecture Theatre and Gorman Level 2

23 March - Primary Parade

23 March - Live at the Piazza

24 March - TAS Trimester 1 Finals

26 - 27 March - QCS Practice - Coleman Centre/GLT

26 March - Prep to Year 2 Easter Service, ARC

26 March - Boarding End of Term Outing, Cec Munns Sports Centre

27 March - JPIC Carnival

27 March - Boarding Staff vs Students Touch Football Game, Cec Munns Sports Centre

28 March - Senior School Inter House Cross Country Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

28 March - Primary School Inter House Cross Country Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

28 March - Middle School Leadership Retreat, Finch Farm and Wesley Building

29 March - Years 7 to 12 Dance Intensive (Partnership with QLD Ballet)

29 March - Middle School Leadership Retreat

29 March - Easter Service (Years 3 to 12), Coleman Centre

29 March - JPIC Graduation


30 March - Good Friday - Easter Service, JPC Grounds


11 - 13 April - Code Camp, Burke Building

14 - 16 April - Years 7 to 12 Musical Camp, Maroochydore Conference Centre

16 April - Pupil Free Day

16 April - Boarder Travel Day


College Community Code of Conduct.pdf