NGSC Newsletter

10 March 2017
Issue Three
North Geelong Secondary College
03 5240 5800
130 Separation Street
North Geelong, Victoria, 3215


Key Dates

MAR 13     Labour Day (public holiday)

MAR 21      Athletics Day

MAR 22      NGSC Open Night

MAR 23      Parent Teacher Interviews     

MAR 31      Last Day of Term 1 (1:30pm Finish         Time) 

APRIL 19   Easter Monday (public holiday)

APRIL 24   Whole School Assembly

APRIL 25   Anzac Day

APRIL 26  SEAL Info Night

MAY 24     Curriculum Day (Student Free)


Mr Nicholas Adamou


School Council Elections

At the close of the call for nominations in the Parent Category for School Council there were 6 nominees for the 6 vacancies. The following parents were therefore, elected for a two year term:

  • Mr Matthew Sheehan
  • Ms Judith Densley
  • Ms Donna Woods
  • Ms Polly Musgrove
  • Ms Shelley Kitchen
  • Ms Catherine McKenzie

At the close of the call for nominations in the Department of Education & Training DE&T Category of School Council there were 3 nominees for 3 vacancies. The following DE&T staff members were, therefore, elected for a two year term:

  • Ms June Bashiruddin
  • Ms Tonia Tigani
  • Ms Connie Romano

Congratulations to the parents and DE&T staff members who have joined our School Council and thank you to all parents/guardians and DE&T staff for showing interest in school governance. Working together makes a huge difference in improved student outcomes and in students’ lives.


I take this opportunity, on behalf of the school community, to thank the outgoing council members (parents & staff). Their contribution has been paramount to the life of our College Community.  Thank you very much

Annual Report 2016

Annual reporting is an important tool for effective governance within schools and across the government school system. Reporting to the school community adds value in a number of ways:


Keeping the school community informed: The annual report provides a means for the school council to inform the community of what has been achieved and how the school is performing. Providing information about schools helps the community hold schools, the system and government accountable for improving student outcomes.


Contributing to system accountability and meeting legislative requirements:  Public accountability for improving student outcomes and for the use of public money is mandated in the Education and Training Reform Act (2006), where school councils are required to prepare and publish an annual report.


Relationship between the planning and annual reporting processes: The development of the annual report is an opportunity to reflect on the school’s achievements and use this as a basis for future planning.


The 2016 Annual Report will be presented to the school community at the Annual General School Council Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 21 March at 5.30. All school community members are welcome to attend. The Annual Report will be published on the school website following the AGM.

109th Anniversary of International Women's Day - March 8, 2017

International Women’s day is a day that recognises the many achievements of women around the world and acknowledges the continuing challenges that women face.  This year the international women’s day was celebrated at North Geelong SC with a morning tea for some Year 12 female students and all female staff on Wednesday 8 March.  Central to the celebration was the engagement of young females in issues relating to gender equality, empowerment and leadership. Kate Frith, our Year 12 female captain delivered a speech on the importance of the day

Grade 6 Parent Information Evening, Wednesday 22nd March 2017, 6.00pm

The Parent/Guardian/Student information evening for our 2018 Year 7 intake will be held on Wednesday 22 March 2017.


The information evening provides prospective parents/guardians the opportunity to visit our school, talk to teachers, students and current parents about the NGSC community and what has to offer to their children in relation to curricular, extra-curricular, individualised and specialised programs.













Highlights of the evening:

  • Select Entry Academic Achievers Program
  • Scholarship Program
  • STAR Literacy & Numeracy Program
  • ACE Literacy & Numeracy Program  
  • iPad and BYOD Programs
  • Significant Teacher Program
  • Excellence in Sports Program
  • Performing Arts Program
  • International student and EAL Programs

Since the beginning of this term, Ms Astles and Mr Hill – Transition/Pathways Leaders and their team have conducted many feeder Primary school visits and personalised tours and information sessions for prospective students and their families. There is much interest in these visits and if parents of current students with a sibling attending next year are interested, or if you know of others potentially new to North Geelong SC and would like to take this opportunity, I encourage you and others to contact the school and book a visit with Ms Astles or Mr Hill.


I am looking forward to seeing as many new and also current families as possible on this evening.


Student Appearance

All students at North Geelong SC are expected to take pride in their personal appearance. Jewellery, make-up, hair colour and style must be discreet as per the school expectations and policies. Earrings must consist only of sleepers or studs in the ears.


It is the school’s preferred position that students do not have facial piercing ie. any facial piercing other than the ears. However, for students who already have facial piercing they have the following options: (i) the facial piercings are removed during the school day, to and from school. (ii) the facial piercing is discreet and clear plastic and (iii) a band aide is applied on the piercing during the school day, including to and from school .


Under no circumstances will metal facial piercings be accepted.


Therefore, new facial piercings cannot be obtained during the year due to the healing time which requires the piercing to be metal.

Personal Property brought to school

Personal property is often brought to school by students and visitors.  This can include mobile phones, electronic games, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.  I wish to remind you that, the Department does not hold insurance (excluding the school’s iPad program) for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.  I wish to discourage students and visitors from bringing any personal property in particular valuable items to school and if you choose to do so it is entirely at your own risk. 


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson and 

Mr Bradly Headlam


As mentioned in previous newsletters we have started the use of Compass for our management of student data and information. So far students and staff have been utilising some of the basic features and this week parents should receive information about how they can access Compass. In the mail parents will receive information about logging in to Compass and receive a login code to access and set up Compass. This will enable immediate news updates for your children, updates about progress, behaviour, important dates, reports and excursion details. We will roll out different components at different times but initially we will be providing information about booking interviews for the parent teacher interviews, reports and news. Here is some information on Compass:


What does Compass do for me?

Using Compass allows you to access up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and your child’s progress. Compass includes many different features, including the ability to:

• Monitor your child’s attendance, and enter an explanation for absence or lateness

• Communicate with your child’s teachers, and update your family contact details

• View your child’s timetable (schedule) and the school calendar

• Monitor your child’s homework and assessment tasks

• Download and view your child’s progress and semester reports

• Book parent-teacher conferences/interviews

• Pay and provide consent for events and school fees

Our school will advise parents when each of these features becomes available for parent use.


Accessing Compass

Compass is a web-based system that is accessible on any modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) or by using the Compass iOS or Android apps. Search for ‘Compass School Manager’ in the app store. Every family receives a separate login to Compass which will be provided to you by our school. To access the parent portal, go to our school website and click the Compass link on the homepage. Alternatively, if you are having trouble finding the Compass link you can go to

where you can search for and find our school’s direct URL.


Logging in to Compass

To log in you will require your unique family username and password. These details will be provided to you by our school via post between 14th March and 16th March. Upon first login, you will be required to change your password and confirm your email address and mobile phone number. These details may be used by our school for SMS, password recovery and

email communication throughout the year. If you have lost your details or forgotten your password, you can recover your details by clicking the ‘Can’t access your account?’ link on the front page. Please note: This booklet provides an overview of key features within Compass, our school may not have yet enabled all of these

modules at this time.


Progress Reports

Following the Labour day holiday our first round of Progress reports will be accessible on Compass. Details on how to access this will be sent out via email. These reports will provide a snapshot of your child’s progress thus far in the term. These are different to the Semester VELS Reports. The Progress Reports will be in the same format for the whole year and occur every 4-6 weeks in addition to the Semester VELS reports.


The Areas of Assessment for the Progress Reports include:

  • RESPECT to peers and staff
  • PARTICIPATES positively in learning activities
  • PREPARATION/ORGANISATION -with required materials
  • PUNCTUALITY -attends class on time
  • HOMEWORK -completes set homework on time
  • ACHIEVEMENT -achieving the expected progress according to the curriculum standard /outcome


Students will be assessed on the above areas using the following scale of performance:



These reports will be utilised by the Student Management Team for the end of year awards and indicators of success or to address students in need of support.


This process is much the same as last year but with a different software company so we encourage feedback. Please email any of the Assistant Principals with feedback that you may have.

Parent/Guardian - Teacher Interviews

The first Parent/Guardian-Teacher interviews will take place on March 23, 12pm-7pm.


Online bookings are to be completed using Compass. The booking system will be available as of Wednesday 15 March.


Remember that you can also see teachers involved in other programs (i.e. STAR and ACE) and the relevant Year Level Coordinators. Interpreters will be available on the day and if their service is required a ten minute interview is recommended. Interpreters will be located in the Language Building on Interview Day.


Please contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator for more information. You can contact the Assistant Principals with queries regarding the online booking process.

Student Management Team

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the attendance officers, Year Level Coordinators , their assistants and the Sub School Leaders for their significant efforts to ensure the smooth start to the year. They have worked tirelessly to maximise the learning opportunities for all students in a range of different ways. The potential programs ahead through their enthusiastic approach are exciting and we look forward to them unfolding throughout the year.


All student absences will continue to require that the school receive parental approval of their absences.  If you are aware that your child is going to be absent could you please ring the school Absence Hotline (Phone: 5240 5899) to leave a voice message or email on and leave the following information; YOUR NAME, RELATIONSHIP TO THE STUDENT, THE STUDENT’S NAME, FORM, DURATION AND REASON FOR ABSENCE. ‘Absence Hotline’ fridge magnets are available from the General Office.


If you are unable to ring the school, please write and sign a note with the above information on the next day your child returns to school. This will help ensure that you are aware of your child’s absence and improve their attendance.  All unapproved absences will be followed up with letters home.


Absence letters have been sent home for outstanding unapproved absences and students are required to return these to their home group teacher.


Just a reminder for the girls to ensure that there skirts and dresses are the correct lengths.  The winter skirt is to be at the student’s knees and the summer dress is to be no more than 8cms above the student’s knees.  Students have until week two of term two to ensure that they have their uniforms following the school’s guidelines.


The following students have been elected as the house captain positions.  They will be the voice for the home groups and new initiatives and concerns will be directed through these representatives.  They will then be taken to the Year Level or Area meetings for actioning.  I would also like to congratulate all of the Year Level Captains on being elected to the leaders of their year levels.

Year 7

William Issell 7A ARTS

Tamara Vuckovic 7A SPORTS

Tasha Wallis 7B ACADEMIC

Tanveer Singh 7B CULTURAL

Harper Clifton 7C CULTURAL

Jack Warelow  7C SPORTS

Lauren Walder  7C ACADEMIC

Caleb Spain 7C ACADEMIC Year Level Captain

Mia Pilling 7C ARTS Year Level Captain

Anahera Stephenson 7D CULTURAL

Martin Salazar 7D ACADEMIC

Delainey Hill 7E SPORTS

Darcy Szakiel 7E ARTS

Nicole Young 7F CULTURAL

Altan Onturk 7F SPORTS

Tessa Elliot 7G ARTS

Ivan Cvrljevic 7G ACADEMIC

Patrick Sager  7H SPORTS

Riley McFadden 7H SPORTS


Year 8

Stefan Javni 8A Cultural

Andrew Baran 8A Community

Abby Bellears 8B Community

Ethan Klein 8B Sport

Ryley Lumley 8C Academic - Year Level Captain

Georgia Kitchen 8C Academic - Year Level Captain

Edita Salcinovic 8D Cultural

Angus Stather 8D Sport

Hailey Dalton 8E Cultural

Tom Gardner 8E Community

Julian Abraham 8F Sport

Brylei Wiese 8F Sport


Year 9

Kaitlyn Malseed  9A Cultural

Nikita Johnson 9A Arts

Piper Anderton   9B Sport

Oscar McCarter 9B Academic

Abi Massey   9C Arts 

Brianna Sheehan  9C Academic - Year Level Captain

Mitch Fraser  9D Cultural - Year Level Captain

Angela Peric 9D Sport

Cara Wengel  9E Academic

Brad Verrall  9E Sport

Sabrina Luong  9F Art

Ryan Wescombe-Cooke 9F Sport

Charlie Welton  9G Sports 

Hayley Sheldon 9G Art


Year 10

Angus Reynolds 10C Academic - Year Level Captain

Kylinda Connarty-Barrand10E  Academic

Beth Cook 10G Cultural

Jay Simpson 10B Cultural

Brock Cookson 10A Sport

Terry Tseros 10E Sport

Sarah Kirby  10C Sport

Sarah Diprose 10C Arts  - Year Level Captain

Alyssa Pascua 10A Arts

Brooke-Lynn Rees 10D Cultural


Year 11

Ben Donald 11A Academic

Abigail Gardner  11A Arts - Year Level Captain

Farzana Mirdadi 11B Sport

Thomas Grantham  11C Cultural

Daniel Kovacev  11C Arts

Daniel Nouwen  11C Arts

Tyler George  11C Sport - Year Level Captain

Erfan Rahimy  11D Academic

Morgan Emsley  11D Academic

Tiffany Dagg  11D Arts

Subhan Rahimy 11E Cultural

Maryam Sherzad  11E Cultural

Mustafa Niamatullah  11E Sport

Rishad Hussain  11F Sport


Year 8 News

Mr James Cowan-Clark

Year 8 Coordinator 

It has been a great start to 2017 in year 8 with students settling into their studies, involving themselves in a range of activities around the College and some representing the College throughout the wider community.


Home Group Challenge

The year 8 weekly Home Group Challenge began in week 3 and amongst the challenges has been a spelling bee, basketball comp and trivia day. After the first three weeks the scores are as follows:

8A – 110

8C – 110

8F – 60

8E – 60

8B – 30

8D – 30

The term 1 competition is drawing to an end and a champion will be announced but scores will also be accumulating to an overall 2017 champion. 


Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp is approaching. The dates are 15th-18th May and 29th May – 1st June so expect camp letters to be sent home soon.


Progress Reports

Progress reports will be available from 14th March. Please read these with your child and discuss this with them. If you have any questions or queries please contact the subject teacher or the relevant Year Level Coordinator.



Just a reminder that students are expected to be in full College uniform unless they have PE. The following days are when the Year 8 home groups have PE and must wear sports uniform.

8A        Wednesdays & Fridays

8B        Tuesdays & Wednesdays

8C        Thursdays & Fridays

8D        Mondays & Fridays

8E        Wednesdays & Thursdays

8F        Thursdays & Fridays

Year 7 News

Ms Samantha Ladson

Year 7  Coordinator

Term One is flying by already, and before we know it, the holidays will be upon us again. It has been a very busy Term, with a number of different activities going on, and a number of activities still to occur. The year 7s have, overall, had a fantastic start to the year. Here are a few things to note:



During week four, our students attended an overnight camp in Anglesea, where new friendships were formed and students were pushed outside of their comfort zones. Both school staff and Burnside Camp staff were very impressed with the engagement and efforts of all students, and the positive, “have a go” attitude shown by all of the kids. Activities included a High Ropes course, Low Ropes course, Archery, Flying Fox, Zip Lining and Beach activities. The positive feedback afterwards was fantastic to receive, with most students indicating that they wanted to stay another night, which is a sign of a successful camp in my eyes.


I would like to remind students and parents to ensure that they are in the correct uniform each day. PE uniform must only be worn on days that they have PE, and leggings are not an approved uniform item. If for any reason your child is out of uniform, please provide them with a note from home to prevent them from being issued with a detention.



I opened up SRC and Homegroup Captain nominations to all year 7 students, and an overwhelming number of students volunteered. Two students were selected from each class, and this was no easy decision. The SRC allows our students to have a voice, so that they can have a say in the operation of their school. All SRC representatives have been notified, and will be announced and presented with their badges at an upcoming assembly.

I would like to also congratulate Mia Pilling and Caleb Spain on being selected as the Year Level Captains at Year 7 for 2017. I look forward to seeing the positive contributions that the will make to the college throughout the year.


Middle School News

Mr Simon Scoullar 

Middle School Coordinator 


The Middle School is humming along nicely. Students are settled into their subjects and I am seeing some really great things happening around the school. Students have had the opportunity to join the SRC (Students Representative Council). This in itself is quite an accomplishment as it allows students a voice.


Can year ten parents please be aware of our policy on P.E uniform. The P.E uniform is not to be worn on non sport days. A few students are failing to comply with this reasonable request. As a school we are here to educate students for life post school. Just like at work certain requirements are in place with regards to uniform/dress code. Also no leggings and facial piercings.


I look forward to our upcoming Athletics Day and hope to see plenty of sport for our house teams; the Orange Dingoes, Purple Bull ants, Silver Sharks and Aqua Crocs.



Senior Sub School News

Mrs Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Manager

It is really pleasing to observe how well our students have settled into the school year and the positive approach being applied to their studies.  Students are busily participating in a wide variety of programs and many are experiencing the first round of SACs (School Assessed Coursework).



Congratulations to our year level representatives for 2017. It is important that students are pro-active in our school community and have a “voice” so that they can initiate and participate in developing initiatives and programs. The first meeting was very positive and demonstrated the strong student leadership in the college.


Year 11: Ben Donald, Abigail Gardner, Farzana Mirdadi, Thomas Grantham, Daniel Kovacev, Daniel Nouwen, Tyler George, Erfan Rahimy, Morgan Emsley, Tiffany Dagg, Subhan Rahimy, Maryam Sherzad, Mustafa Naimatullah, Rishad Hussain.


Year 11 Year Level Captains: Tyler George and Abigail Gardner


Year 12: Maria Tran, Alex Luong, Philip Mulovski, Chloe Clissold, Jemma Blake, Halimeh Sadeghi, Thomas Ashley, Danny Baraka, Ryan Fairchild, Nya Nyieth


VCE Parent Information Forum: Wednesday 15th March 7pm-7.45pm.

I would like to invite you to the parent forum on Wednesday 15th March. The aim of the evening is to assist parents to have a greater understanding of the VCE program and requirements e.g. the GAT, SACs, ‘S’ vs ‘N’.  We will also discuss how best to support your student through VCE.

VCE students have been given an invitation to take home. Students are welcome to attend with parents/carers. Tea and coffee will be provided.


Parent Teacher Interviews: Thursday March 23

Unit 3 and 4 classes will run.  Each period will be 45mins.  Classes will run in A Block. 

Periods 1 and 2     8.52am - 10.22 am

Periods 3 and 4    10.40 am -12.10pm

Periods 5 and 6    12.30pm - 2pm



Progress Reports

Progress reports will be available on Tuesday 14th March. Please read these with your student/s and discuss this with them. If you have any questions or queries please contact the subject teacher or the relevant Year Level Coordinator.


VCAL Peaceful Path

On February the 13th and 14th Mr Hosie's Personal Development VCAL class attended a practical workshop outside of school. This workshop was run by 4 local and interstate facilitators who volunteered to give their time to teach our class about positive communication and non-violent resolutions that relate to our everyday lives.

The workshop ran for two days at the fOrT and Clovedale community centres and we sat in a circle the entire time because it made us feel as one instead of having to stand at the front. We wore casual clothing because it made us feel more relaxed and that we could talk about the subjects and that it doesn't feel that we need to do anything under pressure, or feel like that the whole workshop was compulsory for a part that we felt we didn't want to share.


In the weeks before the excursion, the class had to brainstorm what sort of sandwiches and snacks that we would like for the workshop. Once we agreed on three types we each made a shopping list and then walked down to the Hughes St shopping strip and marked the prices of each individal item and placed the order of what we would like for the two days. ( Daniel Faulkner)

The two-day workshop also taught us how to resolve our communication and confilict issues by using the the mandala signs (picture below). The mandala was made up of a range of attitudes and behaviours that taught us how to use positive responses to challenging situtations.

We also came together by the fun activitites that were provided by the facilitators. It was these games that kept us all engaged and ready for the day. The discussions were open and everyone was able to contribute which made  everyone feel together.


At lunch students worked in teams and helped cut the food up and were helping prepare a table that lay out the ingredients. Making the sandwiches made us all interact with different people and also enjoy a yummy lunch. The mandala signs were beneficial for all of us to use in our daily lives, whether at school, home or at work. This worksop was a great way for everyone to come together and has helped us all grow into better young  adults. (Atong Agoth)

Following the workshop, the class returned to school and were required to plan a simple activity that would help display some of what they had learnt. Everone agreed the games were an important part of the workshop requiring everyone to participate, learn about each other, communicate and problem solve. After a short group disucssion it was agreed that teaching the games to younger students would tick all the boxes for their assessment. The class began organising themselves into activity groups deciding on the varying roles each would play, preparing large instruction banners, requesting time on the school intranet, contacting teachers, booking rooms, creating feedback forms for the participants to fill in and practicing the games themselves too!

With all the preparation in place, the group condfidently stepped into their allocated rooms and taught icebreaker games to three separate classes of Year 7 and 8 students. It was a fun, friendly and laughter filled atmosphere, bringing a full and complete four-week VCAL learning cycle to a successful close. (Daniel Faulkner, Atong Agoth and  Mr Christopher Hosie)



Barwon and Bellarine Division Swimming Carnival

 Ms Fran Forsyth

Sports Manager

Friday 3rd March 2017

A small team of swimmers representing the school displayed determination, skill and effort in competing against much larger teams. The conditions for the event were very good which helped a number of new records being set. The standout for the day was Lucas Barry from Year 7. Lucas is relatively new to swimming and is an impressive swimmer with very good technique and endurance. He has qualified for the next level of competition in three events. Kabil Boyce from Year 8 has also qualified in Breastroke for the Western Metro Region carnival later this term. Overall, the team were a pleasure to accompany and represented the school proudly.

Team members – Year 7 Lucas Barry, Caleb Spain, Riley McFadden,

Year 8  Kabil Boyce, Year 9 Josh Zdybel, Finn Walti and Year 10 Laurel Lutkins.


Harmony Day Photo Competition

To help celebrate Harmony Day we are holding a photography competition.

Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s diversity.

It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Take photos that represent and reflect what Harmony Day is all about.

The photos will be displayed around the school and used in promotional tools for North Geelong Secondary College.

The winning photo will be announced during the Harmony Day assembly on March 20th.

You can enter as many photos as you like.

Entries close on Friday 17th of March, 2017.

Please send all entries to

Good Luck!!

STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Mrs Keryn Darling

Science Manager

STEM is an innovative new program running at North Geelong Secondary College. It aims to involve students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. There are numerous programs running at NGSC to engage students in STEM. Classes will be using spheros to learn about algorithms in Maths and programing in IT. Some lucky students across year 10 and VCAL will be going to the Grand Prix to learn about engineering in a real-world hands-on way. The school has also purchased Mindstorm Lego kits that allow the students to build and program their own robots. More exciting programs are planned for the future to engage and extend students.


We have also been running weekly lunchtime STEM sessions and have had lots of enthusiastic students join in the fun. These sessions run every Wednesday at 1pm in the Science wing and all students are welcome. So far, students have explored the world of Chemistry through acids and bases. They have also played with Physics through the Vann Der Graff machine and air cannons.


More information on STEM can be found on the College website under ‘Learning Opportunities’ and then ‘NGSC programs’.


Mindstorm robots


The Multicultural Committe News

Mrs Vera Dudas

Multicultural Liaision Officer

The dedicated Multicultural Committee members of staff, students and parents enthusiastically  represented NGSC in the annual traditional Pako Festa parade. 



The fantastic 35th Pako Festa once again proudly celebrated multicultural diversity in all its glory, on Saturday 25th February. 


With large crowds and a wonderful celebration full of colour, national costumes, sizzles of international cuisine, dance, music, the spirit of harmony and cultural diversity was all around us. 


It was a wonderful event to take part in, and a very proud moment to showcase our school to the wider Geelong community during the Pako Festa parade. 


We certainly enjoyed our "celebrity status" during the Pako Festa parade as evident in the collage of photos captured on the day.  We were overwhelmed with the cheering, applause and myriad of greetings we received from community members, past and present staff, students and parents and we felt extremely proud to be ambassadors for NGSC.  


The Multicultural Committee would like to acknowledge and thank Emily Dowling our Events Manager together with all the students, staff, parents and friends who were present and took part in the Pako Festa parade and added to the grand celebration and promotion of NGSC’s cultural diversity. We were rewarded with winning the best school entry in the Pako Festa Parade.



Harmony Day will be celebrated on Monday 20th March. 


The Multicultural Committee had its very industrious and informative second meeting on Monday 6th March.  This was the final meeting for this Term. 

On behalf of the Multicultural Committee we wish all staff, students and parents safe and restful holidays.  


Our next Multicultural Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 24th April at 12.40pm. 

Art News

A selection of students' artworks will now be showcased on the College's website underneath the What’s On - Student Art Gallery tab. Here you will be able to view the fantastic artworks students are producing. Photographs of students artwork will also be uploaded to the Colleges Facebook page.

Ms Sherree Oates


Pako Festa

On Saturday Feb 25th approx. 15 students and 6 staff along with parents and friends marched down Pakington street as part of the Pako Festa parade. We had bubbles, party poppers and instruments making some noise, as well as Mitch Frazer starting a chant that we joined in. Lollies were given out to the crowd and our captains looked fantastic in their college uniforms holding the college banner. It was a huge success, we even took out the school entry section of the parade competition.


Harmony Day

On Monday March 20th we will be celebrating Harmony Day. This year’s Harmony Day theme is ‘Everyone Belongs’. The day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster sense of belonging for everyone. Harmony Day is about living, playing and working together. Here at North Geelong Secondary College we pride ourselves in striving to achieve these aims. We will be having a whole school assembly as well as some lunchtime activities in order to celebrate the day. There is a photography competition running on the lead up to the day. More information is to follow.

Ms Emily Dowling



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