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01 December 2016
Issue Nineteen
School News
Principal's Report
Performing Arts News
Sports News
School News
Melbourne Girls' College
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Important Dates


1st December - VCE Parent Information Evening

5th - 9th December - Year 10 Work Experience

6th - 9th December - AAFC Camp

6th December - Grade 6 into Year 7 Orientation Day

9th December - Last formal classes for Year 7-9

9th December - Reflections and Goal Settings questionnaire closes to students and parents

12th December - Chorals Rehearsal Day

13th December - Chorals Performance Day

13th December - AAFC Presentation Dinner (book your tickets here)

13th December - Chorals Performance Day

14th December - Reports available on Compass at 9.00am for parents to access

14th - 16th December - Pay It Forward Week

19th December - Clean up/planning day

19th December - Reports available on Compass at 9.00am for students to access

20th December - Staff Final Day


31st January - Academic Year begins for Years 7, 12 and all new  students


1st February - Academic Year begins for Years 8-11

21st February - Year 7 Parent Welcome Evening

28th February - Swimming Sports Day (weather permitting)


7th March - School Photo Day

7th March - Parents' Association International Women's Day Evening

24th March - Athletics Sports Day (weather permitting)

28th March - Parent, Student, Teacher Conferences 12.30pm - 8.00pm

Principal's Report

Celebrating Success!

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of the 2016 Presentation Night. The evening was a true celebration of the learning, creativity, sporting achievements and personal bests displayed by our students. We celebrated our award winners and our quiet achievers, the girls who may not have received an award but who know they have given their very best throughout 2016.


Thank you to all of our staff who contributed on the night, but more importantly their contributions every day teaching the girls to lead and achieve!


The 29th November also saw the Exhibition of work by our Year 9 and 10 Design Technology students. The work displayed from Jewellery, Interior, Fashion, Textile and Costume Designers was inspiring. We can only imagine what our talented girls will do next! Jo Jepsen, our Technology Leader is an accomplished artist and jewellery designer herself, such expertise has an influence on the whole faculty.


Congratulations to Mella Pescos and Emma Frankenberg on being selected by the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership for their excellent contribution to professional leadership, with their project titled “Building capacity to enhance learning in the workplace”. Mella and Emma were photographed for a Bastow article this week, we are looking forward to the publication!

Assistant Principal
Roles in 2017

Kay Clarke is taking personal leave in 2017. It was wonderful to have Kay with us on Presentation Night and we look forward to her return in 2018. She is such a special woman.

Tip Kennedy, Brent Houghton and I welcome Andrew Arney as a member of the principal team from 2017. Currently Andrew leads the Senior School of over 500 students at Gladstone Park Secondary College, he is an accomplished school leader and musician. Welcome Andrew!

For 2017 we have an Assistant Principal profile where each leader has a whole of school role and a sub-school leadership role.

Tip Kennedy – Learning and Senior School

Andrew Arney – Curriculum and Middle School

Brent Houghton – Differentiation, Data and Junior School

2017 Annual
Implementation Plan

We are currently drafting the 2017 Annual Implementation Plan with advice gleaned from students and staff through a self-evaluation conducted in preparation for our Term 1, 2017 School Review. We look forward to your advice on the plan also, please let me know if you would like a copy of our draft to date, we welcome all feedback.

The DET plans are based on the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) and for MGC specifically we are concentrating on

  1. Building Practice Excellence and
  2. Building Leadership Teams

Indonesian Teacher Delegation

On Tuesday 22nd November we hosted 28 teachers from Indonesia selected to participate in the Australia Indonesia teacher professional development awards program. This initiative is funded through DFAT,
Our Junior Ambassadors were such excellent guides and hosts, answering questions and making our guests feel welcome. It was their first visit to an Australian school and the warmth of their positive feedback was a credit to all of our students and staff, especially Cheryl Shea, Adele Giarusso and Mella Pescos who ensured all was prepared with care.

The Great Victorian Bike Ride

Ben Orphin and his dedicated team of fellow teachers and girls have set off on the nine day Great Victorian Bike Ride through the Grampians and along the Great Ocean Road. We look forward to hearing their stories!
Please always contact me at any time you require, with very best regards,


Performing Arts News

Thank you
Parents' Association

A huge thank you to our Parents Association for their generous grant for the purchase of musical instruments for 2017. We look forward to updating you re our purchases soon!

Richmond Primary Fair

Thank you to our saxophone quartet who represented MGC at Richmond Primary's Fair. Thank you to Jessie Radda, Miranda Moloney, Eva Palamara & Chantel Wong for giving up their time and their parents for their support.


Congratulations Year 11 Drama & Music Students

Congratulations to all our Year 11 Drama and Music students for their performances on Tuesday, 8th November. Highlights of the evening included the premiere of Katie Martin's original a'capella song, "I'll Be Alright" and Eliza Funston's original instrumental for piano, violin and cello. A special thank you to Wen Chin, Jessie Radda & Sandra Byrne.

Congratulations to all Year 9 Music and Year 10 Drama Perfomances

Congratulations to all our Year 9 Music and Year 10 Drama students for their performances on Tuesday, 15th November. Well done!


School News

2017 French Trip
deferred to 2018


Due to a number of factors and a relatively small base of final applications, it has been decided to defer the proposed 2017 French Trip program until the following year, 2018

We wanted to thank the many girls and families who expressed interest for their support and enthusiasm and sincerely hope to make all the dreams and ambitions held for the tour become a reality in 2018.

If you have any questions in the interim, please contact Tim Macdougall ([email protected])

Merci beaucoup.

World Education Program - Host Family Wanted!

Dear Families,

Melbourne Girls’ College, in conjunction with World Education Program (WEP), has been given the opportunity to host a French-speaking (French or Belgian) university student at our school during the 2017 school year. We hope to host either a student in semester 1 plus a different student in term 3 or a student in term 1 and a different student in terms 2 and 3. The student would work as the French Language Assistant here for that time and would assist our students, in particular our senior students, to develop, improve and perfect their French speaking skills.

As part of the arrangement the Melbourne Girls’ College community would have to provide the student with accommodation and meals for the duration of their stay.

I am writing to all families, therefore, to gauge the level of interest in the school community in hosting such a student. The requirements are that the student is provided with, “a reasonable standard of accommodation allowing for adequate privacy and including access to a kitchen, bathroom, lounge and laundry facilities…and full board including lunches.” The costs would be borne by you, the host family. There would be an expectation to be in (email) contact with the student prior to their arrival to discuss arrangements and answer any questions they may have about their stay with you.

As a school we would receive from WEP details of each applicant so that, in conjunction with you, an informed choice can be made about the student to be hosted. Each applicant has to submit a letter of motivation, will have been vetted by WEP (which includes a Police Check) and will have to apply for a Working with Children certificate upon arrival in Victoria.

As a school we would benefit greatly from having a young native French speaker in our Languages Department. As a family (especially if your daughter is studying French) you would benefit from having a French-speaking student in your home from a linguistic and cultural point of view.

If you are interested in this program, and are in a position to host a student, I would be grateful if you contacted me, or your daughter’s French teacher, directly to discuss the possibility. At this stage it is just an expression of interest and there is no commitment on your part. If hosting a student for one whole semester feels like too big a commitment perhaps you would prefer to offer to host for a term and ‘share’ the student with another family who may feel more comfortable hosting for a term?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer your queries.

Kind regards,

Peter Hilton

[email protected]

Tel:         9428 8955

Basketball News

The Year 8 and the Year 9/10 basketball teams progressed to the state final this year after strong wins at Regional level. Both teams played well on the day and finished second in their pool which equates to either 3rd or 4th in the state. They represented to school with pride. Thanks to the parents association for these uniforms the first time they were used at state - we stood out from the rest of the schools!

International Student Program News

ISP News

The last few weeks have been very busy in the International Student Program.  We have been visiting all the students’ homestays to make sure that everyone is happy with their living arrangements and to allocate homestays for 2017.  We have around 50 Melbourne Girls’ College approved homestays, and at the end of this year we have 12 current students wishing to move homestay, and 18 new girls to whom we will need to allocate or check homestays ready for 2017.  This means that on top of studying for their exams, preparing for Headstart and buying new books, there are a lot of girls deciding where they will live next year and packing up all of their belongings to move house! 

At the last School Council Meeting we presented and had approved the new and updated MGC Homestay Policy, as well as the new MGC Child Safe Policy for Homestays.  These are two very important documents that clearly set out Department of Education and Melbourne Girls’ College expectations for international students’ homestay experience.  We are responsible for the welfare of 50 international students under the age of 18, and we are committed to providing the very best care of each of them, as well as maintaining fair and reasonable expectations of our homestay families.  These documents will soon be found as part of the MGC Homestay Kit on the International Student Program page on the MGC website. 

Last Thursday was the Orientation Day for all of the students who will be starting at MGC for the first time in 2017 (local and international).  The new girls all met the Leadership Team and Year Level Coordinators, as well as many of the man important members of the MGC community.  They learnt a lot, in fact, so much that I’m sure that some things may be forgotten by the start of the 2017 school year, so if you see a new girls looking lost next year, please don’t hesitate to stop and ask them if they need help.  Let’s show some of that legendary MGC school spirit and generosity!

Presentation Night was an exciting opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our hard working students, and the international students gave a good accounting of themselves in the award stakes!  The following international students were recognised for their hard work:

Christina Luyao TENG – Year 10 English as an Additional Language

Chloe Zhiqi JIANG – Year 10 Mathematics

Stella Xiaolan LI – Year 10 Visual Art

Maika Truc Thanh TRAN – Unit 1 & 2 Chinese as a Second Language

Van PHAM – Unit 1 & 2 English as an Additional Language and Specialist Mathematics

Amy Mingshan WANG – Unit 1 & 2 Mathematical Methods and Physics

Pera Ngoc Hong NGUYEN – Unit 2 & 3 Business Management

Mary Yuxin ZHU – Unit 1 & 2 Chinese as a First Language

Skye Jingze QIAO – Unit 1 & 2 Physics

Cally Yingwei CHEN - Unit 1 & 2 Specialist Mathematics

Karen Songwen LUO – International Student Award

Hyun Jeong ROH – Confucius Classroom International Study Grant

We can congratulate them on their awards, and doubly so as all their work was done in their second language!  Who knows how many hours of extra translation work each of those awards represents! 

Student Reminders

December Holidays:

With the December holidays coming up, and all of the VCE exams finishing even earlier that that, we need to remind you that you need to tell me when you are returning to your home countries.

Holiday travel forms can be found on my door in my office, make sure you let us know your travel dates and flight details!

Year 11s and year 12s need to make sure they let their homestays know their final departure dates, and organise where they will store their personal belongings until the start of the university year.  You must also make sure that you have paid up until your final day of homestay.  Make sure that you leave your room in the cleanest state you can; imagine how you would like to find the room if you are a new student! 

Returning students must make sure that you give your homestays a copy of your travel itinerary, and that you leave your rooms neat and tidy.  You all know that you are not allowed to have food in your rooms, and this is especially true when you leave for the holidays.  Don’t leave anything for the ants during your absence!

If there are returning students who would like to move homestay next year, please remember that only in exceptional cases do we accept year 10s and 11s to live in a homestay that speaks their own native language.  We understand that you may wish to move to be closer to the school, or to live with a friend, but please do not try to ‘make a case’ for moving by reporting all the slightest inconveniences you experience with a homestay.  It’s not fair to your homestay and it makes you look petty and ungrateful.

League of Homestay Champions

We are coming up to the time of the year when we need to know how many rooms will be available in 2017.  With 25 year 12s graduating in 2016, and 27 new students starting in 2017, we will be doing lots of homestay moves, so make sure you put your hand up if you would like to host one of our handpicked future women leaders in your home!
For current homestay families, you will soon receive a requests to register your preferred times for the Term 4 homestay visit, when you can let us know how many rooms you will have available for 2017.  We will have around twenty new international girls to house in December and January, so it’s going to be a very busy time!
If you are interested in hosting one of our fabulous international students, please contact Lluani Williams via the College number: 9428-8955, or by email: [email protected] , or you can pop by my office in room 302.  We are always looking for new Melbourne Girls’ College homestay families!




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