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10 August 2018
Issue Eleven
Important Dates
Principals Report
Senior Formal
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Important Dates


Thursday 23rd: School Council

Monday 27th: Athletic Sports 

Friday 31st: Senior School Formal


Tuesday 18th: Junior Summer  Sport Day 1

Thursday 20th: Parent Teacher Interviews,  4.00-6.00pm

Friday 21st: Parent Teacher Interviews


Monday 8th: 1st Day Term 4

Wednesday 17th: Junior Summer Sport 2

Thursday 18th: School Council

Friday 26th: Final Day VCE Classes

Wednesday 31st:  Year 12 Exams


Friday 2nd: Year 7 Vaccinations

Tuesday 6th: Melbourne Cup Holiday

Thursday 15th: School Council

Friday 23rd:  Valedictory Dinner


Tuesday 11th: Grade 6 Orientation Day

Principals Report

Dear Parents and Friends,


Last Wednesday our College community celebrated NAIDOC Week, under the theme - Because of Her, We Can!, staff and students came together for a whole-school assembly, staff also took part in a professional learning session tracing the history of our first nation people.

As pillars of our society, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have played – and continue to play - active and significant roles at community, local, state and national levels.


As leaders, trailblazers, politicians, activists and social change advocates, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women fought and continue to fight, for justice, equal rights, rights to country, for law and justice, access to education, employment – they have fought to maintain and celebrate culture, language, music and art. They continue to influence and support communities across our land as doctors, lawyers, teachers, electricians, chefs, nurses, architects, rangers, emergency and defence personnel, writers, volunteers, chief executive officers, actors, singer songwriters, journalists, entrepreneurs, media personalities, board members, accountants, academics, sporting icons and Olympians, the list goes on.


They are mothers, elders, grandmothers, aunties, our sisters and daughters. Sadly, Indigenous women’s role within our cultural, social and political survival has often been invisible, unsung or diminished.

For at least 65,000 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have carried and shared dreaming stories, song lines, languages and knowledge that have supported generations to share culture and to enrich all of us.



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women were there at first contact.

They were there at the Torres Strait Pearlers strike in 1936, the Day of Mourning in 1938, the 1939 Cummeragunja Walk-Off, at the 1946 Pilbara pastoral workers' strike, the 1965 Freedom Rides, they were at the Wave Hill walk off in 1966, they were on the front line of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in 1972 and at the drafting of the Uluru Statement. They have marched, protested and spoken at demonstrations and national gatherings for the recognition of rights and have called for national reform and justice.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women  were heavily involved in the campaign for the 1967 Referendum and also put up their hands to represent their people at the establishment of national advocacy. These women often did so while caring for families, maintaining homes and breaking down cultural and institutionalised barriers and gender stereotypes. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women did this because they demanded a better life, greater opportunities and - in many cases equal rights - for children, for families and for all people.

The achievements, of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women - their strong voice, their unwavering passion have given strength to and have empowered past generations and continued to pave the way for generations to come.


Our school assembly was a great opportunity for staff and students to come together to celebrate to reflect, to learn. 


Have a great week.

Kind regards, Claire Kelly



Senior Formal

Friday 31st August 2018

Year 10, 11 & 12 McGuire College students only

Time: 7.30pm - 11.30pm

Venue: Shepparton Harness Racing Function Rooms

Dress Code: Ladies 'Formal Dress' and Gentleman 'Suit & Tie'

Cost: $40 per ticket -On sale from Wednesday 8th August and must be purchased by Friday 24th August -

No passouts

Students must have an attendance of 90% and no major incidents to purchase a ticket to attend.




Victoria Police Work Experience Program 2019



Applications for the Victoria Police Work Experience Program 2019 are now open!


The Victoria Police Work Experience Program provides a fantastic opportunity for secondary school students considering a career within Victoria Police. Students are placed at police stations and department units where they will have the opportunity to observe and learn from our Police Officers, Protective Services Officers, Protective Custody Officers and VPS personnel.


Due to the limited number of work experience placements available, only students with a genuine interest in a career with Victoria Police will be nominated for the program.  Our College has the opportunity to nominate only ONE student for the program in 2019. Please be advised that a nomination of a student does not automatically guarantee a placement.


What should students expect from the program?

Students placed at a police station may have the opportunity to:

  • Provide administrative assistance including data entry, managing files, updating photo books, assisting the Property Officer and observing the back end of policing i.e. paperwork, filing
  • Learn about the work of different units
  • Inspect the different areas of a police station
  • Listen to interview and pursuit tapes
  • Look at the Victoria Police Intranet
  • Observe court proceedings
  • Listen to the police radio

Please note: It is highly likely that the placement will be mainly within the administrative units of a police station. Visits to other areas, police stations, places of interest such as courts, the Police Academy and specialised units are heavily dependent on the workload of the station that you are placed in. Due to safety and confidentiality requirements, there are some activities that are prohibited for students. These include:

  • Accompanying police on foot or on vehicle patrols
  • Handling weapons or ammunition
  • Attending interviews of suspects
  • Observing fingerprinting of offenders or suspects
  • Attending traffic operations or 'booze bus' activities

Please also be advised that some areas of the police station may also be inaccessible to students.


Key Dates:

Applications will close 3:00pm Friday 24th August 2018. No applications will be accepted after this time. Students will be advised of the outcome of their application by Tuesday 9th October 2018.


Application Process

A student that is interested in applying for work experience with Victoria Police in 2019 MUST:

  • Collect and complete an application form from Ms Bruce in the Careers Office and return it to her by 3:00pm Friday 24th August 2018.  The application must be in printed copy as well as digital.  Please note, there are legal consent documents that are required to be completed by Victoria Police as part of the application process.  These must be submitted as part of your application to be considered being nominated.

Nominations are to be submitted through careers teachers only and this process will be completed by Ms Bruce after the application closing date. Each school can nominate one student to participate in the program for the year. Applications will only be considered if all required forms are completed correctly and signed accordingly.

Important Information

Please be aware that there has been a change in the application process from previous years. Applications for placements occurring during Terms 1 and 2 of 2019 are to be submitted during Term 3 of 2018. Applications for Terms 3 and 4 of 2019 will be submitted during Term 1 of 2019. We will provide you with an email update in early 2019 with more information regarding Term 3 and 4 placement arrangements.


Please note that if you are unsuccessful in obtaining a placement for Terms 1 and 2, you may re-apply for a placement during Terms 3 and 4.


Term 1 and 2 Placement Dates:

4 March until 12 July 2019

Term 3 and 4 Placement Dates

15 July until 29 November 2019


Due to the popularity of the program and to ensure fairness to all students and schools, Victoria Police will be allocating students to placements based on a ballot. Students names will be randomly selected and allocated to a nominated preferred police station/department unit.


2019 Work Experience Locations

When submitting an application via the Victoria Police Work Experience Portal, students can list up to 5 preferences for their work location. Please encourage your students to apply for police stations/department units that are easily accessible for your student to avoid unnecessary travel and accommodation arrangements. Please be advised that we do not have a list of police stations to choose from. It is up to your student to determine which areas of Victoria Police they would like to submit an application for. We will endeavor to place them at their chosen work locations.


For more information, please see Ms Bruce in the Careers Office.



Alfred PARTY Program

On Tuesday 24th of July, Year 11 VCAL students visited Eastbank to participate in The Alfred PARTY Program. The PARTY Program stands for Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth.

P.A.R.T.Y. is an initiative of the National Trauma Research Institute that was developed and licenced in Canada 30 years ago and has been running at The Alfred since 2009. This is the second time that PARTY has been run at Eastbank here in Shepparton, with all local schools participating in the important learnings of the day.

The Alfred Hospital worked together with GV Health, Police, Ambulance and victims of trauma to provide students with knowledge of the potential risks that can occur. Students rotated between different learning experiences which highlighted the consequences of choices and the effect of trauma on individuals.

The rotations consisted of:

  • Emergency Room nurse discussion on the effect of trauma and the types of patients and trauma that present to the Alfred Emergency Department
  • A mock Emergency ward, where students were able to see what happens to patients when they are brought into the emergency department. Students played the role of Doctors and Nurses and saw what care needed to be provided to patients
  • A mock Intensive Care Unit, where students were able to see what was required to maintain a patients life in an intensive care ward.
  • Ambulance Victoria staff where able to talk of their experiences and show the students the ‘Chain of Survival’, so as they may have some knowledge of what to do in an emergency or first aid situation.
  • A survivor of road trauma told the story of a small mistake that had a massive consequence for him when he crashed into a truack on the way to work.
  • Students were shown by Trauma Ward Nurses the types of equipment and what it is used for in a Trauma ward. Nurses decribed the different types of patients and injuries they may care for.
  • A Physiotherapist from The Alfred worked with the students to show them what it is like to try to get back to an individuals normal functioning and the different aids that people might need to utilise to get back to normal functioning.

The feedback was very positive from all students, while the emphasis from staff and not missed by the students was on how the impact of choices can have major consequences.

Ambulance Membership

Emergency ambulance services are NOT free and not covered by Medicare. Did you know that the average cost of an emergency transport is more than $1100?  Become an Ambulance Victoria member and be protected against the cost of transport and treatment by paramedics.

Is it worth the risk when the cost of membership is less than 25 cents a day? 

In the event that your child becomes sick or injured at school and needs medical attention the school is required to call an ambulance therefore we would encourage families to take out  a yearly Ambulance subscription.

Mental Health Support


Head Lice


Doctors In Schools

Dear Parents/Guardians

As you may be aware, our school was successful in being selected to participate in the Victorian Government’s Doctors in Secondary Schools program.

As part of this program, an adolescent-trained GP from Kialla Medical Clinic will be operating at school every Wednesday fortnight (commencing 1st August) to provide free access to primary health care for secondary students at our school.

More information on consent, confidentiality and medical treatment by a GP is included in the information sheet, which is on the Doctors in Secondary Schools webpage at:   

If you have any concerns or questions about the Doctors in Secondary School program, you can discuss them with Gabby McKindley or any member of the McGuire College Wellbeing Team; Stacie Lundberg, Sam Owen and Mark Metcalf.

From the Office

Parent Opinion Survey



This year the Parent Opinion Survey is being conducted from Monday 23rd July to Sunday 26th August.  Parents who were randomly selected to participate have been sent an email with links to complete the survey. All responses are anonymous.


If you have not received an invite and would like to participate please contact Heather Gribben at the general office for further information.


Thank you for your participation.


Parents who call the office to notify of their child/s absence are now required to provide a signed hand written note or medical certificate to have the absence approved.


Collecting your student early

It is preferable that students do not miss valuable school time to attend appointments that could be scheduled outside of school hours. However, we understand that sometimes this is not possible.  If you need to collect your student before the end of the school day please provide them with a note in the morning that they can show the general office who will issue a pass to give to the classroom teacher  so that they can leave on time.


This way, the student will be waiting at the office to be collected when you arrive.  It is not always timely for students to be located at short notice. Class rooms often change and sport or other activities could mean your student cannot be readily located.


Students should not leave school grounds at any time without signing out at the office

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