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10 December 2018
Term 4 Week 10
Principal's Report
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report -
Week 10 Newsletter

Year 5-6 sleepover

Year 5 and 6 students had a great night on their sleepover cooking Spaghetti for tea with chocolate cake and ice-cream for dessert. Watching movies and playing sardines, along with nibbling on a few snacks filled out the night. They had a great night and would like to thank Mrs Gathercole for coming back out to school for the night and leaving her boys even when she doesn’t work on a Thursday or Friday.

Year 6 Graduation Dance

Briana Hogarth joined the King Valley Cluster Year 6 student to celebrate their graduation on Monday night. A graduation dance was held at Edi Hall.  Briana along with the other students have been learning some ‘old time dances’ which they performed on the night. It was great to see all of Briana’s family at the Edi Hall to watch the dances and celebrate with the rest of the cluster the end of Briana’s primary school years. You did a fantastic job Briana.

Year F-2 extended stay at school.

The F-2 students will be at school tonight for extended session. They will be swimming, cooking pizzas for tea, playing games and watching a movie if time permits. I am sure they will have a great time and be back nice and early in the morning to cook pancakes for breakfast.


Swimming at school has started and will continue on every Wednesday and Friday (weather permitting). On some very hot days, if children bring their bathers we may have a cool of swim at lunchtime.

Christmas Carols by Candlelight

The students have all been practising with Alex their selection of songs to sing on the night. This year has the added entertainment of other performers singing before the students. This should add to the night’s atmosphere. A free sausage sizzle will be on offer from 6.00 pm as per previous years.

So don't forget, it is this Friday evening, the 14th December. Bring your friends and family along for the evening. 

The forecast for the weather is not looking great at this stage, however please still come along as we will be set up inside the classrooms. 

Show Us Your Wheels

As you all know, Show Us Your Wheels comes around very quickly later in February. There is a meeting this Wednesday 12th December at 5:30pm here at school to get everything organised and work out who will be doing what. Please come along, as we all know, many hands make light work and this event does rely on as many families as possible to help out on the day and beforehand. 


Rick Martin


Classroom News

In the Classroom


On Wednesday we worked on the word choice trait by painting a picture in our readers’ mind. We did this by watching a short YouTube clip about a little boy. We watched the clip up until the 0:53 second mark and together we wrote a story about what had happened in the clip so far. Students then had to finish the story individually. 

This is the clip we watched,

This is the story we wrote together:

Slacking in a dark room, with only the blue light from the TV reflecting on his face, sits a lonely boy playing video games, his eyes glued on the screen. Boom! Crash! Double kill! Yes! I won. Screech, through the squeaky door comes Mum holding a big brown box.
“Hi sweety, sorry I’m late. I’ve got a present for you,” Mum places the box on the table in front of the boy. He groans out of frustration and moves to the side so his gaze can catch the TV again. A brief expression of curiosity shows. He gets a glimpse of daylight as Mum pulls the blinds open. He blinks uncontrollably to shake the brightness away.
Mum lets out a sigh of frustration, “Why don’t you stop playing video games and open the present I got you.”
The phone rings, he glances over at the box. What did Mum just say, he wondered, a present for me? The boy waits for his Mum to go upstairs, showing no interest in anything other than the video game. He can’t resist. He rests his controller down on the couch, his attention is now focused on the box. He shuffles closer so the box is now in reach of his hands.


Here are some responses from students:


He picks it up and shakes it at his ear. What is in the box? He opened the box. A puppy! Hooray it’s a puppy! Mum comes down stairs, “oh you are interested in a puppy.”


He thinks, should I open the box? He goes to touch it but pulls back a couple of times. The time comes, he puts his hands on the box and opens it. He pulls out what is inside. It’s a note, he gasped. On the note it had written; an interview for Good Game Span Point. Mum came back from the phone call.
“When is it?” he asked.
“Tomorrow afternoon”
“Thanks Mum.”


He lifts the lid gently in curiosity. He looks inside.
“Mum, it’s just a letter.” He yelled.
“Shh, I’m on the phone.”
He lifted the letter and peeked inside then opened it. “Passports? These are from 1955. I can’t use these.” He read the letter: Dear Jessie, I have kept these for you. If you travel to California and go to route 19 at the service station you will get to 2002. The rest is on the back. Here’s a map to help. Love Edna. 


The boy’s hand reaches over to the big brown box. His hand hovers over it unsure. Russel Russel. The box rattles and shakes. The boy jumps back a little in fright. The top of the box flies open and a shador of a thing jumps out on to the boy licking and slobbering all over his face. Mum comes down and sees the two together. “Aww you two make a perfect couple.” Mum calls the dog, “Here boy.” The dog leaps off the couch into Mum’s arms. “So what do you think you’re going to name him?” Mum says to the boy. “Maybe… Boing!” the boy says. He calls Boing over back to the couch. The dog gets the controller and starts to chew it to pieces.



The Foundation-Year 3 class have looked at capacity and will now look at volume.

On Wednesday, all the students looked at volume by making 3D shapes and using the ‘unit’ MAB blocks to calculate the volume.




Dates to Remember


Monday 10th - Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Year 3-6

Tuesday 11th- Statewide School Transition Day 9:00am to 3:30pm

Wednesday 12th -  Swimming here at School             

Friday 14th -  Art

Swimming here at School

                              Moyhu Primary and Lions Club Christmas Carols

Friday 21st - Last Day of Term 4 - 1:30pm finish




January 2019

Wednesday 30th - First Day of School for all students

Moyhu Outside School Hours Care - NEWSLETTER

Coordinator: Cheryl Impink


We are offering Vacation Care (Mosh) in the last two weeks of the school holidays.  These dates are from Monday 14th January until Friday 25th January 2019. 

If you will be requiring care for any of these dates, please send the attached form back to the school as soon as possible so we can staff according. The program will be completed this week. 

Warm regards,



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