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16 August 2017
Issue 2/8
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On Friday the 4th of August, Hackham East celebrated French Day with much enthusiasm and a great display of our school values. Students dressed the part, wearing French flag colours and French themed costumes. We began with a welcome assembly, where Mademoiselle McGarvey, Mademoiselle Hay, Mademoiselle Morton and Monsieur Goodman’s classes performed the song, ‘Comment Ça va Le Dinosaure’. A super effort by all!

Throughout the day, students participated in a range of French themed activities. Castle students learned about the Tour de France, made French people wooden spoon puppets, found out about French Poodles and dogs in Paris, made Eiffel Towers out of different materials, designed newspaper chateaux (French castles) and used paper plates and patty pans to recreate Claude Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’

The Stillwell classes designed new jerseys for the Tour de France and participated in a smelling activity where they had to discern different French and Australian scents. They also found out that the French National flower is the purple iris and used symmetry to paint their own flowers. Monsieur Grieve’s class also participated in these activities, but were lucky to also make and eat French toast and croissants – Très délicieux!


Students from Madame Connolly and Mademoiselle Wood’s classes investigated items and phrases starting with the word “French” (such as French fries and French doors) and then found out which of these actually originated in France. They saw and tasted French foods and then made small clay replicas of each food.

Kas and Monsiuer Cronin’s classes found out about the encounter between British explorer Flinders and French explorer Baudin in 1802 on the coast of South Australia. They also used oil pastels to recreate Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting ‘Starry Night’ and then research the famous Artist’s life and connection to Paris in his later years.


Students were spoilt for choice by the huge array of French foods available for purchase at recess. A grand merci to Coralie, the canteen staff and volunteers for their efforts in this. At lunchtime, students were able to watch the French cartoon ‘Petit Nicolas’ and learn how to do French knitting with Jacky from OSHC. Unfortunately, due to wet weather the outdoor activities of pétanque, marelle and French skipping were cancelled.

In the afternoon Sharing Assembly, students from each class demonstrated courage by sitting on the French “interview chairs” and sharing their learning with the school and parents. The special baguette and French toast helpers assisted with announcing the winners of the French Day colouring in competition. A special bon travail (good work) to the overall winner Shae Wade for her fantastique entry with extra detail and superbe use of colours. The assembly concluded with an encore of ‘Comment Ça va le Dinosaure’.

Merci beaucoup to all of the parents and visitors who attended our special French Day assemblies and to the teachers, SSOs and helpers who assisted throughout the day. Photos and videos of the day are being collated and edited and will be shown at the next whole school assembly.



Mademoiselle Brooks


Health and PE News

Sports Day

This year we have begun to explore ways in which we could increase family attendance and community involvement at our school Sports Days. The idea of hosting a Twilight Sports Day was considered with the PE faculty making contact with local clubs to run small sided games and clinics. We had a great response with many clubs eager to attend who saw this as a great opportunity to make themselves accessible to our students who showed interest and promise in pursuing sports outside of school.


We see a Twilight Sports Day as another opportunity for our school to ‘give back’ to the community as we do with the End of Year concert; and remain excited about the prospects of an increase in family and community attendance. At this stage planning is continuing with the view to host out first Twilight Sports Day in September 2018.


This year Sports Day will be held on Friday the 22nd of September during regular school hours. Students will participate in a number of events using the skills that they have been working on during their PE lessons.




Girls Cricket

Last term we were successful in winning $2000 from Cricket Australia to spend as part of the ‘Growing Cricket for Girls’ initiative. This money will be spent on equipment including an indoor cricket set so that we may run an indoor cricket competition as part of the Lunchtime Sports program we introduced this year for Primary students.


Our goal in line with Cricket Australia, is to create a sustainable competition played each year that promotes and encourages girls participating in playing cricket.


At this stage we are in communication with Morphett Vale School and Reynella Primary to play two games after school, preceded by an all day tournament at Morphett Vale School in early term 4.

This is a fantastic opportunity for parent volunteers with some knowledge or a keen interest in cricket to coach our girls team – an important step in our efforts to reintroduce opportunities for weekend and after school sports.

Please see Gab Martin or Derryn Amoroso to express your interest in coaching.


School News

SSO Week

We all appreciate and acknowledge the essential and valuable support provided by our SSOs in the classrooms, special programs, working with children with special needs, challenging behaviours, Interoception, toileting, finance, maintenance, grounds, front office, administration, ICT, network management and library. We thank them all for the positive impact they have on our children and our school. Our school employs more SSOs that most schools of comparable size because we know that they make such a positive difference to our children’s learning and the successful delivery of services to our school community. 


We are sad to be losing two SSOs, Anne Gacic and Sam Oakes at the end of this week. Anne has been with us for over 2 years and has successfully supported many children who have challenging needs. She moves to a full time position closer to her home.

Sam has done a truly amazing job running the office, filling in for Lee whilst she is on leave. She has kept everything running smoothly and efficiently.

We thank Anne and Sam and wish them the very best for the future and hope to see them back here.



Friday 18/08/17 9:00am in Penney Space

Followed by Parent/Caregiver Morning Tea


Lost Property

A reminder to parents/caregivers to please clearly label any item your child brings to school eg jumper, hat, water bottle, lunch box etc so that they can be returned if found.

Fathers Day Gift Stall

Thursday 31/08/17

On Thursday the 31st of August the Fundraising Committee will be holding the annual Fathers Day Gift Stall. It will be held in the Penney Unit Conference Room with doors opening for parents at 8:30am,  students will visit with their classes during the day. Prices start at 50c. 

Fundraising Committee


Pokemon Champion Tristan Sobkowiak

Congratulations to our world famous Pokemon Champion Tristan Sobkowiak.


He came 1st in Perth for Pokemon Regionals for his division then went to the North America International Tournament held in Indianapolis where he came 17th out of 140 participants for his division.


He is off to Anaheim California today to play in the World's tournament. This is an invitation only to this event. 


What an achievement! Good luck, Tristan


School Photographs

Master School Portraits will be at our school on Friday, 25 August, 2017 to take photographs of the children.

Please note that all children will be photographed individually and in their class photo, irrespective of whether photos are to be purchased.

Points to remember are:

  • Online payment is available. The range of options available online has increased. As well as the option to download a Low Resolution image for a Smart-phone, also available for purchase is a High Resolution Digital Download of your child’s image.
  • Family/Sibling packages can also be ordered online.
  • Two new packs are available in High Resolution.
  • MSP now offers 10% discount for all family orders above $90.00 per family.
  • If you pay by cash, cheque, or money order, money is to be sent in the envelope ON THE DAY OF THE PHOTOGRAPH via your child’s class teacher.  Do not send money to school before Friday, 25 August, 2017. Please enclose correct money as no change is given.
  • If there are two or more students in one family attending the school, payment can be made in the one envelope but each student must still submit a completed prepaid envelope to the photographer.
  • Envelopes are to be kept separate. Only payments are to be placed in envelopes, not messages or other children’s envelopes.
  • Please print details required clearly on the front of the pre-paid envelope, including a short note if payment is included in another student’s envelope.
  • Family photograph envelopes may be collected from the office.  If a family photograph is not requested none will be taken. Payment is made on the day, Friday, 25 August, 2017. No family envelopes are to be handed into the office.  NO ENVELOPE, NO FAMILY PHOTO.
  • No orders will be accepted at school after the photography day. Contact MSP on 83913951.
  • For a really great photo make sure your child is neat & tidy and must be in school dress code.

Lee Clements

Front Office

School Banking

Check out the link below for exciting reasons to keep saving with School Banking including rewards and a competition starting on 14 August 2017. 

Tracy Rowley

Finance Manager


Library News

Book Week

Book Week will be held from 21 August to 25 August 2017.  The theme this years is "Escape to Everywhere".

The Book Week Parade will be held on Wednesday 23 August.  The parade will commence at 10:00am at the back of the Gym and finish at approximately 10:25am.  Parents/caregivers are invited to stay and share a picnic and your favourite book.


We encourage students and staff to come dressed up on the day.  You can dress up either to the theme or as your favourite character/person.  The last two years have been a great success and enjoyed by all.  

Deb Scarff

SSO Library


Earn & Learn

Earn & Learn is on again from 26 July to 19 September 2017.  

Earn one Earn & Learn sticker for every $10.00 spent at any Woolworths. Once the sticker sheet is complete drop it into our collection box in the Library or our local Hackham Woolworths.  Sticker sheets can be obtained from either Woolworths, one of our Library staff or can be printed by downloading the sheet from www.woolworths.com.au/earnandlearn.

Completed sheets of stickers go towards school resources including - Library, Science, Sports, Mathematics, English and Arts & Crafts.

Thank you for your support.

Deb Scarff

SSO Library    


CPC News

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Throughout the year our Specialist teachers teach Child Protection Curriculum (CPC) along with classroom teachers.


The following areas are covered each term and students are encouraged to learn strategies around what to do and who to speak to if ever they need assistance.


Years R-2


The right to be safe

  • feelings, being safe, warning signs, risk taking and emergencies


  • trust and networks, rights and responsibilities, use and abuse of power

Recognising and reporting abuse

  • names of parts of the body, recognising abusive situations and secrets

Protective strategies

  • practising protective strategies, persistence.


Years 3-5


The right to be safe

  • exploring the concept of safety, reviewing the concept of warning signs, unsafe situations and acceptable risk taking


  • understanding rights and responsibilities, trust and networks, developing personal identity, power in relationships

Recognising and reporting abuse

  • privacy and names of parts of the body, recognizing abuse, neglect and unsafe secrets, internet, telephone and media safety

Protective strategies

  • problem solving and keeping safe, review of networks.


Years 6-9


The right to be safe

  • safety and risk taking, warning signs and emergencies


  • rights and responsibilities in relationships, power in relationships, bullying as an abuse of power

Recognising and reporting abuse

  • recognizing abuse, identifying abuse and neglect, electronic media abuse

Protective strategies

  • problem solving strategies, network view and community support


More information can be found on the DECD child protection curriculum site https://www.decd.sa.gov.au/teaching/curriculum-and-teaching/keeping-safe-child-protection-curriculum


If you have any questions please contact your child’s classroom teacher to discuss further.


Pastoral Care Worker News

How do we discipline children so that they will behave, make good decisions and be a productive member of society? What is the difference between Discipline and Punishment?

Punishment such as smacking, may stop a behaviour in the short term but it does not teach the child a better way of behaving. It can cause anger, hurt or fear in a child and that is not a good way to foster a positive relationship with your child. Children’s behaviour can be tricky! One of my sons had ADHD and so I have an understanding of difficult behaviours in a child. One of the best strategies I was given by a Psychologist was a Behaviour Modification chart which consisted of rewarding  ‘good’ behaviour based around morning and afternoon routines. It worked really well and I have often talked to parents about implementing this.


Whatever type of discipline you decide is best for your family, the main thing is to have rules which are achievable by your child and easy to understand. Rules and Consequences should be clear to everyone in the household. I wonder if any of you have a Family meeting? It can be a good way to set out expectations and allow the children to also have input. Often their rules are stricter than ours!!!


Giving Consequences is perhaps the best way to discipline your children. They can be natural consequences eg. If they have left their teddy out in the rain, then it’s likely to be ruined. Or if they refuse to wear a raincoat, then it’s likely they will get wet walking to school.


Other consequences are based around what happens when they break a house rule that is set by you, such as if they break something, then they need to share in the cost of replacement. Or if they have “attitude” then they need to go in Time out to calm down and have a think about their behaviour.

The main thing to remember is that discipline is about teaching and learning and that all children need boundaries so that they can understand your expectations.

Every Blessing,



Operation Christmas Child

We will be collecting for the Samaritan’s Purse again this year as it is good for children to learn about poverty and social justice issues. I think we managed to pack 30 boxes last year thanks to your generosity!! I will be sending out a more detailed letter about this next week!!


Parent Afternoon Tea

Every Friday the Conference Room will be open from 2.30pm for Afternoon Tea. So come out of the cold and have a hot beverage and a piece of cake!! I would love to meet you in there for a chat!! Everyone is very welcome!


Community News

Are you looking for work?

Baptist Care SA’s Building Family Opportunities Program can assist you and other members of your family to:

  • Seek employment

  • Improve your education and employment skills

  • Access services that will help you achieve your education and employment goals

  • Address personal and vocational challenges


Sky Light

The Celebration of Life exhibition showcases the lives of people living with mental illness, their friends, families and carers.


Chill Dads & Kids

A new activity for children (aged 0-12) and their fathers (or father figures) is currently under development!



A cyber safety and security presentation.


Australian Red Cross

Disaster resilience for those most at risk


Helen Hanns - Doula Birth Support

As a birth doula I am independently trained to provide educational, physical and emotional support for both YOU and YOUR partner.


Uniting Communities

Glad to be me.


Morphett Vale Cricket Club


Junior Registration - Come N Try Day 


Junction Australia 

Positions Vacant

People & Places Coordinator

Team Leader, People & Places


World Suicide Prevention Day

A 5km seaside walk from The Onkaparinga River Mouth, Port Noarlunga South along the coastline ending in Moana.




Open your eyes to a whole new world and discover some of the latest and coolest tech around.



Junction Australia

Yoga for Everyone.


Early Childhood Intervention

The early years are important for all children, join us for an information session.


Dates to Remember

Diary Dates

Fridays - Afternoon Tea held in the Conference Room, Penney Unit from 2:30pm.

All parents/caregivers welcome.

August 2017

Friday 18 August - Assembly 9:00am in Penney Space, followed by Parent/Caregiver morning tea

21-25 August - Book Week

Wednesday 23 August - Book Week Parade, 10:00am at the back of the Gym

Friday 25 August - Whole School Photographs

Thursday 31 August - Fathers Day Stall

September 2017

Thursday 7 September - Student Free Day

Friday 8 September - School Closure Day

Friday 22 September - School Sports Day

Friday 29 September - Last day of Term 3

October 2017

Monday 16 October - Student Free Day

School Crossing Monitors

Term 3 2017


Week 5 (21/8 – 25/8)


Latysha Jackson 

Nikkita Smith

Dylan Mostyn


Max Connolly

Harry Brook

Wealthy Abanilla






Week 6 (28/8 – 1/9)


Cooper Rannanaho

Logan Addison Black

Zaccery Nankervis


Marissa Weymouth

Patrick Connolly

Charlie Watkins

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