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04 April 2019
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What! No Easter?
Technology: Obsolescence and Opportunity
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What! No Easter?

By Andy Callow (Principal)

Sometimes it helps us to gain new perspective if we take a step backwards.  As Joni Mitchell put it: ‘Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?’.  Let’s imagine for a moment what life would be like without Easter.


Less chocolate may not be such a bad thing for some of us, but many would keenly feel the loss of the holiday break.  Yet apart from these superficial bonuses, what would it really mean if there was nothing to celebrate on Easter Sunday?  


The apostle Paul put it this way:


“If Christ wasn’t raised then all you’re doing is wandering about in the dark, as lost as ever…If all we get out of Christ is a little inspiration for a few short years, we’re a pretty sorry lot” (1 Corinthians 15:16-20 - The Message Translation).


All of Christianity (including our Christian education system) is based upon our belief in the Resurrection.  If the bones of Jesus Christ are still buried somewhere in Jerusalem then the whole reason for being a Christian collapses in a meaningless heap.  


The centrality of the amazing claim that Christ conquered death has been recognised by friends and foes of Christianity alike.  Josh McDowell, author of over 45 books including Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Life-Changing Truth for Skeptical World said this:


“After more than seven hundred hours of studying this subject and thoroughly investigating its foundation, I have come to the conclusion that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most wicked, vicious, heartless hoaxes ever foisted on the minds of men. OR it is the most fantastic fact of history”


He then goes on in great detail, summarising evidence from a wide range of sources to conclude with:


“The verdict is in.  The decision is clear.  The evidence speaks for itself.  It says very clearly:



Come on Christians – celebrate for all you are worth!  Easter is the best time of the year.  Sing again the glorious words of triumph penned by hymn and chorus writers alike.  Join with others in praise and worship, laugh and rejoice.  May the richness of what has been won at such great cost resonate deep in your spirit!  Stand upon the wondrous truth that:


“Love’s redeeming work is done;

Fought the fight, the battle won:

Vain the stone, the watch, the seal;

Christ has burst the gates of hell!”


As you gather with family and friends these holidays, take the time to reflect and appreciate the loving sacrifice freely given for each one of us  -  to find the light amongst the darkness, the hope in the chaos, the wonder so effortlessly displayed in the faithful and constant rising of the sun … and, most profoundly, in the risen Son.

Technology: Obsolescence and Opportunity

By Allen Dickson (Head of Enrichment)

Your ‘15 years younger self’ could never have envisaged that your phone could make so many things obsolete; your watch, camera, Melways, photo album, alarm clock, calculator, TV, diary, remote control, torch… all of these once bulky and expensive items are now just sitting in your pocket (and many more).


Although technology and obsolescence go hand in hand, the flip-side is opportunity. Technology provides us with opportunities to connect, discover, create and work in ways that might have seemed impossible years ago.


This year, BHCS has connected with Yarra Ranges Technical School (YRTS) – a state of the art centre for innovation and digital design. Every Year 8 student and select Year 7 and 9 students have the opportunity of attending tailored workshops on subjects such assistive technology, VR insectoid design, Ringo 2 robotics, environmental housing design… where they use the latest technologies to problem-solve and create prototypes of tomorrow’s technology.


Last month Dr Roberts and myself attended with a group of our brightest Year 9 students who investigated wearable technologies. Each group designed programmable clothing that could be used to monitor a patient’s heart rate, assist in locating the injured in a crash, and even signal for help when an elderly person has had a fall. It was an amazing day, full of opportunities for the students to extend and challenge themselves.  As you can hear in the comments below, they certainly made the most of this opportunity.


Yarra Ranges Tech School was awesome. The facility, the program and the people really made it an enjoyable day.  All 11 of us had a task brief and managed to fulfill it in our own creative ways.  Using Arduino Little Bits, we created our own technology to complete different tasks.  Our groups came up with 4 different designs, including a heart beat monitor, life jacket with speakers, personal assistance and a very annoying screaming machine. All of us agree that it was a fantastic day and having each other made it better. Thanks for a great day YRTS. – Tayla R


Doing wearable technology was very fun and educational.  We were able to create and personalise our own technology with many variables (and some trouble shooting too), learning about maths and how to create something we wanted from many different inputs and outputs. We had loads of fun with educational benefits. – Kasha G


Today was a great day where we got to explore Arduino ‘little bits’. We were challenged to create a wearable tech to help someone. My group designed a life jacket that has lights that automatically turn on at night, it played dory saying “Just keep swimming” and Shia Lebouef’s “Just do it” playing directly into your ears. It could also check your temperature. Today was great and I would love to do it again. – Ryan S


My group ended up constructing an apparatus for the deaf or verbally disabled, letting them answer or ask simple questions through a mp3 type device.  Other groups made a temperature alert system, safety life jackets, a scream machine and one group even attempted a heart monitor. It was a fantastic day, with fantastic people, and I and am already looking forward to next time! – Charlotte T


Today was an excellent day. I felt privileged to be one of the few selected people to do Wearable Technology segment at Yarra Ranges Tech School. I loved the challenge of thinking of an idea and then using the Arduino Little Bits to put those into a physical form. One thing I did take away was that if you have a theory or an idea, you may not be able to apply it straight away, but instead you have to think differently which was exciting. – Deakin M



What's been happening?

Yr 9 Marine Camp
By Rowan Jeffery (Year 9 Coordinator)

The Year 9 Marine Camp provided an opportunity for the whole of Year 9  to enjoy new experiences and share time together outside of the classroom.  Staff and students were thrown together into the mix of activities, where there were no limits and everyone could work at their own pace and set personal goals.


A particular highlight for staff was the company of the amazing Year 9 student cohort.  The students made the camp for us; they were an absolute delight to spent 3 days with.  'Thank you’ Year 9 students.  A big thanks also extends to all the staff who accompanied the team.


On the last day, students spent time debriefing the camp.  They created a board that represented sand and waves.  The sand sticky notes were filled with celebratory stories of someone who had shown strength of character.  The waves represented a highlight of the camp.  Furthermore, students were asked to write a piece of reflection. Below are a sample of these.

Camp was really good this year because of all the surfing and activities. I normally get homesick during camps but the teachers, camp staff and friends helped me get through and I didn’t get homesick at all. If I could go back and do it again I totally would. I had so much fun on camp and I miss it already.

-Chloe P


Camp was a decent experience with lots of challenges. We surfed twice and went kayaking.  Surfing was a challenge as I have never done it before.  But with lots of falls and being dunked at the end of the day, most did manage to stand up.

 We also completed the high ropes course which was fun but scary.  Thank you for making the experience great. 

- Taylah R


Year 9 camp was an amazing experience.  Not only did I get to participate in some amazing and challenging activities but I was able to get to know a whole lot of different people as well as them getting to know me.  Surfing and kayaking were both quite challenging but at the same time, so much fun.  Overall Marine Camp has been one of my favourite school experience so far, not only because I was able to challenge myself and push outside my comfort zone but also getting to know a lot more of the year level.

- Molly R


I found the camp quite enjoyable because it gave us new experiences that many people have not done before.  I realized that on the camp I pushed myself out of my comfort zone when I did the 10 metre high rock climbing wall.   Kayaking was really awesome and it felt very relaxed.  I was a bit surprised but liked it when I got talking with teachers.  The enthusiasm of the teachers, I think, helped to make more people join in and enjoy their time.  It was a really good experience even though I had to sleep in a freezing cold TeePee.

- Issac S


Camp was a lot of fun.  I felt I became closer with my friends and have been able to secure lifelong friendships with people. The surfing gave us an opportunity to explore new things and challenge ourselves to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones.  I tend to usually not like kayaking but when I did it with my group it was a lot of fun and I would 100% do it again.  The food was very yummy.  I also found that some of the teachers re pretty chill when they aren’t at school

- Zoe D


Year 10 Careers Mock Interviews
By Michelle Visser (Careers)

Last Wednesday was a challenging and also exciting day for our Year 10 cohort.  After choosing a job  from an online site, students prepared a cover-letter, resume and reference letter. The students then spent class time preparing for an interview for their chosen job.  On Wednesday they arrived at our school restaurant dressed and very nervous where they patiently waited for their name to be called.


They then participated in a 1:1 interview with an experienced member from our school community.


I would like to thank our fantastic volunteers who so generously gave an exhausting morning to interview and pass on valuable feedback to all our students.


Thanks to Erin Williams, Ken Greenwood, Dave Cronk, Will Neil, Liz Stewart, Tallaine Goudey, Kristy Gay, Elisa Hesling, Corrie Irons, Ruth Brennan, Ian Birchall, Stephanie Streets, Mark Caldwell, Britnie Jacobsen, and Alison Punnet.


All the student were fantastic on the day and really embraced this opportunity.


A special congratulations to the following students who 'secured the job:. Jai B,  Lilly C, Brylie D, Matt G, Grace H, Cara J, Max L, Connor L, Melody M, Talia R, Nyssa R, Reuben T, Alex T, Nyssa W and Maree W.




CSEN Primary Swimming 
By Shaun Doherty (Primary Sport Co-ordinator)

Recently,  thirty-five students from Year’s 3-6 ventured out to Aquanation in Ringwood to compete in the CSEN Regional Swimming Carnival.


After winning the B- Division carnival last year, BHCS had been elevated to the A- Division this year, competing against Flinders, Waverley Narre Warren and Hillcrest.


The competition was very strong and although finishing fourth in the division, there were a number of students who swam personal bests and achieved some excellent results, qualifying for the Champions Carnival held at MSAC in May.


There were also several BHCS students who swam in multiple events throughout the day, which showed great effort and determination.


I would like to congratulate all students who not only participated in their allocated events, but also those who filled spaces for those who were unable to attend. It showed a great commitment to the team by helping out where needed. I would also like to thank Mr Kelly, Ms Beach and Mr Torcasio for their help throughout the day as officials.



Upcoming School Events

Anzac Remembrance Service 

On Thursday, 2 May, we will be holding an Anzac Remembrance service on the theme of ‘Voices from the Wall’. In addition to the traditional elements of the Anzac service, we will hear from some students sharing some of the stories that are found on our Veterans’ Wall.


Poppies will be available to place on plaques after the service. Families are cordially invited to join with us for the 10 a.m service followed by morning tea in the Gallery area.


Please RSVP if you are coming for catering purposes via


BHCS Parenting Nights

Make sure you book in for our parenting nights to hear from some fantastic and knowledgeable speakers.  All events are free, and aim to cover a variety of topics.  Please put the dates in your calendar now, and we'll look forward to seeing you there!  Please book your place here:


The Hobbit Read Along- Term 2

Join us on an adventure through Middle-earth!


Beginning in Term 2, the Discovery Centre staff are hosting a six-week read along of Tolkien’s classic and we invite the BHCS community to join us: middle and senior school students, staff and families! See Ruth in the DC (or email [email protected]) for further information and to register.


Bilbo Baggins was up for adventure....are you?

General Information 

Transition to Winter Uniform

During Term 2, there will be a uniform changeover period during the first week of the term.  Parents are asked to use their discretion as to which uniform is the most suitable for their child to wear between Monday, 29 April – Friday, 3 May.


As of Monday, 6 May all students will be required to wear the full winter uniform.


Regular Alinta Uniform Shop Open Times (during school terms):

Mondays & Tuesdays - 8am to 10am

Thursdays - 2pm to 4pm


In addition, the following Saturdays will be open to assist with Uniform changeover:

Saturday, 6 April  (last Saturday of Term 1)

and Saturday, 4 May (first Saturday of Term 2) between 9.00am - 12.00pm.

End of Term 1

Date:  Friday, 5 April, 2019

Kinder Finish Time: 1pm

Prep to Year 6 Finish Time: 1.15pm 

Year 7 to Year 12 Finish Time: 1.30pm

Bus departure: 1.40pm


If you are not intending to use the bus on the last day of Term 1, please ensure you advise [email protected] in advance.


There will be no lunch orders on this day.

BHCS Community Care Update

We had a wonderful time at the first cook up and it's been so good to be able to offer meals to families at BHCS in need. The team have planned the menu for the next cook up, so please consider donating any of the following :


Sundried tomato pesto, tinned tomatoes, tinned lentils, tomato paste, olive oil, dried chilli, lasagne sheets (both regular and GF), balsamic vinegar, basmati rice, breadcrumbs, tinned chickpeas, coconut cream, honey, bakers flour, tinned pineapple, passata, yeast, tomato sauce, vegemite, BBQ sauce. 


Donations can be left Reception ( we also have a box for donations at Kinder). 


Term 2 cook up is 11th June.  If you'd like to be involved, please contact Al Giles-Kaye on [email protected].


Thank you so much for your support!

Camp Return Information

Please note that the Year 5/6 Camp will return at approx 2.15pm on Friday, 5 April, 2019.  For families that rely on the school bus service to transport their children, please make alternative arrangements for your child's travel, as the School buses will be departing at 1.40pm before the return of Year 5/6 camp.


The Year 10 Summit Camp will be returning at 12.30pm on Friday, 5 April.   


To keep updated on return times please refer to Flexibuzz on the day.

Open Day Volunteers

Open Day is coming up fast, and as in previous years we highly value the students and parents who volunteer their time on the day.  


Our student tour guides and students helping in classrooms really assist the school in coming alive. We often get lots of positive feedback about how the students have conducted themselves.  


Parent volunteers have a unique opportunity to chat to visitors, and talk about their experience here.  We also highly value your help with practical things like serving food and drinks, car parking, looking out for teachers, helping visitors find the DC when they arrive, etc.  We couldn't do the day without our valued volunteers!


We need your help this year! Open Day is Saturday, May 18, 10am - 1pm (please allow a little time either side).  If you are only able to come for some of the time, that's okay, we'd still love to have you here. 


For student helpers, teachers will be asking for volunteers and letters will be going home soon. For parents, please let Sarah Kelly know if you are able to help: [email protected]


Thank you for helping us show off our beautiful school - it really is a fun day!

2019 Term Dates

Please find below the term dates for the remainder of 2019:

Term 2: Monday, 29 April - Friday 28 June 

Term 3: Wednesday, 17 July - Friday, 20 September

Term 4: Monday, 7 October - Tuesday, 10 December

Lost Property

This is your friendly final reminder that all items remaining in lost property will be donated to charity at the end of Term 1.

If you have lost spectacles, keys, school uniform items, drink bottles, toy cars, books, casual clothing ....there is a very high chance it is in our lost property. 

Please come and have a look before the office closes for the term.

Visiting The School

Families are reminded that all visitors must report to Reception to sign in and obtain a ‘Visitors’ badge. This badge must be worn at all times while the visitor is on school grounds. At the conclusion of their visit they must return to Reception to sign out and return their badge. This allows the School to monitor those who are on premises for both emergency purposes and in case of any incidents.


Anyone seen wandering in the school grounds unaccompanied without clear identification, such as an ID badge, may be asked if they require assistance. Visitors without the necessary badge may be accompanied back to Reception. Thank you for your assistance.

Second Hand Uniform Sale

The PFA are running a Second Hand Uniform Sale on Thursday, May 2 from 8.00am-9.30am in the restaurant.


To sell an item you must:

·  Ensure the item is laundered

·  Attach an envelope (with a safety pin) to each item with your name, phone number, description and sale price written on the front

·  Print and complete the attached Second Hand Uniform Sale Form

·  Drop your completed Second Hand Uniform Sale Form and items to be sold to the PFA in the Restaurant on Wednesday, May 1 from 8.30am -9.00am


Sales on Thursday will be on a first-come, first-served basis and are strictly cash only. 


Please note - historically white shirts have not tended to sell well.  It is recommended they are priced between $5-10 unless they are in exceptional condition.


Unsold items and cash will be available for collection from the PFA in the restaurant on Thursday, May 2 from 3.00pm - 3.45pm. Any questions can be directed to Amanda Wight via Reception.


CSEN Sports Results

Year 7/8 Results 


BHCS Calendar


Tuesday - Friday, April 2 - 5

- Yr 5 & 6 Camp - returning 2.15pm


Wednesday - Friday, April 3 - 5

- Yr 10 Summit Camp- returning 12.30pm


Thursday - Friday, April 4 - 5

- Yr 7 OES Overnight Camp


Friday, April 5

- Yr 9 Program - Birdsland

- End Term 1 

   P - Yr 6 finish at 1:15pm

  Yr 7 - Yr 12 finish at 1:30pm


Term 2 Commences

Monday, April 29

- Week 2

- Yr 11 & 12 Studio Arts Excursion


Tuesday,  April 30

- Yr 12 Media Excursion


Wednesday,  May 1

- Yr 7 & 8 CSEN Sport

- Yr 5/6 Science Club (Selected Students)

- Yr 9/10 OE Camp

- BHCS Easter Service (11am MPH) 


Thursday, May 2

-  PFA Second-hand Uniform Sale 

- Anzac Day Service ( Select Students)


Friday,  May 3

- Yr 11 VCE Careers Expo

- CSEN Swimming Championships (Selected)


Friday - Sunday,  May 3-5

Gravitate Outreach Training


Monday, 6 May 

- Week 1

- CSEN Theatre Sports ( Selected)


Monday - Friday,  May 6-10

- Yr 8 Camp 


Tuesday, 7 May 

- Yr 12 VCD Excursion


Wednesday, 8 May 

- PFA Mother's Day Stall

- Kinder Mother's Day Stall

- Yr 9/10 CSEN Sport 


Thursday - Friday,  May 9 -10

- VCE OE Cathedral Ranges Camp


Thursday, 9 May 

- Kinder Mother's Day Stall


Friday, 10 May 

- Kinder Mother's Day Stall


Monday, 13 May

- Week 2

- VIP Kinder

- Yr 5 - Yr 12 House Athletics


Tuesday, 14 May

- VIP Kinder

- Naplan Testing

- Yr 11 & 12 CSEN Rally Day


Wednesday, 15 May

- VIP Kinder

- Naplan Testing

- Yr 5/6 Science Club

- Yr 7/8 CSEN Sport


Thursday, 16 May

- Yr 7 Excursion- Museum 

- Naplan Testing


Friday, 17 May

- Yr 5/6 CSEN Sport 

- Naplan Testing


Friday, 18 May

BHCS Open Day

Community Announcements





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