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02 November 2017
2017 Issue 16
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Farewell Year 12, 2017
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Principal's Message

If you’ve had multiple conversations with me or heard me speak about Christian schooling, I may have mentioned that, like Christian churches, Christian schools vary in the way they express their Christianity. In Australia, there are two main Christian school bodies. The larger of the two is Christian Schools Australia (CSA). Many, but certainly not all, schools affiliated with CSA have been established by churches. Our closest CSA school is Flinders Christian Community College. Bayside Christian College is a member of Christian Education National (CEN). Christian parents established our group of schools. To understand our approach to schooling, the CEN vision statement can be helpful. The CEN vision affirms the Lordship of Christ over all of creation, the gospel rather than culture should inform decision-making, and that parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children.


Over the past week, I have been at a number of meetings of organisations that the College is affiliated with. On Friday, I attend a combined principals’ meeting that included members from both CSA and CEN. Our guest at the meeting was Mr Joel Westa, who is the CEO of Christian Schools International, a group that represents Christian schools mainly in the United States and Canada, but also across the world. Mr Westa also toured Bayside Christian College on Tuesday morning. In conversation with him, he noted that there are challenges in Christian schooling in the United States that appear to be similar to the challenges that we face. One such challenge is equipping staff to ensure that practice matches the school's particular approach to schooling - their vision.


In our approach to schooling, we take seriously our belief in Christ’s Lordship and seek to have the gospel impact on our teaching and learning. Concretely, this means that we should not be confining faith to one aspect of the curriculum (a Bible class) or one school practice (devotions), as though there are some religious elements of life and other secular bits. Two mechanisms that we use to equip our staff to do this is facilitating postgraduate Master of Education training on Christian schooling; another is using a resource called "Transformation By Design", which provides some helpful templates, ideas and examples that connect the Biblical story to the curriculum.


Another challenge is providing Christian schools with leadership. Good governance ensures that Christian schools are compliant with their registration bodies, while maintaining practice consistent with their particular approach to Christian schooling. Likewise, school leaders need to have an understanding of our particular approach to schooling, and the ability to see that embedded into school culture. Training is needed. Fortunately, CEN provides many mechanisms to support our College in this.


Joel Westa said that, often, Christian schools did not actively promote their strengths. One such strength, that has been researched in North America by Cardus, has been the positive impact of Christian schooling on student outcomes. It is certainly my hope and intent that a Bayside Christian College education is a very positive one for the families here. As we start our Year 12 examinations, I will look forward to very soon celebrating many positive outcomes with our College families.


Should you be interested in looking at the Transformation By Design resource that we use please contact our Community Development Officer, Ben Williams, to borrow a copy.


Finally,  I would like to announce the appointment of Mrs Donna Martin to the role of Prep-Year 2 Coordinator for 2018, while Miss Jo Dyer will be an Assistant Coordinator/Team Leader in Years 1-2. Please join with us in congratulating both Mrs Martin and Miss Dyer on their appointments.




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please continue to pray for our VCE students throughout the exam period.


Pray that families would be refreshed by the mid-term break.


With orientation sessions beginning for next year, please pray for our new students in 2018, that they would settle well.


Pray for our teachers as they write reports and reflect on all the learning that has taken place at school this year.

Fire Preparedness

With the warm weather upon us, please note the communication from the College regarding bushfires, below.


From the Deputy's Desk

Striving for Excellence

Last week, I was privileged to attend three celebrations of excellence in the life of the College. Firstly, the Year 12 farewell assembly was presented by the Year 12s to thank God for the staff, teachers and students of the College, for the input into their lives.


That same evening, the Year 12 Presentation Night celebrated the excellence and efforts of students in all their individual subject areas.

Teachers, students and parents were in both laughter and tears as teachers honoured the students, many gifting them with individual trinkets to remember their time at Bayside Christian College. The overall academic excellence for Year 12 VCE was awarded to John McPherson and Emily Clarke, and for VCAL Kayla McLachlan.


The third celebration last week was a showcase recognising VCAL students who had been striving for excellence this year. It was a wonderful evening celebrating the excellence of VCAL students from many schools across the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region. Congratulations to Shanae McGillivray who won the Overall Excellence Award, and to Ibrahim Ibrahim for the Endeavour Award.


Recently, several students sat the Australian Mathematics competition. Many students received Credit or Distinction awards. In particular, congratulations to Elijah Kruiskamp in Year 8 who was awarded the Best In School certificate.


All of these students have demonstrated what it is to honour God by striving for excellence in all they do. Congratulations.

Study Break

This weekend is the mid-semester study break for students. Teachers will be involved in report-writing and preparation of exams and end-of year considerations. Students are not expected at school from Friday 3 November to Tuesday 7 November. Classes recommence on Wednesday 8 November.


35 Year Anniversary Celebration Assembly

The Anniversary Celebration Assembly will be held on Monday 13 November at 2:30 pm. All are welcome to attend. There will also be recognition of Remembrance Day, which is on Saturday 11 November.


Exam Period Years 9-11

Years 9-11 exams commence on Tuesday 14 November. Please assist your children to be on time for these. Help them to develop good study habits. This includes setting up regular study sessions, using a calendar or a timetable to plan for which subjects to study and when, and practising revision questions. Knowing what to study, organising time and materials, and managing distractions are important homework and study revision skills. For more helpful tips, visit this article on helping teens develop good study habits.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary


You may have heard the students speaking about ‘Cold Writes’ and ‘Big Writes’ in the Primary School. When the students are going to do a ‘Big Write’, they are given the topic prior to the writing session so that they can talk with their parents about ideas they can develop. The students who get to chat about their topic find it so much easier to get their writing down because their heads are full of ideas already!  Once a term, the students also do a ‘Cold Write’ where they are not given any prior notice about the topic. This writing is used for teachers to determine what students can do by themselves. Last Thursday, during a staff meeting, the teachers spent time discussing these different pieces of writing, identifying how to support the students to continue to improve.


Spelling Bee

Mrs Coates has been running the Spelling Bee over the past two weeks. There have been some very talented spellers who have been demonstrating their skills.  Every student who has participated has shown courage and confidence to have-a-go, and these are wonderful qualities to develop.  Some of the words that the students have had to spell have included:

  • Years 1/2: pudding, coconut, frozen and fudge
  • Years 3/4: marshmallow, strawberries, pavlova and chocolate
  • Years 56: mousse, rhubarb, meringue and neapolitan.  

Certainly there have been some mouth-watering spelling words!


Ping Pong-A-Thon

The Years 3-6 classes had the opportunity to play ping pong while learning about slavery.  The organisers, Mr Wyatt and Mr Mahoney, explained to the students about some of the conditions that some children have to live under in other parts of the world.


Arts/Design/Tech Expo

Preparations are at full steam in readiness for the Expo on Thursday afternoon. Mrs De Haan, our Primary School Art Teacher, has been working hard in getting items of art ready for display. The Primary students will also be demonstrating some of their musical talents during the afternoon.  



Please don’t be alarmed at the amount of police tape, body outlines and magnifying glasses in the Years 5/6 classes!  Their integrated studies unit is based on mystery this term.  Last week, some of the students were looking at the way that God has made a human hand, and they made a model from cardboard, wool and plastic straws to show how the fingers bend.  


New Preps

During November, the new Preps for 2018 will be having some time visiting the Prep classrooms without being with their parents or the ELC staff.  Please pray for them as they are being prepared to start next year.  If you see a new family, I am sure that you will welcome them warmly to our Bayside Community.


On Wednesday, the new Prep students, who do not attend our ELC, came along for their first special Prep visit. Parents were also treated to a morning tea and tour of the College.



The ‘You Can Do It’ key of persistence is being highlighted this term. The students are encouraged to keep on trying, even if something may be a bit difficult or they don’t want to do it. This can apply to things at home as well as at school.  Using Behaviour-Specific Feedback, can help students develop this skill.  Phrases like: “You did that even though it was  not easy/fun,” can help to encourage them to develop in this area.


May God bless you,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Indonesian fruit tasting

See, smell, touch and taste!


As part of their Indonesian study on fruits. Years 5/6 students were involved in an Indonesian fruit tasting experience. During this experience, the students tried nine different types of fruits that are popular and commonly eaten in Indonesia. These fruits were: jackfruit, dragon fruit, water apel, guava, papaya, longan, rambutan, soursop and durian.


Students first described the colour, smell and texture of these fruits before tasting them! They also learned to describe in full Indonesian sentences their reaction, and the level that they either liked or disliked the taste of each fruit. The students said they had lots of fun during this activity, with most of them agreeing that longan fruit was the best and Ibu (Mrs) Newton’s favourite fruit, durian, was the worst because of its strong smell and taste!


What the students had to say:


The whole experience was fun. It was quite fascinating to see what another nation eats everyday - Chloe Devenish


It was quite nice to try different fruit. From this activity I learned that durian (the stinky fruit) was delicious but the dragon fruit was not delicious - Luke George

The kelengkeng looked like lychee and I was surprised by the texture and the taste. It was so good - Ebony Drew

Anyone for Cricket?

Last Wednesday 25 October, Years 5/6 students went to Jubilee Park to compete against other schools in a cricket lightning premiership. Bayside sent three boys teams and two girls teams.

During the day, there were many opportunities to show our Christian values through our actions. Our school showed very good sportsmanship throughout the day, as well as trying our hardest. We want to thank all of the parent helpers for coming along and cheering, supporting and helping coach. We also want to say a big thank you to Miss Wright for coming along and supporting us as well. A massive thank you to Mr Klan for organising the day and putting 100% effort into the teams. Well done to all of the participating students who had an amazing time at Jubilee Park!


Anya Stapp & Jasmine Gleed - Year 6

Secondary News

Words from our Chaplain

One of the most rewarding of all experiences we have as humans is the way that we can connect and have wonderful relationships with others. This is especially true when it comes to the connection we have with our children. There is really no other stronger bond than that of a parent with their child and vice versa.  So, what do we do when the relationship that we have fostered and looked after seems to start to break down when our sweet children turn into teenagers? This can be a trying time, especially when it appears that we no longer understand each other. As our children mature and change, it makes sense that we need to change the style of parenting. 


Mark Gregston wrote this in an article published by Focus on The Family:  "As parents, we want a strong relational bond with our teens. But sometimes, despite our good intentions, we can be doing the very things that destroy these relationships.


"So what are the primary culprits that break our connection with our kids? Here are the four "most wanted" relationship destroyers."


He goes on to outline the four danger zones of parenting.  To read the full article, follow this link


Kathy Scott


Science Talent Search

On Monday 23  October, four young Bayside scientists went to La Trobe University in Bundoora. Keanah Welch, Joel Mathews, Charlotte Mcpherson and Liam Chester had all participated in the annual Science Talent Search - a competition and opportunity for students to creatively explore science. This year's theme was "Future Earth."


On arriving at the university, students were surrounded by posters, models and creative writing. The students enjoyed interacting with the large variety of displays. 

It was a pleasure to see the support for Keanah Welch from her peers, as her creative writing task won her a Minor Bursary award. Congratulations to Keanah and all those who participated. 

Years 9/10 Volleyball & Badminton Rally Day

On Tuesday 24 October, some of the Year 9 girls played volleyball, representing Bayside. After a

short travel to Casey Indoor Sports Centre, we did some practice before we started. In the end we won three games and played in the finals, but unfortunately we lost and came in second place. We really worked as a team and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if we won or lost. 

Julia and Erin 


This year the Year 9 boys had a really

challenging day. We played as a team and worked together really well. We won our first game, but unfortunately fell to the rest of the competition coming out with one win and three losses.


It was a fun day, and run really well.


Jack M


The Year 10 girls did an amazing job. We worked really well with each other. There was a lot of

encouragement present on the court, which was good to see. We won two games and lost two, but that didn't stop us from trying our best in the finals, which we lost. All in all we had a really good day and can't wait until next year.



The Year 10 boys performed fantastically, demostrating excellent teamwork and

exceptional sportsmanship! We came equal second to qualify for the grand final but our percentage was four percent below the competition. I'm sure we all throughly enjoyed the day and grew as a team during the day.


Matt D

Kayaks & Caves

On Friday 27 October, the Year 9 OES students had the opportunity to kayak down the Yarra River over many challenging rapids. They later went exploring the Brittania Caves, some ten metres underground. Check out what they thought about the experience:

  • I liked facing my fears in the cave, it made me feel really good about myself - Kayley
  • Was a ripper of a time - Lachy
  • Was a good day, would love to do it again - Julia
  • Life jackets may save your life, but they don't make it easier to get back on the raft - Chloe
  • I love crawling through a cave with the fear of boulders falling on me… it was lots of fun, love to do it a million more times - Tayy
  • Twas great! I liked jumping into the cold river - Em
  • I fell out of the raft at the start trying to stand up - Caelan
  • I liked not getting really muddy when we went caving - Eve
  • I really enjoyed today and would love to do it again - Courtney
  • I loved getting muddy whilst caving! - Jake
  • I loved being able to enjoy the day with these people and have the opportunity to cave under ground - Teagan
  • Exercising among nature while enjoying quality time with new friends - Karina
  • I enjoyed going through all the different caves and exploring - Jack
  • I love the tough squeezes during the caving - Noah
  • I enjoyed going through the caves and the challenge it gave me - Jedd
  • I enjoyed the cold water - Isaac
  • I enjoyed going through the caves and challenging myself - Tom

OES visit Lake Eildon

On 18-20 October, the Year 9 OES students ventured off to Lake Eildon. The first day was hot - they were off to a good start but then the weather turned, bringing the rain. Our students were not deterred, going hiking, visiting the weir and even swimming in the rain.

Year 8 OES

Recently, the Year 8 OES class attended full day field trips to the amazing Point Nepean National Park and the Dandenong Ranges National Park and Trees Adventure in Belgrave.

Both of these trips gave students the opportunity to explore God's wonderful creation and see how natural environments have been used in the past.


VET & Careers Update

Years 10 and 11 students wishing to undertake external VET studies in 2018 are reminded to return their enrolments forms ASAP to ensure that a place can be secured in their chosen course. (This does not include students who are enrolled in the VET Kitchen Operations course running at the Bayside Trades Skills Centre).

Casual employment

Students looking to find casual employment are reminded that now is an excellent time to start looking for work! Many employers will be hiring Christmas casuals in the next few weeks, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors. If you need help preparing a resume or cover letter, don't forget to utilise the secure student area on the BCC Careers website, or ask Mrs Dawson for assistance.

Bayside Raiders

Our Bayside Raiders teams are proud to be playing under our new banner at the Frankston Basketball Stadium. Thanks Dr Prior for supporting our teams!

Farewell Year 12, 2017


It has been a very busy time in Years 11 and 12, with many events taking place as our Year 12s finish their time with us at Bayside.


For staff and students alike, the last couple of weeks have been a time of reflection and celebration, as we all look back at the journey that has taken place with this wonderful group of young people.


We trust that as they leave Bayside, they will leave with the knowledge that they are deeply loved by God, that they have a purpose, and that they can impact and create the culture around them. We pray that they will know what it is to trust the Lord with all their heart, and not lean on their own understanding but rather acknowledge Him in all their ways so that He will make their paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6).


It was wonderful to hear from our Year 12 students at the final morning assembly, Monday 23 October, as they thanked and honoured the community that has given to them over the years. They blessed the community with a variety of videos and gifts,as well as words of wisdom for our younger students. The Prep students did a beautiful job of sending off the Year 12s with a song reminding them to ‘let their lights shine’, and some candles to light up.


Presentation Evening was also a lovely time of celebration as our teachers farewelled their students and acknowledged the various gifts and abilities that God has given these students.

Well done to our Years 11 & 12 VCAL students who delivered a Showcase Evening on the 19 October, including dinner for all their family and friends. It was encouraging to see them work so well together to deliver a major event celebrating their learning for the year.


Over the next few weeks, our Year 12 students will be sitting for their external examinations. Please keep them in your prayers over this time.

On 14 November, it will be the Year 11 VCE students’ turn to sit their exams. Students have been sent timetables, and these were also sent to parents at the end of last term. Please ensure that students arrive early for their exams. The Year 11 VCAL students will be presenting at Assessment Panels on 13-14 November. All students should be encouraged to see exams and panels as an exciting time where they can demonstrate some of the wonderful learning they have engaged in throughout the semester.


Please also note that Rollover will begin on Tuesday 21 November. This will affect Years 10 & 11 students, who will begin their VCAL and VCE subjects for the following year during this time.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Coordinator


Student Free Day Friday 3 November

Please be reminded that Friday 3 November is a student free day for reporting writing.

Annual Details Check & Secondary Camp forms

Thank you to those families who have returned their Student Annual Details Checks and Secondary camp forms. We still have many more we are waiting on. Please make it a priority to complete and return them next week as the due date has now passed.

35th Anniversary Celebration Assembly

Parents and friends of the College are invited to join us at our concluding 35th Anniversary event, our Celebration Assembly, taking place at 2:30pm on Monday 13 November in the U block Secondary gym.


This assembly will be a special time for our current College community to celebrate our anniversary year. Among other things, it will include musical items and a short Remembrance Day observation.


Bring out the best in your child with performing arts education!

The Australian Youth Choir programme helps young people discover their vocal talent. Students learn to sing, develop their musicianship and performance skills, make new friends and become part of a wide circle of performers. Visit us at


Australian Youth Choir will be visiting Bayside Christian College Friday 10 November 2017 to speak to students in Years 2-5. 


Please contact Mr Mallen for further details.


Japanese students

Bayside Christian College will be hosting three Japanese students in Term 1 of 2018. This is not only an amazing experience for these students themselves but also for host families. If you would be interested in hosting a student please see the attached flyer for further information.


Camp Australia Newsletter


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