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12 October 2017
Week 1  term 4
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Principal's News



Matthew 7:12

Returning after the holiday school break (and the success of the Tigers) is exciting and confronting especially when we realise that there is only 11 weeks of the school year left.  Our young Preps have nearly completed their first year of education,  plus our Year 6 students are nearly finished their Primary education.

However this is also a great  time of the year.

In the final term we have the privilege to witness the culmination of endeavour, effort and student growth of our children and the the solid work implemented by our teachers.

As we enter the final term we face the challenge of building and creating the new school year.  As a Leadership team and school team we are all working to create a new school year with all the possibilities, a sense of hope and a great deal of excitement that a new beginning brings.  And this is happening whilst we have much to complete this year.


We have much to look forward to this term.  The Lion King production, the Year 3 Zoo snooze excursion to the Melbourne Zoo, Year 5 Super Speak Leadership formation program , Orientation program for 2018 Prep children, Year 6 graduation, end of year Mass and the Swimming program.

We are also  close to finalising teacher placement for 2018.  A key criteria in placing students is that we have the firm belief in nurturing and developing the uniqueness of each child. We are fortunate to have a team of teachers that are extremely focussed on bringing each child to their full potential.


The challenge of organising a school year is complex.   All schools have to work within budget guidelines. In the final weeks of Term 3 the Global Budget figures were provided from the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.   Whilst we would like to have many different opportunities to attend to various needs, it is always budgets that dictate the reality of school organisation.  This is an exercise that  requires considerable thought and operational  decisions are made with solid research.


In 2018 we will be having 10 classrooms.  Composition and teacher appointment will be disclosed at a later date when we can confidently declare the 2018 starting line up.

School Movement - Holiday happenings

MIss Elly Dillon has accepted a position at St Joseph’s Elsternwick and therefore will be completing a long association with St James at the end of this year.  Elly commenced her education at St James as well as her teaching career.  Elly is seeking to further her development as a professional and the opportunity to gain a broader experience in a different educational environment was influential in Elly’s decision. Schools are not static places and our professional lives also require change.  This move will  enhance Elly’s growth as a professional. Elly will be missed as she has been a wonderful asset to our school and also in her work as a Religious Education Leader.

We will have an opportunity to formally acknowledge Elly’s contribution later in the year.


Susannah Bailey also announced some great news this week.  Whilst on a driving trip through South Australia and into the Barossa Valley, her man Simon, asked her if she would like to marry him!   Susannah returned to school on Monday with the engagement ring and a smile as broad as the Nullarbor.  It was pleasing to hear that Simon did the right thing and asked Susannah’s dad Brian, for his youngest daughter's hand in marriage before popping the question.

Congratulations Susannah and Simon. Engagements are a familiar event at St James at the moment.


We congratulate Mr Lucas Johnson and his wife Olivia on the safe arrival of Edie Jasmine Johnson.

Born the morning of 6 October,  Weighing in at 3.8 kgs.   Mum's fine, Dad is recovering and Elsie is thrilled to have a little sister.



In the final weeks of Term 3, St James hosted a STEM Expo to promote the educational opportunities of project based learning in the curriculum areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Mr Johnson initiated and coordinated the STEM to the Front exhibition, which was a huge success.

Students from nine Catholic primary schools were invited to share their learning projects in STEM.  The students investigated various projects around Science Week theme of ‘future earth’.

Students explored diverse areas of interests including environmental sustainability, robotics and rebuilding a community following a natural disaster.

The below link will provide further information of the Expo.


We were fortunate to have some impressive judges to assess the students’ projects.

Marissa Thomasm is a fifth year Chemical Engineering and Economics student at Monash University.  Marissa devotes time to developing school students’ skills in coding, electronics and robotics. In the last six months she developed a pilot ‘Women in Engineering’ program.


Cathy Smith is a Senior Lecturer at Monash University with specialisations in primary science education and teacher professional learning. Kathy is the Course Leader for the Graduate Certificate in STEM Education at Monash. Kathy loves to learn from and work with teachers and students in schools everywhere.


Shelley Waldon from the Catholic Education Melbourne, previously was a Geochemist working as an Environmental Scientist for the Government and in the Mining Industry. Shelley is now responsible for development and delivery of the new CEM Science Strategy, incorporating Sustainability and STEM education.

And finally Nick Osborne.  Nick has mastered the ins and outs of product prospecting and introducing new technologies, like Digital Photography, 3D printing and now the emerging STEM/STEAM category.  Nick has set up in Harvey Norman Springvale the first national STEM/STEAM education centre in a mass retail environment.


STEM education is focussed upon integrating learning areas, active learning strategies and a strong focus on student engagement and participation.  The EXPO was all of this.


Yes2Yoga - Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both the children and staff at St James Primary School for having me over the past 8 weeks. I have absolutely loved coming in and teaching here each week. The children were so enthusiastic, respectful and beautifully mannered. A big thank you to all of the parents who came along to the ‘Parent/Child Class’ a couple of weeks ago. The children loved sharing this special connection time with you.  To the amazing staff who made me feel so welcome and even joined in the classes each week, thank you! Brendan, thank you for inviting me into the school to give the children this opportunity to learn more about yoga and share tools that they will hopefully now take into their everyday life. To the kids, you were fantastic and such a pleasure to teach, thank you for having me!


If any parent, staff or children have any feedback for me I would really appreciate it. Maybe the kids mentioned something at home, or staff you noticed a difference in class after yoga. Or maybe one of the kids mentioned something to you about how yoga makes them feel? If so I would love to hear from you at [email protected] or text PH: 0437257743 or


Thank you,

Jacklyn Mahony


PH: 0437257743

School Fees

Please note that the final instalment of 2018 school fees was due 15 September.  


Term 4 - Summer Uniform

The St James Summer Uniform is compulsory from Week 3 Term 4 (23 October).  It is optional in the two weeks preceding this date, but wearing a hat outside is not.  Although the weather is inconsistent in Melbourne, please ensure each day, that your children wear both sunscreen and hats.   We do enforce a 'no hat no play’ rule this term.



Faith & Wellbeing

Cathy Ferrari

Wellbeing Leader


Francesca I (Year 4D) celebrated a very special day late last term in her previous Parish in Sydney.  Francesca and her family also caught up with their friends and shared a wonderful weekend. 

Congratulations Francesca on making your First Communion.


Class Masses


Family Faith Nights


Parish Bulletin


Class News

Foundation have
Whisper Phones!

This term in Foundation, the children have a new addition to their book boxes. Whisper phones!

Whisper phones are modelled after a telephone receiver, constructed out of simple piping materials that help young students hear themselves read during independent reading. Students can speak quietly, and the whisper phones work by amplifying their voices and directing the sounds to their ears. They are able to use the phones to listen to themselves read without disturbing other students.

Please come into the classroom and see the whisper phones and have a go!


Star of the Sea 
​Music Concert

What an amazing experience for the St James children when the Star of the Sea school band put on a music concert for us.

On Tuesday 19th September from 1:15-2pm, the Star of the Sea musicians played a variety of songs both old and new. The Year 5 and 6 children of St James were singing along when the band played 'The Circle of Life'  from 'The Lion King'.

During the concert, the Band conductor, Joanne  Walker introduced the children to a variety of instruments and the sounds they make.  Students from Star of the Sea played short pieces of music to give the St James children an appreciation of the drums, flutes, clarinets, violins, keyboards, trumpets and saxophones.

In the ensemble were two past students of St James, Sarah Mee Kost and Elizabeth Cleary who both contributed to this special school event.

Well done girls!

We would like to thank the Star of the Sea orchestra for sharing their incredible talent with us and to Mrs Joanne Walker for inviting us to share and enjoy the wonderful world of music the orchestra created. Thank you.


Foundation Visits North Brighton Kindergarten

On Thursday 21st September, the Foundation children walked down to North Brighton Kindergarten. For some children it was a new experience seeing a different kindergarten from their own while other children were so excited to see familiar people like Marg and quickly gave her the biggest cuddle.

The Foundation children played, talked and read to the four year old Green group and some of this group will begin school at St James in 2018. Hugh Harrington, Ethan Chapman, Toby Storer, Ava Thomas, Jasmine Pham and Valentina Damico-Ramos all listened beautifully to the Foundation child reading their book to them.

It was a great time for all. The Foundation children shared their thoughts about school and how much fun they will have next year with Mrs Busch! I was so proud of all the children as they were kind and caring towards the four year old group. Well Done Foundation! Thank you to North Brighton Kindergarten, Kylie Lawson and Marg who always make us feel so welcome and always work so hard to ensure the transition to St James is as gentle as possible.

Cathy Busch

Foundation Teacher 

Year 4 Excursion

In the last week of term the Year 4 children went to the National Gallery of Victoria and the Royal Botanic Gardens to complete our unit which explored natural and human impact on earths surface.
It was a wonderful day! Please enjoy the photos.

Elly Dillon & Meg Stewart

Year 4 Teachers

STEM Education

On Friday 15th September, St James hosted an invitational event called ‘STEM to the Front’. This day was designed to showcase the STEM and Inquiry Learning that is happening in Catholic primary schools around Melbourne. The National STEM School Education Strategy, Education Council, December 2015 defines STEM Learning as “a term used to refer collectively to the teaching of the disciplines within its umbrella – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and also to a cross- disciplinary approach to teaching that increases student interest in STEM-related fields and improves students’ problem solving and critical analysis skills.  All of these skills and dispositions were on full display at our event.


We had 9 schools (14 groups) in attendance on the day with over 90 students taking part in a range of activities and an expo style presentation. Some highlights from the day included the virtual reality set up, our keynote presentation by Marissa Thomas and the amazing prizes on offer, but by far the biggest highlight was the engagement from all of the students in their learning. There was a huge buzz on the day and the passion that was demonstrated by the students about their own work was truly outstanding. The ages of students ranged from Year 1 to Year 6 and they presented projects including: a smart bin, sustainable town designs, repurposing an outdoor learning space, coded robotics and more.


St James had two groups presenting on the day and I congratulate all students who presented and offered extra support. One of our groups who presented a project on behalf of Year Six, won third prize which was a MakeBlock Drone. I’d just like to say thank you to all members of the community who helped to bring the event together especially the St James staff.  A final thank you is to our sponsors, in particular, our major sponsors Harvey Norman Springvale and iWorld Australia who provided all of our prizes and many of the resources for the day.


Lucas Johnson

STEM Leader



St James Art 

Year 2 Artwork


Year 5 Artwork


Performing Arts

St James Musical

Monday 18 December & Tuesday 19 December



The St James Swimming Program commences

Monday 20 November and will be held at 

SwimRight Sandringham 150 Tulip St.,Cheltenham.

Phone No. (03) 9584 3777


Swimming is recognised as an important part of the children's personal development and their attainment of life skills.  It is expected that all children participate in the swimming program.   Teachers will try to ensure that the level of the program will suit the child's indvidual needs.  If a child has to miss an individual session, a letter will be required stating the reason for the absence.  If a child cannot participate in the program at all, it will be necessary to provide a doctor's certificate.


During the swimming program, appetites usually increase and the younger children often get very tired as there is a great deal of energy expended.  During this time, it is very important that all children get to bed early.

House coloured caps are compulsory for the actual swimming carnival and are available for purchase from the office @ $8:00 each.    They are not required for the lead up swimming program but it is recommended that students wear a swimming cap at all times when in the pool.

Swimming goggles are also a necessity for swimming lessons. Over the two week program, all students wear their Sports Uniform for ease of changing.  Please ensure your child wears their bathers under their sports uniform, as this ensures a fast start to our lessons.   Whilst children must wear runners to school, they also need to bring thongs to change into before they depart on the bus.  All clothing & possessions are to be clearly labelled i.e., towels, bathers, sports uniforms and thongs.  Please ensure that all swimming belongings are in a bag other than the school bag and that this bag has your child's name clearly visible.


Any parents who would like to assist with the children in Foundation and Year 1, will be required to have an up to date Working with Children's Check.  


Session times and further information will be sent in due course.





Parents Association

October Dad’s Gathering
Men’s Health night @ Sandown Greyhounds ​

Please note that this event has been rescheduled to   

Thurs 26th October

Men’s Health night @ Sandown Greyhounds

Please contact Jason Storer on

0419 583 582 if interested.


  • Foundation Information Night on Wednesday October 18th (7-8pm Parents only) - this session is for parents to gain valuable information on how to prepare your child for schooling in 2018.
  • Orientation at St James on Wednesday November 15th (9:15-10:30am Child only) - children will have the opportunity to become more familiar with the school setting.
  • Orientation at St James on Tuesday December 12th (9:15-10:30am Child only) - children will meet their 2018 teacher and classmates.  Parents are not required to be present for this session.

St James Mango Fundraiser

Buy farm fresh Kensington pride (Bowen) mangoes in time for Christmas (delivered to school early December).  Price per tray is $26 which typically includes around 16 -18 mangoes per box (~7kg).  Orders close 26 October 2017.
Order via Trybooking link: 
For further information, contact Belinda Chapman Mob.0405 639 579  [email protected]




More information to follow next week

Parents please note

Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders on the following dates, as the STAR Canteen will be closed on these days:

  • Mon       06 November
  • Tues      07 November  (Melbourne Cup)
  • Mon      27 November  





On Sunday morning 17th September ( her birthday) Claudia I (Year 6O) participated in Connors run - which is put on by the RCD foundation which raises money for Brain cancer research. She ran in memory of her cousin Pippa who passed away from a brain tumor 2 1/2 years ago. She had a fundraising page and raised over $400.00

She ran 18.8 km with her mum, Libby.  An incredible effort. She was determined to do it
( Libby suggested just doing the 9.6km).
The run started on the beach at Hampton and went around the bay to port Melbourne at the light rail , through Southbank and stopped at the rowing sheds on the Yarra.
She stopped at the 12 km mark for a walk of about 150 meters, then started again and didn't stop until the finish line.
A truly AMAZING achievement Claudia, we are all so very proud of you.


Happy little TIGERS


Amongst many little Tiger fans here at St James, Donovan and Matty easily claim the title of BIGGEST fans. I’m not sure who has been the most excited about Richmond winning the Grand Final ( first time in 37 years thanks to KB, Matty tells me!).


Both boys wrote a few words about their favourite team and their experience of Grand Final Day.



‘I am the biggest Tigers fan because everything I do has to be Richmond, like my bedroom, my whole house and it even sneaks into my school work. My family tell me I am mad but I don’t believe them… you can never be too much Richmond! And just saying, but you are crazy if you didn’t go for Richmond! The 2017 Premiership Cup is ours (sorry Crows but we have got it!!)'



‘The Grand Final was the best day of my life.

I was so happy for all the staff because they all overcame three final losses and to win a Grand Final is a great achievement. I felt bad for the opposition because our fans were so intimidating. To the players… thank you for all the effort you put in each week and nailing the coach’s plans!

Mum took us down to Dad in the last quarter and lucky enough, ‘Presta’ scored a goal and then I got on TV when I was hugging Dad. I’m just so proud of Dad, he’s the best!    Carn the Tiges!!’


(Congratulations to Brendan and Jane, Isla and Eve, and of course Donovan !!)

A Thank You note from the O'NEILL Family


Upcoming Dates


18 Oct        2018 Foundation Info Night

 Please refer to the 
Parent Google Calendar

Click  HERE   for additional dates

and the FAITH & WELLBEING page for Sacraments, Class Masses and Family Faith Night Dates.

2017 Save the Date

01 Nov       Year 3C Camp

02 Nov       Year 3C Camp

06 Nov        School Closure

07 Nov        Melb Cup Day

08 Nov        Year 3Q Camp

09 Nov        Year 3Q Camp

                        Oaks Day Lunch

15 Nov       2018 Foundation Orientation 9:15am

St James Swimming Program 

20,21,22,23,24,27,28,29   November

30 Nov       St James Swimming Carnival

01 Dec       School Closure - 2018 Planning

08 Dec        End of Year Parents Party

11 Dec        Year 6 Life Saving 

12 Dec        St James UP Day

                       2018 Foundation Orientation 9:15am

14 Dec     Year 6 Graduation Mass & Dinner 6pm

15 Dec        Whole day Production Rehearsal

18 Dec        St James School Musical 7pm

19 Dec        St James School Musical 5pm

20 Dec        Final Day Term 4  Finish 1:30pm

Wednesdays  2:50pm

18 Oct   Prep

25 Oct   Year 1

01 Nov  Year 2

08 Nov   No Assembly

15 Nov   Year 3C

22 Nov    No Assembly - Swimming

29 Nov    No Assembly - Swimming

06 Dec    Year 3Q

13 Dec    Year 6 Graduation Assembly

20 Dec     Final Day of Term 4

Parents please note

Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders on the following dates, as the STAR Canteen will be closed on these days:

  • Mon       06 November
  • Tues      07 November  (Melbourne Cup)
  • Mon      27 November  

Parents' Association Meetings 7:30pm


29 November AGM

13 December PA Dinner


Term 1      31 January - 31 March 

Please note due to Staff Retreat/PD the final day of Term 1 will be 29 March 2017

Term 2    18 April       -  30 June

Term 3    17 July       -   22 September

Term 4    09 October  -   20 December


Dads' Gatherings
From 7:30pm

·         Thurs 26 Oct - Men’s Health / Sandown                                             contact Jason 0419 583582

·         Thurs 23 Nov - TBA

School Closure Days


06 November  +  01 December - 2018 Planning


Tues    07 Nov        Melb Cup Day

Mon    25 Dec        Christmas Day

Tues    26 Dec         Boxing Day


What's On & Worth Noting


Buy farm fresh Kensington pride (Bowen) mangoes in time for Christmas (delivered to school early December).  Price per tray is $26 which typically includes around 16 -18 mangoes per box (~7kg).  Orders close 26 October 2017 Order via this Trybooking link 

For further information, contact Belinda Chapman Mob.0405 639 579  [email protected]


Brighton Baths are having their annual Open day on Saturday the 21st of October. Parents and children are most welcome on the day to come and use the facilities – complimentary. They will have the water pontoon and watercraft (Kayaks & Stand-up Paddleboards) available to enjoy on the day, hopefully in the sunshine. Many of your students would have been regulars to the club during Summer seasons past and it is a great place for them to spend quality time during their holidays.










Please contact Sharon for more information -Mobile:0425343233 or [email protected].









Hi parents and families, 


My name is Briony (but everyone calls me B) and I will be the interim Co-Ordinator at St James until the end of October.  I have previously co-ordinated the OSH program over at Elsternwick Primary School. Please come and say hello and introduce yourselves. I have only been here for 3 days and I am immensely impressed by not only the school but each of the children I have met so far. 


Please remember that each child who attends OSH needs to wear a hat and sunscreen in order to play outside after school. If your child has any allergies to sunscreen, can you please make myself or Ann aware and provide special sunscreen for them. We use the Coles brand of sunscreen. 


I look forward to meeting you all and having a fantastic time at St James :)  




​Parent Information

Coordinator: Briony (B)

Phone Number: 0412 570 934       

Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Ann Yik

OSHClub Head Office: 03 85649000

All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.

Who do I contact ?


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