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01 September 2017
Issue Eight
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Greetings Friends!


As many of our politicians 'discover' they have dual citizenship, I too realised that I am a dual citizen. My father was born in Glasgow, Scotland and except for haggis, I love all things Scottish.


Citizenship means that you legally belong to a country and hence have the rights and protection of that country.


When Paul and I lived in Africa, we had some dear friends who were missionaries from the United States of America. As American citizens they knew that they were covered and protected if ever there was an emergency and often told us of their evacuation plans if they ever needed to escape. They used these connections in their sudden escape from war-torn Liberia and since felt 'covered' by their Government.


Being Australians we did feel 'safe' knowing that our U.S. friends would also warn us of any dangers, as the Australian Government (to our knowledge) did not have such plans 25 years ago in Africa.


Also as 'Aussies' we represented Australia and took with us wherever we lived in the Solomon Islands, Botswana and Tanzania, the Aussie friendship and mateship characteristics that Australians are known for. We were ambassadors of Australia.


But in our hearts, we wanted to be ambassadors for Christ - and for us that was more important. Our eternal identity is far more important than our earthly identity.


Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household,​

Ephesians 2:19


As a born again Christian, by my faith in Jesus Christ, I am a citizen of heaven, an eternal kingdom where God is the King. While I daily surrender my whole life to Jesus and keep my eyes fixed on Him, I grow in the Fruit of the Spirit and become a little more like Jesus, adopting His characteristics.


 As I reflect on my multiple citizenship status (first my heavenly, then Australian and British), my first yearning is to belong to Him - my Father and my Lord. I know where I belong and where I am headed and I don't even need a passport!


But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Saviour from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables Him to bring everything under control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.

Philippians 3:20-21


What is your citizenship and where are you headed?


Be blessed!

Catriona Wansbrough


Photo: Art Expo


Photo: Art Expo

Eisteddfod Win for Senior Vocal Group

On Thursday August 24, our Senior Vocal Ensemble travelled to Ballarat to compete in the Royal South Street Eisteddfod.  The group was competing in the Open Contemporary Vocal Ensemble for 4 - 8 singers.  They were successful in coming first in this section despite being down one member of their group.

Congratulations goes to Emma Moody, Hannah Bligh, Rebecca Heath, Mackenzie Morris, Ian Neo, Jonathan Edwards and Hamish Maudlin on their success in this event.  Particular thanks, too, to Mr Luke Batty for his work in training these students to the high level of performance.


The students were adjudicated by the world renown singer and former Idea of North member, Sally Cameron who provided them with some very constructive and useful feedback which will assist the group to improve even further.


Well done on a great result!


Tim Farmilo

Deputy Principal


Art Expo

4:00pm | Friday 8th September

We are very excited to invite you to the opening of our upcoming ART EXHIBITION!


Featuring art work by students from Prep - Year 10.

You can find all the details on the flyer featured above. We look forward to seeing you there!


Tom Gibbs and Sally Darlison
Art Teachers

Ensemble Extravaganza

On the 12th of September St Andrews will be putting on its end of term "Ensemble Extravaganza" music concert. During this concert music students will have the opportunity to perform some of the music they have learnt so far this year. Such an occasion is highly valued by music students as they are able to perform to a large audience and develop their ensemble playing skills. 

The concert will run from 7 to 8.30pm. Students who will be performing in an ensemble will need to arrive at 6.30pm to be put into groups before the concert starts. 


Luke Batty

Music Director

A Special Invitation

We are delighted to be hosting our Pastors to a special morning tea at St Andrews Christian College on Thursday 21st September 2017 and we need your help to do so! You should soon receive an invite that you can write the name (or names) of your church’s Pastors and Youth Pastors and hand deliver it to them at Church either this coming weekend or as soon as possible. This is a fabulous opportunity to introduce them to the wonderful ministry of Christian Education in this College.

We encourage you also to be in prayer as a community for the upcoming morning tea event.


Susan de Kretser
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Happy Fathers' Day

HAPPY FATHERS' DAY  to all our wonderful Dads on Sunday 3rd September!

May you be truly blessed in the privileged role of being a Father, not just on Sunday.

2018 Enrolments

We have commenced our planning for 2018 and are confirming places for new students to start in Term 1, 2018. Unless we have been advised, we are assuming that all current students will be returning to the College in 2018.


If a student is not returning to the College, in line with the enrolment policy, one term’s notice in writing is required. If the notice is not received on time, one term’s tuition fees in lieu of notice will be charged. This requirement is clearly noted in the enrolment Agreement and Declaration which all parents/guardians signed when their child(ren) was enrolled.


To assist with our planning, we ask you to advise the College by Monday 9th October 2017 if a student is not returning to the College in 2018. The notice should be addressed to the College Registrar and can be sent via email to  It will be helpful to receive this notice as soon as possible as it will allow us to offer any vacant places to students on our waiting lists.



If there are siblings of current students wanting to enrol at the College, it is important that parents submit an enrolment application at the commencement of the year prior to their planned entry. This allows the College to provide a priority place for siblings of current students.


Please do not hesitate to speak with the Registrar, Mrs Suzy Song (8847 8309) if you have any concerns regarding this information or if you need clarification in any way.


Darren Waterworth

Business Manager

Mission Cup - Coins for Change

We are collecting ‘change’ to help support our mission programs (Vanuatu/Cambodia/Pakistan) at St Andrews Christian College. 

Keep the cup in an obvious place in your home or car, drop your loose coins into it and if the cup is full send it to school to be added to the collection. Tubes will be available in Rembrandts to empty your coins into. The next week to do this is from Monday 4th September to Friday 8th September.


We hope you enjoy collecting funds this way, and we are looking forward to seeing how these small coins will grow into a mountain of help over the coming years.


Sally Wade

Vanuatu Mission Coordinator

Language Translation

The newsletter has a new feature where it will translate into a different language. There is a small box at the bottom of every newsletter page where you can select which language you'd like the newsletter to be translated to.

Shaun Beovich

Newsletter Editor

Prayer Group

Wednesdays at 8:45am

This year the St Andrews Parent Prayer Group will be meeting every Wednesday morning at 8:45am in the meeting room next to the school office. 


The St Andrews Prayer Group would like to welcome and invite all parents to come along and join in prayer, with other parents for the needs of the St Andrews school community. 


It is a great opportunity to join in fellowship with other parents.


For specific prayer requests, there is a prayer request box at the front reception desk for you to put your request in if you are unable to join us.


We are greatly blessed at St Andrews to have the opportunity to gather together for prayer. As Christians we are called to pray, and we encourage parents to join us. Be reassured that you don’t have to pray out loud if you are not comfortable in doing so.


Suzy Song

Prayer Group Coordinator


Important Coming Events for Term 3 2017:




Week 7B

Monday 4th - Whole School Assembly 9am*

Monday 4th - Miscellaneous Photo Day

Monday 4th - Yr7, 10, 11 and 12 Immunisation

Tuesday 5th - Yr5/6 Summer Sport Round 1

Wednesday 6th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*

Wednesday 6th - CSEN Yr9/10 Sport

Wednesday 6th - Student Leadership Excursion

Wednesday 6th - Yr2 Scienceworks and Planetarium

Thursday 7th - Yr3 Science Incursion

Thursday 7th - Yr9 Geography Phillip Island

Friday 8th - Junior School House Event

Friday 8th - Primary Captain's Lunch with Nick Wakeling

Friday 8th - Opening of Art Exhibition*

Saturday 9th - Senior Vocal Ensemble National Acapella Championship


Week 8A

Monday 11th - Whole School Assembly 9am*

Monday 11-15th Festival of the Arts

Monday 11th - CSEN Primary Athletic Championships

Tuesday 12th - CSEN Secondary Athletic Championships

Tuesday 12th - Ensembles Concert 6:30pm*

Wednesday 13th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*

Wednesday 13th - CSEN Yr7/8 Sport

Thursday 14th - Yr10 Geography Sorrento Excursion

Thursday 14th - Yr1 Melbourne Zoo Excursion

Thursday 14th - Yr3 Art and Sustainability Incursion

Friday 15th - Junior School Dress Up Day

Friday 15th - Yr5/6 Summer Sport Round 2

Friday 15th - Yr9/10 PE Ice Hockey

Friday 15th - PFA Movie Night 6:30pm*


Week 9B

Sunday 17th-27th - Duke of Ed NZ Expedition

Monday 18th - Whole School Assembly 9am*

Tuesday 19th - Yr8 Humanities Hanging Rock Excursion

Wednesday 20th - Community Devotions 8:20am*

Wednesday 20th - CSEN Yr9/10 Sport

Thursday 21st - Pastor's and Youth Pastor's Morning Tea

Friday 22nd - French Day

Friday 22nd - Last Day Term 3 - Free Dress/Gold Coin Donation


* Parents welcome

Term Dates



Term 3: Monday 24th July – Friday 22nd September 

Term 4: Monday 9th October – Friday 8th December 



Term 1: Thursday 1st February – Friday 29th March 

*Prep commence Friday 2nd February

Term 2: Tuesday 17th April – Friday 29th June 

Term 3: Monday 23rd July – Friday 21st September 

Term 4: Mon 8th October – Tuesday 11th December 

Photo: PFA Movie Night

Parents and Friends

Photo: PFA Movie Night

Movie Night - Friday 15th September

The PFA Movie Night is on Friday 15th September starting at 6:30pm in Rembrandts. The movie selected this year is "THE BOSS BABY" rated G. Entry is just a gold coin donation with popcorn, snacks and drinks for sale. BYO bean bags, cushions, blankets and dinner if necessary.


Shaun Beovich

PFA President

Entertainment Books

Only 3 books left! Be quick to secure a paper edition. The 2017/18 Entertainment Books are available from the school office for purchase (see Ms Hoenen). Only $70 and crammed with great value. A portion of each sale goes to the PFA. You can alternatively purchase a digital membership here.


Sonia Sires

Entertainment Book Coordinator

Woolworths Earn and Learn

This year we will be participating in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program. Through this program we will be able to get new educational resources which we provide to the Tata School in Vanuatu – and all we need you to do is shop for your groceries at Woolworths.


Until Tuesday 19th September, we are collecting Woolworths Earn and Learn Stickers.  You will get one Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco and gift cards). Place the sticker onto a Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker Sheet and when it’s complete, the Sticker Sheet can be dropped into the Collection Box here at the school (in the office) or at your local Woolworths.

At the end of the promotion, we’ll be able to get some great new equipment for the school in Vanuatu. The range is extensive and offers lots of items ideal for students – including resources for Maths, English, Science and some fantastic fun supplies for Arts and Craft, Sport and the library. 


Shaun Beovich

PFA President

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

50% off sale now on!

The 2nd Hand Uniform Shop is having a 50% off sale for the rest of Term 3. It's open every Wednesday morning from 8:30am-9:30am. The shop is located in Rembrandts and staffed by parent volunteers. If you can help for 2-3 weeks, please see Liz Romney at the shop or email PFA at


Liz Romney

2nd Hand Uniform Shop Coordinator

School Banking

School Banking is every Tuesday. The School Banking program provides a fun, interactive and engaging way for young students to learn about money and develop good saving habits.

Icy Pole Friday

Students can purchase an icy pole every Friday over lunchtime in the kitchen of the MPH.

Next Meeting

PFA AGM and General Meeting

Thursday 9th November at 7:30pm. Office bearers for 2018 will be elected. Parents are encouraged to attend.

PFA Committee 2017

President: Shaun Beovich

Vice-President: Sally Wade

Secretary: Lesley Goh

Treasurer: Peter Wan



Photo: Athletics Carnival


Photo: Athletics Carnival

Athletics Carnival

The 2017 St Andrews Christian College Athletics Carnival took place on the 25th August at the Knox Athletics Track. Despite the cold and wet weather leading up to it, we were blessed with warm sunshine throughout the day. This year, students took part in a range of both track and field events, allowing them to learn and enhance their skills in different athletic sports. We were happy to see students from Yr5 to Yr12 taking part in these activities with an open mind and a smile on their face. We were also pleased to see students encouraging and cheering on their peers and house teams from the sidelines, helping to create a positive vibe and attitude around the track.

This year we also introduced a new event called the STACC Gift, this event got our fastest 100m runners (male and female) from each year level in a staggered handicap 100m race against each other. Taking out the medals for the first ever STACC Gift race were: Samantha Loke (Yr6) and Daniel Lamperd (Yr10).  We would like to thank all the teachers and parent volunteers for running different events, helping out around the track, and ultimately making this day possible.


House Results:

1st Place- Parkes: 4,750 pts

2nd Place- Barton: 3,952 pts

3rd Place- Deakin: 3,952 pts

Although we are proud of all our students who participated on the day, we would like to congratulate our age champions.


Middle School Female Champion:

Andrea Chai (Yr7)

Middle School Male Champion:

Max Cassidy (Yr6)

Senior School Female Champion:

Olivia Rowland (Yr12)

Senior School Male Champion:

Daniel Lamperd (Yr10)

We had over 60 records broken on the day and we would like to congratulate all those students and make special mention to the following students who broke over 4 records:


Carla Dreyer Yr 9 (5 records)

Jack Potter Yr9 (6 records)

Daniel Lamperd Yr10 (5 records)

Jack Cassidy (4 records)

Nicholas Arefta (4 records)


Lauren Gaschk

Middle and Senior School Teacher

Photo: Preps at Werribee Zoo

Junior School

Photo: Preps at Werribee Zoo

Preps Visit the Zoo

On Friday the 11th of August 50 very excited Preps visited the Werribee Open Range Zoo. We had a wonderful day exploring some of God’s beautiful creation and learning about animals from other parts of the world.

The students enjoyed some close encounters with a tortoise and explored many different animal homes in a new habitat investigation area. The highlight of the day was the Safari Bus ride when we were able to get up close to some big animals like giraffe, hippos, zebras, camels, antelope and even a rhino who wanted to rub up against our Safari bus. We give thanks to God for enabling us to enjoy this day with only a few moments of rain when we were on the buses.

Gaye Jones
Junior School Teacher

Prep Fathers' Day

Our preps had the special honour of celebrating their wonderful dads for Fathers' Day on Thursday morning.

It was a true blessing to share such special moments together before kicking off the school day.


Gaye Jones
Junior School Teacher

Photo: French Day Bibles for Malawi

Middle School

Photo: French Day Bibles for Malawi

Stories of Impact

At the start of Year 7, there is normally an intake of some new students into this important year of Middle School. We encourage our existing students to welcome new students and make them feel a part of St Andrews as soon as possible. We would like to share with you the story of one of the Year 7 students who were new to our school this year.


I was very excited to come to St Andrews and was looking forward to joining the school community. I arrived on my first day and all of the friends and teachers I met on Orientation Day were there. We played lots of games and had a fun time getting to know each other.


Within a few weeks, I was settled in. Everyone was really helpful, showing me where the library, gym and lockers were.


Now, in Term 3, I have fantastic friends and teachers who I enjoy spending time with.


Well done to our existing St Andrews students who were able to make a new student feel welcome and accepted in this way!


Christa Cloete

Year 7/8 Coordinator

Service Leaders

At the start of the year, a call went out to Year 7 students to volunteer as service leaders, with the main duty of keeping the Year 7/8 locker bay tidy. These students have been unobtrusively picking up papers and sweeping the locker bay every recess and lunchtime.


Our service leaders are:

Lawrence Qi, Joshua Jones, Leilani Beovich, Andrea Chai,  Zac Simon, Max Hiew, Daniel Mikhael, Kaylene Tieu, Roselyn Kho, Sophia Tran, Michelle McCabe, Vicky Truong, Chavella Tanubrata, Julia Pajor and Suhani Poddar.


A special mention needs to go to Lawrence Qi, who reminds the leaders when they are on duty, and to Joshua Jones, who has taken up the challenge to sweep even the pathways, the chessboard and the gutters around the basketball court.

Well done to these students for being excellent stewards of the opportunities that are given to them!


Christa Cloete

Year 7/8 Coordinator

Beware Bushrangers!

The Year 5 classes were lucky enough to find gold in the schoolyard this week. Unfortunately a 'stick up' occurred as two mysterious bushrangers came and stole their gold.

It was providential that a Trooper was on the premises and returned the gold to the rightful owners.

However the bushrangers are still at large. If anyone knows the identity of these persons or can provide information, please notify Mr Farmilo immediately.


Jenny Provis 

Year 5 Teacher

French Day

It is nearly time for French Day again! This fundraiser event is organised on a yearly basis by the Year 8 French classes, and last year’s profits amounted to $913.00. The money was donated to Orbus Ministries Australia and used to buy 90 Chichewa Bibles to use as class sets in the Year 9 classes of the Orbus orphanage and school near Blantyre, Malawi. The Manners family, who currently have five children at St Andrews, have been instrumental in the construction and administration of the orphanage and school. The family are currently in Malawi, overseeing the construction of the secondary school. (see next report from Craig Manners)

The date of this year’s French day will be announced soon. Students are encouraged to come dressed as “French” as possible, and during the day prizes will be handed out to many of the “most French looking” students. A gold coin donation will be appreciated in order to boost the French Day profits.


There will once again be many different stalls around the school selling tasty food and drinks, and also opportunities to win prizes by playing games. Prep to Year 2 will be able to visit the stalls before the rest of the school. Keep an eye out for the date and encourage all students (even the cool ones in Senior School) to take part in this very enjoyable experience!


Christa Cloete

French teacher, Year 6 – 8

Bibles for Malawi

Report on Chichewa Bibles bought with STACC French Class funds

We purchased 90 Chichewa Bibles with the A$913 your St Andrews French Day raised last year at A$10.23 each. Along with other Bibles, some English and some Chichewa, we purchased on behalf of Australian Presbyterian World Mission and Orbus Ministries Australia, your Bibles will form part of a class set of 20 Bibles per classroom for the 9 classes Orbus will have as of September 18th 2017. Your Chichewa Bibles will be used in the younger grades, whereas the English Bibles will be used in the older grades. 

We have used some of the Bibles in a 10 Commandments course we ran until the end of the school year here on 28th July and now have them all stored at our house with us until the cupboards have been made. This is still ongoing and we hope will be completed during the current holidays. 


Each class has a framed 10 Commandments poster firmly secured to the wall and we have also given each of the 10 teachers and 4 farm workers, and nearby ministers a Bible each.


Thank you so much for what you have done in blessing these and future children at the Orbus school with your thoughtful and generous contribution.


Craig Manners


Photo: Leaders of Change’ Conference

Senior School

Photo: Leaders of Change’ Conference

Senior School Expo

The Senior School Expo was an outstanding success at showcasing the exciting things and subject offering at the Senior School at St Andrews. Current, future and potential parents and students came along to speak with teachers about specific subjects and cocurricular activities, as well as hear engaging talks about VCE, ATARs and Student Wellbeing.

The evening had quite a ‘buzz’ about it; helped along by the talents of our VCE Music students. Thank you to all of the staff and students who contributed to making this event a success! If you have any further questions about the Senior School or require more information please don’t hesitate to contact myself or the school.


John Presant

Head of Senior School

Term 3 St Andrews Careers Development Program Highlights

Although it has been said many times that Term 3 is a term of solid teaching and learning, it is also a term during which planning for future years take place. Our Senior School students have been offered many opportunities to engage in activities through which they could explore their future options and get an insight into various professions.


The term has started with an inspirational presentation by Ben Evers, Veta Morphus Co-ordinator. Veta Morphus is a discipleship and ministry training opportunity that engages students in deepening their faith journey and provides real hands-on ministry and leadership training. Veta Morphus prepares students for a life of service and is based on an action/reflection model of authentic Christian learning. Students complete the course over twelve months, while in Year 11 or 12 and attain the nationally accredited Certificate III in Christian Ministry & Theology. We are excited to offer this course to our VCE students and we have added this program to our VCE subject choice.


Other highlights:

  • ‘Leaders of Change’ Conference – all St Andrews Year 10 students have participated!!
  • Camp Coolamatong Christian Internships Presentation - Senior School Assembly
  • The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Schools Education Program - Years 9 and 10
  • The National History Challenge, 2017 Theme “Making a Better World?” – Kaycee Tu Year 9
  • Community Service: Year 10 student volunteers

Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator

Moral Fairground ‘Leaders of Change’ Schools Conference

On Monday, August 14, Mrs Yevlahova and I took our Year 10 students to the Moral Fairground Leaders of Change Conference at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre.  Moral Fairground is devoted to promoting sustainable and fair trade business practices.  A number of students from approximately ten schools around Melbourne attended the conference.  The director of Moral Fairground, Susanna Bevilacqua addressed the students about the organisation’s work and goals before an official welcome from the Mayor of Darebin, Cr Kim Le Cerf.


The students enjoyed excellent presentations from the Fairtrade organisation, which ensures that primary producers are paid fairly for their products.  As Fairtrade themselves say, “Fairtrade is about stable prices, decent working conditions and the empowerment of farmers and workers around the world.” 

The Fairtrade mark on a product indicates that the product has been produced in line with the Fairtrade organisation’s principles.   A representative from Oxfam Australia also spoke to the students on simple ways they can change the world for the better. From educating oneself about how lots of trade in the world is not fair to many producers, to buying Fairtrade products more often and finding creative ways to promote Fairtrade.


The following session offered workshops for students on various areas of the commercial world where organisations are working to make trade fairer and more ethical; eg. In fashion, cosmetics and tourism.  Students also had the opportunity to hear from the Mayor of Darebin about her journey in community leadership which led to her becoming the Mayor.  She explained that she never aspired to be the Mayor, but simply wanted to offer leadership in her community which led from one opportunity to another.  Another workshop looked at ways young people in the workforce could be exploited.

Each school had focussed on a particular social enterprise partner and had researched its history and the development of its product.  Our students had focussed on Pollinate Energy.  This company was concerned that families in slums in India were using dangerous kerosene lamps to light their homes at night.  These are hazardous not just because of fire danger, but because of the toxic fumes they emit.  This company now provides families in India with solar-powered electric lights that are much more effective and emit no fumes.  These save households money because kerosene is no longer needed.   Other products for these people are also being rolled out. 

Three of our Year 10 students; Chloe, Joel and Nicoletta gave an excellent presentation on Pollinate Energy (see picture).  Students from other schools spoke about other Social Enterprise Partners followed by representatives from those partner organisations.


The values espoused at this conference harmonised well with values of justice, kindness and fairness that are at God’s heart and revealed in the Scriptures.  We hope and pray that students were inspired to consider ways they can live out these values - not just in their future vocations, but also now!


Warwick Grant


ATO School Education Program

On Thursday last week, we were joined by a special guest during Senior School Assembly. A lady from the Australian Taxation Office came to talk to our group about what tax is, why we need it, how the money is spent, how and why we should get a Tax File Number (TFN), and when or who we should give our TFN to. Her presentation was very insightful and relevant to many of us who are now thinking of applying to our first jobs or are already working part-time. To anyone who was thinking of getting a TFN, the process is very simple. All it takes is filling out an online form and lodging an application to a participating Australia Post outlet.


Fiorella Salazar 10 Y

Camp Coolamatong Christian Internships

On the 18th of August, we got to hear from Chris Kynoch, a Camp Coolamatong Assistant Director.  After a thought provoking devotion that Chris gave, he shared about internships that can be done there. For people aged 18-24, you can go there for a year and further your leadership skills, relationship with God and your outdoor skills. You can also come out of it with a Cert III or IV in Outdoor Recreation, or a Cert III in Ministry and Theology. The representative explained that this was a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, get some awesome experiences and become closer to God.


Georgia Muggeridge 10Y

Volunteering At Foodbank

For the last couple of years, I’ve been volunteering at Syndal Baptist Foodbank.  Every time I heard that they were short of volunteers, I jump at the chance to help out.  My mum is a regular volunteer, so she was able to teach me all about the work I had to do.  Volunteering at foodbank has really helped me to become more aware of others’ circumstances, and how I can do my part to give back to a community in need. The many people I’ve encountered have inspired me, and opened my eyes to the difference we can make in people’s lives when we extend the perfect love that God first gave to us.

Foodbank works with donations of Foodbank Australia, as well as products and money given by the church.  Not everyone may have the time to regularly volunteer but we can do our part to give back from God’s abundant blessings to us by donating.


Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.  Matthew 25:40.


Fiorella Salazar 10Y

We are delighted to be offering our students these fantastic new experiences and programs.


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator and Year 10 Work Studies teacher

Careers News

Please find more information in the attached Careers News:

If you have a question about a topic featured in the Careers Newsletter, please contact Careers Coordinator Mrs Irena Yevlahova


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator

Photo: Library


Photo: Library

Library News

 Library Staff: Lynne Marks, Joanne Edwards, Wai-Peng Heath


Junior Library

Lunchtime Monday


Middle/ Senior Library:

Monday to Friday: Recess and Lunch


After school:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 4pm.

Wednesdays until 3.45pm.



What's New?   

The Senior Library has now introduced “Suggest a new book”. If a student would like to see a certain series/ title added to the library collection, he/ she can ask us for a suggestion form. Library staff will consider the request and, if it fits in with our school ethos, look at buying the book (s).

Coming Up

Keep the date 14 September, 2017 free. On this day, Australians are encouraged to stop and read for one hour. For details see


Living in a Treehouse Competition

This is a competition for primary school students. This year’s Andy Griffiths Kids’ writing competition .This competition celebrates the release of his latest title The 91-Storey Treehouse.


Theme:” Living in a treehouse”


Word limit : 400 words


Students may enter more than one story and can enter online or by email.


Closing date : 2nd October, 2017


More information:                                                   

These titles can be found in the Senior Library in the Humour section (Year 5 up).  Look for The 91-Storey Treehouse - Coming soon!


New Non-Fiction Titles

The Senior Library has some new historical non-fiction.

Do you know:

  • What spitters did and why their jobs were so dangerous?
  • What mule scavengers were and were they in danger of being crushed?
  • What the king’s groom of the stole did and why he would be close to the king?

To find out borrow the series History’s most horrible jobs from the Senior Library.

Thank you,

Library Staff

Community Notices

Newsletter 8

This section of our newsletter is to give our families information about programs being run by organisations outside of the school which may interest our school families.

These organisations are not endorsed by St Andrews Christian College.

Knox Churches Cricket Club


Holiday Program

September/October School Holidays at Malvern Presbyterian Church

At Mighty Fortress, kids learn that God is their refuge and strength. Friends may fail them. They may not ace their test or make the team, but God promises to be their rock and their salvation—their fortress and sure defense. So raise your banner! In Jesus, the victory is won!


Children will rotate through Bible stories, snack, outdoor games, Bible review and craft centres throughout the day.


Click here for more information.

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