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13 February 2020
Issue Two
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From the Principal

Upper School Playground Equipment

The playground equipment near the oval  has been designed for children who are a certain age and height. This playground is limited during school hours to students from Grade 3-6. Students below Grade 3  at any time are not permitted on this equipment for their own safety.

We ask that parents respect these guidelines for the safety of all children. Thank you for your support in this matter.


Congratulations to our newly elected Grade Captains for Semester One. These students have been elected by their peers as role models in their grade and the wider school community. I know these students will undertake this role with  a high degree of commitment and enthusiasm. 


Thomas R, Alyssa M


Baxter M, Connor L


Tyler A, Zayli W


Issy S, Henry M


Kyra H, Tyler W


Nisa M, Dominic D


Jacob V, Sienna J


Lucas N, Georgia S


Ava L, Scarlette E


Meryem M, Robert K


Izzy T, Jordan W


Benson T Montana W

Late Arrival/Early Departures

We have a couple of families still arriving late in the mornings. We know that there are emergencies or occasions when students are signed in late, but these should be rare occasions only. Coming late to class on a regular basis is disruptive for your child, the teacher and the class as a whole. Please make every effort to be organised the night before so things run smoothly in the mornings. If you aim for your child to arrive at 8.45am this gives them a chance to settle, mix with their friends and go to the bathroom. Many thanks.

Oval Opening

The opening of Mr Mac's Track (the new oval) will be a special event on the social calendar this year! This will happen on Friday 21st February and will follow the agenda below:

6-7pm- free sausage sizzle for everyone attending. Drinks, icypoles and popcorn available at $1 per item. Activities for the students will be operating during this period.

7pm-Speeches and formal opening of the oval

8pm- large screen movie

Families may bring their own picnic tea if they would like. It would be  a great idea for families to bring their own rug and /or beanbags if they wish as we will be settling on the oval for this event.

School Photos

Reminder that Rollins school photos will be held on Friday 20th March. Further information and forms will be distributed in the coming weeks.

Meet & Greet

We will be conducting Meet and Greet Conversations from 2pm-6:30 pm on Wednesday, February 26th for children in all grades. Children are expected to be at school on this day from 9am.

Date: Please refer to the Dates to Remember Page for additional information.

Annual Privacy Reminder

Our school collects, uses, discloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy

Please take time to remind yourself of the school’s collection statement, found on our website [].

For more information about privacy, see: Schools’ Privacy Policy – information for parents. This information also available in nine community languages.

Lunch Box Containers/Clothing

Please make sure all food containers and clothing are

clearly labelled before sending to school to avoid lost property.

To ensure the safety of all students and staff we ask for


easily which is a danger in the class room or yard. Thank you.


Start typing your article in here...

Cyber Safety- iPads and apps etc

Please visit the Other Information page of our newsletter for some timely reminders about online safety and apps to be wary of.

Grades 3-6 will have a Cyber Squad police officer visit at some stage this term also.

No dogs in the school Grounds

I know it is great for puppies to have an afternoon stroll to school to meet their owners. Unfortunately we need to ensure the safety of all children as some dogs can react differently when approached by young or unknown personnel.  Therefore, we ask that no dogs (with the exception of fully trained therapy dogs) enter the school grounds. We also ask that dogs are not brought into the school and on the new oval over the weekend period. There is nothing worse than dealing with dog droppings first thing on Monday morning!

Thank you everyone for your understanding in this matter. Our overall aim is to ensure the safety of all students in our care.


Rollins Primary School recognises that being at school on time and attending every day contributes towards a student's learning and that maximising school attendance enhances academic outcomes.

We take attendance very seriously at Rollins PS and have a goal to have as close to 100% of student attendance as possible.

Whole school attendance rate year to date (YTD)  Whole school attendance rate past fortnight 
94.3% 94.3%

Student Attendance Level: Proportion of students attending 90% or more YTD

(90% equates to missing one day a fortnight or a week a term)


Grade Prep Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
% attendance rate YTD 97.8% 93.3% 95.9% 94.4% 92.2% 93.7% 93.8%

Whole school late attendance year to date (YTD) 

Whole school late attendance past fortnight 



For more information regarding attendance please follow the link to the Education Department's Attendance Policy

Principal's Pondering 

A Growth Mindset message...

Research has explained a growth mindset as ‘a willingness to confront challenges, viewing failure as a springboard for growth, and a passion for learning. Not surprisingly, this type of mindset is strongly linked to greater happiness and achievement in life.’ Children who are happy, comfortable, safe and confident have a greater outcome with learning and socialising. 

Here’s a child friendly video as made by one of our communication apps, Class Dojo, that explains it brilliantly.

Dates to Remember


February 21st     Oval Grand Opening (beginning from 6pm)

February 26th    Meet and Greet Conversations (More information below)


March 9th     Labour Day Public Holiday

March 10th  Curriculum Day (Student Free)

March 20th School Photos (more information to come)

March 26th  The Resilience Project Parent Session @5pm (More information below)

Meet and Greet Conversations

We will be conducting Meet and Greet Conversations from 2pm-6:30 pm on Wednesday, February 26th for children in all grades. Children are expected to be at school on this day from 9am.

These meetings are a great opportunity to meet your child's teacher and pass on any information about your child. These meetings are useful too if you require any extra assistance or information about things like Dojo, Compass, home reading requirements or anything else related to your child's classroom etc

Please book your 10 min conversation via Compass (don't hesitate to contact the office if you require assistance). Be sure to leave 10-20 between appointments if you have multiple children just in case another interview runs overtime.

**Bookings are open and will close on Tuesday, Feb 25th. 

**Batesford families, please be aware that your conversations will take place at the Batesfrd Campus. If you have multiple children then you will need to allow time to travel between both campuses.

We look forward to forging positive learning partnerships with each of our families in 2020.

Tim Callaghan, Assistant Principal

The Resilience Project is coming!

Beginning late in Term 1, we are pleased to be introducing The Resilience Project’s wellbeing

curriculum in our classroom.

The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs and provides evidence-based,

practical strategies to build resilience.

We have upcoming presentations for our staff, students and parent/carer community that will

share stories and research on how we can build mental health in our day to day life.

The Resilience Project will be coming to our school in the last week of term to introduce the program

and how Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness can be used to support our kids learning, and

support you as parents and carers.

This program is an important part of our school’s effort to look after the mental health of our

students. Both staff and students will have similar presentations to complement regular

wellbeing classroom lessons.

Please save the date (Parent session Thursday March 26th), and we look forward to seeing you there!


Star Of The Week

Star Of The Week

Congratulations to the following students.
Certificates will be presented at assembly.

Grade Student Achievement
Prep HW



Congratulations Prep HW on a fantastic start to school! I am excited for the year ahead!
Prep JT 



Congratulations Prep JT on a wonderful start to school! You are all little super stars!
Prep ST



Congratulations Prep ST on an amazing start to school! You have all settled in well! Keep it up.

Sheara C

For an amazing start to Grade One. You have been a superstar and constantly trying your best. Keep up the amazing work Sheara!

Nate S

For a great start to Grade One. You have been putting in a fantastic effort with your classwork, keep trying your best!

Reece D

For a positive start to Grade One! Well done for being such a helpful, polite and hard-working member of our class.
2CZ Evie C For settling in beautifully at Rollins and always displaying a positive smile!
2PC Lilly M For being a ‘neat freak’ like Paul by keeping the room neat and tidy!
3/4D Aleksia K For a super start to the year and being a great role model for everyone.
34J Savannah A

For a fantastic start to the year and displaying a mature approach to her learning.

34L Rocco B For being an all-round superstar to start this year! Keep it up legend
34P Tahliya S For an amazing start to the year by giving everything a red hot go! Well done, Tahliya!
34Z Leila H For an outstanding start to the year at Batesford. Keep up the great work!
56C Avah F For a super start to the year and being extremely organised.
56D Cooper S For a fantastic start to the year. Keep it up Cooper!
56I Abigail H For working well and always trying to produce her best work.
Art Ela M For her careful shading in her Op Art to give it a 3D effect.
P.E. Madison M For her positive attitude during PE and giving everything a go. Keep it up Madison!
Music Lincoln H For great participation and answering questions in Music.

Respect, Encouragement, Ambition,
Consideration and Honesty 

Value of the week: Encouragement

The school motto “REACH” demonstrates the values that form the basis of our actions throughout our entire community. 


This edition of our newsletter is focusing on Encouragement (noun)

  1.  the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.


R.E.A.C.H. Recognition

Is there someone in our school community (student, parent, staff member) that has displayed and upheld our R.E.A.C.H. values this year and deserves recognition for it? 
Name them below and the reason you are recognising them and these will displayed in our next newsletter.


R- Respect
E- Encouragement
A- Ambition
C- Consideration
H- Honesty




Nominees this week:

- Prep teachers: for providing fantastic encouragement to our new Preps. What a great first week it was!

- 2020 school leaders: Well done to all students who became 2020 School Leaders or Class Captains. Great ambition was shown to put yourselves forward for these positions. Well done!

- All Rollins students: for being polite and showing amazing manners when greeting visitors and parents to our school. A "hello" in the corridor or a door being held open is not unusual at all and is always noticed.


Classroom News

Captain's Comment

Hi my name is Meyah and I am the girl School Captain for 2020. In ⅚ we have been working on Mallacoota maths, thanks to the ⅚ teachers their students have been having a lot of fun. Also great job to the preps to nearly finishing their third week, amazing job to the year 6s for welcoming their buddies. It’s been a great start to the year.

Meyah F

School Captain

Learning At Home


In Numeracy sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the rewards of our new understandings with challenges and games fostering a positive attitude towards mathematics. Before moving into numbers larger than 100 there is a lot of consolidating that needs to take place. Attached is 10 steps to a greater understanding of numbers under 100. This is the most important maths knowledge a child will acquire as it is used through every aspect of Numeracy through their entire schooling.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths)

Make a rain gauge

How much rain is really falling when you watch a heavy shower through the window of your home? How about on other days when it’s just a light shower?

Find out by making your own rain gauge, recording the results and studying your findings.

Click here to find out how

Photo: News from the Office

News from the Office

Photo: News from the Office

COMPASS- Support for parents and carers


For access, please click the following link: Compass Login

Camp Australia - Before and After School Care

Welcome back!


Welcome back to Term 4, my name is Haileigh and I am the Coordinator for Rollins Primary School OSHC. Can you believe how quickly this year has flown by? We are ready to kick start an even bigger and better Term working within your school community. We know how busy yet fulfilling being a parent can be, and we want you to know we are here to help make your life a little easier.

Not yet Registered? Don’t worry, it’s never too late. Plus, it is FREE to register.
To attend our care, you must register your child. You can register an account with us at Remember, you may be entitled to receive the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy, visit to find out more.

Program Details

For more information about our program and fees at your school, visit us in service and chat with our qualified Educators. Alternatively, you may visit our website or contact our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343 who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except National Public Holidays.

We look forward to seeing you and your family soon.

Camp Australia.

Other Information

CSE Funding

For families who hold a Current Health Care Card - please be sure to complete an application from and lodge it at the school office as soon as possible.

If you have previously received this funding, there is no need to re apply unless you have a child to add that started school at Rollins this year.

Cyber Safety

The internet is essential in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. As children move up through the school their access to various types of technology increases and it stands to reason that their exploration and curiosity increases too. The positives of the digital world overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives but children, schools and parents all need to be aware of various online risks. 

Please view the follow warnings about possible apps.


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