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26 May 2017
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College General Information

The Main Office

Office Hours:         8.15am - 4.00pm


Parents should always make contact with the Main office when visiting the college. 

Office Staff:

Buisness Manager:      Wendy Parkinson

Accounts:                        Rosanne Bivens

Front Office:                   Pauline Horbaczow

                                            Ruth Arnold

                                            Glenice Despard

                                            Megha Malhotra

First Aid:                          Donna Azzopardi



Open Day 2017

Carwatha College P-12 Open Day 2017 will be:


Tuesday 9th May.


Primary tour and information sessions:



Secondary tour and information sessions:



All welcome to attend.

Term Dates 2017

Term 1  

Monday, 30th January  to Friday, 31st March  (9 weeks)

Term 2

Tuesday,  18th April to Friday, 30th June (11 weeks)

Term 3

Monday, 17th  July to Friday, 22nd  September (10 weeks)

Term 4
Monday, 9th  October to Friday, 22nd December (11 weeks)

Term Dates 2018

Term 1  

Tuesday, January 30th to Thursday, 29th  March  (9 weeks)

Term 2

Monday, 16th April to Friday, 29th June (11 weeks)

Term 3

Monday, 16th July Friday, 21th September (10 weeks)

Term 4

Monday, 8th  October  to Friday, 21st  December  (11 weeks)

Secondary Contacts 2017

Year 7      Mrs Rentzis

Year 8      Mr Skadins

Year 9      Mr  Skadins

Year 10    Mr Haddad

Year 11    Mrs Bawa

Year 12    Mrs Christopher

Secondary Junior Leader    Mr Fahey

Secondary Senior Leader    Mrs Ross

Assistant Principal ( Year 7-12)   Mrs Spina


To Speak to or book an appointment with a coordinator, College Leader  or Assistant Principal please contact the main office.


Primary Contacts 2017

Prep M     Mrs McPhie

1/2Z          Ms Zelazo

2/3A          Mrs Abraham

3L              Mrs Lilburne

4S             Mr Spina

4/5N        Ms Novakovic

5B             Ms Bishop

5/6L         Ms Arnold-Levy

6E             Mrs Elias

STEM      Mrs Brayon

Art           Mrs McAleer

PE            Mrs Peters (Prep-2)

PE           Mr Richards (3-6)


Assistant Principal: Mrs Sheila Horn

Primary Leading Teacher    Mrs Beauchamp-Wylie



To speak to or book an appointment with a class teacher, leading teacher  or  Assistant Principal please contact the main office.


Bell Times



All students are expected to be punctual and regular in attendance. After each absence, a note of explanation, dated and signed by the parent/guardian must be brought to the school or absences can be monitored and/or approved online via compass. 

College Map


Useful Forms

For useful forms:

  • Fee Sheets
  • Book Lists
  • Canteen List
  • Uniform Lists
  • Medical Plans
  • Qkr  How To
  • Edrolo Information
  • Centrepay
  • International Home Stay Information
  • Primary Mobile Phone Agreement

See the last page of newsletter titled "Useful Forms".


Lost Property

Lost Property is located in Sickbay. If your child has lost an item please call or see Nurse Donna in Sickbay.

Sustainable School Shop: 
Second Hand Uniforms
Second Hand Books

The College is conscious of the need to provide an efficient process for families to be able to buy and sell second hand uniform.

We are happy to announce the sustainable school shop website that Carwatha College P-12 has previously directed parents to use for second hand books now offers buying and selling of second hand uniforms.

Please go to


For the best results:

  • Register on the Sustainable School Shop website
  • List your second-hand uniform items for sale
  • List wanted ads for those items you are looking to buy
  • The College’s uniform lists are loaded into the system to make listing ads easy
  • The system matches the ads of buyers with sellers and notifies the buyer via email
  • Buyers contact sellers and arrange where and when to trade.
  • The school is not involved in the transaction
  • Parents are well supported via Sustainable School Shop’s telephone (0438 743 444) and email help lines
  • The system is simple and easy to use - If you don’t have a computer, internet access or an email address, please call the Sustainable School Shop for assistance.


Our prefered method of payment is Qkr.

See our 'Qkr How To' information sheet on newsletter page titled Useful Forms.

Find Us On Facebook

Search for 'Carwatha College P-12' and look for the college photo.  Keep up to date with the whats happening around the college. Like and share with your friends and family.


Principal's Report

From The Principal

The education system serves a very specific role in society: it is meant to instil in future citizens the necessary knowledge and competencies they will need to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Our staff feel privileged to contribute to the role of equipping and preparing young people for more education, work and life together with our parents.


Equipping our students for the future—one that is yet to be formed can be challenging. Whether the learning takes place in the classroom or through extra-curricular activities such as excursions, incursions or fundraising for causes in our wider community, we seek to develop students who show RESPECT, are COMMITED to their studies, Strive for EXCELLENCE and support each other through TEAMWORK.


As part of our outstanding pathways program, our Year 10 students participated in mock interviews on Thursday May 18th. The students prepared thoroughly for the interviews, dressed appropriately and made the College extremely proud, over 25 community partners conducted the interviews and discussed interview techniques with the students.  They were most impressed with our students and how seriously they took the occasion.  It was an extremely valuable experience for all involved.  Thanks to our Pathways team, Jodie McCarthy and Pam Naylor for making it happen and to all of our community partners for giving up their time to be involved.


Below are 2 quotes, one from one of our students and one from a community partner showing what a great day it was; 

“Mock interviews were an eye opening experience that made me reflect on my skills. The process has given me confidence in putting myself out there and taking a chance with my future career. The interview was nerve wrecking but a really great opportunity to take me out of my comfort zone. I feel more prepared for future conversations with employers and know what to expect when in the next interview situation.”  Year 10 student.


“I have found there has been an onslaught of fear based hype surrounding millennials joining the workforce of late.   However, if the students that I met and mock interviewed at Carwatha College P-12 today are a reflection of the calibre of potential young employees entering our workforce, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we have nothing to fear.   I was blown away yet again with the, confidence, enthusiasm, resilience & attitude of the students at Carwatha College.  The teachers and students have developed a community of success, supportiveness and inclusion.  The very atmosphere throughout the college tells you at Carwatha it’s cool to study.  Thank you allowing me the privilege to be reinvigorated by spending time with our next generation – always a pleasure.”   Claire Spencer – HR & Finance Manager Norden - community partner.


Year 10 and 11 students begin mid-year exams on the 13 of June. It is extremely important that they begin organising themselves now, completing their studies and carrying out extra revision to ensure they are thoroughly prepared. All students studying a Year 12 subject will sit the GAT (General Achievement Test) on June 16th.  Students have been working hard and have been well prepared for their exams.  I wish them good luck.


Students have had the opportunity to attend the Cross Country, Interschool sport competitions, Battle of the Bands and excursions to, the Shrine of Remembrance, The Holocaust Museum, the Richmond Football Club and the National Gallery of Victoria.


The Colleges Annual Variety night was held on the 16th of May, it was a brilliant night showcasing the outstanding talent our students possess, thank you to Kate Whitaker, Marina Novelli and Damien Maughan for all the work they did setting up the night. It was also extremely pleasing to see so many teachers attend to support our talented students.


There has been immense interest in our new program for High Achieving students. The SEE program. I encourage all Grade 6 parents to consider this program for their children if they feel that it is suitable. Please contact me if you would wish to discuss the program further.

I would be most grateful if parents could help advertise this program in our community, directing families with grade 6 children to our website to find out further information about the program.


The College is excited to launch our new FACEBOOK page. I encourage all families to join it to keep up to date with what is happening at our great College and to be able to share the news with their friends.

Further details on how to follow our FACEBOOK page are contained in the newsletter.


Pat Mulcahy

College Principal



Variety Night



Last Tuesday the college community was again treated to a night of quality entertainment provided by our talented students. The annual Variety Night is an evening where students get to develop a range of skills experiences in not only performance but also in the backstage elements. We had a wonderful team of V3 students working behind the scenes in lighting and as the backstage crew, without this great team, the night would not have run as smoothly as it did.

The student leadership team also played a vital role showing off their own comedic performances and hosting the evening. Our judges this year, Principal Patrick Mulcahy and teaching staff Koryena Friend and Danii Levy, also added some colour an fun to the night but had a very hard decision to make when deciding on our performance winners on the night.

There was an outstanding dance performance from primary student, Georgia Vishniakov, which saw her win first place for the primary sector. In the secondary, third place performance went to Alison Hughes for her very bendy Calisthenics performance, second place went to year 11 students Hayley Lucas, Filimon Moutis, Winona Bonne and Nicholas D’Amico for their fantastic band performance of “Rude” and first place was awarded to year 7 student, Clare Jacobe for an incredible vocal performance of “Smoke and Fire.”

Congratulations to all of the students who performed on the evening we look forward to future performances from you all.

Kate Whittaker

Battle Of The Bands

Battle Of The Bands


Tuesday and Wednesday were very exciting days for the Carwatha College P-12 senior and junior bands as they both performed  at the South Eastern Regional Rockfest (Battle of the Bands).

Both bands played really well and did our school proud!

The senior band, comprised of Winona Bonne on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Hayley Lucas on Bass, Michael Alexiadis on Guitar and Keyboard, Nicholas D'Amico on Drums and Filimon Moutis on Lead Guitar, played 3 songs. They were: Every time you walk into the Room, All Fired Up and Rude.

Many people came up to the students after the performance and commented on how "tight" the band sounded. We were very pleased.


The junior band comprised of Hanna Garrard on Tambourine and Vocals, Clare Jacobe on Vocals, Michael Alexiadis on Lead Guitar and Bass, Paul Alexiadis on Lead Guitar and Bass, Steve Leve on Rhythm Guitar, Joshua Sahetapy-Beare and Gracia Garcia on Drums also played 3 songs. They were Rockin' Robin, Harder To Breathe and Painted Black.


Miss Whittaker and I were very proud of this group as it was their first public performance with this line up. Well done! They have now decided on a name and I will no longer be calling them the Carwatha Junior Band as they will now be known as "The Other Way". We all enjoyed watching the bands from the other schools and picked up a few tips from them.


I would like to acknowledge  Michael Alexiadis who played in both Senior and Junior band. He won the "Best Bass Player" award. Congratulations Michael, what a great effort!

We hope you all enjoy the videos  as we are very proud of our musicians.


Marina Novelli



Richmond Football Club PE Excursion

Senior VCE Physical Education students visited the training facilities at Richmond Football Club to experience being an ‘athlete’ for a day. Students participated in a strength and conditioning training session, a spin class simulated at high altitude, hot and cold water contrast recovery therapy and received nutrition advice from staff while preparing their own recovery lunch.

Students also had the opportunity to learn more about the various community educational programs being run by Richmond including the new Leadership and Elite Sporting Diplomas being run at the Richmond Institute of Education in partnership with Swinburne University.




The students really enjoyed an informative, educational  and hands on day at Richmond Football club. Experiences like this at Carwatha College give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and in this case see inside the world of elite athletes. Students also have the chance to discover & research potential career ideas and ask questions from experts in their field.”    

Jodie Mccarthy – Careers and Pathways Manager


“I enjoyed watching the Richmond players train and getting an insight into life as an athlete.  Receiving some professional training and knowledge about building strength based training program as well as actually experiencing training at high altitude and how it makes your body work harder was really helpful for our PE course. “

Phillip (Year 12 student)


Bobbie Peters and Jodie McCarty













P-12 News

Carwatha College P-12 is now on Facebook


Breakfast Club is Back!

Breakfast Club is back, come along and have breakfast on Monday, Wednesday and friday mornings.


Who:  all students Primary and Secondary 

Where: MPC building

When: Starting Monday - Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning

Time: 8.00am to 8.30am


Secondary News



From The Junior Years Leader

Year 9 students and parents should note that there will be semester exams in both English and Maths. These will be held on Wednesday, June 14 in the small gym during periods 1-3. Period 4 will take place as normal on that day. Students will be issued with more information shortly. It is essential that Year 9 students are present for these exams and became used to working under exam conditions.


Mr Kevin Fahey

Year 7-12 students - 2017 ANCQ Registration

Dear Science students at Carwatha College, secondary:


Registrations for the 2017 ANCQ being held on Tuesday 1 August are now open.


The ANCQ is a great opportunity to promote chemistry and the role it plays in our society as well as providing a useful benchmarking resource for gauging the understanding your students have of chemistry. 


The Quiz consists of 30 multiple choice questions, taking approximately 1 hour, split into four divisions.  The age divisions are Junior Years 7 – 8, Intermediate Years 9 – 10, Senior Division Year 11 and Final Division Year 12.  The ANCQ can be taken either online or hard copy.


The cost per entry is $5.75 incl. GST.  Registrations for this competition close on Friday 2 June.


All students are awarded for their efforts and receive a Certificate of Participation; we anticipate that approximately 40% of entrants will receive Certificates of Merit to acknowledge their efforts at Credit, Distinction and High Distinction levels.  Students who obtain a perfect score of 30 out of 30, receive a Certificate of Excellence and a lapel badge.


The ANCQ is a truly International competition with translations into seven different languages.  The Quiz attracts over 110,000 entries from over 1,600 schools throughout Australia and 17 neighbouring countries.  We anticipate an even greater response for the 2017 Quiz, including entries from Austria and Germany.


To register for the 2017 quiz please visit and use the following information to log in.


Username:                          admin

Password:                           ancq2017

School Code                       317401


If you require any further assistance please contact the ANCQ schools coordinator at [email protected]


Mrs Crawford 

Year 7C Experiment - Mixtures

On Tuesday May 16, 7C students participated in a science experiment. They have recently been learning about what mixtures are made up of, examples of mixtures and how they can be separated physically in an experiment. In groups, students planned, designed and carried out an experiment to separate a mixture of sand, salt and one other item (iron nails, sawdust or polystyrene balls). Students used separation techniques such as magnetic separation, filtration, sieving and boiling/evaporation. All students behaved very safely during this experiment, and they will complete their practical report for this task next lesson. Did you know – examples of mixtures include: blood, air, sea water and pizza!

Kyla Crawford

Year 7 - French Excursion

On Tuesday the 2nd of May, all of the Year 7 students went on a French excursion to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in the city.  We all watched the movie ‘Hugo’ that explained how the first movies were made. It answered a lot of our questions about the past.


We then walked to a nearby shopping district called ‘Southgate’, where we bought our lunch. After lunch we returned to ACMI again to visit Screen Worlds.  There we learnt how technology has evolved.  Some of the things we saw were old televisions, old video games and how light is projected.

We all had an amazing time and learnt many new things.


By Cassandra Lazarakis and Tiffany Bustos 7A


Year 8A Experiemnt - Guess The Element

On Thursday May 18, 8A students participated in a science activity called ‘Guess the element’. The purpose of this activity was to expose students to the different names, appearances and uses of elements in the universe, as part of their unit on Chemistry. Students were given containers labelled with letters of the alphabet, and with the help of a list, had to try to name each element via using the senses of sight and touch. The elements seen today were either metals, metalloids or non-metals, and some of them were very reactive (these were not handled by students). Did you know that: elements are substances that are made up of one type of atom, approximately 80% of the elements that exist are metals, and that there are over 100 elements listed on the modern Periodic Table?

Mrs Crawford

Year 8 Melbourne Zoo Excursion



Year 9A Experiment – Sheep Pluck Dissection

On Friday May 19, 9A science students put on a brave face and dissected the pluck of a sheep. A pluck includes these organs: trachea, heart, lungs and liver. Students discussed why we used sheep models to advance science and the focus of the dissection was on the structure and function of organs in mammals. Whilst wearing safety equipment, students felt, moved and cut various organs and filled in a practical report booklet as a homework task.


All students behaved very sensibly and safely. Thank you to Wiley for assisting in the cleaning up! Did you know – the liver is the only mammalian organ that can regenerate itself, and that lungs can still inflate with air once the organism they belong to is deceased!

Mrs Crawford

Intermediate Girls Netball

On Wednesday the 24th of May, 9 intermediate girls went out to interschool netball. During the day, we played 6 games of which we managed to win 3, and were unlucky to lose 2 out of the remaining 3. Overall we came 4th on the day out of 7 teams. We really enjoyed playing the sport and representing the school community.

Alison Hughes

Mid-Year Examinations

Mid-Year Examinations will commence on Friday 9th June 2017 and conclude on Thursday 15th June. Students have been provided with their examination timetable.


All students completing a Unit 1 subject are required to sit their exam when they are scheduled. Those students that have organised an alternate time due to examination clashes are aware of their individual times. Year 10 students that do not have an examination scheduled are not required to be at school outside of the scheduled exams during this week.

All Year 11 students studying a Unit 3.4 subject during this time are required to attend their Unit 3.4 classes when they do not have an exam scheduled.

Any students in Year 10-12 that are enrolled in a Unit 3.4 study are required to sit the VCAA General Achievement Test, GAT on Wednesday 14th June 2017. This examination is compulsory. It commences at 10am and concludes at 1.15pm. Students were provided with the official GAT brochure in Year level assembly.

A copy of the brochure can be found at



Preparing for mid-year exams


Students should commence a comprehensive revision program which could include:

  • Ensuring that all class work is completed
  • Revising over notes
  • Completing revision activities set by the teacher
  • Developing study notes
  • Using EDROLO (VCE) revision examination questions and quiz activities

Students should be clarifying with the classroom teacher the format for their exam and asking how to achieve their best.


If you have any questions about the mid-year exams please do not hesitate to contact Sally Ross, Senior Years Leader or Kevin Fahey, Junior Years Leader on 9795 5848.


Year 10 News

I am pleased to announce our Year 10 student leaders:

Benjamin Bright

Eftalya Coskun

Jacky Fulcher

Ramzi Ghandour 

Eftalya Coskun, Jacky Fulcher, Ramzi Ghandour and Alison Hughes.


Congratulations to our student leaders for their willingness to be involved in the co-curricular activities that this role presents.


Taking on leadership roles means much more than being prepared to lead by example, help others, being the voice for colleagues. Furthermore, being a leader is being prepared to take on new challenges, to stand out in a crowd and accepting the personal growth that comes along with every new experience.


I am confident that they will present our college community with distinction and pride.

Keys Please - Information for Parent


What could be more rewarding than supervising your son or daughter on their learner permit so they can become a safer driver?

Many parents might add "and what could be more challenging?"

Do you remember your own learning to drive experience?

Mid-June, at school, your son or daughter will be taking part in a VicRoads Keys Please session. Whether or not they already have their L plates, this session tells them everything they need to know about making the most of the learner driver period.


Parents and carers have an important role in helping their young people develop the skills and attitudes they need to become safer drivers. You should feel like a sports coach (not a driving instructor) and there are two resources to help you.


The VicRoads Learner Kit, given to all successful learner permit applicants, contains the booklet Guide for Supervising Drivers that is essential reading – make sure you ask your son or daughter to pass it on! The second resource is the online Lessons from the Road resource.


Lessons from the Road features eight videos. The videos showcase the emotions and real life issues in learning to drive. They help you work through the four stages required to help learners achieve their goals. Lessons from the Road is easy to use and can be accessed on the VicRoads website at and search “Lessons from the Road”.


When your child attends the Keys Please session they will be encouraged to discuss the information they have received and to watch Lessons from the Road at home with you.


Please ask them about the Keys Please session and make sure that you watch the videos together. It won’t take long and it will help you through the process of learning to drive as well as information for keeping new solo drivers safe.


Research shows that learners who gain experience with parents have about 20% lower crash and traffic offence rates once they are licensed than learners who only take professional lessons. Research also shows that on average learners who gain an average of 120 hours of supervised on-road experience in all conditions have a 30% lower risk of crashing after getting a licence. VicRoads strongly recommends watching Lessons from the Road. Helping your son or daughter to be a safer driver is the one Rewards Program you can’t afford to miss out on!


Mr Haddad

Biomimicry Competition for Year 10 - 12 students

Calling all budding science communicators!  

GTAC (the Gene technology access centre) - in Parkville, is inviting students of Years 10–12 to submit a blog discussing your favourite example of Biomimicry.  

The winning entry will be published on the GTAC website, with prizes awarded to the winning student and their school. 

Visit the GTAC website for more details and to view last year’s winning entries on Geckoskin Adhesive Tape by Stephanie M (Casterton Secondary College, and the Kingfisher and the Bullet Train by Zoe E (Elwood College, 

This competition closes on Friday, June 23. 


Mrs Crawford.

Greater Dandenong Cross Country

On Thursday the 18th May nineteen students travelled to Braeside Park to compete in the Greater Dandenong Division cross country competition.


From this Alison Hughes, Hanna Garrard, Reggie Comeros, Ro Mon Lay, Mela Basic, Kevin Lumoro and Reannin Carlos-Smart have won through to compete at the Southern Metropolitan Division Cross Country  Event to be held at Ballam Park, Frankston on Monday 19th June.   Well done to all of the students that competed and congratulations to the seven students who have continued to the next level.

Ruth Arnold




Primary News

Runners Club

Numbers have been on the rise at running club with lots of people coming down to find out what it is all about. Students either run or walk the short track together with us.


It is open to teachers, students and parents to get involved.


The program will be running all Term 2 so still plenty of time to get involved.


So come along to try improve your fitness, to make new friends and most importantly have FUN!


When: Monday, Wednesday & Fridays Mornings

Where: Meet down at lower playground

Time: 8 – 8:30am


Nick Richards & Tracy Elias

Mothers Day Afternoon Pampering

During the Mother’s Day Afternoon some of our grade 4 and 5 students were our designated photographers. Jessica, Luke, Nenal, Olive, Talisha and William visited all the classrooms and photographed students with their Mums, Grandmas or special friends. These are the photos the students took.


Emma Braybon



Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is now open and Carwatha College P-12 is excited to be participating.

The Challenge is open to all Victorian children from birth to Year 10 in recognition of the importance of reading for literacy development. It is not a competition; but a personal challenge for children to read a set number of books by 8 September 2017.


Children from Prep to Year 2 are encouraged to read or ‘experience’ 30 books with their parents and teachers. Children from Year 3 to Year 10 are challenged to read 15 books.


All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier and can choose to have their name included on the online Honour Roll. If you would like your child‘s name to appear on the Honour Roll, please sign the attached form and return it to your school.


To read the Premier’s letter to parents, view the booklists and for more information about the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, visit:



This week grade 3-6 students were introduced to a new STEM resource, Little Bits.

LittleBits are an easy-to-use electronic building blocks, empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small.


As Little Bits themselves say:

“Let’s empower the next generation to have the creative confidence & curiosity to always ask why. To test ideas without fear. To take feedback without ego. To use their brains and hands to solve real-world problems when there isn’t a clear right answer. With littleBits, kids learn how to be more than just consumers of technology. They become inventors.”


We are excited about this new resource and are looking forward to the new inventions students can create. If you’d like to know more about Little Bits you can visit their website at:

Cardboard Boxes Needed:

We still need resources for students to use when inventing and creating. Can you please collect and send to STEM:

Cardboard boxes – toothpaste box, cereal boxes, cup ‘a soup boxes, tissue boxes – all boxes small and large

Cardboard rolls – gladwrap tubes, paper towel tubes


Emma Braybon

Primary Art

Grade 1/2Z - Still Life

Still life is a type of artwork containing usually household objects, such as flowers or food.

Students looked closely at a vase containing Australian native flowers including protea, grevillea and gumnuts.

We looked at the colours and shapes of the leaves and flowers.

Using water colour pencils we carefully sketched the vase and flowers and enjoyed turning our pencils into water paint with a wet brush.

Christine McAleer

Mad On Music

In addition to weekly music classes, Carwatha College P-12 offers individual music lessons. Mr Lawson teaches keyboard or guitar to Primary students on a Tuesday morning. For further information, please speak to the front office staff.

Declan: I love to go to Mad on Music because I like to perform at the end of year concert.

Sean: I love to go and learn how to play the keyboard.

Madhulika: I like to learn how to play new songs.

Eliza: I love to go to Mad on Music to play the keyboard. Then we get to practise at home.

Bryan: I love Mad on Music because it makes me feel more confident.

Nabil: I like Mad on  Music because we learn how to play great songs.



District Cross Country Day 

Today (Friday 26th of May) a group of 41 students from grade 3-6 competed in our District Cross country against schools in the Greater Dandenong reigon. Nurija Hota made it through to Division Cross Country as she place 8th in her age group out of 86 competitors. Everyone did such a great job, it was a fantastic day!

Ms Levy



Careers News

Careers News

Massive congratulations to our Year 10 students on their Mock interviews that were held on Thursday 18th May. The event provided the students with the opportunity to experience a real life job interview with a community business leader, dressed in formal attire and having prepared an employment portfolio. This year’s event involved partnership with 26 community & business representatives.


At the conclusion of the 15minute interview students were provided with written and verbal feedback in the following areas- communication skills, attitude, personality & maturity, knowledge& interest in their selected job, and on their personal appearance.


Our students should feel very proud of themselves. They represented the college extremely well and hopefully came away from the Mock interview process with a sense of achievement and a greater understanding of their strengths, abilities and aptitudes.


“Mock interviews were an eye opening experience that made me reflect on my skills. The process has given me confidence in putting myself out there and taking a chance with my future career. The interview was nerve wrecking but a really great opportunity to take me out of my comfort zone. I feel more prepared for future conversations with employers and know what to expect when in the next interview situation.” 

Alema - Year 10 student.


“ I have found there has been an onslaught of fear based hype surrounding millennials joining the workforce of late.   However, if the students that I met and mock interviewed at Carwatha College  P-12  are a reflection of the calibre of potential young employees entering our workforce, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we have nothing to fear.   I was blown away yet again with the, confidence, enthusiasm, resilience & attitude of the students at Carwatha College.  The teachers and students have developed a community of success, supportiveness and inclusion.  The very atmosphere throughout the college tells you at Carwatha it’s cool to study.  Thank you allowing me the privilege to be reinvigorated by spending time with our next generation – always a pleasure.”  

Claire Spencer – HR & Finance Manager Norden - community partner.


"The mock interview program at Carwatha College P-12 is such a fantastic experience for the students. For many, it is the first time they have needed to face the nervousness that comes with putting yourself on the line for something that is important for you. A great learning experience for all the students which gives them a real taste of the importance of putting yourself forward in an adult world. It is an experience that will give them a real advantage as they move beyond school to further education and work. The fact that twenty local business and community members give their time for this program reflects on the importance of this experience for students. Well done Carwatha!!"

Frank Sal –Principal Liaison- Victorian Depart of Education.


REMINDER to Year 12 students

  • Tertiary Information Day is being held this Tuesday 30th May. Students are expected to be at school ready to leave at 8.35am. Students are reminded to please bring materials to take notes on the presentation. Students will hear about the application process for applying for Universities and TAFE colleges for next year.
  • Any student wishing to study medicine needs to register for the UMAT test by Friday 2nd June. Students have been alerted to this at the during the year- this is their final reminder.  Applications close 2 June; Test is on 26 July. - Information Booklet:  


Any questions please come and see me!


Jodie McCarthy



Library News

From The Library

Our ‘genrefication’ process continues. Science fiction – which includes dystopian fiction, future and steam punk – and the Classics sections are in place. We are now working on Chick Lit and Lad Lit. These areas include adolescent issues, friendships and family.


Craft over the last two weeks has been based on the Picture Book 'Florette' by Anna Walker.

“When Mae’s family moves to a new home, Mae wishes she could bring the garden with her. She’ll miss the apple trees, the daffodils and the butterflies in the long, wavy grass. But there’s no room for a garden in her new home…Or is there?”


The students have been creating a mural reflecting Mae’s garden in the midst of the ‘concrete jungle’ she has moved to, on the back wall of the library.

Thank you to Charlie Ta for his help in bringing the garden to life.


A reminder that parents are welcome to borrow from our library.


Mrs Famularo, Mrs Sal and Mrs Wood

Parents & Friends News


Congratulations to all the lucky winners of the mothers day raffle.


Upcoming Events


Thur          1st            AFL Girls & Boys Netball

                                      Coffee & Chat

Mon           5th           Year 8 Sport

Tues           6th           Year Level Assembly

Fri               9th           Division Cross Country - Primary

                                      Year 10 & 11 Exams

Mon         12th           Queens Birthday

Tues        13th           Year 10 & 11 Exams

Wed         14th           Year 10 & 11 Exams 

                                      Coffee & Chat 

Thur        15th           Year 10 & 11 Exams

                                       Year 7 Sport

Fri             16th           Pupil Free Day

Mon         19th           SMR Cross Country

Thur       22nd            Year 10 Keys Please    

Fri             23rd           Grade 5 & 6 Gala Sports

                                       Year 7 Deakin Mission Excursion

Mon        26th            College Council Meeting

Tues        27th            Year 8 Deakin Community Day

                                       Year Level Assemblies

                                        Coffee & Chat

Wed        28th             Senior Boys Futsal

Fri            30th             Last Day Term 2


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