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07 November 2019
Issue Thirty-four
The gift of peace
It’s always the bus!
Year 3/4 Camp
Mastering the Art of Parenting
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General Information (Pg 2 of 2)
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The gift of peace

By Kelle Scott (Administration)

Sometimes the lead-up to the end of the year is not easy: it can be a race to get everything done before the deadline of Christmas, and we start to realize that the year is running out fast!

And then there’s Christmas itself - some years it can feel like the last hurdle before we can finally let go of the year and relax.


These last few months can be filled to the brim with extra commitments, deadlines and pressures... we are tired, busy, stressed and the joy and peace that is supposed to surround this season is nowhere to be found.


In these moments Jesus holds the peace that we need:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." - John 14:27

As we head towards December, be encouraged to find some time to pause and accept the free gift of peace that He longs for you to have!

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

- Isaiah 9:6




It’s always the bus!

By Kirsty Meese (Team Kinder)

At BHCS kinder we are blessed to be able to take the four year old children on a variety of excursions throughout the Kinder year. For our final excursion of the year we went up to Kallista to explore the bush cubbies (or locally known as The Dragon’s Nests).


On our return, we reflect with the children what they enjoyed the most about the excursion. This time of reflection allows us to understand what the children have enjoyed and learnt on the excursion, where we can take the children's learning next, and how we “Team Kinder” can improve the excursions. But, no matter what excursion we plan, the best part for Kinder Kids, is always the bus!


Let's be honest, what's not to love about the bus and our fantastic bus drivers! First of all, the kids get to leave Kinder, which is always an exciting time! After talking about how to stay safe on the bus and on our excursion during the lead up, we finally get to go. 


Going on a bus, without your mum or dad, offers Kinder children a difference sense of independence. They get to climb the big steps on the bus by themselves, wave at the bus driver, try to put the seatbelt on themselves by after selecting one of the many different seats, and, yes, it does invariably end in tears as someone doesn't get the backseat, but there is always next time.


Once we're all on the bus, our seatbelts are on and safety checks are complete, the engine starts (it's louder, noisier and smells different to our cars) and we're off! The bus drive to the excursion, offers us a different perspective of our journey from our car, it's higher off the road, which means we can see more things. Also as the bus route is usually different our regular drive home we get to see unfamiliar sights and of course familiar sights "there's my house", "that's Belgrave!", "that's Kallista" or "I go to that shop!". 


I don't know about you, but for the Kinder Kids and I the extra height perspective that's offered on a bus, always makes it feel like you're going faster, the turns seem tighter and the speed bumps are definitely bumpier!


So, to our wonderful bus drivers, thank you! Thank you for taking us on exciting adventures, for keeping us safe on the road and of course for being the best bit of any excursion!



Year 3/4 Camp

Last week the 3/4 students headed off to Camp Oasis for 2 nights & 3 days of new experiences and a whole lot of fun! Camp is always a wonderful time, a unique opportunity to strengthen friendships and make new ones as well as encourage one another and build each other up. 


The 3/4 team would like to kindly thank all the parent volunteers who graciously sacrificed their time to support the students and help make camp run smoothly.  Thank you!


We asked some of the students to tell us what they loved most about camp, here is what they said...


"One of my biggest highlights of Camp Oasis was the candle making. I made a watermelon. I also loved the hike to Silvan Dam. P.S. I talked all the way".

- Jesse 


"The best part about camp was hanging with friends and all the activities".

- Bayley 


"The highlight for me was the flying fox. It was really long and high up! Watching other people do it was good too".

- Indiana 


"The best fun was the candle making and the flying fox". 

- Phoebe 


"Camp was good because I enjoyed playing capture the flag with the kids and the parents. I also enjoyed the flying fox because it was fun to go upside down and do tricks. I found it challenging to sleep because it was so hot". 

- India 


"Camp was fun because of everything I liked. It was enjoyable, heaps of games to play, Ed's alley was super fun and it had a lot of competition. Mr T was really funny. The food was tasty and so was the dessert".

- Asher 


"I loved playing capture the flag because you got to stay up late and you got to run around. Ed's alley was also fun. Camp was great for me as Dad came along too. Some of the activities were challenging as I hadn't done them before, but I gave them a go and enjoyed them. 

- Zach 


"I enjoyed camp because when I went on the flying fox I felt scared going up, but when I was on it, it was amazing. I enjoyed the food and there was nothing that I didn't like. "

- Isla 


"My highlights of the camp were candle making and the flying fox. I do recommend you go camping. It was fun!"

- Lily 


"One of my highlights for the 3/4 camp was candle making as Matt was there and it was fun. My favorite meal was the fish and chips and I got seconds. It was very yummy!"

- Charlotte 


"I loved the archery as I was with all my friends. We all had great shots. I enjoyed candle making and I made a fat worm. I was surprised by the food as it was amazing". 

- Tikaani 




Mastering the Art of Parenting

By Emma Hughes (Writer in Residence)

Parenting is an ever-shifting space. The rules seem to change as quickly as the seasons, new ‘types of parents to avoid being’ pop up as buzzwords all the time (lawnmower parent, helicopter parent, drone parent to name a few). It can be hard to feel as if we are ever nailing it. Even if we feel like we are finally making strides with one child, then they go and reach a new stage of development, leaving us high and dry again. 


Ultimately, we all want the best for our children. But this can look so different. Do we hover around to catch them if they fail? Stand as far back as possible and give them independence? Perhaps we find ourselves bouncing between the two extremes, hoping that somehow, something we are doing is having a positive impact. 


There are many quotes about control, not the least of which that it is actually a complete illusion. This can be devastating to the more control-oriented among us, but it could also be cause for relief. All those sleepless nights spent tossing and turning over how to handle adolescent problems may not really be helping us to be better parents. 


Well, if we can’t control our kids, what can we control? 




It isn’t a glamorous answer by any means, and it does require work. But the reality is, the most powerful influence we have over our children is not our well-timed lectures (sadly) or our discipline strategies, but the model of our lives. 


Have you ever yelled at a child to stop yelling at you? Or stepped over your own piles of clothes to lecture your kid on picking up their own? Pleaded with them to value veggies when you just made a detour through drive-thru because you needed that burger? 


Kids are infuriatingly clever. They sort through the messages like ninjas, picking up our habits and reflecting back at us the best and worst of ourselves. It can be maddening to behold your own faults displayed in adolescent form, and ultimately very confronting. 


What we do know is that parental response is very powerful - from our own reactions influencing kids’ anxiety struggles, to our consumption of fruits and vegetables (‘the strongest predictor of a child’s intake of those foods’ according to the study referred to in this article). 


What we do matters. 


This might make you react in one of two ways. 


Option 1: Panic! Complete overwhelm and pressure can take over. ‘Well then, I have to be perfect’, you might conclude. No. That isn’t the case. When we do make mistakes (which is inevitable, by the way), we have the choice of how to respond. If we then use that moment to say sorry to our kids and explain what was going on for us, this can transform our relationships with them. 


Option 2: Relief! Parenting is a tremendous gift. It allows us the chance to face so many parts of ourselves that we would never have known were there otherwise. Yes, this can be painful, but by exploring why we respond the way we do, we learn so much about ourselves and the world around us. And the best bit? In the process, we equip the next generation with crucial social and emotional skills that help them navigate the complex waters of society with that much more awareness. 


So, take heart. Parenting doesn’t have to be too complicated. Just take that next step in your own journey and watch the beauty unfold - not only in your life but in the lives of all who surround you. 


Want more? Check out these links:

How and When to Apologize to Your Child

How to raise successful kids - without overparenting

Falling Upward - A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life (Richard Rohr)


You can find this article and more at The Parent Sphere.




General Information (Pg 1 of 2)

Term 4 - Important Dates

Curriculum Day

The School would like to remind families that Friday, 22 November is a  Curriculum Day (No students at school).


End of Term 4:  Please note the varying finish times:

  • Yr 8-11 last day of classes - Friday, December 6
  • Yr 5-7 last day of classes - Monday, December 9
  • Prep-Yr 4 last day of classes - Tuesday, December 10
  • Celebration Night - Tuesday, December 10


  • Secondary Math/Science Teacher – Full time
  • Marketing & Events Coordinator - 1 year replacement position
  • Learning Assistants / Integration Aids - Positions available in Junior, Middle & Senior School

Please see the below attachments for more information. Only applicants with the appropriate qualifications need apply.

Any queries regarding these positions must be made via email to


Applications close strictly at 12pm on Wednesday 13th November, 2019.


Middle School Showcase (with Yr 8 Graduation)

On Wednesday, 20 November at 10:55am, we will be having a Middle School Showcase to celebrate the wonderful year.

Some students who have been part of our band program will be performing songs and student work from a variety of subject areas will also be on display.

The Year 8 students will be congratulated on completing their time in Middle School, receiving a certificate and gift.

Parents are welcome to come along and be a part of this special assembly.

School Buses & Shuttle Bus

We would like to remind all school families of the following:

  • Casual bus/shuttle use is not available.
  • Students must embark and disembark at their allocated stop and should not get off at a different stop without their gaurdians having made prior arrangements.
  • Travel on an alternative buses for social engagements is not permissible.

Should families experience an emergency they are encouraged to email  In cases of emergency the School will work with families to find the most suitable arrangement.

Alinta Uniform Shop


Monday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Tuesday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Thursday: 2:00pm - 4:00pm 


The Alinta Uniform Shop will be open on 

Saturday, November 9 

Times: 9.00am-12.00pm


Text Book & Uniform Sale

Our next second hand text book and uniform sale is scheduled for Thursday,  28 November at 8.00am in the TTC Restaurant.  

Further details about which items and texts can be sold will be advised in the coming weeks.

BHCS Community Care - Christmas Edition

For our next cook up, we're having a Christmas theme and we need your help.  We'd love your donations of the following non-perishable items:


Musical Soiree 

A musical soiree for our instrumental students will be held on 

Tuesday, 12 November at 7.00pm in the TTC restaurant. 

Families are warmly invited to attend. 

General Information (Pg 2 of 2)

Procedures for the Bushfire Season

BHCS is a school listed on the Department of Education's Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR).  This means our School will be closed on days deemed to be Code Red.  On Code Red days no staff will remain at school and out-of-school care will be cancelled.  


Attached is more detailed information on Code Red days and the steps that families should take in times of high fire danger.  This document also includes links to up-to-date information on this year's fire season.


We continue to review our emergency procedures on a regular basis to ensure we maximise the safety of our entire School community.


Sun Smart in Term 4

As the weather begins to warm up, it is strongly encouraged that students bring a labelled,  reusable water bottle to school each day to ensure that they stay sufficiently hydrated. 


Students are permitted to take a water bottle in to their classes with them. 


Hats are to be worn by all students during recess and lunch times. SPF 30+ plus broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen should be applied daily before going outdoors.


Daily temperatures should not be used as a guide to when sun protection is needed. When the temperature is cool, it means there is less infrared radiation, but UV levels can still be high. Students are reminded to be extra cautious. Don’t forget to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!

BHCS Calendar


Friday, 8 November

- VCE  Exams continue

- Junior Incursion - School First Aid 


Monday, 11 November 

Week 2

Middle & Senior School Choir 

- VCE  Exams continue


Tuesday, 12 November 

- VCE  Exams continue

- Yr 11 Exams

- Music Soiree - Restaurant


Wednesday, 13 November

- VCE  Exams continue

- Yr 11 Exams

- Yr 9 Exams 

- Yr 3/4 Poverty Experience Day

- Science Club


Friday, 15 November

Yr 9 City Program

- Yr 11 Exams

-  VCE  Exams continue


Monday, 18 November 

Week 1

- Yr 8 Exams

- Yr 9 City Camp

Middle & Senior School Choir 

No VCE or VCAL classes running


- Yr 5 Information Night (7pm)


Tuesday, 19 November 

-   Familiarisation Day

-  Yr 8 Exams continue

-  Yr 9 City Camp continues

-  VCE  Exams continue

-  No VCE or VCAL classes running


Wednesday, 20 November 

- Prep Excursion - Safety Village

- Middle School Showcase - incl Yr 8 Graduation (10.55am)

- Yr 9 City Camp continues

- Yr 9 Celebration night ( 7.00pm)

No VCE or VCAL classes running

- Yr 10 Exams

- Yr 11 Biology Camp- Queenscliff

-  No VCE or VCAL classes running


Thursday, 21 November

- Yr 8 End of Year Excursion

- Yr 9 End of Year Fun Day

- Yr 10 Exams Continue

- Yr 10 Lunch & Fun Day

- Yr 11 Biology Camp- Queenscliff- Continues 

- No VCE or VCAL classes running


Friday, 22 November 

- Curriculum Day: No students at school




Community Announcements




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