07 December 2019
Term 4 Week 8
Upcoming Dates to Remember
2020 Staffing Update
Leeuwin Ocean Adventure
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Upcoming Dates to Remember

Upcoming Dates

Tues 10th-13th Dec Swimming Lessons PP - Yr 10    
Tues 10th-12th Dec

School Art Display (Open to Community) 

Fri 13th Dec Secondary Orientation Day    
Mon 16th Dec Yr 6 Graduation    
Weds 18th Dec Family BBQ & Presentation Night    
Thurs 19th Dec Last Day of School    

Upcoming Events Payment Schedule

Voluntary School Fees K-6 $60.00   Due Now
Voluntary School Fees 7-10 $235.00   Due Now

If you are experiencing financial hardship and wish to go on a payment plan, please do not hesitate to contact the front office. 

2020 Staffing Update

In 2013 Mr Gavin Stevens started as Principal at MDHS and has worked with some super people and really enjoyed seeing the students grow and the community come together to grow the school. As you get to know Mr Stevens you know he has a passion for Emergency Services and is active in the local brigade and outside regionally. In 2020 Gavin, his wife Elizabeth (Lizzie) and three daughters will move south to the cooler weather as he takes a role on as Community Emergency Services Co-ordinator. Mr Bruce Gibson who was returning to the Deputy role will be the Principal in Term 1, 2020 as the recruitment process is completed.

Over the last few weeks, the rest of the 2020 recruitment has been finalised and will be in the 2020 School Information booklet.


Leeuwin Ocean Adventure

Two of our year 11 students, Jesse Booker and Chanelle Nayda, embarked on their Leeuwin journey today. The pair will be on the Leeuwin II for 6 nights where they will be given the opportunity to:

  • Navigate the ship and take the helm
  • Set and furl the sails
  • Climb the masts and work aloft
  • Stand watch while sailing through the night

What an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity for them; we hope they have a great experience and embrace the journey ahead!


Latest Information

NO Swimming Lessons MONDAY

Swimming Lessons will continue in week 9, running from Tuesday through to Friday. There will be NO LESSONS on MONDAY 9th December. 

Parent TV

Introducing ParentTV. Mukinbudin DHS has signed up to this amazing resource so it is FREE for you to use.

MDHS values your children and the great job you do with them as their parents. We all want the best outcomes for our kids and we need to work together to realise these outcomes so our kids feel safe, happy and ready to learn every day. Recently as a school, we have signed up to an online platform called ParentTV.  ParentTV is a website that has hundreds of videos from some of Australia’s and the world’s leading parenting educators. The videos are on topics including sleep, healthy discipline techniques, our kids and technology, bullying, and anxiety, just to name a few.  Most videos are between 2 and 5 minutes long, so they are easy to watch and can be viewed on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Maggie Dent is an advocate for ParentTV and features in many of the videos with practical advice for parents.

To access ParentTV:

Keep us up to Date

  • Reminder to all parents that you need to provide us with a current immunisation record for your child, especially if they have recently had any relevant needles.
  • Please provide us with any updated medical details, medications your child might be taking and phone number or address updates.
  • Please provide your child's teacher or the front office team with details of upcoming absences for appointments or other reasons.  These can be submitted via Connect.

Orienation Days

Kindy 2020 Orientation

On Thursday 28th December, the Kindy/PP class had a visit from nine excited guests. Next year's crop of Kindy students had their Orientation morning. The students and parents were able to experience a little of Kindy/PP class life, so that it isn't so daunting on their first day next year. We look forward to seeing all their bright, excited faces next year!


Secondary Orientation Day

Please let the school office know if your child will be attending Secondary schooling at MDHS in 2020.

Connect Tip

Each newsletter, we will have a tip or information about Connect. If there is anything specific you would like us to touch on, please email the admin office on


School Board Update

School Board

Two parent positions are up for renewal. Dion Nicol and Jessica Collins' positions will become vacant (although they can re-apply). We wish to thank them for their service and would like to welcome Alyce Ventris who has joined the Board as a Community Representative.  If you have any queries about the School, head to our website for information about the Board and who you can talk to.

Nomination Form


School & Community Notices

Presentation Night


Art Exhibition


Merredin Musical


AUSTSWIM Teacher Training


Cummins Theatre 2020


Term 4 Planner

Click to download the latest Term 4 Planner- please be aware that changes may occur and the most current Term Planner will be available on Facebook, Connect (Library Tab) and our website as it gets updated.


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