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14 November 2019
2019 Issue 17
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Principal's Message

Christmas: A Time for Giving - Luke 2:1-20

A visit to any shop from Bunnings to Target will leave you in no uncertain terms aware that Christmas is nearly upon us. The excitement that surrounds this wonderful time of year is beginning to grow, and increasingly our conversations about the plans and adventures that are in store for us across the break are starting up as students get the sense that Christmas is not too far away.


While I understand what it is that Christians get excited about when it comes to Christmas time, I wonder what it is about Christmas that resonates so strongly in the broader culture. In answer to this question, Pastor Charles Stanley suggests that the Christmas holidays are one of the happiest because people are more generous at Christmas than any other time of the year. Now I don't know if this is true, but I suspect that he is onto something.


The practice of giving at Christmas is not, however, a recent innovation. It began on the first Christmas when Jesus was born. Jesus was, in and of himself, a gift, but interestingly it is also true as Pastor Charles points out, everyone in the Christmas story had something to give:

  • When Mary submitted to God's plan, she gave her body to be the first home of the incarnated Savior (Luke 1:30-38).

  • She also surrendered her good reputation in order to fulfil the Lord's calling for her life.

  • Joseph offered his love and protection to Mary and the child who was not his own (Matt. 1:18-25).

  • An angel gave an announcement of the Messiah's birth to some lowly shepherds who were watching their flocks at night.

  • A heavenly host of angels offered praise and glory to God.

  • The shepherds shared the first personal testimony about the Messiah.

  • The wise men relinquished the comfort of home to seek the newborn King and give Him gifts worthy of royalty (Matt. 2:1-11).

Profoundly, these gifts may do not pertain only to the first Christmas, but each have application for us today. In simple terms, as believers, Pastor Charles says we “are called to give of ourselves to the Lord and to one another in similar ways.” My encouragement to you as you head into another Christmas season is to ask, what can you give? Not just to others but also to Christ.


Andrew Manning


Pray for Bayside

Please continue to pray for our Secondary students as they finish completing their end of year exams.


Pray in thanks for the wonderful new families, students and staff who will be joining us in 2020. Pray for good transitions.


Please pray for our talented music students as they prepare to showcase their talents to family and friends at their performances next week.


Pray for those planning and organising the many end of year celebration and presentation events - for wisdom and grace.

From the Deputy's Desk

As the year draws to a close, we begin looking toward 2020. There are a few new staff to welcome, and a few changes internally. We extend a warm welcome to those new to Bayside.


Incoming Staff:

  • Mr Chris Alley - Secondary Maths / Science

  • Mrs Chandra Schokman - Secondary Indonesian

  • Mr Joshua Goschnick - Secondary PE and Generalist

  • Mr David Goschnick - Ag/Horticulture in the TSC

  • Mrs Monique Manning - Primary Teacher

  • Mr Nigel Kuipers - Primary Teacher

  • Mr Nathanael Furlong - Maintenance and VCAL trade support.


Internal Changes:

  • Karen Hooper - Junior Secondary and a new role with Victorian CEN state team

  • Josie Hopkins - will join the Education Support team

  • Anna Lam - returning to the Primary teaching team

  • Jo Moore - returns to the Primary in Term 2 from Maternity Leave

  • Nicole Bolden - Primary Teacher - continuing in 2020

  • Michelle Smith - VET & Workplace Learning

  • Ms Paris Farr - Junior Secondary Maths / Science - continuing 2020

  • Ulli Austermann - Full-time Secondary teacher.


I particularly wish to congratulate Karen Hooper on her new role as the State Executive Officer for Victorian CEN schools. Her role will involve working with many schools in our network, supporting principals and staff in the implementation of Christian Education. This is a part-time role, and Karen will join the Secondary team for the remainder of her week. 


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

2020 transitions

The transition process is starting for 2020. This week the current Year 6 students have been involved in Year 7 Taster activities. They had the

opportunity to participate in Food Technology, Visual Communication Design, Performing Arts, IT and Design Technology lessons with some of the Secondary teachers. Yesterday, the first full group Prep Transition was held for two hours in the Prep classrooms. These opportunities help students and teachers to start to get to know each other. On Monday 2 December, all the Primary School students will be involved in meeting their new teacher and classmates for 2020. Parents will be informed of their child’s teacher prior to the day. 


Community Market

On Thursday 28 November, the Community Market will be held on the North Campus. Primary Students will be dismissed at the normal time. Families are encouraged to leave their cars in the South Campus car park and cross the roads at the lights. Primary students have the opportunity to be involved in performing Christmas carols as part of the market entertainment. Staff are also practising a musical item. Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t miss the fun of the Community Market.


Book Club Orders

The final Book Club order sheets will be handed out this week. All orders need to be made by Friday 22 November. If you are sending an order to school, place it in the letter box on the right hand side of the trophy cupboard in G block. Families can also place orders online. If you need to write a cheque, please make sure that it is made out to ‘Bayside Christian College’ for the ease of transfer for payment to Scholastic. Mrs Kate Williams is coordinating the Book Club for the ELC and Primary School, and this is much appreciated. 


Celebration of Learning

On Thursday 28 November, all Primary classrooms will be open for parents/carers to visit from 9:00-9:20am. Please come and see the wonderful work that the students have been completing this term and encourage them in their efforts.


God bless,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Primary Art

In Art, Years 3-6 are creating their own Batik designs using cold wax and fabric dyes. This has been a fabulous opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge across curriculum areas. Keep your eyes out for when they begin to appear in the G block foyer! If you haven’t had a wander through G block recently go check out the beautiful work by our talented Primary students. 


Coal Creek

On Monday we went on the bus to the Coal Creek Community Park and Museum. 

When we got there, we sat down and ate our snack in an old train carriage. After that, we walked all the way to an old school in straight lines of boys and girls. We went in and talked about what was different from this classroom and our one at school. We learned that girls weren’t allowed to climb trees and Ashlyn got in trouble for climbing a tree. (She didn’t really!) If you did something bad you would get whacked with the cane! (It was just pretended of course). 

We got to write with quill and ink. Writing the letters was extremely hard because we had to keep dipping the quill in the ink.


After that, we went over to the general store and bought olden day stuff. We mostly bought lollies. We also learned how they got the change in the olden days with a cool flying fox line that would travel to a room and a person would bring the change back on the line.


After we came back to the carriage and ate our lunch. We went on a train and it chugged around so we could see all the old buildings and old grounds and nature. After we hopped off, we went to the middle of Coal Creek and learned that it was originally a forest with the biggest trees! We got to walk through an old house that only had four rooms, one parent bedroom and the baby and another bedroom for all other kids, a living room and kitchen. 


Some other new facts and things we learned were things like boys had to get hair cuts but girls would just get them cut by their mum. People would never throw things out but they would just keep reusing them, like shoes. After we picked up our bags, we got on the bus to come home. We loved everything! Thank you to all who helped!


Leah - Year 4


The Dot

After reading the book ‘The Dot ‘ by Peter H

Reynolds, the Prep students created their own unique ‘dots’ by colouring with texta on colour diffusing paper, and then watching with fascination as the colours bled into one another as they sprayed their dots with water.


Across the College

Wow your friends with your new cooking skills!

We invite you to participate in some parent workshops in our Trades Skills Centre commercial kitchen with Mr Scott Megee. Scott also owns and runs The Artisan Crust, a bake school in Cockatoo.


See the below flyers for details - RSVP by this Friday 15 November.


If you have any questions, please email


Remembrance Day Envoy in NSW

On Monday 11 November, our Secondary History teacher (and military researcher), Peter Bakker, was the special guest speaker at a Remembrance Day ceremony and luncheon in San Remo, New South Wales.


He was there for the dedication of a unique totem pole memorial that recognises Aboriginal men who served Australia in the Boer War (1899-1902). Aboriginal students from six local Primary and Secondary Schools had decorated the totem pole in various symbolic colours and totem images of the different Aboriginal tribes of the Aboriginal soldiers. Along with Mr Bakker’s speech and PowerPoint presentation, he was able to display a much admired and photographed ‘ANZAC quilt’ that was made by our Learning Support Coordinator, Katie Newton.


Dancing our way through PE

Part of the PE curriculum this term required students to demonstrate complex movement and manipulative skills, and also participate in activities that promote physical fitness and wellbeing. For a number of female PE classes, this translated into perfecting their bush dancing skills. One of the more popular dances learned was the heel-toe polka. This is a four beat dance that involves the waltz stance, spinning your partner and hand clapping. The girls really enjoyed this unit with the only problem being trying to find some boys willing to dance!


Michael Pleiter 

Secondary PE Teacher


Music Showcase Evenings

This semester, Bayside Christian College is again having two Music Showcase Evenings, where we will be appreciating and celebrating all the soloists and small ensembles that we are blessed to have at here at Bayside.


We would love you to come along to one or both evenings to support and encourage the students as they share the hard work they have put in this semester! Note that the Secondary Music Showcase Evening has moved days, and is now on the Tuesday evening, instead of the Thursday evening.



Secondary - Tuesday 19 November

Primary - Wednesday 20 November 


6:30 - 8:30pm


Primary Gym (G5) 


Students are encouraged to dress up in performance attire.


Hope to see you there!


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

It's a Bug's Life

Year 10 VCAL student, Noah, spent some of his time in Agriculture building a structure for our smallest garden inhabitants, the useful insects. 


Arthurs Seat

Some of our staff were involved in the Arthur’s Seat Challenge raising awareness and funds for the Fit2Drive program , which is currently provided to our local schools free of charge. Well done team!


From the Family Zone Blog

Family Zone is a complete cyber safety solution provided to families free of charge! Check out our College Family Zone page to find out how to install the mobile zone app on eligible devices:


Family Zone also maintain a blog of current and informative cyber safety articles, found here:

Years 11/12 Happenings

This week our Year 12 students have continued their final exams. Please keep praying for them as they near the end of their Secondary School studies. Their final celebration will be on Monday 25 November.



Year 11 students completed their Assessment panel presentations on Tuesday 12 November, delivering presentations to a panel of interviewers. This is a deeply reflective process that requires students to critically analyse what they have learned through the year, and to reflect on areas in which they have shown strengths as well as areas in which to improve.



Year 11 students are completing their Year 11 exams, and will begin rollover for 2020 on Tuesday 19 November. Please note that Monday 18 November is a student free day for Year 11.


A reminder that the Christmas market will be held on Thursday 28 November at North Campus. Please come along and support the students as they raise funds for a variety of charities, as well as the teachers who will be singing!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator



Taking Care of Business

In Business classes we are about to begin preparing our products and services for the Christmas Market on Thursday 28 November. The students have been refining their products throughout the year, and we hope to have the finest selection of cheese boards, cards, reusable wraps, candles, diffusers, salts, condiments and planter boxes to be seen together in one place. Gifts and merriment we look forward to!


Sam Waldron

Secondary Teacher

Demystifying VTAC

For parents who are new to the world of university study... 


Swinburne University is running a helpful webinar for parents of Year 12 students on Thursday 21 November, 6:30-7:15pm. In this session presenters will demystify VTAC, pathways, change of preference, course entry requirements and the December offer round. Senior Secondary students are encouraged to participate as well! 


Find out more and register here:


Ms Dawson also has some spare copies of the

recent Deakin Publication "Guide to university for parents and caregivers". Interested parents of students in 12 (or even Year 11) can collect a copy from College Reception. 


Office Administration Matters


There are still many families who have not returned their Student Annual Details Checks, Image Consent form and 2020 Payment Arrangement form. They were posted to families on 18 September in an A4 envelope.

All of these forms are necessary and must be returned to the office as soon as possible. Please contact the office if you have misplaced them and require another copy.



Booklists for Secondary students will be sent home with the eldest child on Friday 15 November (Years 7-10) and Tuesday 19 November for Year 11 (due to exams and day off on Monday). Please keep an eye out for a white envelope which is addressed to the parent/carer.


Stationery requirements (cost covered in the tuition fee) have been ordered by the College and will be distributed to students in classes at the beginning of Term 1 next year. Parents will, however, need to supply a pencil case with writing supplies, and a set of headphones of choice.


The Second Hand Book Sale is on Friday 6 December from 3.30-6.00pm in the College library. Refer to buyer and seller information which has been included with the booklists.


There are no booklists for Primary students – all texts and stationery (cost included in the tuition fee) will be distributed by teachers during class time next year.


2020 School Fees

Most payment options start in December. Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly are due on Friday 6 December and Termly/Half Yearly/ Yearly on Friday 13 December. Please remember payment made via EFT or Direct Debit is eligible for a discount. There are no discounts for BPAY/Credit Card/EFTPOS transactions. NO CASH will be accepted at the office for school fees.


2020 Fees have been generated to fee accounts – we expect to email them to families early next week.

Please be advised that the Bayside Family Network coffee morning on Wednesday 20 November has been cancelled.


Sorry for any inconvenience.

B2Me Business Directory

Sign up to our new online business directory at!


Dobsons Extended Trading Period 2019-2020

In addition to regular Monday and Thursday trading, the Dobsons uniform shop will be open the following additional/adjusted hours before the end of the year:

  • Monday 25 November (Testing Day) 8.30am-1.30pm
  • Monday 2 December (Orientation Day) 8.30am-4.00pm
  • Thursday 12 December (Last Day) 1-4pm


Extended January can be found in the attachment:


Families wishing to purchase, sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use the official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group:

Camp Australia Newsletter


Frankston Christmas Festival of Lights

As you may be aware, Frankston’s Christmas Festival of Lights happens on the 30th November. This fun-filled family event is a local spectacular that is simply not to be missed!


We have a special addition to this years Festival: Frankston’s Skating Wonderland. You will be able to ice skate at the event this year and for a whole week afterwards. See you down at Frankston Library for this brilliant new activity!



Saturday 30 November 2019
Time: 5:00-10:00pm

FREE entry, with costs for rides, food, market stalls and amusements

Frankston Arts Centre precinct, Frankston Library, Davey Street and surrounds.


Please see the website for additional details:

2020 Twilight Carnival

Make sure to keep bringing in your pre-loved items in good condition to sell at our Trash & Treasure and Second Hand Book Stalls. The storage container is in place and ready to receive your items (come via reception)!


Discounted Spray Jackets

The College has acquired some limited stock of spray jackets from our previous uniform supplier. Jackets in sizes 2 and 4 are available for purchase for $25, and jackets in sizes XS, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL are available for $30 (size 10 sold out!) - from the College office only. Spray jackets can be worn until the end of 2021, including in the ELC.

Host a Japanese Student

Each year Bayside hosts Japanese students from Kinjo High School. This program is so rewarding, not only for the students but also for the host families.


If you think you would like to be a host family for eight weeks early in 2020 please see the attached flyer.


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