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26 June 2019
Issue Ten
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Principal's Report

How did we get to end of Term Two so quickly!

Thanks to all the staff and students for a great terms work; we should be incredibly proud of what we are doing at BPS. It has been an incredibly busy term – reports, camps, cross-country, Sister School visit, NAPLAN, curriculum day, education week, open night, Opera, soiree, incursions and excursions! 


We know that both our students and teachers are getting pretty tired and everyone is looking forward to some quality time with friends and family and a very relaxing break. I hope that the children and teachers enjoy the very well deserved break. We look forward to everyone’s safe return for the start of term 3 on Monday 15th July.



It’s lovely to see so many families taking the time to meet with their children’s teachers. School was a lively place last Wednesday and again tonight I am sure. 

We hope that all families have been able to attend a parent teacher interview with their child's teachers as these conferences are a fantastic opportunity to discuss and celebrate your child’s learning progress this year.


This Friday June 28th at 2.30pm, we will end a very busy Term 2. Please make sure your pick up arrangements are adjusted for this earlier finish. Term 3 will commence on Monday 15th July. We will be holding our assembly at 2.00pm to conclude the term.


Last week we celebrated our three school Bands and Guitar groups performing at our annual Mid-Year Soiree. This will be the first performance for many of our younger band and guitar members and a great opportunity for our more experienced musicians to show off their talents, I am blown away by the abilities of these young children and their capacity to get up and perform in front of an audience. Thank you to our Band teachers, Ken and Ed and our wonderful instrumental teachers for their work so far this year with our students. Our thanks to our wonderful Friends of the Band Coordinators for their work preparing this event. If you were not able to be there I encourage you to speak to the children and parents who were there to hear about the wonderful talents of the children and even the guest conductor!


Starting next term we are pleased to be able to offer an after school science program.
Come along and join the science adventure!
Offered at Blackburn Primary, each week students will make hands-on science experiments, whilst learning key scientific concepts. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, be curious and have fun!
for more information see the attached flier or visit -

Please note the Thursday session is for Year 3-6 children.



We are currently looking at our uniform provider as part of the three yearly cycle.  I would appreciate any feedback or commentary about the current provisions so that we can pursue improvements or what we should be asking for from the provider.

Story Time


From the Office

Late Arrivals

A reminder to all parents that if your child arrives late to school, parents/guardians must come into the office to sign the student in on the compass kiosk. Compass attendance will then automatically be updated.

If a child comes in late, unattended, they will need to come to the office  to receive a late pass. You will still receive a message, as we require a parent to explain the lateness. 

2020 Sibling Enrolments

Just a reminder to families in our school community that enrolments for 2020 are now being accepted. If you have a child who will be starting school next  year, please call into the office to pick up an enrolment form. 

School Tours- for new families

We are conducting School Tours every Tuesday at 11.15am and Thursday at 9.15am.

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL.  Please call the school office on 9878 1483.

Anaphylaxis, Allergy & Asthma Action Plans

For those students who require Management Plans for Anaphylaxis, Allergy or Asthma please find below the current plans that the school uses. Please print these off or collect one from the office when you need to update. 


Borrowed Spare Clothing

If your child has come home in spare clothing supplied from the sickbay - please wash and return these items as soon as possible. As you might imagine in these wetter days we can go through our limited supply very quickly!

Key Dates

June 2019

26  Wednesday - Parent Teacher Interviews 4.00pm - 6.30pm

28 Friday - Last day of Term 2 - Early Dismissal at 2.30pm

July 2019

15 Monday - Term 3 Commences 

15 Monday - Grade 6 Band Begins 

16 Tuesday - Umbrella Dementia Cafe 9.30am - 12.00pm

19 Friday - Year 3 Blackburn Lake First Contact Excursion 9.00am 0- 1.00pm

22 Monday - Year 4 Blackburn Lake First Contact Excursion 9.00am - 2.00pm

23 Tuesday - BPS House Athletics - Bill Sewart Athletics Track

24 Wednesday - Back up day for BPS House Athletics

31 Wednesday - Symphonic Band to Victorian School Music Festival

31 Wednesday -  Digital Technologies Parent Evening with Martine Oglethorpe 7pm - 8pm

August 2019

2 Friday - Foundation Students 100 Days of School Celebration

6 Tuesday - Umbrella Dementia Cafe

14 Wednesday - Grade 5 Log Cabin Camp

15 Thursday - Grade 5 Log Cabin Camp

16 Friday - Grade 5 Log Cabin Camp

19 Monday - Grade 3 Edendale Excursion

19 Monday - Grade 4 Phillip Island Camp

20 Tuesday - Grade 4 Phillip Island Camp

20 Tuesday - Umbrella Dementia Cafe

21 Wednesday - Grade 4 Phillip Island Camp

23 Friday - Book Fun Day

29 Thursday - Fathers Day Stall

September 2019

3 Tuesday - Umbrella Dementia Cafe

4  Wednesday - Chinese Day

13 Friday - District Athletics

16 Monday - District Athletics Back Up Day

17 Tuesday - Umbrella Dementia Cafe

19 Thursday - Colour Run  Fundraising for Friendship

20 Friday - Last day of Term 3 - Early Dismissal at 2.30pm

Term Dates 2019

Term 1 - Tuesday 29 January (Teachers Only) - Friday 5th April

Wednesday 30 January (Grade 1-6 students Commence)                               

Thursday 31 January (Foundation Commence) - End of Term is Friday 5th April

Term 2 - Tuesday 23 April - Friday 28 June

Term 3 - Monday 15 July - Friday 20 September

Term 4 - Monday 7 October - Friday 20 December

Classroom News
Foundation - Grade 2 


We wish all our families a very restful and happy holiday break. It has been a big term of learning, with students making some amazing progress in all areas of the curriculum. Thank-you once again for helping make this term such a smooth one. The Foundation year is a team effort and we are lucky to be supported by such a wonderful parent cohort. We are looking forward to a jam packed Term 3, kicking off with a very exciting unit on Fairytales!


We ask that all Take Home Readers are returned on Friday. However, continue reading with your child over the holiday break. Perhaps visit a local library or explore your bookshelf at home, to continue fostering a love of books and reading.


Finally, Zoya Pavloff will be leaving us for long service leave next term. However, will return just in time for Book Fun Day in Week 6! Lara Simpson will be replacing Zoya, and so we welcome Lara on board to the Foundation team next term.


Happy Holidays!


Important Dates/Reminders:

Friday 28th June Early Dismissal- 2:30

Monday 15th July Term 3 Commences

Friday August 2nd 100 Days of School Celebration


Grade 1 & 2 Classroom News

Welcome!  The children have had a wonderful and busy term learning about how things grow and survive, writing information reports, recognising fact and opinion in fiction and non-fiction texts, programming blubots to support their positional unit in Maths, and enjoying their visit to Healesville Sanctuary, just to name a few!   

Learning is a continual partnership between the teacher, the student and the parents. Please continue to support your child and their learning by volunteering to work in the classroom, supporting their home learning and listening to your child read every day!

We hope that you and your family have a safe and restful holiday, ready for another busy and fun term ahead!  Please keep your eyes out for notices about holiday homework!




In week 9, the children focussed on finding the main idea in a non-fiction text.  They learnt that the main idea can be (but not always!) found in the first sentence of each paragraph. Students also learned how to find details in paragraphs to support the main idea.  In the last week of term, children will be practising reading responses from their Reader’s Toolkit such as making predictions, visualising and picking out themes in a text.


In Writing we are wrapping up our writing on Information Reports. This term we have learnt lots about writing information reports.  For example; how to search and collect relevant information on the iPad, form sentences from dot points, how to include more detail in our writing, and how to segment our writing into paragraphs.


In Maths we have been learning about transformation. Transformation is when we show how a shape or object can flip, slide and turn. We have also started learning about Subtraction. We will be continuing with subtraction next term.

Please help your child practise their counting, telling time, addition and subtraction skills during the holidays.


To celebrate the end of the ‘Living Things’ unit, children will be creating a triorama featuring their Australian animal and its habitat.  Parents are warmly invited to visit their child’s class on Friday (9:00-9:50) to see and talk to the children about their completed trioramas.

Upcoming Events:

Parent Teacher Interviews: Wednesday 26th June

End of term: 28th June - 2.30pm finish


Start typing your article in here...

ICAS Assessments 2019

Grades 3-6 ICAS Assessments

We are delighted to inform you that Blackburn Primary School will be participating in the world-renowned ICAS Assessments this year. ICAS is developed by UNSW Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of New South Wales, with over 35 years’ experience in educational assessments.


ICAS is designed to target students’ higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling and Digital Technologies. Students in Grades 3-6 only are invited to participate in 2019.


ICAS Assessments are now online, a move that reflects a sector-wide transition to computer-based assessment. This allows greater accessibility for students and faster delivery of results.


Learn more about ICAS here:


Please see the attached letter for registration and payment details

Classroom News
Grade 3-6

Grade 3 & 4


We continue to look at the features of non-fiction books this week. We are learning to:

  • Make predictions by using knowledge of text type and features
  • Check for Understanding as we read
  • Identify the features of digital texts
  • Investigate interesting vocabulary
  • Determine the main idea of non-fiction texts
  • Recompose information we have read

The reading comprehension strategy of Checking for Understanding has been referred to in many student reports and Parent Teacher Interview discussions recently. Many of our Grade 3 and 4 students are accurate, fluent readers so it is not always obvious they are having trouble comprehending what they have read. We have used the following questions to prompt students to reflect DURING the reading process as to how well they are understanding what they have read:

  • Do I understand what that was about?
  • Were there any parts I did not understand?
  • Could I explain what I have just read to someone else?
  • What might the next part be about?
  • Are there any questions I need to have answered?

Independent reading of iPick books, sticky noting of thinking during reading and 1:1 reading conferences with the teacher continue also.

During writing lessons we will focus on aspects of editing and publishing. We will also practise searching for and using appropriate visual images to enhance our written explanations, such as flowcharts, cycles and labelled diagrams.

Students will continue their independent writing and 1:1 teacher conferences during Writer’s Workshop sessions.

Spelling focus words will be drawn from our shared, or “mentor” texts. There will be a strong focus on science vocabulary. We also investigate maths topic words, including addition and subtraction.



Our focus on addition and subtraction continues this week and into Term 3. At Grade 3 and 4 level students need to use a range of efficient strategies to add and subtract single and multi digit numbers. Students will be asked to reflect on which strategies were the most efficient for different types of problems, ie, required the least number of steps and had less opportunity for errors.


Talk to your child about how they might solve the following problems in efficient ways:

39 – 37 =

41 + 57 =

2 + 7 + 3 + 5 + 8 + 1 =

565 – 99 =



Many thanks to the parent helpers who accompanied classes on their walking excursion to the building site last week. This was a fantastic opportunity to hear from an expert about how the properties of materials make them particularly suited to their purpose. Many thanks to Mrs Sage for organising this.

We conclude our Materials unit this week with students considering real life applications of their understanding of materials and their properties by choosing appropriate materials for their own designs.



Homework due each week

Charged iPads to school every day


Upcoming Events;

26 June Wednesday - Parent Teacher Interviews 4.00pm - 6.30pm

28 June Friday - Last day of Term 2 - Early Dismissal at 2.30pm

19th-21st August Grade 4 Camp to Phillip Island

Grade 5 & 6

As we come to the conclusion of term 2, we take some time to reflect on all the wonderful learning experiences the children have been engaged in. From a fun filled excursion to Parliament House, to an enjoyable Cross County event, soiree, and an abundance of engaging activities in class – the children have certainly showed growth and improvement in a variety of learning areas. We wish you and your families an enjoyable and restful Winter holiday break. Please look out for an email in the next few days regarding our new Integrated Studies unit next term.

Over the next couple of weeks in Grade 5/6 (excluding the holiday break!), students will be focusing specifically on the following areas of learning:


We have continued to look at non-fiction texts in relation to learning about the Australian government and parliament. As part of our Integrated Studies unit, the children have been preparing a video presentation which has required them to research books, websites and news articles. Children have been thoroughly engaged during Reader’s Workshop and continue to practise a variety of comprehension strategies such as summarizing, identifying the main ideas and making connections.


In our Mathematics sessions, we have continued to work on addition and subtraction strategies such as the ones listed:

  • Split strategy
  • Compensation strategy
  • Bump strategy
  • Jump strategy

In addition to this, children have practised using the vertical algorithm strategy and are learning about renaming and regrouping. Students are investigating real life problems relating to money, measurement and everyday occurrences to practise the strategies learnt.

Integrated Studies

Students have been busy preparing their video presentations related to government and parliament. Their completed video presentation will be assessed on the following areas:

  • Planning, researching and organisation
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Use of visual images
  • Use of technology
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Presentation skills

Children have been involved in sessions to plan and prepare a video presentation. We have been impressed with the creativity of student’s – we might have some upcoming Channel 7 news reporters in the making!


Monday 15th July - Term 3 starts

Upcoming Events

Sport (Round Robin) – Thursday 27th June

Last Day of School – Friday 28th June  

F-4 Classroom Music

Gr.1-4 Showbie Music Folders


Introducing 15 mins homework per week on the Showbie music folders has made a profound difference to the way our students are writing about music and their feelings regarding multiple areas of the Arts (dance, cultures, instruments etc). A display of students’ comments will be coming soon – meanwhile I’ve included a few below.


Videos are specifically chosen for each year level. Students are well aware that when they watch something in the Showbie Music Folders they are to comment on what they have watched in that particular folder.  It doesn't have to be a long message - it could be "I enjoyed hearing Yaroslav sing Figaro's song" / "I can't believe Yaroslav can sing that high!" / "Do you know when he started singing opera?" etc. I'm trying to encourage students to talk (or write!) about what they're hearing / learning.


In the Rhythms Folder, they've been asked to let me know how they're finding the rhythms - eg: "I tried No.3 and it was easy" / "No.7 was a bit hard so I'll practise it another time".


Every time a student messages me and I've replied, I put a star next to it in Showbie which adds it to the student's portfolio. Students have been asked not to do this themselves - I only do it once I have replied to them. I've told the students that if they don't message me, then I don't know if they're even looking at Showbie (I'm not a mind reader!)


At the conclusion of writing the June reports, students who had not used Showbie to responded to the via Showbie 'expected level' for the criteria which resulted in their 'below' grading. I’m looking forward to receiving more messages next semester (to date I’ve replied to more than 3,000 messages!)


  • Australian Songs
    • I remember when I was in Grade 1 and I didn’t really know how to sing the Australian Anthem. Then I remember I looked at this folder and then I could sing the Australian Anthem properly! Megan - 3C


      Instruments Rock!
    • ‘We Like To Party’ on the xylophones sounds like a beach song. Jordy - 1B
    • The zither reminds me of the harp. Cassie - 3/4F

      Let’s Get Dancing!
    • Wow!!! I don’t have words for the performance that the Indian dance group presented - it was so cool! I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time! Isabella - 4A

      Movie Musicals
    • I really liked the Moana video because I got to see a little bit of behind the scenes.Tessa - 2D


What an exciting week the F-4’s have had this week in Music!

F-4 students had the opportunity to share a variety of talents individually and in groups to their classmates during this week’s Music lessons. There will a display of photos of every student who has performed – it’s coming soon!

The focus is, as always, not solely on the performance skill, but rather the courage required to present to classmates. We discussed the range of emotions often felt before a performance (nervous, scared, excited) and then after the performance (happy, proud, relieved). Speaking clearly and slowly when introducing their items in a safe learning environment where we encourage and build each other up – that’s what it’s all about!

A perfect example of this was in one of the younger classes where a student desperately wanted to perform but was overcome with fear (resulting in tears). The bell had rung to go out to recess and instead of wanting to race out of the music room, the entire class waited silently and patiently for the student to find the courage to perform. This was one of my week’s highlights – I was so touched by the kindness the students showed to their classmate.

Here's a snippet of what has been presented…

  • Reciting poetry
  • Homemade instruments (including a whistle made out of a carrot!)
  • Playing instruments (piano, violin, guitar, clarinet, drums)
  • Dance groups
  • Comedy acts
  • Making and presenting slideshows of favourite bands
  • Garage Band & Launchpad compositions

    Thank you to all parents who encouraged their children to present items this week.
    Enjoy a safe and happy holiday! 😊
     Yours in harmony,
    Lisa Shacklock
    F-4 Music Co-ordinator (M-W)


Digital Technologies


Lunchtime Clubs

Chinese Dance Group

Mandarin program has been introduced to Blackburn Primary School since 2011. Every student in the school has embraced the Chinese language and the Chinese culture. Our Chinese Dance Group also was formed in 2011. All the girls in the group have dedicated considerable time in practicing Chinese dancing and singing. The students practice every Friday at lunchtime. The Chinese Dance Group has performed at OXFAM, school assembly, Chinese Day and many other school events.
When: Every Friday lunchtime
Where: the Old Hall  


Chess Club

For those wishing to play a social game of Chess, Chess Club will open every Thursday lunchtimes from 1:25 in the Library. Due to the limited number of Chess sets available, the club will only be open to children in Years 2 to 6 but this may change depending on the levels of interest.  Children are encouraged to learn the game from fellow players with some instruction provided by the Teacher.  It’s a wonderful way to meet friends, learn a new skill, and learn from each other!  


Coding Club

Each Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes Code Club will be happening in Foundation C.

  1. Years 1-3 Monday. This term we will continue to explore the App Scratch JR and later this term coding Blu-Bots to complete various challenges.
  2. Years 4-6 Tuesday. We will continue working with Swift Playgrounds as well as with the Spheros.


Knitting Club

Knitting Club is booming with many Foundation students being taught to finger knit by our lovely grade 3 & 4 knitters. We would love some adult helpers so students can progress to ...needles! If you can spare a Wednesday lunchtime - 1.00 - 1.45 and have your Working With Children Certificate, we would warmly welcome you to join our happy crew.

Junior School Council

B.P.S Colour Fun Run

The JSC have been busy putting plans together for the BPS colour run on Thursday 19th September. This whole school event will hopefully raise enough money for our new friendship area. Students will be coming home with information packs this week about the event and how to set up your online fundraising profile. All students who raise just $10 will receive a prize for their effort. The more they raise the better their prize. So get on board and be ready to get messy :)

Fundraising for Friendship

Make sure you go and check out our fundraising wall, next to lost property. It has been recently updated with plans for what the new friendship area may look like, alongside images of what it currently looks like. There is also a section that will advertise any upcoming fundraising events. The JSC have also added in a thermometer to keep a running total of the money we have raised so far. As you can see we have a long way to go, so stay tuned for upcoming events.


The sustainability captains and facilities committee have been busy preparing a nude food challenge for the whole school to start in term 3. All students will be encouraged to bring nude food and all classes will  keep a running total over 5 weeks. The class with the highest number of students that brought nude food over the 5 weeks will win a special morning tea. Stay tuned for more details. 

The Patch Program 

The Patch

Well the garden has certainly had a good drink over the last few weeks!  And while we have had to retreat inside on several occasions this term, the grade 1s and 2s have helped to set up worm farms to better process the food and garden waste we produce.  You may have noticed our new giant worm farm beside the cubby which was made possible thanks to a grant from Whitehouse Council, several hours of toil by Ross, one of our dads, who fitted out the bath with frame and lid, and of course the grade 2s who prepared all the components for the new inhabitants. Our thousands of new pets have settled in well to their new home and are hard at work making a fabulous tonic for our plants.


Thankyou to our magnificent volunteers who have made cooking classes possible this term. We literally could not have done it without you. And if you missed out this term, there will be plenty of opportunities to help out again next term. The signup will be sent out as soon as the timetable is finalised.


Autumn leaves wanted!

Dried autumn leaves make a wonderful addition to compost bins and can be left in a covered pile in a quiet corner to slowly turn into rich healthy soil. If you have more dried leaves than you can make use of at home, the Patch would love them for building compost.  Bags of autumn leaves can be left between the Shed and the chicken coop in the Patch. 

Interested in helping to maintain our beautiful Patch?

Please contact me at [email protected] to let me know how you would like to help and when you are available.


Thanks - Claire Pattison - Patch Co-ordinator.


Chaplain's Corner

Breakfast Club

Over the years our family has developed a liking for breakfast outings. Ever since the kids were little we’ve headed out for family breakfast celebrations. We usually go to City Hotels and avail ourselves of the buffet breakfast. This suits everyone as each person can choose their own thing and go at their own pace.


For the last couple of months we have been promising the kids that we would take them to The Conservatory. We’ve been there a couple of times in the past and it’s always been a great hit. It’s based inside the Crown Complex and it’s got an awesome view of the Yarra and the city. It’s pretty fancy and so it’s regarded as a great treat. So, on Sunday morning, we got up, put on our finery and set out for our much-anticipated Conservatory Breakfast. The traffic was reasonable (being a Sunday) and we made pretty good time. I was a little perplexed that we didn’t leave home quite early enough, but we’d had a late night on Saturday night, so we didn’t crack the whip.


While I’m familiar with the City, I asked my lovely bride to consult Dr Google just so we could nail down the best place to park. We followed Google’s instructions and it took us directly to the main carpark at Crown. I was watching the time and conscious that we were going to arrive just prior to rush hour. That was OK.


As we drove toward the carpark, the sign advertised the Flat Rate fee of $50.00. There was no way I was paying 50 bucks for breakfast parking. So, we diverted past the main carpark and continued – I then awaited further instructions as to the best way around the block. Lara provided the instruction to turn left (which I did). Very sadly for everyone, this put us on the freeway and a one-way trip through the Burnley Tunnel. There was no diverting, no turning back, just a hopeless resignation that having almost tasted the promised land, we were now on our way towards the South Eastern Suburbs. There was silence and tension and hunger pains from everyone in the car.


We (eventually) made our way back to the city and parked at Jeff’s Shed ($20.00). We then wandered aimlessly trying to find our breakfast destination. Upon arrival there was a line for House Guests and a line for outsiders. We were so happy to have finally made it. As we waited, we watched the breakfast guests swanning around with plates full of croissants and eggs benedict and goblets full of mango smoothie.  We were pumped. That was, until a very official looking lady smiled at us (a bit like the smile you would get from a bereavement counsellor). Her well-rehearsed smile said it all. Without even opening her mouth she conveyed “We feel your pain and you’ll have to eat breakfast somewhere else.”  We stood there for a moment, trying to process the enormity of her sympathetic yet crushing news. I actually felt very sorry for us (as strange as that sounds). Let’s just say, we were the flashiest dressed family in the Food Court. Until Sunday, I’d never had a Souvlaki for breakfast!


Have you ever felt like an outsider? When, no matter how hard you try, you just don’t seem to measure up or find acceptance. Regardless of the effort that you make, others seem to get chocolates while you are sucking on boiled lollies. It’s a terrible feeling.  We all know how it feels to miss out on a party invitation or a movie outing or a gathering of some description. Sometimes, it’s an innocent oversight and others times it feels a little more calculated. The good thing is that each of us is capable of including others. While we can’t always be accepted by others, EACH OF US can ensure that WE do our bit to include EVERYONE. So, let’s all do our best to be includers and to treat others as we would like to be treated. Only when we strive for this do we really begin to experience real community.


Have a great holiday and see you all next term.


Cheers - Phil Simpson – School Chaplain

[email protected]


Lost Property

Lost property is a BIG problem at BPS and 5P are not happy! 

Each week our job is to return named lost property to its owner. However, we often end up with a big pile of clothes and containers that are not named or not clearly named.

This is an example of a jumper that we were unable to return as it was not clearly named. 

Please use a permanent marker and write your family name. A better option is to use an iron on label.

Unnamed lost property will be kept until the end of term. After this it will be passed on to the second hand clothing sale or if in bad condition, moved on permanently. 

Thank you for your help to reduce this problem

From 5P

Before School Running

We have finished running for this term but will restart on the 18th July.

Because of the School Athletics on Tuesday the 23rd of July there will not be any Before School Running on this morning either.

The next run will be on 25th July.

See you all then


Parent Volunteers Needed

Patch Kitchen Helpers

Cooking class volunteers required - SIGN UP NOW OPEN

The term 2 sign up roster is now open for Patch Cooking Classes.

Simply go to to register to help. Remember, you don't need to be a confident cook to help out - we are all learning together! You do need a current working with children check however . I look forward to working with you.

Knitting Club

Knitting Club – mentors needed for keen beginner knitters!

Knitting Club meets on a Wednesday lunchtime (1.00pm)  - for further information see the Lunchtime Clubs page.

2019 Sickbay Washing Roster

June 28 - Yang

July 19 - Shilpa
July 26 - Xena
August 2 - Roger
August 9 - Trupti
August 16 - Joanne


Thank you to the parents above for volunteering but we are still in need of more parent helpers. If you would like more information or are able to help, please send an email to [email protected]

Your support is much appreciated

Parents and Friends Roles

P&F Event Organisers Needed - Events 2019 and 2020

The P&F is always looking for people to help organise events. These events range from morning teas to through ongoing activities such as school banking through to larger events such as a Family Movie Night. We have a list of suggested events and activities - please see the link below for more details and to register your interest): 

P&F events and register your interest to help


We also  welcome new ideas for fundraising or social - please email [email protected] with any thoughts and suggestions. And feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Working With Children Check

Parents who wish to participate in school events such as volunteering,  need to have a current Working With Children Check (WWC).   If you haven't got one yet, please register via the link below.   Once you have registered for WWC our school office will be notified if you highlight our school as your volunteering location.

Parents and Friends

Key Dates

27 June 2019 - Grade 3 Dinner at Mexican Kitchen Mitcham

Grade 3 Class Dinner

Thursday 27 June 2019 at 7:30pm

Inviting all Grade 3 parents to a mid year Mexican night out.  It will be a great way to get to know fellow parents.  
Where: PJs Mexican Kitchen Mitcham.  695-697 Whitehorse Road Mitcham
RSVP: Let your class rep know or contact Vicky L via [email protected] by Fri 21/5/19

Class Contact List

Each class has a Class Contact List to organise social activity between parents.  If you have not completed the Class Contact List form, but wish to have your contact on the list, you can still complete the BPS Class Contact list below.  Your details will then be sent to the Parent Class Representative to update the class contact list with your details.

2019 Class Contact List Form

School Fundraising

Woolworths Earn and Learn
starts 1st May 2019

Start collecting your Earn & Learn stickers now!

Anyone who shops at Woolworths from Wednesday 1st May until on Tuesday 25th June 2019 can collect Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers.

A single Sticker will be given to a customer with every $10 spent in a single transaction at Woolworths.

At the end of the promotion, our school will then redeem the Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers much needed educational resources.  This year we hope to enhance Literacy through increasing our Take Home Reader range for our children. 

So the more we collect, the more we get for our school!

Please drop your stickers at the following booth locations:

> At our school office booth

> Blackburn North Woolworths

> Blackburn South Woolworths

Order your new 2019-2020 Entertainment Book now!

The new Entertainment Book is now available!  Filled with literally thousands of discounts on activities, dining, shopping, and travel, there’s something for everyone. 

The digital version for mobile lets you search for offers (or see them on a map) and then redeem them just by showing your phone, or you can order the traditional book form with tear-out vouchers (a sample book is available to view at the school office).


Offers include a discount on Woolworths gift cards (valid at Woolworths, Big W, BWS, Dan Murphy’s and Caltex); dining offers ranging from Ezard’s and Bistro Guillaume to McDonald’s and Sushi Sushi; cinema tickets; discounted clothing store gift cards such as Country Road and Seed; and even discounts on airfares from Jetstar, Virgin, Emirates and others, hotel rates, and all the Gold Coast theme parks.

All offers are valid through to 1st June 2020, so you have plenty of time to use them, plus you’ll be helping our school, with 20% of every copy sold going to BPS.  There are versions for major cities all around Australia, so get your family and friends to help out BPS as well!

Just use the link below to order:

ToyWorld Forest Hill School Benefit Card Program

By shopping at ToyWorld Forest Hill and joining their School Benefit Card Program (with Blackburn Primary School as the nominated school), your purchases will contribute 4% in free product (given to the school in the form of a gift voucher at the end of the year). In the past, the P&F  have used this voucher either as a prize in itself, or to by toys to be used a prizes or auction items, which then generates extra funds for the school.

In addition, participants receive a 10% discount all year after they have accumulated $100.00 of spending in store (excluding sale items).

School Banking

Did you know the CBA Dollarmites School Banking program helps raise funds for our school as well as helps our children to learn to save. Our school receives 5% of every individual deposit made at school (up to $10), along with other benefits.
For more information on how your child can participate, see link below.

How to join School Banking

Banking Day is Wednesdays

For all of our new families who may not be aware, please note that the Commonwealth Bank runs a school banking program at BPS.

The banking program is voluntary and is open to all BPS students.

To participate in the program, you simply have to set up an account at your local Commonwealth Bank branch.

At the bank, your child will be issued with a deposit book and wallet that you use to fill in any deposits you wish to make – just remember to secure any money being deposited in the pocket of the deposit book wallet and pop it into the grey zip up satchel on Wednesday mornings (note: each class has it’s own satchel). 

The school banking co-ordinators will process all deposits using an on line portal that allows Commonwealth Bank to keep track of how many deposits individuals make.

For each deposit made, students will receive a silver dollarmite token and once 10 are collected they can then be redeemed for a reward (note: it can take up to three weeks for rewards to be issued by Commonwealth Bank).

For parents who have done the program previously, please note that the gold tokens have now been discontinued.

If you want to join the program or have any queries, please pop into the staff room on a Wednesday morning and talk to one of our friendly school banking team.

Cheers and happy saving - The School Banking team.

Got a Fundraising Idea?

If you have a fundraising idea that you would like to kick off please email [email protected] with your proposal.

OSHClub News  

OSH News 

Hello Blackburn Primary,

It's been a busy time at OSH Club these past couple of weeks and we have been trying to stay warm in this cold and rainy weather! With the beginning of winter hitting us, the children have been working super hard to decorate our room with winter themed crafts as well as spending more time indoors in our cosy reading corner. A reminder to all children to make sure you have a jumper in these cooler months, particularly to play outside.

Our Jamie Oliver Learn Your Fruit and Veg incursion program has continued weekly on a Wednesday.  Our latest creation with them was a winter fruit salad covered in yummy yogurt and honey. The children have been so engaged in this program and love taking home new recipes to their parents. We can wait to see what we create during out last week of cooking!

If you're interested in your child participating in the program, book now or call 0423781984 for more information.  


Parent Information

OSHC program phone: 0423 781 984 

Operating Hours: 7-9am 


 Email: [email protected]

 Coordinator: Rosie R

Assistant Coordinator: Natalie L 

Educators: Siân E, Kate H, Marnie K &  Cara W

 OSHClub Head Office &

 Accounts contact:  1300 395 735 &  [email protected]

 All families must be enrolled to attend the program.

 Please create an account online at

All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account.


Please be advised that when using your online booking system all bookings must be made in advance, more than 24 hours business days. For all bookings where this is not possible, meaning those required to be made in less than 24 hours (business days), please contact us ASAP or leave a message on our service phone 0423 781 984 and we will advise you at the start of our next session time if we have a vacancy. The same applies to cancellations and we ask for your assistance on contacting us regarding last minute cancellations as this helps to open vacancies for other OSHClub families.


If you have any issues managing or changing your account details please contacts the accounts team on the above phone number or email.

In addition to OSHClub’s regular School Holiday programs, we run three Teen Holiday Programs which are designed especially for the older children (11-14 year olds). These programs are based out of Richmond, Solway and South Melbourne Primary Schools and are open to everyone. Activities include rock climbing, bowling, MCG tour, MSAC, cooking and more

Community Pages 








Saxophone for Sale

YAMAHA - YAS280 ALTO SAXOPHONE GOLD (recommended for students) in fantastic condition Includes Cleaning kit Black case with backpack straps for easy carry use Purchased at Music Junction Blackburn in 2016

Contact:  Carlie Lewis on 0433 635 566 & located in Blackburn 




Advertise in BPS Newsletter

With a regular audience of over 500 unique readers weekly, the BPS newsletter is a great way to promote your business or event to the local community.  Advertisers can post an ad to appear on this page.  The reader will be able to click into each ad and enlarge it to a full page size.

To get your ad in the BPS fortnightly newsletter:

1.  Create a banner ad in JPEG or PNG format with an aspect ratio close to 4:3 or 400x300pixels. 

2.  Send the ad to [email protected]   Please also advise how many weeks you wish to advertise.  

3.  Each ad listed costs $30 per newsletter issue (i.e. per fortnight).   In order for your ad to appear in the newsletter issued out on a Wednesday, payment  and ad must be received by Mondays 4pm.

Payment Details for Newsletter Articles

CBA - Blackburn Primary School

BSB:        063 107   Account: 10020157

Reference: Newsletter <Your Company Name>


The Department of Education & Training and Blackburn Primary School do not endorse the products or services of any private advertiser. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information contained in advertisements or claims made by them.

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