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17 May 2018
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From the Principal

I haven’t yet met an educator who hasn’t welcomed the recommendations of “Gonski 2.0”, as Gonski’s latest report is being called, and it was pleasing to know that the federal government immediately accepted, in principle, all its recommendations, as then did state governments.


The times are, indeed, a-changin’!


Good, Sir Ken Robinson might say! The eminent international advisor on education comments*, “Every country is trying to improve education – over the last 20 years there’s been a pattern of reform, and for the most part it’s been a catastrophic failure.”


“We have created a system that actively stops people wanting to learn,” Robinson argues, capturing the tension, perhaps even the heartbreak, that many teachers feel.


“The thing is, education has been recognized as a strategic issue, governments scrutinize the education policies of other countries like they scrutinize their economic and defence policies because they know it’s about trade and competition…But they think too simply about it…” says Robinson.


And governments’ thinking can be too simplistic about education because, as we have seen in many countries, including our own, they are wanting to boil it down to some useable data…and that’s where we see the McNamara Fallacy rearing its head.


(The McNamara Fallacy refers to a strategic method employed five or six decades ago - in the car industry! – that was based on the idea that you measure what you can observe: it saw every element of production quantified in a stringent fashion in order to improve efficiency and production. Evidently, Mr McNamara then attempted to transfer this seemingly successful approach from the realm of car production to the Vietnam War…**)


The reality is that, while measuring progress is undoubtedly important, such an approach can create too much focus on the measurable. We can fall into the trap of just valuing, or over-valuing, that which we can measure. Less-easily measured aspects can become regarded as less important, and they sometimes even fall from sight. 


A focus on the measurable needs to be adopted in sympathetic conjunction with other approaches that “might yield better outcomes”. Otherwise, and depending of course on whether we are talking about car production or deep and authentic learning, it runs the risk of being “a deeply hubristic arrogance in the reduction of complex human processes to statistics”. **


And so to Gonski 2.0.


The recommendations are being welcomed by educators and by our federal and state governments because they are focused on addressing what are regarded as some of the biggest obstacles standing in the path of better learning outcomes for our students. Some, but not all of these obstacles, include:


• an industrial era approach to educating “the masses”;

• a lock-step approach that sees education meted out according to a student’s age rather than according to the student’s progress and achievement;

• a system that places excessive demands on our teachers…demands that can unfortunately appear to be prioritized over a genuine focus on each individual student’s needs;

• an excessive reliance on testing and summative (as opposed to formative) assessments;

• a state-based education system that prevents a united philosophy, a united approach across our nation…

At All Saints’ College, we welcome the recommendations of Gonski 2.0.


While obviously operating within the constraints of the current education system, we have for a number of years now been working towards a newly-envisaged model of education – a “personalisable” model that continues to value academic rigour while focusing on the development of 21st century skills, while fostering amongst our students a disposition that embraces and is excited by change, that recognizes the enormous importance of emotional intelligence, and that builds for our students meaningful connections and partnerships with industry, business, community, higher learning...


...We are most excited by the opportunities that lie ahead, and look forward to reporting to you on future developments in relation to Gonski 2.0.


* “Sir Ken speaks out: our school system crushes the will to learn”, Education HQ Australia, 3 May 2018, Sarah Duggan

**  “The McNamara Fallacy and the Problem with Numbers in Education”, Chronotope blog, 4 April 2015


Ms Belinda Provis

Whole College

Whole College 

When a student is absent from school or required to leave the College during school hours due to illness, or other reasons, parents are required to contact the College on the following telephone numbers.
JUNIOR SCHOOL – (08) 9313 9334
SENIOR SCHOOL – Student Services direct line: (08) 9313 9302
Please note these numbers to ensure your call is dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner, ensuring all students are accounted for.




The College has provided some tips to help parents provide support and guidance for children and young people as they engage in online activities.


To read more about these tips, visit the Learning Technologies section of The College Courier.


Parents and students are able to track all five bus routes with Horizons West
(Applecross, Canning Vale, Fremantle, South Perth and Wandi) using the transit
‘Where’s my Bus’ App on a smartphone or device. The App will allow users to
view where the bus is travelling along the route in real-time and it will provide an
estimated arrival time at the pick-up or drop-off location.


To download the Where’s my Bus App, please visit one of the below links:
Apple App StoreCLICK HERE


Once the App has downloaded onto your device, enter:
Username: [email protected]
Password: ascwmb1



Last week the Old Saints were delighted to support and celebrate the sixth annual Heritage Week at ASC.

Old Saint volunteers cooked 600 sausages for Junior and Senior School students and raised more than $750  in aid of Living Child, founded by Old Saint midwife, Sara David (née Lindegger, 1987), in 2013. Living Child is a not-for-profit, non-government charity that aims to reduce the maternal and infant death rate in remote villages of Papua New Guinea.


Sponsoring many events across the College are just some of the many ways the Old Saints remain connected to the College community and they enjoyed the final event of the week by retaining the Old Saints v Students’ Sports Event Shield on Friday. What a great way to end the ASC 2018 Heritage Week!


For more information about the Old Saints v Students’ Sports Event please see the Sport & Physical Education section and read all about the many activities on the Junior School page.

Junior School

From the Dean of Junior School


The Heritage Week events in the Junior School were well attended with students leaning in to be involved.

Students in Years 5 and 6 studied the new All Saints’ College Timeline and two representatives from each House competed in a Buzzer Quiz with questions based on the Timeline. We were impressed with how quickly some new students were able to answer the questions. Congratulations to Durack House on winning both the Year 5 and the Year 6 Quizzes.

Old Saint volunteers cooked 300 sausages for Junior School students in aid of Living Child, founded by Old Saint midwife, Sara David (née Lindegger, 1987), in 2013. Living Child is a not-for-profit, non-government charity that aims to reduce the maternal and infant death rate in remote villages of Papua New Guinea.

The Years 3 and 4 students enjoyed an afternoon competing in a House event, Piecing Together All Saints' Heritage, where they had to put together jigsaw puzzles of aerial views of the College Campus and then arrange them in date order.  This was achieved in a thrilling relay, which nearly had the Lower Theatre roof taken off with the excitement! Congratulations to Stirling House on narrowly beating Murdoch and O'Connor in a nail biting finish.

The Old Saints’ Heritage Week Art Competition saw the Junior School Reception fill with many highly creative inventions that all went into the running for best design. The results for Years 3 – 6 will be announced at the Years 3 - 6 Assembly tomorrow and the Pre-Primary to Year 2 winners will be announced at the ECC Community Reflections on Friday, 15 June. All entries from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will be on display at the Grandparents and Friends’ Morning on Friday, 1 June in the CPA.


We thank the Old Saints for supporting Heritage Week and to view more photographs please click HERE.



Last week, Mother’s Day was celebrated throughout the Early Childhood Centre with festivities occurring across their classrooms. These are always such heart-warming events to attend as the children are so proud of their mothers and are excited to be able to express their love and appreciation in the context of their own classrooms. Students made creative gifts with love and thought and enjoyed serving their mothers morning or afternoon tea.



As we begin the winter term we will be reminding our students to wash their hands to maintain good health. If your child does become unwell with a cold or flu, we encourage parents to keep their children away from school until they have recovered.



I remind our community that with the possible wet weather conditions in Terms 2 and 3 the Junior School car park can become even more congested than usual. I encourage all parents and visitors to the College, to drive cautiously, paying attention to signage, and to be patient and mindful of small children and families using this area.


Ms Penelope Crane
Dean of Junior School



Senior School

From the beginning of next week − Week 4, Term 2 (Monday, 21 May) the full winter uniform must be worn.


Given the likelihood of warm weather in early Term 2, students have had a transition period into wearing the winter uniform and are able to wear the summer uniform until the end of this week − Week 3, Term 2.


If the weather is warmer, summer uniform is appropriate. If the weather is cooler, it is appropriate for a jumper (formal uniform) or tracksuit top (sport uniform) to be worn with the summer uniform, as is currently done in cooler days in Terms 1 or 4.


In this ‘transition period’ there must be no combinations of uniforms; students must wear full summer or winter uniform. If students opt to wear winter uniform in this ‘transition period’, blazers must be worn with a tie and full tracksuit must be worn.


If, on particular days after Week 3 of Term 2, the weather is still very warm the Dean of Student Wellbeing will make the decision whether students may take off their blazers/ties or tracksuit.  Students will be notified during that day.



Last year we were fortunate to host several students from many different countries at the College, for different lengths of time and through different organisations.


The students loved their experience of Western Australian and All Saints’ College culture and were very grateful for the generosity shown to them by the ASC families who hosted them. In turn, we enjoyed getting to know the exchange students and learning more about their countries of origin.


Through our partnership with one particular organisation, goYonder, we hosted three Venetian students in 2017. We currently have Anna Giovine (Year 11) who is studying at the College for all of Semester 1 and Elisa Brocca (Year 12) has joined our community for Term 2. We have invited two more students from Venice to join us later this year for stays of three months each.


We are looking for a family to host Pietro Correzola (16 years old) in Term 3. It would be helpful if the All Saints’ family had a boy in the Senior School.


In this arrangement, host families are paid an amount of money each week (approximately $290) to assist with the costs of including an extra member in their family.


If you are interested in hosting Pietro in Term 3 (for a three month stay) or for more information, please contact the Dean of Student Wellbeing, Mr Steven Davies [email protected]

Miss Elizabeth Hill (2010) [BSc(Hons) Speech Pathology], Old Saint and former Stirling House Captain, is now a Speech Pathologist at Curtin University.


Elizabeth is looking into teenage communication and how it impacts on emotional wellbeing and participation with family and friends, as well as in the classroom. This research project aims to help Speech Pathologists better understand and treat teenagers who have communication difficulties, such as those with an acquired brain injury or Autism.


Elizabeth is seeking 12 to 15 year old students who speak English as a first language to be involved. Participation requires seeing Elizabeth for two 45 minute sessions either at home or at Curtin University, and completing a range of language, attention, and memory activities.


After the sessions, parents can receive a summary of how their child has performed on the tasks, and everyone involved will receive a Hoyts movie voucher to thank them for their time and effort.


Please contact Elizabeth on 0437 514 025 or at [email protected], if you have any questions or would like to be involved in her research. 


Should you have any questions about the College’s support of Miss Hill’s project, or if you would like further information about the assessments that you or your child will complete, should you choose to take part in this project, please contact the Dean of Student Wellbeing, Mr Steven Davies, at [email protected]

Relevant documentation will be made available through the College for the convenience of project participants.



This year, for the first time, students were offered the opportunity to choose whether they would aid their personal organisation by using the traditional paper diary or opt to find other means. Many students have taken the chance to find an electronic organisational tool that suits them. For some, it is SEQTA and/or Microsoft Outlook, and others have found alternatives, such as Trello, Microsoft Teams or Asana.


Whilst the paper diary is no longer compulsory, we still have the same expectation of students, that they note their homework in an accessible place. Parents may be looking at the College-issued diary or at another system preferred by their child, but it still relies on the student taking responsibility for noting the homework somewhere and showing their parents.


Teachers do not provide in SEQTA a list of set homework for their classes, accessible to both students and parents, just as they did not in the past write homework in an individual student’s diary. Therefore, academic and pastoral staff at the College believe students still need to take responsibility for noting their homework.


In the past Tutor Group teachers checked diaries weekly. They looked at what was being written into the pages and checked that homework was being done. Now Tutors are asking students to show them that they are well organised in their studies, whichever tool they are using. The student is effectively proving to the Tutor that they are staying on top of their organisation and studies with the tool they have chosen. Parents can ask their child the same thing, and they would show them, just as they would have shown them the diary.


Parents have, of course, the option of asking their children to use the paper diary instead of electronic tools, if they feel it would be more effective for them. If a student’s Head of House / Year Coordinator felt that a student was simply not coping with the responsibility of using electronic tools, the student would be asked to use the paper diary, in their best interest.


If parents have any questions about how their child might best take advantage of the opportunity to organise themselves with electronic tools, please contact Mr Greg Port, Head of ICT Integration, at the College at [email protected]. If your child is having general organisational difficulties, your child’s Head of House or Year Coordinator are good people with whom to discuss this.


Mr Steven Davies

Dean of Student Wellbeing



What's On?


WANT TO PLAN FURTHER AHEAD? Click HERE to visit our 2018 College Calendar



To book your spot at Professor Yong Zhao's Djaaliny presentation, click HERE


For more information about the ASC Playgroup, click HERE


On Tuesday, 5 June at 6.00pm, Years 7 and 8 students will be performing a Music recital in the College Chapel. Please note that this recital was originally scheduled for Tuesday, 22 May but has been rescheduled due to the Year 8 Camp.


We are looking forward to seeing the Amati Strings, Concert Band and our soloist students perform in this wonderful event.


If there are any students learning outside of the College who would also be interested in performing in this concert, please contact the Music office via email: [email protected] or phone: 9313 9397.



Click HERE to book.



Tickets are now available! To book, click HERE 

This year’s College Production, Little Shop of Horrors is fast approaching and we would love to see you at one (or all three) of the performances.


The students have worked tirelessly in rehearsal, tackling some extremely challenging concepts in an attempt to put a very original spin on the classic musical.


Little Shop of Horrors was performed in 1998 and 2009 at the College, so the musical itself is becoming something of a tradition. We thought it might be an interesting gauge to see how productions have changed over the years and how stylistic philosophy can shape a performance to create unique experiences.


The concept of this year's production is to perform the show in the latter stages of the development of the rehearsal process. This has allowed us to make a feature of the elements that live performances attempt to mask, such as set changes and other technical requirements. The sound engineers, lighting designers and stage crew take on a life of their own and become an integral part of the ‘performance’.


Parents, tickets are selling fast to 'An Evening with Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton'. Secure yours now by clicking HERE.


The HotHouse Company

HotHouse Company now has its own Instagram page! Follow @Hothousecompanyasc to keep up-to-date with developments and insights as to what is happening in HotHouse.

JM Wright Bequest Fund - grants available

Earlier this year the JM Wright Bequest Fund was launched with the aim of attracting national and international talent to perform at ASC and to support current students and alumni in the field of the arts.

To learn more about the grants and how to apply, please click HERE.

The HotHouse Company presents

To book Dance Lab Classes, click HERE



Tickets are now available! To book, click HERE 

This year’s College Production, Little Shop of Horrors is fast approaching and we would love to see you at one (or all three) of the performances.


The students have worked tirelessly in rehearsal, tackling some extremely challenging concepts in an attempt to put a very original spin on the classic musical.


Little Shop of Horrors was performed in 1998 and 2009 at the College, so the musical itself is becoming something of a tradition. We thought it might be an interesting gauge to see how productions have changed over the years and how stylistic philosophy can shape a performance to create unique experiences.


The concept of this year's production is to perform the show in the latter stages of the development of the rehearsal process. This has allowed us to make a feature of the elements that live performances attempt to mask, such as set changes and other technical requirements. The sound engineers, lighting designers and stage crew take on a life of their own and become an integral part of the ‘performance’.

Sport & Physical Education


To view more photos from the Whole School Interhouse Cross Country Carnival, click HERE

Last Wednesday, students from Kindergarten to Year 12 displayed outstanding spirit and sportsmanship as they competed in the 2018 Interhouse Cross Country Carnival.


The College was blessed with perfect conditions for the day, with the sunshine encouraging large groups of parents and supporters down to the College oval to watch the excitment.


Congratulations to the winning Houses - Stirling (Senior School trophy and Whole College trophy) and Cowan (Junior School trophy). Results from the carnival are listed below.


The Old Saints were delighted to retain the Old Saints v Students' Sport Event Shield last Friday,  after a tightly fought battle in Soccer, Netball and Basketball games.

The games were played simultaneously in the Indoor Sports Centre.  All matches were played in a fun and friendly manner, and it was wonderful to see more than 20 Old Saints return to the College to compete against a number of students from Years 7 - 12. 

The oldest former student from the Class of 1987, Alistair Monson, received the shield from Principal, Ms Belinda Provis, and was congratulated by the youngest student playing, Oliver Wright, in Year 7. Oliver assured the Old Saints that the students wouldn't let them win again next year!

Thank you to all the students who represented the College in such an enthusiastic and professional manner.  We look forward to taking up the challenge against the Old Saints again at next year’s Heritage Week competition.

Success Stories

We are always pleased to acknowledge the successes of our students and would be delighted to hear of their achievements. Please email: [email protected]

Congratulations to the following students on their fine achievements.


Congratulations to Vevina Yang (Year 8) who has won second place in two piano competitions on the same day. Vevina received second in the Under 18 Piano Recital category in the Fremantle Eisteddfod, and the Yamaha Junior Piano Competition on Tuesday, 15 May 2018.


The College congratulates the following students who all received 'perfect scores' in the Computational & Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition held Tuesday, 27 March 2018:

Xiaoyu Chen (Year 8)

Julius Clegg (Year 8)

Zoe Dallimore (Year 7)

Rémi Hart (Year 10)

Thomas Stone (Year 8)

The competition is a one-hour problem-solving test which seeks to identify computer programming potential - something which students might not normally have an opportunity to demonstrate.


Financial support available for eligible student achievements

Did you know that the P&F Society at All Saints' College runs a Student Recognition Program?

The Student Recognition Program (SRP) recognises student’s achievements in being selected in State, National or International arts, sports or academic events. The P&F is very proud to assist these students with financial support for their event, and to hearing back from students on how they enjoyed participating. The SRP Policy and Application Form can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


Service Learning


Congratulations to Stirling House who held their annual Bake Sale on Wednesday, 16 May during Recess and Lunch raising almost $800 that will go towards beyondblue.



The Salvation Army, who works closely with All Saints’ College, is known for it's work and commitment to helping people in need.

A large number of The Salvation Army’s clients live off just $17.00 a day, over half go without basic needs such as medical care, and nearly 70% live under extreme housing stress. These people need help, but help does not just happen - it needs support and funding.


The Salvation Army’s main fundraising work is through The Red Shield Appeal – a community doorknock asking for donations. The Red Shield Appeal has been proudly supported by the College for over 20 years with Murdoch House adopting the event. The Appeal has grown from strength to strength, with 2017 being the most successful year in history, resulting in $4 220 being raised in only three hours of door knocking!


This year the event will take place on Sunday, 3 June and we invite all students from Years 7 – 12 to donate this one morning to take part in a very worthwhile cause.


Permission slips can be obtained from Mrs Kay von Dietze ([email protected]) who has for many years put an enormous effort into the meticulous planning of the event.


We hope that our students will once again make a difference to the lives of those who need it most.



To book your spot for the Cooking for the Homeless event, click HERE


Propeller Enterprises

During the Connected Learning period on Friday our Year 7 students will be visiting The Hangar, where they will be introduced to all the arts and crafts supplies and technology for making and creating.

Beyond exploring the supplies and technology, a Year 7 student will show the rest of the cohort some 3D printing projects and a recent Old Saint will demonstrate how the laser cutter works and the many objects they can create using the machine.

We hope that between their Creative Industries and Connected Learning periods, more and more Year 7 students will become involved with Propeller Enterprises.


Ms Laura Strentz

Head of Propeller Enterprises

Learning Technologies


College provided protection:

  • All Saints’ College has an internet policy (on SEQTA – Learn and SEQTA - Engage).
  • The College filters (using a web filtering software program) all web traffic coming into the computer network.
  • Key Pastoral Care leaders get alerts that highlight concerning web activity by students.
  • Embedded curriculum content that focuses on educating our students about:
    • digital citizenship;
    • online safety;
    • cyberbullying, and;
    • media literacy skills.

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Point out to students that some websites on the internet are for adults only and are not intended for children or young people to see. Discuss what strategies a young person might adopt if they access this content.
  • Use a family-friendly Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a service that provides proven online safety protocols. (‘Open DNS’ is an example of a family-friendly ISP – more information is available by clicking HERE )  However, filtering tools should not be solely relied on as a solution. Open discussion and communication with young people about monitoring and supervision is needed.
  • Empower children and young people to use the internet safely by mutually exploring safe sites and explaining why they are safe. It is also important to educate children and young people on why it's not safe to give out any personal details online.


Book Creator is a great tool that students can use to create beautiful looking online books, complete with page-turn animations, comic book styles, videos, pictures, text, shapes - plus you can draw with your pen!

Here is my overview:

If students want to create a comic book - this is a great option.


If students would like to do some training on using Microsoft Office products – we have access to the number one training materials through the GMetrix app (available in Software centre or they may already have it if they have used it before)

If students are interested in participating in the training, login with the details used previously or let Mr Port know.


Being fluent in these core products looks great on your CV and will help hugely with projects and work in the future.


Mr Greg Port

Head of ICT Integration

Cocurricular Activities

To view all of the Cocurricular opportunities available for Senior School students in Term 2, and to register, please visit SEQTA by clicking HERE

Robotics Club

Students from Year 5 - 12 are welcome to join the Robotics Club. 

When:  Every Friday during term time

Where:  Building 8,  top floor


Please see Mrs Hatton ([email protected]), the Robotics Club Captain  Joel Walkemeyer (Year 10) ([email protected]) or the Robotics Club Portal Page for further information.

Holiday Programs

Vacation Care Program for children aged 3 - 12

Vacation Care enables students to participate in a vibrant and energetic recreational program that is both stimulating and enjoyable. The children feel comfortable and secure, and, most importantly, have fun as they take part in an engaging program that fosters creativity, curiosity and wellbeing.

Further information can be found by clicking HERE.


School Holiday Program for 9 - 17 Years

Is your 9 – 17 year old looking for something to do during the upcoming school holiday break? Why not have them join our exciting Holiday Program.
All activities are conducted by qualified and experienced coaches, staff members and suppliers.
Holiday Program Dates 2018:

Monday, 9 July - Friday, 13 July

Tuesday, 2 October - Thursday, 4 October
For further information email: [email protected] 


Highlights from our most recent April School Holiday Program.




Next P&F Meeting: Wednesday, 20 June 2018. Commences at 7.00pm in the Wellbeing Centre.



To book your spot for the Cooking for the Homeless event, click HERE


Thank you to our Parents and Friends' Society for organising another wonderful Quiz Night enjoyed by many. The theme this year was 'May the Fourth Be With You' with guests adorning their best Star Wars outfits.


Wanju Café


Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 11.00am AND 2.30pm - 4.30pm


Wanju Cafe is pleased to announce it is extending its trial additional opening hours of 2.30pm - 4.30pm during term time. In response to feedback, we have also tweaked our menu to include some healthier options and tasty selections for Autumn, including Pumpkin Soup, Gourmet Rolls, low-fat Muffins and more!


ATTENTION: Wanju Cafe will be closed all day on FRIDAY, 25 MAY 2018 due to another event taking place in the foyer. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Did you know Wanju has a Facebook page? Click on the video above to learn more!



The following article is written by Junior School Library Technician, Mrs Gail Smith, who recently visited the World War I (WWI) battle fields and attended the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Australian National Memorial Villers-Bretonneux, where she laid a wreath on behalf of All Saints’ College.

"In April, my husband and I joined family and friends on a tour of the WWI battle fields in France and Belgium.

“There were many highlights of our tour including visiting the site of the Christmas Truce, where in 1914, soldiers from both sides of the war emerged from their trenches to wish each other Merry Christmas and play a game of soccer. Some other highlights included:

  • The ANZAC Day Dawn service at the Australian National Memorial Villers-Bretonneux, France. The memorial is located in an area where 100 years ago, on 25 April 1918, British and Australian forces successfully halted the WWI German Spring Offensive. I was proud to lay a wreath at the memorial on behalf of All Saints’ College.
  • Australia Week is celebrated each year at Villers-Bretonneux with cross country runs, cricket and football matches, BBQs, concerts, exhibitions and conferences.
  • We visited the Franco-Australian museum located near a school and hall rebuilt by funds raised in Australia. We saw the large sign on the school veranda that reads ‘Do not forget Australia’.
  • Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium is a memorial where the Last Post has been played every evening since 1928. We joined the large crowd who gathered at 8.00pm to lay wreaths and pay our respects to more than 54 000 soldiers who have no known graves. We also visited many beautifully maintained Commonwealth cemeteries for those who were buried.

“Our eight-day tour of the battle fields had not been to glorify war but to remember those who for various reasons had believed they were there for the greater good. One soldier’s headstone was carved with the words from his last letter home – ‘I’m all right Mother. Cheerio’.”

Important Contact Details

Senior School - student absence, lateness, queries

Student Services (08) 9313 9302  (8.00am - 4.00pm - Term Time)


Junior School - student absence, lateness, queries

Junior School Reception (08) 9313 9334 (8.00am - 5.00pm - Term Time)


TSC - technical help desk, log on queries

TSC Help Desk  (08) 9313 9363 (7.00am - 5.00pm - Monday to Friday)


Accounts - pay school fees, tours/incidentals

Pay fees, tours/incidentals (08) 9313 9365 (8.30am - 4.30pm - Monday to Friday)

Queries on fees (08) 9313 9313 (8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday)


Senior School Reception 

General enquiries (08) 9313 9333 (8.00am - 5.00pm - Daily)


Uniform Store

Uniform Store Manager - Michelle Read  (08) 9313 9301


Monday:  7.30am – 11.30am
Wednesday: 12.30pm – 5.30pm
Thursday: 12.30pm – 5.30pm
Friday: 7.30am – 2.00pm

Health Centre

(08) 9313 9326

Aquatic Centre

(08) 9313 9386


In the news


To read more, click HERE


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