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20 May 2016
Issue Five
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Dear Parents and Friends,


Greetings everyone!


It is hard to believe that we are heading towards winter which marks the middle of the year.  In the fullness of each day, week and month, the year is flying at a fast rate.

The only way I can cope with the busyness of life and the ongoing, growing “TO DO LIST” at school, is to pray.  I so need to know God’s priorities in the hundreds of emails and demands that come across my desk each week.


The growing administration demands of varying sectors and government school regulations is a burden to all schools and it seems that more time each year is taken away from the most important task to concentrate on – learning and teaching!

So, in my busyness (I know it is the same for everyone) I ask God to show me His priorities.  I don’t want to miss any opportunity my Lord has for me to do and to act upon. 


May we all know His priorities and His wisdom as we approach each and every day we are given!


Hebrews 13:20-12…."Now may the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen."


Blessings on your week,


Catriona Wansbrough



What do you say if your child says, “I’m dumb” or “I’m not good at Maths”?


That is a huge global statement to make, but it does reflect how your child is feeling at that moment.


  1. Affirm your child and tell them that you love them because they are your child, not because they do well in class and tests.
  2. Always encourage and affirm the ‘effort’ your child puts into their work more than you do the ‘result’.
  3. If your child is struggling in class, see your child’s teacher for help; break down the perceived problem into tangible blocks/scaffolds to conquer.  Step by step problems can be solved.
  4. No one is dumb! Every child is SMART in some way and we all display our thinking and ‘intelligences’ in different ways.

In 1993, Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences, which states that children are gifted in many varied ways. So the significant question is not, “How smart is you child?” but, “How is your child smart?”




Art Show



We have had a great start to the new year in OSHC with the Prep and new students settling well into the routines.  Every child needing to attend OSHC requires to be registered first, with forms available from the school office. Once completed, please return the form to the school office. Parents are to note the booking system process below.


Outside School Hours Care is approved to care for 60 students. With this number it is necessary to have the correct staff ratio in place to match the number of students being cared for (1 educator to 15 students). Penalties apply to the College if the ratio is not correct and therefore it is important that students book their place for this service. If a student is not booked into OSHC and has been sent from the drop off area or from the school grounds and stays longer than 45 mins,   an administration fee of $3 will be charged and added to fees.   Also, if children are booked but do not attend, an absent fee will be charged (up to 42 absent days can be  claimed from CCMS).   To avoid the absent charge, give notice before 12noon on the day , either by phone, email to [email protected] or written in the diary  at OSHC reception desk.  We will take into account extenuating circumstances before a charge is made.


Students not collected from the College by 3.45pm or from after school activities will be sent to OSHC.

This year the children have been excited to have a pet, in the form of a turtle.  We had a competition and voting system for the name and we are happy to announce her name is SPLASH SPLOSH.  Feed time for Splash Splosh is a great spectacle to watch each afternoon.


Sally Wade

OSHC Coordinator

College Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held in the Innovation Centre Meeting Room on Thursday 26 May 2016.  This is an important meeting as part of the College’s governance requirements.


There are two Company Director vacancies for nominations to the College Board of Directors due to the tenure of Mr Sab Ambrosino and Mr John O’Donnell concluding on 31 December 2016. Both Mr Ambrosino and Mr O’Donnell have indicated that they will be seeking renomination.


Darren Waterworth

Company Secretary

Did You Know?

We have many policies and procedures to protect the welfare and safety of our students. We are currently going through all these policies to make sure they are kept up to date, are relevant and comply with our laws.


Staff read, comply with and put into action these policies/procedures into the life of the College each year. Some of these policies/procedures are on our College website.


I would just like to draw your attention to our ANTI-BULLYING POLICY.

Staff work with all our students in the College to inform them about bullying – what it is and what to do if bullied, always reinforcing that St Andrews is a BULLY-FREE, “No put down zone” school.


Our College has a low incidence of bullying in relation to many schools, but we have to make sure as parents and teachers that our children need to report any actions that make them feel threatened, hurt or unsafe in any way.


Our Anti-Bullying Policy gives guidelines to teachers and parents to help support children if they are bullied or know of someone who is bullied. In the policy we also recommend for parents (see 13.2 in Policy) to use the fact sheets on the BULLY STOPPERS website: to help support their child.


You can find the Anti-Bullying Policy on our website or here.


Catriona Wansbrough


Prayer Group

Wednesdays at 8:45am

This year the St Andrews Parent Prayer Group will be meeting every Wednesday morning at 8:45am in the meeting room next to the school office.


The St Andrews Prayer Group would like to welcome and invite all parents to come along and join in prayer, with other parents, for the needs of the St Andrews school community. 


It is a great opportunity to join in fellowship with other parents.


For specific prayer requests, there is a prayer request box at the front reception desk for you to put your request in if you are unable to join us.


We are greatly blessed at St Andrews to have the opportunity to gather together for prayer. As Christians we are called to pray, and we encourage parents to join us. Be reassured that you don’t have to pray out loud if you are not comfortable in doing so.


Suzy Song

Prayer Group Coordinator

Fiji Cyclone Update

After various delays (called Fiji Time!) the 20ft container full of goods finally arrived in Fiji last week. The supplies were then unloaded onto another boat to make the journey to the island village. A Fiji newspaper did an article on our container and my Auntie who travelled there to help. Here is the article:


Cara Beovich


House Community Points

Barton 215

Deakin 243

Parkes 171


Important Coming Events for Term 2 2016:

Week 7B

  • Monday 23rd - Whole School Assembly 8:55am*
  • Monday 23rd – CSEN Primary Chess
  • Tuesday 24th – Geography Competition
  • Wednesday 25th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*
  • Wednesday 25th - CSEN Yr8/9 Sport
  • Thursday 26th - School Board AGM 7:30pm*
  • Friday 27th - Yr12 Business Management Excursion
  • Friday 27th - Yr1 Aboriginal Incursion
  • Friday 27th - Art Show 3:45-5pm and 7-8:30pm*
  • Saturday 28th - Vanuatu Team Meeting 4pm-8pm

Week 8A

  • Monday 30th - Yr7-10 Exam Week
  • Monday 30th - Whole School Assembly 8:55am*
  • Monday 30th - Yr5 Chinese Incursion
  • Tuesday 31st - ICAS Science Competition
  • Tuesday 31st - Yr5/6 Winter Sport Rd 1


  • Wednesday 1st - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*
  • Wednesday 1st - CSEN Yr7/8 Sports
  • Thursday 2nd - Yr4 Art Excursion
  • Friday 3rd - Yr6 Market Day - tbc

Week 9B

  • Monday 6th –Whole School Assembly 8:55am*
  • Monday 6th –Yr10 Work Experience Week
  • Monday 6th –Yr7 and 8 Exam Week
  • Monday 6th –Yr11 Exam Week - tbc
  • Tuesday 7th –VCE GAT Exam
  • Wednesday 8th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*
  • Wednesday 8th - VPC Networking Meeting 9:30am*
  • Wednesday 8th - CSEN Yr8/9 Sport Finals
  • Wednesday 8th - Vanuatu Team Meeting 5:30pm
  • Friday 10th - Report Writing Day - no school
  • Friday 10th - OSHC Holiday Program

* Parents welcome


TERM DATES FOR 2016 (These dates are on our website)

Term 1: Wed 28th Jan – Thurs 24th March (9 weeks)

 Term 2: Tues 12th April – Fri 24th June (11 weeks)

Term 3: Monday 18th July – Friday 16th Sept (9 weeks)

Term 4: Mon 3rd Oct – Tues 6th Dec (10 weeks)



Term 1: Wed 1st Feb– Fri 31st March 

 Term 2: Wed 19th April – Fri 30th June 

Term 3: Monday 24th July – Friday 22nd Sept 

Term 4: Mon 9th Oct – Fri 8th Dec 

Parents and Friends

Photo: PFA Movie Night - Wed 15th June

Movie Night at Knox Village
War Room

This year we are holding our annual Movie Night at Village Cinemas at Knox. The movie War Room will be shown exclusively for us.

Parents, staff and senior students are welcome to attend. Seats are limited so reserve your seat now!

Date: Wednesday 15 June

Time: 6:30pm

Cost: $15 per ticket

Location: Village Cinemas - Knox Ozone.


Ann Hawthorne

PFA Treasurer

VPC Networking Meeting at St Andrews

The Victorian Parents Council will be holding their Term 2 networking meeting at St Andrews on Wednesday 8th June from 9:30am to 12 noon in the Meeting Room of the new Innovation Centre. This is a group of independent schools' Parent associations who come together each term to discuss common issues facing our school communities.


A guest speaker from  VRQA  -   Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, will explain the new Child Safety Standards legislation due to be introduced on the 1st August this year. Parents from St Andrews are welcome to attend. 

For catering purposes please reply to [email protected] if you would like to attend.


Shaun Beovich

PFA President

School Crossing Petition

Thank you to the many parents and friends who have signed the petition for a school crossing on Tyner Rd. We have close to 700 signatures so far! Your concern is appreciated and will be communicated to the relevant authorities. The petition is closing today. Click here to sign it.


Shaun Beovich

PFA President

Entertainment Books

Full of great value savings coupons and now available to purchase. Either purchase online at or at the school office from Ms Hoenen. Only $65 with $13 from each sale going towards the PFA.


Sonia Sires

Entertainment Book Coordinator

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

Open Wednesdays from 8:30am-9:30am in Rembrandts. If you can help on a Wednesday and want to gain Parent Participation Hours please see Liz.


Liz Romney

2nd Hand Uniform Shop Coordinator

Term 2 PFA Events

Still a few PFA events to look forward to this term:

  • Friday 27 May - Dim Sim Food Day
  • Wednesday 8 June - VPC Networking Meeting
  • Wednesday 15 June- Movie Night - The War Room at Village, Knox

Parent Participation Hours

This PDF contains a list of various activities you can do to gain parent hours.


Don't forget Icy Pole Fridays and our Parent Library in the school office.


PFA Committee 2016

President: Shaun Beovich

Vice-President: Sally Wade

Secretary: Lesley Goh

Treasurer: Ann Hawthorne

email: [email protected]


Junior School

Photo: Yr4 at Arcare

Arcare Aged Care Excursion

The Year 4s went to Arcare Aged Care Center to sing and share with the residents. The students played songs on the violin and flute.

The students acted and performed some of the skits from Philippians 4 verse 8, our memory verse for the school this year. We were blessed sharing as they were blessed listening and receiving. Year 4 also gave them chocolates in a box that they had made.


Paige Cheung

Yr4 Teacher

Year 4 First Fleet History Box Incursion

I enjoyed making the love tokens, they were small, round and painted silver.  I also enjoyed writing with the feathered quill.  Charlotte

I enjoyed learning to write with the feathered quill.  Grinding up the spices was fun too, and we got to take them home. Isabel


I liked crushing the different spices.  I learned how Arthur Phillip proved his crew were boys to the Aborigines. Caleb

I really enjoyed the writing we did with the feathered quill.  It was hard, but lots of fun to do.  We learned how the Aboriginal boys had to push out their teeth as sign of bravery.  Andrew


Paige Cheung and Gail van Heerden

Yr4 Teachers

Middle School

St Andrews Duolingo Championship

Apart from some Year 6 students who still need to create a profile, most students in Year 6 – 8 French have now been connected to the St Andrews Duolingo Championship.

This week the spotlight falls on Hesed She in Year 8. Hesed joined the championship at the start of Year 7, and immediately became the front player in points, a position that he has kept since the start of 2015.  His XP total at the time of writing is 13,225. Hesed has been playing wisely, keeping all his skills gold as he is progressing through the skill levels. If he continues this endeavour, he might become the first student to achieve a Golden Owl before the end of Year 8.


Hesed She displays the certificate and prize he has received for being the top achiever in Duolingo XP (skill points) in the school


At this stage there are 7 students in the Duolingo Champions Club: They are Hesed She, Freesia Goh, Ella Cassidy, Timothy Snooks and Carla Dreyer from Year 8, and Rachel Woon and Min Hyun from Year 7. These students all have more than 3000 XP, and are invited to come to R 17 during lunchtime on Mondays to learn some tips and skills that will help them to achieve their Golden Owl. Congratulations to these and all the up and coming champions!


Madame Cloete

French Teacher, Years 6 – 8

Senior School

Photo: Prayer Breakfast

VCE Rally Day

On 5 May our VCE students enjoyed a day away from school to participate in the Christian Schools Events Network VCE Rally Day.  They competed in a range of sports, including girls netball, boys soccer and boys volleyball.  The day is designed as a fantastic opportunity to get our students away from their studies for one day of the term and to enjoy being physically active amongst their peers and against VCE students from other Christian schools.  It provides a much-needed break from the strenuous nature of VCE studies for many students, and as such, was well enjoyed by all involved.


Steven Mellody

Head of PE and Sport


CSA Victorian Youth Prayer Breakfast

On Friday 13 May, 7 of our Senior Students, Caleb, David, Christina, Emma, Leon, Tupou and Raaya joined Mr Crotty, Mrs Gaschk and our new Senior School Chaplain Alyssa Mercer at the CSA Victorian Youth Prayer Breakfast. Together, we ate a delicious meal and enjoyed an inspiring talk from author, teacher and story teller Sharon Witt about how God has designed each of us for a particular purpose and given us the appropriate gifts to fulfil that purpose. She reminded us not to try and be someone else but to believe that even what we perceive as flaws can be used by God for good. She also challenged us to trust God and to step out and serve him in leadership.

As well as the breakfast and talk, this year, we were given the opportunity to mix with other schools and have a time of prayer – praying specifically for the various programs going on within different schools and praising God for how He is working in each school. This year’s Youth Prayer Breakfast was very enjoyable and insightful and I look forward to attending next year.


Greg Crotty

Head of Senior School

Careers News

The issue starts with an invitation for Year 10, 11 and 12 students to spend a day at a university during the upcoming school holidays and get a taste of what it is like to be a university student for a day.


Next item of the newsletter provides information about the Winter School, Revision Programs and the Visual Communication Seminar for VCE students.


The issue concludes with a list of Exercise Science & Sport Degrees in Victoria and a snapshot of La Trobe University.


La Trobe offers an Early Entry program called Aspire. This program is designed to acknowledge secondary students who have made . positive changes in their schools and communities through volunteering. The Aspire Early Admissions Program acknowledges the volunteering efforts of students when they apply. Successful applicants receive an offer into their course in September, before they receive their ATAR.


Australian Catholic University has a similar program, Early Achievers' Program (EAP).  The program operates at each of the University's six campuses nationally.  Applications will open in August and close in October, with offers being made by the end of November 2016. Students are encouraged to start gathering their required documentation now to submit with along their application. 


If you have a question about a topic featured in the Careers Newsletter, please contact Careers Coordinator Mrs Irena Yevlahova [email protected]


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator


Photo: Middle and Senior Library taking shape

Library News

 Library Staff: Lynne Marks, Joanne Edwards, Wai-Peng Heath



Junior Library

Lunchtime Monday


Middle/ Senior Library:

Monday to Friday: Recess and Lunch


After school:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 4pm.

Wednesdays until 3.45pm.


 Email:  [email protected]

Library Help

If you are able to help with shelving in Terms 3 or 4 or would like to cover books for the library, please could you contact the library staff and leave the following details:


  • When you are available - which day and morning or afternoon.
  • Contact details ( email/ telephone number/ mobile number)
  • Child’s name and year level ( for the roster that goes home)

Book covering

  • Contact details ( email/ telephone number/ mobile number)
  • Child’s name and year level ( if we can’t contact you any other way)

We would like you to contact us if you haven’t done so this year, but have done covering in the past, so that we know you are still interested.

CBCA Book of the Year

Each year the CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) holds awards for outstanding books in the following areas - Early Childhood, Younger Readers, Older Readers and Information books. The shortlist for the Book of the Year Award in each category will be announced on Friday May 20th. The Winners will be announced on Friday August 19th. For more information on the awards and the Children’s Book Council, visit


The library will have several titles available for loan. We encourage students to read them and see if they agree with the judges when the winners are announced. 

Dates in History

You may like to find out more about the following dates in history

  • 2nd May, 1611 - KJV Bible published-
  • 15th May, 1856 - L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, was born on this day –
  • 26th May, 2016 - This is the date of National Sorry Day, remembering discrimination against Aboriginals. It was started in 1998. Learn more at:

Lynne Marks

Library Coordinator


Music and the Musical Notes

Photo: Ensemble Extravaganza

Musical BBQ Fundraiser


Ensemble Extravaganza


Jazz Concert at Wantirna College


Duke of Edinburgh

Wilsons Prom Expedition

From 2-6 May, the Duke of Ed Bronze Award students went to Wilsons Prom for their first ever camp together. We got to school all excited for the week ahead. Finishing off our final preparations we hopped on the bus to head to the Prom.

One of our highlights was definitely surfing. We had some pretty good waves and everyone stood up, even if it was for 1 millisecond. The sun was shining, we had our wetsuits on and it was great to be in the cold water with the waves. We had devotions every night and it was amazing to see not only what our teachers had to share with us but our peers as well.

On Friday, on our way back, we stopped at a beach and had solo time for 30minutes. This was the time when we listened to what God had to say to us through looking at His creation, reading the Bible or just thinking in general. It helped us stay connected to God and not forget that He is always there no matter what. This camp has definitely been one of my highlights from this year! We bonded not only as friends but also as a family and we are all happy to be part of this Duke of Ed family!


Audrey Ang

Year 9 Student

Awards Ceremony



Extra Curricular Activities

Photo: Junior Bible Study

Construction Club

This year we have a small group of very creative and eager constructors in our Year 2 Construction Club.

We use boxes, sticks and all sorts of other bits and pieces to produce some really awesome masterpieces. We have built kites, telephones, computers, aeroplanes, spy bags, robot heads and pencil holders (to name but a few!). It is a busy, noisy and fun place to be!


Anthea Albertus

Construction Club

Junior Bible Study

Every Wednesday lunch time, a group of very enthusiastic Junior School students come together to learn more about God and His teaching. 

This semester, we are learning about the Armour of God - the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit.

Ephesians 6:11: "Put on the full armour of God, so that you can take your stand against the schemes of the devil."

Paige Cheung

Junior School Teacher

Table Tennis Club

The Table Tennis Club has been a smash. After a volley of questions, and some backhanded compliments, our players are at the fore. Hand in hand we've built our skills to match the best, and at no point did we doubt ourselves. Great work Table Tennis Club!


Ben Sheanan

Middle School Teacher

Community Notices

Newsletter 5

This section of our newsletter is to give our families information about programs being run by organizations outside of the school which may interest our school families.

These organisations are not endorsed by St Andrews Christian College.

Grip National Leadership Camp

Would you like to develop valuable leadership skills whilst having enormous fun during the July school holidays? Students in Yr 10-12 are invited to participate in a national leadership camp being held in Sydney, hosted by the GRIP Leadership team. Teenagers from around Australia will be gathering for this 4-day camp from July 3-6. GRIP Leadership is well known for organising Australia's largest student leadership events and helping students reach their potential as a leader. Full details available at

St Andrews Christian College
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