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17 October 2019
Issue Thirty-one
Director of eLearning/STEM
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2020 Booklists
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Director of eLearning/STEM


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


BYOD program for all Year levels in 2020

In 2020 we will be replacing the Middle School iPad program with a BYOD (bring your own device program). This change has been made following a review of the iPad program and was based on a number of factors, including feedback from students, parents and teachers. The BYOD program requires all students to provide their own digital device, which, unlike the iPad program, gives students choice as to the type of device they can use. Students can choose to use Windows laptops, MacBooks, iPads or other tablets.



Today, the ability of schools to provide an educational environment that allows their students to become authors, critics and contributors is more critical than ever. It is now more than ever that students need a personal digital device. The benefits of the BYOD program at Mordialloc College include:

  • Flexible and immediate access to learning resources
  • Increased student ownership of learning
  • Prepare students for the professional and working world
  • Students use a device they are familiar with, increasing control and creativity
  • Smoother transition between school and home
  • Teach students to make the most of their smart devices and to use them responsibly

What do families of Year 7-9 students need to do to prepare for 2020?

There is no requirement for any student to purchase a new device, or to swap from an iPad to a laptop. Students that currently have an iPad as their school device can continue to use the iPad as long as they wish. Students in Years 7-9 that currently use an iPad but want to switch to a different device are permitted to do so during Term 4 this year. These students will need to bring their devices to the IT department to get them connected to the school network.


Device specifications

Minimum specifications

There are no minimum specification for processor speed or memory for student devices, however older and lower specification devices may not be able to perform all tasks optimally. Please see below for recommended specifications if buying a new device. At a minimum, all student devices need to:

  • Be capable of browsing the internet
  • Connect to Wireless 802.11 a/g/n
  • Support enterprise wireless
  • Have up to date antivirus software installed (currently iPads and Windows Surface tablets do not require antivirus software, but Android tablets do)


Minimum recommended specifications if purchasing a new device



Windows laptop:

  • i5 processor, or equivalent
  • 8GB RAM
  • 250GB hard drive



Apple MacBook

  • Core M3 processor, or equivalent
  • 8GB RAM
  • 250GB hard drive



iPads and other tablets:

  • iPad 32GB WiFi or equivalent. If you are unsure whether a specific model of tablet will be suitable, please contact the Director of eLearning.


NB: These are recommended specifications only. New devices with lower specifications may still be able to perform all of the basic functions required of a student device.


Options for purchasing a new device


Option 1:

Order through our BYOD purchasing portal with JB HiFi Solutions for Education

  • Go to enter the school code: Mordialloc2020 to log into the portal
  • Select your device, warranties, insurances and delivery options
  • It is highly recommended that Onsite Warranty Repair and Accidental Damage Protection, or Apple Care, are purchased with any device
  • Further details on purchasing options are included in the Mordialloc College BYOD information booklet that has been sent to all families on Compass News


Option 2:

Purchase a device from an alternative retailer

  • Families can purchase a digital device from their choice of retailer.
  • Please note: if this option is selected all repairs must be undertaken and paid for privately. It is strongly encouraged that warranty upgrades and insurance, including accidental damage protection, be purchased.





Justin Wischusen

Director of eLearning/STEM


Important Dates


Friday 18

  • Year 10 Advance Grampians Hike returns
  • SSV - State Athletic Championships

Monday 21

  • Commonwealth Bank VCAL Workshop
  • MEX 9F Looking Around Data Collection at Southland
  • Tracky Dak Day - Gold Coin donation required

Tuesday 22

  • Year 12 Final Assembly

Wednesday 23

  • Year 10 Food Excursion to Queen Victoria Market
  • VCE English full practice paper
  • Team 2 World Challenge Meeting Room U1

Thursday 24

  • Speeches for 2020 Senior Student Leadership Team

Friday 25

  • Valedictory Dinner - Southern Golf Club

Monday 28

  • Year 10 & 11 Revision Week
  • MEX 9B & 9F City Experience Day 1
  • Year 7 Southern Metropolitan Region Hockey Day

Tuesday 29

  • Year 9 Zoo Snooze Experience
  • Program Development Committee meeting 3:30pm

Wednesday 30

  • Year 9 Zoo Snooze returns

Thursday 31

  • Year 10 Immunisations  period 1 & 2
  • Year 7 Immunistations  period 3 & 4
  • MEX 9 B & F City Experience Day 2


Friday 01

  • Facilities Meeting 8am
  • It's Academic with Grade 5 students period 1 to recess

 Student Awards

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.


Congratulations to the following students, Dane  Edwards Lewthwaite, Cailosa Sarmento Cardoso and Spenser Halse for displaying the College value, responsibility when helping and coordinating some of the activities for Mental Health Week, your support and time was very much appreciated.



Lana Paten


2020 Booklists

Ordering Booklists

Dear Parents & Guardians,

2020 Booklists are now available on the Mordialloc College website:

Orders must be placed with Campion by Friday 18 October for students to have their resources by Headstart commencement on Monday 18 November. These orders can be delivered to the College.

After this date, orders can still be placed, but resources will not arrive in time for the commencement of Headstart and cannot be delivered to the College.

Thank you.

Year 7 Project Expo Invitation

Dear Mordialloc College Parents, Guardians and Staff,

You are cordially invited to join us for the Term 4 Year 7 7A-7G Project Expo.

Term 4 - Expo

Event details: During Week 2 of Term 4, students will have the opportunity to apply what they have been learning in History to an application project. 7A-7G students have been studying Ancient Mediterranean civilisations and 7H students have been completing a project about Cells and Body Systems. In Week 3, students will get the chance to present and share their projects with the wider Mordialloc College community.

When: Wednesday 23 October 9:10-9:40am

Where: Year 7 Learning Centre (please sign in at the General Office)


We look forward to you joining us to celebrate the amazing work of our students.


From the Year 7 team at Mordialloc College

SRC Fundraiser

Don't forget to wear your tracky daks on Monday and bring a gold coin donation to support TLC for kids.

TLC for kids is an organisation that provides supports and services such as the TLC Ambulance and Distraction boxes for ill children. You can read more about their services at


Thank you for your support.


The SRC Team

The Great Debate 2019

The Great Debate 2019

First started in 1954, the The Mordialloc Great Debate between graduating Year 12 students and three teaching staff occurs each year just before VCE exams begin. This year the stakes were high again with the teachers trying to recover from two years straight defeat. With a new judges rubric in play, the teams selected and more students than ever before in the audience a relocation from the LC to the  gym was required, the scene was set for a sensational tussle and it did not disappoint. 


In an enjoyable debate on the topic of ‘Teachers should not be allowed to use memes in class,’ this year the teachers were ultimately victorious and the proposition was rejected. A huge congratulations to Mr Walters, Ms Webber and Mr Nicklen for their humour, good sportsmanship and acuity. The students also are deserving of congratulations; well done to Alex, Joshua and Levi who certainly, after a grand entrance, continued on to provide entertainment value and good spirited competition against an ultimately victorious teachers triumvirate. 


A further thanks to our judges and timekeepers, Ms Greenhalgh (Director of Senior School), Principal Roberts, Debating Coordinator Mr Vicary, Ben Stewart, Elizabeth Ng, Sarah Sundstrom on the judging panel and Zoe, our timekeeper. Thank you also to Ms Stevensen for chairing and setting the challenging but good natured tone of the whole event. 


Also, we would like to reiterate the message of congratulations given by Mr Vicary at the start of the debate to our interschool debaters who have been competing across this year with teams from other schools. This year we competed at the highest level of inter school debating against a range of top level private schools and impressively ranked as the fourth best school in Victoria. 


Our best performing team was: 







A huge congratulations to them as well and a big thank you to Mr Vicary for all the time and effort he puts in to support them across the inter school competition. 

We wish our debaters all the best next year, and look forward in the short term to hearing about all the successes our Year 12’s will  have in their upcoming exams. 


Mr McConchie

Head of English, Literacy Lead Teacher

Poetry In Action Incursions

Last Friday, the 11 October we welcomed Poetry in Action to Mordialloc again for two incursions, one for Year 9 on the body of work from Wilfred Owen and another for Year 8 on Words that Changed the World. 


Year 9 will be studying a selection of Wilfred Owen’s poems across Term 4 building up to the end of Year 9 Exam. His poetry explores the harrowing and tragic nature of war, presenting a vivid and moving portrayal of how political and social conflict can sometimes culminate in senseless, purposeless and futile suffering. This performance was also a great opportunity for students to not only start to develop their understanding of the literary techniques that Owen used, but to understand the performance elements of poetry, how sound, meter and tone impact upon meaning. We hope the Year 9’s enjoyed the show immensely. 


After their first performance, the Poetry in Action performers moved on to Words that Changed the World which is closely linked to our Term 4 Year 8 curriculum. This unit focuses on how people use language to generate real and tangible change in the world. Students study a range of famous and powerfully moving speeches, analysing how diction, structure and argumentation shape the perceptions of their audiences. This unit is designed to help lay the foundations for students for the VCE curriculum requirement Analysis of Argument, and aims to develop their inferencing skills, their ability to explain argumentation and their ability to write well developed and insightful essays. In the post-truth age where persuasion and argumentation are used in many contexts so cynically for commercial, political and personal purposes, these skills are becoming increasingly poignant and necessary. 


A big thanks to all staff who helped manage the two events, to our students who Poetry in Action described as ‘wonderful’ and also to Poetry in Action for their ongoing, much appreciated performances at Mordialloc College. 


Andrew McConchie

Director of Literacy Improvement

Yr 8 Medieval Day

On Monday 9 and 10 of September, Medieval Day commenced. Knights, kings, queens, peasants, and vikings all came together. On one abnormal day at Mordialloc College, we gathered and formed a circle, curiously waiting; a line of intriguing weapons and clothing laid before our eyes. In came a tall figure dressed in silver-chained armour, holding an overly large sword. Introducing himself, Lorenzo enthusiastically began explaining the uses of each individual weapon, calling up students to participate in wearing medieval clothes and trialling the weapons. 

Eager to begin the next activity we raced to the edge of the oval, where bow and arrows, and bins and targets were positioned. Excitement took hold as arrows flew high and low, near and far. Don't worry - precautions were taken, safety lines were present; all was safe. 


Time ‘flew’ by and the next activity was waiting. A recipe was introduced as we entered the kitchens; licking our lips, we hurried to our stations - not running of course! Remarkably, everybody had finished their meals, but we weren't allowed to eat them. Confused we carried plates on top of plates to a classroom, where tables upon tables of food were presented: soup, pastries, pasties and apple crumble. Delicious! Enjoying the dishes that each group made, we all happily munched away. 


To our surprise, after lunch, all groups combined and Lorenzo rocked up with a freestanding punching bag. Picking out a couple of students to begin the activity, Hamish welcomed them onto the stage. If learning about and holding the weapons wasn’t enough, maybe taking them for a spin would be. Smash. Bang.  Boom. After becoming fully trained in hitting a punching bag with a wooden weapon, it was time to up our game. We all spread out, as most of us tried to take on the master, attacking Lorenzo, running around and adjusting our grip. He held a shield and a huge sword, defending himself from our truly vicious hits. He managed to defeat all who challenged him in under 20 seconds, with his strategic movements and reflexes. We were allowed to hit him, swing at him, sledge hammer him as hard and as many times as we liked, but as soon as he tapped us with his sword, we were out. Sadly, the day had to come to an end. Packing up his stuff, we gave our appreciation and farewells to Lorenzo. 


Overall, I felt the day was very successful with much learning to be had, and I enjoyed the unique and original activities that engaged us all. Medieval Day was definitely an incursion to remember.  


By Madi Galland (8G)

Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 3 2019

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 a

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Dobson's currently have a 'Buy Early and Save' offer available. Please see the attached document for further details.

Dobsons will be offering some extended opening hours over the coming weeks. Please see below for dates and times.

Private appointments are available after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website for information and pricing 'Click and Collect' is available.


* Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.

Student Exchange Opportunities


Student Exchange Australia New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation registered with all state and territory Departments of Education around Australia and with the Ministry of Education in NZ. We are the first and only secondary exchange organisation in Australia and New Zealand to be certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and we ensure the highest standards of care and support to our participants. 
We would like to inform you, that our deadline for Scholarships and Early Bird Discounts in 2019 is Sunday, 31st October.

We offer fourteen partial scholarships each year, for year and semester applicants only. Short program applicants are not eligible for a scholarship. 
All scholarships are valued at either A$2,500 (semester program) or A$3,500 (year program) each. The categories for entry are:

Students can find out more about our exchange programs to over 25 countries, listen to former exchange students share their experience and learn more about our scholarships and discounts on offer by attending a local information session, or a LIVE online information session on Thursday, 26th September at 8.30pm - 9.30pm AEDT or Thursday, 17th October at 5.30pm AEDT. Students can register here.



Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd

PO Box 1420, Mona Vale  NSW 1660 Australia
T: (02) 9997 0700 F: (02) 9997 0701

Suite 2590, PO Box 83000,
Wellington 6440 New Zealand
T: 0800 440079 F: 0800 440077

ABN: 49 101 489 356


Volunteer Information Session


Mordialloc Sailing Club


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