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30 October 2019
Issue Thirty-two

Excellence Through Endeavour 

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MPS Carnival 2019- Saturday 9 November
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School Information


Thursday 31 October

Prep- Tiddalik story-telling incursion


Monday 4 November

Pupil Free Day


Tuesday 5 November

Melbourne Cup Day- public holiday


Wednesday 6 November

Prep 2020 Orientation Session 2


Thursday 7 November

Year 2- Melbourne Museum Excursion


Saturday 9 November

MPS Carnival! 


The cost of early bird passes are:

Preschool Pass - $28  School Age Pass - $37

After 31 OCTOBER the cost of ride passes (to be bought on the day of the Carnival) are:

Pre-School Pass - $35  School Age Pass - $45



 Pre-ordered costs :

$4  and $6 

On the day of the carnival costs:

$5 and $7


Monday 11 November

Remembrance Day 


Tuesday 12 November

Year 3 Excursion- Immigration Museum & Walking Tour


Friday 15 November

Year 5 excursion- Melbourne Street Art Tour


Wednesday 20 November

Prep Orientation Session 3


**Please refer to Compass Calendar for other term dates and events


8.55am - 10.40am

10.40am - 11.10am (Recess)

11.10am - 1.00pm

1.00pm-1:50pm (Lunch)

1.50pm - 3.30pm

Please note that school begins at 8.55am.

Children who arrive after this time will need to come via the office and accompanied by a parent to collect a late pass from the Compass kiosk. 


Our canteen is open Tuesday - Friday.

It is closed on Mondays.


Please see below for online ordering information. 



Our uniform shop is located near the office and is  open on Thursday mornings from 8.30am - 9.15am. 

The PSW shop in North Rd. Ormond is also open 6 days a week.

Online ordering with free delivery to the school is available.

If you prefer to have your order delivered to your home, please note that there is a fee of $8.65.


Please ensure all children's belongings are clearly labelled with their name (not just initials) and grade. Sometimes items are not returned to their rightful owner because they are not labelled correctly or clearly. If you find named belongings in your child's possession could you please return them to the school office.

Our lost property is stored in colored bins near Room 6. 


Term 4

7 October - 20 December

4 November - Pupil Free Day


From The Principal


Well done to our athletic stars, Angus M, Gryffin M (State  Level Championships)Angus M, James R and Michael M (Southern Region Championship) for reaching such a high level in their respective events.  

Thanks to Miss Nelson and Mr Cook for organising the training and coaching of our senior students.  

We would also to acknowledge the vital role the parents play with supporting their children as they take time off work to provide transport and attend the events.


We are really proud of their efforts.













The days are ticking down and we are hopeful to presell as many show bags and wristbands as possible.

Our target is 600 wrist bands! One for each child here and hopefully each family can bring along at least one friend, cousin or relative that they can also pre-purchase a ride pass for.

The 20% discount runs out this week.

Donations for chocolates and wine are still needed and notices will come out this week about items for our cake stall, which we hope to get lots of support with.

We are no longer collecting for second hand stalls but please support your class by signing up for a time slot with the volunteer sign up links.


Just a reminder that Monday November 4 is a pupil free day.  Teachers will be participating in professional development involving increasing student voice and agency within our school.


Thank you to those families who have already let us know if they are not returning in 2020. At this stage we have an expected enrolment next year of approximately 545 students. With these numbers we will be running 24 classes, one more than this year. We will have 4 prep grades, 4 grade ones, 4 grade twos, 3 grade threes, 3 grade fours, 3 grades fives and three grade sixes. Further details will be shared with families prior to the end of term.



This is a great opportunity to acknowledge the work teachers do each and every day and for us to say a particularly big ‘Thank You’ to the teachers at our school. We acknowledge their professionalism and commitment to ensuring the students at our school are cared for and well supported.

The teachers here are warm and welcoming and have great relationships with their students. This is evident every day and makes it a privilege for me to be Principal of such a great school.


By now all students should be wearing their sun smart hat when playing outside at recess and lunch breaks. School hats can be purchased from Primary School Wear in North Road. It is not an option to wear baseball caps and whilst we understand there are only 9 weeks until the end of the year, we hope all students take pride in their uniform and wear the items as set out in our school policy.

The lost property is piled high each week and some can’t be returned as they have no labels, please encourage your children to be responsible for their belongings.


Photo: Prep 2020!

What's Happening

Photo: Prep 2020!


Many thanks are extended to Sally Brady and her helpers for organising last week's most successful stall!

Sally Brady 


The final date for concert DVD orders has now closed.

However, it is still possible to order directly from:

Stagefright Concert Productions
PO Box 354, Dingley, VIC 3172
P: 3 9551 8381   |  M: 0411 642 030

This will incur a $5 delivery fee and orders will be sent to your home address instead of MPS.

The amount is $36.50 for a DVD or Vimeo Streamed copy. 









Murrumbeena Primary School teachers regularly participate in professional development with other schools, both as learners and presenters. ‘TeachMeet’ (teachers meeting together) is one example of this. TeachMeets provide an opportunity for teachers from local schools to come together and share their practice and programs with each other. Recently four teachers from MPS presented to PYP teachers from a range of schools at Firbank Grammar School in Brighton. Their presentations highlighted the ongoing reflection and implementation of innovative teaching practice at MPS.


Angela Houghton


Terry Allen

To make my lessons more transdisciplinary this year, I have worded the subjects on our daily timetable as our learning intention questions.

For example, instead of ‘spelling’ it might be,"How can we become more knowledgeable about the suffix ‘ful’’? Or instead of saying ‘maths’,it would be,‘How can we use an atlas to find where people are from?’ At the beginning of the year the students were unsure about what subjects they were learning and would ask me when we would be doing certain subjects like writing, maths, reading etc. Using learning intentions and reflecting at the end of each lesson on what subject they thought we were learning the students were able to identify a number of subject areas which had been covered and justify why. This has made them realise that even though we might be learning ‘maths’ there are also elements of literacy and inquiry  involved.

Jen Keppa

This year, I have worked towards deepening my own and the students’ understanding and development of the PYP’s approaches to learning. The approaches to learning are skills which support students to become self-regulated learners. The approaches to learning include thinking, self-management, social, research and communication skills.

Below are a few examples of how I make the approaches to learning lesson explicit to students through ‘I can’ statements:

  • I can use my thinking skills to consider ideas from multiple perspectives. 

  • I can use my researching skills to record observations by note taking. 

  • I can use my communication skills to give and receive meaningful feedback.

  • I can use my social skills to learn cooperatively in a group: being courteous, sharing and taking turns.

  • I can use my self-management skills to use my time effectively and appropriately and complete tasks as agreed. 

I wanted to help students address the ‘how’ when undertaking their learning tasks. When identifying lesson goals I include a Learner Profile and Approach to Learning goal to help students achieve the Learning Intention. Here is an example below:


Learning Intention: What is the process for calculating multi digit vertical multiplication? 

Success Criteria

  • I know how to apply the use of my multiplication facts.
  • I understand the possible steps in the vertical multiplication process.
  • I can be principled by showing commitment to completing my work.
  • I can use my self-management skills to practise positive thinking and language that reinforces self-motivation. 

I shared with colleagues from other schools across the PYP network how the clarity of lesson goals guides students to success.


Cassie Bongers

In an effort to deepen the Year 3’s understanding of the Learner Profile, students were given the opportunity to self-evaluate and gain peer feedback on how they were developing the attributes.

Our Year 3 students spent time throughout Term 1 unpacking what it means to be knowledgeable, a risk taker, a communicator, a global thinker, caring, open-minded, an inquirer, principled, balanced and reflective. They engaged in whole group and individual brainstorms, enjoyed texts that highlighted the attributes, as well as a range of team building games and activities. The students’ understandings were recorded over time and brought together on a poster, full of ‘i can...’ statements. These statements helped us to create a rubric that students now complete once a term. It has been wonderful to witness the students’ dedication to improving their goals around the Learner Profile attributes and give each other feedback throughout the year. At the TeachMeet, I shared this process with other teachers in the PYP Network and invited them to use our students’ rubric with their own classes. 


Natalie Beach

During the Grade 5 unit of inquiry, ‘Who We Are’, teachers discussed providing Feedback as FeedForward. The FeedForward journey began when the students were given a rubric outlining the unit outcomes and connections to the elements of the PYP at the commencement of the 7 week unit.

From here, students helped design some of the learning tasks to suit the assessment criteria. Throughout the unit, students reflected on their learning based on the rubric and the need to meet each standard by the conclusion.

Students reflected again and designed their summative task around areas which needed additional support.

By providing FeedForward instead of FeedBack, students were able to set specific goals related directly to the unit outcomes, guide their learning by knowing what needed to be completed by the end of the unit and provide a clear understanding of areas they excel at and areas they need additional support with throughout the entirety of the unit.

At the TeachMeet, I shared this process with other teaching staff from the IB community.




Physical Education





The Southern Metropolitan Regional and State Athletics were held on Monday 21 October and Thursday 24 October.


Southern Regional Competition  - 21 October

James R competed in 200m and won his heat with a  time of 27.89 seconds but unfortunately his time wasn’t quite quick enough to progress to State. Finishing 3rd at such a high level is a great achievement.

James jumped 145cm in high jump placing him 4th out of 7 competitors, again a big achievement.

Angus M competed in the multiclass category. Angus came 4th in 100m, with a time of 21.12 seconds and 3rd in 200m, with a time of 49.93 seconds. He proudly accepted  a bronze medal on the podium!

In the discus competition Michael M  came 8th out of 15 with a throw of 21.89m. A big throw by Michael! He should be very proud of his efforts and dedication to his training. Can’t wait to see what year 6 brings for Michael’s discus adventure.


State Athletics Competition- 24 October at Lakeside Stadium

Angus M and Gryffin M were invited to compete at the SSV State athletics on Thursday 24 October at Lakeside stadium.


Gryffin threw 4.31m in shotput and finished 8th out of 12 competitors.


In the middle of a windy and hot 34 degree day the 200m race was held. Both boys competed in this event. Angus got a personal best time of 46.52 seconds and came 7th and Gryffin ran 55.33 seconds, coming close to getting his personal best time too. A fantastic end to their primary school athletics journey.


Thank-you to both Fiona and Kristen for your continuous support with Angus and Gryffin on this exciting journey!


Tracey Nelson



Check out the flourishing golden podded peas in our garden.



We are still very much in need of volunteers for our program. 

Volunteers assist classes in undertaking deeper activities and we really value your time and support. There is also garden volunteering on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings if you, or a grandparent, want to simply come in to partake in some gardening, separately to kitchen or garden classes. If so please contact Jac directly.


Please click on the roster web links listed below (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn't work) to go to the signup sheet:

 Garden roster:


Kitchen roster:


To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page.

It only takes a few seconds to do.

The links and our email addresses are also stored on the SAKG page of the school website for future reference.

If you need to cancel a session, please email us directly if you cannot find a replacement.

For those of you that have not volunteered before, please note the following:
All volunteers will require a Working With Children Check; these are free for volunteer status and are valid for 5 years. Please make sure that the office has your working with children’s check and that you have signed a Child Safe Code of Conduct form (also at the office). Working with children’s checks can be applied for online and are processed at the post office.


***Community notices requesting volunteers for our MPS program can be collected from just outside the kitchen if you know of any suitable noticeboards on which to place them. 

Dates to note:

Kitchen & garden classes will start in week one to accommodate the missed classes due to excursions, camps etc. during the term. 

No kitchen classes on the 25th of October due to a SAKG PD.


Again, many thanks for your ongoing support.

Angel Munro

SAKG Kitchen Specialist









          LAST WEEK!


We have been inundated with completed walking tickets. Well done everyone!


Murrumbeena Primary has joined the hundreds of primary schools across Victoria for a fun month of walking, riding and scooting to and from school. By participating, we have a chance to win some great prizes!

In October, we will be encouraging our entire school to walk, ride and scoot to school. If your child can’t walk, ride or scoot to school, there are heaps of ways they can still get involved in the fun.

Parents can drop off their children a few blocks from the entrance to the school and walk the rest of the way or helping their kids to meet up with friends before school to walk around the oval.

Kids are healthier and happier when they’re active every day. Walking kids to school is a great opportunity to get them active and build their confidence and life skills. It’s also a chance for everyone to spend some quality family time together.


Walk to School 2019 —

one lucky student will win a Fitbit

Glen Eira City Council has partnered with VicHealth for Walk to School 2019 and is running an Active Schools competition for the duration of Walk to School Month (Monday 7 October to Friday 1 November).


How can you participate?

Students will receive an Active Schools walking ticket at the start of Walk to School 2019. Each time students walk, ride or scoot to school, their parent/guardian will need to initial one of 10 stars. Once all 10 stars have been initialled, students can submit their ticket to the school office to be entered into the competition to win a Fitbit (one per participating school). Students will receive a new ticket to keep on walking, riding or scooting to school throughout October. The more they walk, ride and scoot to school, the more times they can enter the competition. If students are driven to school, they can still enter the competition by parking a few blocks away and walking, riding or scooting to class. Every little bit counts!

Not only that, Council will award the Glen Eira City Council perpetual interschool Active Schools Trophy to the best performing school in the municipality. This will be based on the average number of walks per enrolled student to ensure every participating school, large or small, has a shot at taking out the interschool honours.

Get walking, riding or scooting to school this October and help your school in their attempt to win the trophy.

To view full terms and conditions, visit

Out of School Hours Care



Photo: Showbags 2017

MPS Carnival 2019-
Saturday 9 November

Photo: Showbags 2017



Less than 2 weeks to go! Sign up, sign up! Volunteers come and be apart of the fun and meet people in our amazing community!


Thank you for all hamper donations; these are now being wrapped and readied for the silent auction. We are still accepting donations for wine and chocolates so keep these coming! 


MPS Carnival Social Pages (FB and Instagram!)

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Insta. We hope you will Invite your friends and family to do the same. 



These amazing food stalls require baked goods from all nationalities! Last carnival we were inundated with donations and we would love to see such an impressive offering again. We do ask that donations are brought either on the Friday afternoon or Saturday morning with the attached form and allergen sheet completed. It is very important that all ingredients are listed accurately. No nuts please!!

Please see attachment



Last minute volunteers are needed for the following stalls, please sign up on the links provided:


Pack down: We need parents to help pack down the stalls when they close at 4pm. Please sign up here:



It’s silent auction time!! 

Do you love Pilates? Do you love Doughnuts?! Or perhaps you love LEGO! Whatever you love, our wonderful families and local businesses have generously donated a vast array of individual items, hamper items and vouchers to our silent auction this year!

Wherever your interests lie, with over 100 items up for auction, you’re sure to find some amazing things to bid on. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to do your gift shopping and support the school!

To see all the items currently available (more are being added!), head on over to the auction page, which is now live, and get bidding!!

Bidding will close at 4pm on Saturday 9 November.

Want to donate to the silent auction? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


Less than 10 days to go!


Sponsor Update

Our other major sponsor for our carnival this year is the fabulous Carnegie Central Shopping Centre, who will be celebrating their 10th year in 2020! In that time, they have evolved to accommodate the wants and needs within the changing face of Carnegie, Murrumbeena, and surrounding suburbs.

They strive to provide something for everybody! With fresh food retailers, supermarkets, homewares, fitness, health, and play. They pride themselves on independent small businesses that bring a wide variety of specialty services.

“We could not be happier to be one of the major sponsors of The Murrumbeena Primary School Carnival. We feel that our partnership with Murrumbeena Primary, gives us a fantastic opportunity to play a small part in the growth of our neighbourhood, future community members and leaders.”


Thank you for your support Carnegie Central


Hurry!! Early bird rides passes closes  Thursday 31st October! That is tomorrow so get in now before It's too late.


The cost of early bird passes are:

Preschool Pass - $28  School Age Pass - $37

After 6 November  the cost of ride passes (to be bought on the day of the Carnival) are:

Pre-School Pass - $35  School Age Pass - $45


Book your rides passes and save 20%. Visit


We are aiming to sell 600 passes so we hope you can help us reach our target!


Early bird ride passes will be available to collect from the ride tickets stall on Carnival day.



Pre-purchase your showbags and save!


Choose form the following:

Monster Munchies Showbag

Furry Friends Showbag

Mr Tricks Showbag

BFF School Showbag

Slime Zone Showbag


Showbags are available to purchase via Qkr and will be available to collect from the showbag stall on Carnival day.



 Pre-ordered costs :

$4 (Monster Munchies) and $6 

On the day of the carnival costs:

$5 (Monster Munchies) and $7



Highlighting MPS Parent Heroes


We’d like to do a shout to the  talented Karen Wasson for her incredible work managing the Carnival social.


As if it wasn’t enough to manage the social media as well as coordinate the craft stall—including hand-making some beautiful pieces to sell—she’s also a mother of three, runs Cocooned—an online business providing accessible clothing for children and babies that are receiving medical care, and is an aspiring children’s book author. We don’t know how you do it, Karen!


Your outstanding contribution has not gone unnoticed. Thank you, Karen!


We would also like to make a special mention to  MPS parent and owner of Colwell & Co Beauty Studio, Topaz Colwell!

Thanks to Topaz’s generous donation, you’ll have the opportunity to bid on one of four super delicious pamper session packs which include: a Facial, Eyelash Tint and Eye Brow Wax. Or (and!) bid on one of four Reiki Crystal Light Healing Sessions!




MPS Carnival Social Pages (FB and Instagram!)

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Insta. We hope you will Invite your friends and family to do the same. 




























Advertisements & Community Notices  













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