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05 September 2019
Issue Twenty-seven
Dates to Remember
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Dates to Remember

New event entries

We have introduced a new way of helping you identify any new additions to the entries below.  
All new entries each week will be marked with two asterisk, which will then be removed the following week.  This will save you looking through all the dates to try and work out what is new.


Friday 6

Year 5 and 6 Civics and Citizenship Expo from 8.30am

Wednesday 11

District Aths Carnival-Duncan McKinnon Reserve

Friday 13

**Year 3 Expo: 9am 

Monday 16

Year 6 Musical dress rehearsal

Sushi lunch day order on Qkr

Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18

Year 6 Musical Production 

Wednesday 18

Year 4 Science Expo 8.30am


Friday 20

Final day of Term 3:  2.30pm finish


Monday 7

First day of Term 4

Tuesday 8

Uniform Shop open 8.45am-9.15am

Monday 14

Prep 2020 Parent Session 7pm - 8pm

**Special Food Day-Sushi Day

Wednesday 16

Prep 2020 Transition Session One 9.30-10.30am

Sunday 20

Working Bee - All welcome  9 - 11.30am

Monday 21 - Thursday 31

**Swimming Program: Years 3 & 4 only

Friday 25

Day for Daniel - wear a touch of red with uniform

Sunday 27

School Fete - 'Day on Dalgetty'

Tuesday 29

Prep 2020 Transition Session Two 9.30-10.30am


Monday 11 to Tuesday 12

Year 3 Camp 

Tuesday 12

Uniform Shop open 8.45am-9.15am

Wednesday 13

Year 5 Interrelate (formerly Family Life)

**Special Food Day - 'Build a Burger' 

Thursday 14

Prep 2020 Transition Session Three 9.30-10.30am

Monday 18 to Thursday 28

**Swimming Program: Prep, 1, 2 only

Friday 29

**Swimming Carnival: Prep - Year 4 inclusive

Wednesday 20

Year 5 Interrelate (formerly Family Life)

Wednesday 27

Year 5 Interrelate (formerly Family Life)

Thursday 28

**Year 5 Economic and Health ERP Expo: 5.30pm


Monday 2 - Friday 6

Year 5 Bike Ed program

Tuesday 3

Uniform Shop open 8.45am-9.15am

Prep Concert

Tuesday 10

Year 5 Bike Hike

Wednesday 11 to Friday 13

Year 5/6 Lifesaving Program

Monday 16

Year 6 Graduation 6.15pm

**Special Food Day-Sushi Day

Wednesday 18

**Prep 2020 Transition Session Four (meet the teacher) 2-3pm

Friday 20

Final day of Term 4: 1.30pm finish

From the Assistant Principal

Think U Know Parent Information Session- Guide to Online Safety

Our Cyber Safety parent information session held on Tuesday night was very well attended. Gary Furlong presented an in-depth and thought provoking session which focused on gaming, social networking, instant messaging and video and image sharing. Gary discussed  the key challenges parents and children face online in regard to  privacy terms and conditions when signing up for apps or social networking sites, basic online security, information sharing and personal safety.

Some of  key messages  for parents were:

1. Start online safety conversations with your children and let them teach you about what they do online.

2.  Stay in the know and take interest in how your child is using technology. Have a go and trial some of the apps they are using yourself.

3.  Speak with your child about positive online behaviour. Set an example of the behaviour you expect.

4.  Know what your children are doing online, who they are 'friends' with, and who they may be talking to.

5.  Create a Family Online Safety Contract. You can find one here-

6.  Reinforce that nothing is so bad they can't tell a trusted adult.


We have a few spare copies of the booklet that was handed out at the session, if you would like one please collect from the office.


I encourage all families to visit the Think U Know website for information, resources and support.

NAPLAN Year 3 and 5 student results

Parents are advised that their child's individual Student Report for NAPLAN will be posted to the family home address on Thursday 5th September and should arrive early next week.  

Planning Week

Teaching teams will be busy next week planning curriculum programs for their year level. Planning week provides classroom teachers and specialist the opportunity to collaborate together in their teaching teams to prepare rich teaching and learning experiences  for the following term.  As part of their planning session, teams will again work closely with Rowena Ulbrick, our 21st century learning Design consultant. Rowena will continue to support staff through the process of designing collaborative learning tasks and provide our teachers with effective tools for building new learning opportunities into their lesson. 

Whole School Planning for 2020: A friendly reminder to advise the office of new students and exiting students

If you have a child commencing in Prep 2020 and the child is not yet enrolled please collect an enrolment form the office and return it as soon as possible before the end of term as enrolment is now due.  As in all school communities, some families relocate at the end of the year. Please advise the office if you will not be returning to BPS in 2020.

Year 6 Production: Peter Pan

Last week the whole staff got busy painting, sewing and creating in preparation for the Year 6 production, a highlight of the year the whole school community look forward to. The students are to be congratulated on their commitment to rehearsals and Mrs Rothberg and the year six teachers continue to go above and beyond to ensure the musical is a success. Good luck with the final preparations.

Gratitude and Mindfulness

What are three things that went well for you today?

What are the best things that happened to you today?

Who are you most grateful for and why?

What are you looking forward to most about tomorrow?

Sheryl Skewes                                       Louise Neave

Principal                                                   Assistant Principal

School News

"Dates to remember" in Stop Press

We have introduced a new way of helping you identify any new additions to the dates in Stop Press.  
All new entries each week will be marked with two asterisk, which will then be removed the following week.  This will save you looking through all the dates to try and work out what is new.

National eSmart Week

This week BPS participated in national eSmart week alongside more than 1000 organisations across Australia. The aim of the week was to celebrate and promote cyber safety, sharing knowledge and staying smart, safe and responsible with technologies. All classes completed a range of activities on cyber safety and discussed how to be smart, safe and responsible online. Many students also had the chance to test out some of our new robotics/devices recently purchased for the Digital Technology program including Botley: The coding robot, Bloxel Team Builder, Code and Go Robot Mouse and On The Brink: Coding game.

In support of our digital technologies program and national eSmart week, a Cyber Safety information session for our parent and carer community was held on Tuesday night in the SALC.  It was wonderful to see so many of you there. The presentation, run by the organisation ThinkUKnow, shared valuable information on how we can best assist children to use technology in a safe and responsible way. They covered topics such as gaming, social media and instant messaging. Their overall message was that there are a lot of great resources and benefits that come along with using all of these platforms, but it’s about how we use them and how important it is to be having open and regular conversations with our children about them.

Using digital technologies responsibly is something that needs to be supported both at home and at school. Please continue these discussions at home as our partnership in this area is vital.

For any further information that may support you with these conversations, we recommend the following websites:

A message from our School Council President

G'day BPS Community!


Welcome to another edition of the newsletter. I thought it would be good to provide a few updates from recent school council and subcommittee meetings. Now that the new building is complete, the building and grounds (B&G) subcommittee has been busy looking at costs and resources required to reinvigorate the kitchen garden area and get this back up and running for all the students to use, including the chicken coop! The focus is looking at ways we can expand and enhance this area as quickly as is practical. The B&G subcommittee are also looking at costs associated with developing a more substantial and weatherproof structure for storing bikes for the students along Emily St. To assist with this we are looking at various government grants that are available to assist with funding some or all of this project.    


One of the resolutions from the last Council meeting was to cease charging local not-for-profit sporting clubs to be able to utilise the school's outdoor sporting facilities after-hours. Previously there was a small charge in place, however based on parent feedback, we have opted to remove these charges given that most of the sporting clubs that book the facilities include current and past students from BPS. Please note that sporting clubs will still need to register their interest with the school office to use the facilities which will be allocated via a roster on a first in first served basis; a photocopy or softcopy of the club's current Public Liability Insurance Policy indicating a minimum $10,000,000 coverage must accompany any applications for court hire.


Finally, the school council subcommittees are the engine room for all the ideas and planning associated with improvements and activities that occur at the school. Parents who are interested in helping out with the school are invited to get involved via the different subcommittees by contacting the school office for details of meeting times. 


The current sub-committees are:

  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Canteen
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Education

Until next time...



Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge 2019

Participants in this year's Premiers' Reading Challenge, please check your details online. Have you followed the rules and entered the required number of Challenge and Choice books to reach your target? This is your last reminder to do so, as on Friday 6th September the Challenge is over! No data can be entered after this date. We are very excited to see that many of the students at BPS have already successfully completed the Challenge. The certificates will be issued early next term.

Compass attendance notes

Feedback from Compass users across Australia influences how they update their platform, and this includes the input that they receive from parents and guardians; there is now an option for parents/guardians to add an Attendance Note for their student(s) directly from their dashboard.

Compass are always looking for feedback, if you have anything you would like to raise with them send a message to

Working Bee Sunday October 20th 9-11.30

A big call out to all of our families to join us at our whole school working bee. Our priority on the day is to tidy the grounds and garden beds in preparation for our Fete on the 27th October. The morning will conclude with a cuppa and refreshments.  Save the date.

School Hats

A friendly reminder that all students must wear their school hat at recess, lunchtime and assembly from 1st September  until April 30th. Students who do not have a hat will be asked to remain under the shade cloth during recess and lunch.


Volunteer opportunities are now open for the canteen for Term 4. Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn't work) to go to the signup sheet:

To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Thank you for volunteering your kids love seeing you in the canteen and we can't run it without you!

Level Low Downs


This Term, the Prep students have been taking part in fortnightly PMP sessions. This is a movement- based program which is designed to improve their eye/hand and eye/foot coordination, fitness and balance. Each fortnight, we use a variety of  equipment to create a series of short rotations for students to participate in. They have so much fun taking part in these activities and we would like to thank the wonderful parents for their help and support during these sessions!

Year One

Last week the Year One students loved participating in our annual Footy Day. The Father’s Day breakfast at the start of Footy Day is a Beaumaris Primary School tradition that we all look forward to!

Year Two

We have been really busy in Year 2, developing our understanding of division, learning to write a persuasive speech and working on improving spelling. 

In science lessons we have been using our knowledge of forces and motion to create a moving game.

Last Friday we had great fun dressing up in AFL team colours for Footy Father’s Day celebrations.

This week is eSmart Week and we have been discussing the importance of being smart, safe and responsible when using digital technology.

Year Three

As Term 3 is coming to an end we are completing our Educational Research Project (ERP). Our focus for this term was chemical and biological science where students took in many immersion activities. As part of their ERP students selected and conducted an experiment as a group and completed their first experimental write up. Students also learnt the importance of safety when conducting scientific experiments. Congratulations to all students for their organisation when conducting their experiments.

Students have also been learning how to create a flowchart and are currently researching and creating their own which will be presented at the ERP expo.


Family and special friends please join us for our TERM 3 ERP EXPO on Friday 13 September at 9am in our classrooms.

Year Four

What a busy week it has been.  We loved the Father’s Day breakfast followed by the staff vs students footy match.  We have been enjoying our responsibility of the vegetable garden and in the classroom have really worked hard researching for our ERP.

Year Five

Tomorrow morning the Year 5 students will proudly present their Civics & Citizenship ERPs to their families and peers. Over the term, they have visited Parliament House of Victoria and learnt extensively about our government system and the concept of being a good citizen. As part of their ERP, students had to choose something in the community that they deemed an issue and gather evidence to prove this. They have sent many emails and spoken to many experts about their chosen issues and tried to gather different perspectives and ideas. Students have used all this evidence to then create their own solution to combat the chosen issue. Tomorrow morning the Year 5 students will be set up in the SALC ready to articulate their new found knowledge and present their findings. This term there will be no fancy posters, no interactive PowerPoints, just the student and their ERP folder. We encourage families to speak extensively to the students about their issues and solutions, a lot of work has been put in by the children.  Hope to see many of you there from 8:30am-9:30am.

Along with Civics & Citizenship, we have continued our unit on multiplication, started investigating division, published our advertisements, read our Literature Discussion books and zoomed in on the world of cyber safety.

Year Six

This week is eSmart week where we are currently learning all about cyber bullying and safety online. Final preparations for the musical have been occurring. Shout out to our amazing teachers and staff for helping with the costumes, sets and any extras last week. Some Year 5s and 6s were given the amazing opportunity to attend the sustainable school’s festival this week.  The Year 6s have been working on one of their last ERPs at BPS, they will be showcasing their projects on Friday morning. The project is on Civics and Citizenships.

That’s all for our news report this week in Year 6.

Written by Ruby and Maggie .

Community News




Photo: Community Built Playground

School Information

Photo: Community Built Playground

General Office

Office Hours:           8.15am - 4.00pm

Telephone:              03  9589 2619


All visitors to the school are required to report to the office to sign in and out.  A ‘visitor’s badge’ will be issued.

Appointments with teachers must be made via the school email: 



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9.00am via the Compass portal or phoning the school office.   Any unexplained absences will result in parents/guardians receiving an email at 9.30am on the day of non-attendance requesting they update Compass with the reason for non-attendance.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you that the school day starts promptly at 9.00am.  If your child is late for any reason, please sign in at the office via the Compass Kiosk and obtain a late pass to be given to the classroom teacher.  

Please ensure that if your child is leaving early that they are signed out on the Compass Kiosk before collecting them from the classroom.



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