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01 March 2019
Issue One
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Dear Parents and members of the MESC Community


Welcome back to the start of the 2019 school year. I am very pleased to say that we have had an exceptionally smooth start to the year, and our wonderful students are to be congratulated for the way they have resumed the learning commenced in Jumpstart. We have also been very pleased with the attitude to home learning demonstrated by students in our Senior Pathways Program, with the majority completing tasks assigned to them in preparation for the New Year.

It is a great measure of a school’s success when its vision and values are articulated by the students without prompt. At our whole school assembly on the first day of the year, our School Captains spoke to their peers about the college and their hopes for the year ahead. I was so proud to hear their words, and to know that the trust we afford them as leaders and representatives of the student group was so well placed.

One hundred and ten new year seven students were also welcomed to our college community. Whilst most of these students previously attended our three local primary schools, we have also attracted students from around twenty other primary schools. These families tell us that they choose this school because of its smaller size when compared to other government and private settings, and the calm and productive environment that exists here. They are also attracted by our VCE results, and the huge range of additional opportunities available to students at this college.

We were very proud of the success of our Year 12 VCE class of 2018, and particularly of our English median study score of 32. As this is the study that every student must do, it is a great indication of the extent to which our students are supported to do their best with many students outperforming their predicted scores. Overall, we had almost half of our students receiving an ATAR of 70 or above – a fantastic outcome by any measure and a credit to the quality of both teachers and programs at Mount Eliza Secondary.

The focus of our work in 2019 is in two areas:

  • We aim to achieve strong learning growth for every student and to monitor and evaluate our teaching practice to ensure this is occurring
  • We aim to build Student Voice and Learner Agency, ensuring that our students play an active role in the improvement of this college, and that they take increasing responsibility for their work as learners

I am excited about everything that has been achieved at this college in recent years, and very much look forward to continued success for all in 2019.

Angela Pollard




If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school as soon as possible on the day of absence using one of the following methods:

  •  Online: log the absence directly using your Compass log in and password 
  • Telephone absence line: leave your  child’s name, class, date of absences and reason – 9788 6290
  •  Email:

Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on the day that they will be away, helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfil your legal responsibility.





An election is to be conducted for members of the School Council of MOUNT ELIZA SECONDARY COLLEGE.

School Council provides parents the opportunity to contribute important viewpoints that help shape the direction of the College.

Parent/Student information and nomination forms are attached and can also be accessed from the school website. Nomination forms must be lodged by 4pm on Tuesday 5th March 2019. 

Nomination forms can be scanned and emailed to or hand delivered to the administration office.


Vacancies as follows:-
3 Parent Member - 2 Year Term
1 Parent Member - 1 Year Term
1 DET Employee - 2 Year Term
1 DET Employee - 1 Year Term
1 Student Member- 2 Year Term



The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2019 are now open and will close on 28 June 2019 (end of term 2).



Please be reminded that College Levies were due in full before the commencement of 2019 unless prior arrangement has been made. Thank you to the families who have paid in full or have arranged an approved payment/instalment plan. It is an expectation that Essential Student Learning Items are paid to support the provision of quality materials and items. All funds collected as Essential Student Learning Items provide the only budget to our teachers (i.e. classroom materials for students).  Students chose subjects and families approved the choice of electives in 2018, therefore subjects have been planned and costed according to the commitments made by families.

The college will be making contact with families shortly who may have overlooked making these payments. Alternately can these families please contact the office to check the amounts outstanding. We rely on the college community to partner with us in supporting the learning of our children so that the high standards expected of Mount Eliza Secondary College can be maintained.




Thursday 4 April - 3.30pm - 7pm

Friday 5 April - 9.30am - 2pm- Alternative timetable - students must attend conferences with their parents.

Conference times will be made available on  Compass shortly.

Tuesday 23 April - Student Free Day 



Students who have not paid their VET levy in full by Wednesday 6th March (excluding agreed payment plans) will be withdrawn from the course. Payment was due 30/11/2018. We enrol students into their chosen course in good faith that payment will be made to the school. Once the cut-off date is reached we are invoiced by each institute and are liable for all costs. Please contact the office prior to 06/03 with payment.




Assessment is looking different at Mount Eliza Secondary College.  Hopefully your students have been coming home sharing some of the new ways students are learning and being assessed at the college. This April we will finally begin our process of Authorisation for the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Program. One of the biggest changes the college will introduce is how we assess and report to students and parents in years 7-9, the Middle Years Program MYP.

Students will continue to receive an assessment against the Victorian Curriculum once a semester, however ongoing assessment will be generated using the MYP framework. MYP uses an Inquiry based pedagogy, while fostering students understanding of Global contexts and key concepts. More than ever it makes sense that we are teaching our students how to question, problem solve and inquire about their own environment and how that fits on a global stage.

Ask your students to bring home assessment rubrics that have been developed to assess their skills against MYP Criterion. When students complete a summative task they will receive a number form 1-8 that will be associated with a description about how well they have mastered a particular skill. We are currently working on a presentation that will further explain in more depth how students will be assessed. By the end of the month, you will be able to view MYP study guides for each subject. These guides will also help you to understand the purpose and requirements of each study.




Staff and students have had an incredible time on Year 7 Camp- the best way to begin the school year and to get to know each other! Here are some thoughts from our students:

  • My highlight of camp is how we had the opportunity to  face new experiences and our fears in different activities.
  • My highlights of camp were the mud run and making heaps of new friends.
  • A highlight for me was definitely the Giant Swing, because on my very first go I went straight to the top. Even though I screamed my heart out, I still had heaps of fun!
  • My highlight for Camp was going to the top of the giant swing, the leap of faith, abseiling, the mud run, spending time with my friends and meeting new people. 
  • The snakes and nails was my favourite because we got to hold the snake.
  • I liked the overcoming fear challenges, it was a great experience
  • For me the best part about camp was all the activities with heights in them, like the giant swing and the leap of faith. I also liked getting to know everyone 
  • My highlight was hearing all the encouragement as people did things they were scared to do.
  • My favourite activity was the mud run, the second time! Our team work was  fantastic and at the award ceremony the ‘Blah Blahs’ won-yay!
  • Our favourite activities were:
  • The giant swing
  • The mud run
  • Abseiling
  • Leap of faith
  • Laser tag
  • Snakes and nails
  • Food!!
  • Hanging with friends
  • Making new friends
  • Meeting new people
  • Meeting new teachers 
  • Interacting with the staff members
  • My personal highlight while on school camp was getting to meet and become closer friends with so many people. Learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable was something I improved at greatly and without that skill I think walking on a bed of nails and holding a snake would have been laughable to me.


Follow the link to read what the Summit staff thought of our new Year 7 students (hint- they are amazing!)



Our school will be Road Smart!

Road Smart, a VicRoads road safety education and training program, will deliver an interactive in-class session to our Year 10 students during their PACE class on 6 March.

The Road Smart program includes an interactive classroom session, e-Learning for students and their supervising drivers plus a free in-car session for students with a learner permit!

To participate in all components of the program, including the free in-car session, parents and guardians are required to complete a consent form.

The form is available on our Compass News feed.

For more information on the program, including access to the form and eLearning




Fifteen Senior Pathways students attended Virtual School Victoria Orientation Day. These students have chosen to complete one or more of their VCE subjects by Distance Ed.

The day has started with introductions and inspirational speeches from high achieving students who completed their VCE through Distance Ed last year. They shared a lot of strategies on how to plan your work, develop your schedule, include leisure time and get the best out of independent work to ensure that you are successful. Completing subjects independently is a huge responsibility and requires a lot of focus and organisation on behalf of a student.

After further presentations from teaching staff, we had the  opportunity to meet teachers and talk about the course work requirements. We also met others who are completing the same courses and it was great that a number of us exchanged contact details, so that we could support each other and ask questions.

The day concluded with a BBQ lunch, which gave everybody another chance to get to know their teachers and other students. We enjoyed the day and felt much more connected and supported.



Studio Arts Students enjoy NGV

On Monday 11th February, all Unit 1 & 3 Studio Arts student went on an all-day excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria. The highlight was the Escher x Nendo exhibition. All students seemed to really enjoy the brilliance of Escher’s exceptional printmaking and drawing skills. They also were intrigued by the design and layout of the exhibition which was designed by the Japanese Design company Nendo.

The second exhibition which the students experienced was the William Wegman display. It was both amusing and thought provoking. Wegman’s main subject throughout the exhibition were huge photographs of his many Weimaraner dogs, dressed up in incredible costumes and poses. The final exhibition was the Julian Opie exhibition demonstrating a luminously vibrant yet simplistic view of every-day people going about their business.




On Thursday 14th February the year 10 Design Technology class became the first school group to visit the 50 million dollar Point Leo Estate Sculpture park. The Sculpture Park houses an ever-evolving outdoor gallery of over 50 Australian and International pieces, set on 19 acres of breathtaking views.

Students strolled through the 3km serpentine paths to experience the incredible works. The diversity of context does not only apply to the art but also the native flora and fauna that links the sculptures to the building, the vineyard and the sea. Our students seemed totally amazed by what they viewed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Even the softness and quality of the grass was mentioned on numerous occasions!




Our HPV group including students from Years 7-12 have had many long after school sessions  in these past couples weeks in preparation for our first race at Casey Fields! 

Welcoming lots of new year 7's to the program has been great and will grow our HPV family even further. 

The vehicles are race ready and now we are just awaiting decorations to make them look even better! It’s been an awesome effort put in from everybody and we are all super excited to get our vehicles out there and racing!

Amelia Rickard 10A


Exciting news for our Performing Arts Leader, and Year 11 student, Sam Howlett who has been selected to perform as a backing vocalist at the 2019 Victorian State Schools Spectacular. Sam endured a series of auditions and 'call backs' during the selection process and is very proud to be representing our College at this prestigious event. Performances will be held at the Melbourne Arena on 14th September and in the meantime Sam will be extremely busy with rehearsals every Saturday until then. We shall let you know when tickets are available and the date it will be televised on Channel 7.

Chookas Sam !





           Tom Gibson                              Oliver Heavey 


As we head toward the halfway mark of Term 1, it’s a good time to reflect on how the senior school is travelling thus far in 2019. The last years of secondary school are some of the most important in our school lives, and the senior students and teachers have been working diligently across the board. Although these years of school might be quite tough at times, especially with upcoming SACs, they are also some of the best years of our lives. We’ve got a great group of students here at ` MESC, but also a brilliant group of teachers, who work as hard as we do (if not harder) to get the best out of every student at the college.


The first month of school has flown by as our senior school have hastily made a start to 2019. Having had 3 weeks of Jumpstart to set the foundations for our Term 1 learning, our Year 12s have been hard at work in preparations for the upcoming SACs. English practice SACs have already taken place, after school workshops and copious amounts of study are already in full swing. An intense year lies ahead of the class of 2019, but everyone is up for the challenge and if the first few weeks are anything to go by, there is plenty of success just around the corner.






Throughout primary and high school, I had always been in green house (the best house ever)!! Having the opportunity to be house captain for Kimuli in 2019 is super exciting. Of course Kimuli being the best house it’s a no surprise we won the swimming carnival, back to back! Swim day was a huge success and well done to all the students and teachers getting involved with house spirit, dressing up in their house colours and getting in the pool and to Ms Leonard for organising such a fun day. Go Kimuli!

Pip Keresevic 

MESC Learning Commons

Welcome to the MESC Learning Commons

The MESC Learning Commons comprises the Library and ICT Team who support both staff and students.  

Librarian - Mrs Lynn Swannell

ICT Manager - Mr Kevin Hunter

ICT Technician - Mr Sam Karagiannis

Opening Hours

The Learning Commons is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm each day, including recess and lunchtime.  However it is closed at recess each Friday.


Please DO NOT bring in food or drinks and we ask that you tidy up after yourself.


Both Tuesdays and Thursdays are designated 'device free' days - this means no bringing in your phone or devices at recess and lunchtimes.  Instead we encourage you to read a magazine, play a board game, or even read your books.

Library Leaders and Team 2019

Belle York (Year 10) - Senior School Library Leader and Bella Pascic (Year 8) - Middle school Library Leader are working with the Student  Leadership group to ensure students' library needs are met.  We encourage you to talk to them about any issues, suggestions, ideas you may have relating to our Library.


Library Team Members

Olivia Shillington - Year 10

Madeline Bailey - Year 10

Maggie Martin - Year 10

Aimee Hodgkiss - Year 10

Ruby Davies - Year 9

Hannah Bailey - Year 8

Aaron Tran - Year 8


"Over the first few weeks of school, many new and exciting things have been happening. Including the start of many displays and Valentine’s Day, also known as 'Library Lovers Day', in the library. 


The door to the Senior Learning Centre (SLC) will soon be decorated, to replicate Harry Potter’s ‘Platform 9 ¾’'. There will also be a display going up soon, all to do with different books the library has to offer.


The Valentines display and activities were terrific this year. Including 'Blind Date with a Book' and both senior and middle year challenges. The senior challenge was to guess which book had been shredded and placed in a jar. We had many students who actually guessed the book correctly and a random winner had to be selected. The middle year students had to guess the number of lollies in a jar with lots more entries for that one as the winner received the entire jar of lollies! Congratualtions to Kiana Shillington (Year 11) - the book title was 'Matilda' and congratulations to Lachlan Vize (Year 7) who had the closest guess for the lollies - 400 - actual number was 393.


The Year 8 classes were able to take their 'blind dates' (books) on an actual date this year. Which involved sitting at a wonderfully decorated table and reading their books. There was also a fabulous menu, with many fictional foods to order.


If you have a chance come into the library. There are always beautiful displays to look at and many books to read. There are also card and board games to play if you’d rather."

Thank you,

Belle York


"Hey, I’m Bella. I am the Middle School library leader. I help with the library displays, shelving, borrowing and returning books, and with anything else the library needs help with. If you need any help when you are in the library or want to know anything about the library just ask myself, Belle the Senior School Library Leader, any of the library team members and/or Mrs Swannell."

Thank you,

Bella Pascic

Blind Date with a Book

Year 7 and 8 classes have had a lot of fun in the Library over the past 3 weeks with this 'Blind Date with a Book' activity.  They were encouraged to select a book which had been wrapped up and only had 4 words as clues to help them choose from our displays.  They were encouraged to 'get to know' their book and will report back at their next session on how they 'got along'!!  Some were more excited than others to participate and a few were even lucky enough to have a 'double date' at our little restaurant.  


This has been a great activity to help students read outside their usual choices, genres, authors, series - some have come back already wanting to read similar books.  There is also a small 'book review' to complete with each title and these will be displayed with the books for others to read.  


eBooks and Audiobooks

These are provided for students and staff to use via the app  'ePlatform' by Wheelers Books (download it via your app store for use on multiple devices).  With over 1600 eBooks and over 600 audiobooks to choose from there really is no excuse not to be reading.  If you can't find anything on the app then pop into the library and we can give you 'the real thing'!


Overdue Library Books

Please remember to check the 'due dates' of all items borrowed and ensure that they are returned promptly.  Overdue notices are sent out to students via their school email and this should also be checked regularly.  If there are any concerns regarding late and/or lost items then please contact me asap.

ICT Management of Devices

Students please note that if you changed devices, and/or had them reset or wiped, during the holidays then these will need to be reconfigured for use in class.  You will need to bring the device to the ICT (Library) Office and speak to one of the technicians to have this done.

Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge 2019

Students in Years 7-10 are welcome to sign up for the Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge 2019.  This challenge involves reading a minimum of 15 books between March and September. There are a number of criteria to follow regarding selection of titles (e.g. minimum of 10 from their Year level list) and students will also be required to log these online.  This will all be monitored by our Librarian, Mrs Lynn Swannell, so please contact her if you would like to sign up for this challenge and to receive further details.  All students who complete the VPRC 2019 will receive an official certificate.


Raymond Ringer Scholarship 2018


Raymond Ringer Scholarship 2018

The 'Raymond Ringer Scholarship 2018' was awarded to Belle York (current Year 10 student) on behalf of his family who wished to endow this scholarship in his memory.  Raymond Ringer was a former Assistant Principal and Acting Principal (1977-1986) who "believed in affordable education for all and that girls should be encouraged to continue their education in the Mathematics and Science area".  Belle is a most worthy recipient of this award and hopes to pursue further study in biomedicine at University leading into a career within the medical field.


On behalf of his family we would like to share a little info about Ray and his time at Mount Eliza High School.  Ray was appointed Deputy Principal at MEHS in 1977 and shortly after he arrived Mrs Daphne Sherringham retired as the first Principal and he was appointed Acting Principal until Mrs Margaret Major was appointed.  He was also Acting Principal during Mrs Major's Long Service Leave and after her retirement until our third Principal (Mr Rod Ogilvie) was appointed.

At first he was responsible not only for the day-to-day running of the school but for the timetable and teaching Year 11 Maths.  He carried out the above duties to a high standard and also took it on himself to plant over two hundred native trees, over many weekends and holidays, as the grounds were rather bare when he arrived (the school opened in 1975). Many of these trees are still standing today.  He also involved himself in all aspects of the school from showing a rather 'tired' cleaner in the Domestic Science wing how to clean and polish the floors to helping organise fetes and an active involvement in the Parents Association. 

Ray was known to be fair but firm, which students appreciated as they knew where they stood with him.  After retiring in 1986 following a long and successful teaching career Ray would often bump into former students who remembered him fondly - from the neighbour speaking to him over the fence to thank him for his method of teaching maths which enabled him to become an Air Pilot, to the 'villains' who met him in the Village and remembered their times with him  watering the grounds (with buckets due to a drought at the time) as atonement for their bad deeds, to the Immigration Official who recognised him from his previous school Corryong High.  


Both Ray and his wife Anne (also a former teacher at MEHS), together with their children who attended MEHS, have a great connection to the College.  We thank them most sincerely for sharing this small part of their history here  with us.  We are sure that Belle York, and future girls pursuing the Maths and Science fields at the College, will do so most proudly through this scholarship.









Mount Eliza Secondary College  ​ 'Educated for Excellence - Prepared for Life’  
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