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21 December 2018
Issue Four
Principal's News
VCE Results
Dates to Remember
School Captain Reflection
Junior Team Report
Senior Team Report
Transition to 2019
An Evening with Malala
Visual Arts
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House Victory Day
School Achievements - Junior
School Achievements - Senior
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End of Year Program - Horse Riding and Year 9 Activities
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Principal's News

As soon as we start Term 4, it seems we also begin a series of farewells; firstly to our students as they progressively leave, most just for the Summer break, others to take up their post school pathways, or to move onto other schools.  We also, sadly, say farewell to some of our staff.


Class of 2018

The Class of 2018 celebrated their final days at school with a sleepover in the gym, a pancake breakfast and a final assembly in the school hall.


The year culminated with an elegant Valedictory Dinner for students and their parents at the San Remo Ballroom on 22nd November. Another era passed before our eyes!  Their collective achievements are many, varied and exceptional, and their achievements in group and individual competitions, too many to individualise.  I congratulate our Year 12 students on the fine leadership and ambassadorship they have shown the school since their arrival, and wish them every success in the future.


Exam period

We thank parents for all the support you have given your sons and daughters over the last few months as all senior students completed their final exams. It is, particularly for students doing their final VCE exams, a very stressful time, and we appreciate that it can be challenging for you and the rest of the family as well! Your support and encouragement is invaluable to them, and a really important part of the work we do together.


This time of year is also extremely busy for our teaching staff as they not only prepare and mark exams, but conduct Headstart programs to give students the best start for 2019.


Events in Term 4

Our 2018 Presentation Night at NewHope Auditorium on Monday 17th December, was a fantastic celebration of student achievements. 


The evening, magnificently organised by John Middenway, the senior team and support staff, celebrated the Academic, Music, Sport, Community Service and Leadership awards. We very much enjoyed sharing this wonderful event with our school community.


The school also held a number of wonderful events to showcase the talent and learning of our students this term. These include the Night of Notables for Year 7, Citizenship presentations in Year 9, Year 7 Transition and Orientation events and the Nearly Summer concert for music students.


School Performance Report 2018

Each year the Department of Education puts out a school performance report. The report indicates how well a school is doing based on key performance indicators. Our report indicates that we are an Influence School, which is the highest category in the report.


This is a testament to the hard work and expertise of our staff, who achieve great results for students each year. There are many factors which contribute to the ranking, however achievements in Reading and Numeracy are weighted most heavily.


The report also considers the school’s achievements over a three year period and whether the school has maintained, increased or decreased in performance. This is a major achievement for the school and we are one of very few secondary schools in the region who have been given this rating.


School Review and Strategic Planning

 After a very successful school review, our leadership team began the intensive work of planning the next phase of our work, which will be outlined in the new School Strategic Plan 2019-2022. 

Our work over the next 4 years will focus on:

  • Improving the learning growth of all students regardless of ability.
  • Developing an understanding of learner behaviours  and 21st century skills demanded of young people post-secondary schooling.
  • Continuing to build the pedagogical expertise of our staff and monitoring their impact through evidence based inquiry.
  • Optimising the learning environment in every classroom through a whole school approach to student health , wellbeing and inclusion.
  • Strengthening student voice, agency and leadership in  the learning process.

We are committed to supporting staff and school leaders to be the most effective they can be, through a targeted Professional Learning program in 2019.


VIT and Full Teacher Registration

When first year graduate teachers are appointed to a school, they are provisionally registered and have two years to achieve full registration. Most elect to gain their full registration in their first year.  


To meet the requirements for full registration, first-year graduate teachers must undertake an evidence-based process that is aligned to professional teaching standards and collect and present evidence of their professional practice to the principal and their mentor. It is also a celebration and reflection of the graduates’ first year of teaching.


Congratulations to the following staff on completing this process this year: Brenton Aisbett, John Baratta, Grace De Blasio, Eleanor Smith, Paul Smart and Katrina Young.


Farewell to Staff

We wish the following staff all the best and they move on to new jobs, new schools and other adventures next year.

  • Kris Shah
  • Justin Bond
  • Hamish Thomas ( temporary transfer for 12 months)
  • Gary Warton (temporary transfer for 12 months)
  • Esther Pyo
  • Tim Waters
  • Damian O’Rourke

They have each made a significant contribution to the life of our school and established positive relationships with students and families.


Finally, I thank most sincerely our school leadership team, teaching and education support staff for their generous commitment to their work, and their expertise and dedication in supporting our students and their families in many different ways throughout the year.


Thank you too, to the members of the school council for the time, experience and thoughtfulness they bring to their role, and to the School Council President, Mr Marcus Balon, for his leadership.


To our families and parents, thanks to all of you for your support this year.  We value it very much, and know that our students are better learners and young people for the strength of this partnership. To those families who are leaving us this year, we wish you good luck for the future.


To Assistant Principals, Ms Theresa Iacopino and Ms Kellie Ind, your vision, leadership and support are outstanding.


And of course, to the most important people of all, our students who make Box Hill High School such a great place to work - thank you!


We wish each of you a happy, peaceful and safe holiday season and look forward to welcoming you back in 2019.

- Ms Losh Pillay

Buildings and Facilities

Contribution by our school community to our Building Fund, and government funding of our Master Plan, is greatly appreciated and put to good use. This year we have been working hard to improve the school environment and make classrooms attractive spaces for students to learn in. The completed School Hall and Music/Performing Arts Centre is beautiful and has been such a wonderful place to experience productions, music performances and student assemblies. 

Renovations are currently underway to create a more spacious Careers Centre for students and the office for the larger Senior Engagement Team in 2019.


Thank you to Robert Clark for gifting the school with a new Australian flag for the front of the school as well.


We have developed a number of plans for school improvement projects in 2019 that include:

  • A redevelopment of the old gym into a vibrant, spacious multi-purpose ‘Student Wellbeing Centre’.
  • A cover for the outdoor basketball court on Middleborough Road.
  • More student seating and tables around the school (with student consultation).
  • Improvements to student toilets including expanding toilets in the quad and improvements to the Level 3 boys toilet.
  • Refurbishment of the Science portables on top of Building B (Victorian Government Building Project).
  • Student art installations around the school to refresh the buildings.

- Ms Kellie Ind, Assistant Principal

VCE Results

Congratulations Class of 2018

Congratulations to our Class of 2018 on your outstanding results this year. These results are years in the making and have already opened the door to many exciting opportunities for further growth and development.


Students will be heading off to tertiary courses in Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Business, Teaching, Nursing, Creative and Performing Arts and many more.


All students have worked hard, spent many hours preparing for assessments, making notes and studying for tests and exams. Even more importantly, each of them has also demonstrated a growth mindset and a positive approach to their studies. They have also raised the bar for others to follow in the future. 


We are incredibly proud of each and every one and we wish all of them much success and happiness in their future endeavours.


 We also thank all of our dedicated staff for their dedication and commitment to educating and supporting our students to achieve these results as well as our parent community for their ongoing support of the school.


 A summary of the results is below:


 Median Study Score -   34                        

- 40+ Study Scores - 16.1%                          

- 5 Study Scores of 50 - Drama, Media, Specialist Maths, Further  Maths, Physics


ATAR Scores                   

4% over 99

19% over 95

43% over 90

59% over 80

Dux of Box Hill High School

Congratulations to Kate Taylor , who is the 2018 DUX of Box Hill High School, with a top ATAR of 99.7. Well done Kate, we're very proud of you!


VCE Dux Awards

We congratulate the following students for their outstanding achievements in individual subjects:



Clarissa Hew

Jocelyn Widjaja



Ava Rego


Business Management

Zoe Sorenson



Tom Koster

Caitlin Nguyen

Kate Taylor



Harry Dowling


Chinese First Language

Jesse Dai


Chinese Second Language

Chyna Liu



Harshil Malhotra



Caitlin Nguyen


English as an Additional Language

Ashley Beh


English Language

Diego Machillanda Flechas


Extended Investigation

Hamish Cameron


Further Mathematics

Lucas Nicoll



Elisa Collings



Thomas Yakubowski


Global Politics

Sophie Hunt


Health and Human Development

Evangelin Jossy Kalluvelil

Sophie Hunt



Tom Koster


Legal Studies

Ahalya Piers



Kate Taylor


Mathematical Methods

Bernhard Andersson


Media Studies

Angus Malone


Music Performance

Nicholas Miceli


Physical Education

Kai Jones

Sam Porteous





Michael Zhao



Sophie Hunt

Dolores Mifsud


Specialist Mathematics

Michael Zhao


Studio Arts

Luka Dickson


Systems Engineering

Tim Vong


VET Laboratory Skills

Rachel Wong


Visual Communications and Design

Kimberley Bull

VCE High Achievers

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding ATAR scores:


Ashley Beh

Grant Bradbeer

Xander Britz

Amy Bui

Hannah Chen

Jesse Dai

Adrian Dam

Harry Dowling

Edwin Fok

Saral Gautam

Catherine Gu

Calvin Ho

Alex Horner

Sophie Hunt

Jin Jeong

Alan Jiang

Evangelin Jossy Kalluvelil

Tom Koster

Miles Koumouris

Eleanor Lau

Eric Lu

William Ly

Harshil Malhotra

Angus Malone

Nature Mao

Ehsanulla Nasratjar

Emily Ng

Jean Ngooi

Caitlin Nguyen

Victor Peng

Samuel Shi

Yanlin Song

Zoe Sorenson

Horng Yang Tan

Tim Vong

Jocelyn Widjaja

Amy Zhou

Jack Zhou


- Ms Losh Pillay

Dates to Remember

School Office Closure

The school’s General Office will be closed today – Friday 21st December for staff planning for 2019.

If you need to contact the office with any urgent matters please send an email to:


Please note the school will be closed from Monday 24th December 2018 to Thursday 24th January 2019.

January 2019 - First Day Back Arrangements

In 2019 we will be opening on Friday 25th January from 8.15am to 4.00pm (normal office hours).


Following are the arrangements for return to school in 2019, for Junior and Senior School students.

First Day Timetable 2019


Junior School - Years 7-9

Years 7 and 8 students will begin on Wednesday 30th January.

Year 9 students will begin on Thursday 31st January.

There is a new Junior Engagement team for next year. Below are the contacts for each year level for any student concerns or queries.

Junior Engagement Leaders

Emily Wilkinson

Gemma Anderson

Year Level Coordinators  

Year 7 Coordinator – Ryan McGlade

Year 8 Coordinator – Nicholas Rees

Year 9 Coordinator – Anna Muston

Senior School -
Years 10-12

Years 10 and 12 will begin on Wednesday 30th January.
Year 11 will begin on Thursday 31st January.

There is a new Senior Engagement team in place for next year. Below are the contacts for any student concerns or queries.

Senior Engagement Leaders
Erica Sporri
Siegrid Fischer

Year 10 Coordinator – Paul Rogers
Year 11 Coordinator – Emma Natoli
Year 12 Coordinator – Julio Acebron –

February 2019

Thursday 7 February - Swimming Carnival

Monday 18 February - Year 7 Camp commences

March 2019

Monday 11 March - Labor Day Public Holiday

Monday 18 March - School Photo Day

Thursday 21 March - Parent Teacher Interviews

Monday 25 March - Year 9 Camp commences

April 2019

Monday 1st April - Year 7 Vaccinations

Friday 5th April - last day of Term 1

Monday 22nd April - Easter Monday Public Holiday

Tuesday 23rd April - first day of Term 2


Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2018!

Now that ATARs have been received, and decisions are being made about future courses and pathways, I would like to remind our students and parents that there is always a pathway available to achieve desired goals. Being flexible, planning and seeking advice are important steps to consider.


A reminder that VTAC preference changes for domestic students has now closed. Students will be able to make changes to their preferences if they want to, from 3pm on 3rd January until 4pm on 4th January.


The release of the International Baccalaureate (IB) results allows domestic students a final opportunity to make changes to their preferences, before offers are made on 16th January 2019.


Congratulations to our 20 International students who were made an early tertiary offer on December 19th.  All International students can make changes to their preference order from 2pm 19th December, until the deadline at 4pm on 4th January, to receive an offer on 8th January 2019.


A publication that may be of interest to our graduates and parents alike is Beyond School. Informative publication about studying at university and government help available.


Graduating students are reminded that if they have any queries regarding their offers, they can email me on . I will be checking emails around the offer dates to support students.


Best wishes to our graduating students. Enjoy the journey and the destination will take care of itself.

Wishing everyone best wishes for the festive season and the New Year!


Thea Kamvissis

Careers/Pathways Coordinator

School Captain Reflection


2018 was a big year -  a time of change and progress that I had the privilege to be a part of.


The main improvement that comes to mind is the renaming of the houses, to better represent us as students in 2018 and the principles we value. Renaming our houses has been debated for years, so when Ms Sheppard asked the prefects in our first meeting at the end of 2017 "How are you going to improve Box Hill High?", the idea was instantly brought up.

Madusha Karunsagara, School Captain 2018


A year later, we are on the brink of implementing the change, after endless research and negotiations (shout out to Zoe Picking and the school council student reps). It is a part of human nature to fear change and the unknown, with the movement generating mixed responses. However, I hope we set a precedent on how to give the entire population of Box Hill High a say in relation to the image the school presents, and even the way it runs.


Writing this on my third last day of school, it still hasn’t sunk in that my six years at Box Hill High are coming to an end. Looking at photos for the Yearbook and my old Instagram account (narrowly avoiding death by cringe), I realised that while the snotty kid I saw died tragically somewhere between Years 9 and 10, he never really left me. High school allows you to forge a new identity, an opportunity that people take for granted. However, in the end it is impossible to completely forget your roots. The friends you see every day at school influence you in so many ways, from your personality to the way you speak, but everybody has something unique to add, carried on from their childhood. All these funny quirks and distinctive traits form the basis for any friendship group, big or small.


Never let go of who you are at your core, our values and experiences make us who we are.


Finally for the class of 2019, I hope the following advice helps to make next year the best yet. Before this year, I had seen it all... traumatised Year 12s emerging from their exams like they had survived the trenches of WW2.... jaded 'drop-kicks' who insisted it's all a piece of cake whilst crying inside.


Separating fact from fiction can be hard but in reality, Year 12 is whatever you make it to be. Sure, study is important but without a healthy mix of sports, going out and hobbies ,you’ll burn out in a month. I’ve seen burnt out. It’s not pretty. If you manage to find that perfect balance (congratulations), Year 12 will almost certainly become the best of your life so far.


The opportunities you have and the memories created with the people you’ve become a family with, are unforgettable. School itself improves too. Having the common room is a blessing, juniors finally start showing some respect and most classes are completely different to anything you’ve experienced.


Our teachers go to extraordinary lengths to make classes engaging, allowing people with different learning styles to choose their own way of absorbing the curriculum. Personally, I rarely take notes in class. Even if I could read my handwriting, the information just doesn’t stick. I find it more beneficial to participate in class discussions, learning from my classmates nearly as much as from my teacher. Hopefully you will be doing subjects that you actually enjoy, which makes relating the content to real life easier and definitely improves your ability to retain it for the whole year. 


I wish everyone the best of luck, thank you all for being part of such an amazing community. I know we can all look back on the memories we created in 2018 fondly, thanks to yet another brilliantly curated school newsletter and Yearbook.


Signing off,



- Madusha Karunsagara, Year 12, School Captain 2018


Junior Team Report

Year 7 Report

This has been another busy term with more immunisations, next year’s electives published and preparations for 2019 underway.


Tennis and Cricket teams represented the school in Inter-school Sports. Year 7s were amongst those who celebrated Forrest’s (Red house) success with Celebration Day. Year 7 students progressed to the Regional competition in Ahletics and Fraser Truscott has even made it to the State competition!


We’ve had students representing the school in the State Chess Tournament, and our students have also showcased their talent in the Victorian Music Festival at Federation Square.


We have had another Year Level Assembly celebrating successes at school and also recognising some achievements in the wider community including some students who are coaching junior teams or volunteering in other ways. 


We looked at the changes which have occurred and will occur at Box Hill High School in the near future. Year 7s had an opportunity to hear about what to expect in Year 8 from two current Year 8 students. As always, the Class Captains emceed this assembly very professionally.


This year the school has worked on articulating the school values and a group of Year 7 students were invited to participate in a focus group to have input into this. Class Captains also represented the school at a Transition talk at Laburnum Primary School and spoke at and emceed the Transition Evening for incoming Year 7s.


All teachers are asked to nominate their top students for Academic Excellence awards and the students focussed on doing their best for Sustained Genuine Effort awards. Students who achieved these should have brought their certificates home, ready to put in with their CV when working part-time becomes an option in year 10 (it happens very quickly).


All of the classes change from Year 7 to Year 8, to enable students to meet others and for new dynamics to be established. It is important for students to see this as an opportunity rather than focussing on the composition of other classes. Building resilience is an important aspect of maturing.


I’d like to finish off by thanking the 2018 Year 7 students and their parents. You have been a lovely group to work with and a clear focus on consideration of others has been a notable feature. The Class Captains have been a particularly delightful group to work with.


Whenever I have asked for a volunteer to talk or do some other job to assist, there has never been a lack of volunteers. You have all shown terrific leadership skills. I wish the Year 7 students all the best for the future and look forward to watching you mature into adults. I will enjoy teaching some of you in the future. Best wishes always!


- Ms Diana Willshire

2018 Year 7 Engagement Coordinator

Year 8 Report

The Year 8 group this year was one of the best cohorts of students I have had the pleasure of leading. Not only did they gel together as a team but they supported and cared for each other, celebrated  each other's achievements and there were very few behaviour issues. Each student should be proud of the year that was 2018 and look to build on this solid platform to experience increased success in 2019.


Memorable moments this year include:

  • Year 8 Camp 'The Summit'
  • Boys and Girls Wellbeing Day
  • Inter-school Sport success 
  • Curriculum Awards
  • Wellbeing Theme weeks
  • Camps/Activities week 
  • Year Level Assemblies and in particular the students leading them.

So in concluding the year, thank you to all the Class Captains for their contribution, to all the students who have participated in extra-curricular activities and to everyone for making Box Hill High School a great place to learn and grow.


I wish you all the best for the future and hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and enjoy your time off with family and friends.


- Mr Justin Bond

Year 9 Report

Year 9 students have finalised their last term in the Junior School at Box Hill High School with fantastic results. Teachers have been busy delivering lessons, generating awards based on Academic Achievement and Sustained Genuine Effort and assessing Common Assessment Tasks in preparation for the Year 9 end of semester reports.  


Paul Rogers and the Peer Support training team have been busy developing and implementing student leadership modules in preparation for current Year 9 students to assist incoming Year 7s with their transition into Box Hill High School. We have over 80 students volunteering their time to assist these Year 7s and paying forward the Peer Support program that was provided for them on their entry into the school at the start of 2016.  


The Term 4 RESPECT program focus was on help-seeking behaviours. This involved providing students with the skills and knowledge to both assist others in a time of crisis and seek appropriate assistance if they ever find themselves struggling with mental health issues. Currently approximately 20% of Australians have issues with mental health at some stage during their lifetime.


The second half of Year 9 students presented their Citizenship projects. There were projects on gender-neutral uniforms, anti-animal testing and food wasteage at Box Hill, highlighting the diverse range of interests and passions amongst the cohort. I would like to thank all parents and guardians for attending the school and supporting both their child and other students.  


- Mr Gary Warton

Junior Food Tech

The design process in one of the major components in Food Technology. Students were given a design brief and were required to identify specifications, investigate and design their product idea, and then evaluate what they had planned and made. 


Biscuit designing was chosen for Year 7 Food Technology. Students were given the experience of making the basic biscuit in one of the practical sessions. They were able to modify the recipe to suit the the design specifications set, or develop an entirely new idea of their own.


These are some of the biscuits produced and a show case of their plating skills.

-  Ms Lin Foo

Senior Team Report

Senior Team Message

It has been a big few months for our Senior school. Hopefully by now Year 10 to 12 students are enjoying the start of their time off whether it be holidaying, relaxing or working to save up for something nice.


It has been a huge year and we really encourage you to take a break and have some time off. Hopefully you don’t have too much holiday work to do, but if you do have some make sure to put some time aside to get it done before next year as well. 

Year 10 Report

Well done to all Year 10 students on completing their exams, Headstart week for their Year 12 classes and Transition Day for their Year 11 classes.


A special mention to all the ‘missing’ Year 10 Drama students and their amazing performance of Rhinoceros – great work!


A big thank you to Charlie Smith, Tadji Ulrich, Georgia Lagos and Aaheli Barman for being part of a special student focus group working on the School Review this semester.


Congratulations to Thomas White for not only representing Box Hill High School at the UN Youth Australia Voice Public Speaking competition at both preliminary and state levels, but also winning the state level competition for his division.  He will represent both Box Hill High School and Victoria at the national competition in Perth next year.


It has been a great year and the Year 10 students have all achieved so much – looking forward to seeing them all looking refreshed, relaxed and ready to learn next year.

Year 11 Report

Year 11s have just completed their final exams and Headstart week for next year which can be a really busy and, at times, stressful period.


For those of you doing a Year 12 subject this year you should have been able to access results on Friday the 14th December. I hope they went well and that the whole year this year has set you up to succeed in Year 12.


As mentioned above take a break, relax and recharge and get ready for a big year next year. It will be hard work and stressful at times but many of our students find it their most enjoyable, rewarding year of school as well. See you all in 2019.


- Mr Drew Howlett

Year 12 Report


Year 12s have been finishing up over the last few weeks with their final exams and all the celebratory events that go on at the end of the year (See photos above).


From the start of Term 4 we had our final two weeks of classes followed by our Year 12 Sleepover, Pancake Breakfast and Final Assembly, which where a great success and had record numbers attending them. Students then had a week to study before three big weeks of final exams and they seemed to cope amazingly well.


Our final event for Year 12 was our Valedictory Dinner which saw nearly 500 students, parents and teachers say goodbye to the Class of 2018.


There were many happy and sad goodbyes from everyone. It might not be now but at some stage you will miss Box Hill High. Come back and see us sometime soon.



Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!


- The Senior Team.

Ms Erica Sporri, Mr John Middenway and Mr Drew Howlett

Transition to 2019

2018/2019 Transition

Box Hill High School can look forward to welcoming approximately 220 local and sibling Year 7 students to our school in 2019, including 80 from Laburnum Primary School. In addition to our other feeder primary schools - Orchard Grove, Kerrimuir, Roberts McCubbin, Blackburn  and St Francis Xavier - we also have students coming from about 33 other primary schools! Many students come without the safety net of a group of primary school friends. We are fortunate that Box Hill High School students are friendly and welcoming.


To aid in the transition process, Peer Support Leaders are being trained to run activities and discussions with small groups of Year 7s. These Year 10 students will be taking the new students on a school tour on the first day of school to ensure that they can find their classrooms. They will also quickly become friendly faces as the students negotiate their way around.


In addition to Peer Support Leaders offering assistance in 2019, they also ran activities during the Transition Evening and accompanied the students throughout Orientation Day. 


Transition Evening was an opportunity for new parents to find out more about the school, meet the parents of other students in their child’s class and ask questions of staff. It began with an address from the Principal and a current Year 7 student spoke about their experience of Transition before students went into class groups with Peer Support Leaders and parents gathered in class groups with a teacher.


Orientation Day followed and this enabled students to experience a mock school day with a Year Level Assembly and three class periods with different teachers in different rooms. We are lucky that staff are always willing to offer their time to ensure that events like this are a great experience for students.

Year 7 students visit Laburnum Primary School


- Ms Diana Willshire

An Evening with Malala

On Tuesday, December 11th, Tom Yakubowski, Ananya Sehgal, Ms Wilkinson and Ms Sporri were lucky enough to attend 'An Evening with Malala' at the Plenary of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The sold out event was part of the legendary campaigner for human rights, first trip to Australia and her only presentation in Melbourne.

Malala Yousafzai is one of the greatest leaders of our time. Born in Pakistan’s Swat Valley in 1997, Malala became a passionate advocate for girls’ education after the Taliban took over the region when she was 10 years old. Her advocacy made her a prime target for the violence of the Taliban, who stormed her school bus and attempted to assassinate Malala at the age of 15.


Since her miraculous recovery, Malala has become an even fiercer campaigner for human rights, becoming an international legend. She is the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and currently studies Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University. Additionally, Malala has also written a number of books, including her bestseller 'I am Malala', which we would strongly recommend to students, parents and teachers alike!


At the event, which was officiated by Annabel Crabb, Malala addressed the full house and focused on the importance of girls’ education worldwide. According to Malala, 130 million girls worldwide go without an education and 1 billion girls and women lack the skills that enable them to not only develop personally, but also contribute fully to our societies. If we were to fully educate these women and girls, there would be an economic benefit of over $30 trillion to the world economy.


As well as addressing these important points throughout the occasion, Malala proved to be an inspirational, down to earth and relatable person. This was shown by her extensive discussions about the rather controversial topic of Australian Cricket, as well as her relationships with family members and her experiences living away from her family.


We are extremely grateful to Ms Kamvissis, Box Hill High School’s Careers Coordinator, for organising the opportunity for us to see Malala in person. The occasion was particularly pertinent after learning about Malala’s story in Global Politics this year. It was an absolutely inspirational experience for both of us to see our hero and role model speak. The experience is one that will stay with us for a long time. We are both grateful that we were able to share the occasion with Ms Erica Sporri and Ms Emily Wilkinson, who took time out of their busy evening to join us and making the whole occasion even more worthwhile.


- Tom Yakubowski and Ananya Sehgal

Year 11 Students


Year 7 Night of the Notables

On Monday the 3rd Of December, all the Year 7s participated in the Night of The Notables. This was a project that the students had been working on for the majority of Term 4 in either their History or Geography class. 


Students were to pick someone who contributed positively to society, and whom they thought were worthy of recognition. They were then given a few weeks to research about their chosen person, before creating a poster based on their Notable that fulfilled the given criteria. 


The key display features that were individually marked were the timelines, bibliographies and posters. Each student also brought in extra items relating to their Notable on the night, resulting in many colourful and unique presentations. 


The night itself brought much excitement and high spirits. Many creative costumes and ‘out of the box’ display ideas were seen. Having both teachers and guests wandering through the portables kept both presenters and (hopefully) visitors entertained, therefore providing all with an uplifting and open atmosphere. If students weren’t reciting their quotes, they were at their stall interacting with guests and each other.

It was great to see how everyone’s hard work had paid off in the end. 


Finally, on behalf of all the Year 7s this year, I’d like to thank all the parents and friends who took time off from their usual Monday evenings to visit our exhibits, as well as Ms Pillay and teachers for all their support and encouragement throughout this task.


It wouldn’t have been as interesting and enjoyable without all the lovely guests viewing and talking to us about our work. Much appreciation to those who came and helped out with the 2018 Night of The Notables! 


- Miko Tay, 7Z 


Highlights from Night of the Notables 2018

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Showcase

We're proud to showcase some of the work completed by our Year 7 to 12 students in Visual Arts this semester. Our students continue to impress us with their imagination and creativity.  Enjoy the gallery below (click to view full images).


- Mr James Taylor


Drama and Media

Drama and Media 

As the year wraps up and the festive season begins it is always surprising just how much is still going on across Drama and Media Studies in Term 4! 


With a particularly short turn-around before exams take hold for Year 12s, Ms Trollope, Ms Muston and Mr Thomas put all their efforts and energies into their students, giving them all their time and their expertise in preparation for exams, both written and performed! Earlier this term, Ms Trollope and Ms Robinson took our Year 12 cohort to the Whitehorse Performing Arts Centre to undertake their 7 minute solo performances for the VCAA. An enormously impressive group, the Year 12s put their heart and souls into their work over the past 14 weeks and we are all so proud of their efforts.


At any time of day leading up to the final written exams Ms Muston, Mr Thomas and Ms Trollope could be found in the quad working closely with students to craft their responses and give them the best possible opportunity to shine in their final exams. The Year 12 cohort in Drama and Media are an outstanding group who have risen above various challenges across the year, and this is in no small part due to the efforts and energies of our senior teachers. 


Our student cohorts across Media and Drama have showcased some of their extraordinary work this term, with Year 10 Drama presenting two self-produced performances of Ionesco’s 'Rhinoceros' with great encouragement and direction from Ms Robinson. A uniquely poignant play in the style of absurdism, students created a challenging and visceral piece of substantial theatre in an incredibly impressive six week turn around! This performance was attended by staff, students, parents and friends, and we sincerely thank our audience for the encouragement.


Our Year 8 and 9 Drama students have also been working hard, with Year 9s exploring Naturalistic Monologues and Year 8s recreating Ancient Myths and Legends in the style of Ancient Greek theatre. In particular, our extended year 9s (those undertaking Drama for a full year) were challenged to create significant solo performances, some of which were of such outstanding quality they’d give the Year 12s a run for their money! 


Across the corridor in Media, Year 10 and 11 students were all busy completing their Substantial Media Products for the year, with lunchtime showcases for the whole school. Students were enthralled by short horror films, comedies, music videos, 'mock-umentaries' and even a pastiche of the 70s Kung Fu genre. 


Our students have gone to enormous effort this term and we are impressed by their work. Ms Trollope, Mr Thomas, Ms Muston, Ms Robinson and myself have seen the students in Media and Drama grow across the year; their final pieces of work showcasing some uniquely personal empathetic, and unequivocally fabulous insights into the world, and their responses to it. 


On a personal note, this will be my last year as Domain Leader for Drama and Media (a position I have held since 2011). In this time, I have had the honour of working with some of the most dedicated students I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have seen this Domain grow and flourish, and whilst I am somewhat sad to be vacating this position, I am extremely excited to see Drama and Media continue to grow alongside Music and Arts as we become one extraordinary Domain. 


I can’t wait to see what we achieve next! 


- Mr Tobias Wilkins

Photo: BHHS students on German Exchange


Photo: BHHS students on German Exchange

Farewell to Language Assistant Ms Cheryl Blessing

Ms Cheryl Blessing

My stay at Box Hill High School is already over and the time just flew by. During my time at the school I worked as a German Language Assistant. I supported the German teachers at the school with lesson and material preparation, and classroom teaching. I also regularly met with Year 12 students to prepare them for their October oral exam. 

I had many group discussions with Year 9, 10 and 11 students, in which I prepared the students for their Fit in Deutsch exams. Within the classroom, I was involved in the day-to-day work of students and enjoyed seeing the topics students were learning about. I even judged a German poetry competition. It’s always fascinating to see how students learn German and what they know about German speaking countries. 


I’ve had many opportunities at Box Hill to work with different staff and students and can’t believe my time is over. I would love to stay longer and continue my work here. 

I was welcomed very warmly and I was included in the team immediately. I want to thank all of you for making my start at the school so easy and for making this time unforgettable. 


- Ms Cheryl Blessing 

German Language Assistant 

2018 German Exchange

At the time of writing, 20 students from Years 10 and 11 are preparing for the 2018 German Exchange. Students will visit our sister school, the Marienschule in Lippstadt, staying with host families for three weeks and attending school. The final week will be spent in Berlin before returning back to Melbourne just before Christmas. To follow the students’ adventures, subscribe for updates at their blog, Box Hill Abroad.  

Enterprise German

On November 9th students of Year 10 German attended the awards ceremony for the Enterprise German competition. This year, 75 groups of Year 9 and 10 students from 16 schools participated in the Australia- wide competition. In small groups, students learning German worked together to develop an innovative product, service and marketing idea for their partner company. Box Hill students worked with SBS, Bosch and Bretzel Biz as their partner companies.  


The competition required students to learn about general economics, establish a connection with a partner company, and in turn develop a business idea, product or service which met a business need they identified from their contact with the company.   


Congratulations to Box Hill team Glühbirne (Elizabeth Lim, Sophie Chen, Eloise Maher, Thomas White, Elliot Starkey) who took third prize with their concept, 'Bosch Valet Parking'! The service links a voice assistant such as Siri to your car and allows you to schedule your own personal valet, with the car driving into the driveway for you, ready to go.  


The competition jury consisted of representatives from the Goethe-Institut, German Embassy, as well as the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. “Enterprise German is designed to promote collaboration between high schools and companies who have a connection to Germany. The competition not only appeals to the creativity and inventiveness of students, it also helps to improve their knowledge of German and gives them insight into the professional world. We are very impressed by the innovative ideas that all the students have developed this year” said Anna-Lena Schenck, Project Coordinator  

Student Scholarships

The Languages Domain would like to wish Kate Pengelly, Scott Hansen and Bernhard Andersson all the best for their upcoming trips to Germany. Scott and Kate will be attending a holiday language course in Germany thanks to a generous Pasch scholarship. Bernhard will live with a host family and attend school in Germany over the holiday period, also thanks to generous scholarship from SAGSE (Scholarships for Australian German Student Exchange). Congratulations to all on your achievements, we know you’ll make the most of these wonderful opportunities! 

Visit from Rossmoyne Senior High School 

This term we were fortunate to have a visit from the newly named Pasch School, Rossmoyne Senior High School in Perth. Pasch is the name for the 'Schools: Partners for the Future' initiative. It is a global network of some 1,800 schools that place a high value on German. Box Hill is one of four Pasch schools in Australia and the only one in Victoria. Three teachers visited Box Hill to establish connections with other schools. The day was highly productive with many valuable discussions and plans made for collaboration in the future.  


- Mr Nathaniel Smith


Junior Band

The Junior Band continued to develop well into Term 4, with two performance for the term. The first performance was the Victorian Schools Music Festival at Deakin Edge and the final performance at the Almost Summer Concert. The ensemble has been rehearsing every Wednesday morning at 7.30am since the beginning of Term 2. The cold, dark mornings gave way to warmer and a somewhat lighter start to rehearsals.


The first performance at Deakin Edge, Federation Square. Students prepared well with an extra special workshop with Mr. Corcoran, our woodwind teacher and very capable conductor. Students took away some new ideas and gained much from the experience before performing at one of Melbourne’s iconic venues.


The festival is a wonderful opportunity to perform at a great venue, perform to an audience and have an on-stage tutorial from a renowned band clinician. This time, it was Susan Smith from Alabama USA who worked with our young musicians. The Junior Band played old favourites 'Bunyip Blues' and 'The Spook' and a new composition called 'Alien Crossfire'. The day was a huge success, thanks to the dedication of all band members and their wonderful parents and carers for helping get them to the early morning band rehearsals and supporting their musical journey at home.


The Choir had a busy term with three performances. The first performance was held in the quadrangle where the entire school community had the opportunity to hear them perform. They also performed at the 'Almost Summer Concert' and the Transition Evening. Thank you to Year 10 student Kate Pengelly, and Ms. De Blasio for her guidance throughout the year.


The Almost Summer Concert

The Almost Summer Concert was held on Tuesday, 27th November in the Hall. The concert involved all ensembles and also included some very special extra performances from Zahra and Iona Easton and the Year 10 Rock Ensemble - Dheran Stork-Finlay, Mitchell Heaton, Andre Sitkowski, Neale Lewis and Lucas Ong. It was one final opportunity to perform and a fitting way to end the year.

Year 7 2019

Over 80 new students have signed up to learn a musical instrument in 2019. The new students will make the new Junior Band, String Ensemble and Choir. We look forward to an even bigger and better year next year and to seeing the incoming Year 7 students begin their music journey.

Thank you to everyone in the school community for supporting the music program this year. We look forward to your on-going support in 2019.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Goodbye Year 12 Music Students

We wish all of the Year 12 Music students all the best in their future endeavours.


Thanks to Nicholas, Kevin, Miles, Calvin, Tomo, Iona, Rebecca, Lewis, Monique, Kim, Ahalya and Xander. We will miss your enthusiasm, passion and smiles around the music department.  


- Troy Rogers

Instrumental Music Co-ordinator


Term 4 is pretty quiet in regards to Inter-school Sport, but we still had some fantastic results for Box Hill High School.  


We had students participating in Year 7 Tennis, Year 8 Tennis, Year 7 Cricket and Year 7/8 combined Cricket.  


Our Year 7/8 Girls Cricket team, Year 8 Boys Cricket team and Year 8 Girls Volleyball teams, all won their District competition and advanced to the Regional Finals. 


Term 4 saw our students competing in the Regional Athletics carnival. It was a fantastic day and Box Hill High School celebrated some incredible individual and team successes. Well done to everyone who competed, and a special congratulations to the following students who qualified for the State carnival: 
Matt Dougan- 400m (new record set) 
Fraser Truscott- High jump (new record set)  
Sylvia Dang- Hurdles, 400m  
Ana Helena Pereira- 100m, 200m,  
Jessicas Ng- 1500m 
Anna Cerins- 1500m 
Jasper Charlesworth- 200m 
15 girls 4 x 100m relay 
Erin Woodford  
Ana Helena Pereira 
Sylvia Dang  
Jazz Taylor  
14 boys 4 x 100m relay  
Jacob Allison  
Hendrix Ryan 
Jasper Charlesworth 
Will Marshall 

The State carnival was held a week later at Albert Park. It is a huge achievement to even qualify for the State level competition, and we are very proud of the following students and their results:
Ana Helena Pereira - 4th 100m, 4th 200m 
Sylvia Dang - 4th 400, 4th 90m hurdles  
Jessica Ng - 2nd 1500m  
Anna Cerins - 3rd 1500m 
Jasper Charlesworth - 6th 200m 
Matt Dougan - 2nd 400m  
Fraser Truscott - 6th High Jump  
Girls 15 year old 4x100m relay - 4th (Erin Woodford, Jazz Taylor, Ana Helena Pereira, Sylvia Dang)  
Boys 14 year old 4x100m relay - 5th (Jacob Allison, Jasper Charlesworth, Hendrix Ryan, Will Marshall) 


Overall, it has been a huge year for Sport at Box Hill. We are so proud of our students for their constant enthusiasm, their participation and their sportsmanship. 


A huge thank you to all the teachers who gave up their time to help coach the numerous teams we had going out throughout the year, our Sport program could not run without you all. We have built a great sporting culture at Box Hill High School, and we can’t wait to celebrate even more success next year!  


- Ms Emma Natoli

House Victory Day

House Competition Celebrations

This year’s House Competition kept us on our toes, with different houses in the lead at different times throughout the year. In the end, we must offer big Congratulations to the 2018 House Cup Champions – FORREST HOUSE!


Victories at both the Swim Carnival and Cross Country Carnival helped Forrest in their well-deserved win, but students also earned many house points for a variety of achievements and activities throughout the year which bolstered the win for the 'Reds'.


2018 Final House Points Ladder:


1st        Forrest – 12,492

2nd       Batman – 11,631

3rd        Mawson – 9,598

4th        Deakin – 8,972


We must also recognise a few other outstanding House achievements of 2018:

  • Deakin House – Academic Achievement Award (most house points earned for academic performance)
  • Mawson House – Class Act Award (most house points earned for excellent behaviour and citizenship)
  • Batman House – Athletic Carnival winners

We ended this year’s competition with a wonderfully festive House Victory Day, as Senior Forrest House Captain, Ahnaf Hossain, accepted the House Cup! Thanks to special performances by 'The Baked Beans', 'Grandma’s Biscuits', and magician Ethan Newnham, the celebrations were a resounding success! A big thank you also to all the House Captains who helped make the day possible by managing the BBQ and decorating the quadrangle in a sea of red.


Special shout-outs go to Jim George, Sally Tang, and Alexander Khor who proved themselves to be outstanding House Captains and student leaders throughout the year.


Christmas charity comp gives houses a head-start for 2019!

The 2019 competition started in Term 4 and a Christmas charity competition has been running in the library - students and staff have dropped off packets of pasta to donate to Victorian food charity, FareShare, and won points for their houses for 2019. They were also able to decorate the tree with their house colours. Big thanks to Ms Kylie Pearson for leading this wonderful initiative!

Photo: Tobias Fazio and Jason Chew - 1st Place in the Australian International Model Solar Car Challenge

School Achievements - Junior

Photo: Tobias Fazio and Jason Chew - 1st Place in the Australian International Model Solar Car Challenge

Solar Vehicle Challenge

The Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge is a competition held annually at Scienceworks in Melbourne. The challenge gives school-aged children a chance to design and build a car or boat that operates solely on solar power. It is run by Model Solar Victoria, a voluntary organisation created to administer the challenge.


Box Hill High’s Model Solar Car program has had a wonderful year with 32 teams competing in the Victorian event. Our students took out the first four places at the event!

Team: The Broken-Wheel

Students: Yi An Kennedy, Callum Thomas, Jeremy Lau


Award: 1st Place in the Victorian Model Solar Car Challenge


Team: Alternating Current

Students: Kieron Fenner, Nitin Kerarapu, Henry Chapman

Award: 2nd Place in the Victorian Model Solar Car Challenge


Team: Llamas

Students: Samuel Montgomery, Luke Nicholson, Oscar Wax

Award: 3rd Place in the Victorian Model Solar Car Challenge


Team: Destroyers

Students: Tobias Fazio, Jason Chew

Award: 4th Place in the Victorian Model Solar Car Challenge


Team: Iterative Design

Students: Magnus Anderson, Lehan Jones

Award: Best Engineered Car in the Victorian Model Solar Car Challenge


In early December these top four teams went to Sydney to represent Victoria at the Australian International Model Solar Challenge. Each team was interviewed and given points for the answers to science based questions illustrating the team's understanding of how solar cells work, how motors turn electricity into motion and why and how gears are used. The teams were then interviewed regarding the merits and trade-offs of their design. A poster describing the team's work was also scored. At the end of the event these points were added to points given for the car's performance in the race and the winning team was the one with the most points.


Box Hill High School teams achieved some amazing results.


Team: Destroyers

Students: Tobias Fazio, Jason Chew

Award: 1st Place in the Australian International Model Solar Car Challenge


Team: Alternating Current

Students: Kieron Fenner, Nitin Kerarapu, Henry Chapman

Award: 4th Place in the  Australian International Model Solar Car Challenge


We are all looking forward to another great year in 2019.


- Ms Indigo Jagger

School Achievements - Senior

UNSW ProgComp

In 2018, Box Hill High School has continued its tradition as one of the top schools in Australia in coding and computational thinking competitions.


The UNSW ProgComp is the largest high school programming competition in Australia, with teams from every state and territory competing for prizes. Teams usually include three students, who share a computer and attempt to solve as many of the programming tasks as possible, using any programming language.


In September, Bernhard Andersson, McKinley Keys and Michael Zhao performed exceptionally in the prestigious UNSW ProgComp competition, finishing as the top Victorian school in the heats and qualifying for the national finals in Sydney. There, in a furious finish, the boys took home 4th place overall. The trio, in Year 12 next year, have vowed to return and do even better next year. 



Last month, Michael and McKinley left for Canberra where they are participating in the two week, intensive School of Excellence program, where they will be challenging for a place in the Australian national team. Michael is participating for the fourth consecutive year, and McKinley for the second time; an incredible achievement given places are reserved for the top 25 students in the country. 


We look forward to seeing the continued success of all of our creative and dedicated coders next year! 


- Mr Eugene  Roizman

Melbourne University Kwong Lee Dow Scholars Program


Congratulations to Sophie Chen who, following a rigorous nomination and application process, has been selected into The University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Dow Scholars Program.


The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is an academic enrichment program designed to support high achieving Victorian Year 11 and Year 12 students.


Scholars experience university life and take part in a range of academic events and activities. They receive assistance to help them achieve their best, and when they finish secondary studies, they may also be offered a guaranteed place in an undergraduate degree, along with financial assistance and an overseas scholarship during their studies.


We are very proud of Sophie's significant achievement as over 1,600 applications were received from students all over Victoria and border regions. As a Kwong Lee Dow Scholar, Sophie will benefit from a tailored program of events and activities that will support and enhance her secondary studies. She will also have the opportunity to interact with other Young Scholars and members of the university community.


Well done Sophie!


- Ms Losh Pillay

Queens Scout Award

One of our Year 12 students, Declan Strong, has recently achieved the significant milestone of being awarded Queens Scout. 


The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest award in the Venturer Scout section and carries an outstanding reputation within Scouting and the community. Venturer Scouts achieve the Queen’s Scout Award through completing requirements in Outdoor Activities, Community Involvement, Leadership Development and Personal Growth. Attainment of this award reflects initiative, sustained effort over many months and years, plus self-discipline, teamwork and leadership. Only a small percentage reach this level. Queen Scout recipients are the top achievers among Scouting's 47 million members globally.


Youth members are well supported by their volunteer leaders, their families, and often their teachers. However ultimately the decision to strive to be among the few who reach this level in Scouting is a personal choice and often an indicator of future success.


Congratulations Declan!


- Ms Losh Pillay

A Focus on our Staff

Hamish Thomas

In May, I ran my first marathon. It was tough, but I managed to crawl over the line.  After that, I settled back down to a more sedentary lifestyle.


Then in August, a friend asked me if I wanted to run the Melbourne Marathon. It was seven weeks away, but the course is quite flat, so I naively assumed it would be fine. My training was quite erratic but I was able to get some long runs in. When training for marathons, everyone always talks about the importance of getting kilometres in the legs, so my friend and I made sure we completed some 30 kilometre runs before the race.


On the day, I felt quite good. The weather was concerningly hot, but I would rather that than the cold. I hadn’t trained brilliantly, but I knew my legs could carry me through. I ate my customary tea and toast for breakfast, then biked down to the MCG for the start.


The first 20kms flew by. I don’t listen to music when running, so I tried to chat to the people I was running with. This was good as we could carry each other along and the mood was very upbeat. Then, as the day drew on, the heat started to become more oppressive. The conversation dried up as the sun got higher and we all settled into an uncomfortable silence, only broken by the occasional whimper or grunt as we ground towards the finish line.


I wanted to run under 3 hours and 20 minutes, but every time I looked up, the pace group had extended another metre or so in front of me. I spent the final 45 minutes trying to catch them up, all in vain. Mercilessly, the course organisers put all the hills at the end, and these finally put an end to any chance of me rendezvousing with my new friends. I watched them cross the line as I entered the stadium and I finished thirty measly seconds away from breaking the 3 hour 20 mark. I suppose there’s always next year.


A lot of people say they could never run a marathon. I don’t think that’s true. It’s just a matter of signing up and then running every week. It’s actually quite boring. This year an 85 year old from Box Hill completed it. I don’t think I’ll emulate that, but I think I will give it at least one more attempt.


- Mr Hamish Thomas


Mr Hamish Thomas teaches English and Media and runs the Staff Association at BHHS. He will be leaving BHHS to take up a temporary 12 month transfer in 2019.

Emily Wilkinson

My love for History started with my Year 2 teacher who introduced me to the Tudors and encouraged me to read more about their insane lives. But my love for teaching history came from my wonderful Year 11 Classical Studies teacher, Ms Kalnins. She was enthusiastic, kind, very funny and above all knowledgeable. Despite her only teaching me for a year (much to the despair of her students she passed away when we were in Year 12), her dedication to her students and love for her subject is something that encouraged me to pursue teaching as a career.As a result of wanting to improve the learning experience of history students, I completed my Master Thesis in 2014 entitled ‘Historical Consciousness and Feature Film in the Classroom’, focusing on the power that Hollywood films have in distorting student understanding of the past. I presented these findings at the Annual History Teachers of Victoria Conference in 2017 and have since shifted the focus of my research more specifically to targeting the engagement of boys in the history classroom.


This year, I had the privilege of being invited to present at The University of Melbourne to a group of student-teachers about my own experience working in the secondary school education system and elaborate further on the research I undertook as part of my Master thesis. The discussion that followed was insightful and it was promising to see so many up-and-coming teachers interested in improving teaching standards.


As I continue to work on developing engaging, rigorous and instructive curriculum for students, I hope to share my passion of history with them, just as Ms Kalnins did with me.  


- Ms Emily Wilkinson


Ms Emily Wilkinson is the current Domain Leader for Humanities and facilitator of the Student Voice Team. She will be taking on the role of Junior Engagement Leader in 2019.

End of Year Program - Horse Riding and Year 9 Activities

The end of year program for 2018 included camps, workshops and year level activities. The available camps included Warrnambool Surf & Sea Camp and Echuca Horse Riding Camp, while workshops included Games, Photography, Tennis and Production. Year level activities consisted of a number of different activities including MSAC Swimming, Escape Rooms, Barefoot Bowls, Funfields and Arcade Games. 

Horse Riding

Howdy Box Hill High Pardners,  


This December, the friendly staff at Billabong Ranch welcomed us back for another year of Horse Riding Camp. 35 students from year 7, 8 and 9, including a number who were returning for a second year, hopped on a bus that took us up the highway to Echuca, where we were greeted by whinnying horses, braying donkeys and flexing Texan Longhorns as we drove up the long, dusty driveway of the ranch.  

The first day saw us learning how to ride, some with greater success at rising to the trot than others, flipping on the bungee trampolines, and getting to know the grumpy camels as they shipped us around the farm. It also provided an opportunity for Lucas to get to know grumpy Mr Nicholson, who needed assistance to get off Tom the camel. 


We had our first experience in the animal nursery for the week, where teachers and students alike were brought to tears by the cuteness of the baby goats, bunnies and puppies that we were able to cuddle. Others were excited to discover the pool table or the various reading nooks available during free time. Later in the week, we would also get to experience paddle boats, the commando course, archery, low ropes and a chance to roll around like pigs in mud in the dam on Tuesday, a refreshingly filthy way to cool off from the hot Echuca sun.  


Evenings at the ranch aren’t short on entertainment, either. The first night, we took a stroll around the farm, with our tour guide, Jemima, leading two students at a time (although she was the one on the lead). There were many rest breaks so that she could nibble on various bits of foliage, as goats are wont to do. The Echuca sky lit up for us in a brilliant display of colours, prompting many students to channel their inner Ken Duncan, snapping photos until they were left behind by the group.


The second night we were treated to a campfire and Stockman’s Show. Rocky and Hayley put a quad bike head to head with a stock horse (with surprising results), and performed a series of tricks, much to our amusement. There was whip-cracking, which gave Kennis a chance to prove how good he is at playing Dead Fish when the situation calls for it, and afterwards we got hyped up on way too many toasted marshmallows and delicious bites of damper.  


On Wednesday, we headed into town to check out Echuca’s tourist attractions. Our first hour was at Twisted Science, a discovery centre that gave students the opportunity to eat bugs, which Matt, Cody, Lucy and Noah did with pride. Isabelle cuddled a bearded dragon, while Miranda and Ms De Blasio made friends with some stick insects. Mr Nicholson and Mr Rees were in their element, helping students understand the scientific phenomena they were witnessing. 


We moved on to the park for lunch, and took turns at taking carriage rides around the port, before splitting up for some free time. While most of the students made a beeline for McDonalds (despite the camp food being, as per usual, well above camp standard), some recognised the opportunity to stimulate the local economy and visited the fudge shop, the chocolate company, the ice-creamery and the penny arcade. We met up again to take a ride on the Pride of the Murray paddle steamer, which saw some students obtain somewhat questionable boat-steering credentials.


Finally, we enjoyed a BBQ dinner, courtesy of Ranch chefs Matt and Daniel, and filed into the local cinema to watch The Grinch (which the students seemed to enjoy but was, by Media teacher standards, a lesser adaptation of Dr Seuss’ classic book).  


Of course, the highlight of the week for most students was our trail rides. The hours we spent walking and trotting along the Murray gave us time to bond with the beautiful horses from the ranch. There were fights over who would get to ride fan-favourite, Vegas, (sorry, kids, he’s mine) and frustration at Misty and Minty who were frequently falling behind. Trudy was getting her nose right up in Magda’s rump, and whoever was riding Adele or Raspberry had to keep an eye out for trees. We learned how to groom, saddle and unsaddle the horses, which gave us plenty of time for cuddles and to learn a little bit about the responsibilities of horse ownership (putting an end to the dreams of many students that they might one day have a pony of their own).


On Thursday, we refused to let the rain stop us from hitting the trails and accepted that getting drenched was all part of the experience. We slogged through the mud, trotting tentatively in places that were drier, while listening to the gentle rumbles of thunder around us.  


As we headed home on Friday, the bus was significantly quieter than it had been on the Monday. Sleepy heads nodded against chests, while those who could keep their eyes open gazed wistfully out the windows as we headed back to Box Hill.  


Throughout the week, I had so many moments of pride in our students, who saw opportunities to grow and challenge themselves and responded enthusiastically. Some of my personal highlights were seeing Samuel cross the hay stack challenge, going for morning cow-herding runs with some eager early risers, seeing Andrew’s face light up at the mention of riding, and hearing Aurelia and Arabella repeating the mantra they learned on Year 8 camp—don’t go home wondering ‘What if?’. Although I’ve been on the camp five times now, each time our eclectic groups of students are able to help me see each activity and experience through fresh eyes, and for that I’m very grateful! 


Thank you to all who supported the camp this year, especially to my partners in supervision, Mr Nicholson, Mr Rees and Ms De Blasio, who gave up nights in their comfortable beds to deal with mozzie bites, instant noodles and far too many blood noses.   Y’all come back now, hear? 


- Ms Anna Muston 


What the students have to say about Horse Riding Camp at Billabong Ranch:   


I loved burying myself in mud in the dam, and the archery was super fun”—Jasmine Gouldson 

It’s a nice chance to quieten down and connect with nature and animals”—Tash Cunningham 

I loved my riding lesson with Joey. He’s a good horse”—Anouk Harpur 

All the activities were great, especially helping to steer the paddle steamer”—Noah Rostan  

Cordial every day”—Andrew Zhou 

I really loved the chance to go trotting on my horse, because it was exciting”—Mary Zhong 

 “I enjoyed the riding. The horses were very good”—Ryan Hu 

I really liked helping other students in the commando course”—Cody Soussa 

The horse riding was really interesting. I liked it when I got to ride Magda, because she was really strong”—Flora Su 

There was heaps of hot water in the showers”—Samuel Lee 

I really liked learning to ride a horse, and make friends with the horses”—Nicole Qian 

I lost two kilos on this camp from all my blood noses!”—Alan Du 

I liked how we got to get out in the bush on the horses and see the countryside views”—Karin Wu 

The food is better than other camps”—Jiazhi Cai 

My favourite part was playing pool in the Rec Room”—Kennis Xu 

I really liked the commando course, because it involved teamwork and the end when we went into the dam was super fun and challenging. I liked getting muddy, but getting hosed down was good too—especially because it was so hot!”—Gisele Bhatia 

It’s a great place for horsing around”—Angus Cassin 

The most unforgettable part of camp was when I learned that I could do push-ups—while balanced on top of a hay bale!”—Bella Chu 

Vegas cheated on me”—Lucas Berry 

I wasn’t expecting to, but I had heaps of fun. I loved all of the animals”—Matt Cawse 

Year 9 End of Year Activities

For this years End of Year Activities Program, the year nines had five fun and exciting activities planned for each day of the week.


On Monday we travelled by train to the city and attempted to escape an Escape Room, then we went to Blackburn Lake and gave lawn bowls a try. Although many of us weren’t the best at it, at least we gave it go! The next day, we went to Melbourne’s Luna Park, where there were many thrilling rides to go on. On the third day we went to Sidetracked Entertainment Centre in Oakleigh, where in groups we took turns for the different activities. This included go kart racing, laser tag, mini golf and dodgem cars.


On Thursday we went to Eastland and watched the movie ‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms’. After the movie had finished, we spent the rest of the day playing arcade games at Timezone. Our last activity was at MSAC, where there were inflatables, water slides, and a wave pool. 


All the activities this year were so much fun, thank you to all the teachers that helped organise this program for us. As we head into senior school, the EOY Activities Program will definitely be missed! 


- Sylvia Dang, 9Z

End of Year Program - Surf & Sea, Tennis and Production

The end of year program for 2018 included camps, workshops and year level activities. The available camps included Warrnambool Surf & Sea Camp and Echuca Horse Riding Camp, while workshops included Games, Photography, Tennis and Production. Year level activities consisted of a number of different activities including MSAC Swimming, Escape Rooms, Barefoot Bowls, Funfields and Arcade Games. 

Warrnambool Surf & Sea Camp

The EOY surf and sea camp started with a long 3-4 hour bus ride down to Warrnambool, but on arrival we were welcomed with beautiful beach weather and many great activities to last us the week. 

We began the camp with stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking, which were my favourite activities (because they were easy and very relaxing). The first group to try to stand up on the paddle boards all immediately fell in which was rather entertaining to watch. Fortunately, I didn't fall in, but I did get pretty soaked after the kayaking races. 

We started surfing on day two, and had our last session on Thursday morning. Our surfing instructors Jack, Lola, Will and Poppy taught us the basics of how to stand up and pretty quickly I was already standing up and surfing. Yes, I did fall over a lot and most of my attempts didn't even partially succeed, but for the ones that did, I just felt so accomplished. 

We took a trip to Port Fairy on Wednesday and went snorkelling! The water was bitingly cold, even with the wetsuit. There weren't too many fish; however, I did see some zebra-striped fish and some pale yellow fish.  

We didn't just do sports though. On Tuesday night, we went to a sound and light show. It was pretty cool but it was very late and by the end I could barely stand straight; I could have slept then and there! Flagstaff Hill, the Maritime Museum, had a beautiful life-size recreation of an Australian coastal town from the 19th Century. Something I found pretty cool is that on Middle Island they use Maremma Sheepdogs (like from "Oddball") to protect the Fairy Penguins. 


The most surprising thing was the food. Camp food is normally the worst but the food was absolutely amazing. They've definitely been some of the best camp meals I've had. We ate fish and chips one night, and we had lasagne at a restaurant overlooking the ocean another night! The teachers really were too kind. 
It was quite sad to leave on Friday, I had a lot of fun learning how to surf and learning about the history of Warrnambool. I loved spending time with so many new people and it was a great way to end the school year. 


- Katherine Nowacki, 9Y  


BHHS's Tennis Workshop enjoyed its second year of success, as students sharpened their skills and enjoyed a week of lively activities.

Professional Coaches Jon and Luke of the Wimbles Tennis Club were once again fantastic mentors to students of all ability levels, challenging and supporting players in a fun and welcoming environment.


The week started off with great energy as students enjoyed sessions of laser tag, Bounce trampoline games, and bubble soccer in addition to their tennis practice. 


Unfortunately Thursday threw a spanner in the works, as mother nature decided to ruin our best-laid plans. Our Australian Open tour was cancelled, as were many of the wildcard matches we were scheduled to watch due to heavy rain. On top of that, Melbourne's public transport proved unreliable in the inclement weather, resulting in lots of standing around waiting for trams and trains.


However, there's always a silver lining in each cloud; students had a fantastic time at a city arcade and responded to the less-than-desirable situation with resilience and a positive attitude, proving themselves truly wonderful representatives of our fine school.


We ended our week on a high, despite the persistence of the rain. Our championship tournament was moved into the gym and we celebrated the end of our week with a pizza party and a film.


Thank you to all who participated and helped to make this week a great one! 


- Ms Sarah Weyenberg

Production Workshop

The Production Workshop occurred over three of the five days of activities week. It gave a chance for the cast of Box Hill High School’s 2019 play, The 39 Steps, to meet. The students that attended got the chance to meet and work with the Director; Cally Robinson, The Producer; Kaitlyn Trollope and The Assistant Director; Alanna Baxter.  We were also pleasantly surprised by Ana Swadling, a 2018 drama captain, coming to help us out. These amazing and talented people helped us become comfortable with our peers and form new relationships through ensemble work, while creating some quality performances that will hopefully be seen on stage! 


On day one there were a few ‘getting to know you games’, to kickstart the fantastic friendships that appeared over the week.  Our first activity included creating a short performance from images taken during the time era of the play. In pairs we tried to recreate the mood we thought might be present, if the picture was reality. We progressed from a tableau (a stationary pose), adding movement and sound along the way, to finally presented our work to the rest of the cast. After snack, we got into groups of around five people and were allocated watered-down sections of scenes to work with. Trains, planes and stiles were created and there was an excellent understanding of the play’s storyline throughout the attending cast.  


On day two we refined our pieces of work from the day before, applying the feedback and attempting to make it better. However, the focus for the day was in fact the tricky task of trying to make a chase scene on the outside of a train and a plane crash. We were split into two groups for this task, one group directed by Alanna and the other by Ana. Both groups used ensemble in physical and verbal aspects to create these inanimate objects, drawing us closer together as a whole. The train scene provided challenge in movement, as we were required to become the train, a set of doors and a tunnel in order illustrate the setting of the piece. Similarly, the plane group had to become a plane and they created an excellent soundscape as the plane malfunctioned. This day was valuable, as we got an idea of how humour and ensemble could be used throughout the whole story. 


Day three was the last day of the workshop, people had made new friends and were beginning to get tired, so what better way to start the day off but a dance party!? After dancing our hearts away, we were ready to work again. This day was focused on high class society and the Scottish moors, both integral parts of the play. We were split into two groups again for this, with different people and no directors, purely ensemble work! The Scottish moors group worked with a variety of musical instruments to create eerie effects on the audience. While the High society people received a piece of modern jitterbug music to work with. The atmosphere of the two was completely different and it was interesting to watch the other performance. 


Overall, everyone enjoyed their time, made new friends and became comfortable performing for people. The play is going to be awesome! 


Natasha Bowers, 9X

End of Year Program - Photography and Games

The end of year program for 2018 included camps, workshops and year level activities. The available camps included Warrnambool Surf & Sea Camp and Echuca Horse Riding Camp, while workshops included Games, Photography, Tennis and Production. Year level activities consisted of a number of different activities including MSAC Swimming, Escape Rooms, Barefoot Bowls, Funfields and Arcade Games. 

Photography Workshop

I was one of the 30 students who participated in the Photography Workshop.

I really enjoyed going to the Blackburn Lake on Monday, we learnt some tricks and tips and rules about photography. It was interesting learning about what looks good and what doesn’t, it was also enjoyable going out and testing our new tricks and tips. 


On Tuesday we took the train to St Kilda and walked to the botanical gardens. I got some great photos of ducks and plants, as we went through the day we learnt more and more about photography.


On Wednesday we went to the city and ventured to the beach and the peer. There were penguins, birds and fish. After the beach we went to Mac Donald’s for lunch, soon after we went off to Hoesier Lane in the hot heat. The graffiti lane was the coolest for me, I got to take some amazing photos of the art. It was also really hot but great light for photos.


And finally the last step of photography, editing and making our photography book. We learnt how to choose the right photos for our book and how to fix a problem about a photo in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Overall it was super fun and a great learning experience. Thank you to Mr Taylor, Mr Chew, Ms Lockhart, Ms Foo and Ms Kuhn for running the week! 


- Emma Hunter, 7D

Games Workshop

The Games Workshop is a great opportunity for students to experience new types of games in a fun, safe, and competitive environment. Not only did they get to try a vast array of new board, card, and video games of all forms, they also get to make new friends along the way.

This year we were lucky enough to go on some excursions; to Darkzone and to Backlot Studios in the city. At Darkzone, students teamed up to play Laser Tag against each other and got to play old school arcade games when they were waiting for the next game. At Backlot Studios, students were given the opportunity to play in a Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament on a private movie screen whilst sitting in plush leather chairs.


Here what students enjoyed about Games Workshop:

Being able to play games by myself and with others. Dungeons and Dragons was really fun.


The best part was getting to play Laser Tag at Darkzone and going to Backlot studios to play in a Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. competition.


Getting to go to Darkzone and playing games with and against friends.


I really liked the Dungeons & Dragons workshop! It was really fun, and I wish we had started playing on Monday so we could play all week!


- Mr Lachlan Tantau


I really enjoyed the games workshop! We spent most of the time at school and which gave us lots of time to learn how to play new games. I met some new people, learnt how to play new games and generally had a fun time! I got the chance to play games I normally wouldn't be able to play and had an amazing time! Probably even better than staying home all week (other than having to get up in the morning), I would definitely recommend going to anyone interested in games and particularly learning new games.


-  Julia Baille, 7Z


Students were giving the opportunity to create and design their own personalised characters for a dungeons and dragons campaign. This party came up with great backstories and journeyed together to save the dragonborn Tintaglier and save the town. Only One was left standing late on Friday afternoon. What an end to a great week of Games Workshop.


- Mr Colin Osborn


Positive Psychology in Education

The use of Positive Psychology in education is a focus on specific skills that assist the students to strengthen positive relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote focused attention and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.


At Box Hill High School, we endeavour to create a school where students can flourish through developing a growth mindset, thinking creatively and finding purpose in their learning and wider lives.  Positive education involves incorporating the research of Positive Psychology into the learning and achievement of students at school.


The following fact sheet, from The Black Dog Institute, outlines the principles of this approach and strategies to increase psychological wellbeing.


Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information

At Box Hill High School, we are committed to providing academic excellence and we cater for the individual needs of students through both our traditional and innovative programs. The curriculum is challenging and flexible. Students are encouraged to be the best they can be in a stimulating and competitive environment. 


Year 7 2019

During Term 4, we look forward to greeting our Year 7 2019 students at some events which are planned to make transition from primary school to secondary school an enjoyable experience.  We also are continuing the Department of Education and Training (DET) process of verifying applications.


Tours and Open Evening

Box Hill High School runs an annual Open Evening to give students and parents of prospective students the opportunity to tour the school and to hear additional information about enrolment and our Gifted and Academic Potential Program (GAPP). Details of the application process for the program we offer, next year’s open event details and tour bookings will be made available on our website during Term 1 2019.  


Box Hill High School Priority Order

When you are requesting a place a Box Hill High School, please be aware that a 'designated neighbourhood boundary' has been allocated by the Regional Director. To view additional enrolment information, a map and a list of related enrolment documents please refer to our school website.


Students will be enrolled according to the DET regulations, which stipulate the following criteria in order of priority.


Where there is insufficient accommodation at a school for all students who seek entry, students must be enrolled in the following priority order:

  • Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.
  • Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.
  • Where the regional director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest the school.
  • Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
  • All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.
  • In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds. 


2019 Enrolment Application for Year 8-12

Students who are interested in Box Hill High School enrolment for 2019 are advised to review the enrolment criteria and process that is published on our school website at the commencement of Term 4 2018. 



Box Hill High School endeavours to update the website when DET occasionally alter the conditions of enrolment.


- Ms Dianne Trengove, Enrolment Officer


School Information

Box Hill High School

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Student Welfare Coordinators - Student Engagement

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Enrolment Administration Support - Ms Dianne Trengove

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School Uniform

Our uniforms are supplied by PSW in Kew East, and they can be purchased either online or in-store.  The most recent price list and other information is available on our website under the Parents/Uniforms tabs.

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BHHS First Day Timetable 2019.pdf
BHHS First Day Timetable 2019.pdf
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2019_first_day_timetable BHHS.pdf
2019_first_day_timetable BHHS.pdf
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Kate Taylor, Year 12 Dux
Kate Taylor, Dux of BHHS 2018
Kate Taylor, Dux of BHHS 2018
Kate Taylor, Dux 2018
Production Workshop
Tom, Ananya, Ms Wilkinson and Ms Sporri at An Evening with Malala
Tom, Ananya, Ms Wilkinson and Ms Sporri