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25 October 2017
No 1/10
Role Modelling
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Role Modelling


This is Kevin. Kevin is our Groundsman. Kevin arrives at school very early each morning and works through until the afternoon. He is multi skilled. He is an artist. You can see his creativity around the school in rock sculptures, garden designs and plantings. He is a problem solver, constantly working out strategies to fix or make things for our school. He is a mathematician measuring, calculating, weighing, budgeting, working to time limits and meeting deadlines. He is a tradesman involved in plumbing, painting, building and constructing.


The school looks so good and is so well maintained because of his work and creativity. Kevin takes pride in all that he does. And it shows. Kevin is a vital member of our school community.


Our school, our students, our school community. We are all vital members of our school community. Our school exists for our students. Our teachers and SSOs do not talk about “My Class” or “My Students” but rather “Our School” and “Our Students”. We are all responsible for the success of our students and our school, and this includes “Our Parents and Caregivers”.

Like teachers and SSOs, parents and caregivers are essential members of our school community and like staff, your words, actions and behaviours model expectations to our students. When parents and caregivers solve problems calmly through dialogue and conversation with each other or with staff they show that they too follow our School Values of Good Manners and Friendliness. Conversely, if they swear at each other from their cars outside the school, it undermines our values.


When parents and caregivers allow children to learn by their mistakes and the consequences of their actions they show that they too follow our School Values of Resilience and Persistence. Conversely, if they rescue their children they undermine and stop their learning.


When parents and caregivers get their children to school on time they demonstrate that they value learning and also model organization and time management skills. What does constantly being late teach children?


Kevin works so hard to have our school look the best it can be. Hopefully we are all proud of our school. I am not proud of the litter around the yard and I always try to model picking up litter despite never dropping it. How powerful it would be for all members of our school community to pick up papers as they walk through the school? It would show their pride in our school. It would model to the students that they should keep the yard clean and show care for our school by keeping it clean. It would encourage students to do the same. It would show that we all appreciate the great work being done by Kevin and it would show that we all have pride in Our School.


Our actions speak louder than words. Kevin doesn’t talk about painting a wall. He just gets about doing it and doing it well. Thanks Kevin for being such a good role model for Our School, Our Students and Our School Community.

Bob Thiele


School News

Music Tuition 2018

The school has access to the Instrumental Music Program. The Service offers tuition in Strings (violin, viola and cello), and Guitar. The minimum year level for Strings tuition is Year 3 while guitar tuition begins at Year 5. Unfortunately children in lower year levels cannot be accepted.

These lessons are FREE. There is no cost for the service apart from instrument and book hire or purchase if required. Ongoing students will be given first preference for access to the program.

If you would like your child to take part, please return details on the attachment to [email protected] or hand the slip to the front office by Friday 3 November. No children will be considered if the slip is passed in late as names have to be sent into the Instrumental Music Branch.

 Please contact me if you require any more information.

Bob Thiele, Principal


Southern String Workshop

On Thursday morning of Week 9 ( 28/9) last term, string players from surrounding primary schools met at Christies Beach High School for the annual String Workshop. This year was special as the guitar players from Hackham East Primary School were also included. The students rehearsed all morning in the school’s performance space, finishing with a performance for the parents who provided transport to and from the workshop. We were fortunate to have the assistance of Mr South, who is a classroom music teacher at the school and a very accomplished Double Bass player. His playing added a depth to the bass line and supported our two young cellists.

This type of event offers a great opportunity for students to experience playing in a large ensemble.

Well done to those students who attended.

Judy Fletcher, Instrumental Music Teacher


Volunteering in 2018

Volunteers are needed in the Canteen to continue to provide recess and lunches for students and staff at Hackham East Primary School.  The Canteen also caters for functions held at our school.

Please consider being a volunteer in 2018.  If you can spare any time at all it is appreciated and valued.  If you would like to find out more please contact either Scott Megson or Coralie Goodman (Canteen Manager).

School Banking

Term 4 is here and the Future Games competition is in full swing with 2 exciting prize draws to enter.  Students need to make 3 or more School Banking deposits between 14/8 and 10/11.  Visit commbank.com.au/futuregames for more information.


Yr 7/8 Parent Information Evening at Wirreanda

Parents/Caregivers are invited to attend a Yr 7/8 Parent Information Evening on Wednesday 8/11 from 6:00-8:00pm in the Gym.  The evening will provide information about What is happening in 2018, Student Information packs will be distributed, Specialist Sports Course packs, BYOD - Interactive display, Uniform display, Project Based Learning, STEM learning tasks and projects and The Smith Family -Learning Club.  Join us for a sausage sizzle and drink.


Changes to School Card Eligibility 2018

The state government is raising the school card income threshold from next year to help families with the cost of living.

This means that families with 1 child and a gross income of $57,870 in the 2016-17 financial year will be able to apply for a school card.

Application forms for 2018 will be available from schools or www.sa.gov.au by the end of the 2017 school year.

2017 School Card Applications Closing Date

2017 school card applications need to be given to Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager BEFORE Friday 24 November 2017

Applications will not be accepted by the ‘School Card Section’ after this date and consequently parents/caregivers will be accountable for finalising all outstanding school fees.

REMINDER:  Applications need to be submitted EVERY year so if you have any queries or uncertain if your application has been approved etc please speak to Tracy ASAP … before it’s too late!

Ladies Night In at Pimpala Kindergarten

Pimpala Kindergarten are having a Laides Night In Fundraiser on Friday 10/11 from 7:00-9:00pm.  Tickets can be pre-purchased for $7.00 or at the door on the night for $10.00.  


Positive Parenting Program

Tired of fighting with your teen? Worried about their behaviour? Sign up now to our free online program for parents of tweens and teens!

Parents want to raise teenagers who are respectful and responsible, happy and confident. But, helping your teen navigate adolescence can be stressful and unpredictable.

Researchers at The University of Queensland are excited to offer Australian parents of pre-teens and teens (aged 10-16 years) the opportunity to try a brand new online parenting program for free as part of a research trial. The program is based on the successful Triple P: Positive Parenting Program.

We are looking for parents who are experiencing conflict with their teenager or have concerns about their behaviour. You will be asked to complete questionnaires to help test the effects of the program.

To find out more or register for the study, visit: 


Special Order School Photographs

All photographs were handed out to students on Tuesday 17/10/2017.

Special Order Photographs are now available for viewing at the Front Office. These include Mess Up Photos of the following classes: 6/7 Cronin, 6/7 Kas, 5/6 Woods, 5/6 Connolly, 3/4 Thiele, 3/4 Ratcliff, 3/4 Dunn, 1/2 Hay, 1/2 Shillum, R/1 Morton, R/1 McGarvey, R/1 Nagel, Mr Grieve’s class, Year 7 Mess Up, Year 7 Graduates Traditional and Hackham East School Sports. Copies are $15.00.

Please collect an envelope from the front office to place your order or pay Online. Payment can be made in the envelope using cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard. If paying by credit card a surcharge of $1.00 applies.

Last day to place your order via the school is Wednesday 22/11 Week 6. Orders after this date will need to be made directly to the photographers.

Should you have any queries in relation to your child’s school photographs please contact the photographers direct. Master School Portraits, Unit 1-15 Light Crescent, Mount Barker SA 5251. Telephone: 83913951 or email [email protected]

Pastoral Care Worker News

On the last day of Term 3 (29/9) some students and I packed some Shoe Boxes of Love for the Samaritan’s Purse at the Hackham Baptist Family Church around the corner.


Bailey, Jazmine, Natasha, Laylah, Hayley, Grace, Eleni and Joe managed to pack over 100 Shoeboxes in just over an hour. They were rewarded for their labours with a scrumptious morning tea provided by Pastor Ross and his team. It was wonderful to bring the school and our local community together in this way. It also enabled a young student, Caitlin, to finish one of her projects for Year 12 as she was our manager for the day.


A huge thank you to everyone who donated items for this. We are going to track the boxes and see where they end up. We may even be able to see some photos of the children opening their boxes and receiving a gift for the first time.


It has been a busy start to this term and I will be at school on Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings and all day Friday, so please contact me if you would like to meet for a chat at any time. I am working in the Castle Unit to help out with the Kindy Transition for the next 6 weeks every morning and I am continuing to work with the What’s the Buzz groups until the end of term.

I will be continuing to open up the Conference Room for the Parent Afternoon Teas every Friday from 2.30pm so come and relax with a coffee and cake before you need to pick your child/ren up.


Spring is now here at last - enjoy the warmer days!

Cherie Love, Pastoral Care Worker


What’s been happening at OSHC

Wow, what a holiday program! We had such a great time playing games, going on excursions, meeting Professor Flint and getting creative. The children loved meeting Professor Flint, working out whether different skulls were from animals or dinosaurs, and learning new facts like a Tyrannosaurus Rex had feathers. We even created a new OSHC record when we visited the Rocking Horse at Gumeracha, with 51 children attending that day (previously we had never gone above 50 children).


We went on some incredible excursions, Morialta Conservation Park, Hallett Cove Conservation Park and the Big Rocking Horse. It was great to see the children enjoying the new nature playground at the Morialta Conservation Park, as well as looking for tadpoles and yabbies in the creek.

The children did us all proud, showing the school values on every excursion, with good manners, friendliness and courage repeatedly being displayed. At one point the children were very disappointed that other families were not showing the same values and discussed with each other why it was a weak choice and why they wouldn’t make those choices.


Our games day was also a hit with the children. We split the group into two smaller groups, taking turns at outdoor games (children’s choice) and various board games (including Cake Splat, Pop the Pig, Beetle, Uno Jenga, Twister and cards). Board games are a great learning opportunity for children. Sharing, turn taking, adding, counting, reading, communicating, spelling, courage, resilience, how to win gracefully, how to lose gracefully, and patience are just some of the skills we saw the children learn and/or practice on our games day.


Following the holidays, we had a student free day which was a very relaxed and chilled day with some traditional games like quoits and yo-yos. We were also lucky enough to have an impromptu visit from the Hackham East Kindergarten. It was lovely to see the older children proudly show the kindergarten children around, and help them to play with various games, toys and puzzles. It was a great day to wind down from the school holidays and prepare for the busy term ahead.


Fast Facts for October Vacation Care

Number of children attending: 80 children from 46 families

Number of schools/kindergartens represented: 9

Average number of children per day: 41

Average Age: 7 years old

Number of new children who had their first day at OSHC: 9

Average number of steps walked each day: 15,011 (approx. 9 kilometres walked each day)

(Thanks to Trish for keeping track)

Number of ideas for the December/January Vacation Care program already: 168

(And we have nearly finished the program too)

Did You Know?

Did you know that Grandparent Carers get OSHC for free?

If you have legal custody of your grandchild or great grandchild you are eligible for the Grandparent Childcare Benefit (GCCB). This means that your OSHC fees are completely covered by the government. The GCCB recognises that grandparents have added commitments and is designed to allow grandparents respite & support to care for their precious charges.

If you are a Grandparent Carer or know someone who is, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0499 228 039 for more information or to enrol your children in OSHC.

If you would like to keep up to date on all things OSHC, follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HackhamEastOSHC/ and instagram https://www.instagram.com/hackhameastoshc/.

Dates to Remember


Friday 27/10 - Afternoon Tea held in the Conference Room, Penney Unit from 2:30pm.  

All parents/carers welcome.


Wednesday 8/11 - Yr 7/8 Parent Information Evening at Wirreanda

Friday 24/11 - Last day for 2017 School Card Applications


Tuesday 5/12 - School Concert

Wednesday 13/12 - Year 7 Graduation

Friday 15/12 - Last Day of Term 4 - 2:00pm Finish

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 4

Week 3 (30/10-3/11)


Joseph Coole

Jazmine Earl

Leia Brock


Kassady Buttfield

Tylah Schmock

Selene Brock



Week 4 (6/11-10/11)


James Williams

Adison Harris

George Mavraidis


Madison O'Donnell

Wyatt Brophy

Jimmy Lenard

Community News


Grow is a caring and supportive, community based organisation that has developed a unique program for improving and maintaining mental wellbeing.  Held each Friday from 9:30-11:30am at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Parade, Hackham.  Free.  Ph 1800558268.


The Garden

An Infant/Toddler group (0-4 years and their parents).  Held at Hackham West Children's Centre Unit, 50 Glynville Dr, Hackham West every Friday from 10:30am-12:00noon.  Ph Calista 82458190 for mor info.


Autism SA - Positive Behaviour Support

Do you care for someone living with Autism and would like to learn strategies to support positive behaviours?  Held on 31/10 and 14/11 from 12:45-2:45pm at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Free.  Ph 81866944.


Women Are Strong, Women Do Survive

A group for Women in the Southern Suburbs.  Held on Friday 27/10 from 12:00-2:30pm in the Christies Beach area.


Southern Domestic Violence Action Group

You are invited to attend the 25th Year Anniversary Celebration on Friday 27/10 from 3:00-5:00pm at City of Onkaparinga, Noarlunga Office.


Southern Deadly Fun Run

Christies Beach Fun Run is a community event for Aboriginal and non Aboringinal people.  Held on Sunday 29/10 from 10:00am, starting at Rotary Park, Christies Beach.


Being Dad

A men's group to chat about our role as fathers, our children's development and what it means to have a good relationship with our family.  Held on Tuesdays from 12:30-2:30pm  starting 30/10 at Taikurrendi Children & Family Centre, 8 Price St, Christies Beach.  Ph 81861102.


The Arvo Club

Try a rang of cool indoor and outdoor activities, including music, art, movies, cooking and gaming or just chill.  Held each Wednesday from 25/10-6/12 from 4:00-5:30pm at Base 10 Youth Centre, 10 Main South Rd, Reynella.  Ph 83875577 to book.  Free.


Messy Marks & Messy Makers

Are you ready to take your art skills to the next level?  Held each Thursday  (26/10-30/11) from 4:00-5:30pm at Base 10 Youth Centre, 10 Main South Rd, Reynella.  Cost $30 for term.  Ph 83875577.


Rec & Ramps

Recreation, skate and scoot drop in.  Held each Tuesday (17/10-21/11) from 4:00-5:00pm at Wardli Youth Centre, 13 McKinna Rd, Christie Downs.  $2.00 per session.  Ph 81865133.


Broad Strokes & Big Ideas

Work with professional artists to emplore a variety of art forms.  Held each Wednesday (18/10-22/11) from 4:00-5:30pm at Wardli Youth Centre, 13 McKinna Rd, Christie Downs.  $5.00 per week.  Ph 81865133 for more information.


Cooking 4 Kindness

Do you enjoy cooking?  Have you ever thought about giving back to your community?  Held each Wednesday (18/10-22/11) from 3:30-5:00pm at Wardli Youth Centre, 13 McKinna Rd, Christie Downs.  Free.  Ph 81865133 for more information.


Family Fun Day

Free Family Fun Day on Saturday 28/10 from 11:00am-2:00pm at Warsaw Reserve, Warsaw Cres, Hackham West.  Events include Parkour Demo and Workshops, Climbing Wall, Native Animal display, Smoothie Bike, Imagination play, Free Coffee and BBQ, Entertainment and lots more.

Children's Voices

A Free Family Event - we would like the children to have their say about what they need in their lives and from the community.  Held on 3/11 from 7:00-9:00pm  at Christie Downs Community House, Cnr Flaxmill Rd & Morton Rd, Christie Downs.  Free wood oven pizza and live music.



Community Information Session with general information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme on Monday 6/11 at 1:30-3:00pm at Holdfast Bay Community Centre, 51 King Geroge Ave, Hove and My NDIS Pathway and Participation Readiness Information session on Monday 6/11 at 4:00-5:30pm at Holdfast Bay Community Centre.


Community Connections Hackham Morning Tea

You are invited to be involved in the dreams and vision for Community Connections Hackham and the local community.  We would love to hear from you.  Held on Wednesday 8/11 from 9:30-1:00am at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Ph 81866944 for creche.


Be Kind and Unwind

Personal wellbeing held on Wednesday 8/11 from 9:30am-2:30pm at Woodcroft Morphett Vale Neighbourhood House, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  Lunch provided.  Ph 81868900 to register.


Art Sale & Auction

A fundraiser in support of refugees and asylum seekers.  Held on Saturday 11/11 from 1:00-4:00pm in Bethany Hall, Willunga.


Tuning Into Yourself

Learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques to use in your daily life.  Held on 13/11, 20/11, 27/11 & 4/12 from 10:30am-12:00noon at Uniting Communities, Unit 3/107 Dyson Rd, Christies Beach.  Ph Rose 82025018 to register.


Free Provide First Aid

An accredited first aid course funded by Communites for Children Onkaparinga under the Regional Development Program.  Held on Wednesday 8/11 at Hastings Street Centre, Cnr Tongalla & Hastings Streets, Seaford and Tuesday 21/11 at The Salvation Army, 186 Elizabeth Rd, Morphett Vale from 9:00am-5:00pm.  Ph Holly 83923194.


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