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08 December 2017
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Principal's News




As this is the final edition of our Grammar News for the 2017 school year, I wish to state how proud I am of the dynamic, contemporary and multicultural school that we have become. 


This year I have witnessed growth in many areas of our school improvement agenda, and this has clearly benefited our students in all phases of schooling that we offer.


We aim to develop in our students a true sense of resilience, which has been our 2017 school theme. I am pleased to witness the passion and commitment of our students as they realise their curiosity and develop their character through the many unique programs we have adopted at our school.


Importantly our students are actively engaged in their learning, and their confidence in their own ability is continually developing, I see this as they tackle challenges and opportunities that are afforded to them. In all areas of our academic and co-curricular program our students are supported by caring, professional staff who foster strong relationships with our students.


Oakleigh Grammar is premised on a supportive community and I pay tribute to our Parents Association, School Business Network and of course our Board, who work tirelessly in the best interest of our school.


I wish to wholeheartedly thank Mr Nick Nicolaou for his leadership of our Parents' Association (PA) over recent years. I wish to advise that Nick will be stepping down as President of the PA next year. The PA have elected new members for Executive Positions for 2018. I am delighted to inform you that the PA Executive for 2018 will be:

Co-Presidents: Mrs Helen Bauzon and Mr Rob Keoylian

Treasurer: Mrs Penny Tounoussidis

Secretary: Mr John Dellis


In 2018 there is great anticipation surrounding the celebrations of our 35th anniversary, which coincides with the 55th anniversary of the Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh & District.


Our 2018 school calendar reflects images of past and present, and at our Founders Day Assembly earmarked for the second half of the year, we will have an opportunity to reflect and thank not only our school’s Founders, but those who have contributed to the development of our school.


I take this opportunity to thank and farewell the following staff who will be leaving us at the end of this year:


Mrs Des Maramis, Teacher

Mr John Scott, Maintenance Officer

Mrs Maggie Pawley, Co-Educator

Mrs Naomi Leeder, Teacher

Mrs Ewa Rete, Teacher

Ms Dianne Nash, Teacher

Mrs Jo Morel, Teacher

Mr Paul Kiely, Teacher

Ms Hui Harvey, Teacher


May the star of Christmas shine upon all of our families, and may you be blessed with health and happiness during this holy season. I wish our Oakleigh Grammar families a Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year.

Important Dates & Notices

2019 Scholarships

Oakleigh Grammar in conjunction with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), will hold the Scholarship exams for students entering into Years 6, 7, 9 and 10 in 2019.


Scholarships awarded will cover Academic and General Excellence (Music and Sport).


We are seeking talented, motivated and civic-minded students who have the potential to make a contribution in a leadership and academic capacity and join our current cohort of students in a wide range of School activities.


For more information, head to http://www.oakleighgrammar.vic.edu.au/scholarships/



Save the Date - 35th Anniversary Gala Ball


Get Involved with the Alumni Association!

In 2018 Oakleigh Grammar is extending an opportunity to all past students to come back and get involved with the Alumni Association. 


Whether you’re interested in events, marketing, design, photography, writing, or simply want to share your story- you can contribute as much or as little as you like!


To register your interest, email Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer:

[email protected]

A message from Admissions.

Waiting lists are now growing longer for entry into many years at Oakleigh Grammar from the ELC through to Senior School.


If you or a friend wish to enrol your child feel free to join us on one of our monthly Tour Days and fill in the enrolment application or download here.


Enquiries are always welcome via our Admissions Office 8554 0014.

Lily Anne Jewellery Fundraiser for Oakleigh Grammar.

My name is Dimitra Georgiadis and I am Independent Consultant for Lily Anne Jewellery. 

With our gorgeous & ‘sentimental’ range of Jewellery you can create the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, which will be worn close to the heart. 


We have jewellery to suit all budgets and every occasion: birthday, Mother’s Day, Baptism, Easter, Graduations, gifts for teachers and let’s not forget Christmas which is around the corner. 


Up until 20th of December, I will be running a Fundraiser for our School and will be donating 100% of my commission from all sales. I will also be donating an additional $5 for every Jewellery Bar booked.


Our preview brochure is available at https://issuu.com/lilyannedesigns/docs/issuu_october_2017_preview


Head on over to my website at: www.lilyannejewellery.com.au/SentimentalAboutYou and be sure to select “Oakleigh Grammar Fundraiser’ upon checkout. 


You can stay up to date with specials/sales by visiting my Facebook page at: https:/m.facebook.com/SentimentalAboutYou/


If you would like to know more please contact me on 0413 799 235.


Keys 2 Drive Driving School - Special Fundraising Offer

SPECIAL OFFER FOR OAKLEIGH GRAMMAR - Limited once a year offer


Keys 2 Drive Driving school would like to offer the senior students of Oakleigh Grammar the opportunity to receive one free 45min driving lesson (normally $55.00) with an option to continue their lessons at no obligation.


This is a limited offer to Oakleigh Grammar Senior School students.


The requirement for the senior students of Oakleigh Grammar to be eligible,

  • Must be 16 years of age and hold a valid Drivers Learner Permit.
  • Student must also bring their learner drivers log book.

For any students wishing to further develop their driving skills after their free lesson, Keys 2 Drive driving school will donate $5.00 for every Oakleigh Grammar student that books a one-hour lesson.


Example:  if 20 students book a 1hr lesson after their free 45min lesson, that’s a donation to Oakleigh Grammar will be made of $100.00!

Absentee Line

The Absentee Phone Line and e-mail address can be used by parents to report student absences promptly and conveniently.  


Simply phone the line and state your child's name, year level, estimated duration of and reason for absence after the tone. 


Your message will be sent directly to Student Services so that your child's absence can be recorded. Reports of absences WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED via any other means other than those listed below.


Absentee Line: 03 8554 0050

Email: [email protected]

Skoolbag: Select 'eForms' then 'Absentee Form'.

Leaving us in 2017?

Remember - one terms notice is required in writing to the Admissions Office if your child is not returning to Oakleigh Grammar.


For further information please contact a member of the Admissions Team to discuss on (03) 8554 0014 or [email protected]

Parking Courtesy

Please be mindful of our neighbours when parking your car at drop-off and / or pick-up times. We understand that parking is limited in the area, especially at this time, however please avoid parking across or partially blocking residents' driveways.


Please do not double park cars at any time - a number of staff and community members have been blocked in many times and this is should be avoided.


Please also be mindful of pedestrians in the area. It is a 40KM/HR zone at all times, and there is a lot of foot traffic around the school, presenting a number of hazards to be aware of. Safety first!


We thank you for your cooperation.

Lost Property

Please check your child’s school uniform to ensure they have not accidentally taken a peer’s blazer / sport jacket / etc. home with them by mistake.


Please also ensure all of your children’s uniforms are clearly named to ensure the correct uniform is returned to them if found in the playground or taken to lost property at the front office.

Update Your Email Address

A reminder to families to please ensure that you are not missing out on important information for your child/children and please ensure your email contact details are current as all correspondence from the School is via Email, Parent Paperwork and Skoolbag .


As of Term 2, 2017, we are no longer providing hard copies of electronic correspondence.


Please update your email address with our Admissions Team, via [email protected]


Please check your spam folder. If you find any emails from us, make sure you mark them as 'not spam' or 'trusted' to ensure they are delivered directly to your inbox.

Drama 2017 Report

Head of Arts


Head of Arts


The study of Drama engaged our students in the Middle and Senior Schools in some wonderful opportunities and workshops this year.


The Year 9 Drama class participated in the Drama Victoria Theatre Festival presented by Drama Victoria and Monash University, where they went through an artistic process with industry professionals to build an ensemble performance based on an image. They attended a stimulus day at Monash University where they worked with students from other schools and brought ideas from a picture alive in performance. Their final piece was shown at Xavier College alongside performances from other schools. They received some excellent feedback from the panel.  

[Click gallery to view all images]


The VCE Drama class worked with Drama students from other schools at the VCE Ensemble Exchange. These Students had the rare opportunity to share their creative work and discuss playmaking processes in a professional theatre environment at the Malthouse Theatre.

This class also attended several professional pieces of theatre throughout the year, using these experiences as inspiration as they moved deeper through the processes of constructing and developing their own ensemble work. Their final pieces were performed at the event ‘A Night at the Theatre’, in its second year running at Oakleigh Grammar. The passion and effort these students put into rehearsal for their pieces did not go unnoticed.

[Click gallery to view all images]


‘A Night at the Theatre’ provided opportunities to students of the performing arts to showcase their work to friends and family. This popular event in the School’s calendar saw students of Drama, Media and Music perform and exhibit their work to an audience. Congratulations to all students who were involved in the event.

[Click gallery to view all images]

Senior School

Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School


The academic program for Senior School concluded this week, with the last transition classes being held on Wednesday 6 December. The last two weeks have been very busy as students moved to their next year level and began their VCE programs for 2018. Some have visited my office to discuss their subject choices a few times, whilst others will leave settled and happy with their subject selections.


It is not uncommon for some small indecision as this is a big step that can impact on future outcomes. Either way, I can say there has been productive noise around my office as students move in and out each day.


Transition Program

Students entering Year 12 next year have learnt their final year has already commenced, and even though they have a six week holiday, there is still work to be done over the Christmas break.


Balance is necessary and they will need to have some “me” time, but by committing to a small amount of study each day, they will maintain the necessary skills to hit the floor running when we return in 2018.


We were very fortunate to have one of our recent graduates return to speak to our students about effective and efficient management of their VCE studies. Johnny Vogiatjis graduated in 2014, and is currently studying at Monash University. His open and honest approach gave valuable insights into how commitment, time management and determination throughout the VCE years can obtain outstanding results. Johnny’s experience and candour engaged the students in an entertaining yet very informative session on the first day of VCE Transition.

2018 Student Leadership

At the Middle and Senior School Awards Evening, the Principal announced the names of the School Captains and the Senior Student Leadership Team for 2018. Congratulations to the new team and I look forward very much to working with you.


School Captains: Tomas Smith and Eva Demirgelis

Vice-School Captains: Anthony Tawfilis and Christina Gougoussis

Prefects: Nick Agiazis and Nicola Zois


Read an interview with our 2018 School Captains here.


It has been a busy year and I have enjoyed working with the students and families of Senior School.


I wish you all a safe, peaceful and very Happy Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Middle School

Head of Middle School


Middle School Elections

Over the last two weeks our current Year 8 students, and soon to be Year 9 students and leaders of the Middle School, have been involved in the election process to choose the Middle School Captain, Arts and House Captains for 2018.


The election process for the Middle School leaders is a rigourous process, asking students to  consider carefully what they can bring to each role.


Our Middle School Captains are chosen from students who have been nominated as suitable candidates by members of staff. Students wishing to accept the nomination, are then required to present a speech to the Middle School student cohort. The Middle School students then vote for their choice of male and female captain.


Arts and house Captains are chosen through a slightly different process. Students can nominate, or be nominated by staff or their peers for these positions. Students who choose to accept the nomination and run for a position are then required to attend an interview conducted by key staff members. Students are chosen on the strength of their interview and what they can bring to the position.


On Tuesday 28th November, Year 6, 7 & 8 students had the pleasure of hearing from the 7 Candidates for the 2018 Middle School Captain positions, who spoke on the topic “What Oakleigh grammar needs in students leaders”.


The quality of the speeches was fantastic, giving students and staff confidence that no matter the outcome, the position will be filled by two very capable students.


I congratulate all students who nominated, or were nominated for a position, and remind them that leadership does not requires a title and failing to secure a position should not stop them from contributing to the student voice and leadership of our school.


From the process outlined above, it is with great pleasure that I announce our Middle School leadership team for 2018.


2018 Middle School Captains

Alex Logan

Victoria Turuwicz





Arts Captains:

Evangelia Starakis

Angelica Athanasakis


House Captains


Arthur Millaras

Floria Takos



Jonathan Sarris

Stavroula Spiropoulos



Jordan Karavendzas

Anna Palaskas


Personal Project (2017) working day

Looking ahead to 2018, our current Year 9 students participated in their Personal project launch, on Monday 4 December, as part of their transition week. The Personal Project is the culmination of the Middle Years Programme and gives students the opportunity to demonstrate the Approaches to Learning Skills they have developed in the 5 year Middle Years Programme, through an independently driven investigation into an area of interest or passion for the student.

The Personal project launch gave student the chance to focus intently upon setting themselves an exciting, challenging and achievable goal for their 2018 project.  This process is a vitally important as the goal needs to give the student the chance to meet all criteria, and setting this now allows students ideas to develop and evolve over the Christmas break.


The buzz of energy and enthusiasm in the 9Ways centre during the morning was contagious and I look forward to some amazing projects to develop over the course of next year.


Special Programmes Week

To celebrate the last week of the school year, our Year 6, 7 and 8 students were involved in a range of exciting learning activities during “special programmes week”, designed to excite, entertain and engage them in the special programmes week.


Year 6 students visited the Royal Melbourne Zoo on Monday 4 December and were involved in a SOS10 activity. This activity challenged them to learn more about 10 endangered Australian species and what they personally could do to help their survival.


Year 7 students travelled to Studley Park in Kew to be challenged by a series of team-building and initiative activities. The inclement wether added to the challenge of the day but, from all reports,  our students came through shining.


Year 8 students participated in a time-management seminar run by Elevate Education on Monday 4 December, to start the off on the right foot for the rigour’s of Year 9.  On Tuesday 5 December, they then had the opportunity to unwind a little at the IMAX cinema where they learnt about the wonders of the Egyptian pyramids.


Additional to that, all Middle school students also undertook a session in the Arrowsmith room to learn more about the challenging programs and activities that are utilised in this program.


Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Middle School staff, students and parents for their contribution to a wonderful year in the Middle School. I wish staff, students and families a festive, restful and safe Christmas Break and look forward to an exciting 2018.


[Click gallery to view all photos]

The Year that was 6 & 7 2017


Years 6 & 7 Coordinator


It certainly has been an amazing journey this year for our students in Years 6 & 7.


Reflecting on the year 2017, it has been an honour and privilege to serve and lead these years.


Together with my outstanding pastoral team consisting of; Mrs Kiki Kousourakis, Miss Dianne Nash, Mr Christopher Sexton, Ms Stamata Sideris, Mrs Hannah Peace, Mr Paul Kiley, Mrs Inna Reznikov and Mr Andrew Harbis; we have watched our students challenge themselves, make mistakes, learn and develop into kind and principled individuals.


A highlight for me has been the team ethic that has been fostered through various initiatives in Year 7. Although Year 7 leave my immediate care, I would like them to remember that we are always here for them and importantly my door is always open.


I wish you all a blessed Christmas break and New Year. May you enjoy the time you have with your family and loved ones. Take time to disconnect from technology and to connect with nature and friends.


I look forward to greeting all of you in 2018.

Junior School

Head of Junior School


Head of Junior School


Oakleigh Central – Junior School Choir Performance

On Thursday 7 December, the Junior School Choir performed Christmas carols and songs at Oakleigh Central Shopping Centre.


The performance took place in the afternoon outside Woolworths, in front of an enthusiastic crowd of shoppers and members of our School community. Our Year 2 – Year 5 choristers entertained the crowd with their beautiful and angelic voices, to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season. 


Over the years, the Junior School Choir has performed in front of a wide-range of audiences, such as Carols in The Park at Warrawee Park in Oakleigh, The Glendi, and at other school events like assemblies and school concerts.


We look forward to many more performances by our students in the near future, and a huge final thank you to Mrs Des Maramis for conducting our Junior School Choir each year.


Prep Fractions Party

On Thursday 30 November the Preps had an exciting fractions party to celebrate all their hard work and learning throughout the unit.


The students brought in food that was divided into equal parts to represent fractions such as a half, third, quarter or eighth. We utilised the language developed throughout the unit to discuss and share our discoveries.


The students were very excited to apply their knowledge and understandings in a real-life context. 

Michaela (Prep F): “Did you know that 1/1 and 2/2 is the same as a whole?”

 Frankie (Prep F): “Did you know that one quarter and three quarters is four quarters or a whole?”

 Athena (Prep F): “When we cut the pizza into 8 pieces and ate 4 slices half the pizza was left.” 


Thank You to Our  Parent Helpers

Assisting in the classroom is always under the direction of the classroom teacher by either working with small groups of children, providing a role model for learning, and helping with literacy or numeracy. You are a huge valued member of the school community.


Your support in the classroom ensures that children remain on task while the teacher is working with other groups, and your willingness to assist in classroom activities shows other parents what can be achieved when partnerships are formed.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance this year, and we hope to see you around the school again next year.


Art Club

Art Club is a very popular lunch time activity in the Junior School and students are very enthusiastic and creative, eager to take part with Kathy Vlahos and Marita Halkiadakis every week.


“It’s been such a fun and productive year watching their confidence, creativity and skills grow, and I look forward to bigger and better things next year”- Marita Halkiadakis


Thank you so very much to our volunteers in the art rooms and for Art Club. Read more.


Year 5 Graduation

Another year has passed, and again Year 5 classes have graduated from Junior School to Middle School. All the hard work of the students has been celebrated at this event, and all the students were presented with a graduation gift from the Parent’s Association and a Middle School badge. 


The musical items were sensational, and Fr. George gave a lovely prayer to our graduating classes for the next phase in their educational journey. It was a very successful afternoon, enjoyed by all and organised so well by the students and Year 5 teachers, and Mrs. Sarah Caffrey.


We wish the graduated class of 2017 all the best for their move to the Middle School in 2018.


Junior School Happenings

Our New Leaders in 2018

Year 2 Science in School Visit

Prep Paramedic in School Visit

Package Free Lunch Ideas

Healthy Harold Visits the ELC


Final Words for 2017

Congratulations to all the students, teachers, parents and fellow administrators for successfully completing the 2017 academic year.


Under the theme of resilience, the entire yearly curriculum, co-curricular activities, excursions and in school visits, academic rigour and global projects were integrated into the theme.  As well as throughout our process to become the first and only Independent School with Lighthouse Status for The Leader in Me. Read more.


To the children and families departing us, we wish you all the very best for the future. We will have some new faces in 2018 across the Junior School, and I look forward to introducing them to you. 


We have some end of year upcoming events to be aware of and the final day for Junior School is Wednesday 13 December.

The Arrowsmith Program

Head of Arrowsmith

Head of the Arrowsmith Program



From childhood through adulthood, the events of your life shape your brain. As little people grow, interact with others, and explore the world, connections are wired in their brains based on their experiences. When you’re young, most of what happens is out of your control. As adults, our brains are reflections of our daily routines. Your habits, both good and bad, literally get wired into your brain.


Whether you’re 22 or 72,  live in a manner that asks you to use your brain. Your brain likes to be efficient and to minimize the effort expended by staying in its routine. However, your routine habits may even be contributing to your brain’s decline. Your brain needs novelty and challenge to grow and change.


It’s important to kick your brain out of its comfort zone and into the enhancement zone by doing things that are unfamiliar and mentally taxing. You’ll want to push your brain beyond the norm.


Ways to Drive Neuroplastic Change Externally:

  1. Try something new. This can be as involved as learning a different language, going back to school, taking dance classes, or mastering a musical instrument. It also can be as simple as trying out a new restaurant, reading a book out of your normal genre (especially fiction), or listening to an unfamiliar style of music.
  2. Mix things up. Use your non-dominant leg to start up the stairs, or your non-dominant hand to eat or brush your teeth. Move the mouse to the other side of the keyboard. Sleep on a different side of the bed. Take a new route to work. Get your brain off of automatic.
  3. Turn off the GPS. Use a map and your brain. You could even get intentionally lost and try to find your way back without using your GPS or a map (there’s a whole sport like this called orienteering).
  4. Exercise in a new way. Try a whole new activity. If cycling, vary your routes and terrains. If running or walking, get outside when possible, forget the headphones, and alter surfaces, paths, and scenery. The idea is to get your brain in the workout.
  5. Train your brain. I know there is a whole debate about whether brain training works or not. There is no doubt in my mind or Dr. Merzenich’s. It helped me recover from a brain injury. Dr. Merzenich went on to start Posit Science which offers brain training based on neuroplasticity and science (Brain HQ). Not all brain training is the same.
  6. Take a trip. Travel to a new city, a new country or just down the road. A change of scenery wakes up your brain, sparks creativity, and can even boost happiness. A new environment challenges your brain and takes it off auto-pilot. You have to think about even the small things when in an unfamiliar place.
  7. Be social. Talk to people face-to-face. Engage in conversations and really listen. Make new friends unlike any you already have. Higher social engagement is associated with higher cognitive functioning, and reduced risks of cognitive decline.

Internally Driven Change

To encourage neuroplastic change internally, means to influence the operations of your brain through working with your mind. According to Merzenich in the video, Make Your Brain Smarter Every Day @ Any Age, mental exercise drives plasticity just as much as outside activity does.


Your mind sculpts your brain. Everything you think, hope, feel, and imagine physically changes your brain – for better or worse. You can intentionally harness this process for your benefit. Daniel G. Amen, MD writes in, You Are Not Your Brain: The 4-Step Solution for Changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking, and Taking Control of Your Life:


Ways to Drive Neuroplastic Change Internally:


1. Mindfulness

The research about the positive impact of mindfulness on the brain and mental health, points to neuroplasticity as the cause. In mindfulness, by intentionally directing attention inward and cultivating awareness of the breath or thoughts and feelings, you are becoming aware of your brain’s Default Mode Network (DFM) and exerting control over it. When you guide your DFM, you’re interrupting habitual thought patterns and orienting your brain in the present moment.


2.  Meditation

Along with the many scientifically proven benefits of meditation for your brain, it increases neuroplasticity. Meditation has been proven to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression, which have been shown to limit neurogenesis, the birth of new brain cells. And you don’t need to meditate for years on end to start reaping benefits either. One study showed brain changes after just eight weeks of regular meditation.


3. Visualization

Neurons fire and chemicals are released in your brain whether something is real or imagined. On brain scans, imaginative thoughts activate many identical brain areas, which directly influence you, physically and emotionally. From a neuroscientific perspective, imagining an act and doing it are not that different. Visualization allows you to put your imagination to work for you to change your brain. Research has validated that the practice influences physical changes from muscle strength to brain pathways.

The Leader In Me


Head of Teaching & Learning

On behalf of Kathy Haramis, Leadership Facilitator


Leaders Leading Leaders

The journey towards being named as a Year 5 school leader in any of the many capacities these roles fulfil, is a journey of resilience, application of The 7 Habits, perseverance and passion.

Our students in the Junior School have many wonderful experiences observing their fellow leaders in action, and many moments of inspiration to steer them on this path themselves.


Towards the end of the year, our Year 4 students are presented with the opportunity to complete a letter of application, stating their suitability to carry out leadership responsibilities in a number of positions for the following year, Year 5.


For many of our Year 4 students there is a dream to be named Junior School Leader. This application goes one step further and requires a speech to be delivered to their peers. The effort and authenticity that goes into each and every one of these presentations is to be commended. This moment of courage makes all of them true leaders, regardless of the outcome.


Fellow peers along with all Junior School teachers, vote in a democratic election and our Junior School Leaders for the following year are named. The task that follows is massive. Identifying preference, desire and suitability to fulfill all other leadership positions. This is carried out by our dedicated Year 4 teachers, accompanied by Senior Leadership teachers.


Announcing leadership roles is a proud and exciting time. Not every student will receive a leadership role. It is also a time where we call upon our young students to find their resilience, and use it as a moment to define themselves as young people who are able to pick themselves up, carry on and continue to work towards achieving their goals and dreams.


Congratulations to all of our 2018 School Leaders.



Head of Sport


Head of Sport


Year 8/9 EISM Sport

Congratulations to the following Year 8/9 EISM Summer Sports Teams, who qualified for the EISM Grand Finals after the Term 4 Home and Away Summer Season:

  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball B
  • Boys Volleyball B

Unfortunately, last Thursday was declared a “heat out” by the EISM due to the hot weather. Each team will now share the premiership with their opposition school. Each team will receive a premiership pennant early next year. Each school will also hold the premiership trophy at their school for six months. Well done to all Year 8/9 students involved in the premiership teams this term.    


Oakleigh Grammar Netball Club

Due to a high level of interest in the sport of Netball, Oakleigh Grammar formed the Oakleigh Grammar Netball Club in 2016. The club entered the local Carnegie District Netball Competition, played at Duncan MacKinnon Netball Courts on Saturday mornings.


In 2016, we started with one team ‘Oakleigh Grammar Thunder’ and by the end of the year the interest and the number of teams grew to three (1 x Under 15 team, and 2 x under 17 teams). All teams trained in the Sports Complex on Monday after school.   


Each season at least one team has participated in the semi-finals, and this year all three teams played in the semi-finals.


Oakleigh Grammar Lightning (U/17 team) reached the Grand Final where they played a high standard of Netball to finish as Runners-up.


The development of skill and team work between all the teams has proven to be an enlightening experience for all the girls.


Congratulations to all three netball teams this season. We are all looking forward to more success and another exciting netball season in 2018.


A huge thank you to Ms Lisa Anastopoulos for managing and training our netball teams, and to the parents who support each team on Saturday mornings. 


Faculty News

Careers News


Career Advisor



There is more than the straight way into Uni!  Check out the universities’ websites about pathways options into their degrees:



La Trobe




Fed Uni 



Defence Jobs Info Sessions: Melbourne

12th December, 6pm: Airfield Defence Guard

13th December, 6pm: Defence Careers

More details here


Holmesglen Open Day

14th December

Study: Arts & Design, Building & Construction, Business & Finance, Education & Training, Computing & IT, Sport, Fitness & Wellbeing, Community & Health Sciences, Horticulture & Environment, Hospitality, Tourism & Events

See which sessions you could go to here


Careers in Coding Resources

This page from Careers with STEM has some great coding resources for you to check out if you’re interested in learning some coding or want to pursue a career path in the area.

Check them out here


Fair Work Ombudsman Workplace Myth Busters YouTube 

Find their channel here.

Workplace Myths Busted, Ep 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlrDY_pEmJY  


Find a Biology Career

Take this quiz if you’re interested in biology but aren’t quite sure how this translates into a career. Find out about different career pathways in biology. Take the quiz here.


Finding out About Company Culture

The concept of company culture can be confusing. This article memystifies it a little. Read it here.


The Hope Prize Short Story Competition

This is a short story prize for writers to explore people’s resilience in the face of poverty and disadvantage. There is a prize specifically for writers aged under 18. Entries close 31st of January 2018.  https://www.bsl.org.au/events/the-hope-prize/


Volunteering is an Asset to Your Resume

A Deloitte Impact Survey shows that employers are more likely to be impressed by your resume if it includes volunteering experience. You can find a volunteering opportunity at Seek Volunteer 

or Go Volunteer



Macleay College Webinar
What To Do If You Didn’t Get The ATAR You Wanted
18th December, 3pm, Register here.


RMIT Change of Preference Event

Mon 18th December, 3pm – 6pm

RMIT is here to help you through your VTAC Change of Preference decisions.

More details here.


Camp America Info Session

6th December, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Find out about Camp America, how much it costs, and how to apply. Hear from people who have done the program in the past. Find out more and get your ticket here.


Camp America Job Fair 2018 

13th January, 11am @ the Ibis Melbourne 

GET HIRED ON THE SPOT at the 2018 Camp America Job Fairs. Camp Directors from camps across the USA will be heading to Melbourne to hire people like you. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet camp directors and have that face to face interaction you cannot have when being hired through our online process.


Ask Camp Directors directly about their camps, speak with Student Flights about your after-camp travel or simply hear more about the Camp America program.  Register here.  


Post Results and ATAR Service Blog

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Young Lions Advocacy and Ambassadors Program (YAAP)

This is a 12-month volunteer program for people aged 16–24 who are passionate about social change and getting young people’s voices heard. Participants will develop their leadership and advocacy skills. Applications close Friday 12th January 2018.

Apply now – http://whitelion.asn.au/volunteer-for-yaap

Student Representative Council (SRC)


SRC Coordinator


The last official activity for our SRC students and Middle School Leaders was on Sunday 26 November. As part of the liturgical life of our school, Middle School SRC representatives and Byzantine Choir members attended the Divine Liturgy at St Eustathios Church in South Melbourne, for the feast day of St. Stylianos.


On the same day, Senior School SRC representatives accompanied Father George Adamakis and myself, attending a dinner with Archbishop Stylianos, in celebration of his name day. At the end of the dinner, students had the opportunity to pass their wishes on behalf of Oakleigh Grammar to His Eminence, Archbishop Stylianos. I would like to congratulate all the students for participating in this special celebration and representing Oakleigh Grammar.

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Year 9 students who did not attend the Wilson’s Promontory Bushwalk had the opportunity to take part in Community Service activities on both Monday 27 November and Tuesday 28 November. Students visited Wesley St Mark’s Respite Cottage, and they were involved in different activities such as gardening, decorating Christmas trees and setting up for a concert. Students also spent time with the elderly people and had lunch with them. Well done to our Year 9 students who participated in this worthwhile activity.


Learning Enhancement


Head of Learning Enhancement


Junior School Chess Ideas Club

This year's chess club conducted by Mr Flinders Hiew was a great success. With over a dozen students participating from Prep to Year 5, it was an enjoyable competition.


This year's top chess players were:

1st. Liam Clark 1A

2nd. Nathan Wheeler 1G

3rd. Leonardo Galanis 1G


We will acknowledge and award our top three players in an assembly in Term 1, 2018. Next year hopes to be even bigger with more students participating and enjoying what is always a great weekly event.


On Wednesday 29 November a team of Year 3 and 4 students: Arkie Stathopoulos 3A, Pas Grigoropoulos 3G, Mary Alexopoulos 4A and Ava Smirnakos 4T called, ‘The Oakleigh Powers’, and on Thursday 30th November a team of Year 5 and 6 students: Jaeda Louw 5B, Michael Nicoloau 5S, Mary Kourkoutzelos 6A and Jonathan Carmody 6B called, ‘The MJMJ Team’, competed in the G.A.T.E.WAYS Challenge at Bialik College with many other teams from other Melbourne schools.


In the morning they worked hard in practice workshops to master the skills needed for the competition held in the afternoon. The whole day worked to a very tight timeline. We were extremely pleased with how well the students co-operated with the G.A.T.E.WAYS Challengers and other staff, and the spirit of enthusiasm which they brought to the day’s activities.


Each challenge had to be solved in 30 minutes and was scored out of 50 points. In addition to the team’s score, an observation of their teamwork and leadership skills, were included in the average score on the day for each challenge.


The scores reflect the team’s level of mastery of the content in each of the Challenges presented. All challenges tested their abilities to coordinate, communicate, create and cooperate; their strength in functioning under pressure; their leadership skills; and team efforts to successfully identify and solve problems. Teams needed to focus and persist and as well as have some fun!


TEAM: Years 3 and 4 ‘The Oakleigh Powers’

A Cool Crisis

The alarm on the research EcoPod located on the East Antarctic Plateau has been activated. In 28 minutes, the EcoPod will shut down resulting in disaster for the climatologists. Teams had to construct a duplicate circuit board.


A Pirate’s Plunder

Teams joined The Buccaneer Busters to solve a series of puzzles to unlock and open a number of pirate chests and collect clues. They then needed to identity a particular pirate, where he or she operated, and other facts about this pirate.


The Great Solar Space Race

Teams were required to use maths, in particular network maths, to calculate distances between planets in a faraway solar system and then to navigate the shortest possible journey from a starting point to the planet Omega, ensuring that all planets were visited.


Dissecting Frankenstein’s Labyrinth

Teams were required to clear the rubble from an explosion in Dr Frankenstein’s labyrinth. They had to reassemble his Creature Codex, complete the paperwork for monsters going out on loan and create their own new mythological beast from a store of spare parts.


G.A.T.E.WAYS Report

You should be proud of your efforts today team! Your results were consistent across all activities, with above average or close to average scores for each. All challengers commended you on your teamwork, persistence, enthusiasm and focus. Well done!

TEAM: Years 5 and 6 students ‘The MJMJ Team’

The Case of the Vanishing Blueprints

Teams had to determine how a thief or thieves bypassed sophisticated security devices to steal top-secret blueprints. To do so, they had to determine the science behind a series of magic tricks, and how the scientific principles were used as the modus operandi by the crook.


The Brothers L.I.F.T. and the Elevator Escapade

Using the mathematics of packing theory, teams had to assist lift attendants Lenny, Larry and Lucky to transport a large number of party goers to a fancy- dress ball on the tenth floor of the Astor Hotel in NYC.


Breaking News

The challenge was to select a series of news items for a two-minute 7am news bulletin for a particular radio station, with a specific demographic. Once selected the team needed to write and produce the news bulletin according to specific criteria.




Project Assist

Teams were required to design a prototype or a concept for a universal design, to assist or cater for clients with a disability of some sort. The design had to be ergonomic, durable, aesthetically pleasing, as well as enable the user to complete certain tasks.



Congratulations team on getting an above average score on The Vanishing Blueprints sciences challenge – most teams found this one very difficult! All challengers commended you highly for your teamwork, enthusiasm and persistence. You should be proud of your efforts.

Thank you teams for all the time and efforts you have put into preparing for the challenge. Also a huge thank you to the teams’ facilitators who ensured that the students were prepared and organized for the day:

Stephanie Porteous for ‘The Oakleigh Powers Team’ and Scott Barton for ‘The MJMJ Team’.


We hope to see you competing again next year!

Chaplain's Corner


School Chaplain


It has been a spiritually fruitful year for our students at Oakleigh Grammar.  Reflecting on our experience of the Christian Orthodox faith at our school students have participated in many services and sacraments during the year such as the Mystery of Holy Communion, Confession and the Small Supplicatory Service of the Holy Virgin Mary and other major festivities. Students also attended many Orthodox and Hellenic Cultural commemorations and excursions such as the Holy Monastery of Panagia Georgoepikous and Doxologies of commemorative days such as 25th March and 28th October.


As we approached the end of the school year we celebrated a Pre-Christmas Divine Liturgy service as a whole school on the 5th of December where students participated with reverence and took Holy Communion as a preparation for the Nativity season.

I would like to share with you one of my favourite quotes from St Athanasios which is related to Incarnation of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ and the celebration of the Nativity: “God became man, so man can become God by grace.”


The beautiful hymn Kontakion of Christmas:

“On this day the Virgin Maid * goes to the cave to give birth * to the pre-eternal Word * in an ineffable manner. * Dance for joy, all the inhabited earth, on hearing. * Glorify along with Angels and with the shepherds * Him who willed that He appear as * a newborn Child, * the pre-eternal God.”


We are so accustomed to the Story of the Nativity that it is to forget how strange and amazing it is for God to be born. Christ is eternally begotten of the Father, but as a Person of the Trinity He cannot be born, since there was never a time when He was not.


God chooses to be born as little child, a defenseless baby. That same God of almighty power comes to us in complete humility. The One whose face “no man shall see…live’ (Ex.33:22) becomes a baby for us, revealing to us all that is pure and good in humanity, and, at the same time, the humility of God. 

We see in the Nativity the full meaning of humility, and in humility, we see the true nature of God. For all that is truly good, pure, mighty, powerful, majestic, loving and beautiful has no need to show off, no need to prove itself; has no need to be compared to something else what it is. Thus God is not God simply because He is infinitely greater that we are, as though He needed us in order to be God; He is God because HE is by His nature God.  And so He comes to us in complete humility, in secret, poor and vulnerable. And in so doing He shows us that all that is truly good in humanity is also humble, and nothing more so that a newborn baby.

If we consider the true nature of God, we will find ourselves moving from the initial surprise that God came to us as a baby to the conclusion that there could be no other way. Only in a baby could the Image of God be revealed to the world, inducing not fear and terror, but love and tenderness, revealing to us both the humility of God and the goodness and purity to God’s creation. To become fully human is to become like God, and to become like God is to “become little children” (Matt. 18:3)


The Spirit of Love, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Forgiveness, the blessings of Peace, the beauty of Hope and the comfort of Faith may this be your gifts for this Christmas!


Christ is born!


Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!



LOTE Teacher


Students in Year 4 and Year 5 had the opportunity to visit different Aged Care Facilities during this week, and extended Christmas wishes to the elderly people.


The students of Year 4 visited Brimlea Aged Care in Murrumbeena on Monday 4 December, and students in Year 5 had a small tour visiting four different Aged Care Facilities in the Eastern Suburbs on Thursday 7th December.


Students performed some Greek songs including the Christmas and New Year’s Carols, and traditional dances. At the end of the performances students spent time with the elderly people, taking photos, listening to their stories, and extending wishes for a joyful 2018! Well done to Year 4 and Year 5 students who participated and for their outstanding performances.

Parents' Association

End of Year Message

The Oakleigh Grammar Parents' Association (PA) would like to thank the school community for their involvement and contribution to the events we have run this year. As a result, we have generated  $7000 of funds for our school this year.


The Parents' Association would also like to acknowledge the brilliant effort of our parent volunteers running the Second Hand Uniform Shop. Since inception, the Second Hand Uniform Shop has not only made possible the acquisition and sale of great quality second hand uniforms, but has also generated almost $9000 of funds which have gone towards projects in the school.


Finally, the Oakleigh Grammar Parents' Association would like to thank the dedication and leadership of Nick Nicolaou who has served as president of the PA for the last three years. Nick’s Leadership has been instrumental in bringing together a wonderful group of parents  who work brilliantly together to get great outcomes for the school.

Save the Date - 35th Anniversary Gala Ball


Lily Anne Jewellery Fundraiser for Oakleigh Grammar.

My name is Dimitra Georgiadis and I am Independent Consultant for Lily Anne Jewellery.


With our gorgeous & ‘sentimental’ range of Jewellery you can create the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, which will be worn close to the heart. 


We have jewellery to suit all budgets and every occasion: birthday, Mother’s Day, Baptism, Easter, Graduations, gifts for teachers and let’s not forget Christmas which is around the corner. 


Up until 20th of December, I will be running a Fundraiser for our School and will be donating 100% of my commission from all sales. I will also be donating an additional $5 for every Jewellery Bar booked.


Our preview brochure is available at https://issuu.com/lilyannedesigns/docs/issuu_october_2017_preview


Head on over to my website at: www.lilyannejewellery.com.au/SentimentalAboutYou and be sure to select “Oakleigh Grammar Fundraiser’ upon checkout. 


You can stay up to date with specials/sales by visiting my Facebook page at: https:/m.facebook.com/SentimentalAboutYou/


If you would like to know more please contact me on 0413 799 235.


Community Board


Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre


  • 3 and 4 year older kinder classes
  • Modern Greek Language Classes Prep to Year 10
  • VCE Classes
  • Classes for students that use Greek as their first language (entry is based on a test to determine ability)
  • Traditional Greek Dancing
  • Performing Arts (linked to concerts held during the year)
  • Music program (bouzouki)



Wednesday 5.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Thursday (advanced) 5.00 pm – 8.15 pm

Friday 5.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Saturday 9.30 am – 1.00 pm​



An exciting initiative and one that the school is very proud of, is the introduction of Classical (Ancient) Greek classes at junior secondary and VCE level. The VCE Classical Greek program is accredited by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and makes our language centre one of only a handful of educational providers that offer Classical Greek in Victoria.


Students will come into contact with the rich Ancient Greek language developing a greater appreciation of the development of the Modern Greek and will score extra points on their ATAR.​


A 50 per cent discount of the yearly tuition fee applies for Oakleigh Grammar students.




[email protected]

(03) 8554 0055



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