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29 October 2019
Issue Seven
Dates to Remember
Mr Irwin's Message
2020 Bring Your Own Device Information Session
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Photo: Dates for the Diary

Dates to Remember

Photo: Dates for the Diary

Term 4


Wednesday 30th October - Mudbrick Cafe

Wednesday 30th October - Year 3-6 Don Wallace Reserve

Wednesday 30th October - BYOD Information Session



Tuesday 5th November - Parents' Club Meeting 2pm

Tuesday 12th November - School Council Meeting

Tuesday 12th November - Transition Session 2 at 9.15am

Monday 18th November - Grade 3/4 Camp Forms/Payment Due

Friday 29th November - Curriculum Day (Pupil Free Day)



Tuesday 2nd December - Last day for school banking and token redemption.

Wednesday 4th December - Grade 3/4 camp - Lady Northcote (4-6 Dec)

Tuesday 10th December - School Council Meeting

Tuesday 10th December - Orientation Day 

Thursday 12th December - Parents' Club Proposed Lunch Order Day

Friday 13th December - Year 5/6 Supatramp Excursion

Tuesday 17th December - Grade 6 Graduation

Wednesday 18th December - Volunteers Morning Tea 11am

Friday 20th December - Last day term 4, early dismissal at 1.30pm

Pupil Free Days

Friday 29th November - Curriculum Day

Other important dates

Mondays - Student School Bank Day 

Friday afternoons - School Assembly in the B.E.R. at 2.45pm

2019 Term Dates

Term 4

Monday 7th October to Friday 20th December

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Mr Irwin's Message

Term 4 Week 4 


Mr Irwin's Message

Hi everyone, welcome to our latest edition of the newsletter.

Those who had children attend the disco on Saturday night will know what a wonderful event it was. The students had a fantastic time dancing, partying and dressing up. I was very impressed with the behaviour of the students on the night. They participated, were respectful and this added to the fun that was had by all at the event.


I want to express my gratitude to Jodi and the team of parents that put many hours into running the event. It was magnificently decorated, well co-ordinated and well organised. To all of the parents who put in time and effort to make this event a success thank you on behalf of all the students and parents that benefited from this wonderful event! In the Halloween Disco page of the newsletter you’ll find a full list of parent helpers who gave their time to make disco the success it was.  

Student Language

I wanted to bring to your attention some concerns I have at school with student language at present. Name calling and swearing are becoming a bad habit of many students and the subject of concerns from parents, students and staff alike. In the vicinity of class and teachers on active supervision at recess and lunch this is a very rare occurrence, however students are obviously engaging in inappropriate language away from teachers and staff in the yard. This isn’t acceptable behaviour and something I’d like us to work together on as a community in the coming weeks.

I can state categorically of the many schools I have taught and been a Principal at that the behaviour of students at Teesdale Primary is the best I have seen. However, I have high expectations for what all of our students can achieve academically and socially. I know the families of this community do too. Using appropriate language at all times and being respectful of peers is a crucial part of this and a key attribute I want all Teesdale kids to have. 


At the heart of this is the personal responsibility of our students. If every student acknowledges and takes responsibility for the words they use at school towards others we can go a long way to fixing those problems. If students challenge their peers when they use unacceptable language instead of laughing or joining in we can go a long way to fixing this problem. And if families set an example of home of appropriate language we can go a long way to fixing this problem. Schools are not an island and if children hear bad language at home they will inevitably begin to use this language out of habit.


This week please discuss the matter of inappropriate language with your children. Students who continue to use inappropriate language can expect consequences. Knowing that this occurs away from staff we are also going to introduce regular opportunities for students to ‘call out’ who is using inappropriate language in the yard so we can follow this up. We are also going to introduce some rewards for students who are regularly doing the right thing outside regularly too.


I have high expectations of all students at Teesdale. I want every student to come to school, safe and happy and ready to learn. Please discuss with your child the importance of using appropriate language at school, and encourage them to ‘call out’ when they see other students who are erring.

Bring Your Own Device Information Evening

Finally a reminder to year 2, 3 and 4 parents that an information regarding the schools Bring Your Own Device Program is on Wednesday night. Miss Wojcik and Mr Smith will run through everything you need to know to make an informed decision for participating in this program in 2020.

Walk to School Month

Take advantage of the nicer weather and start walking to school this term! Until the end of this week, fruit will be available to all students walking or riding to school and entering the school gate near the crossing. 

2020 Bring Your Own Device Information Session

BYOD iPad Information Evening

From next year we are extending our Bring Your Own Device Program to include Year 3 and Year 4 students. You will receive a detailed information pack shortly. This pack explains the terms and conditions, as well as the purpose of this program.


We are excited to offer this opportunity to all students that will be in Year 3-6 in 2020. We understand this could be a costly outlay for some families and are hoping to give you as much notice as we can. It is an optional program but we have seen its success over the past 3 years in Year 5/6 classes, with over 90% of students participating. We hope that by extending the program to commence in Year 3, the iPad device purchased (whether that be new or second hand) lasts the distance over those 4 years of schooling and that you see the benefit, both financial and academic, in having your child/ren a part of this program.


Please be sure to read the information. You do not need to sign and return any of the consent forms at this stage. They are included for your information and perusal.


Thank you, Kate Wojcik and Grant Smith

Junior School Learning

Prep F and P1L

In Writing we have been learning how to write Information Reports.  Students have researched their own topic, compiled their information into a draft, edited their draft and published their final copy on paper or computer.  Some of the information report topics that the children wrote about are; Bees, Eucalyptus Trees, Germany, Sharks, Dinosaurs, Lions and Tigers.    



In Maths we have been learning about the value of numbers.  Students have been using MAB to work out how many ones, tens and hundreds are in a number.

In Inquiry we have been learning about the township of Teesdale.  Students are putting together an information book about the town including key information about the school, General Store, Turtle Bend and sporting venues in and around the town.  Students are enjoying using Google Earth to explore the area!

Science - Aussie Backyard Bird Count 21-27 October

Last week saw our prep to 2 students become ‘twitchers’ for the Aussie Backyard Bird Count.  Our students practised identifying birds through listened to bird calls, observing their colours, sizes and characteristics.  We had a great time and spotted a large range of bird species from the school grounds, including some wedge tail eagles!


Grades 1 and 2

In Maths students have been learning how to collect, graph and interpret data.

In Inquiry the students have been learning all about the world we live in. We have looked at the town of Teesdale, the state of Victoria and we are now travelling around Australia using the book ‘Are We There Yet?’ We are learning all about the interesting natural and man-made tourist attractions like Wave Rock in Western Australia!


Senior School Learning


The last few weeks have seen our grade three and four students learn about the upkeep and care of our new aquaponics system.  We also continued to investigate heat and are keeping records of the temperatures of our hothouse, aquaponics system, compost and garden.  We will use this information to make modifications to our garden, compost and hothouse for optimal production.


Our grade five and six classes were also introduced to the running and upkeep of the new aquaponics system at school.  The grade five and six students are responsible for monitoring the levels of pH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in the system.  They are conducting a range of tests to monitor this data and make sure our fish and plants are in a safe and productive environment.  Fingers crossed our fish make it out alive!

Grade 6 Graduation
Tuesday 17th December

Staff and students are busy preparing for the Grade 6 Graduation. Students have been reflecting on their primary school years and collating photographs of themselves from Prep to year 6. A year book is also under development to celebrate their primary school journey.


Further information will be sent home with students soon.  

2020 Bomber Jackets
Grades 5 and 6 

Under the School's Dress Code Policy, grade 5 and 6 students have the option to purchase a bomber jacket from the school's designated uniform supplier, Bellarine Uniforms. 


Bellarine Uniforms are encouraging parents to visit or contact the store in term 4 to place an order, to ensure they have sufficient stock as this is a speciality item.  Please find a current price list attached.


Lady Northcote Camp - Year 3/4

Please see the 'Office Reminders' page regarding the year 3/4 camp in December.

Office Reminders

2020 Enrolment Documentation

Please return completed enrolment forms and associated documentation to the office as soon as possible so that we can process your application and confirm acceptance. 


To download enrolment forms and the checklist, please click on the below link to the Enrolment Information Booklet.

Remembrance Day - Poppy Appeal
11 November

Your donation helps greatly and allows the RSL to tailor specialist services to the needs of our current and former service men and women, and their families.


Teesdale Primary School is proud to support the sale of poppies, wrist bands and bag tags from $2-$4 available from the office. 



School Banking Concluding

Following a detailed evaluation by the School Council of the Commonwealth School Banking Service, a decision has been made to discontinue this service at the conclusion of term 4, 2019.


The final day for deposits and redeeming rewards tokens will be Monday 2nd December.


After this date, all future transactions will be possible by visiting a Commonwealth Bank branch, agent or via online banking.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Principal, Mr Sam Irwin.


If your child is absent and you have not made contact with the school - either via a message on Sentral to the classroom teacher, or phone call, you will now receive a message asking you to let the school know the reason for the absence. This is a change in the state wide legislation for all schools and families, to know that all students are safe and where they should be. Thank you for notifying us of absences.

Change of information?

Should any of your details change during the year such as address, contact number, student medical conditions or dietary requirements, please contact the school to provide an update. 

Grade 3/4 Camp 4-6 December

Last week, year 3 and 4 students should have received information and an invoice for the camp at Lady Northcote in December.


The cost of the camp is $265 per student. Please return the permission envelope, consent form and payment by Monday 18th November.

Payment can be made by cash, EFTPOS or Bpay. 


If your child will not be attending camp, please inform your child's teacher as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

Student Celebrations

Happy Birthday to our students


National Water Week Prize Winner

Congratulations to Amelia who won third place in the National Water Week Poster Competition. A prize pack from Barwon Water was awarded to Amelia last Friday at assembly. Well done Amelia!


Geelong Show Prize Winners

Congratulations to Fletcher who won first prize for two artworks and first prize for photography at the Geelong Show. He also received a highly commended certificate for his hen eggs. Well done Fletcher!


Well done also to our 3/4 students. Their scarecrow Vincent Van Crow placed fourth at the Geelong Show.



Self Image and Reputation

Your digital footprint is permanent, so it's really important to think about the online image you want others to see.

You work out what people are like by reading what they say and looking at what they post online - so don't ever forget that other people do the same thing about you.


Your digital footprint can be a permanent map of the journey you take to becoming your adult self, so think about how much of what you're experimenting with you'd want made public in a month, a year or even five years.


Remember that, even though there are some things you just don't want someone to know about, it's very hard to limit who sees what. 


Before you say or post anything online, use the 'school assembly' rule: if you wouldn't want something held up, read out or displayed at your school assembly, it's safer not to text, post, email or chat about it over your phone or the internet.


Some employers and universities look at your social networking pages when they're deciding whether to give you a job or a place on a course, so it's always worth thinking about the future before you text, post, email or chat.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Garden Report

Our garden continues to be a busy place.  The weeds are ever present, although they are just starting to slow a little bit now.  We have been pulling up and composting some of the winter plants which have now run to seed, carting prunings to the bonfire, topping up some of the beds with the beautiful compost we made, harvesting loads of parsley, silverbeet and broadbeans for sale, planting seedlings and investigating how to organically control slaters , which have turned out in their thousands to eat eggplant, bean and watermelon seedlings, even as we watch!

We discovered that orange peel attracts them and they then become a yummy snack for the chooks.

The garden is really looking its very spring best at the moment, so please pop down and enjoy a wander around.

Happy Gardening.

Recipes from the kitchen 


Mudbrick Cafe

Don't miss the final Mudbrick Cafe for the year this Wednesday 30th October.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the cafe throughout the year.  


Parents' Club

Fundraising Events 2019

Giggle Gum Tree Book Sale

Thursday 12th December - Lunch Order Day (TBC)


Giggle Gum Tree - Book Sale

The Giggle Gum Tree is the first picture book to be published by local Teesdale author Juliet Williams. It tells the beautiful story of how two girls galvanise a community to save their favourite gum tree from being removed by the ‘Tree Police’ and was inspired when walking through the bush with her daughters.


Twenty signed copies (with the option of a personalised message), have been kindly donated by the author to help raise funds for our school. Please complete the order form below and return to the office. Available until sold out.


If you would like a personalised message from the author, please provide details on the order form.   A copy of the book is available to view at the office.


Print an order form here: 



Next Parents' Club Meeting

Tuesday 5th November 2pm


Celebration Cards For Sale

A selection of beautiful birthday and celebration card are for sale from the office. Each box has ten cards. The cost per box is $10.

About Us

The Parents' Club generally meets once a month. All parents are welcome to attend any of its meetings. Many hands make light work and we warmly welcome any participation or support you can provide. 


The Parents' Club provides many valuable services for our children. These include: 

- fundraising for the school

- assistance with various school activities

- catering for school functions including lunch order days

- assisting with classroom activities

Connect with us

Our Facebook page is run by our parent volunteers. Join the page to stay up to date with fundraising events and any other special events that might require volunteer support.

Click here to like us on Facebook

Halloween Disco 

Halloween Disco

What a night! So much effort and thought went into the planning and organisation of this event. A heartfelt thank you to Jodi Bloink and the Parents' Club team for making the night so enjoyable for our students. Everyone looked amazing and how good was Mr Irwin's flossing display! Shame we haven't got any video!


Special thanks to the following people who helped make the disco a success:


Set up & Clean up- Narelle Thompson

Door Witch - Deb Smith & Nat Schwuch

Drinks and snack sales - Mai, Abbey and Beth Dixon

Novelty sales - Clare Morrison and Sophie Graham

MC (AWESOME JOB!) - Matt Keys

Security/supervision & Clean up - Brad & Kim Andrews, Peter K-T & Kristy Hay, Amy Richens, Lana Van Galen, Shanai Johnstone

General support/FB advertising etc - Sam Lara-Bashford 


Also a HUGE thank you to all of the parents who donated water and popcorn and prizes and to Trish from BB Novelties for the spiders, webs, cardboard decorations and witches hats. 


Massive thank you to our pretty awesome Principal and Mr Lindsay for attending and having fun with the kids - really grateful to you guys for making the effort and pretty sure the kids all loved seeing you both!


Community Events



Community Partners

Proudly supporting our school













Let's work together

Do you have a local business that could benefit from some exposure? Help us help you and advertise your business in our newsletter. For more details contact our school office today!


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