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15 June 2017
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Important Dates


16th June: Curriculum, Assessment,  Reporting, Student Free Day

16th June: Year 12 Formal

20th June: Piano Soiree

20th June: Cyber-Awareness Night

27th June: Vocal Showcase (Formerly Cabaret Night)

29th June: Semester Reports available to parents on Compass at 9 am

30th June: End of Term 2


 3rd July: Semester reports available to students on Compass at 9 am.

17th July: Term 3 Begins

25th July: Senior School Information Night

Principal's Report 

War on Waste

Congratulations to our Senior School Environment Captain, Thirumugal Arunachalam Elathendral, Vice-Captain Monique Burns, Middle School Captains Lucy Skelton and Samantha Kintanar for their excellent initiative to ban plastic forks at MGC. The school program has been inspired by the ABC’s War on Waste program


We share such a beautiful environment on the banks of the Yarra, everything we can do to prevent water and land pollution is worthwhile.                                                                                                                             


Future Building Plans

Last week we met with Doug Harnetty, the Department’s North Western Victorian School Improvement Director and Jeannette Stubbs, Senior Planning Officer, to be advised on the current process for the tendering and construction of our new performance, STEAM and Wellbeing Centre. A working party of School Council members will visit a number of recently constructed school theatres and State Science Centres to gather ideas for the tender brief to architects. This initiative will ensure Melbourne Girls’ College remains at the forefront of contemporary learning in these important areas.


General Achievement Test (GAT) and Year 12 Formal

Thank you to Pat Sklavakis and Sandor Kazi who oversaw the GAT process and Year 12 afternoon tea to celebrate this milestone in their Year 12 story on Wednesday. Pat and Sandor are also working hard to ensure the Year 12 Formal on Friday night is a success for everyone involved.


Community Feedback

Thank you to our students and their parents who ensure Melbourne Girls’ College is held in high regard throughout our wider community. The students referred to in the message below clearly exhibit our values of leading and achieving. Even when they thought no one would notice their kindness made a difference.


Dear Ms Money,


You and Your School should be congratulated


I live in East Melbourne and, though almost 80 years, I am far from frail. In a moment you will understand why I add that others say I don’t look my age.


About three weeks ago, I had Mykied-on in a crowded tram going into the City. Immediately, one of your students stood and speaking very courteously, she offered me her seat.  I thanked her and accepted.

Since then, I have thought about contacting you but wondered whether, in this day and age, would a principal speak to the school as a whole to thank an anonymous girl for her courtesy?


Yesterday morning, on a tram to Richmond, I sat next to another of your students. She was engrossed in reading her subject note-books but when I enquired if I could ask her a question, she smiled and said yes. I assured her it was for positive reasons and explained my previous experience. I enquired whether her Principal spoke to the school as a whole. She said yes and she thought my contacting you would be welcomed. She was very well spoken, articulate and so pleasant.


Over recent time, I have seen many of your students and have been impressed by their dress, demeanor and courtesy. Surely there maybe exceptions but, given your numbers, they are few.

Ms Money, please convey to your staff, the two anonymous young women and the students generally my thanks.


It speaks so well of you all.

Kind regards,



2018 Planning

Strategizing for 2018 begins in earnest in Term 3 but already we are working with colleagues on positions of responsibility and curriculum offerings. This is complex work as each decision impacts on another area of practice, assessment or reporting. The new Strategic Plan will also help to determine this work for the future of our students and the College.


Kind Regards,

Karen Money


Parent Cyber-Awareness Information Evening

Issues to be covered include:

                      - The ways young people use the internet and emerging technologies

                      - The potential risks for young people online such as cyberbullying, identity theft, 

                         inappropriate contact and exposure to inappropriate content

                      - Tips to help us all stay safe online



Date : Tuesday June 20th

Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm

Location: Lyceum


All welcome.



Tip Kennedy

Assistant Principal



Year 7 News

A Step Back in Time; Year Sevens go to Melbourne Museum and NGV

Over a period of two weeks, all Year 7s went to visit Melbourne Museum and the NGV. We learnt about Ancient Civilisations, including indigenous Australians as well as the history of Melbourne.


In the museum, we had a presentation about ‘A load of old rubbish’, showing, living conditions and health issues in the late 1800’s. We got to inspect artefacts and it was fun to try and figure out what they were. Some were full pieces while others were only fragments of the original item. From these items we could somewhat learn how the people lived.


 Did you know that Melbourne was nicknamed ‘Smelbourne’? This is because it was not very clean and had little money to keep it neat. It was interesting to find out what happened to the houses and buildings such as Little Lonsdale St. We saw pictures from what the street looked like and how it has changed today. For a better visual aide there were two lifelike models of the houses for us to explore.


 It was surprising that there were so many indigenous languages in Victoria and we even got to hear them all at the ‘First People’s’ exhibition, also at the museum. Their history and culture is fascinating.


After getting lunch from Melbourne Central, we then went to the NGV. Here we learnt about Ancient Civilisations and artefacts from around the world. We delved deeper into this topic by doing sketching, discovering, and describing artefacts.


Overall, this excursion was a great educational experience. We enjoyed taking a break from learning in the classroom and hearing from some experts in the museum!


Mia Rose




Verbal Combat Incursion

Every Year Seven crowded into the Lyceum space. Everyone was whispering and chatting to their friends about their expectations for the performance that was about to be shown. All of a sudden, it began, and everyone stopped talking. All at once, music began to play and the Lyceum was brought to life with music and singing.


The production was about cyber safety, and was based on a true story. It began with the voices of two characters, showing where everyone sat at lunchtime, and which people sat in which groups in a certain area of the school. It was set in the yard of a high school, with two kids, chatting about their lives online. They gossiped about all the new photos they had been tagged in, and the new videos and rumours that were floating around the web. These students were named Rocky and Gabrielle.


The scene changed and in walked a new girl, who has just started at the school, looking worried and lost, and clutching a small, black book. From then on, the play progressed into a swirl of rumours, people gossiping, and trying to be somebody else. Nobody was sure who to believe, or who to stand up for.


 The performance taught everyone about how to be safe online, and it was all about being yourself and not living in someone else’s shadow. It was an amazing performance and all the Year Sevens were engaged and laughing along to the jokes, giggles bouncing off the walls and roof.


By Amy Deller 7L2

Photographs taken by Evie Ball 7L2



Social World

Last term in Social World, the year 7’s were given the task of public speaking. We had to write, then read out to our class, about a topic we were passionate about. In my class, people wrote their articles on fashion, North Korea, eating eggs and exercising. Before we started the public speaking bit, we all watched a video on stage fright, to help us calm our nerves. It made a lot of people more scared though. We then all read out our speeches, and the best speaker with the best topic in each class had to read it out to the whole year level; in my class, Darby was the best speaker. After all the best speakers read out their speech, the best one was picked out, which was … in class … 

This term, we have just finished our topic, which was the book Skellig. We first had to read the book, then write an essay answering a question of our choosing that related to the book.

We have now started a new topic; history. We are working on historical thinking skills, such as analysing causes and consequences that were made in the past and lead on to being famous history; looking at the perspectives of different people in times of importance and significance; and establishing historical significance, because when the internet was first introduced, there wasn’t as much ‘buzz’ about it as there is now and it is an important part of our lives, but back in the 1980s, when it was first created, it was not seen as an important time in history.

Throughout this year we also have the task of making our journal. Our journals are personalised diaries. We write ‘diary entries’ in them, and our teacher gives us questions of deeper thinking, or personal questions that we have to answer. The questions include topics such as politics, belief, religion and more. As a class, we then have to discuss what we have all written.


Social World is a fun place, where we incorporate learning with fun.

Lily - Rose Campbell


Illustration by Baowen Jiang 7R2


Cross Country

On May 31st the cross-country team woke to a beautiful day, cool yet sunny, perfect for running.  The team met in the cafeteria and took a school bus to Princes Park, where we would be running. The track was three kilometres around the park. The track consisted of gravel and concrete and was very wet, so our sports uniform got muddy and dirty.  Despite the mud it was an amazing place to run and we were very lucky to have the opportunity to run cross country there. As Victoria Trentin, one of the cross country team said, “It was a lovey day to be running and a great course to run on.”  Like her, I thought it was a fabulous experience.


Everyone did so well, we all tried our hardest and I am very proud to say I am part of the MGC team. The teamwork we all showed was amazing and the results reflected this. Out of the 49 students that attended, 37 of us made it through to regionals. In the girls 13 event Bethany Zmak came in first, with Victoria Trentin second and Charlotte Bourke third. Alessia Acquuaro came third in the girls 14 and Sunshine Spencer easily won the girls 15 event with Amelie Kean second. In the girls 16 event MGC got another clean sweep with Emily Cumming first, Venezia Naylor second and Florence Webb third.


We would not have been able to do it without the help of Mr. Clarke, Ms Tellefson and the student helpers. Special thanks to Mr. Clarke for organising the training, taking time out of his own lunch time to help us.


Maidie Spark




Year 12 News

Year 12 Assembly - May 18th


On Thursday May 18, the Year 12s welcomed Aimee Craig to speak to us about her experiences since completing Year 12 at MGC in 2014.


Aimee, who you may have heard on SYN 90.7 (where she is a Producer, Presenter and Trainer), gave great insight into following your passion and making the most of the opportunities that come your way. She left the Year 12s with ‘Four Top Tips’ to getting through the year.


We wish Aimee all the very best for her upcoming studies at the Radio Training Institute and appreciate her taking the time to come and visit us. 



2017 Australian Gymnastics Championships

We congratulate the amazing efforts of our Gymnasts who competed at the Australian Gymnastics Championships from May 22 to June 4 at Hisense Arena.

Erin Mondaro (pictured above) made the National team, coming 5th overall (with Victoria winning gold in the team). She also won bronze medals in both her beam and floor events.

Lauren Pengelly (pictured above, left) was crowned Australian Champion for Level 10 (17 and over). She placed 2nd on beam and bars and 3rd on floor. Rachel Laval (pictured above, right) placed 1st on bars.

Emily Cuddy competed in the Acrobatics Gymnastics event in the Junior 13-19 Women’s Trio category. She is pictured above (bottom) in her trio (alongside Sue Seki and Holly Loquet) who came 1st overall in the event. Emily also competed in the Maia International Acro Cup in Portugal in March where the trio placed 11th overall.


On Wednesday June 14 the Year 12 students completed the General Achievement Test as part of their Year 12 studies. To celebrate this milestone in their Year 12 journey, the 12s tucked into a wonderful spread provided by the Parents Association.


The day also coincided with the girls receiving their highly anticipated Year 12 rugby jumpers. We greatly acknowledge and appreciate the generosity and support of the MGC Parents Association in providing us with a grant to put on the post GAT get together.



Leadership News

Year 9s at the Snowy River Campus School for Student Leaders

My name is Lilith Stewart and I am currently attending the Snowy River Campus School For Student Leadership along with two other year 9 students, Tina Le and Tully Mitchell. The SSL is a term long school where we learn about leadership skills, participate in outdoor adventures as well as learn about self and social awareness. I applied to come here because I wanted to learn more about myself, become a better leader and make lots of friends.


We have been here for 7 weeks now and my highlights so far have been setting and achieving goals to improve myself, learning to surf, hiking and camping in a beautiful area and getting to know the 29 other students from all across Victoria. I have learnt valuable skills such as social awareness, metacognition, persistence, leadership and confidence and I have thoroughly enjoyed constantly striving to make the most of my time here. Being here at SSL is different to normal school in many ways, firstly we sleep, work, play, eat and rest all in the same area with the same community of people whom we get to know really well. Another difference is that we have duties each day such as washing dishes, mopping floors, setting up meals etc. Each day we also have two students who are in charge of running the day, meeting with the teachers and leading the other students. In a normal day we have a morning class starting at 9am, then an afternoon class, then reflection time at 5pm and an evening class after dinner at 7:30.


The days are long and busy which is great as we get to do so many amazing things and make the most of each day. Twice in the term we have ‘expos’ which are overnight hiking/canoeing trips that we do with our ‘expo team’ of fifteen people. As well as educating us in outdoor skills, these expos also allow us to learn teamwork, persistence and leadership skills that we will use throughout the rest of our lives.


Another great thing about being here at SSL is that there are opportunities to join committees such as cooking, expo, t-shirt designing, documentary making, working with primary students, sports and bikes. I have tried to get involved with as many of these as possible such as cooking, t-shirt designing and working with the primary students. Through this I have had the opportunity to take on many leadership roles and work with great people towards organising fun and creative events.


Being here at SSL is like having a second home for a term, we get to know all of the other students and feel like part of a great community. I would definitely recommend applying for the opportunity to come here as it is a life-changing memorable experience that will affect us for the rest of our lives.



Environment News

World Oceans Day

On Thursday 8th June, MGC Celebrated World Oceans Day with an under the sea themed display erected by the environment team running along the length of the external corridor from the portables to the gym. Images of sea creatures in pristine environments contrasted with those stuck in nets or swimming in plastic pollution with captions “Make the Ocean Great again” and “Don’t be a tree hugger, be a SEA hugger”, which reminded us that the phytoplankton and algae in the sea provide us with more oxygen than all the forests on “Earth” combined. Why is our blue planet called Earth? After all, ¾ of its surface is covered by sea!


At lunchtime, we welcomed Sally Bolton from the Marine Stewardship Council who talked to our students about Sustainable Seafood and how to be a good Ocean Steward. All visitors were treated with as much sustainable canned SkipJack Tuna as they were willing to eat, donated by the MSC certified John West!


We concluded World Oceans day by finishing off our papier-mâché life sized Yellow fin Tuna piñata. We couldn’t bring ourselves to burst the tuna on the day, so we plan to host an  end of term piñata ceremony using fishing “poles” to symbolise the great work conservation organisations like the MSC, Greenpeace and the Australian Marine Conservation Society have done to increase awareness about sustainable fishing methods. For more information about Pole and line fishing and other ways you can make an informed seafood choice as a consumer, head to the AMCS webpage or download their Sustainable seafood app.


Happy Word Ocean Day!


Below is an image of a beautiful invasive sea star cannibalising another invasive sea star in our own aquarium at MGC. MGC holds a permit to collect these invasive pests (and other creatures) from the bay so that our students may learn more about the ecology and adaptations of these incredible creatures. The invasive sea star (Asterias amurensis) arrived in Melbourne in the ballast waters of international cargo waters in 2005 and has exploded in numbers to such an extent that scientists calculate this species to make up more than 50% of the biomass in the bay. In other words, if you took every animal out of the bay and made two piles: “Northern Pacific Sea stars” and “Everything else”, then there are more invasive sea stars than sharks, rays, crabs, mussels and seahorses!!!!



A huge Thank you to Lucy Skelton, our passionate Middle School Environment captain for leading her team of Ocean defenders to pull together a great celebration and awareness raising event.


Repower Australia

Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) would like to invite members of your school community to a Repower Australia event featuring Ross Garnaut, who will be sharing with us his vision for energy storage, baseload renewables and a realistic path to zero emissions.


This is important information for those of us who hope to secure a safe environment for our children and future generations. It will be held at Bargoonga Nganjin, the lovely new library in North Fitzroy, on 29 June. See attached flyer for more details.


If you could print out the flyer and put it on a noticeboard, or mention the event in your school newsletter, we would be most grateful.


Eventbrite registration link is:



STEAM Program


We’re happy to announce a new Year 9 elective for 2018 called STEAM Robotics and Engineering. This elective will run for 1 semester and seeks to provide students with the necessary skills in computer programming, robotics and basic engineering. This course will teach students how to code and use high-level programming commands to make a robot move, turn and rely on a range of sensors.


Assessment will occur through the completion of units and development of a portfolio of activities. The course is predominantly conducted online through a program developed by Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Successful completion of the program awards a certification from Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy.


All Year 8 students can learn more about this 2018 elective at the Middle School Information Night on the 8th August at 6pm or you can contact us on the email below :


[email protected]




Introducing Lego NXT Robots!

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 makes building, programming and commanding your own LEGO robots. By using the programming language, you’ll be in control of robots that drive, shoot, slither, walk, slam, and spin. We use the EV3s at MGC to design robots to complete tasks such as driving through a maze, using sensors to detect obstacles and using temperature problems to conduct experiments.



Are you ready for the future?

Top 3 growth industries by 2025

                    1. Health care and social assistance – projected to increase by up to 798,000 jobs

                    2. Professional, scientific and technical services – projected to increase by up to 583,000 jobs

                    3. Education and training – projected to increase by up to 503,700 jobs



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Performing Arts

Performing Arts News

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent performance evenings. Congratulations to our Year 9 Music and Actor’s workshop students, our Year 10 Drama and Music students and our Year 12 Music students and thanks to our teachers,  Wen Chin, Lindy Mumme and Zack Pretlove.

Thanks so much!

Anne Corry

Performing Arts Leader



Year 7 and 8 Dance News


Enrolments for Year 7 and 8 Dance classes for Semester 2 are currently being scheduled.  The classes are designed to teach the girls a dance routine which will be performed at Dance Night in Semester 2. These classes aim to provide a fun way to develop performance skills, technique and increase movement vocabulary.


If students are interested they should email Jordan Evans by the 23rd June 2017 with their preferred day afterschool and style (contemporary, jazz, commercial). 



Homework Club

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?  3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday

Where?  Room 112


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler


Get to know MGC's Education Support Staff

The Facilities Manager

Glen Holland: Facilities Manager


Hi, I'm Glen! I look after the grounds and any repairs required around the school, I also set up the desks  for Naplan and exams.


You can find me running around the school or at my desk in the front office.

2017 Camps, Sport and Excursion Funding​

(CSEF) Applications are Open

Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply.

Each family receives $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school ​students. A special consideration eligibility category also exists.


Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student. 


Please note: If you applied in 2016 your application will carry over to 2017. You do not need to submit a new application unless your circumstances have changed.


Please submit applications to the Front Office or any questions please email [email protected]


Applications Close- June 23rd, 2017.



Richmond Rotary News

Richmond Rotary Pop Up at MGC

Richmond Rotary is having a Pop Up store at MGC! For more details, please see the flyer below.



Melbourne Girls' College
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