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25 August 2017
Issue Twelve
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Mr Nicholas Adamou


NAPLAN Reports 2017

The 2017 NAPLAN tests were held on early in Term Two. As mentioned in previous publications, NAPLAN is a valuable assessment tool for governments, schools and parents to understand and improve the literacy and numeracy outcomes of their students.


NAPLAN provides parents of students in Years 3/5/7/9 with a report on their child’s performance in literacy and numeracy against the national average. Schools and teachers use NAPLAN data to improve teaching and learning programs in the classroom.


The school received the NAPLAN Reporting package late last week and all Parents/Guardians have been mailed their children’s individual reports. Parents/Guardians by now should have received their children confidential report and the package should include the following:

  • A confidential report for each student who participated in this year’s NAPLAN tests
  • 2017 NAPLAN Student Report Information Sheets

Any parents of children in Years 7 and 9 that have taken this year’s NAPLAN tests and they haven’t received their reports please contact the school.


Your child’s English and Mathematics Teachers or the school Principal are able to address any concerns or queries you may have about your child’s results.


More information about NAPLAN tests and the National Assessment Program can be found by visiting the NAP website (  

Parent Opinion Survey 2017

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter edition, the school is conducting a survey to find out what you think of our school.


The Parent Opinion Survey is completed annually by the Department of Education and Training and is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents at every school in Victoria. This year, about 30 per cent of parents have been invited to participate.  All responses to the survey are anonymous.


The Parent Opinion Survey is an opportunity for schools to collect data from parent/guardians in relation to our school community, ensuring that continuous improvement and success is occurring in School Climate, Student Engagement, Teaching and Learning and of course improved student outcomes. It is a very important step towards making our school one of the best possible educational setting in the wider community.


In recent years, we have conducted annual and anonymous opinion surveys for staff, students and parents.  We use this information to inform and direct our plans for school improvement.  Many parents over the years would most likely have completed these surveys.


This year, your family may have been randomly selected to participate in the Parent Opinion Survey.  If you have been selected and have already completed survey, I thank you for contributing to the success of our College. If you haven’t completed yet, I would ask you to take the time to complete the survey as your opinion is very important to us.

Completing the survey: Access, translations and more

This year for the first time the survey will be completed online via the secure survey portal managed by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd, and can be completed by parents on any device connected to the internet.


There will be no paper survey option, therefore, North Geelong SC is very happy to provide access to computer facilities and staff members to support all parents who are unable to complete the survey online using their own devices or they need a someone to guide them through the survey.


The survey is available in English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (Hakha) and Hindi.


For more information, see: Parent Opinion Survey


Once again, thank you very much for your ongoing support. If any parents/guardians have any questions or queries re: Parent Opinion Survey, please don’t hesitate to contact the School Principal.

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Student Scholarships 2018

Congratulations to the following students who have been successful in achieving a Department of Health and Human Services Student Scholarship. This funding can be spent on any items that can help overcome barriers affecting the students’ educational attainment in 2018 academic year.

Angela Bijimba - Year 11

Andrew Bijimba - Year 11

Hazrat Ali - Year 11

Abdul Maalim - Year 11

Naing Lin Naing Lin Oo - Year 11

Tha Lay Tha Lay Paw - Year 10


The presentation ceremony will be held on Thursday 14 September, at Storey Hall, RMIT University in the centre of Melbourne.


Thank you to Wellbeing Officers, Ms Christina Doyle and Ms Georgie Hunter for successfully nominating these students.

Living in a digital age

Technological change in education means we are facing the largest transformation in how our students receive, interact with and respond to the learning experience that the teaching profession has ever seen. These changes mean that schools and early childhood settings are now broader than the walls of a classroom. Teachers, students and parents are increasingly using digital technologies to teach, learn and communicate, challenging the traditional concept of a school.

The world of digital learning beckons, with opportunities for teachers and students alike to benefit from the opportunities and capabilities a digital world offers.


North Geelong Secondary College ICT, iPad and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and for the last two years the implementation of AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network) high speed internet is an example of 21st century teaching and learning.


The AARNet installation has enabled the school to become a digital Learning Hub with an increased internet capacity and improved access to digital learning and Cloud-based resources, not only to meet the needs of our students and teachers but also to meet the demands of 21st century learning.


We believe that students should be able to learn in teams, as a class, a whole community or alone. We also believe that students should be able to share learning experiences with their classmates and the wider community.


The school supports students to develop the skills needed for critical evaluation, online collaboration and communication and behaviors which support the safe, responsible and ethical use of digital technology – essential to participating in life and work in the 21st century. Our students are also encouraged to develop all skills necessary to become responsible global citizens and part of the global labor market. It is our belief that information communication technology is an essential ingredient to our students’ future success.

Vocational Educational and Training (VET)

 A skilled workforce is vital to a prosperous future for Victoria’s industries and of course our local and global communities. It is skilled people who drive the performance of our industry sectors and businesses across the state and help us respond positively in a fast – changing global world.


At North Geelong Secondary College we recognise this need and through a rigorous counselling and information delivery, as mentioned in previous newsletters, we ensure that all students who have the talents and aspirations to do a vocational study can whether it is here at the College, through our Northern VET cluster, at our Trade Training Centre, or even other providers. The improved training system will focus on individual learners and business – its two main users – to ensure Victoria has the skilled people it needs to maintain a strong and secure economy.


Currently we offer three onsite VET subjects and we have a number of students within our cluster from neighbouring high schools that are also attending. Close monitoring and feedback through our onsite VET program evaluation is conclusive and it has proven to be a great success, in particular for those Year 10 students who wish to begin their VCE program a bit earlier.


Therefore, building on our strengths the College is looking to expanding that commitment. For more information please contact Ms Makin – VET Coordinator on 52405800.

Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Scholarships 2018 for students aged 17 years or under planning to study VCAL in 2018 are encouraged to apply before 5 September

Students aged 17 years or under – as at 1 January 2018 – who are planning to study the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) in 2018 as a pathway to further study, employment or training, should be encouraged and supported to apply.


The Scholarships are valued at up to $25,000 over 5 years of study, in grants of $2,500 per semester, subject to satisfactory progress. Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need, evidenced by having a valid Centrelink Reference Number and they must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia.


Applications opened on Monday 24 July 2017 and will close on Tuesday 5 September 2017.

To apply, see: Special category student scholarships


It is important that all sections of the scholarship application are completed in order for it to be considered. In addition, principals must verify applications and complete the ‘Supporting Comments’ section to ensure they are valid.


If a student applied for a Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Scholarship last year, they will need to register again to apply for this round of scholarships.


For more information about the scholarships, see: Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Scholarships.


If any students have any questions about these scholarships, please contact Andrea Constantino, student Scholarships Coordinator, on 9097 7375 or via email at


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson & Mr Bradley Headlam 

During the last two weeks the NGSC students have represented the college in an admirable manner in a variety of sports, excursions, external community projects and community service activities. Reports of these events always include a statement about the polite and respectful behaviour of the students. It is very pleasing that the School’s READ values are being demonstrated. 


R - Respect

E - Excellence

A - Achievement

D - Diversity

Positive behaviours at NGSC

The student management team are developing tangible and public ways to acknowledge the great things NGSC students do. Using Compass to inform parents and students is one way that staff can publicly acknowledge behaviours that are aligned with the READ values and that contribute to the positive learning environment at NGSC. On Compass, these notifications will appear with a GREEN colour. Please celebrate these acknowledgments with your child.


Although many students wear the NGSC uniform correctly every day, there are some students who are regularly out of uniform, including wearing the uniform in a way that reflects poorly on the students and the school.

We are addressing uniform issues such as:

  • hoodies (these are banned at school)
  • leggings instead of sportswear (students are to wear normal uniform and change for sport)
  • short skirts and dresses (the Uniform Policy is clear about the required lengths)
  • socks other than plain black/white/grey
  • long pants that are tucked into socks
  • long sleeved tops visible under normal uniform
  • And, general appearance concerns with long or coloured nails, coloured hair, and facial piercings.

Correct uniform must be worn at all times during the school day and for all days that your child attends school up to the end of the year.

If you are having difficulty providing uniform items please contact the school. All ‘out of uniform’ incidents must have a note from home explaining the reason for being out of uniform and when the matter will be remedied, otherwise the student will have a lunchtime detention.

Recipe Calendar for Kids Under Cover

Thank you to the VCAL class who, with the guidance of Lawrence Jordan, have created a Recipe Calendar that is for sale. All profits from the calendar will be donated to Kids Under Cover, an organisation working to minimise youth homelessness. The recipes are from their families and represent the cultural diversity of the school. The students have also illustrated the calendar.


Please contact the school office if you are interested in purchasing the Calendar ($20).


Mr Adam Bond

Junior Sub School Manager 

Unsocial Media

I started my working life working in student wellbeing back in the… Never mind. I worked in this field within school communities for over ten years. During this time, my daily responsibilities evolved mainly due to the development of social media. This was so much so that by the time I exited this area of employment my job was completely different.


Social media is like skydiving, if you take all the necessary precautions you will enjoy a positive experience (for those of us that don’t mind heights and planes!) But, if you are reckless, it  can send you into a spin in which you will have little control over the result. I say this because once something is sent or posted, you lose complete control of what happens next. I have found that the adolescent brain struggles to comprehend this. At times, I really struggle with how the adolescent brain struggles to understand this! As parents and carers, I am sure that you do too.


It got to the point for me where I felt that social media was such an evil concept that I deleted any form of social media that I was connected to. I had seen first-hand the damage that it had done to individuals and families.  After a period of time I realised that social media is only what you let it be. If I was able to control my own use and who I was connected with then I could control most (not all) of my experiences with social media. We hope that our children think the same.  


We can do our best to educate our children on the safe use of digital technologies including social media but their use is something that we do not have full control over. This just isn't the case with social media but also other areas of parenthood. We can direct children in the general direction of security but whether they always end up there is ultimately up to them. All we can do is equip them with the tools to make good choices and learn from the choices that are not so good.


Any concerns over any form of harassment through social media should be taken seriously and in many cases police intervention should be at the very least considered. As stated in my previous article, trust between both you and your children is paramount so that discussions can take place around these concerns and appropriate action take place. Construct windows of opportunity to discuss any worries that either you or your child may have. But if you have any serious concerns over your child’s use or abuse of social media then grab that trust and throw it out the closest window. Safety always trumps trust.


There are many online services (ironic!) that can assist you with support and education around appropriate use of social media. To find these, just Google it!


Next article: We, Not us and them


Middle School News

Mr Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Manager 

The Middle school is currently in the process of organising subject selections for year nine into year ten. Conversations should be taking place at home with regards to future aspirations and subjects which will support this.


The year ten careers week was an in depth look at future pathways and a number of students relished this opportunity- the subject section day was indicative of this. 


Uniform, preparation for class and returning notes on time still needs to be worked on. P.E uniform is for sport days only and all NGSC students are required to have an electronic device. Also, if notes are not returned on time, students can miss out on excursions and learning opportunities. 


Another piece of literature about the teenage brain and its development;


Let’s face it, adolescence is an awkward time and it is no more troublesome than for the poor adults trying to guide these sometimes gangly, anxious narcissists towards maturity.


Despite all of this, most adolescents get along quite well with their parents and teachers most of the time. Most succeed in school, have positive relationships with peers, do not become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and become productive and healthy adults.


The adolescent brain is set up for being fast and impulsive and we need to help it move towards becoming slow and smart.


Slowing adolescent minds down so that they don’t have to do the first thing that comes into their heads requires kind coaching in reflective rather than impulsive decision making.


Senior School News

Ms Bridges 

Senior Sub School Manager 

Students are reminded to look after their health at this busy, and often stressful time of the year.  Some useful tips are: follow a healthy diet, have daily exercise, avoid late-night studying, ensure you get enough sleep, balance your commitments, find ways to manage your stress and seek assistance if you feel you are overwhelmed.


Students are encouraged to use the mindfulness app to assist with stress management, increased resilience and a sense of calm to increase learning.

You can download the Smiling Mind App to use anywhere, anytime.


Year 11

Subject Selections for 2018 are being finalised this week. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the school on 52405800 and speak to a member of the Senior Sub School staff.


2018 Year 12 jumper orders need to be completed by this Friday. Student are to ensure that they have tried on a jumper to select the right size, and as was explained in the last newsletter they can select a name to be placed on the jumper. Cost is $80 and is to be paid for by Monday 23rd October. No late orders will be placed.

Year 12

Graduation tickets are still available to purchase. Please pay for the tickets by the end of term 3. We are looking forward to a great night of celebration with students, families and staff.

VCE News

Students in Units 3 and 4 will be given a letter that outlines support NGSC is providing in the lead up to VCAA exams. It is also available on line – on VCE google classroom. One of the supports includes on-site lectures from Connect Education, that will provide in-depth revision in each subject from a qualified presenter who has recently completed VCE. Practice exams will be held during the school break and are compulsory.

Students will also receive exam timetables and updated personal information sheets to check/update to ensure correct delivery of exam results and ATAR score.


VTAC applications are open. Students are reminded to complete these to ensure a place at TAFE or Uni.  Please seek help from the careers team if you need additional support.


Students are working hard to meet outcomes and there is a flurry of activity as students participate in car washes, art exhibitions and floristry workshops for the graduation! Students will shortly receive information about presenting their VCAL outcomes and successes at the end of the academic year.


Thank you for continuing to support our senior students.


Science Week

Science is a huge part of everyday life that we can sometimes take for granted. National Science Week (12-20 August) aims to engage everyone in the wonderful world of Science. To celebrate North Geelong Secondary College conducted activities during lunch time. All interested students could come along and enjoy the challenges. Monday saw students exploring electricity and physics with a Van Der Graaf machine. They were shocked and impressed by the demonstrations. Students also improved their engineering and team work skills in a paper plane competition. Another activity had student’s problem solving to make a device to improve a Sphero’s motion through water (see picture). Thank you to all of the staff and student who participated to make National Science Week a big success.


Multicultural Festival

North Geelong Secondary College invites you to join us to celebrate our Multicultural Festival on Friday, 27 October 2017 from 12noon to 5pm.


An opening ceremony kicks the festival off at 10:30am with several performances and guest speakers. We will have lots of stalls, entertainment, amusements and food throughout the day suitable for all ages. The festival is open to the wider community including parents, friends, local primary schools and businesses. It is a fantastic opportunity and always an enjoyable and fun day. We are currently seeking stall holders to be part of the celebration, food, community groups and other local businesses. Stall holder application forms and further information, please contact Emily Dowling (College Events Coordinator) via email or phone 5240 5800.


We are looking forward to celebrating with you our diverse and harmonious multicultural school community.


College Production

Here, There and Everywhere is this year’s college cabaret production and is sure to enthral audiences. Sit back and relax with light refreshments enjoying the show of singing and dancing. The show runs for 3 nights only, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st August at 7.30pm in the Drama Room, doors open at 7.10pm. Tickets are available from the main office for $20 each. It is sure to be a fantastic performance and we would love to see you there.



The Multicultural Committee Meeting was very productive with many  updates. Kaled Ajaj, the Multicultural Liaison Officer  from Centrelink, reported on the latest changes  that may effect young people on Centrelink allowance. The Multicultural Committee  always values  these updates by Kaled. It is very useful and valuable  to our students, staff and community and we appreciate having this information at our door steps!


We had the pleasure of having a guest speaker from Diversitat, Marcelle Renkin, Community worker, who just  resumed  this position. Marcelle outlined her role  and identified her  vision on how we can strengthen and build links for a community network .


Danielle Parker, Team Leader North/CALD, Manager of the fOrT Youth Development Unit, City of Greater Geelong,  also updated us on the latest in her network and came with special visitors; Emma Wheatland, Coordinator from  The City of Greater Geelong, and Yanja Thompson, Aboriginal woman from Groote Eylandt, who works with the East Arnhem Land  Regional Council. Yanja is visiting Geelong and wanted to see what kind of work the Youth Team at  COGG do  and  how they are involved in Geelong Community.


The Multicultural Committee is searching for ideas and suggestions for the upcoming  Multicultural Festival's (27th October) opening ceremony.  In particular we are looking for vibrant exciting guest speakers and acts to fit in with this year’s theme: "The Music of The World”. All ideas are welcome so feel free to contact us (Multicultural Committee Members) or drop in to our next meeting.  We do value your input to the  NGSC school community.


The next Multicultural Committee Meeting will be held on Monday 18th , September at lunch time (12:45pm) in the Discussion Room.

Corroboree Garden Excursion

Recently 7 NGSC students from across year 7-9 participated in the Corroboree Garden excursion, along with 3 students from Kardinia International College. The program is designed to help strengthen the connection our students from indigenous backgrounds with their traditional culture. As part of the program students were given a tour of significant cultural sights in the local area, and worked with a local aboriginal leader and a local artist to help design an individual bollard which represents their story. Students then attended a ceremony in the Corroboree Garden based at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie in which a Welcome to Country was performed, and students were invited to talk about their work before placing their bollard in the garden.


The beautiful designs will now be on permanent display at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie so if you’re out that way, make sure you have a look at the NGSC creations as they’re truly amazing! A special thanks to all students, staff and community members who supported this program.

Georgie Hunter

Student Wellbeing


Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing supported six students to apply for a ‘Kids Under Cover’ scholarship towards their education expenses in 2018, all six applications were successful. These students have been invited to attend a presentation ceremony in Melbourne where they will meet students from all over Victoria.


Student Wellbeing is currently supporting Young Carers to apply for bursaries. Any student who is caring for someone in their family should talk to the Student Wellbeing team as you may be eligible to apply for a bursary. Applications close 7th September.


'John Cummins Memorial Fund – Dare to Dream scholarships' are now open and close on the 13th October. Eligible students who show promise in a particular area and have the motivation and passion to pursue this talent are encouraged to see Student Wellbeing for support to apply.


Students are encouraged to check the noticeboard outside the Student Wellbeing office for information on lunch time activities and community events.

Tina Doyle

Student Wellbeing 


Writing Competition for a Community Project

About the project - Humans in Geelong

Website: Facebook Instagram and Twitter @humansingeelong 

We aim to inspire!


We are a small team of ‘Not-for-Profit’ volunteers who report on the positive stories of Geelong and the Greater Geelong area. The stories are about the everyday locals who are taking action, one way or another, and making a difference.

We value Creativity, Empathy, Connectedness and Engagement.



Becoming a Surf Lifesaver

Ever been interested in becoming a surf lifesaver? Applications open 1 September for Bronze Camp at Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club. Bronze Camp is a week-long live-in camp where 15 to 18 year olds can gain their Bronze Medallion, the core award to become a beach patroller, as well as leadership skills, surf skills and new friends. For more information, go to:

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