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10 August 2017
Issue Twelve
Important Dates
Principal's Report 
Parent Opinion Survey
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Quoi de neuf ? An update of what’s been happening in French recently
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Student News
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Important Dates


10th and 11th August: House Production

18th August: Curriculum Student Free Day


1st September: P.A. Father's Day Breakfast

19th September: Parent, Student Teacher Conferences 12.30-8pm

Principal's Report 

Skyla Froebel's Success

Congratulations to Skyla Froebel of Year 12 who is representing Australia in the Junior Rowing World championships in Vilnius, Lithuania! Skyla is currently preparing in Italy for the Under 21 Double Womens’ Skull event.


Skyla and her older sister Katy train persistently for excellence in rowing. Katy achieved two of the three gold medals won by MGC at the HOSG Regatta and Skyla was best rower overall.  Skyla and Katy assisted MGC to be the top ranked school at the event with both girls showing the school and rowing club values to great effect. We congratulate and thank the girls and their incredibly supportive family who ensure the girls have every opportunity.


Grace's Film Won!!

Grace Rosebirch of Year 8 recently appeared in an anti-bullying short film called "Spill". Grace plays the lead girl, Amy.  The film has won many awards and been exhibited at film festivals around the world. “Spill” has now been accepted into the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Film Awards. In order to win this highest short film honour the film needs maximum votes from the public. I encourage our school community to follow this link to support Grace and the “Spill” crew in their endeavours. Any initiative to combat bullying is worth our support.


PARADIGM SHIFTERS - Entrepreneurial Learning in Schools

Melbourne Girls’ College has been part of an important initiative in entrepreneurial Learning with Professor Yong Zhao since April, 2016. The project was led by Ally Bass, Lucy Vogel, Ophelia Murray and Hazel Campbell-Best who initiated the “Pay It Forward” week for Year 7 and 8 girls in December, 2016.

We decided to take part in the initiative as there is alignment between our priorities in curiosity, creativity and problem based learning and the initiative's three guiding principles, in personalized educational experiences.


We were one of twenty-three secondary schools from across Victoria and New South Wales who undertook entrepreneurial, differentiated, product-based student-lead programs.


The three guiding principles for the initiative are to:

  • Develop more personalized education experiences, so each person can pursue passions and talents to excel in unique ways
  • Engage in creative and entrepreneurial product oriented learning experiences that can, in authentic ways, benefit local and global communities
  • Cultivate and prototype new approaches, processes and or products.

Thank You to all Our Hardworking Staff         

Melbourne Girls’ College is always a vibrant centre for learning and engagement but this term has been busier than usual. We have so many staff to thank for providing the following opportunities for the girls over and above their usual workload:

  • House Production Performances. We witnessed an excellent opening night on Wednesday. The creativity and talent of the girls was showcased to full effect with the theme. “It’s not the end of the world- or is it?”
  • City Experience week of activities and Monday evening display.
  • Rowing programs and training.
  • Aerobics training and Aero Schools Championships.
  • Chinese Cultural Day.
  • Year 8 Wellbeing Day.
  • Year 8 & 9 Parent Info evening.
  • Casual Clothes Day and assembly.
  • 2018 course counselling for our students.
  • Murnong trees planting day with the Year 7 students.
  • Inter school sport and excursions.


I am sure some events have been omitted but in any case a grateful thanks from our entire community.


Kind Regards,

Karen Money

Parent Opinion Survey

Reminder - Parent Opinion Survey

Thank you to those parents and carers who have completed the Parent Opinion Survey. This is a reminder message to those parents that have been randomly selected but have not yet completed the survey.


Each year, the school conducts an opinion survey amongst a sample of the school community. This year, a sample of approximately 30 per cent of parents has been randomly selected and invited to participate. If you have been selected, you would have received an email from me on Monday 7th August with a link to the online survey.


The survey is open until Sunday 27th August. We ask you to please take the time to complete the survey as your opinions are important to us and will contribute to the future management and organisation of our school.


Kind Regards

Brent Houghton

Assistant Principal



Year 7 News 

Murnong Day

The Murnong Daisy which was once a very common plant, has become endangered since colonisation. To many Aboriginal people, it is not just a plant but a symbol of Australian culture. There are centuries of knowledge wrapped up in the Murnong. This is why MGC is trying to restore this priceless symbol.

On Friday, the 28th of July, we had MGC’s annual Murnong Day. The day started with a special assembly where Auntie Di, an Aboriginal Elder, introduced us to her welcoming ceremony culture. The welcoming ceremony, also known as the smoking ceremony, was held when Aboriginals from a group wanted to enter the land of a different tribe. This ceremony usually takes 3 to 5 days and is meant to cleanse your spirit. We had a little smoking ceremony of our own where put in gum leaves in the fire as we walked through the smoke. As Auntie Di told us, this act of putting gum leaves in the fire means that ‘we will journey together’.


Each of the year 7 classes had their own time allocated for planting. When it was our turn, we went outside into the native plants garden. We were introduced to Murnong Gabe who showed us the correct way to plant the saplings. We had to first dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the roots of the plant. Then we gently eased the plant out of its pot and into the hole. We then got a flat stone where we wrote the name of the plant, which in my case was Kangaroo Grass, and then our name. Overall it was an exciting day. We got a chance to learn about a most interesting culture and had lots of fun planting the saplings which will flourish over the years, bringing with it a part of Australian culture.


Arushi Sen Chaudhuri




Quoi de neuf ? An update of what’s been happening in French recently

French Model UN Conference

On Tuesday, 25th July three Year 12 students, Sally Arnold, Stella Feary and Tess Palamara participated in the French Model UN Conference organised jointly by the AFTV (Association of French Teachers Victoria) and the United Nations Association of Victoria and sponsored by the Languages Unit, DET. Held at the Treasury Theatre in East Melbourne the conference was a creative simulation of the UN General Assembly.  Each participating school was allocated a French-speaking member state; the MGC students were acting as representatives of Monaco! The purpose of the Model UN Conference is to give students the opportunity to learn about the UN system, discuss global issues and practice diplomacy and negotiating skills in an authentic and dynamic environment. The added challenge of the French Model UN is that all this has to be done IN FRENCH! The topic of the resolution being debated was Asylum Seekers and Refugees and the MCG team developed a very comprehensive Position Statement which Sally delivered very expertly to the assembly. During the caucus the students were able to debate with representatives from other schools/countries. It was a fantastic opportunity to use French learnt in the classroom for such an authentic, and important, communicative purpose.


“On Tuesday 25th of July, three of us participated in the Mock French UN representing the country of Monaco. It was a full day event and many VCE students across Victoria attended. We were asked to address the refugee crisis in Europe and create a plan for our designated country. I found the day an extremely valuable experience and the many different levels of French was very useful and also boosted my confidence because I was able to keep up and fully comprehend other students. I also liked how everyone got involved and expressed their own opinions and their country's views. I recommend this program to upcoming French students, and I wish I could do it again ! " 

Tess Palamara



YEAR 10 French Trivia Evening

An event organised for the second year running by the AFTV and held last Friday night at Fintona Girls’ School in Balwyn. The purpose of the event is for students from different schools studying French in Year 10 to get together in a relaxed environment to share their knowledge of French language and culture. Each team of four students is placed on a table with four students from a different school. MGC students shared tables with students from PLC and Sandringham Secondary College.  It was great fun! If you do French next Year, in either Year 9 or 10, keep an out for this event being advertised if you would like to take part.


"The French Trivia night was really fun. It was such a great experience to practice French in a relaxed environment along with students from other schools and delicious food. The great variety of trivia categories and games allowed us all to have a go and play to our strengths."



Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Competition

Every year the Alliance Française holds this competition which is open to students studying French from around Victoria and gives them the opportunity to test their French skills against an externally set bench mark. This year thirteen Year 10 students completed the Written Paper, which assesses their reading and listening comprehension skills as well as their knowledge of grammar. All of the students were deemed to be ‘Excellent’, ‘Très Bien’ or ‘Bien’ and four students are going through to the finals to be held on 20th August. In addition, the two Year 10 students who participated in the Poetry recitation have also been selected as finalists.


Thirty-six Year 11 and 12 students have just participated in the Senior competition which involves an Oral Interview as well as a Written Paper. This offers them a valuable foretaste of what they will experience in the VCE French exam.


Aerobics News


This year, as with any other, our aerobics girls have been training extremely hard and have been rewarded with some fantastic results!


Last Thursday, we had a competition at the State Netball and Hockey Centre, called Aeroschools, where we all had the chance to compete and qualify for nationals. I think these girls all deserve a huge round of applause as I am very proud to announce that every single one of these girls standing up has qualified for the national Aeroschools competition and will be competing at the national championships at the end of term!


And to top it all off, we won the competition overall, for the fourth year running!


We are very proud of all our girls and hope to see everyone, including all the girls who qualified for the Victorian State Team, perform their best at the National Championships which are once again in Bendigo this year and we wish the all the best!


Coming up in two weeks on Friday 25th August we have the annual MGC competition where we’d love for you all to come and support our girls throughout the day. There will be a bake stall and a sausage sizzle outside the gym at lunch.


Also I’d like to thank our coaches Bek, Emma and Liv for helping us throughout the year, and Ms Twist and Mrs Bradshaw for being there to organise everything and support us.


Bethany Smith

Aerobics Vice-Leader 2017





Year 9 City Experience

City Experience

From July 26th - August 3rd, year 9 students took part in City Experience. Here are some photos of the wonderful work they've created.



Biology News

Burnley Horticultural Society

Last Monday, unit 2 Biology students went on an excursion to Burnley Horticultural College to see how various vegetation propagation techniques were carried out. This was part of the girls' studies of asexual reproduction in plants. They learnt about the use of cloning in horticultural practices and the importance of this to the agricultural industry. They saw how various species of plants used special structures such runners, rhizomes, tubers and bulbs to ensure their reproduction. The girls also learned how to graft an apple. It was  great experience.


Paula McIntosh

Yr 11 Biology teacher



Science Week

Science Week 2017




Student News

Congratulations Giorgia Salmas!

During the holidays, Giorgia Salmas (Yr 11) won the National Cadet Womens Foil (fencing) competition in Perth WA. She is the Under 17 national women's foil champion!


Student News

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?  3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday

Where?  Room 112


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler



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