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08 September 2017
Issue Fifteen
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Principal's Report

A big thank you....

On behalf of the school community, particularly our Yr 6 students, I would like to send a hearty thank you to the 2017 Graduation Committee  for organising a hugely succesful Trivia Night.

Kylie Henry led the charge on the night as Quizmaster, with Richard spruiking prizes and running competitions.  The room was a buzz of laughter, conversation, food and thinking as we answered question after question.  It was a close call in the end (unfortunately my table came 5th) and a great night was had by all.


A key part of the night's success was the meticulous planning and efforts in the weeks and months prior.  Kylie Van Beelan co-ordinated the team and together the Graduation Committee really came through.


Thank you to Kylie Van Beelan, Michelle Whitford, Kylie Henry, Richard Henry, Nicole Long,  Narelle Richardson, Kristy Way, Mel Woodworth and Amy Davis for the tremendous effort you put into making the night so enjoybale.  Your efforts raised over $4000 for the school to put toward this year's graduation and other projects.  Thank you.


Thank you also to our sponsors, you made the night possible.  Please checkout the large list of sponsors at the end of this newsletter.  These business have a great community mindset, supporting our school and I encourage you to show your appreciation to them in return.

2018 Parent Contributions


School Council and our Finance Committee have finalised our Parent Contribution requests.  These will come out in the next week.  We have been able to keep the requests at the same amount as 2017 - no increase in contributions from parents.  We work hard each year to provide as much notice as possible to support families in preparing to meet the expenses associated with schooling.  If you have any concerns regarding meeting any expenses associated with your child at school, please do not hesitate to speak with me.  We can always work out an arrangement to suit your circumstances.

New Sponsor for our Kilsyth Basketball Teams


We have a new sponsor for our KPS afterschool basketball teams.  A wonderful KPS family run business has sponsored our teams for new basketball tops.  They have donated over $1000 to provide new tops for our players.  Such a generous contribution!   THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Building Works

A series of ramps and other minor building works will be installed over the next six weeks or so.  We are very excited to have the opportunity to have these funded by the Department of Education and look forward to the great improvements they will make to our school and it's accessibility. 

During the works, certain areas of the school will be fenced off to maintain safety as the workman complete the job.  I ask everyone to respect the boundaries of these fences and to work together as we strive to keep disruption to the school and yard to a minimum.

2018 Enrolments and Planning

It isclose to the time when schools begin to finalise their planning for next year.  If you know anyone who is interested in enrolling in our school for 2018, please encourage them to contact the office for a tour and a meeting with me.  We have a number of new students ready to begin at KPS in the new year and are ready welcome many more.

Captian Kelly's Diamond!!







Have you got your tickets yet?????  I can't wait.  Check the page in this newsletter for the latest information on our production preparations!!!!

Thumbs up to...



This week I am sending a thumbs up to everyone....

  • to our Foundation students who put on such a wonderful Fathers' Day breakfast last Friday.  So great to see you all enjoying time with Dad.
  • to our Juniors who enjoyed a great dinner and sleep-over at school last week!  It was great see everyone having fun - I especially loved the night walk!
  • to our Middle and Senior Students who have represented our school so well at Hoop Time over the past two Fridays.  Your great sportsmanship is what "Being the Best You Can Be" is all about.
  • to our parents who joined us for our Trivia Night.  As I have already said - it was such a great night!!
  • to our community who provided the sponsorship and support that made it all happen.


Have a great weekend!!!!


From the Office

Direct Deposit details:

Payments can be made via internet banking directly into the schools Bank account.


Acc Name:  Kilsyth Primary School Council

             BSB: 313 140 
             Account Number: 23183981
             Reference: (Family Surname)

Please also send an email to the school  notifying us that you have made the payment, and to which program/event it should be allocated. The email confirms your payment and states:



Child’s name, 

Amount paid

What the payment is for eg: Level 3 camp


Monday- Friday:  8.30am -4.00pm

Absences -Tiqbiz:

Please notify the office of your child's absence using the Tiqbiz app.



Download the app:

  • Apple App Store (iOS - iPhone or iPad)
  • Google Play (android phone or tablet
  • Windows (Phone or Tablet)
  • Mac or PC


Please note that if you have ordered Subway and your child is absent on Friday, please organise to come and collect it from the office at 12.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order.

The office is unable to provide change, and please hand orders into the class at 9am.

  • Subway Order form


Outgrown Uniforms

As winter is now here we are in urgent need of second hand Bomber Jackets and Windcheaters especially size 10 & up. If you have any items that your children have outgrown please drop them off to the office any time.  Thank you

Asthma Friendly


What's Happening @ KPS

Calendar of Events


8th       Middle Hooptime

12th    Foundation-Responsible Pet's program

              Colour Run 11.45-12.30pm-Elizabeth Bridge Res

13th    Kinder Transition-Art with Kym

15th    KPS Disco

20th     KPS Production

21st     School Council-4pm

22nd    Hot Dog Day-Footy dress up (Gold coin donation)

              Last Day Term 3- 2.30pm dismissal



9th​     Term 4 commences

11th   Kinder Transition-Language with Kym

16th-20th        Swimming program

25th   Kinder Transition-Fine motor skills with Blair



Notices sent home this fortnight

Click on the link below to download copies of the notices:


Colour Run


Production tickets are now on sale


Woolworths Earn & Learn


When you shop at Woolworths, make sure to collect your Earn & Learn stickers. Every $10 you spend will earn one sticker – it’s amazing how quickly they add up with a hungry family!

Sticker sheets are available from the office. Fill in your sheets and return them to the office or the collection box outside Woolworths in Kilsyth. Every sticker helps our school earn resources for our classrooms.

Whole-School Production 

'Captain Kelly's Diamond!' 

Just under two weeks until all of the students will be dancing, singing and performing on Mt Lilydale's Centennial Hall stage! It has been fantastic seeing the Seniors take on the responsibilities of lead speaking roles in the production. They have been doing a wonderful job rehearsing and learning their lines. 

The rest of our students have been doing an excellent job in learning their dances. They are all very nervous and excited to perform in front of their parents and friends on the night of the production. 



Tickets are selling fast! We have had a fantastic response and many people have purchased their tickets to come and support all our students on the night of the production. 


You can purchase tickets at, please see the notice we have sent home or contact the office if you have any questions about buying tickets.


We have most students costumes in however we still require some students to hand them in to their teacher. If you have any queries please talk to your childs teacher. 

Important information

1. Rehearsals:

We will be having full dress rehearsals on Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th.


2. Costumes:

Costumes will be brought home by your child on Wednesday the 20th to change into at home. Students must arrive at the venue in costume.


3. On the night:
- Main cast members need to arrive at 6pm at Mt Lilydale. They will need to be signed in at the foyer of Centennial Hall.
- All other students need to arrive at 6.15pm - dropped off and signed in at the gym (signs will show the way).
Students need to bring with them;

                         - quiet activities (to do while they wait for their time on stage) e.g. colouring book/ cards -                                snacks and a drink bottle (water only please)
                         - blanket and a pillow to sit on
                         - warm clothes as we are in the gym while we wait

                         - please do not bring any electronic devices


Can't wait to see you all there!

Foundation News

Production is coming...

Thank you to everyone for their cooperation with getting our costumes organised.  It feels quite real now that we are practising with our hats on! Notices and Flexibuzz notifications will be sent in the coming week regarding arrangements and finer details.  We will be having dress rehearsals in the days leading up to the 20th and on the day we will be catching the bus to the theatre for a whole school dress rehearsal.  We are getting very excited about it! We hope you've bought your family tickets!  Here is the link if you need to purchase 

Go to this link to purchase:


We Are Learning To... (WALT)

We've been working hard on developing our number knowledge and counting skills. Knowing numbers to 20 seems quite a simple concept. However, this involves diving further into exploring language around two-digit numbers such as before, after, more than and less than.  Students have practised skills with subitising concepts which involves automatically recognising numbers without counting them.

In Reading, we have begun exploring Literacy CAFE. The CAFE menu breaks each component—Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding vocabulary—into significant strategies that support each goal. Posted on the classroom wall  it serves as a visual reminder of whole-class instruction as well as individual student goals.  Some students have a goal within the Comprehension component.  They are focusing on becoming more confident with drawing on text specific vocabulary to retell or summarise events from the book.  Others are focussing on reading for meaning, blending sounds and rereading and others are focussing on beginning and ending sounds.
We are building up to writing an information report!  At this stage we have been exploring features of non-fiction books and reports.  Ask your child what they will find in a non-fiction book and a fiction book (it's confusing that non-fiction doesn't mean not true!).   

Next week we will be sending through Seesaw updates.  Seesaw is our online portfolio of students' work.  Stay tuned for updates in relation to maths, reading and writing. This will be either a photo shot or a brief video.  We encourage you to discuss this learning experience with your child.  We will also be sharing our learning goals with you!

Next week

On Tuesday we have:

* Responsible Pet Ownership session - this is just for our class! Students will learn how to interact and care for dogs in a safe and responsible ways.  Yes we get to meet a real dog! It's fun and informative for our students to further develop their knowledge of pets in the community.

*Whole school TRIBES day which includes our Health & PE activities including our COLOUR RUN!  If you haven't already done this, please head to to set up your fundraising page!  We will be running down at Elizabeth Bridge after recess and we are very excited!! We hope you can join us for the fun.... and mess!  

Wednesday is the Kinder to School Transition session! Please spread the word with sibling families.  We look forward to seeing many of our 2018 parents and students join us at 2.30pm.


Friday is the school disco! 6pm - 7.15pm!  I will be out of the classroom on Friday for my Term 4 planning day. I can't believe I'm planning for the last 11 weeks of the school year! If you don't have a Working With Children Check and you would like to come on our excursion to the beach in December, I strongly advise you to process this online over the holidays.  You can produce your receipt at the office which is suffice until your card arrives (they can take a while!)

Personal & Social Development

Our students are collaborating so well together throughout the school day. I love hearing the play dates that take place outside of school and positive interactions that they can build their skills.  Part of the Victorian Curriculum requires us to report on these interactions.  Recognising and expressing emotions, developing resilience,  relationships and collaboration are all areas in which we focus our knowledge and skill based learning.  Students engage in Cooperative Play experiences twice a week to practise and develop social skills.  We have also worked on resilience activities and building a positive mindset. Providing social opportunities for your child is a great learning experience for these skills to be maintained and developed, especially as we prepare our students for Junior School!


2 weeks to go...

Kylie, Jenny and I are looking forward to the remaining couple of weeks with our lovelies!  It will be a quick lead up to the production and a wonderful showcase from our students.

Thank you to all our families for their continued effort to support the learning and development of this wonderful cohort of students.  We really do love what we do xxx 


Junior School News


On Friday the 1st of September Junior school boarded the TRIBES Night bus, we sang and said goodbye to our parents. We spent the next hour playing games outside, taking heaps of snaps at the photo booth, doing word searches and creating little yarn monsters. We took part in a feast of pizza, hot chips and icy poles. By this point we were all very excited to go on our night walk around the school, so we put on our big jackets, beanies, and grabbed our torches. We wandered in and out of bounds, right around the school grounds! We then said goodbye to the grade ones and the grade twos got into their pajamas and settled in for a movie. The Secret Life of Pets was playing, and we did not hear a peep from them until it was bedtime! 

The grade twos were a delight, they went to bed when they were asked and nearly slept the whole night through!! 

Thank you to all of Junior School for being so wonderful on our TRIBES night adventure. We all had a great time. 



The whole school production is less than two weeks away! Junior school has been working really hard practicing our dances.  We have been practicing with Jess the choreographer and back in our classroom. We now have our stage positions and we are working on perfecting every step. Miss Vaughan has been rehearsing daily with the senior students.

Just a reminder that we need student costumes in by this Friday ready for our whole school rehearsals.

Also, there are still tickets available to purchase online. Bring friends and family to watch our fantastic production. 

Go to this link to purchase:  



Junior school has been focusing on information reports over the last few weeks. We have spent lots of time looking at different sorts of information reports and have started researching topics using laptops, iPads and a range of books. The students have been finding lots of interesting information and have really enjoyed sharing it with the class. 


Important Dates

TRIBES DAY (Health and PE): 13th September

Disco: 15th September

Production: 20th September

Last day of Term - Footy Day: 22nd September

Middle School News

2 Weeks to go and so much to do!

Another term is absolutely flying by! We’ve achieved so much in eight short weeks!


Our school production rehearsals are going gangbusters and the students are all refining their performances. They are all so committed to their performances and we couldn’t be prouder of them. If you haven’t already sent your child’s costume we would love to have it ASAP please. The more organised we are, the better we like it. 

A very special mention to Wendy, who has given up lots of time and mentored some students to paint the most spectacular backdrops!


This term we have been studying Australian explorers. We are aiming to bring the unit of learning together by filming short iMovies to showcase learning. Each student will bring home a note explaining more fully what this will entail in terms of simple costumes. The students are really excited to become filmmakers!


In Writing we’ve been doing some fantastic things! In the first half of the term students learnt about different poetry forms and then made a PowerPoint presentation of some favourite original pieces. If you’d like to send a USB stick in Mrs Hubbard, Miss Rennick or Mrs Seemann the presentation can be transferred for you to keep. Lately the students have been learning about procedural texts and have been exploring both the written and oral forms. Students have written their own and deconstructed others to study the structure. They’ve had the opportunity to play barrier games and follow instructions without looking at their partner’s work. Students have built constructions and made pretend pizzas. It’s been a lot of fun!


Maths has seen lots of open-ended tasks while the concept of measurement has been explored in all its forms. Students have been out and about measuring the length and area of just about everything in the school. Even feet have been measured! They’ve built structures to explore volume and capacity too.


We’re looking forward to the last two weeks of term. It’s going to be absolutely jam packed and busy but filled with lots of great learning experiences. The first to kick off the last two weeks will be Hooptime tomorrow. That’s going to be fantastic!


Yours in Learning

Middle Team

Senior School News


Our day at the local Kilsyth Basketball Centre last Friday the 1st of September was a great day out.   ALL of teams that we put forward were successful. Our very own Kilsyth Knicks won the main Round Robin, took out the Future Stars title, and now have the opportunity to go through to the next divisional stage. Congratulations to all the teams that participated and a massive thankyou to our awesome parent helpers, Nicole Long, Sharon Hibbard, Sharon Sticht and Kristy Way.  We also appreciate and thank all the parents who were able to make it along for the day to support our kids!


Colour Run Day

Our Kilsyth Colour Run will be next Tuesday the 12th of September.  The Students will run around Elizabeth Bridge during the morning session.  We are looking forward to this fun event – feel free to come down! After the colour run, we have our TRIBES day activities, which should be a blast too.


As the production nears, our students have been busy preparing. At the moment we would strongly encourage you to support your child, particularly if they have a speaking role – this could be as simple as getting them to practise to you on the way to school etc.  Our students with speaking roles should all know their lines without the assistance of scripts. If they cannot do this, they will need to PRACTISE! PRACTISE! PRACTISE!  Also, ALL costumes should have been handed in to your child’s classroom teacher by now.  If for whatever reason you have not done this, could you please make sure it is in ASAP.


Firstly, I will start by saying a massive thankyou to Kylie Van Beelen, Kylie Henry, Nicole Long and all the other people who helped to organise the KPS Trivia night.  We raised a lot of money on the night and a great time was had by all! As the date nears for graduation, more information will be provided for this important event. 


What's Coming Up

Colour Run / Tribes Day – Health Tuesday the 12th of September


KPS Jump Disco next Friday the 15th of September


KPS School Production on Wednesday 20th of September



Lots happening in our PE classroom.  

The Senior have enjoyed their Hooptime day last Friday it was great to see all students playing together as a team.  We even have a team heading to Regional Finals.  Congratulations.

Our Middle students have their Hooptime on Friday. Wishing them all the best for a great day.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who have helped during the day to make it a great success. 


Colour Run!

We are gearing up for out Colour Run next Tuesday 12th September.  We will have a day of Health and Physical education Tribes activities and our Colour Run which will be the highlight of the day.  We are hoping to raise money to purchase some sports equipment for the students to use during recess and lunch time.  

A way to help with your fundraising is to

- send an email to your family and friends asking for a donation, explaining why you are raising money and how to donate.

On the day we will also have 3 Tribes sessions in which will involve the students learning about being healthy and how important exercise and making healthy food choices is for their body.

The Colour Run will take place at Elizabeth Bridge starting at 11:50am.  

Foundation and Junior school will run first.

Middle -from 12:05

Senior school from 12:20

Please note that these are approximate times.  

Students can come to school in their white T-Shirts ready for the Colour Run.  

If your child is an asthmatic please make sure they have their puffer with them on the day and please remind them to bring it with them to the Colour Run. 

If you would like to help out at the event or just come down and watch you are most welcome.  

Please cross your fingers for no rain!

Ultimate Frisbee

As part of our target games, Seniors have been learning how to throw a Frisbee and the rules to Ultimate Frisbee.  We have been learning to backhand throw and forward flick.  Hopefully next term we can have a game with the oval is a bit dryer. 

Peer Assessment

Our Middle school students have been learning how to peer assess.  We have been learning about appropriate feedback and we are working on encouraging our partner.  This has been a great to see the students giving advice and helping others to work on their FMS skills.  We have also been learning to kick and punt.  

Squish and Kick

Juniors have been learning to squish the spider and then kick the ball using the inside of their foot.  It has been quiet a challenge for some students but great to see those students haven't giving up.  We have knocked over skittles, tennis balls on cones, kicked goals, kicked to a partner, weaved in and out of cones

Balloons and beanbags

Our Foundation students have been consolidating their throwing and catching skills.  There is so many steps to remember when you throw and catch, but for this term we have just worked on make our hands in a nest so we are ready to catch. Thank you so much to Tammy who comes and helps out with PMP on Thursday afternoons.  The students love seeing their parents at school helping.  We are very grateful for all your help.  


Circuit work continues

Seniors have continued to enjoy building and testing different circuits.  We have worked on lemon lights and switched to understanding the terms conductor and insulator and being able to use them accurately when explaining our observations and results. 


Heating up

Middle school enjoyed testing wooden, plastic and metal spoons in jugs of hot water and explaining which material heats up more than the others and backing this up with evidence. Middle school are working on their understandings of what variables are and how they are used to make an investigation fair. 


Marshmallow shooters

Juniors were so excited this week to launch marshmallows  into the air with our cup shooters and explain the push and pull that occurs. 


Science awards

Well done to Max and Sione. 



We have been working on improving our understandings about what variables are. I thought I would include an example of what they are so that you can work on them at home. 


Visual Arts News

I hope our dads of Foundation students, liked their farther's Day presents of decorated picture frames. The students loved making something special for you that you can treasure forever...

Our juniors are enjoying making a mess with paper mache. They will create an animal- keep your eyes peeled.

Most of our middles have now completed their pillows. They have all become more confident in their sewing abilities as well as threading the cotton into the needle.

Our seniors are working on one of three tasks. Most have now completed their skateboard decks and Mr Gooding and myself are in the process of deciding the best way of displaying them. They are now also working on a street art design for the back of the art room and also creating wire houses or creatures which will then be covered in modroc and decorated.

I am still in need of newspaper if you have any no longer needed. Thank you for all your generous donations and support.

Kym Wallace

Start typing your article in here...



Bob Jane Tyres                              


Impressions Hair                          

Moto Signs

Caremore Pharmacy                   

Inspirations Paint

Arndale Chemmart                     

Maples Home and Garden

Direct chemist                             

Total Tools  

Rapid tune                                   


Coles Kilsyth                               

Camera House

Tempting Tangerine                   

Bell Real Estate

Professionals Mooroolbark      

Ace Space


Chirnside Bowls

Croydon Post office                   

Hawthory Pools



Croydon Bike shop                      


Max Brown Real Estate               

Colchester Nursery

Croydon Cinemas                      

Bakers Delight

Mooroolbark Crafts and haberdashery

Hans Music Store                        

Blue Glen Meat   

Quick build Stairs                        

Allen’s Bakery

Reading Cinema                           

Food Clearance Outlet


Joshua Tiles


Lilydale Squash and Fitness Iceman                                         

Air Action

Kilsyth Fruit Shop                      

Colchester Fish and Chips

Puffing Billy                               

Cols Mower Service

Kilsyth Club                                

Park Lane Jewellery

The Paint Shop                          

Mooroolbark Post Office

Heartfelt Inspirations               

JJ+ K Café

Melbourne Lighting                  

Clip n Climb                          



Malibu Nails

Karting Madness                      

Enchanted Adventure Garden

Highway Tyres                          

Collins Bookstore

Mad Ram Café                          

Bark King

Priceline Pharmacy                 


Good Guys                      

The Meadows Produce and pet Supplies

Meyer Cookware            

Kilsyth wholesaler meats

Bayswater Rollerskating


Chaplain’s Chat
“I just don’t know where to go?”

This is a cry I hear frequently and it is very real.  We find ourselves with a challenge we have had no previous preparation for, we know we can’t manage on our own and that we need support but don’t know where to start to access that support.

When a child has a temperature or a broken bone going to the Drs. is clear cut and an automatic reaction but what do we do with other situations where we haven’t experienced a defined pathway.

Often, we may not even be aware that there is support available, let alone how to go about accessing it.  l have in my office a range of brochures, guide books, contact points and tip sheets for a variety of different circumstances which families are welcome to access and which might possibly help you find the first step on that pathway.

I have “Beyond Blue” information booklets on ‘Depression and Anxiety’ with lots of helpful information in and contacts for follow up.  There are fridge magnets and information about contact to Parentline”(13 22 89) a great support.  There is a brochure from Eastern Community Legal centre about free assistance with Rental and Tenancy Issues.  I have an interactive computer game produced by the Attorney General’s Dept. to help children navigate through all the changes that occur during separation or divorce.

There is information offering tips and information for families where a parent has a mental health problem or disorder.  There is “Beyond Blue” guidelines particularly for supporting a young person with depression.  I have a document produced by The Aust. Childhood Foundation which outlines and encourages “Connected Parenting” filled with simple, practical tips designed to enrich family life and yours and your children’s relationship.  There is also a practical guide for keeping young people safe on line entitled “Facebook – friend or foe?” there is an succinct little guide called “ Me, my kids and my Ex” produced by The Child Support Agency with Tips and Hints on Surviving Separation.  There are also some guides on dealing with some of the other hard stuff we deal with like grief, anger and change.

Please feel free to pop in and see whether there is something there that may be helpful and if you are not sure, just come by and ask, who knows, a search may uncover another effective resource to share.

Gill Van Der Ende


SRC News

Who are we!

Hi, I am Alysha Henry and I am Connor Slattery and we are the 2017 SRC chair people.

Our job is to help the SRC co-coordinators, Miss May and Miss Rennick,  with running and organising the SRC meetings. 


Throughout the school year the student representative council raises money for a range of causes. These include: 

- Sweetheart Day: Raising awareness for children with heart disease.

-Stomp out the Gap: Raising money to bridge the gap in education for Indigenous children. 

-Jeans for Genes Day: Raising money for the children's medical institute so they are able to find ways to treat or prevent childhood cancer, epilepsy and genetic diseases. 

-ANZAC appeal: Helping to support families affected by war. 


On the last day of each term we hold a free dress/dress up day. Everyone loves our free dress days and is willing to bring a gold coin donation. The money raised on these free dress days goes towards our world vision sponsor child. 


This is how the SRC is currently helping the school, the community and our sponsor child. So many good causes!



Alysha Henry and Connor Slattery

Student Awards

Friday 22nd August

Junior A         Andrea

What a fabulous effort you are putting into your reading, Andrea. We love listening to the fluent and expressive way you read to us. Keep up the hard work!


Junior B     Ashlie

Well done on a great week Ashlie! You have been working so hard in maths. Your understanding of place value using hundreds, tens and ones continues to grow. You should be proud of your achievements. Keep up the awesome effort!


Junior C        Tara

Tara, you have been doing awesome work in reading this week. You have made interesting inferences about what is going to happen in the stories and have been able to clearly explain your thinking. Keep up the great work!


Middle A        Talia

You’re an absolute superstar in the Maths department! You’ve really built your knowledge and understanding of patterns and algebra and exceeded all of my expectations. Keep up this fantastic attitude and commitment Talia! Well done.



Well done to Kobe on your excellent reading skills! You are fluent and expressive in everything you read and that makes it a pleasure to listen to you. Keep up the great work and dedication.


Senior A     Azalia

Azalia, what a great ability you have shown in understanding the division topic! It is great to see you expanding your knowledge and showing such confidence. Keep it up!


Senior C               Tilli

Tilli consistently applies herself to her work and sets an excellent example for her peers.


Visual Art              Josh P

It has been wonderful to see your positive attitude to your art work in recent weeks. Your skateboard looks amazing, and I can't wait to see what other fantastic ideas come out in your art work over the remaining year. Keep up the great work!




Friday 1st September

Junior B              Joel

What a super week you have had Joel! You continue to be a kind member of Junior B and strive to always find something positive to say about someone. You are a wonderful role model. Keep up the amazing work!


Junior C                 Hayley

For working so hard on your mental maths this week. It has been great to see you taking the time to check over your answers and improving each day. Keep up the great work, Hayley!


Middle B              Charli

Well done on a fantastic collection of poems this term Charli. Your poems were funny and used fantastic adjectives and verbs. You should be very proud of your digital poetry book. Keep up the hard work.



Tahli, you persevered with your poetry writing and finished the unit with a fantastic collection of poems. You have worked so hard to find the right adjectives to describe things. Keep up the hard work!


Middle C                 Jayden

For being an absolute reading superstar! I'm so proud of how much reading you've been doing this term, Jayden and you should be so proud of yourself for completing the Premier's Reading challenge! Keep us the great work!


Phyical Education              District Athletics Team

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the District Athletics day on Wednesday. You all participated to the best of your ability and you show great sportsmanship to fellow competitors. Fantastic to see. Well done.





Community Notices

Whats happening in our community:


Kilsyth Primary School
Subway-Sub_Order_Form new 2016.pdf
Wk-04 Fathers Day Flyer.pdf
Wk 05-2017 Bookweek Letter To Parents .pdf
Junior Athletics Event 2017.pdf
Wk 05-Foundation Production.pdf
Wk 05-Year 1 Production .pdf
Wk 05- Year 2 Production .pdf
Wk 05- Year 3 Production.pdf
Wk 05- Year 4 Production.pdf
Wk 05- Senior- Production .pdf
Wk 06-Production tickets notice.pdf
WK 06-School Clolour Fun Run.pdf
Wk 06-Production tickets notice.pdf