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23 May 2019
Term 2 Week 5 2019
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


27th - 30th May 

Year 12 Exams


Tuesday, 28th May

Year 6 Transition Information Evening (OCS)


Wednesday, 29th May

SEISS Year 9 Basketball


Friday, 31st May

Report Writing Day

Student Free Day


Thursday, 6th June

School Photos


Monday, 10th June

Queen's Birthday


11th - 14th June

Years 10/11 Exams


Wednesday, 12th June

Year 12 GAT


Friday, 14th June

Multicultural Day OC


17th - 28th June

Year 10 Work Experience


17th - 21st June

NWS Numeracy Week


18th 20th June

Casey Tech School Visit


Thursday, 20th June

SEISS Year 8 Basketball


Friday, 21st June 

Start Smart Numeracy Incursion (NWS)


24th - 28th June

OCP Numeracy Week


Tuesday, 25th June

SEISS Year 7 Basketball


Wednesday, 26th June

Start Smart Numeracy Incursion (OCP)


Friday, 28th June

Last Day Term 2

Finish 12:50pm

General Information

Woolworths Earn and Learn


Parent Feedback

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PB4L Value Awards

Prep W - Tawhiri

Year 3/4C - Matteo

Year 1W - Tegan

Year 2K - Madison

Year 3MC - Bethany

Year 4CP - Lantu

Year 5/6RP - Parsa

Year 6E - Olivia


Week 2

Year 3/4C - Jasmine

Year 5/6K - Regan and Lincoln

Year 4CP - Hannah

Year 5/6RP - Ethan


Week 3

Year 2K - Alexandria

Year 3MC - Kwa


Week 4

Year 5/6RP - Aishati

PB4L Report
Week 5


Mrs Isabelle Millien

Internal PB4L Coach

Digital Technology Bytes
Week 5

iParent Chatterbox Series: Episode 5


Screen Time and Downtime


“Kids now consume many hours of screen time a day and it can become excessive or compulsive and interfere with their physical, mental and social health. This episode explores the idea of a healthy balance of offline and online time.” (esafety.gov.au)


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum Coordinator



Cultural Night


Classical Music Concert


Combined Campus Reports

Year 6 Canberra Tour

Election campaigners weren’t the only people moving about in Canberra last week. Thirty five Heritage College Year 6 students from Narre Warren South and Officer campuses, along with fifty five other Year 6 students from Edinburgh and Nunawading Adventist Schools made their way northbound, on the annual pilgrimage to our Nation’s Capital.  The excitement seen in the faces of our students clearly showed that they had been waiting in anticipation of this moment for some time. Regular pit stops broke up the ten hour long journey and before the students knew it, we had reached our destination, Canberra.


That evening, students got up close and personal with Australia’s native reptiles at the Australian Reptile Park.  The presenter was both entertaining and educational, explaining to students about the adaptations and beauty of our native reptiles. The following morning our first stop was the National Capital Exhibition. Here students gained an understanding of why the ACT was placed halfway between Sydney and Melbourne and viewed models and maps of this unique and well planned city. With this knowledge of the city, students spent the next three days going to many of the interesting and educational attractions that Canberra has to offer.


Some of the highlights included visiting Parliament House, challenging their fear of heights on the big drop slide at Questacon and meeting the Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, at his residence, Government House.  These were just a few of the key highlights. Here are some thoughts from our Year 6 students about the trip;


OCP Students:

  • My favourite part of the Canberra trip was Questacon - it was fun! I also conquered my fear of heights by going up the Telstra Tower! Jayden

  • It was amazing! The whole trip was very fun! Lincoln

  • It was really awesome when we all rushed to the common room and found out that our cabin was the winner! We got hot chips! Sahar

  • I really enjoyed the bus trips and having fun on the bus. I was doing different voice accents. I met Theo and Rhythm from Nunawading. It was a lot of fun! Brooke

  • My favourite place was Questacon and the War Memorial. It was very interesting going into the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Alexis

  • I enjoyed going to the War Memorial and learning about the stories of the soldiers.  Justine

  • My highlight was going to Questacon. There was a huge slide there and that was fun! I did it! Miriama

NWS Students:

  • I absolutely loved the wonderland of Questacon, each room with different designs and activities, with my favourite being the game room with a huge slide, tubes and more! Juni

  • I remember the Telstra Tower because of the extreme heights and the thrill of being up there, as well as the landscapes. Zackery

  • I really enjoyed the War Memorial because it showed how so many people died for our freedom. Amish

  • Canberra has been memorable moment in my life, especially Questacon, we’re it is educational and fun at the same time! Mathias

  • Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be 910 M above the sea? Well, when we went to Telstra Tower, I’m  sure everyone felt as if they were on top of the world. Spencer

  • My best time at camp was on Wednesday the 15th of May, we went to Questacon it was more like a place for you to learn more about science and i really enjoyed it. Hailey

I’m sure that the memories gained from this year’s Canberra trip will remain in the minds of our young people for years to come.  The teachers and volunteers that went to Canberra came back very tired, but richly blessed by the experience of working with our young people.  


Our students need to be affirmed for the ‘Christ-like’ manner by which they conducted themselves throughout the week; it was noted by staff at the various places we visited.


Such a trip is always a costly venture, I’d like to acknowledge the support of the Australian Government’s ‘PACER’ rebate program which helps financially support all students that take part in educational programs to our Nation’s Capital.


We thank our Heavenly Father for a week that was incident free and fun for all!


Until next year, signing off from Canberra.


Mr Nigel Eales, Ms Janet Robertson, Mrs Jasmine Keecher and Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 6 Teachers

SSV Cross Country

Red and white tape, strung up by metal poles ran along the edge of the track.  The excitement in the air radiated around the seven schools; everybody ready and eager to begin Sports Schools Victoria (SSV) Cross Country.  Nerves began to settle in as the organiser talked about the day and sent our 12 and 13 year old boys to the starting line.  Everyone cheered as the competitors took off along the path. 


This race, along with the next three, were each a staggering 3 km long.  In the first race, Filip put in a huge effort to come 12th.  Simarjit took a fall early but showing resilience, bounced back up to finish the race.  Our 12 and 13 year old girls also did it tough.  Daniella battled a sore knee and Nyamer lost her shoe, running part of the race in her sock.  The resilience of both girls shone through as they completed the race along with the rest of our team. 


Notable finishes from our 11 year old groups included Israel in 7th place for the boys, and Mireya, placing 8th, followed by Kaitlyn in 9th for the girls.  Josh had to battle right to the end to hold his position, sprinting furiously down the home stretch. 


The last two races; 9 and 10 year old boys and girls, produced even more outstanding results.  Gok and Wade both placed in the top 10; Gok coming 6th and Wade gaining that all important 10th place.  In the girls race, both Natoli and Riley brought it home for Heritage.  Natoli won 1st place by quite a significant margin, with Riley not far behind her in 5th place.  Our younger, 9 year old girls found the 2km race grueling but with encouragement from their team members, completed the race. 


With races over, the announcement of the overall winning school saw Heritage College coming 6th out of the seven who attended!  It was a stellar effort on behalf of our SSV team as they represented Heritage College.  Not only did we see resilience show through in disappointment, injury and hard work, but we saw Excellence, as everyone tried their best. Even greater, was the show of Service and Respect, with students stopping to help others or encouraging those who were racing, even if they were from a different school


A huge thank you goes also to our high school helpers, who took up marshalling positions around the track.  You represented our school with pride.  An awesome effort by Dayna and Mikayla, who had to help a boy from another school off the track when he sprained his ankle.  They took care of him until first aid help arrived, and helped to transport him back to his school group.  What a great show of Service.  We also thank our teachers, support staff and parents who came to support our school in such a great event.  With seven of our team heading off to the next round, we wait excitedly and wish each member all the best. 


Mrs Jo Capon

Attending Teacher

From the Secondary Campus

Needed for the Secondary Art Room

The Secondary Art Room is in need of newspapers and plastic bottle caps (rinsed) from drink containers of any kind.  We would love to receive any bottle caps in ziplock bags making them easy to collect.


Thank you in advance for your donations.

Mrs Sharlene Stratford

Art Teacher

From the Officer
Primary Campus

Welcome to Term 2 Information

We are very excited to be starting Term 2 at OCP with our new playground and MPC ready for use. Listed below are some key dates and information to help the transition to Term 2 be a smooth one for your family. Thank you for making a note of the dates and information that apply to your child/ren.


Uniform Term 2:

Please note the change in Sport Uniform days below:

  • Full Winter Uniform - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Sport Uniform -  Tuesday and Friday

  • Prep students wear Sport Uniform every day

Traffic Light Lunch Boxes:

  • Recess: fruit, vegetables, salad, yogurt or cheese & crackers (or other ‘green’ foods)

  • Lunch: sandwich, wrap, roll (or other savoury)

  • Water Bottle: labelled with child’s name

Thank you for continuing to provide healthy snacks and lunches for your child. We see a huge difference in their concentration and ability to learn when they have “brain food”.


Events & Special Days in Term 2:

(Reminders will be sent home closer to the dates)

  • 28th May Year 6 Transition to Secondary School Information Evening in the Library

  • 6th June School Photos

  • 14th June OC Multicultural Dress Up, Picnic and Parade

  • 24-28th June OCP Numeracy Week

  • 26th June Commonwealth Bank “Start Smart” Incursion at OCP

  • 28th June Last Day of Term 2. Please note a 12:50pm finish time.

Student Free Days

  • 31st May Student Free Day - Report Writing for Teachers

  • 10th June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

As usual, we will send home flyers and reminders as each event gets closer. Please contact us if you have any questions in relation to these events.

Multicultural Day


From the ELC

Woolworths Excursion

On Monday the children in the ELC went for a drive on Miss Ness’ bus to participate in a Woolworths discovery tour. They visited the local supermarket where upon arrival they were taken on a tour with our special host ‘Miss Jane’. After they had been shown around the fresh departments the children were invited to participate in a fun game where they got to taste some fruit and vegetables with their eyes closed. Some funny faces were pulled by the poor children who got to try the lemons! 


After everyone had had a turn of the game and a delicious fruit platter was shared the children were treated to one last thing; a visit inside the freezer! ‘It’s colder in here than the North Pole!’ many children exclaimed!


The highlight for many was the show bag and piece of fruit shared with them by Woolworths at the end of the tour (it was getting close to lunch time of course!).


This excursion will tie in with a unit on healthy eating that we have started to share with the children in the ELC. Over the coming weeks your children will be educated on making healthy balanced food choices and will set up their own supermarket in the kinder room for dramatic exploration.

Miss Loren

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