Photo: Pulling together: students enjoying the Athletics Carnival

Northcote High School Newsletter

20 March 2018
Issue Five
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Introducing new staff - Part 4
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Athletics Carnival
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Celebrating International Women's Day
Cultural excursion for Year 7 French students  
Get creative with the librray
Art Club installation
Generations in Jazz
World Poetry Day
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Teacher learning = student learning
International school visit
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For your diary

Key dates

19-21 March                                     Year 11 International Student Camp

Thursday 22 March                       School Council AGM

20-21 March                                     Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Camp

20-23 March                                     Year 8 BOHO Camp 5 - 8H & 8L

Wednesday 21 March                   Harmony Day

21 March and 27 March               Parent-Student-Teacher Conversations

26-29 March                                     Year 8 BOHO Camp 5 - 8B & 8K

Wednesday 28 March                   Year 10 Health and Safety Training

Thursday 29 March                       End term 1 - 2pm dismissal


Monday 16 April                             Term 2 commences

16-20 April                                         Year 7 Camp

Monday 30 April                              Open Morning

Saturday 5 May                               ACE program test

From the Principal

Photo: International Women's Day celebrations

Athletics Carnival

Dressed proudly in their House colours, staff and students enjoyed our annual Athletics Carnival at the Coburg Harriers Athletics Track last Wednesday. A day of spirited competition was had in near perfect conditions. A big thank you to all staff for ensuring the day ran smoothly, but in particular to our PE Staff and sport coordinator, Jack O’Shea. I have to confess to feeling a little left out – for the first time in my career I cannot show allegiance to any one House, due to the impartiality required of the Principal.


Congratulations to the winning House for taking home the trophy.

Working with our State and Federal Government

On Tuesday 13 March we had a brief visit from Ged Kearney, the now successful, Labour Federal Member for Batman. We were able to provide her with a tour of the school, and in particular, the gym and sporting facilities. We presented the business case for a Joint Use Agreement with the Darebin Council for the redevelopment of the gymnasium to increase our provision of sporting facilities for the school and community. She was suitably unimpressed by the current provision, given the size of the school, and suitably impressed by our capacity to adapt and provide the best possible experience for students, given the facilities.  Thank you to Megan Young for her clear messaging throughout the visit. We were joined by a number of the Year 12 student leaders who spoke eloquently and with pride about the features of the school that make it unique.


I also had the pleasure of dining with Hon. James Merlino, last week and took the opportunity to speak with him about the Masterplan development and our hopes for funding in the May Budget.


In both instances, it was not possible for any commitments to be made, however it is important for us to continue to make our case.

Student Mobile Phone Use

Many of families will have noticed an increased awareness about teenagers’ use of mobile phones in the media, and that some schools have banned them. I am not in favour of a blanket ban, and I certainly don’t want us to go down the line of ending up in constant conflict with students trying to ‘police’ such a policy. What I do advocate for is the use of phones as appropriate learning tools and for us as educators to provide the consistent expectations and scaffolds to ensure students are developing the skills to use their phones in productive (and not debilitating) ways. First and foremost, we should be acting as role models with the use of our phones.


Parents who are seeking ways to help students manage their mobile phone use, may wish to check out some of the applications that allow you to ‘budget’ the amount of time spent on social media, and still allow for use of the phone functions. I cannot vouch for any of these recommendations and encourage parents to conduct their own research; these may act as a starting point:

  • Offtime (iOS, Android)
  • Moment (iOS)
  • BreakFree (iOS, Android)
  • Flipd (iOS, Android)
  • AppDetox (Android)
  • Stay on Task (Android)

Victorian Global Learning Awards

The Victorian Global Learning Awards are scheduled to occur on 14 June 2018. We are delighted to announce that we are finalists in two categories:

  • Excellence in Global Learning Award – for cumulative work in the international arena including: our successful International Student Program, our involvement in the Victorian Young Leaders to China program, hosting Chinese school staff delegations through RMIT, for being the first government school to deliver VCE offshore, and for our sister schools relationships.
  • Year 12 Arts Achievement (Visual Arts) Award – for the work of Ai-Ai Eos Ku

 Members of our school community have been interviewed and filmed as part of the final entry. 

International Women’s Day (Week)!

I was truly impressed by both the small and significant ways the students (and staff) found to celebrate and raise the profile of women, to mark International Women’s Day. A special thank you is extended to Kirby Mackrill for her work in leading the celebrations, in conjunction with many of the Year 12 Student Leaders. 


We introduced a new award for inspirational women in our community – the IWD – Fiona Richardson Award. This year we presented it to Jane Lange for her pioneering work in AFLW. Congratulations, Jane.

Alumni – Class of 1955 Lunch


On Wednesday 14 March I joined Kate Morris and Kate Challis for lunch at the annual Class of ’55 luncheon. It was great to hear and see the relationship Kate Morris has with the Alumni, and I hope to quickly establish the same. I enjoyed hearing the stories of times gone by, and about the interesting and variously successful lives of those who have gone before. I also had the pleasure to meet former principal (and school Historian) Gary Israel. I eagerly anticipate learning more about our heritage over the coming months and years.


Back - left to right
Tony Shallcross, Jan Treadwell, Andy Treadwell, Kevin Maguire, Arthur Coombs, Gary Israel, Peter Tsitas, Bill Newell

Front – left to right
Norma Shallcross, Nada Cunningham, Lyla Maguire, Kate Morris, Sue, Ken Cunningham

Data Day – the Third of our Four Professional Learning Days for the Year

As you know government schools are allocated four pupil free professional learning days for the year. We successfully utilised two of the four on the first two days of the year, setting ourselves up for the best possible start with students. We strategically use the third day early in the year (this year on Friday 9 March) to give staff the time to examine and reflect on student data sets. The purpose of day was for staff to develop a deep understanding of their students and their learning needs, so that they are more able to meet them.


I had the pleasure of delivering a keynote address on formative assessment and we provided opportunities for staff to learn techniques from each other. The feedback from staff  was extremely positive. See the article in this newsletter for a report of the day.

School Council AGM

Annual General Meeting - The Future of Maths Education

We invite you to our Keynote presentation at the Annual General Meeting of School Council on Thursday 22 March, 2018


6.00 – 6.15 pm            Mingling and nibbles

6.15 – 6.45 pm            Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah (MGSE)

                                         Role of mathematics in the future: The future of maths education + Q & A

6.45 – 7.15 pm            Sue Harrap – Presentation of the Annual Report + Q & A

7.20 – 8.00 pm            AGM for the new School Council, and Election of Office Bearers


I encourage families to attend, if not for the whole evening, at least the Keynote presentation. Please put it in your calendar.


Sue Harrap

Introducing new staff - Part 4

Photo: Newly appointed staff 2018 at Induction

Michael Thorburn

Michael has spent the last four years at Auburn High School, both as an English, EAL and Humanities teacher, as well as an Assistant Year-Level Coordinator. Before that, he spent two years teaching at Buckley Park College after finishing his Masters of Teaching degree. Australia is the third country he has called home in the last decade, having grown up in Toronto, Canada and then moving to Taipei, Taiwan to teach ESL after finishing English Literature.


Michael has had a variety of unique jobs before teaching, ranging from firing cannons as a historical interpreter to being in the background band of a Hilary Duff TV movie. In the last few years, he has also been lucky enough to travel extensively, visiting family in Canada, watching the sun rise over Cinque Terre, and winning an outdoor ice hockey tournament 3,500 metres up in the Himalayas.


NHS is about four times the size of Michael's previous school, and he is really looking forward to meeting the much larger school community, teaching a unique and diverse group of students and seeing how he can contribute to the wide range of co-curricular programs here.

Alora Young

Alora Young is composed primarily of black tea. When she was studying Writing and Literature at California College of the Arts, she arrived at seminars with a to-go mug of tea clenched in one fist and a can of Coca-Cola in the other. By the time she got to the Masters of Teaching at the University of Melbourne, she had abandoned the corn-syrup-death-concoction, but was rarely seen without a cup of tea. Once, when she was 15, she read that her favourite author becomes so absorbed in writing that she accidentally makes cups of tea for her characters. Alora knows how each of her own characters takes their tea. She has ruined many of her zines and handbound notebooks by spilling tea all over them. On her short-lived YouTube film review channel, there was a cup of tea in the background of every review. If she doesn’t have a cup of tea in class, her students (who call her “Young” instead of “Miss”) ask if something is wrong, because she always has tea. She is extremely excited to select teas that match the texts she is teaching at Northcote, which will soothe her nerves about teaching Media for the first time since the MTeach. She wonders how her new colleagues take their tea, how far the nearest kettle will be from her desk, and, especially, how many cups of tea it will take before she learns all of the processes and procedures of a school that is brand new to her.

Yongzhong Zhu

Yongzhong was born in China a long time ago and migrated to Australia in 2007.


He taught English as a second language to university students in China for four years. After his arrival in Melbourne, he worked for a telco for several years before his passion for teaching drove him back to study. He obtained his Australian teaching qualification in 2015 with LOTE (Chinese) and EAL as his two teaching areas.


Yongzhong joined Charles La Trobe College at the start of 2016, teaching EAL and Chinese. In 2017, he was teaching Chinese to a wide range of students, from Prep to Year 10. As the sole teacher at the school, he was responsible for developing the Chinese Curriculum and organising any cultural events related to the Chinese program.


Yongzhong most looks forward to closely collaborating with colleagues in the Language Department at NHS to deliver an enjoyable and challenging language learning experience for students at NHS. He also looks forward to working together with students enrolled in Chinese to achieve excellence in learning. He looks forward to learning about the history of the school and its role in the local community over many years.


Personal interests: Tennis, Photography & globe-trotting.

Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

Year 10 Careers Workshops

Our Year 10 students participated in their annual Careers Day last Thursday. The event began with Callum Preston talking about his journey as a passionate and successful freelance artist, and how he has navigated what others often see as a risky choice of career. Regardless of their career aspirations, Callum’s words offered outstanding advice for anyone who is thinking about their future in a changing world of work. Jesse Viney (NHS 2016) then provided the audience with a refreshingly honest and thoughtful account from the perspective of someone whose career journey has really just begun. His insight into what he could have done differently during his schooling and what still lies ahead provided our students with many useful tips for their own decision making.

After a few additional pointers from our Careers Practitioner, students then broke into smaller groups to participate in two of eighteen sessions, led by guest speakers from a wide variety of career areas. They all spoke about their own career journeys and led a short activity that highlighted an aspect of their work.


A larger proportion of our guests came from within our own parent community this time around, which was terrific, as we know the students get so much more out of hearing from people they know to be “real”. It is also a testament to the relationships between NHS families and the school that so many people are willing to engage so willingly with the school’s programs. We hope more parents will join us for future events like this. Many new and interesting conversations were started today, and all of them will lead to better outcomes for our young people.


The following people generously donated their time, energy and expertise to prepare for and deliver thought-provoking and interactive sessions for our students; and for that we thank them sincerely.


A Day at Melbourne

9.00am – 3.30pm, Friday 6th April 2018
Location: Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne


A Day at Melbourne offers the opportunity to find out about all aspects of life and study at the University of Melbourne.

This event is ideal for domestic and international students in Years 10-12 who have started to think about what they would like to study and are looking for more specific information. University and Faculty staff will be available on the day to answer individual questions.


Important dates for Year 12 VTAC Students


Work Experience for Year 10s

Visit the myNorthcoteHigh Careers page for more information and tips on finding a placement. All the forms you need can be downloaded there as well -


ADF Gap Year applications for 2019 have opened

A unique opportunity for young people to try out a career in Navy, Army or Air Force and get a feel for a military life without committing for a longer period.


Through an ADF Gap Year they'll:

  • Gain valuable skills and work experience
  • Enjoy a great salary package plus free healthcare
  • Live a varied, active and healthy lifestyle
  • Make friends with like-minded people
  • Get the opportunity to see more of Australia

In 2019 there are 14 roles to choose from ranging from admin to artillery and even flight crew, plus this year 30 Army Officer roles are on offer - places are limited.

Closing dates are driven by demand and may close sooner than listed.  Apply at: 



  • Australian citizen
  • Aged between 18 and 24 years on admission
  • Year 12 completion (required passes vary by job)

Watch Gap Year videos

Hear all about it from Gap Year members, as they tell us their experience.


Keeper for a Day Holiday Program

Students might like to consider participating in the Werribee Open Range Zoo Keeper for a Day program taking place during these upcoming Easter holidays.


Heading behind-the-scenes, students will get a hands-on experience of what it is like to work as a zoo keeper, taking part in the many duties the keepers undertake on a daily basis, including animal enrichment and exhibit maintenance.  Students will also get to see the animals up close, speak with the keepers about their jobs and experience, and head on a special safari tour across the savannah.


Bookings are essential and should be made by calling 1300 966 784.  For more information about the Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Keeper for a Day program visit Werribee

Melbourne Career Expo

The Melbourne Career Expo, sponsored by SpotJobs, showcases over 150 Universities, TAFE's, Registered Training Organisations and employment opportunities in an exciting, interactive and informative format. 


The expo offers FREE career advice, free resume checking, inspiring and informative industry panels, employment opportunities, interactive training demonstrations and exhibits, free seminars and a wealth of information and opportunities for further study within the private education sector, TAFE's and Universities.


The event will be held on Friday 20th July - Sunday 22nd July 2018 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 2 Clarendon Street, Southbank.


Free entry is available to Northcote High School students and teachers on Friday 20th July 2018, using the e-ticket below. For more information, see


Experience clever

Experience Clever at La Trobe is designed especially for Year 10, 11 and 12 students to get a taste of what it is like to be a university student for a day and get the inside scoop on what really happens after high school.  Students may participate in interactive workshops of their choice, as well as lectures and seminars, and find out about student life.   University students and staff will be there to help participants out and answer any questions that might arise.  Experience Clever is a free event - with lunch and entertainment provided! 

Date:               Friday 6 April 2018

Time:              9.00am – 4.30pm

Venue:           Melbourne Campus


Visit and register at Experience Clever at La Trobe

Angliss Experiences - School Holiday Program

Spend a day out at Angliss, getting a taste of courses and careers in our speciality areas.  A catered lunch will be provided on the day!


Spaces for the April sessions are strictly limited, so be sure to book in early.  Both sessions will take place at William Angliss Institute, 555 La Trobe Street in Melbourne.


Date:               Thursday 5 April 2018
Theme:          Food Day - an opportunity to experience cookery, patisserie and food
                          science workshops

Cost:                $15


Register at Angliss Experience - Food


Date:               Wednesday 11 April 2018

Theme:            Hospitality, Events & Tourism - students will experience elements of
                           the tourism, hospitality and events industries, with workshops
                           including event styling, beverage making, and flight attending

Cost:                $10


Register at Angliss Experience - Hospitality, Events & Tourism

Tuckwell Scholarship

Australian National University (ANU) launched the Tuckwell Scholarship Program in 2013.  Receiving a Tuckwell Scholarship – valued at over $21,000 per year for the length of an undergraduate degree - is not just about a students’ intellect. It is also about their desire and determination to use their natural abilities to realise their full potential so that they can make a difference in the world.  All up one could say, this is no ordinary scholarship!


So, Tuckwell Scholar students will receive:

  • $21,700 per annum (2016 rate) (increasing with inflation) for each year of their degree, for up to five years, to cover on-campus residential costs, books and general living expenses
  • priority access guaranteed to ANU-approved student accommodation
  • an annual allowance of up to $2,000 to assist with their move to Canberra and to support two annual return journeys (e.g. airfares) between their home and the University for each year of their degree. The allowance will be dependent on the proximity of their family home to ANU.
  • a domestic economy return airfare, or other transport costs, for their parents to visit at the start of the program, and
  • an ANU Sports Centre membership for the length of their degree.

Scholarships are awarded based on four criteria:

Key dates for the Tuckwell Scholarship application process for students in Year 12 in 2018 are now available!

5 March 2018           Stage 1 Applications open

22 March 2018        Stage 1 Applications due: 3:00pm (AEDT)

28 March 2018        Teacher Referee forms due: 3:00pm (AEDT)

24 April 2018           Shortlisted applicants notified and invited to complete Stage 2 application

11 May 2018            Stage 2 Applications due: 3:00pm (AEST)

17 May 2018            Stage 2 Principal Referee form due: 3:00pm (AEST)

13 June 2018          Candidates notified of interview shortlist decision

6 – 8 July 2018        Stage 3 Interview Weekend (ANU, Canberra)


For more information about the Tuckwell Scholarship Program visit Tuckwell Scholarship and Applying for the Tuckwell Scholarship.


Year 12 students should note that applications to sit the UMAT2018 are now open and registrations close on Friday 1 June 2018 at 5.00pm sharp!  The UMAT2018 will be held on Wednesday 25 July 2018, and the results will be available mid-September 2018.  Students should also note that results from UMAT2018 can only be used for undergraduate medicine or health science courses beginning in 2019 but not 2019.  Students should not register for UMAT2018 unless they are planning to apply for a course commencing in 2019 and they meet the eligibility criteria specified in the UMAT2018 Information Booklet and online. 

For more information, and/or to apply visit UMAT2018.


International students sit the ISAT rather than the UMAT - Visit ISAT to find out more, or to apply! If your PR status is likely to change, you may wish to sit both tests.

Parent Student Teacher Conversations

Reflecting on Learning

Parent Student Teacher Conversations are this Wednesday, 21 March, and next Tuesday, 27 March.  On both days, normal classes will run for periods 1-3, then students will be dismissed to enable them to attend the Conversations. Bookings (via Compass) opened last week, and some spaces are still available. 


On the morning of the Conversations, please check your Compass Newsfeed: a message will be sent to families to alert you of any last-minute teacher absences. This Newsfeed will also indicate teacher locations for the interviews.  On arrival at the school, you can also check in at reception to collect a map of interview locations. Staff will be on hand to provide assistance. 


We look forward to seeing all families here for the Conversations. They are an excellent opportunity for your child to reflect on their learning and to seek feedback from their teachers on their progress. 

Tips and Tools for Parents from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and Professor John Hattie

How is Jane or Johnny going? What you should really be asking at parent-teacher night …
Parent-teacher night can be an awkward evening but you’ll really impress  your child’s teacher (or possibly embarrass your child) if you focus on these issues:

  • Rather than only asking about your child’s mark or test scores, ask the teacher how your child has improved, and how their learning can progress further
  • Ask about your child’s strengths, and how they can be enhanced
  • Ask which areas of the subject are most challenging for your child, and how the teacher is addressing that
  • Focus on your child’s learning growth and progression rather than whether they’re getting an A, B, C or D
  • Ask about your child’s attitude to learning in general
  • Ask if your child is engaged in class and whether they appear to enjoy the subject
  • Ask the teacher how they assess what your child is ready to learn in each lesson
  • Ask how much and what sort of feedback they give your child
  • Do they regularly do formative assessment in class, to get a regular snapshot of your child’s learning needs and to make sure they’re following and progressing?
  • Does the teacher assess his or her own teaching methods and whether they are working for your child and others?
  • Does the teacher outline learning goals and expected outcomes at the start of each lesson, so the students have a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve?
  • How does the teacher cater for children of different ability in the class?
  • In general a focus on learning, rather than test scores, will show your child that they are in a family that values education and learning

Athletics Carnival

Record participation

On Wednesday March 14  Northcote held our Athletics Carnival.  This is the largest sporting carnival for the year and was a big success.  With a change of venue, we found many students taking the opportunity to make good use of the Merri Creek bike track as a means of getting to the venue. Feedback from parents was that this was a positive healthy alternative.  


The weather was kind to us with a mild day allowing athletes and spectators to enjoy the carnival just that little bit more.  Participation for events across the board was at its highest and the day was well attended by the school community.


Many thanks to our staff and student helpers who made the day run seamlessly. Thank you to our students, spectators and participants for making this day such a big success. The final results of the overall winning houses will be revealed during Daily Connect this week via our sports captains. Well done to all involved.

Sports News

Photo: Year 7 boys Baseball team

Divisional Swimming

Thursday 15th of March saw our swimmers compete in the Divisional Swimming competition.  With 60 team members attending we had a very successful day in the pool. All  swimmers who received first place in any event will move through to the Regional Competition on 28th March.  Congratulations to all of our participants who gave their all during the competition. Thank you to staff, Sports Captains and our VET Sport and Rec students for helping out on the day.

Yr 9/10 Regional Cricket

In the Yr 9 /10 Regional Finals we had a great day – only losing to Montmorency by 1 run off the last ball of the innings. We beat Brunswick by 30 runs. Against Mt Ridley we made 150 off 12 overs winning by 70 runs.  Alex Johnston made a spectacular score of 94 in this match. It was fun to be out with a great tea who although disappointed did themselves and the school credit. You can’t win them all. 


Mr Price

Senior Divisional Volleyball

Congratulations to our VCE Volleyball teams who competed in the Divisional Competition on March 6.  After some very close competitive matches, our boys team came away with a win against William Ruthven but were defeated by Reservoir and Thornbury. The boys matches were exciting to watch with a hard hitting and fast pace. They should be congratulated for their sportsmanship throughout the day.


Our girls cruised through the day winning all of the matches in their pool which qualified them to compete in the final against St Johns. Northcote came out strong and continued to do so throughout the whole match to become Division Winners. They now move through to Regionals which is to be played on April 26.


 A big thank you to our Students Chloe Pattas and Mila Dimkovska who helped us out with umpiring matches throughout the day.

Year 7 Baseball

On Tuesday 13th March fresh from a long weekend our Year 7 Baseball team shipped over to Mill Park to play Thornbury in a battle of wills. After a blistering start with two shut out innings and Ten runs our team pumped the brakes in order to encourage a sportsperson-like game. By the end we finished with a score of 19 to 7.


Special thanks to our student coach assistants Luka Craven and Albert Goodwin  and a big congratulations for the team.


Mr Ashton

Coming up

March 20 : Yr 9/10 Divisional Volleyball

March 22: Yr 7 Divisional Volleyball, Yr 7 Divisional Tennis

March 26: Yr 8 Divisional Volleyball

March 28: Regional Swimming

Celebrating International Women's Day

Photo: A sell out International Women's Day bake sale

Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day with a week of celebrations, organised and led by students of the Feminist Collective (FemCo).


On Monday we held a discussion panel about on the topic of women in various industries and how we can #PressForProgress. We were joined by Lidia Thorpe (Greens MP for Northcote), Jane Lange (AFLW Melbourne Assistant Coach, Darebin Falcons Senior Coach, Teacher), Cheryl Durongpisitkul (Jazz musician), and Elyse McInerney (International Women’s Development Agency), and the discussion was facilitated by year 12 student Eva Jorden.


On Tuesday we had the third annual installation of Herstory Hackathon – an event where students become Wikipedia editors, research and write an article about a notable woman, and upload it to Wikipedia. Currently only 1 in 5 Wikipedia editors are female, and there is a gender imbalance in the representation of historic and notable figures so this event is all about striving for equality in the way our history is recorded!


Wednesday was casual clothes day with the theme of Dress to Express. Students were encouraged to dress in a way that they feel best expresses their individuality, incorporating purple, the official colour of International Women’s Day. This was a gold coin donation event and all funds raised go to supporting the International Women’s Development Agency (


There was also a bake sale happening at lunchtime, with everything selling out in possibly a record 10 minutes!


Thursday was the official International Women’s Day. At lunchtime we held the inaugural Fiona Richardson Award ceremony for an inspirational and influential female in our community who has contributed to the progress of women and girls. The recipient of the award was Jane Lange for her work in football for women and girls, as well as her contribution as a teacher at Northcote High School. This was followed by a wonderful musical performance by several of our own students, a lovely way to finish the week.


Throughout the week, students worked on writing a message about an inspirational woman in their life (there were a lot of mother’s, sisters and grandmothers making the list!) which became a part of an art piece located in the library. Jaymie Metcalf, Finbarr Drinan, the Art Club students, and FemCo students worked hard to build the interactive and textural piece. This art piece will be in the library for the remainder of the term so if you haven’t yet seen it and you get a chance, please come and take a look.


All in all, a massive $1611 was raised across the week which goes to supporting international and local programs supporting the development of rights and conditions for women and girls in various communities through the International Women’s Development Agency.

Cultural excursion for Year 7 French students

Photo: Year 7 French Film Festival visit

French Film Festival

On Thursday March 15, all the Year 7 French students went to the Westgarth cinema to Watch “Belle and Sébastien”, a French movie shown during the French Film Festival.  Each year we take Year Seven students to see a film at the festival as a way of engaging students in the cultural aspects of the language.


The movie was in French with English subtitles and students were able to recognise some of the words and phrases they have learnt this year. It was also an interesting insight into the life of French shepherds just after World War 2 in the Pyrenean Mountains on the border of Spain. The landscapes shown in the movie were breathtaking and the students, of course loved the star of the film, the dog.

Get creative with the librray

Photo: Poster designed by Hangsam Nembang (8E)

Library Bookmark Design Challenge 2018

The Library and the Art Committee are inviting all students to submit their design for our second bookmark design challenge!

  • Entries close  Friday 20th April 2018 at 3.30pm

For more information, please see Ms Stewart in The Art Hub C block or Ms Tripp in the Library.

Poetry Workshop: Postcards, Still Life with Fruits

A one-hour poetry workshop where you will read poetry, write poetry, and contemplate a bowl of fruits.  Open to all year levels, from beginners through to dedicated poets.


Friday 23/3   P4  in the Library

Bookings essential: Library Desk, cost $10.00. 


Research help for SACs and assignments

The library has created a set of help pages for students, with information and website links to help them to:

  • Find information using the web, the John Cain library and more
  • Select good quality information 
  • Acknowledge and reference sources
  • Follow copyright rules

These pages are available in MyNorthcoteHigh at

WANTED - 2018 Inky Awards Judges!

If you love reading, talking about books and debating what makes a great book, then apply now to be a 2018 Inky Awards Judge!


What does an Inky Awards Judge do?

  • Reads all 20 longlisted books  (which you get to keep) within three months (from late April to mid-July).
  • In consultation with the other judges, selects the shortlist of 10 books.
  • Acts as a champion for the Inky Awards. This means being willing and able to do public speaking events (at your school, at a festival...), responding quickly to media requests, and encouraging your peers to vote in the Awards, both in person and on social media.
  • Write 3-4 posts for the new Inside a Dog website (to be launched in April 2018).


For more information, see the Inside A Dog website:  

Return or renew library books

With the end of term approaching, we will be reminding students to return or renew their overdue library books.


Self service options are available on the library webpage so that students can manage their borrowing from anywhere. Students can log in to the library website ( with their Compass details to check on their loans, renew items and place reserves for books they want to borrow.


Art Club installation

Art installation for International Women’s Day

Northcote High School Art Club and Fem Co were asked to create an art installation to celebrate International Women’s day at Northcote High School . We designed a tunnel made of garden arches and chicken wire.


Students and staff were then asked to write a few words on multi coloured tags expressing their admiration for a woman who has made a difference in their lives.


These tags were then tied to ceiling and walls of the Arches for people to view as a whole but also to read individually.


We encouraged everyone to participate in the ritual of walking through the Arches and experiencing the positive physicality of what these messages conveyed.



Finbarr Drinan

Jaymie Metcalf

Generations in Jazz

Photo: NHS students performing in 2017

The history of Jazz music stretches back to places like New Orleans and New York, but its influence is felt globally. One of Australia's best places to experience Jazz is at Mount Gambier, in South Australia’s Limestone Coast, due to an annual event called Generations in Jazz. This event on a farm, in the middle of a muddy cow paddock, accommodates  5000 of Australia's most talented jazz musicians along with jazz legends of today. Past guests have been Big Phat Band, Willie Murillo, Wycliffe Gordon, Marian Petrescu and Jazzmeia Horn. This years line up includes James Morrison, Jeff Clayton, Patti Austen and The Cat Empire (featuring our very own trombone teacher Kieran Conrau). 


There are three main components to the festival: The City of Mount Gambier Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Awards, The James Morrison Jazz Scholarship and the Saturday Night Entertainment. Over the past 10 years Northcote has participated in this festival and will again when two bands and a vocal ensemble travel to Mount Gambier on May 4th. 


Last year two of our alumni students received awards for demonstrating outstanding Jazz skills. 


2017 James Morrison Jazz Scholarship Winner

  • Flora Carbo, Alto Saxophone (NHS Alumni 2015)

Pat Corrigan Future Finalist Award

  • Callum Mintzis – Trombone – Northcote High School (NHS Alumni 2017)


Generations in Jazz (GIJ) is open to the public, and is a great weekend away so come  along to the largest Jazz Festival in the Southern Hemisphere. 

World Poetry Day

UNESCO World Poetry Day events 19 - 23 March

In celebration of World Poetry Day on Wednesday 21 March, a series of events will be held this week to celebrate the art of poetry:


Poetry Competition  – using the theme Change

Poems can be submitted (name and year level) at the library desk by Friday 23rd March 3.30pm  -  prizes to be won


Listen to the space …. all week poems will be in the air!


Thursday 22 March   -  Book Art   - lunch time workshop in the Library

Book folding, repurposing and blackout poetry workshop with Young and Ms Stewart


Friday 23 March     Poetry Slam  - lunch time performances in the Library  

Ms Wilson and the Slammers


Friday P4 -   Poetry Writing Workshop  with  Marjan Mossammaparast  - Published poet and teacher  

Book at the library desk, only 20 places available so get in early.  Cost $10.00


Cultural Diversity Week

This week marks Cultural Diversity Week and Harmony Day.


Cultural Diversity Week is Victoria’s largest multicultural celebration, featuring an exciting program of festivals and events across metropolitan and regional areas. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values.

  • Today, almost half of Victorians were either born overseas or have at least one parent who was born overseas.
  • We come from 200 countries, speak over 260 languages and follow more than 130 different faiths.

Activities planned for this week include:

  • Daily Connect activities to highlight the importance of cultural diversity in our community.
  • On Tuesday we are attempting a project involving some year 7’s and a drone.
  • On Friday during lunchtime the Melbourne Djembe Drummers will be getting the students involved in drumming and dancing in the courtyard area.

Another Top Designs Student!

Photo: Thien Nguyen's desktop greenhouse

On Friday the principal and some staff from the Design Faculty attended the impressive launch of Top Designs at Melbourne Museum.

Thien Nguyen, one of our international students, is the third Northcote High School student in three years to be selected for the prestigious and high profile exhibition. We also had two other students, Sasha Sweatman and Iain Soumitri, shortlisted which is an amazing achievement!

The keynote speakers at the event, including Chief Executive Officer of the VCAA, Dr David Howes, all praised the high quality VCE work on display and underlined the importance of innovation and creativity in creating more sustainable and thoughtful environments, products and services for the future.


This was certainly true of Thein’s work, a desktop greenhouse, that helped to address issues faced by higher density living in the metropolitan areas. Thien worked closely with staff at the EnviroShop on Northcote High Street when developing his product. Inspired by futuristic architecture, it was designed using Computer Aided Design software and 3D printed in multiple parts at school before Thien spent hours sanding and painting them to perfection. Well done Thein, a great effort and a fantastic example of the challenging, complex and innovative work produced by students every day in the Design Faculty.



Peter Murphy

Head of Design Faculty

Hands-on learning

Senior VCAL Veggie Patch

VCAL is the Victorian certificate of Applied Learning, a hands on option for students in Year 11 and 12. Giving students practical Work Related experience, as well as Literacy and Numeracy skills and the opportunity to build personal skills that are important for life and work environments.



The Veggie Patch watering system is situated outside the Food rooms to help grow fresh herbs and vegetables for the Food Technology classes.



The students came together to plan and prepare for the installation of the irrigation system to begin on Monday 26 February. Each student had their own part to play in the preparation, making the process a lot faster.



With a budget of $200, the students researched and obtained prices for materials needed for the installation. During the planning, the students in the class had to measure the perimeter of the Veggie Patch boxes, to ensure the correct amount of drip pipe and materials were bought over the weekend by Rohan Bevan.

On Monday 26 February, during periods 2 and 3, the students put together the irrigation system as a team. During the installation, photos were taken and everyone's role was recorded to make sure everyone contributed to the completion.

In conclusion to installing the irrigation system, the Year 12s also had to plan, design and prepare the project. We will continue to monitor the irrigation system over the coming months to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Written by Eva, Bianca (Senior VCAL)

Student fundraising

Raising money for the Children's Cancer Foundation

Year 11 student Samuel Stephens is taking part in the Murray to Moyne bike ride to help raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation. The Children's Cancer Foundation enables children with cancer to access the world's best treatment and support and to build awareness of childhood cancer in the community and within governments. They do this through family support, clinical care, clinical research and project funding.


Samuel received the support of the Children's Cancer Centre and the Royal Children's Hospital during his childhood and would like to give back by raising money through this ride.


To donate visit: 

Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal!

Peer Support Leaders Fundraiser for the

Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal!

  • Final Day of Term 29th of March
  • Casual Day Gold Coin Donation
  • Sausage Sizzle
  • Bake Sale
  • Give that they may grow!

Learning about safety online

Photo: Year 7's with Project Rockit

DotCom workshop

Recently the Year Sevens participated in a whole-day cyberbullying workshop. Hosted by Project Rockit, the DotCom workshop was a fun and interesting activity.


During the workshop we learnt what to do if you’re being cyberbullied and how to reach out for help. We also talked about how to be safe online and on social media.


The most enjoyable part of the day was throwing a giant beach ball around the room. Our hosts gave it to one person in the room and he passed it on to everyone. This ended up being a metaphor for the hosts' private information. This taught us how easily and quickly information can pass on to each other and not to share private things online. 

Project Rockit was created in 2006 by two Australian sisters, Rosie and Lucy Thomas. They saw the opportunity to make social change by confronting cyberbullying.


“We believe in a world where kindness and respect thrive over bullying,

hate and prejudice and all young people are free to realise their potential.”

Quote from Rosie and Lucy Thomas


We feel that Project Rockit did an amazing job, as this was a hard topic to talk about. They spoke about it in an engaging way using loud music and games. Our hosts knew their target audience and spoke in a way that we could understand and enjoy.


We know we speak for everyone when we say that we all enjoyed the Dot Com workshop and we would recommend this to all future year sevens.


By Bella Lee-Archer and Esther MacIsaac (with help from Tara Healy)

Teacher learning = student learning

Data Day

On Friday 9th March, Northcote High School teachers participated in our annual ‘Data Day’ Professional Learning to investigate where our learners are at and how to assist them in their learning progress.


Teachers used the rich data sets available to them (from Grade 6 testing through to VCE data) to compare with their formative (in class) assessments in order to identify the ‘next steps for learning’ for each student.


Sue Harrap, our new Principal, gave a keynote presentation to staff on Formative Assessment methodologies and teachers then shared best practice experiences. These professional learning activities are an important opportunity for teachers to collaborate and learn with and from each other with the aim of improving outcomes for all students.


Sean Butler

Assistant Principal

International school visit

As part of Northcote High School’s commitment to internationalising education and intercultural exchange, on Friday 16th March, we welcomed students and teachers from an Indonesian school during their social and cultural tour of Australia. 


Events alert

Photo: The 2017 Writers' Talkfest

Writers' TalkFest: a great author line-up

The annual NHS TalkFest is back with another incredible line up of writers!


In 2018, the theme of the evening is Writing Violence and we are thrilled to announce the panel:


Helen Garner: multiple award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction

Andy Griffiths: much loved author of best-selling books for kids

Sofie Laguna: winner of the 2015 Miles Franklin Award; longlisted for the 2018 Stella Prize

Jock Serong: winner of the 2015 Ned Kelly Award for best First Crime Nove

Hosted by Clare Wright, historian, author, broadcaster and NHS parent.


Proudly sponsored by The Stella Prize, with books on sale on the night through Fairfield Books.  Door prizes, wine, author signings.  All proceeds go to student-run clubs and projects, including Feminist Collective and Writers’ Club, via the Northcote Thrive Inspire fund.  This event is open to parents, students, families and community members.  Bring your book club!


Thursday 10 May, 7.15pm for a 7.30 start

Northcote High School - Olver Hall


Book your tickets NOW via 

This event always sell out quickly.

Friends of Performing Arts Quiz night


Love sewing? New club opportunity

Needle and Thread Collective

Are you interested in fashion, love to sew or need textiles homework help? Do you have your
Tuesday lunchtimes free? If so, come to the new sewing club, Needle and Thread Collective!
Learn new techniques, meet new people, and get involved with fashion-focussed opportunities.
Welcome to all year levels and people!

Pictured here are Year 8s Ivy, Xavie and Emma, who have all made the dresses they are wearing, and are some of the people behind Needle and Thread Collective.


Community notices

Upcoming opportunities for VCE students: Ready Set Design and Study Skills 101

The SNAP team is pleased to offer senior students the opportunity to participate in two upcoming I Belong programs, both held during the April school holidays at RMIT’s City campus.


Ready Set Design
Now in its seventh year, Ready Set Design is a series of three workshops for students in Year 11 and 12 where they can learn about careers and tertiary programs in design, develop their folio, and practice their interview and presentation skills.


Workshops are held in the April, July and September school holidays. We recommend that students attend all three sessions to get the most out Ready Set Design.

Registrations are now open for Workshop 1 (Design Bytes), which will be held on Wednesday 11 April


Study Skills 101
This workshop, held on Thursday 12 April will offer current VCE students strategies to approach their exams and assessments with confidence. The session will cover the differences between studying at high school and university and how to deal with procrastination, as well as tips on writing essays under exam conditions.


To register their attendance, students must visit the Eventbrite page, select the session/s they wish to attend, and provide their details. Students aged under 18 years of age will also need to return a consent form signed by their parent or carer. 

Austswim Certified course

This course offers a kick-start to a unique and gratifying career with great earning potential. Swim Teaching is an enjoyable part-time job that offers flexible hours.


School Crossing Supervisor of the Year Awards

Every two years, School Crossings Victoria, holds an awards night to honour the dedication and hard work put into the Community by School Crossing Supervisors from all over the state.


Nominations for the 2018 Award can be made using the form below. Nominations close on Friday 25th May 2018.


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