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28 March 2018
Term 1 Week 9 2018
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


Wednesday, 28th March

Last Day Term 1

Finish 12:50pm


Thursday, 29th March

Curriculum Development & PD Day


Sunday, 1st April

Daylight Savings Ends


Monday, 16th April

First Day Term 2


16th - 20th April

Year 6 Canberra Trip


Friday, 20th April

Legacy Day



Tuesday, 24th April

Year 6 Transition to Secondary Info Night

Secondary Cross Country


Wednesday, 25th April

ANZAC Day - No School

Administrative Professionals Day


Thursday, 26th April



Friday, 27th April

Primary Cross Country Carnival

School Fees Due

General Information

Canteen Update

Canteen Update

Term 1 has seen some really great progress with fitting out and resourcing our new canteen spaces. Mrs Wawruszak has invested hours of her time cleaning, remodelling, researching and preparing for our new Canteen Launch. She has also been busily designing a new canteen menu for our children to sample. There is just one last piece to the puzzle to complete the transformation and then our canteen will be open for business.


Term 2 Week 2

  • Canteen Tasting Days
  • NWS Tuesday and OC Wednesday
  • Students will be able to bring their own lunch from home but also have the opportunity to try some tasty free samples from the new canteen menu at lunchtime.

Term 2 Week 3

  • Canteen is Open for business

Be inspired by the experiences of Canobolas Rural Technology High School.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

The SWEET Truth About Easter

These candies tell a story~


the best news you’ll ever hear.
~It’s about Jesus dying on the cross
so that we could be brought near.
So hold them and turn them and you will see…
the “M” become a “W”an “E” and then a “3”
The “E” stands for… Easter….
God’s everlasting love and His eternal plan.
It reminds us of the cross
and the way God rescued sinful man
The “3” represent the 3 days Jesus spent in the grave….
By His death, His children He did save
The “M” reminds us of the mercy the Messiah showed
as He died in our place.
and the miracle of the resurrection
so we can see Him face to face.
The “W” reminds us… that He alone
is worthy of our worship and praise
and calls us to be His witnesses
around the world for all of our days.


Ladies and gentlemen, here is just a little summary of what is happening with Marketing for Heritage College in 2018.  
Massive Advertising Campaign
‘Your values Shape your Future’ is the caption that you will see advertised over the next several months.  Heritage College has always been a place where staff infuse values into the curriculum and into college events and also with our focus on PB4L where Excellence, Resilience, Respect and Service are paramount - this campaign theme suits us perfectly!


Heritage College is combining with Nunawading Christian College and Edinburgh College to start a massive marketing campaign across our Seventh-day Adventist Colleges with this unified theme.  


Below are some of the images that have been created for Nunawading Christian College.  Similar images will be designed with Heritage College students and colours over the next few weeks. A photo shoot has taken place and designs will be released early next term.   

Thanks also to all those who have had their back windows measured for a car sticker advertising the College.  These stickers will be ready for release early next term because we need to add our new campaign to the stickers.  Watch this space for our exciting new journey.


Mr Sonny Aiono


Entertainment Book Fundraiser


From the School Captains

As we come to the end of a busy term, and head into the Easter holidays we need to remember the importance of rest. All the trials and tribulations we may have faced in this first quarter of the year can make us truly appreciate the holidays we have been blessed with. It is important for us to take a break from our regular life and focus on the restoration of the body, mind and soul. Given that our holidays begin over the Easter long weekend - a holiday for both students and working adults - we encourage everyone to ensure that this time is utilised to give ourselves the well-deserved rest. Resting can be different for every individual - some may enjoy sleeping in, others may simply enjoy the fact that they don’t have to worry about going to work on Friday or Monday.


Considering that our Easter weekend remembers and celebrates the ultimate sacrifice that God has made for us, when he sent his Son on the cross to die for our sins, we also encourage everyone to show gratitude to God for everything he has done. He was the creator of everything, including the entire concept of rest. We all know the story of Creation, in which God rested on the seventh day to reflect back on his work. While as Christians, we do this once a week, we additionally have the privilege to have an extended period of rest over the Easter weekend and holidays. We give thanks to God as He is the one that makes all of this possible. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break, that is full of restfulness and gratitude, and we look forward to seeing everyone again in Term 2.


Simridhi and Adam 

School Captains

School Canteen

We are super excited that our canteen will finally be open next term on both campuses. 



So why the hold up?

Early in the year we needed to switch our canteen venue to the MPC at Narre Warren South.  This took us a few weeks to set up however in week 4 we had connection issues with our gas.  This took a further 2 weeks to organise and our final piece to the puzzle has now been installed - an air conditioning unit.  Unfortunately this has held up our Officer Campus also because the majority of the preparation will take place at NWS even though the actual cooking will still be done at both campuses so that the food is fresh. 


Don’t forget that ordering day for both campuses is Monday.  All children need to do is bring their money and order to the front desk of your respective campus in a paper bag.  The order will be passed on to Julia (our canteen coordinator) for processing.  Eventually we would like to have this as an online process. 


We will start canteen in Week 3, to give everyone a chance to settle back in to school for the new term.  Can’t wait!


Mr Sonny Aiono


ASV Lower Primary Athletics - A Day to Shine for Heritage College

Last Thursday was the perfect day for an Athletics Carnival. Our Years 1 - 3 students made their way to Bill Sewart Athletics Track in Burwood for a great day of sprinting, long distance running, throwing and jumping. The students from our five Adventist Schools around Melbourne were excited and eager to to start the day.


The morning rotations saw students pit themselves against a set of standards over five modified athletics events. Students enjoyed receiving ribbons for their efforts. The afternoon events allowed for a more competitive spirit, as schools competed against each other in various age relays including; Bean Bag Relay for Year 1, Accumulation Relay for Year 2 and a Tunnel Ball Relay for Year 3. Some of our highlights saw Team Heritage College take second place in the Year 3 Tunnel Ball relay, Given O took out the Gold Medal in the Age 9 Boys Sprint race, while our Heritage girls glided over the finish line in second place in the School Shuttle Relay race. Congratulations to all those students involved.


All students were winners on the day and should be commended for the Christian-like manner in which they conducted themselves. Thank you to all our parents who came along to support their children and the school. It was definitely a day worth remembering.


Mr Nigel Eales

ASV Sport Coordinator

Primary PB4L Value Awards

Year 2K - Luthira 

Year 3MC - Elliotte

Year 4/5W - Daniel 

Year 5RJ - Tiana for Service

Year 6E - Kate for Resilience

Home & School Committee

2018 has seen the beginning of our Home and School Committee.  The committee has met twice now and have some great plans and ideas in place for 2018 and beyond. 


If you would still like to get involved please feel free to register your interest at either of our offices. Watch this space for more information!   


Mr Sonny Aiono


Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 9

Intermittent Tech Fast: 5 Steps

I was mindlessly staring at my phone, as one is sometimes want to do, scrolling through Instagram and an image caught my eye. It was of a group of people sitting around a dinner table staring at their phones. The caption attached referenced being connected, yet feeling so disconnected.

This really spoke true to what I see and often experience in this ever changing digital age, which prompted me to click through to the attached blog post titled ‘The Intermittent Tech Fast: 5 Steps to Cultivating Connection’.


The blog talked about friends, family, colleagues, people everywhere being more connected than ever before, yet falling into ‘auto-pilot’ with their personal interactions and feeling more lonely than ever before.


The big question being asked was, ‘When we connect, do we truly connect? Do we live in the present, or do we live in a world made up of ourselves and our phones/devices?’


We are always so busy or caught up in the ‘digital world’, we often forget to take the time in ‘real life’ to connect (truly connect) in person with ‘real life people’.


This lead to the idea of a ‘Digital Detox’ or an ‘Intermittent Digital Fast’.


The Intermittent Digital fast allows you to set the rules and create space and time in your everyday life to reconnect in ‘real life’.


So, before you start telling me that you simply can’t go without Netflix, here’s how it works…

  1. Identify the technology program/app and/or device that you are going to fast from

    E.g. Facebook or Snapchat, or perhaps even your mobile phone
  2. Have a plan
    E.g. Give some thought as to how you’re going to do your fast, because when it comes time to start, you want it to be as easy as possible.
  3. Set an achievable time limit
    E.g. Choose a time like 7pm - 7am, as in theory, this will still give you enough time during the day to do what you need to do while ‘connected’.
  4. Commit to a starting date

    E.g. Whether you want to try a full working week, half a week or just a couple of days over the week, pick dates/days and stick to them.
  5. Start your fast

    It doesn’t need to be perfect; all you need to do is START!

The most important part in all of this, is to make sure you take time to reflect on ‘how you feel’.”


Do you feel less stressed, more ‘connected’ to real people, less alone? Has your study time improved, do you feel less distracted?


Adapted from ‘Introducing the intermittent tech fast: 5 steps to cultivating connection’ by Emma at www.wellineux.com.

Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum and eLearning Coordinator

From Narre Warren South

6E - Golden Child

Last Thursday our students enjoyed some time with Coach Raheem from Casey Basketball Stadium. He facilitated a free basketball clinic and ran our students through their paces honing skills in dribbling, passing and shooting. They finished with a game of Golden Child - ask your child what this game was all about to finish their session.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Basketball Clinic Year 1WV

We had so much fun last Thursday with the basketball clinic. A real basketball player from the Casey Cavaliers called Raheem came and taught us some basketball skills like throwing, catching and dribbling. He was so cool and tall!


At one stage we even had a bird come and try to join in, but he flew away and gave Ms Wold a big fright when he flew right at her head! We can't wait to try out our new basketball skills in the playground.

Miss Alicia Wold

Year 1WV Teacher 

Casey Student Leaders' Reception

Last Thursday afternoon Mr Eales and representatives of our Student Leadership group were privileged to have the opportunity to attend the annual Casey Student Leaders' Reception at Bunjil Place. It is an impressive and imposing building and our student leaders were treated to an evening of inspiring speakers and activities. This is some of the learning that our students took away from the experience:

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

6E - Harmony Day
Aboriginal Rock Art

Mrs Kaur / Mrs Capon's rotation during Harmony Day focused on Indigenous Australia.


There were slides and discussions surrounding culture and each student had the opportunity to do some rock art, using Aboriginal Art design techniques.


Students in Years 4-6 loved the opportunity to rotate through a variety of countries and experience food, dance, customs, art and geographical information.

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

2K Shooting Hoops

Ms Kammermann's class took advantage of Coach Raheem's expertise last Thursday as he put them through their paces. The Casey Basketball Association provided our college with a full day of clinics which a number of our classes put to good use. Students practised dribbling (bouncing), passing, catching and shooting under Raheem's watchful eye. There were individual drills and a chance for some friendly competition in a 'shoot-off' at the end of the session.

Miss Michelle Kammermann

Year 2K Teacher

Landy Worship

Every second Thursday, students at our NWS campus attend House Worships.  These worships are run by our SRC/House Captains and include songs, games, prayer and sometimes stories.  


During Week 6  in Team Landy, we started our Worship session with prayer circles.  The students gathered into groups of 3 or 4 and prayed together. It was an awesome experience to see students from all grades praying and communicating with God.  


The students appear to enjoy praising God and learning about the Bible and each other during these times.  I want to congratulate our Landy Captains Rose and Kate, along with help from Eden, for putting in a great effort to bring our Landy team closer to God.  Thank you girls for providing us with a variety of ways to get to know each other and God through worship.

Mrs Jo Capon


Upper Primary Harmony Day

Harmony Day is all about understanding and embracing the differences that cultures bring to a community.  Students from Years 4 - 6 had a great experience last Thursday when they got to move between 4 different cultures in the upper classes.


Their journey took them from the traditional understandings of Australia’s Indigenous community to rich culture of China, then onto Germany and finally the ancient empire of Greece. Students got to try foods, make crafts, dance in traditional ways and learn about the what the country looks like. Lunch was a highlight for the students, as the upper school came together for lunch and shared a rich abundance of different cultural foods.

Mr Nigel Eales

Year 6E Teacher

Learning Assistants Get Stuck Into Learning

Last Friday our Learning Assistants spent time learning together at NWS. Mrs Naomi Moss headed the team to complete some hours of Professional Development becoming up-skilled in entering data on to our internal communication system, known as Seqta.


Our ladies completed the training with flying colours; now it is time to test them to see how much they have taken in :)

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Scienceworks Excursion

Year 5 have been studying the Solar System and Earth’s  place in iit, as well as investigating the properties of Light. So last Tuesday, all NWS year 5’s and OCP year ⅘ went to Science works. We visited the Planetarium and a special exhibition of Art using Light in different ways. We also had a lesson on how the our place in space affects the seasons..

Ms Janet  Robertson

Year 5RJ Teacher


There is some breaking news! On March 2oth, 2018 all the year fives were on an adventure to Space! It was at the planetarium at Science Works and it was amazing.

We all enjoyed it when we watched a movie. But it was not an ordinary movie the charis moved backwards and the screen was facing above our heads on the ceiling!!!!!!

We were hungry so after we finished eating and watching the movie we went to Light Time!!!! It was so cool, we learned and had fun in Light Time!! Inside was dark but when there, we could see the lights,  

I really enjoyed it there, and all the year 5’s learnt and had fun. Jalane 5RJ


On Tuesday year 4/5N and 5RJ went to science works.., Wet  went to a little class explaining why we have seasons. Then we went to the planetarium and watched a movie about space and learnt how to navigate using the stars to tell us which way is north and south. Later we had some lunch and went to the light exhibition and learnt about properties of light. Afterward it was off to the sports exhibition. I think I learned a lot about space Amish signing off.


As year 5RJ travelled around space,we went to the planetarium to discover more wonders of what our God has made for us. An experienced lady that knows about space more than us, gave us a little bit more information about space. Did you know that  the size of earth is a tiny little marble, when compared to the Sun!!! If you’re not surprised you should be. Everyone was surprised how small it is. Following that, we went to the exhibition to see all the constellations and all the wonders that God made in the sky for all of us to see. It was such a wonderful sight to see all the constellations that were in space. After we looked at the constellations,


After seeing that wonderful sight,we went into this room which was dark but was filled with heaps of patterns that the lights on top of us made, so it wasnt that dark, but it was still very dark. Everyone went running in and jumped onto this huge big bean bags. Everyone was relaxing on them and looking up onto the roof. The reason everyone was looking up was because there were heaps of flowers that kept opening and closing, as we were relaxing on the bean bag. Some of us went to go to these headphones that lit up. There was music playing, which is why people were dancing around. After having a nice relax for five minutes some of my friends and I went to the drawing pad.  You get two controllers with lights on the top. You just point the controllers at the pad, then you start drawing on the pad. For me, that was my favourite part out of the lightroom. Joaquin 5RJ

Harmony Day Breaking News!

When I walked through the gates and all I saw was colour, colour and more colour, I got the shivers down my back because I knew this was going to be a marvellous day.


I found out I was right.  Straight after the bell when we were at student worship (Elliot) taken by our marvellous house captains Hanna and Kayla. At the end of student worship we got a little treat for the end of term because it was our last worship with our house.


The first country we went to was Greece we learnt how to do a Greek dance. Then we tried it as a whole class. I thought it was really funny and fun. We also got to try some Greek food which was quite good. Our second stop was Germany. We learnt a whole lot of new facts about Germany which I found really interesting but my favourite part was learning to make a German Christmas star. They were really cool looking and fun to make.


After snack  we went to Ms Kaur who was teaching us about Australian Aboriginals. We painted rocks using the aboriginal technique of using dots and creating a beautiful picture. Once we finished that we did a wordsearch and we all helped each other. I thought it was really fun. The next class we went to was our own class 5RJ where we learnt about China and how to make Chinese lanterns form nice colorful paper. After Lunch we had basketball with a professional. Olivia, Daniella, Nyamer and the rest of the class found this day really fun and exciting.  By Reporter Arshveer


Talofa Lava!(Hello there) There has been…Breaking News!!!

On Thursday, 22nd March there has been a day we call… Harmony Day!!! The whole school is in love with the different kind of Cultures, everyone has dressed up in their different cultural uniforms and everyone brought delicious meals that were from their country.


We even went to see our teachers culture and it was… Amazing!!!


Mr Eales was teaching Greece, Mr Waldrip was teaching Germany, Mrs Kaur was teaching about Aboriginal people and Mrs Rob was teaching China.  It was a dream of a lifetime!


I never ever did anything like this in my entire LIFE!  I hope we can do this every year, it would be so fun!


This is Evelina “reporting live”. See you on the next, Heritage College Breaking News!!!


Harmony day, oh harmony day, a day when you come to school in your cultural dress oh and let’s not forget to bring some cultural food as well! Well on the 22nd of March 2018, we had our first and last harmony day of 2018! Well my class (5RJ) and I set off straight away after the bell and went to Mr Eales' classroom (6E). Mr Eales was doing Greece, oh Greece is such an awesome country with tons of delicious food and warm welcomes! Mr Eales set up a video about Greece! Have you ever been to Greece? Well I haven’t! On the video Greece looked amazing! Mr Eales also set up a dance for us called the Zorba (it was so hard!) after 20 minutes we got to try some Greek food! (it was delicious!)


Next we were of to Mr Waldrip’s classroom! Mr Waldrip was doing Germany, aka Deutschland! Germany, sweet  Germany, a place where so many things were invented like cars, jet engines, Gummybears etc. Germany is a great place to live.  When we got inside Mr Waldrip’s classroom we sat down and watched Mr Waldrip’s presentation about Germany! After we had finished the presentation we made a Christmas star from Germany!


Next we were on to the Aboriginal culture! Aboriginals, oh aboriginals the painters of the sky! Mrs Kaur showed us a small presentation about Aboriginals and we got to paint a rock like the Aboriginals did, by painting with dots!


After we did that we went to Ms Rob! There we did China! China, shining China! We watched a short video about China and then made lanterns! And  that was Harmony Day 2018! Filip

From the Secondary Campus

Year 10 Camp Report

Last week the year 10 students participated in a water ski camp at Cohuna. Students were challenged to try out different waterskiing activities. We had an awesome few days of weather and students really grasped the challenge and were pleasantly surprised at their achievements over the short period of time. 


Here are a couple of student responses of the camp.


You don’t want to miss out the year 10’s water ski camp in Cohuna. The 4-5 hour trip is totally worth it. It was so fun accomplishing getting up on the wakeboard, kneeboard and water skii’s, there was literally nothing else to do since we were out for the whole day. But I enjoyed the biscuit the most, Concy and I obviously were the pair who held on the longest. Not only were the activities fun, but spending quality time with my friends and stargazing was amazing. I would definitely go back there again, it was an experience to remember. Look out year 9, it's your turn next. Harmine 


In the camp, we were able to challenge new things. Lots of people helped us to be better at doing waterskiing, wakeboard, and kneeboard. Because everyone made me courageous, I was able to do wakeboard, and everyone was good at being stable on the board. Because of everyone’s support, I really like running over the water now. I think it was more enjoyable and magical than Disney Land. Someday, I want to be on the board, and run over the water with everyone again. Everyone encouraged me, and I am now thankful to the people who gave me this opportunity. This camp made the sense of unity stronger than before we went to camp. Shuichi (Japanese Exchange Student)


We also want to say a special thanks to Mr Farrell, Mr Wells and Mr Bower for volunteering their time to drive the boats which made the camp possible and a great success.

Mr David Nuske and Mr Scott Camps

Camp Supervisors

Year 8 SEISS Basketball

Monday last week saw our year 8 students take part in the annual SEISS basketball rally day. With five guaranteed games for the boys and the girls, it was assured to be a gruelling yet exciting day.


The boys had a mixture of games won and games lost in the pool stage, placing them in the bronze medal match against MDCS. With nothing to lose, the Heritage College boys gave it 100% and the action did not disappoint those fortunate enough to be spectating. There was only two seconds to go in regular time on the clock, down by three points the need for a three pointer to draw the game was imperative. Evesso Witago, player of the day, caught the ball from an inbound and sent the ball into the air, in which it sailed through the hoop touching nothing but net for a buzzer beater.


With the scores drawn the game was sent into overtime, the boys played their hearts out but unfortunately lost by two points at the end of extra time. A tremendous effort by the year 8 boys.


The girls played a great day of basketball and showed their excellent sportsmanship throughout the event. Unfortunately they did not make finals but showed great character by always shaking their opponents hands at the end of each match, despite their wounded pride and bodies.


It was a great day and the students all had a fantastic time!

Mr Reuben Sleight

Sport Teacher

Avondale Adventures

Despite a wet and windy week up north, the Year 11’s had a fantastic week visiting Avondale College in Cooranbong, NSW and spending some of our free time exploring Sydney. After an impressive early turnout for the road trip on Tuesday morning last week, we spent Wednesday through to Sabbath enjoying the life of college students while we investigated what options might be available to us as future learners. As well as the college, we were welcomed at ADRA Australia and the Clinical School of the Sydney Adventist Hospital (the SAN) to hear from professionals how they got to where they are now.


The extracurricular opportunities at the college were very popular, especially basketball, with our ladies discovering a previously unknown passion as spectators. College Church challenged and uplifted us with their spiritual lessons, and the cafeteria food made a real impression on everyone.


From the student’s point of view:


Avondale was an awesome chance to see what the school can offer educationally and spiritually. The camp brought our year level closer together. My favourite part of Avondale was spending time down at the college at night watching their basketball games as it showed the kind of community Avondale is. Zoe 


The most memorable part of Avondale was the boat trip from Sydney Harbour to Manly and back, as we were all warned about sea spray, but still chose to sit at the front of the ferry. Ruth 


My favourite part of the Avondale trip was getting to experience what type of activities the uni students got up to outside of their classes. The basketball game on the first night was definitely my highlight as we got to see the different levels of play and also got a chance to speak and hang out with the other schools that were there for the same reason as us. It was a great trip and I encourage the upcoming year levels to go and enjoy the opportunity just as we did.  Brooke 


Being exposed to college life and what our futures could potentially be like was truly the best thing about visiting Avondale. Prior to the trip I was not considering going to a University, but now I know I'll be aiming for Avondale with a clear vision - it felt like home away from home there. Caitlyn 


I really enjoyed church on Saturday. It was fun to see how the services are at Avondale and the trip to the beach was relaxing. Tanisha


Going to Avondale was a great experience. One of my most memorable moments on the trip would have to be our ferry ride to and from Sydney. I find it my most favourite part on the trip because everyone got to experience a water spray which made the ferry ride more interesting. Connie


Avondale was amazing, my favorite part was the church and youth service, the church was so beautiful everyone at Avondale was so welcoming it really made us all feel special. Leighan 


"I enjoyed the boat ride to and from Manly even though I got soaked from the sea spray. We then headed down to Starbucks and got free hot chocolates. Downloaded Yelp just to give Manley Starbucks 5/5 stars, then deleted it. Thanks for the hot chocolate barista man."​ Jake

Miss Elyse Taylor

Year 11/12 Level Leader 

Year 8 Camp

Camping is so much fun, being outdoors even better. Last week, Wednesday to Friday, our Year 8 students took a bus trip to Phillip Island Adventure Resort.


After setting up their own tents, most of our students participated in a surfing lesson at Smiths Beach. What fun! Our students competed in various team challenges throughout the three days, along with other team activities such as High Ropes, raft building and Team Rescue. Previous Year 8 students will know all too well about these.  Thursday night was capped off with a game of Capture The Flag, in the dark under the stars.


The food was great, the company of the students’ fantastic and the activities brilliant. In the end, it was the Playful Panda’s who won the camp and the harbour cruise at Phillip Island.

Mr Evan Varty



The best memory for me was, hanging out with my friends and getting to know new people! Alexia

Saver Plus


From the ELC

Vacation Care


From the Officer Primary Campus

Scienceworks Excursion

The Year 5 students from NWS and the Year 4/5 class from OCP joined together last week to enjoy a day at Scienceworks. Students were excellent representatives of our school as we journeyed across to the western side of Melbourne. 


Upon arrival, students participated in a lesson called "Sun, Moon & Earth". Students learnt about how we have Night and Day. They also explored the concept of seasons and how the tilt of the earth's axis plays a big role in us having seasons on Earth. 


After this, we visited the Planetarium and "took-off" into space, where we explored some moons in outer space. None of which were suitable for humans to inhabit. We learnt that we must take care of the earth we have, as there are no other suitable planets for humans to survive on in our galaxy.


After a quick lunch, students explored the "Light" exhibition. What an exciting time! We saw light art, light to music, light with water and much more!


To finish off our visit we got interactive in the Sport Exhibition. Students tested their strength, agility, speed and response times on a variety of scientific, fun, tests! 


Overall we had a fantastic time learning and having fun! A big thank you to Mrs Robertson who kindly organised the trip for us to attend! 

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher

Heritage College News