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06 June 2018
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The Arts at Hackham East Primary School
French at Hackham East Primary School
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PE/Health at Hackham East Primary School D Amoroso
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Reconcilation Week at Hackham East Primary School
Play Is The Way Free Workshop Thursday 14 June 
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The Arts at Hackham East Primary School

Term 2 Arts

This term within the Arts we have been looking at Media Arts as a focus and how this can be incorporated with traditional arts mediums, to enhance the meaning that a created artwork is intending to communicate. This can be done in a variety of ways, from using movie making programs to add sound effects, music and narration over moving images, to using technology to create a piece of artwork that is interactive and enables creative input from the audience.


The end of Term 1 saw students within the Arts gaining exposure and experimenting with animation software and applications available on the iPad’s. Students were able to create their own cartoon characters based on their own ideas using this software to bring their characters to life.










Lower Primary Students have had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of different Media Arts applications that can be used to enhance the way we view and respond to and communicate with Art. One application was ‘Quiver’, an Augmented Reality app that turned two-dimensional illustrations into living characters. We also have been looking at photo manipulation software and programs such as ‘Toontastic’, a creative storytelling app designed to empower kids to draw, animate, narrate, and record their own cartoons.


The Year 3/4 students have been working towards creating a digital storybook, based on a simple story or idea that they have written within small groups. We have been following a process that will enable a created written narrative to be developed into a moving image story that can be viewed by their peers. This will be achieved by allowing students to explore narrative structure, developing storyboards and illustrations that visually convey the content of their stories, before using movie-editing software to compile these images with the addition of sound effects, voice and music.


The Upper Primary students have been taking this task a step further, by working collaboratively to create a digital storybook that conveys a meaning/idea suitable for a younger target audience. Considering the target audience you are trying to communicate with within the Arts is imperative, as it changes how the Art Media is interpreted and responded to. By focusing on a younger audience, students have had to think about the language, sound, visual imagery and story content, to insure that their message is being represented effectively when viewed by children within this age range.












I’m excited to see how students will use Media Arts to create and enhance artwork of their own.


Stephen Di Girolamo, The Arts Teacher

French at Hackham East Primary School

Bonjour tout le monde! (Hello everyone!)

This term in French our pre-service teacher Rachelle has been planning and teaching many of our French lessons and this week will be her last week with us. Students have been displaying their School Values to Rachelle and she has thoroughly enjoyed her time teaching at HEPS. We wish her all the best in her future career as a teacher and hope to see her back at HEPS soon.









The Receptions and Monsieur Goodman’s classes have been looking at the different languages and cultures of the world through “visiting” and discussing different places you can go on holiday. They have learnt about how other countries are different to Australia, their unique flags and cuisines. They have also been learning different ways people say hello in the world, such as “Ciao” in Italy and “Namaste” in India. 













Castle students have been learning ways to talk about the weather in French and have explored how people need to dress for different temperatures and forecasts. They will be using this new language and tying it in with their existing knowledge of les saisons (the seasons) and les mois (the months) and les jours de la semaine (the days of the week) to create their own French calendar.

In Stilwell, classes have been describing themselves in French and are beginning to talk about things they like using the sentence starter “J’aime...” (I like...). Through games and activities, students should now be able to speak and write about their name, their age, their gender and where they live

Holly students have enjoyed learning about les prépositions (prepositions) and once they had learnt the French words for on, under, in, behind, in front of and in between, they made their own petite souris (little mouse) and followed instructions to place it in the correct positions. Students then learnt some other prepositions and made their own posters using full sentences. 

It is wonderful to be hearing about students using their French at home. I really appreciate this feedback from parents and would like to support this further. Attached is an information sheet created for you to look at and use at home. You could print it off or use the information to create your own French Words poster or Flashcards. It contains some frequently used French words that you can practice with your child. Apps such as ‘Duolingo’ and ‘French Builder 1’ can also be great tools for practising French at home. Don’t forget that we also have a HEPS French Instagram account which you can follow at heps_french or add to using #hepsfrench. It is a way for our students and school community to share when they find something French inspired in their daily lives. Make sure to keep an eye out for French words and images when you are next out and about and try to have conversations with your child about what the words might mean.

Merci beaucoup! (Thank you very much!)

Madame Mawson 

PE/Health at Hackham East Primary School
G Martin

Crows Cup

On Friday the 6/4 Hackham East competed in the Crows Cup held at South Adelaide Football Club. The Crows Cup is a tournament aimed to engage and encourage girls in schools and the community to have a go at AFL, whilst creating opportunities for young talented female athletes to pursue their dream of playing AFLW. The team got off to a strong start and ended up coming 3rd in the competition.

Players selected to represent Hackham East at the Crows Cup were:

Stephany, Laylah, Jade, Nina, Tylah, Haylle, Chiara-Lee, E'Lyssia, Hayley and Alicia.

Cross Country

Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped transport students and our portable shelters. Without the support of volunteers we would be unable to support our students with these opportunities to utilize their school values of courage, persistence and resilience in these competitive settings.

Well done to all students who competed and demonstrated persistence and commitment towards their training.

Our Cross Country team included:

Emily, Millie, Nicola, Savannah, Ella, Sally, Rylee, Connie, Keira-Lee, Amira, Hannah, Madison, Mace, Blake, Peter, Seamus, Jacob, Brandon, Alicia, Tabyss, Beau, Patrick, Chiara-Lee, Callum, Bailey, Dylan, Tyler, Max and Cohen.



Hackham East participated in the Sothern schools rugby championship in week 2 and although we had only had the chance for one practice before the competition our teams participated like champions. Our boys team came 4th out of 9 teams and Our Girls came 3rd out of 7 teams. I was incredibly proud of how they conducted themselves both on and off the field. However, my proudest moment was when the coordinator of the competition referred to Hackham East students as the best sports people on ground due to their friendliness, compassion and general good manners.


Players selected to represent Hackham East at Sothern schools rugby championship were:

Girls team: Nina, Haylee, Hayley, Kayli, Stephany, Montana, Laylah, Jade, Chiara-Lee and E'lyssia.

Boys teams: Dylan, Tyler, Bailey, Adison, Cooper, Dakota, Tom, Max, Aiden, Andrew and Patrick.


Sports in Schools

As we continue to win sporting schools grants we invest that money in equipment and expert coaching. Last term we purchased several new tennis racquets and nets along with a 4 week block of tennis lessons for middle and upper primary students.

It is encouraging to see how many students engaging in the private lessons offered every Tuesday at lunch in the gym. It is even more pleasing to conversation with one parent in our community expressing to us how their child had found a love for tennis and is pursuing it outside of school.


This Term we have invested in coaches to provide a 4 week block of lacrosse lessons to our senior students. We are also exploring the possibility of having athletic coaches run a fundamental movement clinic for all of our junior primary classes later this year.


Gab Martin, PE/Health Teacher

PE/Health at Hackham East Primary School
D Amoroso

Saturday Morning Sports

As I walked across the oval to watch the first soccer games being played at Hackham East in some years I realise how I had forgotten the small details of my own Saturday morning school memories... The smell of the grass, the joy of playing in front of spectators, the optimism that each game I might score a goal... Sometimes 7.

From the markings of the lines in the first game and in recognition of all their organisation to re establish Saturday morning sports, we want to acknowledge the work and effort invested from everyone who has been involved. We are hopeful to continue to enter Soccer teams in in the oncoming seasons.

We are still looking for 5-6 year olds who would like to join our Under 6 team. Training is Thursday after school. If your child is interested, please contact Rebecca Bullard via the school facebook page or at training on Thursday.


Celebrating Success

As a teacher we never forget our students.

At Hackham East we make a point of referring to your children as ‘our students’. The time and effort we invest into the teaching and nurturing of our students is a lifetime investment, if not for the students, it is for the teachers.


Like many professions who work closely with children, I know that on a personal level I celebrate the success of my former students as though they were the achievements of my own children.


Though not an old scholar of Hackham East, I would like to acknowledge a former student of mine who was recognised by the AFL as having run the most kilometres in the season. On top of this and in only his 4th season, Alex Neal-Bullen is rated 11th on the all time list for most distance ever covered in a single AFL game.

I won’t lie and say that in the time I knew him that he wasn’t already a strong runner, but it was the virtues he displayed that align with our school values that I believe paved the way for him to experience success.


I was a student teacher at Glenelg Primary school when I met Alex for the first time. On my first day and absent my mentor teacher who had stepped outside, I in turn asked the class for help in regards to the process of how they ran a lesson. One student who had notably been placed seated between Alex and the teachers desk, decided to offer me some information that did not sound correct. After insisting that his contribution was true Alex turned to the student and being an up-stander, respectfully though assertively instructed him not to behave that way.


Alex was not the best footballer in the class. That distinction went to a well mannered and very softly spoken student who at the time, didn’t have the courage or desire to pursue football outside of school. However Alex did approach every lesson and task with the view of doing his personal best, seeing each lesson be it in PE or genre writing in literacy etc as an opportunity to improve on where he had been the lesson before.


When he was drafted to the Melbourne Football club I wrote a letter to Alex to acknowledge his dispositions compared to those of another enthusiastic footballer in our class whose dispositions I predicted even as a year 4 would likely impede his chances of becoming a professional athlete. In response to this, Alex demonstrated compassion and friendliness by acknowledging the other students strengths and growth that had occurred between the time since I last taught him.


It was a proud moment to see a student get drafted and to think that I may have been a part of that. But what was even more pleasing, was that I was proud to see a student in a position where he could be a role model; in a position to teach others like we as teachers do every day that you can be successful by showing persistence, friendliness and good manners.


This is reflected in the way he plays. In a game that retains a stigma of that it is ok to harass or sledge, whilst also confuses the boundary between the difference of being tough and rough. I am yet to see Alex be involved in any negative behaviour that lacks good manners. I can say with complete honesty that even 12 years after teaching him, I would still be disappointed if he did. But that’s because I care as most teachers do, about the choices our students make about the type of person they decide to be.


I have always believed that the dispositions we show when we play sport are a reflection of how we behave and respond as a person. Sport is full of errors and making mistakes, but we can always choose how we respond and the effort we apply to try and make up for our errors.


Though not an old scholar of Hackham East, I appreciate the platform to speak about the success of a former student. I hope this can also be a sincere insight into what it means to me to be a teacher and be an example of how your children remain with all of us as teachers.


If nothing more, at least be a testament to how our school values can position our students for success. Whether that be as a professional athlete or more importantly, someone who makes a caring and meaningful contribution to their family and their community.


Attached below is a link to the recent AFL article.


Coles Sports in Schools

Last term we participated in the Coles Sports for Schools program. The program gave our school the opportunity to earn sports gear by collecting vouchers from Coles. We would like to thank you for making the concerted effort to shop at Coles during this short period. We estimate that over $250,000 worth of shopping was spent by our community at Coles.


To put the value and size of your efforts into perspective, this is the equivalent to:

  • 51,000 kg of Broccoli
  • 62,500 Family Packs of Weetbix
  • 300,000 Le Snaks’ (600,000 due to being on special based on Coles prices current 4/06/2018)
  • 4 full times jobs
  • Or...
  • 1 Ferrari model 488GTB








We are waiting on Coles to finish counting all of our tokens before compiling a wish list of sports equipment. Thank you to everyone who brought in their tokens.

Derryn Amoroso, PE/Health Teacher

School News

Student Free Days Term 2

Parents/Caregivers are reminded that the following dates will be Student Free Days as staff will be attending Professional Development.

Friday 8 June 2015

Friday 15 June 2015

OSHC is available if you require care for your child/children.  Please contact Jacky Smith 0499228039 to make a booking.

Please Keep Sick Children At Home

School is not the place for sick children.  Children are sometimes sent to school when they are ill.

  • School is for learning not caring for sick children
  • Children who are sick risk infecting others

Children who are sent to school ill will be sent home by contacting parents at home or at work.  Where contact cannot be made, the emergency contact person will be expected to collect the child.

School is no place for sick children.  Please do the right thing by keeping sick children at home or making alternative arrangements for their care.


Canteen News

Parents/Caregivers and staff are reminded that orders can be made with the Canteen during this week. If your child is going swimming the order can be delivered to the class room early or later to accommodate the swimming program.

Thank you to the school community for supporting the Canteen.

Volunteers are still required and any time that you could spare would be appreciated.  Please speak with Coralie or Scott Megson if you are interested.

Coralie Goodman, Canteen Manager

Master Tennis

Matthew Taverne offers tennis coaching at Hackham East School each Tuesday lunch time.  If your child is interested in learning to play or improve their skills please contact Matthew.  After school coaching is also available.


Staff Carpark

Parents/Caregivers are reminded that the staff carpark is for staff members only.  For the safety of students and staff please park outside the school grounds when dropping your child/children off before school or picking them up at the end of the school day.

Reconcilation Week at
Hackham East Primary School

Thank you to all the parents, families and friends who joined us for this very special assembly to mark 2018 Reconciliation Week. 


As a school we are endeavouring to raise the visibility and education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, identity, history and culture. 


We are so proud of our students and staff who worked particularly well in preparing all the various items for the assembly. In particular, we’d like to thank Xavier Peel and Mace Chadwick, for their contribution in developing and presenting our very own HEPS Reconciliation Week Film. The film shows a re-enactment of the National Apology given by PM Kevin Rudd in 2008 by numerous students across the school. 





Next term we will be working on another project so watch this space.


Nukutha (goodbye)

Erina Morunga  & Jae Gillett


Play Is The Way
Free Workshop
Thursday 14 June 

Play Is The Way Free Workshop 

Parents/caregivers are invited to attend a Play Is The Way Free Workshop presented by Wilson McCaskill on Thursday 14 June 2018 in the Penney Unit at Hackham East Primary School from 6:30-8:00pm. Finger food will be provided at 6:00pm.  Creche facilities will be available (bookings essential).

Notes have been sent home with students with information on the event.  To attend please register on the Facebook Event, speak with Lee Clements (Front Office), phone 83823824 or return the slip on the note you have received.

Play Is The Way has had a major, positive impact on the culture of our school and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday 14 June.


Pastoral Care Worker

Tough Love SA

Tackling older children and teenagers can be very tricky.  I know this first hand.  My eldest son gave us a few 'grey hairs' during his mid to late teens so I know how hard life can be living with a teenager who is not following any rules. Boundaries are good for us at any age.

I have just received a Newsletter and information from 'Tough Love SA' who support parents who are experiencing problems with unacceptable behaviour from their teenage or adult children. I know that many of you have older children and you may have experienced some of this yourself. 

Here is a 'blurb' from them -:

"Are you concerned about your child's behaviour? Don't know what to do about it? You're not alone. A lot of parents are are facing problems just like yours. Tough Love Support groups can help you find solutions to the problems you face. Build your knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle problems more effectively. Many parents say to us, "I only wish I'd come a year ago!" If you are worried now, don't wait a year.

You can contact Tough Love on 84492702 on Wednesdays between 10:00am and 2:00pm or email [email protected] or you can take a look at their websiter at www.toughlove.org.au

Tough Love are also happy to provide a speaker to parent groups if needed. 

Here is one if the strategies they teach parents  which are also relevant for any age group.  Flyers are available in the Front Office if you would like more information.

Button Busters    

1.Understanding the Underlying Motives of each button

Your 'hot' buttons are not used by your children to personally attack you.  Instead, the underlying motive is to get you to back down (from saying 'No') For example, when your child says "You never let me do anything", this button is not a personal attack, but a 'game' with the REAL agenda of trying to force you off the issue at hand. This makes you point out times when maybe you DID let your son or daughter do what they wanted.

Button pushing, like smoking, can become a bad habit (and some of your child's behaviour is "learnt behaviour", ie they have learnt to get their own way by whinging or screaming). You must also retrain some of your own thinking. One way to do this is to consciously remind yourself not to give into this 'button pushing' when you wake up in the morning when your mind is receptive to new information. But firstly, you need to identify both your and your child's button pushers. Write them down on paper and stick it to your bedroom mirror to remind you every morning about the Pushers you both have. (ie children are more apt to be tricky when they are tired. Teenagers may be reacting to friendship or bullying problems at school) 


I hope this is helpful. Have a great week with your children. Remember you can meet me casually at the PARENT AFTERNOON TEA, HELD ON FRIDAYS IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM FROM 2.30pm. (Remember though that it won't be on the next two weeks due to our Student Free days)  You can also contact me via Lee at the front desk and leave your details with her and I will contact you the next day I am working. 

Every Blessing            

Cherie Love, PCW


Road Crossing Monitors

Term 2

Week 7 (12/6 - 14/6)


Rose-Marie Ralston

Paige Parsons

Tanyka Dennis


Maddison O'Donnell

Stephany Mason

Lily Salter


Week 8 (18/6-22/6)


Phoenix Bruse

Larni Smith

Kaylee Beens


Kekoa Jordan

Krina Davis

Taya Gallacher

Dates to Remember

June 2018

Friday 8/6 - Student Free Day - Staff Attending PD

Monday 11/6 - Public Holiday, Queen's Birthday

Thursday 14/6 - FREE Play Is The Way Workshop, 6:30-8:00pm, Penney Unit

Friday 15/6 - Student Free Day - Staff Attending PD

July 2018

Friday 6/7 - 2:00pm Finish - Last day of Term 2

Monday 23/7 - Student Free Day - Staff Attending PD

Tuesday 24/7 - First day of Term 3

August 2018

Friday 31/8 - School Closure Day

September 2018 

Monday 3/9 - Student Free Day - Staff Attending PD

Community News

Let's Talk About Mealtimes

An event for parents/carers of children 12months to 9yrs.  Held on Wednesday 27/6 at SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Function Room, 443 Morphett Rd, Oaklands Park from 6:40-8:30pm.   


Homestay Program for Overseas Students

Wirreanda Secondary School have 20 Japanese students coming from 6/8 to 17/8/2018.  If you are interested in hosting a student please contact Sue Bogumil 83297246 for more information or to register your interest.

Does Your Child or Teen Have A Sleep Problem?

The Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic at Flinders University offers treatments for children and adolescents of all ages (including infants from 6 months of age).  To book an appointment email [email protected] or Ph 82017587.

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