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29 August 2019
2019 Issue 13
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Principal's Address

It’s parent-teacher interview time again, and over the week most parents will take the time to come and talk with teachers and support staff about their children. My fear is that parents attend the interviews because they feel they are obliged to rather than see it as an opportunity to connect with staff in the pursuit of helping students grow, develop and thrive at school. I think that often in the busyness of life we can lose perspective of the impact and purpose of parent-teacher interviews.

Yes, many parents come having heard it before and know exactly what the teacher will say. While others may be feeling anxious about their child's progress. But I don’t think that finding out how your child is progressing is the primary function of parent-teacher interviews.


From my perspective, the most significant aspect of parent-teacher interviews is that it provides a clear and tangible demonstration to students of the importance parents and staff place on their educational journey. Parents taking the time out of their busy schedule is significant, as it is too, that College staff give up their evenings to be able to meet with parents.


This unique context is one of the ways that our College Mission of supporting parents in their God-given task of educating their children is outworked. As staff and parents talk together, the gap between home and school closes a little more. The information shared (both ways) is used to strengthen the learning experience enabling students to step forward in their learning.


What exists after these interviews is a picture of students that is richer and fuller than it was before. Staff, better understand the context of a student’s life beyond school and the impacts that this is having on their ability to learn. Similarly, parents leave with a clearer picture of what the next steps are for their child’s learning across the coming semester.


So, thank you to all those parents and carers who attended the parent-teacher interviews. We deeply value your contribution and commitment to strengthening the partnership between the College and your home. I also want to particularly encourage the IT team who made themselves available on both evenings to help parents with all things IT - great job gentlemen!


Andrew Manning


Pray for Bayside

Pray in thanks for the wonderful Book Week celebrations we shared as a community last week.

Please pray that our pioneers would be honoured by our special Pioneers' Day celebrations taking place next week.

Pray for our Years 5/6 students as they prepare for camp in a couple weeks.

Please pray for the people in our community - students, parents and staff - struggling with ill-health.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

What fun was had in the Primary School last week with all the excitement of Book Week! 


The students were involved in mixed-age rotation groups visiting different classrooms. In

each classroom, the teacher presented a book with a follow up activity for the students to complete. Outside Mrs Martin’s classroom you may have seen many chalk drawings as they responded to a book called ‘Chalk Boy’ that she read. There were wire figures made, stop motion videos produced, sand art jars and science experiments to name a few. 


Reading Hour was a happy time with over 140 people present, drinking hot chocolate, reading books and watching a puppet show.

The culmination was the ‘Book Week Character Parade’. What a fantastic effort families went to making costumes. There are some very creative people in our College community. And, by the way, the Primary Teachers also had fun dressing up as the ‘Mr Men ‘ and ‘Little Miss’ book characters. Thank you to everyone who helped make Book Week such a success.

Some dates to remember:

Friday 30 August- Father’s Day Stall - gifts $5

Monday 2 September- Scholastic Book Club orders due

Tuesday 3 September- 'Green Hat Planks Workshops' - all students will be involved in making creations with small planks, activities involving problem-solving, mathematics and teamwork.


TEAR read-a-thon - Please finalise donations as soon as possible. It has been a wonderful effort so far. Over $1500 has been donated by the Bayside community to support the development of literacy skills through TEAR. Thank you to all who have participated.


We do hope that all the dads have a happy Father’s Day this Sunday.


God bless,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary


1/2H mix it up

On Wednesday, Miss Hopkins Year 1/2H class had so much fun doing a mixing materials experiment. It was lovely to see our students having fun while they learn.


Lightning Premiership

On Friday 16 August, the Years 5/6 girls had the privilege of going to Woodleigh School to compete in a Girl's AFL Lightning Premiership. It was an amazing opportunity for all the girls to try something new and learn a bit more about the game.


We also got to do a little session with two St Kilda AFLW players. This was great fun to develop new skills and help work on our teamwork.


We won 2 out of 3 games and tied against Woodleigh for our last game. Woodleigh had the same results so at the end of the day it came down to the percentage and Woodleigh took the win. We are all proud of our effort even though we came second.


Overall we had a great time and the day was full of fun, it was a great opportunity to experience.


Bella & Brianna - Year 6

Across the College

Agriculture planting at North Campus

In Agriculture, we are starting to see growth in all our early spring seedlings. Both garden and greenhouse are full of tiny green plants. 

Our first project, a hotel for useful insects, has taken shape and now just needs to be filled with hay, small hollow logs and other nesting materials. 


Other projects include colourful flower pots - which you will be able to purchase at the Community Market - preparing the future home for the North campus chickens, an excursion to the zoo, and designing a frog pond. 


This week we had the opportunity to plant trees around the North Campus dam, and when the VCAL students joined us, we achieved even more. 


Be sure to check out the spring-ready dam on your next visit to North Campus. 


Ulli Austermann

Agriculture Teacher


Year 8 Outdoor and Environmental Studies students had their first Trangia hiking stove cooking session in the College bushland. Last week we looked at how to setup and safely use Trangias, and then put these lessons into practice cooking savoury meals.

We have another two outdoor cooking sessions, and the students will be able to hone their skills further as they continue cooking. The students worked really well in small groups and all learned a great deal about wilderness cooking in the first session. It was fabulous to finally have some decent weather to cook outside and I'm looking forward to our next cooking adventure.


Ken Berry

Secondary Teacher

More work at North

Year 10 VCAL Personal Development Skills students had a great outdoor working session on the North Campus Secondary MTB track.

The students (and I) really enjoyed a break from the rain as we redesigned some features to make them safer and spread rock to form sections of the track. We will have some more outdoor sessions on the track towards the end of this term to give students valuable skills in teamwork and OHS practices.


Ken Berry

Terracotta Warriors

On Wednesday 21 of August, the Year 7s travelled on an excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Terracotta Warriors of Ancient China. The Year 7 students have been completing an in-depth study on Ancient China and the Terracotta Warriors, especially the reign of the first emperor (Qin Shi Huang) and his view on life after death.

On this excursion we took a bus into the CBD in Melbourne and gathered in front of the gallery. We first entered the gallery to go into the theatre, where we had a presentation on historical significance and making of the Terracotta Warriors. We then entered the exhibition, where we interacted with the real Terracotta Warriors and some other related modern art pieces and replicas. The detail was amazing, and we learnt much more about Ancient China through the experience. After having lunch at the Southbank food court we enjoyed another walk back towards the bus making our way back to school.


Overall, I think the excursion was great, and it taught us a lot about China's culture and more about the famous Terracotta Warriors. We all appreciate the rare opportunity to go on this excursion, and the efforts of teachers and parent helpers who made it all possible. 


Emma - Year 7


The trip to see the Terracotta Warriors and Cai Guo-Qiang art exhibit was exciting for the Year 7s, and a good way to have more of an understanding about Ancient China’s history and treasures. Inside the tall building held a small theatre where a slide show was presented to show some things the students will be seeing. We were also given the opportunity to hear and share our knowledge of the first emperor Qin Shi Huang. Statues of some of Ancient China’s warriors were posed in a room with some of the public. The students talked to teachers about what they had discovered. 

After many more interesting things, like seeing the 10,000 birds hanging from the roof that were created by the artist using gunpowder, the students walked along the path outside in the city to the Southgate food court. Students were allowed to buy what they liked from the food court and ate with friends. 


Unfortunately it was time to go back to school after an amazing day in the city.


Bodie - Year 7

Year 8 Futsal Rally Day

On Wednesday 21 August, selected Year 8 students took part in their Futsal Rally Day.

Everyone had an enjoyable day, with both boys teams getting knocked out in the semifinals, and the girls A team making their final, but coming runners up to MECS.


Thanks to all involved for your efforts,


Andy Lancaster

Secondary PE Coordinator

Raiders News

The basketball winter season is coming to an end, and finals are just around the corner. 

Out of our 25 currently registered school teams, over half have a spot in the top four with a strong grand finals hopes. Well done to all our teams, tall and small, for playing hard, even though it was freezing and many teams were ravaged by coughs and flus. 


Credit goes to all our coaches and team managers, who are keeping it all together and looking after our much-valued young players. 


On Sunday, we were privileged to again have our annual Raiders Family Day, with around 200 people attending, as well as bubble soccer, face painting and snags! It is a joy to partner with all of you in watching your kids grow and learn to play this fabulous team sport. 


A big ‘thank you!’ also goes to Mr Manning for letting us continue to grow and mentor this club. 


Just a quick reminder to register your children ASAP, if they either have NEVER played for the Raiders or had time off and are not currently registered. For all registration queries contact Ulli (club secretary), on either 0400 172 188 or

North Campus Update

We received our building permit for the Arts Centre on 21 August, and works have progressed. The builder has already started the site preparation, storm and sewer works, site office, temp fencing etc. We have had screw piles installed and the concreters have begun the slab preparation for the first inspection. Then they will continue with steel rio, boxing up and second inspection before the slab can be poured - hopefully very soon!


Year 10 Science

Year 10s have been learning about a variety of chemical reactions including synthesis and decomposition reactions. In the photos, students enjoyed using the ‘pop’ test to determine if hydrogen gas is a product of a reaction. They trapped the gas with a test tube, lit a match, and then listened for a pop sound. Students have previously performed precipitation reactions making a variety of colourful compounds, and studied the electrolysis of water to make hydrogen and oxygen gas.


Tanya Rogers

Secondary Science Teacher


Years 11/12 Happenings

Thank you to all the students and teachers who made Book Week such a wonderful week! It was such a privilege to attend the Reading Hour on Monday and to see all of our future ‘big kids’ engaging with books. Tuesday’s Literary Evening - run by the Years 11 & 12 Literature students, was an inspiring evening of poetry and short stories, performed by the students to an audience of families and friends, and supported by great food - well done to all involved.


On Wednesday, our second annual Mad Hatters Tea Party was held in the TSC cafe. Thank you to

‘The Overcoat’ students who shared about the joys of writing and art with our Primary student leaders, and to the Hospitality students who delivered some amazing food. Our Overcoat students also took the opportunity on Friday to dress up and join in the Book Week Parade fun with the Primary students.

Last week also consisted of Community Groups. It has been encouraging to see the Years 11-12 students leading these and creating strong bonds with our younger Secondary students. Well done to the worship group who led the singing in assembly this week.


In the midst of this, students are continuing to study and work towards the end of year. VCAL students practised their interview skills on Monday, with parents and staff offering their time to run a series of mock interviews and provide valuable feedback to students. VCE students need to now be very seriously focusing on their study in preparation for final SACs and end of year exams. Parents should be expecting to see their children completing at least two-three hours each night of either homework or revision. Please work with teachers by communicating with them if you are not seeing this take place, and helping your child to put appropriate strategies in place at home.


Thursday 5 September will be our Secondary Athletics Day, held at Ballam Park. This will be the final athletics day of our Year 12’s schooling, so we encourage them all to come and be a part of this community experience. 


We all look forward to seeing parents and students this week at Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator

Legal Studies Incursion - Arthur Bolkas

At the beginning of this term, Years 11 & 12 students experienced a presentation by Arthur Bolkas, criminologist and ex-prisoner. As part of

their studies of criminal law, students are required to evaluate the effectiveness of various sanctions, including imprisonment. Arthur’s presentation was thought-provoking, as it highlighted the shortcomings of our prison system and the need for reform in order to more effectively rehabilitate prisoners. Students were captivated by his sincerity and honesty in sharing his story, giving students a first-hand insight of what it is like to be imprisoned. Over 30 years ago, Arthur seemed to have his life altogether - he was Dux of his school and was studying Law at Melbourne University. However, all was not well - he began to use drugs, affecting his studies, and eventually leading to three armed burglaries in order to finance his drug habit. He was arrested and imprisoned for 11 years, of which he served 5 ½ years at Pentridge Prison. It was during his prison sentence he began reading the New Testament and encountered Christ as his saviour and friend. He has been on a life-long journey of redemption and now regularly speaks in schools, is working on two books, and is active in promoting reform in our prison system. He is passionate about communicating to young people how precious they are, and that they are not defined by their marks and achievements. He highlights that they must realise their inherent worth and dignity as children of God and that of others, in order to succeed in life. Arthur also gave a presentation to Years 9 & 10 Civics students, and appeared on the ABC "Insight" episode "Remorse" on 18 June .


Sonja Campbell

Legal Studies Teacher

Literary Evening

Literature, as we have found out, is as much a product of the reader, the audience, as it is of the author. The reader brings with them their own experiences, their own interpretations and understandings of any given word: for instance, my blue cat is a different cat to your blue cat. The noun and descriptor cannot encompass every aspect of what it is to be a specific blue cat; we are all predisposed to imagine a different breed, different personality and different facial structure to that of the blue cat the author imagined as he - or in this case, she - wrote it down. Hence the festivities of last Tuesday night. Years 11 & 12 Literary Evening provided ample atmosphere for the cultivation of literary understanding and appreciation, among, of course, beautiful food. 

Year 11 students presented a variety of prose and poetry pieces they have worked on throughout the year, while Year 12 students presented a collection of poems written based on verses from the Sermon on the Mount. This experience of presenting works, and of listening to others’ presentations, is not only an enjoyable experience for students, parents and friends alike, but also a formative stage in students’ understandings of their own voices as authors. Further iterations of thought-provoking writing will be presented by year levels only now beginning to grow their creative voices; the food, perhaps, will improve, the pieces too - but nevertheless this year’s Literary Evening was a beautiful event enjoyed by all who attended. 


Lwendyll - Year 12

Captains' Report

This week we decided to ask our fellow Year 12 classmates to describe their highlights of this past fortnight to further extend student voice in the College, and share a wider range of how people are finding the Year 12 experience at Bayside this year.


Lachie: My highlight was actually helping out at the canteen.


Sam S: Assembly this week was run by Mrs Scott and a fantastic group of students to change the culture of assemblies. This included a band, student-made videos, games, and an age-appropriate biblical theme.


Sam H: The physics room just got new white boards. They got new GLASS whiteboards! 


Tilly: What are glass whiteboards? Wait. What are whiteboards made of?


Julia: The Lit Evening was an amazing event as well, and served as a medium where students can share their work with a wider audience than just their class. Everyone had amazing pieces and did an amazing job.


Callum: Following the provided map coordinates to learn how to appropriately cross the road.


Phoebe: During this past fortnight that Year 12 Art class has gone on two art excursions to different art galleries, and were joined by Year 11 Literature and Art during one of their visits.


They first headed off to the National Gallery of Victoria where they explored exhibitions such as the “White Rabbit” and the “Terracotta Warriors”. Despite almost losing a few classmates along the way, they all enjoyed learning about the different roles in art galleries whilst understanding the different artworks.


Last Friday the Year 12 Studio Arts class visited the Dax Centre, a non-profit gallery dedicated to spreading awareness for mental health. 


Chris: Last Wednesday the overcoat hosted the Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Overcoat contributors and Primary School leaders, to celebrate Overcoat contributors and to make a good impression on the Primary School. It was held in the new Trades Skills Centre and catered for by the Hospitality students.

VCAL Speed Job Interviews

On Monday 26 August, the Years 11 & 12 VCAL students were blessed to have some parents and staff interview them to practise their job interviewing skills. Each interview ran for five minutes, with students swapping interview desks at each interval. Interviewers were asked to complete a feedback sheet for the students, rating them on their job interview attire, their resume and cover letter, their appropriateness of communication, their body language, and their ability to answer questions effectively. This feedback is very valuable in assisting students to reflect on how they went and strategies to improve going forward.

A BIG thank you goes to our parents Lisa and Graham Saville, Leanne Wells, Grant Tucker and Sheila Waring who volunteered their time to come in and support the students, as well as our staff Mr Manning, Mr Williams, Ms Dawson, Mrs Hadlow, Mr Harvey and Mr Berry who also interviewed.


Olivia Williams

TSC Coordinator & VCAL Teacher

Year 12 - VTAC

Year 12 students wishing to make VTAC applications are reminded to make an appointment to see Ms Dawson before the end of term. On-time applications close during the coming school holidays (Monday 30 September at 5:00pm). Getting your VTAC application done soon also enables you to get started on SEAS and Scholarship applications, which close on Friday 11 October. 

Commerce Connect

A reminder that registrations are open for Monash University's Commerce Connect event on Wednesday 2 October between 8:30am and 3:10pm. Held at their Caulfield campus, this event provides a fantastic opportunity for Year 11 VCE students to sample study areas whilst also enhancing their learning from the school curriculum. To find out more and register please download the flyer.

Should you have any queries about this event please contact



Bayside Family Network


We are starting the Alpha course here at the College on Tuesday 3 September at 1:30pm in our Trades Skills Centre on the North side of the College Campus.

Our first session, 'Is There More to Life Than This?', looks at the basics of Christian faith as well as answers the question, is Christianity boring, untrue or irrelevant?

We will be continuing the course every Tuesday for 10 weeks. See the attached flyer for dates the course is running. 

Subjects covered will be: 
Who Is Jesus?, Why Did Jesus Die?, How Can I Have Faith? Why and How Do I Pray? Why and How Should I Read the Bible? How Does God Guide Us?, Who is the Holy Spirit?, What Does the Holy Spirit Do? and How Do I Resist Evil?

We will be serving afternoon tea, so please let Kathy Scott know via email, or better still, join our event on the Bayside Family Network page by following this link.

Parenting/Carers Workshop
On Wednesday 4 September, join us for Session four of the Boundaries with Kids series. The morning starts at 9am in the G Block foyer for a quick cuppa and chat followed by a short video and questions based on 'The Law of Power and Respect'. We really look forward to seeing you all there. 

Bayside Prayer Group
Our Bayside Prayer Group runs every fortnight with Rachel McGregor. You are most welcome to join her and her team this every other Monday during term at 9am in the LOTE room to pray for our College community. Please see the Bayside Family Network Facebook page for details of upcoming dates.

Final Boarding Call for Bayside Raiders!

If your child is NOT currently playing in a Bayside Raiders team and you would like them to sign up for the upcoming summer season, beginning at the start of Term 4, please contact me Ulli ASAP on 0400 172 188.

Japanese Students

Bayside Christian College will host five Japanese students from Kinjo High School for eight weeks once again in Term 1 2020. The students will attend school, spend time practising English, and mixing with Bayside students. This will be a wonderful opportunity for families to host a student, learn about the Japanese culture and make a new friend.


See the attachment for more information.



With winter almost over, and only three weeks of Term 3 to go, now is the perfect time to start thinking about preparing summer uniform for the start of Term 4! During school term, the Dobsons uniform shop is open: 

  • Monday 8:30–11:30am
  • Thursday 1:30–4:30pm.

Families wishing to purchase, sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use the official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group.

Discounted College Spray Jackets

The College has acquired some limited stock of spray jackets from our previous uniform supplier. Jackets in sizes 2 and 4 are available for purchase for $25 and jackets in sizes 10, XS, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL are available for $30 from the College office only. A reminder that the spray jackets can be worn until the end of the 2021 school year, and are able to be worn in the ELC.

2020 & 2021 Enrolments

We are now accepting enrolment applications for all year levels for 2020 and 2021. Waiting lists already apply to some year levels.


Applications for Prep 2020 and Year 7 2021, including for siblings, should be lodged as soon as possible to ensure that a place is available. We have already commenced Year 7 2021 enrolment interviews, with places filling fast. Prep 2021 interviews will start soon.


For all application forms and enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, via email or call 5971 6709.

Instrumental Music

Flute and clarinet lessons are also now available! For more details click here.

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