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30 August 2019
Issue Eight

Education for a positive future.

We foster meaningful relationships between teachers, students, and their peers. We are known for providing a safe, calm and orderly environment, conducive to high quality teaching and learning.

Important Dates
2019 Student Survey
Arts & Technology
CBCA -Book Week
Japanese Sister School 
2020 - Year 10 QLD Camp
Chin Up Program
Spelling Bee
Global Sports Program
Character Dress Up Day.
Psychology Neuron
Year 11 Business Management
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Important Dates


Wednesday 4/9- OXJAM

Thursday 12/9 - R U OK? Day


Friday 20/9- Last Day of Term 2:30 Finish


Monday 7/10 - Students Return Term 4 & Year 12 Assembly

Tuesday 8/10 - Year 10 Assembly

Thursday 17/10 - Last day Year 12 VET Classes

Monday 21/10 - Year 12 Assembly & last day of classes

Tuesday 22/10 - Year 12 Big Day Out

Wednesday 23/10 - Year 10 & 11 Uni Experience

Friday 25/10 Year 10 Formal



Tuesday 5/11 - MELBOURNE CUP DAY

Monday 11-13th Nov - Year 9 Camp

Tuesday 12/11 Last Year 11 VET Classes

Friday 22/11 - Year 12 Formal

Wednesday  27-29th Nov - PreCAL Bike Camp



Thursday 5/12 Summer Music Festival

Wednesday 11-12th Secondhand Book Sale

Friday 13/12 Last day of Year 7-9 FORMAL classes

Tuesday 17/12 - Year Luna Park

Wednesday 18/12 - Year 12 Graduation

Friday 20/12 - Last day of year - 1pm Finish

2019 Student Survey

2019 Student Attitude to School Survey.

On Wednesday morning we received the State-wide Comparison report for the Student Attitudes to School Survey from the Department of Education.  We received preliminary data results at the end of July which overall indicated improvements in positive responses from students and so we were eagerly awaiting the this follow up report which compares our results to all secondary schools in the state.


We improved in 18 out of the 19 Factors compared to 2018, this follows on from improving all 19 Factors from 2017 to 2018.  It is heartening to see such a clear indication of how students are viewing our improvement journey and I congratulate and thank all the teachers and Education Support Staff for their hard work.


Some of the specific factors we are particularly pleased about our improvements in over the past three years are:

  • Effort: 88.9 percentile – a 53 percentile point increase since 2017
  • Sense of Confidence: 90.5 percentile – a 50 percentile point increase from 2017
  • Advocate at School: 85.8 percentile – a 50 percentile point increase since 2017
  • Stimulated Learning: 84.6 percentile – a 45 percentile point increase since 2017
  • High Expectations for Success: 82.2 percentile – a 45 percentile point increase since 2017
  • Effective Teacher Time: 88.0 percentile – a 40 percentile point increase since 2017



Other factors that we are proud of the results are:

  • Attitudes to Attendance: 91.7 percentile
  • Resilience: 91.4 percentile
  • School Stage Transitions (Years 10-12): 90.4 percentile
  • Sense of Connectedness: 90.2 percentile

We look forward to unpacking the results with the Student Voice group and receiving the Staff and the Parent Opinion Survey results over the coming months.

The graph above is the first of seven pages from the Summary Report.  The full Summary Report can be accessed via Compass -> School Documentation -> DET Surveys -> Student Attitudes to School Survey -> 2019 Summary Report.

Arts & Technology

Arts & Technology Exhibition Week

Thank you to all the families who attended this year’s official opening. It was a wonderful event that showcased the diversity of programs across the Arts and Technology Departments. We all enjoyed the fantastic food, performances, artworks and demonstrations by the dedicated students on the night.




Coding Club

Students celebrated the start of technology week. Students had the opportunity to learn to code, play games and learn about careers in the IT industry.

CBCA -Book Week

The Children's Book Council Of Australia. 

Isobelle Carmody and storyteller Andy Wright.

Andy is our yearly regular storyteller at KDC and on Thursday 15th of August, he entertained our Year 7 with his frightening stories and unusual encounters!

On Monday 26th of August, our second Book Week celebration was a special visit from Isobelle Carmody. It was unfortunate that Isobelle was late due to auto mechanical problems. However, a few changes made it possible for students to eventually enjoy her wonderful stories.


Thank You to all the presenters at both events.



Japanese Sister School 

Japanese Sister School Exchange Program

Our sister school visitors from Shiroi in Japan arrived in Melbourne on Friday the 16 August for a six day stay.  This was the 27th year Keilor Downs College’s Japanese Sister School Exchange Program has been running.

The visiting group consisted of 13 Junior High school students 2 school teachers. All were provided with home stay accommodation by either KDC staff or students and their families. Our guests during their stay were able to practice conversing in English, taste a variety of foods, see some of Melbourne, experience Australian family life, and most importantly form new and lasting friendships.

Everyone enjoyed the activities planned at school such as Wild Action, the English class run by Ms Viney. Several Excursions were also organised such as a Melbourne City Ramble, trips to The Werribee Zoo, Eureka Sky deck and shopping at Water gardens Shopping Centre.

On Tuesday the 20 August the College held an enjoyable Sayonara Party in the FLC. Many students attended with their families to bid farewell to their guests. Speeches, presentations and gifts were given. Our Japanese guests also treated everyone with an entertaining performance on the night.

The College would like to express thanks to all the students/families and staff who offered to host. Your assistance, support and commitment to this program are greatly appreciated and make the continuation of the program possible. Thanks also to Sandra in the Canteen, the office ladies, the Principal Class and other KDC staff members for the roles they played in allowing the smooth running of the program this year.


Sister School Co-coordinators

Eman Rofaeil & Hideki Kato


2020 - Year 10 QLD Camp

2020 Queensland Camp

Expression of interest........

It's that time of year to register your expression of interest for the 2020 Year 10 Queensland Camp. Students and families need to consider the following before registering your interest:

  • Cost has traditionally been approximately $1100 (dependent on number of students attending) - cost includes flights, accommodation, theme park entry, other activities, and some meals.
  • Camp is likely to run during Term 2, 2020. The camp is Monday to Friday, and students departure and arrival at school is subject to flight times.
  • Students are expected to catch up on any classwork missed during this time, and to reschedule assessment tasks into a SAC catch up period.

Once you have considered the following, please meet Mr. Hooper in the FLC at lunch time Friday 30th August.

Chin Up Program

Chin Up Program

Well done to the students involved in the Chin Up Project over the last 8 weeks. Your involvement and interaction with our facilitators Dan and Roo was exceptional. Hopefully a lot was gained from the schools participation in the program.

Jimmy McArthur


Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Congratulations Spelling Bee Finalists!
Well done to all students who participated in the KDC Annual English Week Spelling Bee for 2019!

Our finalists and winners  -

1st - Nez (7G3)
2nd - Harlan (7G3)
3rd - Charlie (8R2)
4th - Sayed (7B1)
5th - Ethan (7B1)
6th - Dilraj (7R2)
Well done everyone!


Year 12 in 2020 

Year 12 Uniforms 2020 - ONLINE SHOP IS OPEN! - FAQs and Samples outside Blue House

Good morning Year 11s!


The online shop to order your Year 12 uniforms for next year is now open.
Follow the link below to order your garments. You may order each item individually or you can select from 3 discounted packages.
There are sample sizes to try on, available outside of Blue House at lunchtimes while the shop is open.
There are also mock ups of the uniform to have a look at - just note that the blue on the reverse side of the reversible jacket will be navy blue, not grey/blue like the sample.

Please note that we will be unable to accept any late orders after the shop closes on the 17th of September. 

Global Sports Program

Global Sports Program

Handball & Futsal

Last week, students participated in VU’s Global Sports Program. The days were very successful, all students had fun & were respectful. Thanks Mr Morrison for helping, Miss Amaterasu for joining the futsal game & Yr 7 students who participated. We hope you enjoyed the program! Natasha, Zak, Nellie & Jade.


Character Dress Up Day.

Character Dress Up Day

Friday 23rd of August our school participated in the Keilor Downs College annual book week character parade! Students and teachers alike turned out in droves to participate, dressed as their favorite characters from books, films and popular culture.  Thanks must go to Mrs Yerlitas who did a fantastic job hosting the festivities, and Blake Mallia, who gave up his time to be our KDC Disc Jockey. Special thanks also go to Safwan Aftab for volunteering to take photos for us. As it is every year, the event was a great opportunity for everyone to let their hair down, and celebrate the characters and people we love. Congratulations to our student prize winners as well. We hope to see what you put together for next years parade! Surprising no-one, Mr Burrows was awarded best dressed teacher on the day 😝. Thanks to everyone involved for a memorable day.





Psychology Neuron

Psychology Neuron

This week, yr 10 Psychology classes used their knowledge and creative skills to make 3D models of neurons. They annotated these outlining how the nervous system relies on neurons to communicate, within and between each other, as they pass neural message throughout the body. They students enjoyed the task.




Year 11 Business Management

Year 11 Business Management

Our  Year 11 Business management students attended the Marvel Stadium and the District - Docklands.

The Business Management students attended a guided tour of Marvel Stadium, to enable students to understand the importance of establishing a customer base and a marketing presence to achieve the objectives of the business, analyse effective marketing and public relations strategies.

Following the tour, students navigated their way around The District Docklands, to compete with one another in groups - running the Amazing Marketing Race, where they had to solve clues, locate and visit as many secret locations, collecting Melbourne's most effective marketing messages. Students were also given the chance to collect a number of evidence and data on their choice of five effective marketing /advertisement messages, to bring back to the classroom to further explore 7Ps of the Marketing Mix.



Volunteers @ Sunshine Hospital

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT - Sunshine Hospital is seeking volunteers to assist their patients and staff in the following roles: wayfinding, gardening, meal time support and fundraising. We are also seeking volunteers who could assist with supporting our community in the Emergency department. All training, uniform and car parking is supplied. If you have 3 or 4 hours per week that you can offer, please contact or call 8395 9092 - we would love to hear from you. 


Eve Repo

Coordinator of Volunteers

Footscray Hospital

148 Gordon Street, Footscray  VIC 3011
Tel.   03 8345 6431
Mob. 0466 313 658

Tue – Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm



Keilor Downs College